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PMG Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152: Wife and Husband Joining Hands

The crowd was speechless when they saw that girl. She looked like a G.o.ddess.

They looked at Xue Bi Yao and compared both girls. Xue Bi Yao looked beautiful and did have a certain celestial appearance, but that new girl surpa.s.sed her by far. Meng Qing was a breathtaking beauty.

When Lin Feng saw Meng Qing, he shook his head. She landed next to him. Lin Feng stretched out his hand, tickled her nose and smiled, "I knew you'd come. But you know, I can handle this matter myself."

Even those people were terrifyingly strong, Lin Feng didn't mind using Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword and kill them all with it. That way, he would obtain millions of gems. He would probably obtain many high level holy weapons as well.

But Lin Feng feared that if he killed all those people, he would be in danger in the outside world. Ba Huang Province was vast, but people would still find him there.

Even though killing anyone was fine in Fortune City, people still had to avoid killing anyone with a strong backing. Sometimes, even in Fortune City, it was better to hide.

Meng Qing looked so docile and affectionate when she saw Lin Feng's warm and tender smile. She also smiled in a warm and gentle way. They were all jealous, they were all prestigious and proud young men, why didn't they have such an incredible wife and Lin Feng did?

"Lin Feng, who is she?" asked Yuan Fei scratching his head. Lin Feng had a lot of good fortune with his love affairs.

"My wife!" said Lin Feng smiling. Everybody felt even more jealous and envious when they heard that.

"Haha, I see, that's my little sister then. You guys are a perfect match!" said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously. Meng Qing looked at him and nodded politely. She had been out of the Black Wind Mountain for a while now, so she had understood human customs a lot better now.

Meng Qing turned around and looked at the thunder cultivator coldly. The thunder beast felt like he was going to freeze under that glare. Meng Qing's cold look pierced his bones. Incredible, that beautiful girl could make him feel that way with just one look.

Snowflakes appeared in the air, practically a blizzard of them. Some people stretched out their hands and touched the snowflakes, and found that just one of those snowflakes could freeze them solid. What kind of skill had that girl studied?

"Bzzz!" Suddenly, Meng Qing disappeared. Many people thought that they were hallucinating. Then, at the same time, the thunder cultivator sensed an incredible coldness wash over him. It was as if he was going to freeze to death.

"Kaboom!" He released terrifying purple lightning energies and at the same time, someone appeared in front of him: it was Meng Qing.

Meng Qing punched the air in his direction, but it was just a normal looking punch. But in that instant, the thunderous energies started to freeze. Then, wind brushed against the thunder cultivator's body and Meng Qing's fist crashed onto his own fist, freezing it solid. It was as if nothing could resist that coldness.

Crackling sounds could be heard as the thunder cultivator started freezing, half of his head was already frozen. His face turned deathly pale.

"Thunderscape!" shouted the thunder cultivator furiously. Thunderous lights appeared everywhere in the sky and then his body disappeared. He reappeared even higher in the sky. Then his thunders broke the icy-layer which had covered his body and he looked down at Meng Qing. She had the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer so he was stronger than her, but why did he feel so cold when facing her? Meng Qing's snow strength would soon contain abstruse energy.

He wasn't the only one who was surprised, everyone else was. In one attack, Meng Qing had immediately taken the advantage. Even though he had been a bit careless, it didn't mean that Meng Qing wasn't strong.

He was still wondering how Meng Qing had disappeared and then reappeared in front of him, that was scary. She hadn't even released any energy to do that, she just used her terrifying snow energies.

Lin Feng was also surprised. He didn't know that Meng Qing was that strong. He would have to practice cultivation a lot more if he wanted to catch up.

Meng Qing's mother had taught Lin Feng the Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique, but Lin Feng still didn't know how to use it properly. What he could do with it was only the tip of the iceberg. When used properly, cultivators could cast the Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique on other people and imprison them in the illusion with the "so close yet so far" effect.

But Meng Qing was different for she was a snow celestial being. Her clan had to be a mysterious and very powerful clan, snow was genetically deep in their bodies. Meng Qing was also the queen of the clan. So it was no surprise that she could hide in the snow and reappear as she wished.

Snowflakes continued floating around when Meng Qing disappeared again. This time, Lin Feng took a step forwards and raised his arrow, condensing sun energies into his arrows. Unfortunately, his bow didn't have an evil personality like the demonic sword. The demonic sword could had the initiative because it had its own personality. Lin Feng could only control the bow and use its power to this extent because he had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer. If if he was stronger, with a high-level holy weapon like that bow, Lin Feng could have easily killed any Tian level cultivator.

"Sunset!" shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. A sun appeared in front of the thunder beast, he knew that some kind of strength was preventing him from moving.

His facial expression looked hideous. He flapped his wings and raised his claws, however, the sun was already burning his skin and Meng Qing was following him closely, slowing him down.

"Didn't you say you wanted to kill me? Why are you trying to escape now? Coward!" said Lin Feng mockingly. He was angering the thunder beast on purpose.

"Die, I could kill you like a little insect!" said the thunder cultivator. Then, he heard Lin Feng laugh and say, "If I were you, I would get ready to be humiliated. Yuan Fei was right when he said you were c.r.a.p!"

"You want to die!" shouted the thunder cultivator furiously. He was more than furious as he threw lightning at Lin Feng.

"Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique!" said Lin Feng as the thunders crashed onto him. At the same time, Meng Qing appeared and punched the air in his direction. He started freezing and at the same time, Lin Feng's Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique reappeared again as he shot another arrow.

Lin Feng didn't need to say anything, Meng Qing disappeared again and Lin Feng's arrow aimed at the thunder beast.

"Roar!" the thunder beast roared, but he couldn't escape anymore. Golden and purple lights appeared in front of him, which turned into an animal's arm and then into a body. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi dashed to the skies.

"Roar…" the beast was pushed back. He was in pain and blood was dripping from his claws. The arrow hasn't broken yet so blood continued pouring.

PMG Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153: Yuan Fei's Fury

The thunder beast was actually a golden thunderbird. Thunderbirds possessed incredible abilities. His father was an emperor, so after breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, he would immediately understand three types of abstruse energies.

His claws were as hard as iron. However, that sword still managed to make his claws bleed.

"Bzzz!" Fire continued burning from Lin Feng's arrows and he didn't stop. He shot even more arrows. At the same time, Meng Qing was in the distance and was punching the thunderbird into an icicle.

"Break!" shouted the thunderbird furiously. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi dashed to the skies as the gigantic bird broke out of the ice again, but at the same time, Lin Feng's arrows arrived. With his wings, he created a tornado which moved towards Lin Feng and Meng Qing.

"Pfff, kacha…" the thunderbird spat out thunders in the direction of Lin Feng's arrows. At the same time, another sound was heard. A black arrow which contained destructive energies was flying at the thunderbird. He put his claws in front of him and attacked the black arrow head-on.

"Ah…" the thunderbird gave a horrible shriek. The crowd looked at him and saw that the black arrow was stuck in his claws, he couldn't control his energies anymore.

"The Watcher is attacking again!" thought the crowd s.h.i.+vering. The Watcher's arrows were terrifying. Even the thunderbird found it difficult to face them.

"You all want to die!" shouted the thunderbird furiously. Lin Feng continued rising up in the air, his hands were s.h.i.+ning under the sunlight. He was firmly holding his bow as he said, "You all came here to kill me for my fate seeds, but you won't take them now. Even if you really could kill me, I'd give them to Yuan Fei before I let that happen. Besides, that c.r.a.ppy thunderbird has more fate seeds than me."

"Die!" when the thunderbird heard Lin Feng say he was c.r.a.ppy, golden and purple shot out at Lin Feng again. At the same time, he turned into a beam of light and threw himself at Lin Feng.

He continued cras.h.i.+ng into Lin Feng's arrows. His body looked like a sharp sword which wanted to lacerate Lin Feng.

"What an incredible body." thought the crowd. Some beasts had inherent abilities. Only peerless cultivators or people with incredibly special abilities could compete with such beasts. That thunderbird's ancestor was an emperor so it made sense that he was so proud and arrogant. He had never faced such a difficult fight. Now, he was injured and had gone insane.

"Did you think I wouldn't fight you still?" shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He shook his wooden stick and illusory, gigantic, black wooden sticks appeared, blotting out the sky again.

"Die!" shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He used his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell again. People couldn't see wooden sticks anymore, all they could see was a gigantic mountain range falling down from the sky.

"Boom boom boom!" The ground was shaking. Yuan Fei was in a frenzy. His mountains continued colliding with and bombarding the thunderbird, each strike was more powerful than the previous one.

"Frenzy!" the crowd was watching Yuan Fei. Everybody knew that the Great Ape Emperor loved fighting. Apes were incredible warriors and with the Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell, they were even more powerful. Apart from their belligerent personality, brutal temper and incredible Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell, they also had another special skill: they could activate a frenzy mode and turn into a mad ape.

At that moment, Yuan Fei had activated that mad ape rage.

"Roar!" The thunderbird was starting to falter. Terrifying hurricanes surrounded his golden body as he turned around and started running way. He wanted to avoid those falling mountains so he rose up in the air.

Lin Feng looked at the bleeding thunderbird, but didn't seem satisfied. He didn't underestimate the geniuses from Ba Huang.

"My cultivation level is too low." whispered Lin Feng. At the same level, he didn't fear anyone, but because against people had higher cultivation levels than him, he couldn't manage.

The thunderbird, Yuan Fei, and so on were incredible cultivators. They could easily destroy ordinary Zun cultivators. Lin Feng still remembered that Yuan Fei, when he had only broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, could actually threaten Zun cultivators. Lin Feng was convinced that Yuan Fei and the thunderbird could easily destroy cultivators at the first Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng could only rely on his holy weapons to injure cultivators like the thunderbird. Without them, without abstruse energies, without a higher cultivation level, he couldn't do much.

"Yuan Fei, I'll kill you sooner or later." said the thunderbird coldly. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, "We'll see how long you'll be able to hide behind other people!"

After that, he flapped his wings and left.

Meng Qing landed next to Lin Feng and looked at the crowd in an cold way. Yuan Fei tapped the ground with his wooden stick and said to the crowd, "Because you're too weak to get the thunderbird's fate seeds, you decided to steal my brother's? If anyone else attacks him, they won't leave this place alive!"

The beautiful girl was incredibly strong, the Watcher had protected Lin Feng, and now Yuan Fei… Plus Lin Feng's holy weapons, that was starting to be quite an army. Not only were they strong, but offending them would probably have consequences in the future, especially Yuan Fei.

Besides, Lin Feng had told them that even if they killed him, he still could give his fate seeds to Yuan Fei and then n.o.body would steal them from him.

"Hehe, there will be many other opportunities in the future to obtain fate seeds in Fortune City, all of this is just starting." said someone as they left. Then, people gradually followed suit. It was important to keep in mind that the Diviner held everything under control in Fortune City. n.o.body knew what would happen. So, it was also better not to waste time right now.

But as soon as the crowd turned around to leave, Lin Feng took out his flag and sealed the s.p.a.ce around them.

Holding his bow, he jumped forwards and looked at the crowd in the distance. He smiled coldly and said, "Since you guys like fis.h.i.+ng in troubled waters and taking advantage of a crisis for personal gain, I will now take all of your fate seeds."

PMG Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154: If You Want to Kill Me, I'll Kill You!

In the distance, the crowd looked at Lin Feng raising his bow and their facial muscles twitched. Did he want to steal their fate seeds after all of that?

Yuan Fei looked surprised and then smiled. He struck the ground with his wooden stick and jumped forwards. Kacha sounds spread resonated in the distance as a gigantic canyon appeared. The crowd in the distance sensed that strength moving towards them.

"You're all worthless insects, I'll give you ten seconds to hand over your fate seeds, and if you don't, don't blame me for acting violently." shouted Yuan Fei. His voice echoed in the distance and made the crowd shake.

They only had ten seconds.

"Bzzz…" some people's silhouettes flickered as they tried to escape. Dazzling swords moved towards them and explosion sounded. They weren't like the thunderbird or Long Teng, they couldn't resist Lin Feng's sunset bow. One person already died.

"Seven seconds." said Lin Feng. The fate seeds of the person who had just died appeared in Lin Feng's third eye. He was merciless, but that was the law of the jungle. Some people had decided to teleport themselves to Lin Feng, so now, they were going to pay the price for it with their fate seeds.

Some people's faces turned deathly pale. Lin Feng raised his bow again and Yuan Fei was slowly rising up in the air. Some people decided to give their fate seeds to Lin Feng without resisting.

"Three more seconds." said Lin Feng. Their hearts started racing as they took out their fate seeds as well. Then, their fate seeds quickly began to gather in Lin Feng's third eye. Lin Feng now had 550,000 gems. All those people who had come to take his fate seeds already had a lot, all those people together held more than 200,000 gems.

Five green-blue lights appeared in Lin Feng's third eye. Lin Feng sensed those energies which began to strengthen his physical body.

"The animal was right, if I manage to get blue seeds, my physical body will start changing. If I manage to get purple seeds, I might even be able to resist against those thunderbird's energies." thought Lin Feng. He suddenly had many ideas. But in any case, he needed fate seeds.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng to all those people who had handed over their fate seeds. Then he put his flag away and the crowd looked at him coldly before leaving.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. He wanted to see if he could find the Watcher, but there was n.o.body there.

"Thank you!" said Lin Feng smiling at Yuan Fei. One would know who their true friends were in two kinds of circ.u.mstances: when in trouble, and when in need of something. Fate seeds were important to everyone in Fortune City but Yuan Fei didn't ask Lin Feng for any of them. He gave them all to Lin Feng.

"Why the h.e.l.l did you thank me. You need fate seeds more than I do, take mine too!" said Yuan Fei. He had 70,000 gems himself.

"No need." said Lin Feng shaking his head. Even though Yuan Fei was the Great Ape Emperor's grandson and had access to many incredible treasures, there were things which were priceless in Fortune City. He couldn't give up his fate seeds.

"I need to kill some people, can you help me?" said Lin Feng. Yuan Fei thought for a few seconds and said, "Let's go to the shrine."

"Meng Qing!" Lin Feng didn't need to say much to Meng Qing, he just had to look at her or smile at her and she understood what he intended. The three of them left, they had no time to look for the Watcher. Who knew when the Diviner would interrupt them? Lin Feng guessed that Fortune City was a small world, a terrifying one at that. Maybe terrifyingly strong cultivators controlled Fortune City, according to Qiong Qi's hypothesis, n.o.body could imagine how terrifying that place truly was.

Those three flew quickly and soon arrived at the shrine, then entering it. When the old man saw Lin Feng, he immediately said, "Someone is looking for you."

He shook his hand and Lin Feng disappeared.

When Lin Feng reappeared, he saw someone he knew. His body was dazzling and that person was smiling coldly.

"You're fast." said Lin Feng. Since Long Teng had made him teleport once, he knew that other people would do the same to him.

Because of those people, Lin Feng wouldn't have any opportunities to use the shrine.

"If I weren't quick, how would I be able to take your fate seeds." said his interlocutor smiling in a cold and detached way.

"I said it earlier, I'll kill anyone who dares attack me. Apart from the thunderbird, you're the only one who had attacked me before." said Lin Feng. That person was the golden crow, the thunderbird who had asked him to join hands to fight Lin Feng.

"You're not a bad fighter, but your cultivation level is too low!" said Jin Xing releasing dazzling golden flames.

Two beams of light appeared, making Jin Xing frown. Those people were Yuan Fei and a beautiful girl who had arrived at the same time.

"You were prepared." said Jin Xing staring to Lin Feng coldly. Then, he threw himself at Lin Feng and turned into a golden crow.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng moved back and took out his halberd. This time, he didn't use his sunset bow because he was too close to Jin Xing.

Snowflakes appeared as Meng Qing disappeared and a piercingly-cold energy invaded the s.p.a.ce.

At the same time, Yuan Fei released his own terrifying energies. Jin Xing frowned, he knew he was in trouble now.

"I'm off!" said Jin Xing. He turned around, rose up in the air and started to run away. Lin Feng smiled in an cold way, he was definitely going to kill him.

"Seal!" said Meng Qing. At that moment, a holy, celestial Qi surrounded Jin Xing's body. Meng Qing appeared in front of him and sealed the s.p.a.ce around him with ice.

"Boom boom!" Jin Xing wanted to break the ice, but the ice layer was too thick. His body had also started to freeze.

"Brother, sister, move aside!" shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His wooden stick fell down from the sky leaving a black trail behind it as it moved towards Jin Xing.

"G.o.dly Crow Flames!" shouted Jin Xing furiously. Golden flames appeared as he turned into a crow G.o.d, bathing in flames. His flames sufficed to make the ice melt. However, the gigantic wooden stick struck him and broke several of his bones.

"I told you not to bully my brother and sister, Jin Xing. In Fortune City, n.o.body will care about your death. Let's have some roasted crow for dinner!"

"Roar!" Yuan Fei roared and a gigantic ape appeared from his back. The ape was holding a wooden stick which was a hundred meters long.

"Die!" shouted Jin Xing furiously. Golden and fire energies flooded the sky as a real golden crow was about to appear. He wanted to block the wooden stick, but the golden crow knelt down and blood splashed everywhere. At the same time, Meng Qing got close again so Jin Xing had no time to react. She released ice and canceled Jin Xing's fire.

"You asked for it." said Lin Feng. He jumped forwards with his halberd which now contained demon, fire and desolate strength. He struck Jin Xing's head with his halberd. Something stopped the halberd as it crashed onto Jin Xing's head.

However, Yuan Fei and Meng Qing attacked again and with that, Lin Feng's halberd pierced through Jin Xing's skull. They were definitely going to kill him!

PMG Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155:  Traveling and Working!

Jin Xing looked furious, he couldn't believe that he'd die in Fortune City. He thought his life would change after Fortune City. He was one of the most incredible geniuses present at the event. On top of that, he was only dying because he had envied the fate seeds of a cultivator at the fifth Tian Qi layer.

"Roar!" Jin Xing roared, it was the last roar before death. His fire dashed to the skies as well as his golden strength.

"Lin Feng, get back!" shouted Yuan Fei loudly. Lin Feng continued releasing desolate Qi into Jin Xing's brain. Jin Xing knew that he was dying.

Lin Feng took his halberd out of Jin Xing's skull and moved back. Rumbling sounds and dazzling lights oppressed Lin Feng, making him cough up blood and pus.h.i.+ng him down to his knees. Then, Jin Xing stopped breathing.

Lin Feng could barely breathe as he wiped the blood from his mouth. Jin Xing had surprisingly attacked Lin Feng while he was dying. However, a sixth fate seed appeared in Lin Feng's third eye, now he had 600,000 fate seeds.

Lin Feng was still not satisfied, that still wasn't enough.

"Let's go again. If anyone tries to attack you, we'll kill them too." said Yuan Fei aggressively. Surprisingly, Jin Xing had forced Lin Feng to teleport to him. Fine, if people continued to force Lin Feng to teleport to them, they'd continue killing them.

"That guy probably had a lot of treasures. Even if you don't need them, you can always trade them for fate seeds." Lin Feng found a ring which wasn't broken on Jin Xing's body. He didn't give it to Yuan Fei, not because he was greedy, but because Yuan Fei was an emperor's grandson, so he was rich. Yuan Fei could have anything he wanted, including peerless holy weapons. However, it seemed like the Great Ape Emperor didn't want Yuan Fei to rely on holy weapons. Therefore, Lin Feng thought that because apart from the black wooden stick, he had never seen Yuan Fei use any other holy weapon.

But in any case, that ordinary looking stick was actually a terrifying weapon.

"Jin Xing was from the southern part of Ba Huang Province and was very famous. According to legends, he had inherited the blood of the Golden Crow, a supernatural three-legged, golden bird which lived in the sky. Apart from incredible cultivators at the top of the Tian Qi layer, n.o.body could defeat him. This time we killed him together, but he had asked for it!" said Yuan Fei to Lin Feng.

The three continued walking, perhaps more people would try to attack Lin Feng.

"So then, who are those most incredible cultivators here?" asked Lin Feng to Yuan Fei. He didn't know much about Ba Huang Province. He would probably meet those people in Fortune City, but he knew for sure that Yuan Fei was one of them.

Lin Feng now had a different opinion about the Ba Huang Province, he didn't believe it was that big. When he had just arrived, he met Yang Zi Lan who was already considered a genius, then he met Xuan Yuan who was also considered a genius. Then, he met Yuan Fei who was a real genius.

In the past, Lin Feng admired even ordinary Zun cultivators, but now, he didn't think that way anymore. Ordinary low-level Zun cultivators could easily be defeated by people like Jin Xing. People Lin Feng admired were also people he wanted to surpa.s.s. The event in Fortune City was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Lin Feng.

"No need to talk about them for now. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is gigantic. Strong cultivators aren't necessarily those who have inherited a strong blood, you probably understand what I am referring to. For geniuses who want to become strong, becoming an imperial cultivation disciple means broader opportunities, better cultivation tools, and more friends of the same level. Then, when emperors attach importance to them, they will receive even more opportunities. Therefore, Ba Huang Province's most outstanding young cultivators are those who have received emperors' direct teachings. This time, in Fortune City, you'll meet them." said Yuan Fei talking and walking.

"I can't wait to see them." thought Lin Feng. But according to Yuan Fei, people like him and the thunderbird weren't the most outstanding cultivators of Ba Huang, or at least that's what he figured he meant.

"Maybe they're strong now, but it won't be that way in the future. Recently, several incredible cultivators have appeared in Ba Huang Province. Besides, some younger people are also starting to rise up, like you. It's a constant race, so it's too early to know who the best ones are. Only time can tell us those things. If you really want to know, become an emperor and defeat those people." said Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng came from the small country of Xue Yue, in the small Xue Yu region. He understood those things better than most. In Ba Huang Province, he wasn't considered a strong cultivator, but in the Xue Yu Region he was one of the strongest.

In different places, people had different views and different perceptions. Lin Feng was on the right path, so if he wanted to become an emperor, he'd end up fighting those people sooner or later.

The three of them soon arrived at the shrine again. This time, the old man didn't make Lin Feng leave right away, which meant that n.o.body had asked for Lin Feng to be teleported.

"It seems like n.o.body asked for me this time." said Lin Feng shrugging and smiling. He looked at the old man and said, "I need possess an incredibly strong Qi, I need to look like I have the strength of the top of the Tian Qi layer."

"Eh?" Yuan Fei heard Lin Feng and instantly understood what he meant. How sly was this guy?

The old man nodded, shook his hand and suddenly, Lin Feng's Qi was at the top of the Tian Qi layer. Even though it was fake, n.o.body would know.

Lin Feng paid a thousand gems for that.

"Lin Feng, I'm off." said Yuan Fei leaving. Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng had asked Yuan Fei for help because some people wanted to kill him. However, Yuan Fei didn't have time to take care of them both. He had helped him, so now Meng Qing and Lin Feng could protect themselves together. Yuan Fei also needed fate seeds.

The old man teleported Yuan Fei to a place with many people. Lin Feng also asked the old man to teleport him and Meng Qing to a place where there were many people, but not to the same place as Yuan Fei. That way, the three of them could get even more fate seeds.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing appeared somewhere else and Lin Feng's Tian Ji sword instantly rose up into the sky. Lin Feng and Meng Qing then jumped onto it.

Dazzling golden lights appeared as Lin Feng took out his bow, the Qi from the top of the Tian Qi layer flowed through his body.

"Let's go!"

Lin Feng changed his face and his Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air, soon appearing above someone who had a few thousand fate seeds. Lin Feng shouted furiously, "Give me your fate seeds or I'll kill you!"

That person sensed Lin Feng's Qi and saw his bow. He looked petrified and obeyed. He had no choice but to give his fate seeds if he wanted to live.

Lin Feng took the fate seeds and left. He didn't stop as he continued to do that with many more people. A cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer holding a terrifying bow, riding a holy weapon, and a girl with a celestial Qi. People had choice but to hand over their fate seeds. Many people felt dispirited…

Some people had already seen Lin Feng's bow before, but now it wasn't the same guy who had it. With a strength at the top of the Tian Qi layer, he had probably stolen it and now he was stealing their seeds. How cruel. He had broken through to the top of the Tian Qi layer, so why did he need to steal holy weapons too? What infuriated people even more was that he was surfing on a sword which was also holy weapon. What a spoilt brat!

PMG Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156: Insane Demon

Lin Feng continued riding his Tian Ji Sword around and stealing fate seeds. People had no choice but to give their fate seeds to him because he was at the top of the Tian Qi layer and he had holy weapons, both a sword and a bow. In Fortune City was filled with endless opportunities, so n.o.body wanted to die there. Losing fate seeds was annoying, but they could still find seeds again.

If Lin Feng he stole from a hundred people who had a hundred gems, that was 10,000. Lin Feng had chosen a place where there were many people on purpose. In half a day, Lin Feng already had eight blue-green fate seeds and his vitality was changing to become even stronger.

Eight blue-green fate seeds, that was 800,000 gems. Two more fate seeds and Lin Feng would have one million gems and his fate seeds would turn blue. Most people didn't realize they could exchange fate seeds for high-level holy weapons.

Even if people thought about it though, how many were capable of obtaining a million gems? That was a terrifying number.

Even if Lin Feng had broken through to the top of the ninth Tian Qi layer and had holy weapons, that was still a terrifying number. On his way, Lin Feng encountered other strong cultivators, but they stayed away from him. They could easily get gems from weaker people so fighting against a cultivator who had 800,000 gems wasn't worth it.

Lin Feng didn't care about what people thought, all he concerned himself with was getting more fate seeds. He needed to have more than a million gems and then he could go kill some people.

There was a girl called Qi Jiao Jiao flying over Fortune City. She was looking for more people to steal fate seeds from, but after she glanced around, she saw n.o.body.

Qi Jiao Jiao was wearing a blue robe, and her fate seeds were a blue-green color with two fate seeds. This meant she had 200,000 gems. She had her own way of getting fate seeds: she only stole fate seeds from people who had at least 10,000 gems, that way, she didn't have to work too hard.

Finally, she had found her next prey.

"Bzzz!" In the distance, whistling sound was heard. She suddenly turned around and saw two people riding a sword in the air.

"How scary, what a terrifying Qi!" thought Qi Jiao Jiao. She looked at the boy's third eye and saw that he already had eight blue-green seeds, and he was coming towards her.

"Slas.h.!.+" A terrifying arrow which was on fire was pointing at her.

"Hand over your fate seeds!" said Lin Feng. The girl was beautiful and cute. She was as beautiful as Xue Bi Yao and those other girls. However, Lin Feng didn't care about that right now, he only cared about her 200,000 gems. If he obtained her fate seeds, his fate seeds would turn blue and he would have a million gems.

"You dare steal from me?" said Qi Jiao Jiao. His Qi was at the top of the Tian Qi layer and he had holy weapons, his bow was at least a medium-level holy weapon, the sword he was using to surf on was a holy weapon too.

"You have three seconds." said Lin Feng, trying to scare her. Qi Jiao Jiao's beautiful eyes were twinkling. She had taken such efforts to steal fate seeds, and it was the first time someone thought to steal from her.

"I will give them to you if you want, but you will definitely regret it!" said Qi Jiao Jiao handing over her fate seeds.

"Bzzz!" A terrifying strength suddenly dashed to the skies. Lin Feng now had a million gems, so his fate seeds turned into one blue seed.

The last time he was in the shrine, he hadn't really sensed it because he hadn't taken the time to. Now, he could sense how his body was changing. Most people, if they had a blue seed, would go and exchange it in the shrine.

After obtaining Qi Jiao Jiao's fate seeds, Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky. He left without even glancing at her.

"You will regret it!" said Qi Jiao Jiao looking at the back of Lin Feng's head. Qi Jiao Jiao was one of the four most beautiful girls in the Ba Huang Province. She was from a rich family and many men courted her. She also had a big brother who was incredible strong. Given her talent and position in Ba Huang Province, n.o.body had ever offended her before.

Lin Feng didn't think about Qi Jiao Jiao at all. He thought she was beautiful of course, but he didn't know that she was one of the four most beautiful girls in Ba Huang Province. He also didn't know that she was from one of the most powerful families in the province. They were different from other rich families, the Qi Clan was from the Eastern part of Ba Huang Province and they had an emperor.

Lin Feng continued moving around and stealing fate seeds until he had 1,5 million gems. Finally, he stopped and went to the shrine with Meng Qing.

Once in the shrine, Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword and looked at the old man, "Master, I need a hundred days in a mystical s.p.a.ce with thunders, the thunder must be exactly as powerful as this sword can handle. How many fate gems?"

"Show me the place." said the old man calmly. Lin Feng transferred memories to the old man.

"550,000 gems." said the old man.

"For two people?" asked Lin Feng again. For the price he was going to pay, Lin Feng hoped Meng Qing could benefit from it too.

"Add 100,000." said the old man. Lin Feng nodded, he could afford that.

"I'll exchange this high-level holy weapon first." said Lin Feng handing over the bow. The old man took it and a second blue seed appeared in Lin Feng's third eye.

"Master, what I asked you just now, let's start." said Lin Feng. The old man shook his hand and in a flash, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were teleported somewhere else. It was the same calm place as the one Lin Feng had requested last time: the moon was s.h.i.+ning, there were stars, the strength of the Earth and sky were full of vitality, but this time, there was also an area with terrifying thunders.

Lin Feng looked at those thunders and his eyes started twinkling. He was going to raise his sword in those thunders.

Lin Feng had thought about exactly this after fighting against the thunderbird. Thunder had an explosive force and was extremely fast. With his incredible understanding abilities, Lin Feng would understand fire abstruse energy someday and his ultimate goal was thunder-fire.

"Meng Qing, I need to practice cultivation and study a special power. It'll be extremely painful for me, so I wanted to warn you before so that you don't worry when you see me. I won't die with the blue fate seed I have." said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng was strong and didn't say anything even when he was in pain, but now he was telling her it was going to be very painful, so that meant it was going to be REALLY painful.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the thunders roaring in the distance. From just his facial expression, all one could see at that moment was an indomitable will. Mu Chen had said it before, if a cultivator wants to become an emperor, he had to be insane sometimes. Lin Feng had to be insane if he wanted to become a beast like Yuan Fei!

PMG Chapter 1157

Chapter 1157: Thunderworld

Lin Feng closed his eyes and his facial expression turned serious, then he sat down. His Tian Ji Sword was emitting whistling sounds as it moved towards the dark clouds: the thunders and lightning.

"Kaboom!" A terrifying lightning struck the Tian Ji Sword. As Lin Feng's soul was in the sword too, he sensed the lightning and shook violently. He felt like his soul was going to be kicked out of his body.

He spat out blood.

"Lin Feng!" said Meng Qing. Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale and so did Meng Qing's face.

"Don't come here!" shouted Lin Feng as he continued, "Meng Qing, do your own things during these hundred days, practice cultivation too."

His soul shook again and Lin Feng's body kept twitching. At the same time, his fate seeds continued to nourish his body and regenerate it. The pain was more bearable that way.

"Lin Feng…" Meng Qing was worried about Lin Feng. He was spitting out blood and it looked very painful.

"I'm practicing cultivation, I'm alright!" said Lin Feng smiling. More thunder claps struck Lin Feng while emitting roaring sounds.

The technique he was using to raise his sword consisted of nouris.h.i.+ng the sword with his own soul strength. As he cleaned his sword with the thunderous energies, he was only developing one soul, he needed several to condense them.

"Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword is like a human." thought Lin Feng. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had raised his sword for ten years so he must have suffered immensely to become an emperor. For ten years, n.o.body knew him, and then all of a sudden, he had amazed the entire Ba Huang Province.

The skill was terrifying, therefore, not many people practiced it, probably only madmen did. But real geniuses were also, often insane.

The Tian Ji Sword continued shaking violently in the dark clouds. Some cracks even appeared on it, but it was enduring the pain. After being cleaned this way, it was also healing and slowly changing.

When Meng Qing saw how much Lin Feng was suffering, she turned red with worry. But Lin Feng would smile at her now and then so she felt relieved.

After three days of suffering, Lin Feng didn't feel the pain as much as before. His Tian Ji Sword was even more dazzling. The sword had also grown used to being thunderstruck. Even though it was still painful, it wasn't so bad.

After seven days of suffering, Lin Feng felt even more relaxed, he could even stand steadily on his feet and watch his sword be cleaned by the thunder and lightning.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng's back and smiled in a resplendent way. He wasn't suffering so badly, now he was standing steadily. Lin Feng turned around, smiled in a resplendent way and said, "Practice cultivation, otherwise, I'll soon surpa.s.s you!"

"Alright." said Meng Qing nodding. Then, she also started practicing cultivation. She was thinking that if she became stronger, Lin Feng wouldn't need to suffer that much anymore. Of course, that was a woman's thought, she was just worried for her husband. How could a man like Lin Feng let a girl protect him? What he wanted was to protect his wives, family, friends. He wanted to become stronger.

Thirty days pa.s.sed. The Tian Ji Sword was easily absorbing those purple thunderous energies.

"It can now be struck by lightning without any problem." whispered Lin Feng. He slowly walked towards the thunder.

"Kaboom!" When Lin Feng walked to the edge of the thunderous area, a terrifying thunder struck him and he spat out blood as he fell to his knees. However, he didn't emit any sounds because he didn't want to disturb Meng Qing who was practicing cultivation.

"600,000 gems for that, I can't waste any of this. Since my sword is now clean, I have to improve my physical strength too." Even though Lin Feng had blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, he was still smiling. He released demonic energies and used his three-lives Buddha-Demon skill.

He jumped up in the air and was propelled back to the ground immediately. He did that over and over again. He had already lost so much blood, but at the same time, he could sense that he was becoming stronger from it. Maybe he would be able to understand thunder energies like his sword, then he wouldn't need to use his sword to confront thunderous energies.

He continued this thunder training for thirty more days. Demonic strength continued flowing through his body and that lightning never stopped striking him. Finally, he managed to walk further into the clouds where the lightning was even more brutal.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn't a holy weapon himself. Even though he had demonic strength and fate seeds, he couldn't bathe in those thunders.

He was becoming a lot stronger and even more muscular.

Lin Feng didn't know that Meng Qing, who was practicing cultivation next to him, was crying.

After eighty days, Lin Feng realized just how much stronger he had become. He had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer. Just thinking about it made him laugh to death. Surprisingly, bathing in lightning was therapeutic.

A hundred days finally pa.s.sed. Lin Feng had suffered a lot, but he was still disappointed because he wanted to spend more time suffering under those energies.

When Lin Feng arrived back at the shrine, there were thunderous energies sparking around his hands.

He was smiling in a resplendent way.

"You've been thunderstruck so many times that you've become stupid!" said Meng Qing. Lin Feng was smiling fatuously, he had been struck by thunder so many times and it had been extremely painful, so now he was just smiling fatuously.

"A few more times and I would have broken through to the next Tian Qi layer again. My physical body is incredibly strong now. Besides, I now understand thunder intent, I even have level seven thunder intent! I don't mind being thunderstruck a bit more!" said Lin Feng smiling. What surprised him the most was that he had learnt thunder intent and even level seven thunder intent!

Of course, Lin Feng was perfectly aware that he had learnt how to use thunder intent so fast because he already understood three other types of intent.

Lin Feng couldn't wait for his Tian Ji Sword to progress even further. His sword had become stronger too, it hadn't become a medium-level holy weapon yet, but soon it would. His sword now had its first soul, it was rudimentary, but still!

PMG Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158: Revenge

After Lin Feng came out, he took back his bow, so now he only had 400,000 gems left. Of course, that was still more than most people, but as before, Lin Feng wasn't satisfied, especially after having had his own blue fate seeds.

Lin Feng didn't feel like trading his sunset bow either, it had already become his weapon.

"Meng Qing, how's your Taoist robe made of feathers?" asked Lin Feng smiling. Meng Qing's clothes were diffusing seven different colors. It was a high-level holy weapon. With all those lights and her celestial Qi, she looked incredible.

"You look extremely good in it." said Lin Feng laughing. Meng Qing took it off. With that robe, apart from Zun cultivators, n.o.body could defeat her.

"Didn't you want to go and kill someone?" said Meng Qing.

"No hurry. Let him help us get some more fate seeds first." said Lin Feng laughing evilly. Some people wanted to kill him, so he'd be merciless in return.

"Let's go and find more fate seeds." said Lin Feng taking out his Tian Ji Sword. They surfed in the air riding his Tian Ji Sword again.

Lin Feng arrived above someone, took out his bow and shouted, "Give me your fate seeds!"

That person looked at Lin Feng, his mouth twitched, but he gave them to Lin Feng like a good boy.

Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky once again, quickly disappearing from that person's field of vision.

"d.a.m.n, he's so fast…" thought that person. He had taken great efforts to get a few thousand fate seeds and in that second, Lin Feng had taken them all. No wonder that guy already had four blue-green fate seeds.

Lin Feng moved at this speed and continued stealing fate seeds for two full days. Wherever Lin Feng had been, n.o.body was left with fate seeds anymore. Fortune City was incredibly large so the strongest cultivators were not easy to encounter. If Lin Feng saw someone stronger than him, he avoided them.

"It's blue again." whispered Lin Feng. He sensed that indomitable strength in his body again. His fate seeds had turned blue again so his physical body was becoming stronger without him needing to do anything.

"I can easily kill people of the seventh Tian Qi layer now solely relying on my physical strength." thought Lin Feng clenching his fists. His physical strength now contained thunder energies, plus his demon and Buddha energies, he was extremely muscular.

"Meng Qing, do you need anything? I can help you!" said Lin Feng. He now had more than a million gems. Meng Qing just lowered her head, "Nah, I just want you to be happy."

"Silly girl." said Lin Feng caressing her hair and smiling wryly. Meng Qing never had any special requirements, she was just happy to be with Lin Feng.

"Let's go to the shrine then, I have some accounts to settle." Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky again, in the direction of the shrine.

A powerful Qi was emerging from his holy weapon. Even though his fate seeds had turned blue, n.o.body thought to confront him. He still had the Qi from the top of the Tian Qi layer after all!

In a short time, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were inside the shrine again.

"Master, we want to be teleported to that person." said Lin Feng transmitting a young man's image to the old man.

"Go!" said the old man shaking his head. In a flash, Lin Feng and Meng Qing disappeared.

Long Teng and Gu Xiao were still together looking for seeds. Long Teng already had more than 400,000 gems and Gu Xiao had more than 200,000.

At that moment, Long Teng was holding someone's head and broke their skull. A few thousand gems moved towards Long Teng's third eye. His hands were covered in dragon scales and there were a few corpses around them.

"Bzzz!" Another blue-green seed appeared in Long Teng's third eye. He now had five blue-green fate seeds.

"Congratulations, soon you'll have a million." said Gu Xiao smiling.

"When I have a million, I'll go to the shrine and ask to understand abstruse energies." said Long Teng with twinkling eyes. He wanted to understand abstruse energies more than anything else.

"Should I bring you there?" asked Lin Feng. Long Teng and Gu Xiao turned around and saw Lin Feng and Meng Qing standing behind them.

"Blue fate seeds." they were both incredulous. Lin Feng had more than a million gems.

Long Teng looked at him greedily and said, "You brought me a gift, how could I refuse?"

"Yep, come and take them." said Lin Feng. His flag appeared and he sealed the s.p.a.ce around them. Long Teng and Gu Xiao glanced at each other, Lin Feng was sealing himself on purpose?

"You want to bring about your own destruction!" Long Teng's eyes were twinkling with sharp lights. Long Teng and Gu Xiao already had dragon scales reaching up their arms.

"Meng Qing, help me block him first and after I kill him, I'll help you." said Lin Feng pointing at Long Teng. Lin Feng knew that Meng Qing was an expert at fighting. The nature pill had enhanced her strength beyond belief, and now, she was becoming even stronger. She had broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, so she could easily block Long Teng.

Snowflakes appeared and froze everything around her. Then, Meng Qing jumped towards Long Teng in a graceful way.

At the same time, Lin Feng jumped towards Gu Xiao and the Earth and sky were whistling. It was as if Lin Feng was condensing force.

Gu Xiao looked at Lin Feng, a bit scared. Lin Feng's Qi had the strength at top of the Tian Qi layer. He quickly understood that it was fake, but still, he didn't feel safe.

"Die!" shouted Gu Xiao furiously releasing dragon Qi. He then punched the air in Lin Feng's direction.

Lin Feng didn't dodge, instead, he continued running towards Gu Xiao and punched the air in his direction as well.

"You want to die!" shouted Gu Xiao. He was surprised. Lin Feng didn't use any energy, he was simply using pure physical strength to punch him!

"Kaboom!" Their fists collided and Gu Xiao's facial expression changed drastically. How come Lin Feng's physical strength was so explosive?

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Thunder and fire energies emerged from Lin Feng's fist and Gu Xiao was electrocuted. He started shaking violently, forcing himself to move back.

"I'll kill you." said Lin Feng taking out his halberd. He attacked Gu Xiao with his halberd this time, but Gu Xiao took out his golden bell which collided with the halberd.

"Bzzz… bzzz…" the golden bell shook violently and moved backwards. Gu Xiao could sense energies spilling out from his golden bell as it came back  to him. He could barely breathe when Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and attacked him again.

"Roar!" Gu Xiao's arms turned black and his golden bell resonated as it struck the halberd. However, at that same moment, he raised his head and saw a sharp sword falling down from the sky. That sword contained both fire and thunder energies.

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