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PMG Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147: I Must Kill You

"Kacha!" Gu Xiao's illusion-like black dragon arms cracked under Lin Feng's scorching-hot sun energies, and then turned to ashes. Gu Xiao looked furious, just now realizing how incredible Lin Feng's arrows were. Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, but with that holy weapon, he was pressuring them.

"Dragon Imprint!" shouted Gu Xiao furiously. He rotated his hands and a dragon illusion appeared. It then began to grow larger.

"Boom!" the dragon was terrifying, but as before, Lin Feng's arrows easily destroyed it. Gu Xiao was propelled backwards and groaned. However, he continued weaving hand-signs and his golden bell moved towards Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng took out his halberd and attacked the golden bell. A very loud metallic sound was heard as they collided. The golden bell broke and flew away. The sounds were unbearable and the energies made the ground crack. Lin Feng then continued running forwards.

"Another holy weapon!" Gu Xiao's heart twitched. No wonder Lin Feng had been able to make a bet with the Celestial Land of Alchemists. According to the rumors, Lin Feng had put his precious treasures at stake. It seemed like the rumors were true, he did have several holy weapons!

He had a terrifying halberd, a bow with scorching hot arrows…

"Back!" shouted Long Teng while he was transforming. Dragon scales continued appearing on his body. Dragon skin, dragon scales, he looked like he was going to become a dragon. On top of that, a dragon-like armor appeared around him.

"Break!" shouted Long Teng furiously. He suddenly punched the air. His gigantic arm flickered as he grabbed the arrow. He was also using a holy weapon, a dragon armor.

Lin Feng didn't seem to be affected. He just continued shooting arrows, one after the other. Each of them contained scorching-hot sun energies.

"It's useless. I've had this dragon armor for a year, it's now a part of my flesh. Even though you're using a high-level holy weapon, you can't destroy my armor. Just give it to me!" Long Teng jumped forwards.

Tian Long Divine Castle's dragon skills and techniques had an explosive power. When they roared, Lin Feng felt like he could hear real dragons roaring.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and continued shooting arrows, but the dragon continued breaking them.

"You can't escape!" said Long Teng. His arm was like Gu Xiao's a moment before, but his Qi was a lot stronger than Gu Xiao's dragon claws.

A strong wind surrounded Lin Feng. He opened his silver wings and rose up higher in the air, avoiding the dragon claws. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and condensed more sun energies, and pure sun Qi flames roared in his hand. He then condensed them into an arrow.

Lin Feng was using a terrifying amount of pure Qi at that moment. Finally, he shot it at Long Teng.

"Sunset!" said Lin Feng. His arrow descended from the sky like the sun during sunset.

Lin Feng's arrow turned into a fire dragon annihilating everything in its path.

Long Teng jumped backwards, however, Lin Feng's had almost reached Long Teng already, he couldn't escape it.

After shooting that arrow, Lin Feng ignored Long Teng and used his fastest speed to throw himself at one of the cultivators of the seventh Tian Qi layer.

Silver wings, level six wind intent, Xiao Yao agility technique… Those three things together made him unparalleled in speed.

"Roar!" that guy looked furious.

"Die!" Lin Feng had his halberd in-hand and incredibly destructive energies were emanating from it. Lin Feng didn't use too much strength, but his opponent's head exploded from the attack. Lin Feng instantly obtained the guy's gems.

However, at the same time, a terrifying Qi appeared from behind Lin Feng. The other cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer wanted to take this opportunity to crush Lin Feng with his dragon claws.

"Slas.h.!.+" Dazzling lights appeared. Lin Feng moved away as a dazzling sword appeared from his body. However, even with his sword, it was still difficult for Lin Feng to move. The other cultivator had the time to turn into a dragon already, so he was a lot stronger.

"Soul kill!" said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword appeared and s.h.i.+ned. Then, it shot-out straight towards his enemy's third eye. At the same time, Lin Feng did a 360° and attacked with his halberd. He cut open his enemy's skull and obtained his gems too.

Gu Xiao looked back at Lin Feng in a cold way. He was running towards Lin Feng now, Lin Feng was too fast.

"Thank you for remembering me. Gu Xiao, the next time we meet, I'll make sure you die." said Lin Feng coldly. Long Teng and Gu Xiao were extremely strong, having broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and possessing holy weapons. Especially Long Teng with his dragon body and his holy weapon: a dragon armor. Lin Feng had to run away.

Gu Xiao looked at Lin Feng with hatred. What Lin Feng meant to say was that he was going to make him teleport to him. With all his holy weapons, Lin Feng posed an actual threat to him. If Lin Feng broke through to the next Tian Qi layer, he would be able to kill him easily.

Four cultivators had attacked Lin Feng and Lin Feng had left after killing two of them.

"You think you can leave?" said Long Teng, rising up in the air and flying towards Lin Feng. He used an ancient dragon skill where he opened his mouth and roared, "Come back…"

Behind Long Teng, a dragon appeared and fused together with him. It opened its mouth and started absorbing Qi. A terrifying strength appeared and quickly surrounded Lin Feng's body.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and attracted the strength of the sun to shoot an arrow towards the dragon mouth.

"Roar roar roar!" the dragon roared. The arrows continued colliding with that strength, but when got anywhere close to the dragon mouth, they were destroyed.

The dragon was extremely powerful and with Long Teng's strength, it was extremely difficult to defeat him.

"Dragon constriction!" shouted Long Teng furiously. In a flash, the dragon-like illusion turned into several dragons who all bared their fangs and surrounded Lin Feng.

"Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique!" said Lin Feng. He was instantly inside a snowy tunnel and wasn't affected by the constrictive dragon energies anymore.

His Tian Ji Sword appeared under Lin Feng, as he surfed across the sky on it. He quickly disappeared from Gu Xiao and Long Teng's vision.

"Long Teng, Gu Xiao, wait for me. I'll kill you soon." said a cold voice in the distance.

Long Teng angrily watched as Lin Feng's silhouette disappeared, but Gu Xiao was scared. Lin Feng had incredible sword skills and techniques, as well as several holy weapons. He had even defeated Xue Bi Yao the other day. At the same level, it seemed like n.o.body could compete with him.

Besides, Lin Feng's sword had changed since he last saw it. Had he learnt something special in Jiange?

"I must kill you!" thought Long Teng coldly. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to escape from him with more than 200,000 gems.

PMG Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148: Resisting

Lin Feng kept running and didn't stop. He looked around and found that there were people everywhere. However, those people didn't seem to have visited the shrine yet.

Lin Feng was surfing in the sky using his sword. Very quickly, he was found by a cultivator of the sixth Tian Qi layer. That person was amazed when he saw Lin Feng and his face suddenly turned deathly pale. Lin Feng was surfing on a holy weapon, the Tian Ji Sword, and he was holding another holy weapon in his hand, a bow, with a halberd on his back. Even with the strength of the fifth Tian Qi layer, he could easily defeat stronger cultivators. Even the soul of the cultivator from the sixth Tian Qi layer started to shake when he saw that.

"Give me your fate seeds and I won't kill you!" said Lin Feng coldly. The cultivator took out all his fate seeds and gave them to Lin Feng. They immediately appeared inside Lin Feng's third eye. However, Lin Feng already had 250,000 gems, so a few hundred were nothing to him.

After taking those, Lin Feng's sword whistled again and he disappeared into the distance.

"… A guy with blue-green fate seeds stole a hundred from me." the cultivator was annoyed, he hadn't been able to do anything yet and now he had lost the few fate seeds worked so hard to get. Had he stolen those 250,000 gems or did he earn them some other way? That was a terrifying number.

Very quickly, Lin Feng appeared in front of someone else. This person was a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer, but when Lin Feng knocked an arrow in his bow, the cultivator remained silent and just gave his 2,000 fate seeds to Lin Feng.

After Lin Feng left, the cultivator felt the same as the cultivator from a moment before, angry. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, had he stolen all those gems? Could anyone compete with him?

Lin Feng stole many gems from several cultivators from the third to the seventh Tian Qi layer. n.o.body even tried to oppose Lin Feng. He remained vigilant only when facing cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer.

At the same time, some people were surrounding someone. However, they soon realized that the person had nothing. They were angry, "d.a.m.n it!"

The person they were insulting was someone that Lin Feng had just stolen fate seeds from. The guy didn't want to fight anymore, he just hated everyone.

"Boom boom!" rumbling sounds were heard. People raised their heads and saw someone with a terrifying number of gems: two blue-green fate seeds and five green. That meant he had 250,000 gems!

Besides, he also had a few holy weapons: a halberd, a bow with dazzling arrows and an incredible sword. Of course, that person was Lin Feng!

"Someone, seize him!" people understood that Fortune City was a place where everything was possible. Someone must have spent many gems to make Lin Feng appear there in the sky. That way, everybody would see him and they'd all want to capture him.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d had stolen gems from people who didn't have much and now, finally, someone was going to make him pay for it.

At the same time, Meng Qing raised her head. Then her silhouette flickered as she streaked across the sky.

Xue Bi Yao, Feng Xuan and the others also saw that silhouette, so they too moved in that direction.

So many people started moving in the same direction. Too many people wanted to capture Lin Feng before he made it to the shrine. He had more than 250,000 gems, they had to get some for themselves.

Qiong Qi also had some blue-green gems and was surprised when he saw Lin Feng. He thought, "That little boy is faster than me."

Long Teng and Gu Xiao appeared outside of the shrine. They looked up at Lin Feng's silhouette in the sky and smiled coldly. This time, Lin Feng was going to die.

Lin Feng had seen a lot in Fortune City. He also had 270,000 gems, but he wasn't satisfied though. He needed to move faster. Of course, he had 1,000,000 gems before so that's why he still wasn't satisfied. If other people knew about this, they'd be furious. He could already do so much with all those gems, but still, it wasn't enough!

When Lin Feng saw all those silhouettes appear in the sky, he was quite angry. He knew that Gu Xiao and Long Teng had done this.

"Bzzz!" Someone appeared in front of Lin Feng, that person had teleported.

He was surprised to see Lin Feng, but quickly became greedy when he saw those blue-green fate seeds. That was more than he thought!"

"Give them to me." said that person throwing himself at Lin Feng. His energies surrounded Lin Feng. He had to kill Lin Feng quickly to get his fate seeds, then, n.o.body would be able to teleport. He would have enough time to leave and spend those fate seeds.

"Slas.h.!.+" the sword which was under Lin Feng's feet moved towards that cultivator with incredible speed and power.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted that cultivator furiously releasing an incredible amount of energies to block the Tian Ji Sword. However, he was surprised when Lin Feng also raised a bow and shot an arrow at him at the same time.

"Boom boom!" The light from the sword surrounded his body. He felt like his body was going to burn, dry out and become ashes. In the end, he hadn't managed to steal Lin Feng's fate seeds, instead, Lin Feng had obtained his.

Lin Feng's facial expression was ice-cold. That person had only broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, so he had just brought about his own destruction.



Two more people appeared around Lin Feng: a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer and a cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng was getting ready to fight, but not far away another cultivator appeared of the eighth Tian Qi layer.

"Let's go!" Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword flew back under his feet and he quickly flew away. The cultivator who had just arrived chased after Lin Feng.

"Long Teng, Gu Xiao!" said Lin Feng coldly. He understood what was going on. So many people had teleported to Lin Feng because they wanted to steal his gems. In such a short time, four people had already teleported to him. More people were probably coming, but they had to reach the shrine first.

"Bzzz!" Someone appeared in front of Lin Feng again. However, as that person appeared, he was instantly met with dazzling sword lights. He didn't have time to react to Lin Feng's sword as pierced through his head. Lin Feng easily obtained his fate seeds. Poor guy, he didn't even have time to see Lin Feng's face properly!

PMG Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: Hurricane

Lin Feng's facial expression looked ice-cold. He continued surfing on his Tian Ji sword and strong cultivators continued  to teleport to him. Lin Feng killed those who were too weak and took their fate seeds. He was surprised to see so many weak cultivators wanting to attack him.

In a short time, three blue-green fate seeds appeared in Lin Feng's third eye. He felt extremely strong as his Qi was das.h.i.+ng to the skies. He already possessed 300,000 gems.

"Bzzz!" Another cultivator appeared and that person possessed a b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. Lin Feng continued surfing on his sword, ignoring that person. He couldn't afford to stop, otherwise, he would quickly be outnumbered. He had to find his friend

"Stop!" said someone aggressively. Purple lightning appeared and froze the atmosphere. The energies oppressed Lin Feng's body. He would get electrocuted if those energies reached him.

"Slash, slash, Kaboom…" dazzling purple lights shook they sky, even distorting it. Lin Feng turned around and looked at that person. He was wearing purple clothes, had animal-like hair, a long mouth, and was surrounded by dust. That person also had wings which were a dark-purple color.

Obstinate and unruly! What a powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi!

Lin Feng sensed those b.e.s.t.i.a.l energies and noticed that the cultivator had the eyes of a great roc.

"Give me your fate seeds and holy weapons. I won't kill you if you're willing to cooperate." said the cultivator with the absurd b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. He had the strength of the eighth Tian Qi layer, but he was a Tian level beast.

Lin Feng took out his bow and condensed pure sun Qi into his arrows. Then he started shooting them at his opponent.

"You dare confront me? Die!" said the animal. He opened his mouth and spat out lightning which emitted thunderous sounds. Purple lightning filled the sky.

"Boom!" It was a clash of elements as lightning and thunder energies confronted the celestial, scorching hot fire. Lin Feng's arrows were sharp and could pierce almost anything, but so could his enemy's lightning. However, the thunder could also corrode Lin Feng's scorching hot energies. Lin Feng's opponent spat out lightning again and finally, the arrows disappeared into ashes.

"Lightning has an explosive power, they're the symbol of destruction after all." thought Lin Feng. He continued condensing pure Qi into his arrows and shooting them at his enemy.

"Thunderblast, die!" shouted Lin Feng's enemy furiously. His thunders condensed into an incredibly destructive thunderbolt which shot straight towards Lin Feng. His purple clothes fluttered in the wind, seemingly charged with electricity.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. He shook his hand and cast his Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique spell. This battle was too difficult.

"Kacha, kaboom…" Lin Feng crossed avoided the attack, leaving the young man in purple clothes shocked. Surprisingly, Lin Feng could cast illusion spells which his lightning couldn't destroy it.

"You can't escape!" said the young man coldly. Immediately, golden lights appeared in his purple thunderbolts. They turned into an electric fog swept the sky, far and wide.

"Boom boom!" The sky continued to emit crackling sounds and it even trembled under those terrifying energies which were chasing Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng took hold of his halberd and attacked his enemy's energies. A terrifying energy quickly surrounded Lin Feng, and at the same time, the purple lightning a.s.saulted the halberd and Lin Feng's body. It was only the tail-end of the lightning, so it couldn't hurt Lin Feng.

"A golden strength!" thought Lin Feng as he sensed the energies within. Those lights contained five different sorts of energies: lead, ice, thunder, gold energies, and gold intent. That was a terrifying attack. Even Lin Feng's illusion spell had been broken from it. That cultivator could probably compete with Zun cultivators with that strength.

Ba Huang Province was gigantic and thus, there were many geniuses. Some of the young cultivators were beasts who were brutally strong, apparently.

"Bzzz… bzzz…" more people surrounded Lin Feng now. While he was fighting, some more people had teleported to him. They all had greed in their eyes for Lin Feng had three blue-green fate seeds and several holy weapons: a halberd, a bow and a sword.

The thunder cultivator looked at those people and said, "He's mine. n.o.body else can attack him."

"Thunder beast, if you manage to capture him, please do so." said someone in an indifferent tone, they were wearing white clothes.

"Blue-green fate seeds, and three of them! I wouldn't have thought that someone could be so strong." sad someone who was wearing fine clothes. His Qi radiated celestial energies. There was a golden eagle pattern on his clothes surrounded by a sun. At that moment, golden lights surrounded that person and it seemed like he was absorbing the strength of sun.

Lin Feng glanced at those people. He had seen the young man in white clothes before when Jian Wu Bei had invited them to Jiange. In his third eye, there was a green fate seed with eight marks, that meant that he hadn't used any of his gems yet.

The one in fine clothes had a green fate seed in his third eye, but he had nine marks.

Concerning the one who practiced thunder cultivation, he also had a green fate seed but with only one mark, which meant that he had more than 100,000 gems. All those people were incredibly strong..

Lin Feng had obtained so many gems because he had exchanged them with holy weapons. He had only managed to steal 50-60,000 gems relying on his own abilities.

Those people weren't afraid of Lin Feng, but they were scared of each other. They were convinced that, very soon, someone would obtain Lin Feng's treasures and then an even larger fight would break out. The ultimate winner would end up with more than a million gems, then he would be able to go back to the shrine and obtain whatever he wanted.

Lin Feng didn't do anything. He knew that he was serious danger. If he tried anything fishy, those strong cultivators could kill him in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, while those people were thinking of what to do, even more people arrived. Xue Bi Yao had 60,000 gems, not because she wasn't as strong as those people, but because everybody had their own methods of getting fate seeds. Some people were incredibly efficient though, for example Qiong Qi, but where was he though? He had even more gems than Lin Feng!

When Xue Bi Yao saw that Lin Feng was surrounded by those strong cultivators, a strange expression appeared on her face. Lin Feng had 300,000 gems and several holy weapons. But in the end, it had nothing to do with her after all. She just didn't want Lin Feng to die so soon. On the inside, she hoped he'd become stronger and that they would have another opportunity to exchange views on cultivation!

PMG Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: The Advantages of Fate Seeds

The atmosphere was calm even though more and more people were teleporting in. The more people there were, the less options there were to escape. They were all cultivators of the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd around him, many people had green fate seeds, but some of them even had green-blue fate seeds. Altogether, those people had more than three millions fate seeds, what a terrifying number.

The thunder cultivator's mouth looked sharp and his eyes looked like those of an eagle. He wasn't trying to kill Lin Feng anymore. There were so many strong cultivators around that whoever decided to Lin Feng would be grave danger as well. Even though he felt confident, those people could still pose a threat to him if they acted together.

Many people were thinking the same so everything remained calm.

"How should we share his treasures?" asked the thunder cultivator. Of course, he wasn't talking to everybody, he was just talking to the strongest ones.

He didn't even question what would happen to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had precious weapons and seeds, he was definitely going to die.

"With your thunder skill, you can trap him in a thunder cage. Then, those who don't want to fight can p.i.s.s off." said the cultivator in golden clothes indifferently.

"And those people have a lot of seeds too, we can't share the loot with them. It would be better to take their seeds as well." as he said that, several people started moving back, but the thunder cultivator had already tempted the other strong cultivators.

The thunder cultivator's purple aura was dazzling as a gigantic thunder cage appeared.

The thunder cage also contained sharp golden energies.

"It doesn't look good, let's go!" thought many people. They wanted to escape, but they were already imprisoned in the cage. They wanted to destroy the cage, but it was too strong.

"Die!" shouted the thunder cultivator. Everybody in the cage was suddenly surrounded by thunderous energies.

"Kaboom, boom boom boom…" many people died instantly and many others were injured. Lin Feng put an arrow in his bow and shot it at the thunder cultivator.

At the same time, the thunder cultivator attacked the prisoners who hadn't died. A few of the stronger cultivators also attacked the weaker ones. They couldn't let the thunder cultivator keep all the seeds for himself.

"That's the law of the jungle!" thought Lin Feng. That was the only expression suitable to describe his situation. Of course, Lin Feng held no compa.s.sion for them, those people had come to Fortune City knowing that they could die, besides, they had come to kill him as well.

Many people stopped moving when they saw that the thunder cultivator had killed so many of them. Initially, they wanted to steal some of the prisoners' seeds.

They didn't attack. However, at that moment, Xue Bi Yao looked perplexed. The elders of her sect had always said that killing people was necessary to become stronger.

Only twenty people were left in the thunder cage and those twenty people were outstanding youths from the Ba Huang Province. Of course, there were many more geniuses in Fortune City who came from Ba Huang Province. They were busy elsewhere or maybe they knew that so many people would try to kill Lin Feng so they didn't come.

Those who remained now had tons of gems. The thunder cultivator now had even more gems than Lin Feng. He had just killed a few hundred people and obtained 400,000 gems, plus the ones he already had, he could sense how his vitality had improved.

5-6 people's fate seeds had turned blue-green which meant that they had more than 100,00 gems.

"I heard that if you obtain more than a million gems, your physical body can become a lot stronger. If you obtain ten million gems, your body can become unbreakable, you could even block my Nine Thunders Celestial Attack. When I get your gems, I will have almost a million, then my fate seeds will turn blue and my body will become indescribably strong." said the thunder cultivator staring at Lin Feng.

"His fate seeds are mine, but you can share his holy weapons. What do you think? His bow is a high-quality holy weapon, if you take it, you can all obtain blue fate seeds. Then you would be the same as me."

"A million gems make the seeds turn blue and your body even stronger, ten million make your fate seeds turn purple and you can become almost indestructible…" thought Lin Feng. He then smiled coldly and said, "You want to take all my 300,000 gems and give the others my holy weapons, you're really smart."

"Shut up!" shouted the thunder cultivator. He released thunderous energies at Lin Feng. Lin Feng groaned coldly and released Qi from his halberd. Explosions sounded, as the destructive energies of the halberd and the thunder energies collided.

"I gave you a few more minutes to live, so if you want to die now, I don't mind!" shouted the thunder cultivator furiously.

Lin Feng said nothing, he just raised his bow and condensed fire energies into his arrows. The crowd was surprised. Was Lin Feng taking the initiative to attack the thunder cultivator? That was suicidal.

However, at that moment, the atmosphere became dark. The crowd was surprised when they raised their heads and saw that outside of the cage, a gigantic mountain was falling down on them. That gigantic mountain was moving incredibly fast.

"Kacha, kacha…" terrifying sounds invaded the atmosphere. The ground cracked and deep canyons appeared.

The cage broke apart and the mountain disappeared, leaving everything back to normal. However, everybody looked glum, another monstrously strong cultivator had arrived.

At that moment, in the distance, an incredibly robust and muscular person appeared holding a black wooden stick. No wonder he had attacked the thunder cultivator, they all knew that beast, it seemed like he had become stronger too.

"A thunder beast actually blocked me with a thunder cage, d.a.m.n you're not friendly. Since you have a human form, you must be sick of life!"

Yuan Fei pointed at the thunder cultivator with his wooden stick. The thunder cultivator looked upset. He released more b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi which dashed to the skies.

The thunder beast hated it when people humiliated him, and here was Yuan Fei was humiliating!

PMG Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151: The Watcher's Arrow

Lin Feng looked at him and smiled. He had broken broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer since the last time they saw each other. Now he could destroy the thunder cage with one strike from his wooden stick, everybody was amazed by his explosive power.

"You want to die!" said the thunder beast to Yuan Fei furiously. He was instantly surrounded by terrifying purple thunder energies. He then spat out lightning at Yuan Fei.

"Be kind to your daddy!" said Yuan Fei raising his wooden stick. The crowd sensed his terrifying and explosive energies, it was as if a mountain had been falling down from the sky again.

"Kaboom!" The terrifying thunders disappeared, destroyed by Yuan Fei's wooden stick. Yuan Fei rose up in the air and a myriad of wooden stick illusion appeared, blotting out the sky and a.s.saulting the thunderous energies.

The thunder beast was furious as he released even more thunderous energies at the illusion of wooden sticks. Even people in the distance could sense their explosive energies. Those people were beasts, in both senses of the word. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was now das.h.i.+ng to the skies.

The purple thunders looked sharp and indestructible. The cultivator had used gold and thunderous energies to cast that spell.

"Even some Zun cultivators' battles don't look that explosive!" thought the crowd s.h.i.+vering. Lightning continued striking down, it seemed like they destroyed bits of the sky each time. Lightning was striking Yuan Fei as he was standing in the middle of the lightning, using his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell ward them off.

"That thunder beast is so strong!" thought Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was already incredibly strong, he was a high level Tian level beast whose strength and attacks were explosive, but that thunder beast could actually compete with him. Who exactly was his ancestor?

The remaining cultivators were now closing in on Lin Feng. Even though they were surprised that Yuan Fei and Lin Feng were friends, they were still reluctant to give up Lin Feng's fate seeds and holy weapons.

The young man who was wearing fine golden clothes released his own fire energies and an illusory golden crow appeared.

They couldn't let him fight alone, Lin Feng had too many precious treasures, so they wanted their share the prizes.

"You've already surrounded me, if you attack me now, we'll be enemies and you will have to pay the price for it." said Lin Feng raising his bow. Everybody looked at him again, was he serious? Did he really think he was going to survive? He had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and was surrounded by incredible cultivators who wanted to kill him.

"Bzzz!" the guy with the golden crow heard Lin Feng, but didn't take him seriously. His golden crow absorbed energies from the sun and moved towards Lin Feng like a shooting star.

Lin Feng condensed sun energies in his arrows and prepared to shoot one. However, at that very moment, a terrifying strength suddenly appeared. Lin Feng frowned and saw an arrow appear in the sky in front of him.

"Boom boom!" The golden crow started burning and was destroyed. The attackers all frowned as another buzzing sound was heard. Another arrow appeared, but it didn't contain the same terrifying energies, this one was moving towards Lin Feng.

"Eh?" Lin Feng was confused. He looked at the small dazzling arrow move towards him and frowned. It didn't seem like it was meant to harm him so Lin Feng let the arrow hit him.

The dazzling golden arrow crashed onto Lin Feng's body, but he didn't feel anything, the arrow just penetrated into his body. A tiny bit of blood appeared which then turned into a golden thread of blood.

"What's that?" the crowd was astonished.

The crowd in the distance was just as surprised too. A protector's arrow. A protector had shot that golden arrow at Lin Feng.

That was the first protection arrow which had been shot since the beginning of the event.

How come? There were so many strong cultivators, all of them were geniuses For example: Yuan Fei the Great Ape Emperor's grandson, the thunder beast who also had a terrifying background, the celestial girl Xue Bi Yao, the one with the golden crow, but the protector didn't shoot at any of them. Instead, he shot at a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer.

The others geniuses all hoped the protector would should an arrow at them, not only did it mean that they would be protected, but it also meant that they had the potential to become emperors. The fact that the protector had shot a golden arrow at Lin Feng meant that he thought Lin Feng had the potential to become an emperor.

Lin Feng was confused. A protection arrow? He didn't even know who the protector was. He had seen him once in Sword City, but that was all. Lin Feng didn't understand why the protector would choose him either.

They gazed into the distance and looked at the crowd in the horizon, looking for the protector. However, they saw nothing. The Watcher was an adept at hiding, that was one of his secrets to protecting people. The Watchers and the Imperial Union's were both experts at hiding.

Because of the Watcher's arrow, Yuan Fei and the thunder cultivator also stopped fighting. The thunder beast, however, looked furious. His hair was messy, his body was surrounded by dazzling purple lights. A moment before, Yuan Fei had hit him eighty one times with his wooden stick. That was his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell and he hadn't managed to block it that well.

"Little crow, you're a bad boy too, I'll be your daddy and pluck you like a little chicken." said Yuan Fei while raising his wooden stick. The crow cultivator's eyes were suddenly filled with flames. A gigantic golden crow appeared from his back and cawed.

"Jin Xing, let's join hands and kill that boy and the stupid Watcher as well. We'll take their fate seeds and their holy weapons.!" said the thunder beast while flapping his wings.

"Try if you dare!" said a cold voice. They turned around and watched girl in white clothes approach them.

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