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PMG Chapter 1088

Chapter 1088: Ancient Ruins

"How's that possible? Someone was living inside a stone?" the crowd s.h.i.+vered. How was that possible?

"Boom boom!" the stone broke, the person's hair was fluttering in the wind as he glanced at the crowd coldly.

"He's alive!" The person directly ran to Gu Qiu Yun who was inside the pavilion.

"You're still alive!" said Gu Qiu Yun. How was that possible? He had buried that person himself.

"Huang Fu Long!" Lin Feng was astonished. That person was Huang Fu Long!

Huang Fu Long saw Lin Feng, but just glanced at him as if he didn't know him.

"Lin Feng, when we were captured, he buried us in the sea, just act as if we didn't know each other." said Huang Fu Long to Lin Feng using telepathy. Huang Fu Long knew how strong the pirates were, he didn't want Lin Feng to get involved.

"Die!" shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. Dragon Qi dashed to the skies and a gigantic dragon ax roared furiously.

Gu Qiu Yun moved backwards. What was going on? Huang Fu Long had become so strong. He should have died instead.

"Try and dare!" shouted an old man who appeared behind Gu Qiu Yun and blocked Huang Fu Long's axe.


"Boom boom!"

Dragon Qi dashed to the skies. The old man behind Gu Qiu Yun punched the dragon energies again and broke them.

Huang Fu Long rose up in the air and tried to run away.

"You think you can leave!" many people rose up in the air to chase him. Yang Zi Lan told the strong cultivators who were with him, "You capture him!"

He couldn't have spent so many crystals for nothing. He had to get that dragon axe.


Huang Fu Long turned around and released another dragon axe attack. The dragon looked furious as it threw itself at Huang Fu Long's opponent.

"How strong. What happened to him in the Huang Sea?" thought Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long had become very strong, at least a lot stronger than before.

However, many strong cultivators were attacking Huang Fu Long and they were all Zun cultivators. Even Huang Fu Long couldn't do much against them.

Lin Feng looked at Gu Qiu Yun coldly.

"What's wrong?" said Gu Qiu Yun as he released energies at Lin Feng.

"I'll kill you." Lin Feng rose up in the air and jumped into his boat, then he moved towards Huang Fu Long.

"Kill him, together!" said Gu Qiu Yun coldly. He was scared of Lin Feng, a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng arrived in front of Huang Fu Long and shouted, "Come aboard!"

Huang Fu Long jumped onto the boat and they moved away.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng attacking the people who were blocking their way with his Tian Ji Sword. His boat was extremely fast.

"Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique!" said Lin Feng. A snowy tunnel appeared. The strong cultivators behind attacked his illusions making it shake. It started cracking too. However, they were already far as the boat was way too fast.

"Chase them!" the strong cultivators continued chasing them, but ordinary Zun cultivators weren't fast enough. They stopped at the edge of the island, but the boat had already disappeared.

They were gone!

The strong cultivators were p.i.s.sed off. They hadn't managed to take the axe, a holy weapon. The one who was the most annoyed was Yang Zi Lan though. He had wasted abstruse crystals for nothing.

Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long arrived above the sea. Lin Feng looked very serious. He asked, "What about You You and the others?"

Huang Fu Long's mouth twitched. He wanted to say something, but didn't know how to say it.

"Gu Qiu Yun was interested in You You, but she refused. He put us in stones and buried us alive in the sea." said Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale. They couldn't have survived the Huang Sea.

"Gu Qiu Yun!" Lin Feng was furious and sad as he said, "Huang Fu Long, you survived, so they could have survived too, right?"

Lin Feng still had hope.

"I hope so." said Huang Fu Long. "We were buried in antique ruins, but I found a skeleton which has been living there for millions of years and helped me survive."

"Antique ruins!" Lin Feng had heard about those ruins in the Huang Sea.

"Since it was a skeleton, why do you say it was alive?" asked Lin Feng.

"His G.o.dly awareness hasn't dispersed. He sealed me in a stone. He was very, very strong. Then, the pirates found my stone."

"I see." whispered Lin Feng frowning. He felt desperate.

"Lin Feng, maybe they also met strong cultivators like me. The sea is so deep, there are probably many very strong cultivators inside, not just one." said Huang Fu Long trying to cheer Lin Feng up.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, "Take the boat and go to Ba Huang Province. I'm going back to the Island of the Nine Dragons!"

"No, you can't go back." said Huang Fu Long.

"Don't worry, I won't take any risks." said Lin Feng changing his face. "Here is where you should go on the map." said Lin Feng transmitting the geographical coordinates of Ba Huang to Huang Fu Long.

"Bzzz!" a dazzling light appeared as silver wings sprouted from Lin Feng's back.


Lin Feng suddenly turned into a shadow and left.

"Go to Ba Huang Province and wait for me in Tiantai. I'm going to the Island of the Nine Dragons to kill some people and I will be back soon." Huang Fu Long heard Lin Feng, but couldn't see him anymore. He was surprised.

"Lin Feng has become a lot stronger it seems!" whispered Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng wasn't afraid of crossing the Huang Sea alone.

Huang Fu Long established a connection to the boat and left for Ba Huang Province.

However, Lin Feng went back to the Island of the Nine Dragons. This time, he landed without releasing any Qi. Two more stones were still being sold. He was wondering if You You and the others could have been sealed inside them.

Because of the interruption, the auctions had been paused for a while and had now resumed. Lin Feng was in the crowd this time, though.

Yang Zi Lan looked extremely p.i.s.sed off. He had lost so many abstruse crystals. He had bought a stone with a living being and Lin Feng had helped that person escape, Lin Feng again! Lin Feng had already done so much against him. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng!

PMG Chapter 1089

Chapter 1089: Ferocious Wild Beast?

The eighth stone was as big as three people. There were marks inside and it contained an incredible Qi.

"There's a holy weapon inside!" thought the crowd. That Qi was incredible, but it was deadly as it came from the Huang Sea. Even the stone couldn't constrict the Qi inside. The crowd guessed that the only possibility was that that stone contained a weapon.

On top of that, a holy weapon.

The two last stones seemed incredible. Apart from that stone with a special Qi, the last stone also seemed extraordinary. The crowd had the impression there was a ferocious beast sealed inside.

Many people had come, especially for those two stones.

"That stone starts at 6,000 abstruse crystals." said the middle-aged man smiling indifferently. The crowd gulped down. How expensive.

No wonder they were becoming so rich. They sent their servants to find desolate stones and people who came to buy them were gamblers. They were real pirates.

"I need to get that one." said Xuan Yuan. His holy weapon had broken. Therefore, he needed a new one. He had come to the Island of the Nine Dragons to try his luck and see if he could get a holy weapon. That stone possibly contained a holy weapon.

"Xuan Yuan, brother, I'll help you." said Yang Zi Lan. "8,000!"

The Yang Clan wanted to help Xuan Yuan. If he became strong, he would be able to marry Yang Zi Ye.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he immediately raised it by 2,000!" thought the crowd.

"10,000." said someone. The crowd was surprised. It was a young man with the purple eyes.

"15,000!" said Yang Zi Lan. Many people grinded their teeth. 15,000 was already a lot more expensive than an ordinary holy weapon. Those prestigious families were really rich.

The young man with purple eyes didn't say anything else. 15,000 already exceeded the price of a low level holy weapon. First, the stone didn't necessarily contain a holy weapon, second, even if it did, the price was probably still too high.

"18,000." said someone indifferently. The crowd was surprised and looked at the person who raised. It was a young man with white hair. His Qi wasn't powerful, but the price he proposed was extremely high so it meant his social status was very high. n.o.body dared cheat the pirates. If he didn't have that many abstruse crystals, the pirates would kill him where he stood.

It was Lin Feng of course. He wouldn't let them get that stone for a low price.

"20,000!" said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

"Hehe, you don't recognize me." thought Lin Feng. He said indifferently, "25,000!"

"Eh…" the crowd was speechless. What a high price. Besides, Lin Feng had said that without frowning.

"Do you even have that much, Sir?" said Yang Zi Lan coldly.

"Mister Yang, if you give up, you'll see if I have that much." said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Zi Lan was surprised. That person recognized him.

"26,000!" said Yang Zi Lan.

"29,000!" said Lin Feng glancing at Yang Zi Ye.

"My clan gave me holy weapons, but I need another one, maybe there's one in that stone. I hope the Yang Clan will let me buy that one."

"They're all from rich families." thought the crowd.

"30,000!" said Yang Zi Lan grinding his teeth. That was all he had.

When Lin Feng saw Yang Zi Lan's facial expression, he smiled and said, "No wonder that you're famous, 30,000, that's my limit too. Since you already proposed so much, it's yours!"

Yang Zi Lan gulped down. At least he had the stone, but because of that guy, he was going to lose too much.

Yang Zi Lan walked forwards and threw a ring at the middle-aged man and said, "100 abstruse crystals of average quality, that's worth the price."

Abstruse crystals were also divided into three categories, low, average and high quality. Their value was also different. The higher the quality, the higher the price.

"Alright, I'll open it then." said the middle-aged man smiling happily. 30,000 abstruce crystals! That would be great for the pirates.

Yang Zi Lan moved back. The middle-aged man hit the stone to break it, but not too hard in order to avoid breaking its content. The Qi was becoming even more intense.

"Is there a weapon inside?" thought the crowd nervously. There had to be something inside.

The middle-aged man looked even more nervous.

"Bzzz!" The stone broke and finally, its content appeared.

"A weapon, it really contains a weapon!" thought the crowd astonished as Qi dashed to the skies. It was a very powerful Qi.

The middle-aged man finished breaking the last pieces of stone. The Qi emerging from the stone was grey and thick. It was a spear.

"What a scary weapon!"

"I got something!" Yang Zi Lan was happy. It was better than having obtained a low level holy weapon.

Xuan Yuan grabbed it. It was much better than his old weapon, it suited him perfectly. n.o.body could stop him with that thing.

"Brother Yang, give it to me." said Xuan Yuan.

Yang Zi Lan's mouth twitched. He didn't want to give it to Xuan Yuan, but he thought about his family, smiled and said, "Of course, it's yours, brother."

"Nah, not now actually. Wait, I'll go back to my clan and get the abstruse crystals, then I'll come back to your family and ask for your sister's hand." said Xuan Yuan indifferently. He knew why Yang Zi Lan accepted to give it to him. He hoped the Yang Clan would become strong if they mixed with the Xuan Yuan clan.

"Alright. No problem." said Yang Zi Lan smiling. He knew that that kind of weapon could help solve some issues.

Yang Zi Ye smiled in a resplendent smile. She was impatient to get married with Xuan Yuan. Unfortunately, she was so beautiful, but not so smart. At that moment, she could predict that she would regret everything she had done to Lin Feng.

"Bzzz!" the middle-aged man was holding the stone in his hand and his clothes were suddenly torn apart. His hair was fluttering in the wind. The Qi of the stone was too powerful. It contained the Qi of an extremely strong cultivator who had partic.i.p.ated in the great wars.

"Miss Yang, be careful." said the middle-aged man smiling. He put the spear in a ring and gave it to Yang Zi Lan.

"Thank you, Mister!" said Yang Zi Lan nodding.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked at him coldly and smiled on the inside, "Yang Zi Lan, you better not give me any chance to steal your weapon."

Lin Feng wouldn't mind killing him and stealing his treasures. He was going to let him off now and if he could, he would steal his spear too.

PMG Chapter 1090

Chapter 1090: Abstruse Crystals

Yang Zi Lan took the spear. There was still one more stone to be sold. It looked like an ordinary stone, but people had a strange sensation when they looked at it.

"According to legends, inside it is something which has been sealed and it hasn't died yet. It could be a terrifying animal." thought the crowd. The middle-aged man smiled and said, "Maybe there's a living being inside. If that's the case, one of our strong cultivators will seal it inside and prevent it from fleeing.

"How expensive! 10,000!" the crowd was dumbstruck when they saw the price. Not many people were interested.

"You saw the last stone, it contained a holy weapon and its Qi was incredibly powerful. This stone comes from the same place and it might contain something just as terrifying. Maybe it even contains a spirit, or a terrifying ancient animal. If that's the case, then 10,000 would be nothing, a terrifyingly strong beast would be worth 100,000 abstruse crystals!" said the middle-aged man trying to convince people.

"11,000!" said someone. It was an old man who seemed to be very strong.

"12,000." said Xuan Yuan. He had 20,000 with him, coupled with Yang Zi Lan's 20,000, he could exchange the stone directly.

"13,000!" said the young man with purple eyes.

"15,000!" said the old man. The crowd was surprised and captivated.

Everybody kept raising up until it hit 20,000, but then it stopped. It didn't seem to attract people's attention as much as the last one. If Lin Feng hadn't raised it for the last one, the price wouldn't have gone so high.

"21,000!" said Lin Feng indifferently. His eyes were closed. He was using his G.o.dly awareness to observe the surroundings. He looked indifferent as if he had had an infinite amount of abstruse crystals.

"He has only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and he already has so many abstruse crystals. If there's something inside, a rich kid is going to get it." thought the crowd angrily. Lin Feng was doing that on purpose, he was pretending to act like a rich kid.

Lin Feng was pretending so he was happy that people believed him.

Of course, he also knew that someone was going to raise again so he wasn't too worried.

"One abstruse crystal of high quality." said someone at that moment sounding indifferent. An abstruse crystal of high quality? Such crystals were extremely precious. However, one such crystal was only worth 10,000 ordinary crystals.

The crowd looked at that person, it was a beautiful girl. She was so beautiful, her body was perfect, but she was wearing black clothes. Men were drooling in front of her. However. she also looked enigmatic and people didn't know what she was thinking. In any case, she looked really hot.

"Miss, one abstruse crystal of high quality isn't worth 20,000 ordinary crystals." said the middle-aged man smiling.

"What if it contains a life?" said the girl very clearly.

The crowd was astonished. Such crystals were incredibly expensive.

People always used ordinary abstruse crystals to pay, but special crystals with a special strength also existed and they were extremely expensive.

With such crystals, cultivators could become stronger with incredible speeds. Their understanding capabilities could also improve a lot faster. It was a real treasure. Many old people only dreamt of having such crystals.

"If you really have such a crystal, we don't need to continue, that stone is yours." said the middle-aged man.

"Take it." said the girl throwing an abstruse crystal at the middle-aged man. He grabbed it quickly and put it away so that n.o.body could see it.

"Should I break the stone?" asked the middle-aged man to the girl.

Everybody sighed. They didn't need to be skeptical, that girl really had such precious crystals.

"Who is she? She's so beautiful and rich. She looks b.e.s.t.i.a.l even." thought the crowd. Was she an empress or an emperor's daughter? They had heard an empress' daughter was going to appear, was she that this person?

It was impossible though. A holy woman had to look holy and celestial. That girl didn't, she looked like a tease, she just looked hot.

"No. I will do it myself." said the girl shaking her head. The middle-aged man didn't force her. He had obtained a precious crystal, that was enough. He was satisfied.

After the girl took the stone, she put it away and left. Many people looked at her, men were drooling.

"That girl must be a beast, but she is quite strong. Otherwise, she couldn't have a Zun level beast as a protector." thought Lin Feng. He had paid attention to her the entire time. She hadn't reacted until the last stone was proposed. She had come for that stone and didn't care about the price.

"Alright, we're done." said the middle-aged man. Everybody dispersed and started leaving.

At that moment, Lin Feng walked towards Gu Qiu Yun. Gu Qiu Yun didn't need to protect himself against a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer. n.o.body dared attack him there anyways.

"I've always dreamt of meeting you. I hope you can offer me visit sometime, Brother Gu." said Lin Feng smiling without releasing any special Qi.

"Where do you come from?" everybody had seen Lin Feng during the auctions, Gu Qiu Yun too. Lin Feng was from a rich and prestigious family, therefore, Gu Qiu Yun didn't act too arrogantly either.

"I am from the mountains in the northern part of Ba Huang. I am so happy to see you today. I don't have many treasures with me today, but here, for you, brother!" Lin Feng said taking out a stone and giving it to Gu Qiu Yun. Gu Qiu Yun took it and looked at it, "A demon seal stone!"

He looked surprised. It really was a demon seal stone. He didn't show how happy he was, but such a gift was already not bad. The whole stone, in the antiquity, could seal a real demon. But now it was broken.

"Brother, thank you for your gift, it is way too precious!" said Gu Qiu Yun.

"It's nothing for me. I have a few. So, don't mention it!" said Lin Feng smiling nicely as if he didn't care about demon seal stones. A few more pieces appeared in his hands.

"He's rich." thought Gu Qiu Yun before saying, "Come, please sit, brother!"

Lin Feng sat down and said, "Unfortunately, I had a few dozens of thousands of abstruse crystals, but I bought something else. Unfortunately, I didn't know the pirates would sell such expensive things today. I really wanted to buy something."

Gu Qiu Yun looked at Lin Feng enviously. He was an emperor's descendent and had never had so many abstruse crystals himself.

"What did you want to buy, brother?" asked Gu Qiu Yun.

"The spear, I loved it. I wanted to make a holy weapon back in my clan." said Lin Feng sounding dispirited. Gu Qiu Yun was astonished, Lin Feng wanted to use such an incredible spear to fabricate another weapon? Didn't he care about holy weapons?

"I'll invite you here again." said Gu Qiu Yun. He hoped to see Lin Feng again.

"This time, I came out secretly. My grandpa forced me to practice cultivation all the time, this time, he'll probably make me practice for a few dozen more years when I go back. I'm so angry, brother. He'll tear my flesh and muscles if he continues forcing me to practice like that!" said Lin Feng sighing. Was his grandfather so strong?!

PMG Chapter 1091

Chapter 1091: Killed by Yang Zi Lan!

Gu Qiu Yun smiled unnaturally and his mouth twitched. He actually wanted to be friends with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had demon seal stones, so he was probably from an imperial family. If he made friends with Lin Feng, he would probably obtain even greater gifts.

"Brother Gu, I have a question." said Lin Feng suddenly. Gu Qiu Yun put his hand on his heart and guaranteed, "Brother, you can tell me anything. I'll do my best to help."

"I'm really interested in that spear. I need it to build a weapon. Can you try to get it from that member of the Yang Clan so that I can have it?" said Lin Feng. Gu Qiu Yun looked upset. The pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons never annoyed people who bought things at their auctions, they always let them go safely so their reputation remained safe.

"Don't worry, brother Gu. I don't mean I want you to harm him, I know they are your guests. If he isn't willing to hand it over, having a look at it would already fulfill my wishes." said Lin Feng smiling as if he understood that Gu Qiu Yun didn't want to make things difficult for their guests.

Gu Qiu Yun stared at Lin Feng, thinking. If he guaranteed Yang Zi Lan's safety, there was no reason for him to refuse such a request.

"Alright. Since you're now my good friend, I'll help you." said Gu Qiu Yun nodding. He walked away and talked to someone. Then, he came back and talked to Lin Feng honestly and freely as if they had been friends for a long time.

After a shot time, Yang Zi Lan and the others came back. They were angry at Gu Qiu Yun this time. Last time, they had wanted to kidnap Yang Zi Ye, the Yang Clan hadn't forgotten about that yet. However, on the Island of the Nine Dragons, they couldn't afford acting carelessly so they were now polite and smiling.

"Brother Gu, you were looking for me. How may I help you?" asked Yang Zi Lan. He was worried, but he wasn't showing it. Instead, he was smiling in a warm and gentle way as if they had been friends for a very long time.

"It's nothing important, I just have a brother, Brother Feng, who's interested in your spear. I was wondering if you were willing to…"

The brother he was talking about was Lin Feng, obviously.

Yang Zi Lan looked at Lin Feng and noticed his cultivation level wasn't high, but since Gu Qiu Yun had called him because of brother Feng, it meant that Lin Feng's social status was, at least, as high as Gu Qiu Yun's.

"I'm sorry, I already gave that holy weapon to Xuan Yuan. I hope your brother won't be too disappointed." said Yang Zi Lan politely.

"Indeed, that's mine now." said Xuan Yuan indifferently and proudly.

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled on the inside. Xuan Yuan still sounded proud and arrogant. Being chased by Yuan Fei wasn't enough it seemed.

"Xuan Yuan!" Gu Qiu Yun recognized that name.

"Indeed." said Xuan Yuan indifferently. Gu Qiu Yun looked at Lin Feng in a way which meant that getting the spear would be impossible.

"Well, can you at least let him look at it closely?" said Gu Qiu Yun. He was still trying to make friends with Lin Feng.

Yang Zi Lan remained silent for a second and then smiled, "The pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons organized the auctions so I'm sure showing it wouldn't be a problem."

He was convinced the pirates of the Island of the Nine Dragons wouldn't dare steal something they had sold themselves.

Yang Zi Lan was seemingly getting ready to show the spear, but Lin Feng shook his hand and said, "Wait!"

"Brother Feng, do you have another request?" asked Yang Zi Lan.

"No." said Lin Feng shaking his head and smiling, "I also have a holy weapon, it's extremely powerful and has an explosive power. However, I don't like it too much. If you like it, maybe we can trade our weapons."

"Oh?" Yang Zi Lan seemed interested. Lin Feng surprisingly had holy weapons he wanted to trade.

Gu Qiu Yun's eyes twinkled. He also wanted to see Lin Feng's weapon and how powerful it was.

"Show it to me." said Yang Zi Lan. He couldn't refuse of course.

"But many people harbor evil intentions. If we trade weapons, we must do it somewhere where there's less eye on us."

"Where then?" asked Gu Qiu Yun who was even more interested too.

"We should go to a place on the edge of the Huang Sea, that way, if Brother Yang and the others are not interested, you can directly leave. n.o.body will say the Island of the Nine Dragons kept you here." said Lin Feng to make Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan. Of course, Yang Zi Lan was interested.

"I never doubted Brother Gu's intentions. Since you want to go to such a place, I have no objections. Brother Gu can bring a few strong cultivators along as well."

"It seems like you still feel defensive." said Lin Feng with a resplendent smile.

Gu Qiu Yun groaned coldly. Yang Zi Lan surprisingly wanted him to bring strong cultivators, ridiculous!

"No need. Brother Feng and I are enough." said Gu Qiu Yun looking unhappy.

"Master!" said a strong cultivator at that moment.

"Brother Gu, since there are tensions between the Yang Clan and the Island of the Nine Dragons, even if I trust brother Yang, I still think it's best to bring a few strong cultivators." said Lin Feng. He mentioned their internal tensions on purpose.

"Indeed, master." said a strong cultivator behind Gu Qiu Yun. Yang Zi Lan also brought two strong cultivators.

"I said no need." said Gu Qiu Yun. He didn't like being forced to do anything. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "Brother Feng, I don't think anything can happen to me on the Island of the Nine Dragons, if anyone dares attack me, the pirates would immediately destroy the Yang Clan."

Lin Feng shrugged indifferently.

Concerning Lin Feng, they didn't even attach importance to him. A cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer couldn't do anything to them even if he wanted to. Therefore, they didn't think about protecting Gu Qiu Yun against Lin Feng.

They all walked towards the sea and arrived on a beach where n.o.body else was. Lin Feng said he had a very powerful weapon, so Gu Qiu Yun chose a good place to look at it.

"Brother Gu, let's go on the sea, what do you think?" suggested Lin Feng.

"Haha, alright, enjoying holy weapons on the sea, how pleasant." A smile appeared on Gu Qiu Yun's pale face. Gu Qiu Yun had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer. He released some Qi and walked on the sea as if the desolate Qi didn't affect him.

Lin Feng followed.

"Brother Yang, show us your spear."

"Alright." said Yang Zi Lan. Suddenly, a monstrously powerful Qi invaded the atmosphere and emitted whistling and howling sounds.

"What a powerful spear." said Lin Feng happily. Gu Qiu Yun wished he could steal it.

"Brother Feng, show us your weapon too."

"Alright!" said Lin Feng nodding and smiling, but he didn't move too fast. He waited for the Qi of the spear to disperse.

"Brother Gu, come here." said Lin Feng waving. Gu Qiu Yun didn't understand what Lin Feng meant, but he still approached Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng put a hand on Gu Qiu Yun's back and smiled evilly. Both Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan were surprised.

"Brother Yang, you're really cruel. We only saw your weapon for a second. Surprisingly, you want to kill us. After killing us, do you think the Island of the Nine Dragons will let you off?" said Lin Feng suddenly. His voice sounded strange. Everybody was surprised by this remark and no one understood what Lin Feng meant.

Gu Qiu Yun didn't understand either. Yang Zi Lan wanted to kill them? But they were still there, alive.

At that moment, a terrifying strength crashed onto them.

"Stop him!" shouted two old strong cultivators in the distance. However, they didn't have time.

"Yang Zi Lan, you're so cruel, killing me and Brother Gu!" shouted Lin Feng so that he could be heard kilometers and kilometers away. Gu Qiu Yun and Lin Feng immediately fell down into the Huang Sea!

PMG Chapter 1093

Chapter 1093: The Ruins in the Huang Sea

Lin Feng was on one of the pirates' boats. He had heard many things about the tensions between the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan. Whether it be the Yang Clan's boat or the numerous boats the pirates had taken to go to Ba Huang, they were all faster than the boat Lin Feng was riding. They would arrive in Ba Huang before Lin Feng.

When Ba Huang's people saw so many pirates arrive, they instantly believed that something tragic had happened. They soon learnt that the pirates were going to the Yang Clan. They also heard that Yang Zi Lan had obtained a holy weapon at the auctions on the Island of the Nine Dragons and that tensions had maybe risen between Gu Qiu Yun and Yang Zi Lan because of it.

They still hadn't heard all the news, but they supposed that a great war would soon start.

"Without a faster boat, I probably missed the war already." thought Lin Feng annoyed. He wanted to see that terrifying war.

When Lin Feng about more, he decided to go to Tianjing City instead of the Yang Clan. Huang Fu Long and Lin Feng had agreed to meet there. Lin Feng still wasn't sure if You You and the others were dead or not. He needed to go to those ruins Huang Fu Long had told him about.

He didn't fear the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea. Many Zun cultivators couldn't even compete with him in that aspect. Once there, he would know if his friends were safe or not. He needed to check, otherwise, he'd be constantly be worried.

On the way to Tianjing City, Lin Feng heard many people talking about the conflict between the Yang Clan and the pirates. As expected, the pirates had gone to the Yang Clan's territory, but they didn't let them kill Yang Zi Lan. The Yang Clan cherished Yang Zi Lan so they protected him.

Therefore, a terrible war started and many people died. Many Zun Qi layer and other extremely strong cultivators fought. The territory of the Yang Clan was completely destroyed. Now the pirates wanted to kill the elders and capture Yang Zi Lan.

After a day, Lin Feng heard about the war again. The war still wasn't over.

Yang Zi Lan wanted to take Lin Feng's soul out of the sea to kill him a second time. He would never have the opportunity to prove his innocence. He couldn't come out, otherwise the pirates would kill him.

Lin Feng went back to Tianjing City. He found Huang Fu Long quickly thanks to the energies left by his boat. Huang Fu Long was excited. He had heard that Gu Qiu Yun had been killed. He was wanted to kill Gu Qiu Yun for so long now.

"I wish I had killed him with my own hands!" said Huang Fu Long.

"You, me, it's all the same." said Lin Feng coldly. Huang Fu Long was surprised, he looked at Lin Feng and said, "You mean that…"

"Yes, it's me." said Lin Feng nodding. Huang Fu Long was happy to hear that.

Once in Tianjing City, both of them heard more about the situation with the Yang Clan. They heard that the war was finally over and that both sides lost many people. To destroy the Yang Clan's territory, the pirates had to pay a steep price. They were almost done destroying the Yang Clan when the Xuan Yuan clan arrived to help. Xuan Yuan then told them the truth.

The pirates knew how strong the Xuan Yuan Clan was. Concerning Xuan Yuan's "truth", the pirates were furious. Was he questioning their intelligence?

Why would a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer kill himself along with Gu Qiu Yun and accuse the Yang Clan? Was that even possible? Did he think the pirates were stupid? That was a terrible excuse.

Lin Feng was disappointed. Xuan Yuan had ruined his plan. However, he knew that the pirates would never forgive them. Even if they believed Xuan Yuan, they had already fought a great war, now the situation couldn't be solved so easily.

"Huang Fu Long, bring me to those ruins." said Lin Feng taking out a boat.

"Lin Feng, the pirates could throw us into the sea, and without them, we can't make it." said Huang Fu Long shaking his head.

"Bring me there." said Lin Feng. When Huang Fu Long saw Lin Feng determination, he sighed and said, "I guess it would be nice to see what they've become."

"First, we'll need to go to the Island of the Nine Dragons. We left from there last time so I'll remember the way if start from there."

Lin Feng didn't say much as they immediately led the boat to the Island of the Nine Dragons. This time, he didn't inform anyone he was coming. If they saw his boat, he might get into trouble.

Lin Feng brought Huang Fu Long to the edge of the island and listened to Huang Fu Long.

The boat was neither too slow nor too fast. Huang Fu Long remembered the way approximately, not precisely.

One day later, they were still looking for that place. Lin Feng looked extremely worried and scared. You You and the others had gotten into such trouble because of him. He had made them come with him, he wanted them to become imperial cultivation disciples too. Now, however, he was the only one who had become an imperial cultivation disciple.

He didn't even know if his friends were still alive. What a cruel world. Apart from his parents and wives, he also cared a lot about his friends. He hoped his friends would explore the world with him and now only Huang Fu Long was left.

Lin Feng took out a bottle of alcohol.

He had many expensive things in his ring, including a few bottles of alcohol. He couldn't help but have a drink at this moment.

"Back then, we were drinking and singing together, where are you now?!" said Lin Feng looking at the sky and sighing anxiously.

He could still see You You's beautiful face in the sky, her eyes, her resplendent smile, Jun Mo Xi's Qi, his golden robe, Yun Fei Yang's messy hair and his gentle smile.

"You said we'd stay together forever and that we wanted to become stronger in Ba Huang together. Where are you my friends?" said Lin Feng again. He was getting angry, then sad. "You also said we'd go back to the Xue Yu Region with our heads held high! Where are you?"

Lin Feng downed another bottle and lied down on his boat. He didn't look determined like a cultivator anymore, he didn't look like a fighter, he looked sad and depressed.

Huang Fu Long's face was red, he was clenching fists as tears appeared in his eyes!

Back then, he used to practice cultivation in the snowy mountains of Tian Chi. He hoped he'd get married with the holy woman of Tian Chi, but after he met Lin Feng, his life changed and he understood what it felt like to have a brother!

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