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Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: Trampling on a Genius

“Remember what I said, you can only use what you studied in the palace to fight. You can’t use anything else, including your spirit or blood strength. Otherwise, I will take you out myself.” said Hou Qing Lin indifferently.

Everybody started sensing their strength, as expected, they all had the strength of the first Tian Qi layer.

Hou Qing Lin made them enter a palace, practice a certain skillset, and then he had taken them to that world and restricted their strength to that of the first Tian Qi layer. That was fair.

n.o.body could use their spirit, their blood strength or other spells. Hou Qing Lin was giving everybody the opportunity to fight a fair battle. Those who came from rich families had access to more things than others, so in real life, they had more chances to succeed. Here, everybody had the same chance to succeed.

“Sigh…” People were upset. Hou Qing Lin’s rules were very strict.

“Not using our spirit is fine, but what about blood strength? It’s an integral part of our body. It is part of our flesh, why forbid us from using it?” said someone else. Not being able to use their blood strength, what an exaggerated rule!

“Use your self-confidence to fight. If you think you can despise other people, show them that you can really despise them. You all have the opportunity to prove to everyone else why you are so confident.” said Hou Qing Lin indifferently. He then added, “Do you think my teachers, Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu, attach importance to such things? What they care about is the way you practice cultivation, your vision. Blood strength can be reconstructed, a spirit can be reborn.”

Blood strength can be reconstructed, a spirit can be reborn!” The crowd was amazed. Emperors could give their disciples blood strength and spirits, that’s why all they needed were disciples with a pure heart. People who were real cultivators, with strong understanding and a.n.a.lytical abilities. Of course, having a powerful blood and spirit was a plus.

“Alright, let’s start.” said Hou Qing Lin. He rose higher up in the sky and looked at everyone to make sure everyone followed the rules.

“You’re right, the recruitment process is fair. Insects will be crushed and eliminated.” said Lin Feng to Yang Zi Lan. He then started walking towards him, with confidence and no hesitation at all.

Lin Feng hated Yang Zi Lan, he wanted to get his revenge and teach the Yang Clan a lesson. Lin Feng couldn’t wait to become an imperial cultivation disciple. 

“We just learnt a skill, in front of me, you’re still nothing.” said Yang Zi Lan releasing Qi of the first Tian Qi layer. In the palace, he studied a powerful punch attack. He hadn’t understood everything though, two hours weren’t enough. He understood the basics though.

“I will crush you today. I will show what it feels like to be an insect.” said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile. He then threw himself at Yang Zi Lan.

Yang Zi Lan raised his fists, pure and dazzling lights appeared. Splas.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard because the Qi was rolling in the air like waves.

“Water is pleasant to be in, but gigantic waves can easily kill people.” said Yang Zi Lan coldly. The splas.h.i.+ng sounds were becoming more violent. It seemed like nothing could block such waves.

“Die!” shouted Yang Zi Lan furiously. His waves turned into sharp energies and rolled in the air towards Lin Feng.

“Tasteless.” thought Lin Feng when seeing Yang Zi Lan’s attack. It didn’t look great at all.

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng punched the atmosphere in t

he direction of the waves. It contained the force of the Earth and sky. It was simple but contained an incredible power and explosive force.

The force of the Earth and sky weren’t like other types of strength, it was much more efficient if used properly.

Yang Zi Lan pulled a long face. He was furious. He stopped attacking and ran.

However, he found out that he wasn’t as fast as usual. Lin Feng’s punch reached him and he groaned with pain.

“Brother!” shouted Yang Zi Ye. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng was close again.

“I will show you how I crush insects.”

“Boom boom!”

Lin Feng punched Yang Zi Lan again and blood splashed everywhere.

“Geniuses crush insects.” said Lin Feng jumping onto Yang Zi Lan’s head. Everyone was astonished, Lin Feng was trampling Yang Zi Lan!

“Jiang Ning, attack!” shouted Yang Zi Ye furiously. He immediately threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously while punching again. He looked like a death G.o.d.

“Bzzz!” lights appeared and disappeared again. Jiang Ning didn’t understand.

“Slash, slas.h.!.+” a terrifying energy crashed onto Jiang Ning’s third eye and he turned deathly pale. It was a dazzling light.

“Slas.h.!.+” No surprise. In a flash, Jiang Ning disappeared. It was an illusion. People didn’t die for real, but disappeared from that world instead. People who were defeated, like Jiang Ning, wouldn’t become imperial cultivation disciples. They were simply eliminated.

“What a piece of trash. I’ve always wanted to crush him too. He’s pathetic and ridiculous.” said Lin Feng in a detached way. Yang Zi Ye and the others pulled long faces.

“Boom boom!”

Lin Feng trampled on Yang Zi Lan’s face again and blood continued to splash. The physical pain was nothing compared to the pain in his soul.

Lin Feng was humiliating him, again. He wanted Lin Feng to die.

“Who’s the insect? You tiny ant.” said Lin Feng with a smile. He jumped on Yang Zi Lan’s face again, half his face was in the snow now.

“You look ridiculous.”

“Boom boom!”

Yang Zi Lan disappeared in the snow and then Lin Feng moved aside looking expressionless.

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