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Year 7447, Month 4, Day 12

After that it took quite a bit of effort to comfort the depressed Rodrick.
We discussed how to handle the spell of {Identification} but just as Miduchi pointed out, we came to the conclusion that it's only really useful for drawing a final conclusion in identifying if someone's a reincarnated person. Other than that is just using it as a reference point for the current abilities of the members in the {Slaughterers} and it's not like it's necessary to use it for that very often either.

Other than that there's the method of use that Miduchi and I expected from the start, using Identify on weapons, {Magic.Items}, and the various pieces of equipment. It's a simple way of putting it but we were thinking of using it for investigating the abilities. However, it seems that Rodrick and Zenom were too overwhelmed by learning about personal identification and finding out levels so they still haven't realized the possibility of using it to Identify items yet.

I'm keeping HP, MP, and the ability values hidden so I have no intention of revealing the durability or ability fields. There's still more things that I don't understand about them after all. However, putting aside the manufacture date it's big that I can point out the {Effect} fields.

By the way, both Rodrick and Zenom said together that I should avoid revealing the fact that I've acquired the {Identification} spell for the present time.

"Even if you tell them it would be best if you keep it to just the reincarnated people I'm sure."
"I agree with Rodrick's opinion as well."

"I think it would be best if we tell everyone about it but..would you tell me the reason?"

Miduchi asked. She's intentionally speaking the opposite opinion to hear their thoughts.

"Hmph, it would probably be best if I say the reason."
"That's true. Zenom-san, I'll leave it to you."
"Previously, I've heard about it from Ralpha so I know it well and I don't really think anything much of it at this point but.."

According to Zenom the concept of body levels would be considerably difficult for pure Orth people that didn't reincarnate to accept. Also, judging from the case of Rodrick just a moment ago. There will be a gap between the body levels of the original members of the {Slaughterers} and those in the {Butchers} and {Exterminators}. There's no way anyone would say things like it's unfair or complain about it at this point but it could invite subconscious impatience and lead to some unexpected dangers was the reason.

"We dispatch leaders in order to prevent that sort of reckless impatience you know?"

Miduchi said but that's exactly the case.
If it's just something like that then they should properly hold it back.
Even before that, while I'm sure everyone will be shocked just like Rodrick at first but I revealed it because I'm already confident that no one would get impatient over something like this if we just give them some time.
Even they're first-rate adventurers you know?
They should already know there's a single good thing about getting impatient in the dungeon.

"Of course I'm sure Toris, Bel, Zulu, and Maruso can hold them back..but.."
"Ral-san is.."

Ralpha huh...
If it's her then she might rile everyone up and suggest earning experience points to level up..No, that's not the case. She's already known about experience points and leveling up since several years back. It's just a matter of not knowing the number up until now but she already had that sort of knowledge.

After I pointed that out both Zenom and Rodrick started looking at my face in doubt.

"She's now able to learn the number of something she wasn't able to up until now. Just the same as magic skills she'll start desperately trying to increase it.."

"It's alright. The two of you should place a bit more faith in Ralpha..Though I guess that's a weird way of putting it. Even when it comes to magic she's doing a decent amount of training but it's not like she's putting all her efforts in just to raise the level of her skills. She's just putting in the efforts because that makes everyone safer."

Zenom you're the parent who raised her so don't say such mean things...

"I understand her the best. On top of that I'm saying it but there's no way that's the case. She's simply doing it because she was told by Al and because she wants to use new spells, nothing more."

Zenom shrugged his shoulders while asserting.
If her parent Zenom who declares he understands her the best says that then I can't say anything more.

"Zenom-san. Have you properly talked with Ral recently? Even if she's like she thinks about things quite a bit."

Miduchi provided some backup fire.
I agree with Miduchi's view as well. Even if she's like that I think she puts a good amount of thought into things.
However, for Miduchi to defend Ralpha...

"Even if you say that, Miduchi. Ral's had some places which she doesn't think about since the past. She's already 19, no in reality I guess she's close to 40? That's the part that I'm worried about.."

I guess to her parent Zenom she'll always be a child.
Well it's fine.

"Got it. Then Toris and Bel, also let's discuss it with Zulu and Angela just in case I guess. Let's think about it once more after hearing their opinions. Shall we head to Boil Manor then.."

I said that before standing up.


We picked up Zulu and Angela from Shuni and then returned to Boil Manor to discuss it with Toris and Bel as well.
After discussing it all four of them wanted to know their own body level just the same as Rodrick but even if I give my best I can only use it one more time so I had them give up telling them it would be too hard in terms of mana today if I don't take a break.

"After tomorrow..I guess so, when we're resting after we arrive on the 7th or 8th floors, we're relying on you when you have spare mana leftover."

I intended on telling you in order so there's no reason to hurry so much right.
I was about to say that but Zenom said the same thing.
However, Zenom already knows his level so even if he leisurely says something like that they argued back with him.
Though I don't think it's information that they need to know in that much of a hurry.
It's not like anything changes just by knowing it either.

Higher than that fellow? even if you know you're above or below someone else so what?
Well, the only ones who know that levels and ability values can't really be counted is myself and Miduchi who I've discussed it with so I guess it's similar to the mental state of a student who wants to know the test results of those around them.

But you know, even if you're placed 50,000 out of the 100,000 total in the country, in reality there might be plus/minus of 40,000 or so, or at least I think there's that much room for measurement errors.
I guess as expected that's saying too much huh?
However, in this case I still think there's several 10,000s in potential difference.

It's weird saying this but because I have {Gift of Natural Talent} I have over 3,300,000 in experience points.
However, if we were to cut that down to 1/3rd, putting aside Rodrick, my level would be even lower than Zenom and Miduchi.
If we were to compare the number of monsters we've directly defeated I'm pretty sure I've killed less.
Recently, the number of chances for me to directly defeat monsters has decreased after all~

Well, putting aside that sort of useless talk, in conclusion even here the opinions were split in half.

Toris said, "Since it's the result of experiencing various painful things earning experience points up until now after all." and claimed that it would be best to tell everyone, Bel's opinion was that there's no need to tell them right now. Zulu and Angela both said, "However master pleases", the usual opinion without a lack of self-assertion that can't even be called an opinion. After pointing that out and they even said, "I don't think our opinions would be useful even if we were to mention our thoughts."

When I said even that's fine so let me hear it and Zulu said, "Well then, while it's truly presumptuous of me but.." with that sort of preface before finally speaking.

"If what master calls the "body level" is the same as the levels of magic then I'm sure the higher it is the more useful everyone would be to master. I remember it being discussed previously so I think it's something similar and while I don't have much confidence in it I remember a feeling that might be the so-called leveling up...If you can understand that in terms of numbers just like with magic then I'm sure it's something good but.."

After saying up there he went silent for a bit as if he got stuck. Then almost as if taking off from there this time Angela started speaking with a bit of restraint.

"I'm sure it's not just good things. For example, Henry and Mekku have their origin as knights. Appropriate for that they can both fight considerably well. While they won't specifically put it in words I'm sure they have a decent amount of pride as well. However, it's just a guess but since we've spent more time in the dungeon since a while back, I think that the body levels of both Zulu-sama and myself would be higher."

In other words, she wants to say don't say it?

"Certainly that's one way of thinking about it as well. Maruso sure is kind."

Miduchi said.

"No, madam, that's not.."

Angela said a bit shyly as if it was embarrassing.

"But, Maruso, in reality you want to say this right? Even if we say they've gone to the 1st, 2nd, and recently the 6th and 7th floors, there should be a reasonable amount of space between the levels of Kamu-san and the others just like between Rodrick and myself."

"Ha, well.."

From Angela's point of view she's on the side of receiving challenges for the member change matches so there's a level gap between them, though I think the one who appeals that in advance would have the advantage. But, I'm sure Angela and Zulu wouldn't think of something like that. Whether their level is high or low they should be a useful combat force for me and they think the one that's the most useful should be the member of the {Slaughterers}. It's just a matter of them being happy if that's themselves and if there's someone more skilled than them they think it can't be helped if they're switched out. They're really model cases of slaves.

"But, it's a result of all your efforts up until now so I still think it would be best to properly tell them but.."

After hearing the discussion up until now Toris advocated his own opinion once again.
It could also be said that if we give them time and they calmly think about it, it could be material to inspire them.
That way of thinking makes sense as well.
I strongly felt that way as well.
Though it's not just about that.

But if I were to say my thoughts on it then that might decide it all.

However, it seems no one is willing to yield on it~
Though it's not a bad thing to push forward with your own opinion.

It's a point that's honestly worth admiration that even then the mood shows no signs of turning bad.

But, I wish someone would just realize it already.
I guess there's no choice other than exchanging looks with Miduchi...

"Ah!! That's right!"

Rodrick shouted with a slightly loud voice and got everyone's attention.

"Let's put aside things in regards to body level for a while. Since there's no difference even if you know about it after all. You could also say it's just a matter of readiness from here on out as well. Al-san, just once more, you said you could use that magic right? That, if you use it on items what happens?"

Hearing Rodrick's words everyone's attention went to me.

I was a bit relieved that someone finally realized it.

This time, body level was a bonus.
Of course it's extremely important that I can confirm both Unique Abilities and the levels of magic but they're just a bonus.

"Of course, I can find out various things. I can still use it once more time so let's try it out. Toris, bring out your chainmail."

Toris went to pickup his armor from their room in a hurry. During that time I told them that I've already identified Miduchi's sword and we were able to confirm that it has 4 special effects.

I explained it to Toris after he came back while pretending to the use {Identification} spell on his chainmail. Everyone was shocked when they heard it has six special effects, even more than Miduchi's {Blade.Of.Dyurou}.

"Even things like this..If you already knew then please say that from the start."

Toris complained about it but was rebuked by Bel.

"It's our fault for not noticing it right away. That I couldn't think of it until Rodrick mentioned it...Alright? The magic of {Identification} is useful. But, it can't be used all that often. We should have noticed such a useful method of using it right away. Something like finding out their body level from identifying people or confirming whether they have a Unique Ability or not, that's certainly important but we need to be able to instantly realize the even more important aspects."

"..Certainly that's right. I'm sorry, Al-san. I complained about something stupid. This is a simulation right? Whether we can immediately analyze information we've been given and select the ideal methods..Shit, I can't let my guard down."

"Well, it's not anything as exaggerated as that though. But, putting aside Toris and Bel who heard about it afterwards, I wish Rodrick and Zenom would have realized it a bit sooner."

I said while making a bitter smile.

"..I guess that's true. If it's put like that then certainly. I was a bit too excited that we can find out things like levels and skills in detail. I must have been too overdependent on Al."

Zenom said with his arms crossed while looking at Toris's armor. And then,

"It's a bit strange for me to say it but every depends too much on Al. We rely too much on him."

and closed things up with that.

Well, it helps when you say things like that.
Even in my case I have intention of dying that easily from here on out but there's still the worst case possibility.
Right now the {Butchers} and {Exterminators} are more often still challenging the dungeon without me.
If I were to die and yes, that's all there is too, then it would be a bit sad right.

Putting aside bad omens like things about me dying, I want everyone to build up a habit of analyzing information they've obtained from various viewpoints.
Also, just as Zenom said there's still quite a bit of over-dependence.
It's good that they've built up a reasonable amount of confidence but it's still clear that in the end they're conscious of the fact that I'm behind them.

"And, what should we do? Should we tell everyone? Or otherwise remain quiet for a while longer?"

In the end we decided to tell everyone about it.
However, that's just for the members of the {Slaughterers} that lead the way into the dungeon.
If anyone enters as a result of the member change matches then obviously I'll tell them.

By the way, when I told everyone how it's annoying that there's two meanings to the single saying of {Slaughterers} they agreed. I want to think of a different name for the former {Slaughterers} that take the lead in the dungeon. Tonight, while we're all having dinner together I'll bring it up and have them think about it for a night.
Tomorrow morning, we'll discuss it when we all go to the dungeon and decide on one.

Honestly speaking I never really liked such a violent name like the {Slaughterers} from the start. Now I've already gotten used to it and it's spoken so often that I don't have any conscious thoughts about it all though still.


Year 7447, Month 4, Day 13

In regards to the matter of names but my idea was to follow the naming of a legendary group of adventurers that managed to defeat a blue dragon in the past and go with, "{Blue.Flame}".
And then Ralpha said I have "bad sense".
I mean, ones like {Verdure.Brotherhood} and {Black.Topaz} they all have colors in the name right.
Even {Blue.Flame} magnificently managed to defeat a blue dragon you know.
But, in the end everyone rejected it together.

Then when I tried asking what about you and it was, "{Butterfly.Orchid}".
Something like the name of a flower it's just like a second-rate party from somewhere and she had bad sense.
Though the butterfly orchid is extravagant and beautiful so I like it as well.

Zenom came up with the idea of "100 Year Dream" and bought the admiration of most of the members including me.
However, when Basutoral retorted, "That, it's the name of the premium vodka you bought the other day right?" and his triumphant face turned bright red.

That Basutoral teamed up with Zulu and Angela to suggest {Slayers} which was the exact same idea I came up with in the past as a replacement for {Sooner}.
There were quite a few approvals for it but after all such a violent name isn't to my liking.
It's rejected, rejected.

Gwine came up with the name "{Snow.White}" but it's too cute so rejected.
Giberuti came up with the name "{Greed.Army}" and earned great praise from Zulu and Angela but it was too unpopular with everyone else.

Miduchi came up with the highest number of names.


Ones around here were a bit disappointing.


I can still understand ones up to here.

"Mighty Warrior(Samurai Master)"
"Summit of Justice Power(Grand Slam)"

They gradually stopped making any sense and along with that Miduchi gradually got more excited so I rejected them all at once. Written Mighty Warrior and read as Samurai Master or just the same Grand Slam was supposed to have a meaning of complete domination or something like that but I have no idea what she was talking about in regards to Summit of Justice Power.

Among those, there was the name "{Saviors}".
Incidentally, it was Toris and Bel who came up with this name.

I wonder if the two of them were thinking of the type of name I'd like?
Supposedly they came up wit hit because we seem to save people in the dungeon pretty often.


{Saviors} huh?
Don't you think it's a perfect fit for me to be leading them?

In the end, the former {Slaughterers} newly decided name was the {Saviors}.


Year 7447, Month 4, Day 14

"Hey, is it already no good? For sure? Is it impossible for me?"

Ralpha is looking at me with expectation in her eyes. This is the teleport crystal room on the 8th floor.
After saying they want me to reserve my mana for using identify, everyone fought even more carefully and boldly than usual.
Starting with Toris, even Ralpha and Gwine used their mana to the very limit to finish off monsters with attack spells.

"That's already it for today. Tomorrow okay."

This time I dispatched Bel and Angela so I already used Identify on the two of them and told them the details yesterday morning when we decided on the {Saviors} as our party name. Though I can identify items as well, after all they were still curious about their body level.

And then when reached the point of taking a break in the teleport room of the 8th floor everyone said to use Identify with my remaining mana. I used Identify on Toris, Gwine, and Basutoral for today. Toris and Gwine are level 20 and Basutoral is 18.

Furthermore, they decided on the order for being identified by drawing lots.

"Che~ it can't be helped..But Bel was 20 and Maruso was 21 right? And, father is 23 and Miduchi is 22 right? Then it should be fine to hope for mine to be around 22 right?"

..Yours isn't all that different from Bel. It's 20.
Aside from Zenom who already had a large difference in experience points from the start there's no way you'd reach Miduchi and my slaves who have been putting in so much effort in the dungeon even on days off since the past.

Obviously, I ended up(pretended to) using identify on everyone's level and magic items while were in the dungeon this time
The only thing that was impossible was Bel's {Shortsword.Of.Sturdy} or so because she's not with us this time.

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