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PMG Chapter 1100

Chapter 1100: Gigantic Holy Spell

"You dared use the scepter against me, little boy!" said Qiong Qi looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Lin Feng understood that without Qiong Qi, the two dead spirits would have killed him before now.

Lin Feng hadn't refined the weapon yet, but it could still obey Lin Feng. He was getting ready to refine it now, though.

"What are you doing!" said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng. He was speechless. Lin Feng was surprisingly trying to refine the weapon in that place.

"You're so ignorant. What a humiliation it is to be your friend. I solved the problem with the emperor, and found that his throne is also a precious item, there are things carved in it. You should sit on it to understand its strength. There's the blue palace too." said Qiong Qi sighing. "Didn't you say there were other small worlds? Let's go to the other small worlds!"


Qiong Qi had more energy than Lin Feng sometimes. He was just going to refine his weapon there, but Qiong Qi wanted to empty out all of the small worlds. Then Lin Feng would be able to do whatever he wanted with the weapons.

Of course, Lin Feng knew that Qiong Qi was right, they had to hurry. Lin Feng walked towards the emperor's body.

"The emperor's body is mine." said Qiong Qi. "The throne is yours."

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Lin Feng. Did Qiong Qi want to use the emperor's body for himself?

"I'll lend it to you for now." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi looked at him, that little boy.

Lin Feng sat down on the throne and sensed an incredible energy. The Earth and sky started shaking, making Lin Feng feel a little queasy.

"Eh?" Lin Feng raised his head and mysterious marks started twinkling. They contained a spell.

"Wow!" Lin Feng was speechless. Qiong Qi was right. Everything was a treasure in that palace. There was a holy weapon of high quality, the scepter. There was the body of the emperor, the throne, so many treasures… And even the ceiling contained treasures.

Lin Feng stared at the ceiling as a gigantic hand suddenly moved towards him. At the same time, it turned into a sword whose energies were very oppressive. The sword then turned into a spear and then turned back into a divine hand again. The hand turned into five fingers which seemed as solid as mountains.

"Pfewww." Lin Feng could barely breathe and he was sweating, his clothes were fluttering in the energies. The energies even seemed alive.

"What a powerful attack!" thought Lin Feng. The energies then condensed back into the ceiling. When the energies condensed, they turned into a gigantic word which had the strength of the firmament.

"Gigantic Holy Spell!"

Lin Feng was stunned, that attack reminded him of Yuan Fei's Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell. Qiu Yue Xin had told him that the Great Ape Emperor had given him 81 Gigantic Destruction Rod Spells, and this Gigantic Holy Spell looked similar. It contained the same kind of energy and its name was similar.

"The Gigantic Holy Spell is from the antiquity. The Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell must have been created later and is probably based on the Gigantic Holy Spell. Maybe the Great Ape Emperor's ancestor studied the Gigantic Holy Spell." thought Lin Feng.

Of course, he couldn't be sure, but at least he understood the energies used to cast the Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell.

He sat down calmly and meditated, trying to study that spell. Incredible energies appeared, and they kept changing.

Lin Feng studied for a long time. He couldn't understand all the specificities of the spell though, especially in such a short time. Even Zun cultivators couldn't. Only emperors could master spells at that level.

Qiong Qi and the two ghosts sensed that Lin Feng was becoming stronger so they didn't disturb him. They looked at the ceiling, but they couldn't see much besides some holy marks. They definitely couldn't sense them like Lin Feng.

"What's going on again?" Qiong Qi didn't understand it either. Lin Feng had been able to attract the scepter, now Lin Feng was learning something Qiong Qi couldn't understand himself. Lin Feng had exceeded his expectations already.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng as a hand moved towards Qiong Qi with incredible speed.

"Boom!" Qiong Qi didn't have time to react and was bombarded by Lin Feng's attack. He shouted furiously, "How dare you attack me by surprise!"

He suddenly started moving as fast as he could, Lin Feng couldn't see him anymore.

"How fast!" Lin Feng released more hand attacks everywhere inside the room. Qiong Qi was bombarded again.

"I'm angry now!" Qiong Qi looked like he was going to attack, but then he saw that Lin Feng had stopped attacking and was now giggling. He had a resplendent smile on his face.

"Emperor, I just wanted to try my new spell. You're helping me learn cultivation, don't be angry." said Lin Feng laughing. Qiong Qi rolled his eyes.

"Of course, I couldn't get angry with you anyways. You're right, that's also why I told you I wanted to travel the world with you, it's to help you become stronger. Each time you learn new skills, you can practice them with me."

He was proud to be Lin Feng's teacher.

"But what skill did you just use? Your hands turned into mountains?"

"Gigantic Holy Spell, I obtained it in this palace. When I become stronger, it'll be terrifying. Unfortunately, I'm still too weak." said Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi was speechless. Lin Feng really was lucky. The Gigantic Holy Spell was a great spell that many strong cultivators only dreamt of having. It was an ancient spell with hundreds of variations.

"It's a great treasure too. Try and see if you can take the whole palace." said Qiong Qi. Lin Feng knew they had to rush.

He stood up and put his hand on the throne. He wanted to take it, but realized the throne was stuck.

"Capture!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The whole palace was suddenly surrounded by Lin Feng's strength. He used his Gigantic Holy Spell and a gigantic hand appeared and grabbed the palace.

"Boom boom boom!" rumbling sounds spread in the air and the ground shook. Lin Feng was taking the whole palace. But at that moment, dazzling light appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.

Those dazzling lights contained an incredible and invisible strength!

PMG Chapter 1101

Chapter 1101: A Girl's Room

"Bzzz!" a terrifying strength surrounded Lin Feng's body and lights flashed. Lin Feng felt like he was being swallowed by some kind of strength.


Lin Feng quickly realized that he was leaving the palace. At the moment he took the emperor's throne, teleportation strength enveloped him and brought him somewhere else.

Lin Feng hoped he wouldn't end up too far.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng sensed that he was landing somewhere. However, everything was dark around him, there was no light. Lin Feng couldn't tell where he was.

"It seems like I got happy too fast." thought Lin Feng smiling wryly. He thought he was going to go to another small world, he hadn't expected to be teleported somewhere else.

Qiong Qi didn't get teleported with him though. Lin Feng wasn't worried about Qiong Qi though, he was strong and had been living for thousands of years. He would find a way to meet up with Lin Feng.

"Huang Fu Long, you probably don't need to wait for me anymore." thought Lin Feng. Maybe Huang Fu Long would think that Lin Feng had died.

Lin Feng had hope though, maybe that You You and the others ended up in other small worlds and were teleported too. Maybe they had even found a way to leave the small worlds. Lin Feng hoped he would continue being so lucky.

After a short while, Lin Feng realized that place he was in looked like a cave. There were many weapons, but they were all broken or unusable.

Lin Feng's first thought was that this place was probably a cave where an emperor practiced cultivation and that someone had attacked him by surprise. The attacker had only taken the best weapons and left the unusable items there.

Lin Feng took a few steps forwards and realized that the place was sealed by a layer of mud. He was buried underground it seemed.

"Even though it's all wrecked, this place still contains forces and energies." thought Lin Feng sensing the extraordinary energies. It would still be good to practice cultivation inside.

"I wonder where his body is." whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng released energies and started digging through the ceiling.

As expected, he was very deep in the ground. After a short while, Lin Feng sensed very pleasant energies as he was about to break through to the surface.

"This place is very beautiful and seemingly breeds talent, the pure Qi here is incredible. It's a kind of celestial Qi. I almost feel drunk inside."

"Eh?" At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly stopped and stretched his hand. He touched something very hard. It was preventing him from going out.

He condensed some sharp energies in his hand and punched that solid matter. Crackling sounds were heard as the stone broke.

"Eh, how hard!" whispered Lin Feng. He tried to pierce through the earth's surface but he was still stuck and ended up in a room. That place contained a woman's Qi. It smelt good yet very old. That place was a woman's chamber!

Besides, the very hard thing he had just broken was actually a stone bed.

Lin Feng was annoyed. He realized that initially someone was on the bed he had just broken, a woman. She was practicing cultivation when he attacked the bed so she was completely defenseless and was struck by Lin Feng's attack. Her Qi went chaotic and her mouth was now bleeding.

Lin Feng was speechless and started sweating. He would have been killed by his own attack.

The beautiful woman looked at him in a cold way. Her beautiful body was covered with a white cloth, her face was covered with a white veil. That was more beauty than one could take in, if she had been smiling, all the flowers in the world would have seemed flavorless in comparison.

They both remained silent. Lin Feng smiled, he was embarra.s.sed as he said, "I'm so sorry. I didn't do that on purpose."

"Why the h.e.l.l were you buried under my bed?" said the girl finally. Lin Feng looked at her. He didn't know what to say. Did she believe him when he said he hadn't done that on purpose?

"Eh…" Lin Feng felt so awkward.

He smiled wryly. He knew he couldn't really explain. He took out a pill and walked towards her.

"It doesn't matter if you believe me or not, I really didn't do that on purpose, here is a healing pill." Even if he didn't do it on purpose, he still ended up in a woman's bedroom and injured her.

"Stop, do you think I will trust you?" said the woman coldly, releasing powerful energies. Even though she was badly injured, she still remained vigilant.

"Who are you? Why did you do that?" shouted the girl furiously. Lin Feng's body became rigid.

"She's trying to alert people!" thought Lin Feng suddenly. However, he didn't say anything as he started running.

When the girl saw that, she was surprised. She didn't understand what was going on. If Lin Feng hadn't come into her room for her, why had he come?

"How shameless!" Lin Feng wanted to leave, but he sensed two threads of Qi which constricted him.

"Let me go!" Lin Feng saw two girls, they had both broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer and were sword cultivators. He truly didn't know where he was.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and release sharp sword energies too. His whole body turned into a sword as he tried to get between those two girls.

"Someone attacked!" shouted the two girls loudly. Lin Feng sensed a powerful Qi which blocked him.

A few people arrived in the air. Zun cultivators, and their Qi was powerful.

"You'll die here!" shouted the cultivators furiously. Their voices made Lin Feng shake from head to foot.

"Bad luck now." Lin Feng had been lucky the whole time and now he was very un-lucky. Where was he? There were many strong cultivators. There were more than a dozen Zun cultivators surrounding him. He couldn't do anything against them.

Lin Feng had guessed right, that place was very beautiful and bred talent. A powerful group had established themselves there!

PMG Chapter 1102

Chapter 1102: Kidnapping

"Go back!"

Lin Feng turned around, he didn't have his lifeboat and he also couldn't use his demon sword to escape from so many strong cultivators. Worse even, those strong cultivators were probably not the only ones there.

Lin Feng turned around. He wanted to use his initial path to retreat, but the two girls looked at him while they released more sword energies.


Lin Feng condensed golden energies in his hands and pushed the two girls aside. He moved like the wind without wasting time. The two girls thought that Lin Feng was quite strong, it was no wonder that he had attacked the other girl in her room.

"Stop!" They chased Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was using his Xiao Yao agility technique and was too fast for them.

The girl in white was injured and was still healing herself. She released ice-cold energies when she saw Lin Feng trying to escape.

"Sorry, I need to protect myself." Lin Feng moved with incredible speed. He needed to use her as a s.h.i.+eld if he wanted to escape.

"Try and dare!" The girl's eyes looked cold and dazzling. The Qi in her room was pure and smelt good. Lin Feng was disappointed, he didn't want to attack such a beautiful woman. At that moment, he slightly stopped.

He watched as a white lotus appeared and became large, large enough to envelop him.

"She's injured and yet she's still so strong." thought Lin Feng. He was surprised.

"Break!" Lin Feng's fingers turned into sharp blades as he attacked the white lotus, however, he couldn't break it.

"Burn!" Lin Feng condensed fire and pure Qi which turned into a black and gloomy lotus. His evil energy corroded the pure white lotus. Then, Lin Feng continued running. The girl's facial expression changed. She released celestial Qi, and suddenly the entire room was filled with white lotuses made of pure energy.

They surrounded Lin Feng, now he could barely move. It seemed like the energies in the room couldn't be corroded any with his strength anymore.

"What kind of place is this? She's so strong." thought Lin Feng.

At that moment, many strong cultivators had gathered outside, Lin Feng realized it didn't look good for him.

Less and less energies appeared in the room, finally, the girl was so injured that she couldn't keep up her best strength.

"Let me go!" Lin Feng released black fire and destroyed the pure energies around him. He trampled on the ground and released energies which moved towards the girl.


Holy and dazzling lights appeared as Lin Feng's fist turned into a gigantic golden hand. It moved towards the girl and grabbed her, she couldn't stop him this time.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" shouted the girl furiously. n.o.body had ever touched her, now, a stranger had broken into her room and grabbed her so forcefully.

"Seal!" A terrifying strength emerged from the gigantic golden hand and sealed the girl's Qi, she could barely move now. Lin Feng dragged her towards him and she turned deathly pale.

"The Gigantic Holy Spell is quite powerful, as expected." thought Lin Feng. He had just learnt it, but it was already quite powerful.

She was struggling to break free but couldn't.

"Stop!" shouted Lin Feng coldly, turning around and looking at the people coming from outside.

"Do you know what you're doing?" asked someone in a cold way. Surprisingly, someone had dared enter the girl's room, that was irresponsible. How had he managed to break into her room anyways?

"I didn't do it on purpose. I was teleported under the room. I was lost and wanted to come out. Let me go and I'll let her go." said Lin Feng calmly. He didn't know where he was, he had to remain vigilant. He had to make them understand that this was all a big misunderstanding.

"Alright, let her go and we'll let you go." said one of them. Lin Feng couldn't agree with that. If he let the girl go first, they'd kill him in a flash.

"I'm sorry, I'll leave with her and when I'm safe, I'll let her go." said Lin Feng suddenly rising up in the air. He broke through the ceiling on the room, which collapsed afterwards.

"You two lead the way, otherwise I can't guarantee her safety."

"Try and dare!" shouted the two girls furiously. Lin Feng was insane.

"You better let her go, little boy." said an old man.

Lin Feng looked around, there were so many strong cultivators. He didn't want to be those people's enemy, how scary. He needed to escape as soon as possible.

"Lead the way!"

Lin Feng released sword energies to show them that if he wanted, he could kill the girl easily.

"Alright, no problem!" said someone staring at Lin Feng.

"After I leave, go and check the ground under her room, it contains dragon Qi. That place is very beautiful and breeds talent. I didn't come here on purpose." explained Lin Feng. "Whether you believe me or not, just let me go now."

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at the two girls and releasing Qi, but his Qi wasn't too powerful, he didn't want to scare them.

The two girls looked hesitant and the girl Lin Feng was holding said, "Lead the way!"

Even though she was scared and furious, she looked so beautiful.

"Roger." said the two girls and their silhouettes flickered. They started leading the way. All the Zun cultivators were looking at one person.

"Let Baguio go, nothing will happen to her." said that person indifferently. After that, he walked into the girl's room and looked where Lin Feng had told them to look. He seemed pensive.

"He didn't lie. There was indeed a very powerful energy in there. An emperor must have lived here before."

"Did he really end up here by accident then?"

"I don't think he lied. Otherwise, how could a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer make it in here?"

"We can't let him off even if he didn't lie though." everybody was saying what they thought as if they had forgotten the world around them.

Lin Feng smelt and saw flowers, he saw palaces from which produced incredible pure Qi. That territory probably belonged to a powerful group of influence.

At that moment, two silhouettes rose in the horizon, one of them had a very particular Qi and looked extremely strong.

"Sorry!" whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng put his hands around the girl as if he had been close to her and not as if he was kidnapping her.

When they saw him, they were surprised. One of them, a young man looked furious.

"Put your dirty hands away!" said the young man coldly. But Lin Feng hugged the girl even tighter. "It has nothing to do with you!" said the girl coldly while frowning.

Lin Feng continued moving. Lin Feng just glanced at the young man indifferently.

The young man release cold energies as if he wanted to attack Lin Feng, but the person next to him stopped him.

"Xue Baguio has been kidnapped." said that person indifferently. The young man was startled. No wonder, otherwise, she would have never let a man touch her like that.

"I want to save her." said the young man. The other responded, "The elders let him go because he's strong. If you try to save her, it would be counterproductive."

"You don't need to worry about her. You need to become stronger if you want to take care of her." said that person taking the young man away.

PMG Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103: Strong Woman

Lin Feng realized that the place was gigantic. They ran for a long time and encountered many people on the way. They saw many Zun cultivators too. However, they just glanced at Lin Feng and the girl, but did nothing. They seemed to believe that worldly affairs had nothing to do with them.

Some young men became infuriated when they saw that Lin Feng and the girl looked close. They wanted to attack Lin Feng, but the elders prevented them from attacking. Lin Feng remained silent the entire way, he just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Finally, they arrived at the exit. Lin Feng stopped. They were in a small world. A small world, again!

"You can leave from here. You can let her go now." said the two girls coldly.

"I'm sorry, I'm not in a safe place yet." replied Lin Feng as he left. As he came out, Lin Feng saw a forest and a mountain range under him. He was in the sky.

"What a beautiful landscape." Lin Feng sighed, he turned around and looked at the place where he had just come from. There were only sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. There was a mist which contained a celestial Qi.

"The pure Qi is so dense here, it looks like a fairyland, what is this place?" asked Lin Feng to the girl. She just looked at him indifferently, but didn't reply. Surprisingly, Lin Feng didn't know where he was?

"Never mind. Forget it." said Lin Feng. The pure Qi in the mountains was incredible.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and left. The two girls tried to chase him, but he disappeared too fast.

After a long time, they finally left the mountain range and arrived in a misty place. Lin Feng was surprised to find a city there.

"That mountain range was a small world." whispered Lin Feng. He was surprised. He really wanted to know where he was now.

"Eh?" Many people noticed Lin Feng and the girl. When they saw the girl, they were speechless.

"Who's that young man?" many people were looking at Lin Feng furiously.

"They all know you." said Lin Feng to the girl. But he continued moving as fast as he could. There were so many strong cultivators there, he had to be vigilant and continue moving forward.

What Lin Feng didn't know was that everybody noticed how forcefully he was holding onto her. He seemed like he was forcing her to be his girlfriend.

Finally, he arrived in a seemingly calm place and landed. n.o.body had lived there for a long time.

Lin Feng looked at the girl. She remained silent as if nothing could affect her at that moment.

"Where are we?" asked Lin Feng. He was worried. He hoped he wasn't far from Ba Huang Province.

The girl just remained silent.

"Eh?" At that moment, Lin Feng sensed some strange Qi, it was a celestial Qi.

"You're healing!" said Lin Feng. The girl probably knew a spell to heal herself secretly.

"Boom!" Lin Feng released a powerful Qi, but his demon seal stone quickly lost its effect. The girl immediately broke free and looked at him coldly.

Her white clothes were fluttering in the wind as she looked like a celestial being. A pure snow lotus appeared in her hand and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had interrupted her at a crucial moment of her cultivation and had injured her. Then, he had kidnapped her..

Lin Feng released dazzling sword energies.

"Slas.h.!.+" A petal as sharp as a sword appeared in the snow lotus and moved towards Lin Feng.

"Destroy!" Lin Feng's fingers were like sharp blades, he grabbed the lotus petal, but couldn't break it.

"Slash, slash…" many petals separated and shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by sharp whistling petals. Even though she was injured, she was still very strong.

"I told you I didn't do it on purpose. You can leave now, there's no need to fight!" said Lin Feng releasing more whistling sword energies. He even released his level seven sword intent.

"If you didn't do it on purpose, why did you do it then?" said the girl. She really didn't believe him. She was about to break through to the next cultivation layer when Lin Feng interrupted her. She practiced celestial cultivation.

"Reborn!" shouted the girl furiously. Snow lotus petals started floating in the wind again.

"Sharp lotus!" the lotus started rotating in the air and moving towards Lin Feng like a boomerang. It completely destroyed Lin Feng's sword Qi.

"How strong." thought Lin Feng. The girl remained silent. She was still healing.

"Bzzz!" Dazzling silver lights appeared from Lin Feng's back.

He slowly opened his silver wings. They were extremely sharp as they moved towards the lotus.

Metallic sounds sharply sounded in the air.

The girl groaned and her lotus suddenly appeared above Lin Feng's head. She released even more dazzling snow energies.

Lin Feng flapped his silver wings. Snow petals kept floating around him.

"Chou Clan's spirit!" said the girl. Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. The girl knew the Chou Clan which meant he wasn't too far. He had to be in Ba Huang Province. Maybe that he was even still in the northern part. Otherwise, the girl wouldn't have recognized the Chou Clan's spirit.

"Snow Lotus Vitality!" said the girl. Celestial energies filled the air.

Lin Feng flapped his wings and moved towards the girl, he wanted to grab her again, but snow petals kept emerging from her body and surrounding Lin Feng's legs.

"What kind of power is that?" thought Lin Feng. Then, he released fire energies and attracted the energies of the sun. But, he still couldn't manage to break the snow petals.

The girl moved again and a lotus moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He punched the air as roaring sounds echoed. At the same time, Lin Feng released a black fire.

The girl was surprised. She hadn't thought that the cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer who kidnapped her could be so strong. She thought that she could easily beat him.

"Destroy!" Sword Qi rose up in the air as he flew towards her. She was so strong that Lin Feng felt more determined than ever!

PMG Chapter 1104

Chapter 1104: Celestial Body

"Celestial Lotus, Indestructible, Protective."

When the girl saw Lin Feng moving towards her so fast, she started chanting a mantra. Petals and lotuses started appearing. The snowflakes even turned into lotuses. Lin Feng stopped and moved back, but he was surrounded by a field of lotuses. "Eh?" Lin Feng was surprised. He could barely move.

"Restrictive pure Qi!"

Lin Feng looked around, he was surrounded by pure Qi lotuses which contained celestial Qi. What a scary spell.

Lin Feng thought about all those elders who had ignored him in the small world. Now he understood why.

"You're the first person to actually kidnap me. You're also the first person I want to kill." said the girl indifferently. Sharp snow petals were continuously emerging from her hands.

"The first person you want to kill!" Lin Feng was surprised. That girl was so strong, had she never killed anyone before?

"But it's only a misunderstanding!" said Lin Feng. Even though he had kidnapped her, he just wanted to protect himself. Otherwise, how could he have left the small world?

"You tried to pollute my soul, so I must kill you." said the girl moving her hands and releasing even more sharp whistling snow petals.

"Hmph!" Lin Feng groaned and condensed demonic energies. They contained an explosive power and emitted roaring sounds. Lin Feng punched the lotuses violently and managed to break some. Blood appeared on his hands and it suddenly felt extremely sore.

Lin Feng continued moving, ignoring the pain. Lin Feng took out his bow, even though it was broken, it still contained a scary amount of Qi.

"Break!" shouted Lin Feng furiously as he started shooting arrows at the lotuses.

"Boom boom boom!" Lin Feng continued shooting at the lotus field, slowly breaking it apart.

She opened her mouth and exhaled. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique to move back and continued shooting arrows while condensing pure Qi in the bow.

"Bzzz!" The atmosphere shook as if it had been broken by that arrow. The girl raised her hand to block the attack. Red blood appeared on her snowy white hand.

"Cough cough!" she coughed. Blood appeared at the corner of her mouth. She hadn't completely recovered still.

Lin Feng condensed more energies in his bow and arrows. She was being oppressed by those overwhelming energies.

"We're not enemies, I never tried to do anything to you, why do you want to kill me even though you're injured?" said Lin Feng indifferently.

"We're not enemies, I never tried to do anything to you?" when the girl heard him, she said codly, "Apart from the elders, no man has ever come into my room, but you did. Do you think I can let you off?"

"It was a mistake, I injured you by accident, you have to understand. You can't kill me just because of this misunderstanding."

"I don't need to talk to you anymore, I told you, you kidnapped me so I'll kill you." said the girl without hesitating.

Lin Feng's facial expression was cold. He was holding his bow as he said, "You're too confident in yourself."

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng shot arrows again.

The girl didn't say anything as an illusion appeared, it turned into letters which contained dazzling celestial energies.

The arrows couldn't get anywhere near near those strangely dazzling celestial energies.

"Hmph!" Lin Feng groaned and flapped his wings. He moved towards the girl and tried to punch her.

"Corrode!" Lin Feng condensed black fire in his hand, however, it didn't work either. His black flames were instantly extinguished.

Lin Feng released more demonic energies into his hand. His black fire became even more intense and gloomy, it seemed like nothing could stop that attack.

"Break!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He also condensed desolate Qi in that hand. It was a mighty and explosive attack. The girl was surprised. She tried to counterattack, but Lin Feng didn't give her a chance.

The girl looked petrified. She hadn't thought Lin Feng would be able to break through her celestial body. Even if she was injured, a cultivator of the fourth Tian Qi layer shouldn't be able to compete with her.

She looked at him in a cold way, but remained fearless.

"You're strong. You keep saying I kidnapped you and polluted you, let's see what you're going to do when I take off your veil." said Lin Feng. He grabbed her veil and took it off. She looked dispirited.

She possessed a celestial Qi, Lin Feng was surprised, that was the same Qi as Meng Qing.

The girl looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. Not only had he polluted and kidnapped her, but he also took off her veil. He was too close to her face.

Lin Feng looked confused. He remembered Meng Qing's snowy white skin and celestial appearance.

"You're not as good as her!" said Lin Feng. The girl was surprised. Whom was he talking about?

She saw that Lin Feng was confused, he almost looked like he was smiling. She didn't understand.

"You can go." said Lin Feng indifferently releasing the girl. She didn't understand why Lin Feng was acting so strangely.

"What do you mean I'm not as good as her?" asked the girl. She was about twenty years old and had already broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer. She had almost broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, but Lin Feng had interrupted her.

"Even though you're similar, you're not as good as her. Before I change my mind, go." said Lin Feng. She was surprised. Similar? Similar to whom? There was only one person who looked like her.

"My name is Xue Baguio, remember my name. When I recover, I'll come and kill you." said the girl putting her veil back over her face.

"Xue Baguio!" whispered Lin Feng. Xue Ling Long, Xue Baguio!

Lin Feng had Xue Ling Long come out and smiled.

She looked at him and hugged him.

"Meng Qing, there are many strong cultivators in Ba Huang Province. Your mother didn't want me to take you with me so I don't dare take you out often. Don't be angry with me." said Lin Feng. He had to find the Celestial Land of Alchemists and find the holy pill to help Meng Qing recover. He was worried though, there were so many strong cultivators who could harm him. Would they be able to exchange a holy pill for a high-quality holy weapon?

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