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PMG Chapter 1117

Notes: Xue Bagiuo = Xue Bi Yao, Path = Dao Path
Chapter 1117: Come out here!

Lin Feng smiled at Jian Wu Bei. Last time, he had stolen the meteorite and left with it. Yuan Fei and Jian Wu Bei had a long battle. Jian Wu Bei wasn't angry at Lin Feng about what happened, he was a magnanimous person.

"Lin Feng, get ready to fight." said Gu Xiao releasing energies which quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed his little brother in the Huang Sea underground. Later, Hou Qing Lin and Mu Chen had gone to Tian Long Divine Castle to kill their cultivators. Tian Long Divine Castle had been humiliated by Hou Qing Lin.

"You're Gu Xiao from Tian Long Divine Castle?" asked Jian Wu Bei.

"Jian Wu Bei!" said Gu Xiao. He recognized Jian Wu Bei, of course.

Jian Wu Bei nodded and said, "Your Tian Long Divine Castle people are weak and are easily killed by other people. Now, you bring even stronger cultivators to fight against a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer, isn't it a bit exaggerated? Don't you feel ashamed?"

Gu Xiao pulled a long face and said indifferently, "It has nothing to do with you!"

"Of course it doesn't. But Emperor Tian Long is one of the emperors of the region, he's been an emperor for a long time, so everybody knows him. But you acting like this is a disgrace, you're humiliating your emperor!" said Jian Wu Bei calmly and indifferently, yet disdainfully.

Everybody remained silent. Jian Wu Bei was straightforward in saying he despised those people. They had brought so many strong cultivators and Gu Xiao was a famous cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer, killing Lin Feng wouldn't be an issue if they acted together. But it proved that Tian Long Divine Castle's cultivators were incompetent. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, of course they could kill him easily!

They all pulled a long face this time. They came to get their revenge and now Jian Wu Bei was bullying them.

"Brother Wu Bei, you're exaggerating. Weak people should die and strong people can do whatever they want. Do you have compa.s.sion for weak cultivators now?" said someone in the distance. That person was wearing white clothes and he was quite handsome. On his side were a few people whose Qi was extraordinary, especially a girl whose clothes were very luxuriant. She possessed a celestial Qi and everybody was looking at her.

"Celestial Land of Alchemists." the crowd was surprised. Those young people with an incredible Qi were from the celestial land of alchemists which meant that that girl was the celestial girl. According to legends, she possessed a celestial body.

Many people sighed. They wished they could look at her face without the veil covering it.

Surprisingly, they were defending Gu Xiao though.

"You again!" Lin Feng looked at them coldly. That guy had drawn the's attention on Lin Feng. He also wanted the elders of his sect to cast a clairvoyance spell on Lin Feng.

"Hmph!" that guy groaned coldly and said, "Don't you feel ashamed going to Fortune City? Ridiculous!"

"You're right, weak people should die. If those Tian Long Divine Castle's people can kill me, then they should, however, you and I, are we enemies?" asked Lin Feng coldly.

"I don't like shameless people like you." said that young man laughing. He was in love with Xue Bi Yao but he couldn't get her. He was jealous because Lin Feng had been in her room and had even kidnapped her.

Lin Feng slowly walked up to him, put his finger on the young man's nose and said, "Let's fight!"

"Eh?" He suddenly looked furious and said: "Put your dirty finger away!"

"Let's fight!" shouted Lin Feng again. The crowd started laughing. Lin Feng had killed Xia Fan and his friends, now, he was provoking a strong cultivator from the celestial land of alchemists. That guy was at the same cultivation level as Xia Fan, the seventh Tian Qi layer.

A cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer was putting his finger on his nose and provoking him. He was seriously getting frustrated. It seemed like he wanted to kill Lin Feng with just his glare.

"What! Say that again!" he said coldly.

"I'll say it a third time, come out! Come and fight me. Otherwise, you can p.i.s.s off and go back to the celestial land of alchemists!" said Lin Feng. Finally, the young man walked out from the group. Rumbling sounds spread in the air each time he stepped on the ground.

People from Tian Long Divine Castle looked happy. Since people from the celestial land of alchemists wanted to kill Lin Feng themselves, why not let them?

"You're right, since we're enemies, weaklings should die!" Lin Feng declared. He also took a few steps and released energies which broke the ground around him. There was also a strange nameless energy.. it was the natural force of the Earth and sky.

"He can use the natural force of the earth and sky so easily, he must be really talented!" thought the crowd. It was no wonder he had defeated Xia Fan.

The young man from the celestial land of alchemists laughed and said, "If that's all you can do, you're going to die quickly!"

"Boom!" He released a terrifying amount of strength and the ground opened up, the ensuing fissure moved towards Lin Feng. Strength emanated from that fissure.

Lin Feng calmly moved away condensed even more natural force. However, from under his feet some purple lights appeared.

"What's that?" wondered the crowd. Seeds?

People from the celestial land of alchemists had special techniques, and of those techniques utilized seeds. They could give birth to new lifeforms and transform them into weapons.

The young man from the celestial land of alchemists laughed coldly. His lips were moving as he was chanting something that the crowd couldn't hear. They soon saw seeds were sprouting from under Lin Feng's feet and emitting subtle sounds. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by purple seeds. The young man was still chanting incantations and the purple lights were becoming more dazzling.

Lin Feng looked expressionless. He released fire energies and continued walking forwards. The two opponents were getting closer to each other.

"You can still walk? I'll finish you if you don't stop!" said the young man. The sound of the seeds was getting louder and louder. Lin Feng was suddenly covered in vines.

"Purple Blade!" said the young man. The vines rose up and turned into a terrifyingly sharp purple blade. Now he wanted to chop Lin Feng in pieces.

"Their attacks are really incredible." thought the crowd. The power of the seeds was enigmatic and unfathomable. According to legends, the celestial emperor from the celestial land of alchemists, with one seed, could give birth to a vine which could envelop the entire world.

"Do you think that you can compete with me?" said the young man in a cold way. Lin Feng had to be suicidal.

Everybody felt sad for Lin Feng. If only he had been a little stronger. Unfortunately, his cultivation level was too low. Such incredible seeds and a powerful attack, Lin Feng could only accept his impending death.

Gu Xiao started laughing frantically as if Lin Feng had already died before his eyes.

Jian Wu Bei looked calm as he was observing the special seed attack. This time, Lin Feng had challenged that cultivator, so if he died, it would be his own fault.

The other strong cultivators from the celestial land of alchemists remained calm. Xue Bi Yao didn't stop them either, even though she had said she'd kill Lin Feng herself. However, if Lin Feng provoked people even though he was so weak, she couldn't do anything!

PMG Chapter 1118

Chapter 1118: Tiantai People

"You're so ugly and ridiculous." said the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. "Purple Blade, let's kill him!"

"Slash, slash…" a sharp purple blade moved towards Lin Feng. Many people couldn't help but watch, it was dazzling to the eyes. After that attack, Lin Feng's body would be with riddled with gaping wounds.

However, at the last moment, the crowd saw Lin Feng move, even though he was constricted by all those vines. He rose up in the air and launched forwards.

"Boom!" A terrifying black fire appeared and the vines sizzled away. The sharp purple blade also started burning under Lin Feng's scorching hot fire.

Finally, Lin Feng took another step forward as buzzing sounds spread in the air and a wave of energy a.s.saulted the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. He felt oppressed by a great natural strength.

"Eh?" the crowd's hearts were racing, what was going on? How could his fire be so powerful?

Lin Feng was bathing in those black, destructive flames. The young man from the celestial land of alchemists was a strong cultivator with the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, so Lin Feng shouldn't be able to destroy his purple blade that easily!

"What kind of strength is that?" thought the people from the celestial land of alchemists. That fire contained other forms of strength and energies, it wasn't a pure fire.

"I can sense demonic energies inside!" whispered someone. The others s.h.i.+vered. Their skills and techniques were particularly sensitive to demon energies.

"Indeed, that's demonic energy." said someone else nodding. However, Xue Bi Yao seemed surprised, was there only demon energies inside? Why did she sense something else? Lin Feng's energies also contained a destructive strength.

"Bzzz!" The purple energies didn't affect Lin Feng's natural force. He continued moving forward and his energies soon reached the young man from the celestial land of alchemists. Lin Feng then stretched out his hands and released destructive energies which made the young man shake. How could Lin Feng's energies be so brutal?

"Spirit!" shouted the young man in a deep voice. Suddenly, a purple energy emerged and launched itself towards Lin Feng, surrounding him.

Lin Feng condensed black destructive energies in his hands. Lin Feng put his hands in the purple energies, destroying them, and then he continued moving towards the young man again.

"Stop!" shouted the young man b.e.s.t.i.a.lly. Lin Feng's hands trembled and the young man gave a horrible shriek. Lin Feng raised him up in the air and sealed his strength away with demon seal strength. The young man's spirit and energies slowly disappeared. The crowd finally saw what was going on. Lin Feng was holding his enemy by the throat and was corroding him with his destructive energies from inside. The young man looked like he was in incredible pain.

"You're so weak." said Lin Feng indifferently, holding his enemy at arms' length.

Lin Feng was holding his enemy with both hands so the young man couldn't escape. He gave a horrible shriek again, he was suffocating.

"Let him go!" shouted the people from the celestial land of alchemists. Some people released energies towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at them, "You're worthless. He wanted to kill me, why would I let him go. His life is now mine."

Those people hoped he'd kill Lin Feng, not the other way around!

"He's a member from the celestial land of alchemists, if you kill him, you'll be an enemy of the celestial land of alchemists!" said someone coldly.

"You can't blame me, he's the one who wanted to kill me. When he said he wanted to kill me, why didn't you prevent him from doing so and tell him that he would become Tian Chi's enemy? Do you think Tian Chi would be happy to have their disciples killed? You are just shameless." replied Lin Feng coldly.

The young people from the celestial land of alchemists quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Xue Bi Yao was the only one who didn't move, she decided to just observing.

"Will you let him go or not?" they said threateningly.

"Does the celestial land of alchemists think they can humiliate Tiantai without consequences?!" shouted someone in the distance. Some people were coming at them with incredible speed.

"Lin Ruo Tian." Apart from him, there was Meng Ba and a young man in purple clothes. There were also two cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer. They were Tiantai's imperial cultivation disciples from the first batch. There were few cultivators who had the strength of the fourth Tian Qi layer and above, but that didn't mean they were weak. There were also some cultivators of the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer amongst them.

"Lin Feng, your brothers from Tiantai are here now!" said Lin Ruo Tian smiling and nodding at Lin Feng. They surrounded the young people from the celestial land of alchemists who were already surrounding Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng is from Tiantai. It seems like he's Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's imperial cultivation disciple and from the first batch at that. No wonder he could easily kill Xia Fan and had the advantage over a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer from the celestial land of alchemists!" thought the crowd when they saw people from Tiantai arrive.

Lin Feng was from Tiantai and he had just killed a cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle and now he had defeated a cultivator from the celestial land of alchemists. All those people had emperors at the head of their groups. This time, no Zun cultivator was going to Fortune City. Only Tian level cultivators could partic.i.p.ate. The cultivators who had partic.i.p.ated at the last event in Fortune City were either dead or had broken through to the Zun Qi layer by now. Hou Qing Lin was one of them and he had already broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer.

"You brought so many people to threaten a single cultivator from Tiantai!" said Meng Ba glancing at those people. He was furious.

"Let our fellow disciple go, otherwise, the celestial land of alchemists will not forgive you." said the young people from the celestial land of alchemists. They wanted Lin Feng to release their colleague.

"I told you, I hate people who threaten me!" said Lin Feng. Cracking sounds spread in the air all of a sudden. The young man in his hands gave another horrible shriek and flames penetrated into his skin, he was going to burn alive.

"You…" all the cultivators from the celestial land of alchemists released their energies, but the strong cultivators from Tiantai also charged forward.

"Don't look at me that way. Today, everyone saw what you did. He threatened to kill me so I protected myself, and he's weak so I have the advantage over him. If you want to avenge him, you can fight, however threatening me using your sect's name won't work. Do you think Tiantai fears anyone anyways?" Lin Feng said.

Then, the sounds of fire erupted. His enemies gave horrible shrieks and burnt alive in front of him.

Mu Chen had also just spoke encouraging words to those people from the celestial land of alchemists, words that n.o.body would forgot easily. Strong cultivators were fearless, fighting and killing was normal, only those who won could rise in the cultivation hierarchy. The leaders of such groups couldn't care less about battles between low level cultivators!

PMG Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119: Invitation to Jiange

"How dare you!" shouted the young people from the celestial land of alchemists. Lin Feng had killed their friends in front of them.

"He wanted to kill me. There's nothing I don't dare." said Lin Feng laughing coldly. He had just taught them a lesson.

"He actually killed him!" the crowd was astonished. How courageous and cruel! They didn't know that Lin Feng didn't like him. They thought Lin Feng had killed him only because he had just threatened him.

"If someone wants to kill me, I have to react and protect myself." said Lin Feng. He shook his hand and the corpse he was holding turned to dust and ashes.

Gu Xiao looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. Lin Feng had glanced at them when he killed that guy. It was a message: if they tried to kill him, he'd react in kind.

"Since it's that way, I'll teach a lesson to Tiantai's imperial cultivation disciples!" said the young men from the celestial land of alchemists. They wanted to fight Lin Feng and his fellow disciples.

"We are not afraid of you. If you want to fight, let's fight!" said Meng Ba aggressively. His voice was deep and coa.r.s.e. A great war was about to start.

"If Tiantai people, Tian Long Divine Castle can't stand by doing nothing!" Tian Long Divine Castle wanted to be involved as well. They wanted to join hands with the Celestial Palace of Alchemists to fight the disciples from Tiantai.

But the disciples from Tiantai didn't have much experience whereas the disciples from the celestial land of alchemists and those from Tian Long Divine Castle had plenty of experience. The battle would be difficult for Tiantai, some of them would probably die.

Lin Feng was right. Even though they all had emperors backing them up, those young people could fight each other and the emperors wouldn't care. Those young people still had to rely on their own abilities.

Therefore, Tiantai's people had nothing to be afraid of, nor did either of the other groups.

"Alright, Tian Long Divine Castle and the celestial land of alchemists will join together and teach them a lesson." said a strong cultivator from the celestial land of alchemists.

"Could you be more shameless?" shouted someone. The crowd looked at the person who said that, they were surprised because it was Xue Bi Yao.

"You attack alone or don't attack at all!" said Xue Bi Yao in a calm way. A cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer had just attacked Lin Feng, that was already a humiliation for the celestial land of alchemists. If they attacked alone, she'd say nothing, but now it was way too exaggerated. Especially now that Tian Long Divine Castle's people joined hands with people from her group to attack Tiantai.

A young man from the celestial land of alchemists looked at her nervously and said, "Sister, do you think we should just let him off then?"

"If you continue acting like that, don't call me sister, ever again." said Xue Bi Yao in a calm and detached way. She looked at the others and said, "The same applies for all of you!"

"The celestial girl from the celestial land of alchemists is proud and has her own principles!" the crowd sighed. Xue Bi Yao despised those people who were joining hands to fight a small group of people.

They all looked at her in a strange way and then one young man finally glanced at Lin Feng and said, "Take good care of yourself!"

Then, they went back next to Xue Bi Yao. They couldn't go against Xue Bi Yao's will, especially since they were all in love with her. They were scared to lose her. She wasn't strong just because she had a celestial body, but also because she had principles and moral values.

"Don't worry, I will." replied Lin Feng. He then looked at the people from Tian Long Divine Castle, and at Gu Xiao in particular, "So, do you guys want to fight?"

They remained silent. This time, Tiantai's cultivators had the advantage. Of course, Tian Long Divine Castle's cultivators weren't afraid to fight, especially since Gu Xiao who had a holy weapon: his golden bell.

At that moment, someone appeared next to Jian Wu Bei and whispered something to him. Jian Wu Bei nodded in return.

He walked forwards, smiled at the crowd and said, "Tian Long Divine Castle, Tiantai and the celestial land of alchemists, since you're all going to Fortune City there's no need to fight here impulsively. Let's go to Jiange. What do you think?"

Go to Jiange?

The crowd didn't understand. What did it mean?

"We invite all the geniuses to come to Jiange to see the legacy of my ancestor, Emperor Wu Tian Jian." said Jian Wu Bei smiling confidently. He had confidence that everyone would be willing to go there.

Of course, when the geniuses heard that, their eyes started twinkling. He was inviting the geniuses to go to an exclusive state.

"Since you invited us, we'd love to go and forget about our grudges for now." said Gu Xiao smiling as if the animosities from a moment ago had never happened.

"And so does the celestial land of alchemists." said Xue Bi Yao. She couldn't refuse such an invitation.

Lin Feng looked at his friends, they all looked impatient. He said smiling, "That is an honor for Tiantai. Thank you."

"Alright, since you're so happy, I'll lead the way. Let's go!" said Jian Wu Bei smiling.

Gu Xiao glanced at Lin Feng coldly and said using telepathy, "I'll let you off for now, but in Fortune City, you won't be so lucky. I won't stop with just you, I'll also kill all your friends from Tiantai."

He was threatening to kill them all. As Gu Xiao saw it, Tiantai's people would never have the opportunity to meet the Diviner.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Gu Xiao in a cold way. Gu Xiao had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and possessed a holy weapon..

Gu Xiao then walked forwards to Jian Wu Bei, smiled and said, "Brother Jian Wu, apart from seeing your ancestor's legacy, what else will we do there?"

Everybody listened. They wanted to know what was going to happen there. They just couldn't get themselves to ask it. However, Gu Xiao didn't mind.

"My ancestor's sword is there and it keeps emitting whistling sounds. It seems like it wants to take off and pierce the heavens. You are all talented and have emperors as teachers, maybe you will know why the sword is whistling!"

A sword which didn't stop whistling?

Everybody couldn't wait to see the sword. It was probably an incredible holy weapon. Even those who weren't invited followed. If the sword rose up, they'd see it from outside. What would happen if the emperor's sword was released?

But the geniuses were skeptical. They didn't know what Jian Wu Bei really wanted from them. If the sword kept moving and wanted to take off, they could just seal it. Was his plan to invite people to fight?

Everybody had different thoughts, but all in all, Jian Wu Bei invited them and maybe it would have a great impact of their cultivation.

PMG Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: The Grave

Jiange was in Sword City, so when Lin Feng and the others arrived, they didn't see Jiange, they only saw a huge sword. It was stuck in the ground and looked devastatingly powerful.

Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling. That sword was similar to a gigantic sword he had in his memories. Had he obtained those memories from Emperor Wu Tian Jian? Or another possibility, had someone seen the memories and created that sword?

Jian Wu Bei continued walking and grabbed the sword. There were some letters inscribed on that sword. Jian Wu Bei raised it and instantly a terrifying energy rose up, pus.h.i.+ng everyone back.

"Ding!" That sword emitted a sound and a light appeared.

"Please, everyone!" said Jian Wu Bei. Everybody walked towards the sword.

"That sword is its own small world!" thought Lin Feng. That sword itself was Jiange! The lights he had seen in the Huang Sea were similar, they too led to a small world. In Shen Gong, it was mist, in Jiange's case, it was a sword.

Lin Feng also sensed the incredible energies inside that sword. Jiange was a holy place for sword cultivators. Everything in Jiange had the shape of a sword: each object had the shape of a sword, palaces, pavilions, mountains, everything. The energies, force, Qi and so on were also all sword related.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. His sword Qi seemed like it wanted to jump out of his body. He hadn't had such a feeling for a long time.

At that moment, everybody had different sensations.

"Emperor Wu Tian Jian was the best sword cultivator in the world five thousand years ago… No wonder. n.o.body could surpa.s.s him in terms of sword cultivation." thought Gu Xiao sighing. For once, he wasn't being polite, he was just thinking aloud.

"Practicing sword cultivation for one year in Jiange would be the same as practicing sword cultivation for three years in the outside world. A sword cultivator can probably understand swords a lot better inside here. What they can do here in ten years, they'd need a hundred in the outside world." said Xue Bi Yao sighing. Her world, the celestial land of alchemists, was a paradise for alchemists. Jiange was a paradise for swordsmen.

"I'm ridiculous, I've been practicing sword cultivation for a dozen years and I still don't belong to a group." said Jian Wu Bei sighing.

Xue Bi Yao shook her head and said, "Sword cultivation and other types of cultivation are different. Swordsmen think about swords only. Maybe their attacks aren't explosive, but each of their attacks are sharp and swift. Strong sword cultivators are terrifying existences!"

Jian Wu Bei couldn't refute that and smiled in a resplendent way. He brought everyone to one place.

There were many people in Jiange: both old and young people… in any case, they all possessed a terrifying sword Qi.

After half an hour, they arrived in a palace off in the distance, it was the first thing that didn't have the shape of a sword though. It looked like a grave.

People raised their heads and gazed into the distance. There were two gigantic words: Jian's Grave!

The Jian Grave was where Emperor Wu Tian Jian was buried.

There were people around the grave. The crowd was astonished because those people looked a lot stronger than them.

"Long Teng is there!" Tian Long Divine Castle's people recognized someone, a young man who looked like a dragon. He didn't look as extraordinary as the crowd would have thought, but when they looked closer, they realized he looked like a calm and domineering dragon.

Long Teng had a celestial dragon body and had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer.

"Eighth Tian Qi layer, dragon body, he must be able to defeat ordinary Zun cultivators." thought the crowd.

Very quickly, the crowd looked at the others around the grave. They were also incredible.

One of them had phoenix clothes, it was a beautiful girl with hair that looked like it was on fire. She didn't wear a veil so people could see her face. She had black eyes which looked rather devilish. She had voluptuous lips and beautiful white skin. Any man would have fallen for her.

She turned around and looked at the crowd to see who was looking at her.

Many people couldn't help but stare at her. Some of them were wondering which girl they prefered, Xue Bi Yao or her. If they were strong enough, they could have two girls like that: a main wife and a main concubine.

Qi Feng Mountain, the girl with a phoenix body.

Next to her was someone with a plaited bamboo hat and a veil. People couldn't see his face, but he was one of the Watchers.

The Watchers didn't show themselves often, they only showed up when the people they protected were in trouble. Often, people who were protected by the Watchers didn't even know they were being protected.

Maybe the Watchers were next to them, maybe they were family members, maybe they were friends or their own enemies, anything was possible with the Watchers.

Jiange had invited one Watcher, n.o.body knew which one it was. After all, there were many Watchers.

Apart from those three, there was someone else calmly standing there. They didn't release any Qi and people thought that he was an illusion.

Lin Feng had only seen one them before, the phoenix girl. Now, he knew that she was Qi Feng Mountain.

"Surprisingly, she went to the Island of the Nine Dragons for a stone, but why? Why was it so particularly important?" thought Lin Feng. He hadn't seen what was inside that stone because she hadn't broken it in front of them.

"Everybody, let's go into the grave!" said Jian Wu Bei leading the way. Then, the grave opened itself and an ancient Qi emerged from it.

PMG Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Celestial Girl

Jian Wu Bei's eyes twinkled. He stared at Lin Feng too, though, he looked confused.

Lin Feng raised his head and stared at the sword. It wasn't dazzling, but it looked scary.

"Bzzz bzzz!" sharp Qi was rolling in waves when suddenly, the sword started s.h.i.+ning. Its lights were so bright that the crowd couldn't open their eyes anymore.

They all moved back very quickly. Lin Feng started following the crowd, but suddenly all the buried swords started moving and surrounded Lin Feng.

"What's going on?" the crowd s.h.i.+vered. Lin Feng was even more surprised. One sword in particular was oppressing him. That sword had intent and it was acting like a person person.

The mud started shaking and the grave wailed, a dazzling beam of light emerged from the mud. The crowd was staring at it, that sword was s.h.i.+ning brightly!

"Another sword!" There was another sword and it was buried deeply. It looked a sword a king would own. All the swords wailed even more.

"Psssewww!" the sword twinkled. A beam of light emerged from it and moved towards Lin Feng. In a flash, all the swords rose up at the same time and rotated around Lin Feng. The entire act was quite majestic.

The crowd looked at the mud. They could clearly sense those merciless energies and those swords could kill them easily. One of the swords had an even more powerful Qi than the others, that was the sword king.

Everybody was captivated. Why did that sword's lights point at Lin Feng? Why did the swords surround Lin Feng? Lin Feng felt incredibly oppressed, so much so that he fell down on his bottom. He looked surprised as he released his own sword Qi to block their sword Qi.

The two protectors stared at him intensely and nodded.

"Sword spirits, please control yourself!" said the two old men bowing politely in front of the swords.

As if the swords had heard the two old men, they released sharp, proud and arrogant energies. Everybody was surprised, those incredible swords really were alive. They had their own personalities. However, in front of the protectors who were two incredible sword cultivators, they still looked proud and arrogant.

However, the two old men were still lowering their heads. The swords then calmed down, at the same time, the other sword, the sword king, also moved back into the ground.

All the swords were controlling themselves. Lin Feng breathed in deeply, he was sweating. He was in shock actually. He could still see all those swords in his memories, alive. A moment before, he had sensed what those swords had gone through in another era, Emperor Wu Tian Jian's era.

The two old men calmly glanced at the crowd and slowly turned to Lin Feng. They smiled and said, "It seems like something connects you to our ancestors, little friend. The swords have been whistling a lot these days and this time, they reacted in a good way after seeing you."

"I feel honored by your kind words." replied Lin Feng politely. He was surprised and felt confused. Why had Jiange invited them? Had they said the truth? Had the swords been whistling that much recently? Why did he have the feeling that Jian Wu Bei wanted to see if they could make the swords whistle?

The old men smiled and said to everybody, "Do you know why the swords have been whistling so much recently?"

"The sword emperor's swords have their own soul and they are reluctant to die. Therefore, they whistle. They want to continue fighting." said Long Teng. Even though he wasn't a sword cultivator, he knew how powerful they were.

"Those swords want to leave, why don't people from Jiange take them out?" asked Xue Bi Yao. She felt skeptical.

"Those swords belonged to our ancestor. Could n.o.bodies like us hold them and control them?" asked the old man smiling and shaking his head. He then added, "Thank you very much, little friends, for having come here. Wu Bei, please be kind to our guests!"

Everybody understood what the old man meant. They all took the initiative to leave as Jian Wu Bei led the way.

But at that moment, n.o.body understood why Jian Wu Bei had invited them in the first place. Could his sole motive have been to make them sense the sword energies?

When leaving the grave, Lin Feng sensed that someone was looking at him so he turned around and saw a white-haired, sick-looking old man guarding the entrance.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Ruo Tian and the others and said gratefully, "Brothers and sisters, thank you for what you did today."

Lin Ruo Tian nodded and shook his head. He smiled and said, "We have to support each other because we're all from Tiantai. We can have friends and enemies in Tiantai, but all in all, no matter what we think of each other, when something happens to a member of Tiantai outside our home, we have to help them. Our group hasn't existed for too long so everybody will try to pick on us."

Lin Feng nodded. Mu Chen hoped all the new imperial cultivation disciples would support each other like this.

"No matter what, I won't let other people attack my fellow disciples." said Lin Ruo Tian again.

"Indeed. Those people from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Celestial Land of Alchemists are really shameless." said Meng Ba nodding.

"Alright, let's find a place to stay for now." said the purple-eyed young man as if he felt unsatisfied. Then, he left alone.

n.o.body blamed him. Some people felt like they couldn't be friends with everybody else, they just helped their fellow disciples because they had to.

Everybody gradually left, leaving Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba behind. Lin Ruo Tian wanted to become better friends with Lin Feng. Meng Ba admired Lin Feng for being able to climb up the nine groups of steps in Tiantai back when.

"Have you seen Qiu Yue Xin?" asked Lin Feng to his fellow disciples. Qiu Yue Xin wasn't there.

"She travels alone. She went to another one of the three cities, but I'm not sure which one." replied Lin Ruo Tian.

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded. If they traveled with Qiu Yue Xin, they would travel faster because she had a lifeboat.

It soon became dark outside. There were many people inside Sword City and they were all heading to Fortune City. There were many lofty palaces everywhere there.

There was a girl in white clothes standing at the top of a palace. Her hair was black, which contrasted with her snowy white clothes. The moon was s.h.i.+ning upon her, making her look like a celestial being.

"That's the snow celestial girl, she's so beautiful. If only I could be her boyfriend." some people sighed while staring at that beautiful woman.

"If you went to the Celestial Land of Alchemists to ask for her hand, all the other young men would crush you."

"Argh, she has a celestial body so an ordinary cultivator couldn't be with her. I don't think she wants to get married anyways. All she is interested in is cultivation."

Many people were talking about her. At that moment, Lin Feng and his two friends saw Xue Bi Yao at the top of a lofty palace. Lin Ruo Tian smiled in a resplendent way and said, "That girl looks really good."

"Indeed, even I feel something when I look at her." said Meng Ba. Lin Feng said nothing, he just smiled wryly. Then, Xue Bi Yao slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

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