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Chapter 1132: Sword Slave

When everybody was fighting, a mysterious group of influence with a holy weapon had appeared and captured Lin Feng. Immediately after, they used a teleportation spell to leave. The strong cultivators from Tiantai didn’t even have time to fight back.

“It’s them!” The crowd remembered those people on the other day who had threatened the Celestial Land of Alchemists in Sword City. They had told everyone Lin Feng was theirs. Now, they had shown how strong they really were. They had managed to kidnap Lin Feng while everyone was still fighting to get near him. All those who had already died had died for nothing.

They didn’t know who had kidnapped Lin Feng, but after that great battle, everybody knew that Lin Feng had defeated the holy girl from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. Maybe he wouldn’t die, maybe the Diviner in Fortune City would p.r.o.nounce Lin Feng’s name one day.

There was also Lin Feng’s wife, that beast which had transformed into a human.

“Bzzz!” A dazzling, holy, celestial light surrounded Meng Qing’s body. The pill were having an even more intense affect on her body, to the extent that a mysterious and strange strength appeared. She looked like an illusion.

“What kind of beast is she?” whispered many people. They had never heard of such a beast.

Even Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao looked perplexed. Not only was she more beautiful than them, but she was probably as gifted as them. She had to be from an aristocratic animal family, otherwise she wouldn’t have possess such a holy and celestial Qi.

Many old men were looking at her with twinkling eyes, especially the elders from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. When they saw her, they immediately thought of a specific animal clan.

“It doesn’t look good at all!” thought Qiong Qi. Some people already knew Meng Qing’s social status and in that world, it was better to hide such delicate information.

“The nature pill revived her holy celestial energies. Now, if she could gain her ancient memories, that would help a lot.” Qiong Qi was thinking.

Tiantai’s strong cultivators came to protect Lin Feng. They coldly glanced around at the crowd. The Sadhu put his palms together and said, “Several influential groups partic.i.p.ated in the battle today. If something happens to the Tiantai’s first imperial cultivation disciples, we will have to settle accounts. If nothing happens to him, but Zun cultivators from the other influential groups attack him again some day, we will take drastic measures!”

“Hmph!” A few strong cultivators groaned and rose up in the air. They had nothing to do there now that Lin Feng was gone. Now, they couldn’t capture the girl either because Tiantai people would go insane.


After Lin Feng was kidnapped, he saw lights s.h.i.+ne as he appeared in a vast and quiet forest. There were eight imposing and domineering Zun cultivators standing next to him.

He glanced at them and asked, “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?”

n.o.body replied to him. A few people even left. The others remained to guard the surroundings and remained silent.

He continued thinking about the situation, where was he? Why had they taken him there? Why did they take such great efforts to capture him? Why?

But, no matter what, Lin Feng realized he had no way to leave. He didn’t stand a chance against those guards.

Very quickly, those who had left a moment before came back. They glanced at him indifferently and said, “Follow us.”

All the strong cultivators surrounded Lin Feng and released Qi to constrict his bo

dy. He had no choice but obey them.

The one who had just talked led the way. Those people didn’t kill him and didn’t seem interested in his weapons so what exactly did they want?

They came out of the forest and Lin Feng saw many buildings.

“It’s them!” Lin Feng hadn’t been to that place for a very long time!

But why? Why would they want to capture him? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

He followed those people and arrived in another place he recognized. That place looked so old, Lin Feng had a strange feeling walking up to it.

Lin Feng was standing in Jiange and in front of him was the Sword Grave!

“Is it because I drew Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s attention?” thought Lin Feng. What were they hiding?

At that moment, Jian Wu Bei arrived outside. When he saw Lin Feng and the strong cultivators around him, he looked surprised and very unhappy.

“Wu Bei, did you prepare the sacrifice?” asked the elders to Jian Wu Bei.

“It’s good now, but great grandpa…” Jian Wu Bei looked reluctant.

“Wu Bei, I know that you hoped you could rely on your own strength, but I also hope you can become strong like your ancestors. You have to understand that we’re not as glorious or prestigious as we were in the past, we are becoming weaker. If we didn’t have the ruins, Jiange would have disappeared already. Therefore, apart from relying on us, you also need to rely on this. We need to make Jiange become glorious again.” said the strong cultivator.

“Why take such risks though, great grandpa? We might not be able to control the G.o.dly weapon.” said Jian Wu Bei.

“Stop talking. The G.o.dly weapon was Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s weapon, how can say that?” asked the strong cultivator. Jiange had to be revived. In Sword City, there were many powerful groups which oppressed Jiange. If things continued that way, they’d be destroyed someday.

“Open the Sword Grave!” shouted the old man furiously. In a flash, a terrifying sword Qi emerged which smelled like blood. They had started the blood sacrifice by was.h.i.+ng the holy weapon with blood already.

“What are you doing?” asked Lin Feng. He wanted to move back but the strong cultivators were holding him firmly.

Jian Wu Bei’s great grandfather slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng, “For a short time, you’ll become a peerless sword cultivator, able to kill anyone who wants to harm you!”

“Haste brings no success, I don’t need that kind of opportunity.” said Lin Feng. He could guess what they wanted to do with him.

“Hmph! We don’t need you to agree. You’ll become a member of our clan whether you want it or not. You’ll become a peerless sword cultivator!” said that person. Lin Feng had no choice.

“I don’t suppose you’ll let me think about it for a few days?” insisted Lin Feng.

“Go in immediately!” said the strong cultivators pus.h.i.+ng him into the grave. Lin Feng immediately sensed energies and they were lethal.

Jiange wanted the sword’s soul to use Lin Feng’s body. Then he would become the sword’s slave. He would never be himself again.

“Why me?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“Because the G.o.dly weapon chose you, you should feel honored!” said the strong cultivator coldly. Then, he shouted, “Go in now!”

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