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"What is going on? How do I feel an earthquake is coming?"

The whole wilderness region was trembling slightly, even the ravines and mountains were also shaking. Countless beasts roared dreadfully, seemingly afraid of the power of nature.

This quake affected such a wide scope of area that many cultivators were terrified. Thousands of miles of land was all shaking slightly. How shocking that was!

Worse still, the earth's crust trembled more and more fiercely, which, as time pa.s.sed by, nearly caused thousands of miles of land to fluctuate faintly!


There came cracks on the ground, which were so frightening like flashes of lightning crossing thousands of miles continuously!

What an extremely terrible scene! Even some mountains collapsed suddenly, leaving a big black hole on where it originally stood. It was a scene so appallingly sweeping and staggering that whoever saw it was panic-stricken and almost fell down!

"They seem to be reviving!"

Su Yan observed the energy flow of the terrain and explored the trend of the dragon vein. At this moment, he found that the dragon Qi the nine mountains spurted out was much richer. The more dragon Qi they sprayed, the more intense the quake!

However, the weakened dragon totem on his arm now flashed fiery light quickly.

Su Yan was shocked as the direction the dragon totem guided was the nine giant mountains!

It flashed blazing light frequently and guided to the area where the nine dragons were located. Was there a treasure to be born there?

Then Su Yan discovered surprisingly that the sky above this area turned dark as ink, as if the world’s maddest storm was coming!

Everyone in the wilderness region was afraid as they watched the dark clouds rolling in the sky, like a giant whirlpool which intended to grind the world!

A daunting scene!


Su Yan gasped a cold air, he heard a loud noise which was like the brewing thundering sound of the universe. He quickly watched the nine giant mountains and found the dragon Qi they sprayed ran through the sky in an instant!


It was a scene beyond imagination that the nine giant mountains roared successively, one after another. They spurted out divine essence suddenly, which, accompanied by tens of thousands of dragon Qi, shot right up through the starry sky, making all the stars in the universe shake!

"G.o.d, look!"

Countless cultivators trembled, looking up at the sky and the stars.

It was so staggering as if nine divine dragons awakened and soared to the sky, emanating unimaginable source of divine energy that shook the whole earth!

"Nine dragons integrating as one! This is the land of treasures!"

Su Yan was very excited. He rushed to the destination without waiting for the further guidance of the dragon totem, because he already saw the trend of the earth power, the movement trace of the dragon Qi!

Now the destination was not far from him, just about 30 miles to the south, which was likely to be the greatest land of fortunes on earth!


The nine giant mountains awakened, some people faintly saw many stars being bred from the top of the nine dragon Qi across the starry sky. Those big stars were twined with hundreds of millions of dragon Qi, as if nine dragon b.a.l.l.s were born!

When the nine dragon b.a.l.l.s rotated, they were like nine giant stars of the universe, bursting out dazzling light that intertwined in an instant!


There came blasting and horrible roars, which were the domineering sounds of the dragon veins. At the moment they interweaved with the dragon b.a.l.l.s, unimaginable power and momentum of the earth derived from them, which locked the starry sky and the stars!

The momentum of the universe was turning and moving toward one destination, which was the same destination Su Yan went.

"Nine Stars aligning together! A shocking wonder once in a million years!"

This was a pure land, with crowing birds and beautiful flowers. Rosy clouds were floating, and soft mist was flowing.

Zu Yan, stretching his arms, seemed to embrace the whole universe. He closed his eyes with a smile on his face which was a relaxed and confident look of invincibility and having everything under control!

"It’s time!"

He opened his eyes with confidence, and the pupils were filled with divine light. He released a domineering aura from the inside out!


Behind him, the reverberant sounds of scripture chanting exploded instantly, resonating between the heaven and earth. It was like chanting the holy scripture and very syllable was so magnificent!

At this moment, Zu Yan was like a young king of G.o.ds. Especially the aura emitted behind him was getting grander. The chanting sound shook the whole universe and the power of the rules between heaven and earth was faintly intertwined!

If this scene leaked out, it would be sensational. It had been less than a month since the mutation was over, but Zu Yan had already realized some power of the rules.

The Tao was the embodiment of the rules between heaven and earth. If a man mastered it, it would astound the world, and his power could reach the realm which all human admired, not to mention flying upon the clouds!

With the grandeur of the chanting, the momentum pervaded behind him could collapse the sky, and a magnificent seal was looming behind his back.

What was the Implement Constructing Realm?

It was to refine your own life implement!

Zu Yan smiled, his implement was so incredibly powerful that he couldn’t believe it. He did not expect to dig out such a rare divine material and refine it to a great seal.

"Come on!"

Zu Yan was like a peerless overmatch. When he opened his eyes, he saw the Qi of dragon vein spurting from the nine giant mountains intertwining in the air, forming the extremely rare structure of nine stars aligning together that created the unfathomable source of dragon Qi!

Thousands of strong sources of essence were rus.h.i.+ng toward Zu Yan, forming into an ocean of dragon Qi!

"Zu Yan!"

Su Yan arrived here. When he saw the figure standing in the pure land with peerless and graceful bearing style, Su Yan’s heart trembled. That was his cla.s.smate hundreds of years ago, Zu Yan!

Who was also the current Warlord Zu Yan!

"Zu Yan!"

Su Yan clenched his fists, trying everything he could to suppress the energy in his body. He closed his pores tightly, not revealing a hint of breath!

Once Zu Yan found him, he had to die for sure!

He didn't know what relations.h.i.+p he had with Zu Yan, but Zu Yan wanted to kill Su Bingshuang!

Su Yan even found out that Zu Yan’s body was burning like a heavenly furnace.

"Did he hurt me that year?"

Su Yan's face was cloudy and uncertain. The Incipient Scripture engraved on the snow-dragon coffin only showed up for a very short time as it was immediately swallowed by the real dragon!

But Zu Yan mastered the Incipient Scripture.

There was only one explanation, that was, Zu Yan memorized part of it. Because Su Yan found that Zu Yan didn’t cultivate the method of the Furnace of Glided Body, or else Zu Yan would have had already mastered it according to his rich resources.

"I will definitely figure it all out!"

Su Yan took a long breath and his mind was running fast. What should he do?

First of all, he would never give up such a great fortune and let Zu Yan get it so easily!

Secondly, the direction and the distance of the treasure guided by the dragon totem couldn’t be seen at the moment, because the dragon totem flashed innumerable light and pointed toward the source of the dragon veins which floated from nine giant mountains.

So now, there was only one answer, that was, the treasure was hidden in the source of the dragon veins!

"Nine dragons breeding beads that integrate in a furnace! This land of treasures  will no doubt create the best thing ever!"

"Now it has not been completely bred, I shall just wait!"

Su Yan’s fists were clenched tight and his heart was very heavy. How could he, a n.o.body, compete with Zu Yan for the greatest creation of the nature? He got no chance to win.

The power of earth here was so powerful that Su Yan couldn’t shake at all.

"No! If I fail, my sister will die!"

Su Yan wanted to leave, he wouldn’t gamble with his sister's life and his own.

When he was about to leave, the dragon totem was like crazy, emitting scorching heat that almost incinerated Su Yan’s arm.

"d.a.m.n, dragon totem, don't mess around."

Su Yan's face was blue, but then he was thrilled inside. He recalled how, on that day, when he opened the treasure cave, the dragon totem plundered the dragon Qi. His fiery pupils stared at the abundant essence and Qi which were gathering here like a sea.

Su Yan took a deep breath and recalled the scene when the real dragon shooting to the air from his arm. With the invincible power of the real dragon, he would not be afraid of the small Zu Yan!

"Dragon Totem, please don’t disappoint me! Plunder all the Qi of dragon vein! The Qi of dragon vein is so vast that I couldn’t absorb even for a thousand years."

Su Yan quickly crouched down. The dragon totem could even kill the flood dragon king, not to mention Zu Yan.


A lot of masters chased after Su Yan from all directions. When they saw this scene, they were stupefied. They even saw Zu Yan.

Zu Yan was a G.o.d-like existence in their hearts, or they wouldn’t be so loyal to Zu Yan!

"It is the Warlord Zu Yan!"

The cultivators who came here were so excited that some girls were even screaming. The mysterious Zu Yan appeared here.

"I saw the Warlord Zu Yan! He’s awesome!"

Looking at Zu Yan who embraced the universe, some girls’ eyes lit up with obsession. At this moment, he was like a G.o.d who controlled the structure of nine dragon veins, powerful, omnipotent and magical!

"Ah, oh my G.o.d, Zu Yan just smiled at me!"

Zu Yan saw the people, nodded and smiled. He calmly enjoyed the wors.h.i.+ping eyesight, but there was a trace of disdain in his eyes. He whispered in his heart, "Just nonent.i.ties! Hum! Xia Ze and his accompanies are not willing to follow me, so be it!"

At this moment, the Qi of the dragon veins gushed out from the nine giant mountains seemed to reach the limit, converging into nine magnificent dragon beads. When the nine giant mountains trembled greatly, wisps of faint purple air flew out.

However, when all the purple Qi of dragon vein spewed out, it could be called the purple Qi coming from the east, running through the sky, and then falling down toward the direction of Zu Yan. It was grand as a purple waterfall!


Zu Yan stretched out his palm which suddenly magnified dozens of times, like a purple giant palm. He reached his palm up to grab the purple waterfall. His eyes were full of ecstasy!

When his palm touched the purple waterfall, the Qi of dragon vein came overwhelmingly down suddenly, mighty enough to crush an ancient planet!


Zu Yan was trembling all over, feeling like he carried the whole sky and the Qi of ​​dragon vein almost crushed him into pieces!

But he was indeed very extraordinary, his twisted body wrapping in a golden armor, his feet in purple clouds boots, and his head wearing a purple-gold crown. He was armed to the teeth!

"It is my fortune, no one can take it away!"

Zu Yan roared furiously, and countless secret treasures were activated. He was set to be the peerless warlord. He desperately attacked the power source that fell all over the sky with all his might, and his palm once again reached to the purple waterfall.


Everyone was staring fanatically. But the next second, a messy pile of stones suddenly exploded. It was a boy dressed in white. At this moment, the boy was like a little G.o.d with his legs bent and he suddenly rose up!

The area where he left collapsed and cracked because it couldn’t stand the force of his stamp.

"I want it, too!"

Su Yan soared to the air with his black long hair dancing, his body covered with a golden curtain of light. Su Yan rushed to the center of the exuberant dragon Qi and came close to the purple waterfall swiftly.

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