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PMG Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159: Strangeness in the Sky

Gu Xiao raised his head and instantly turned pale. That sword was terrifying, it even had its own soul.

"b.e.s.t.i.a.l Shadow!" shouted Gu Xiao furiously as he moved backwards like Long Teng the other day. Tian Long Divine Castle's dragon skills were nothing short of incredible.

"p.i.s.s off!" gigantic claws streaked across the sky.

"Kaboom!" Gu Xiao wanted to grab Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword, however, lightning struck his hand and electrocuted him. Then, he started shaking violently again. He couldn't stop Lin Feng's halberd this time, so sent flying.

"Die!" Lin Feng attacked Gu Xiao with his Tian Ji Sword again and at the same time, he rose up in the air and took out his bow. Gu Xiao was panicking. He was surprised by Lin Feng's battling style, what a terrifying combo!

"Boom!" his golden bell moved towards the arrows. He could block the arrows, but Lin Feng was also attacking him with the halberd. A light appeared and moved straight towards Gu Xiao, instantly breaking his dragon armor.

Gu Xiao groaned. He had tried using almost everything now.

"Die!" Lin Feng was determined to kill Gu Xiao.

"Bzzz!" Gu Xiao stopped fighting, turned around and ran towards Long Teng. He was hoping that Long Teng would protect him, however, Long Teng was fighting Meng Qing and was struggling. At that moment, he was almost completely frozen and could barely move. There was no way he could help Gu Xiao.

"slas.h.!.+" Lin Feng punched the air in Gu Xiao's direction, his hands contained both fire and thunder energies. He was also holding his halberd in his other hand.

"Roar!" Gu Xiao's Qi became chaotic. He turned around, he wanted to grab the halberd with his dragon armor, but in the end, he couldn't block the halberd. The strength of the halberd penetrated his chest and he groaned coldly. Blood began to spill out of his abdomen.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique and ran towards him again. Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword fell down from the sky and into his hand. Gu Xiao's heart started pounding violently and he looked terrified.

"Destroy!" shouted Lin Feng attacking with his sword. Thunder-fire streaked across the sky, ripping apart some of the s.p.a.ce.

Then everything suddenly became calm, Gu Xiao was petrified as a mark appeared on his forehead and blood started spilling out from that mark.

"No!" That was Gu Xiao's last word. Then, his body, cut clean into two. His fate seeds moved towards Lin Feng's third eye, over 200,000 gems.

"Die!" Long Teng punched the air, breaking the ice around him. His eyes were bloodshot. Gu Xiao was dead and Lin Feng had killed him!

"Go!" Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky towards Long Teng. Thunder and fire energies rolled in waves behind it.

At the same time, Lin Feng shot three arrows at Long Teng.

"Dragon body!" Long Teng's dragon armor appeared. He quickly turned into a ferocious dragon, his eyes looked even more b.e.s.t.i.a.l.

"Tian Long's dragon body!" Lin Feng looked at him coldly. Long Teng was a lot stronger than Gu Xiao. And with his armor, he was even stronger.

"Lin Feng, I'll use my special holy celestial attack on him, get ready to kill him." said Meng Qing using telepathy.

"Alright." said Lin Feng using telepathy as well. Long Teng was in a frenzy, blocking him with ice was impossible now.

At that moment, Meng Qing rose up in the air and released holy, celestial energies. Multicolored clouds appeared and she looked like a G.o.ddess.

Meng Qing performed some hand seals and suddenly, she disappeared in the snow clouds. A dot then appeared which was pointing at Long Teng.

"Die!" shouted Long Teng chasing Meng Qing. However, as soon as he reached Meng Qing, she had her finger pointing at him. When he touched that finger, he was frozen completely-solid.

"Snow Seal!" said Meng Qing. Snowflakes were now pouring heavily and they quickly surrounded Long Teng.

At the same time, Lin Feng attacked with his halberd and his Tian Ji Sword simultaneously.

His halberd was aimed at Long Teng's heart. However, something blocked him. Long Teng's dragon armor was tougher than he thought, his halberd couldn't pierce it.

Meng Qing attacked too and punched him, but the same thing happened. Then, Lin Feng attacked with his Tian Ji Sword which contained fire and thunder energies. Lin Feng wanted to cut Long Teng's head off, but it only slightly cut Long Teng as blood appeared inside the ice.

"Roar, roar…" the ice broke. A terrifying strength attacked Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Meng Qing moved back as Long Teng appeared again. He could barely move because the ice was still restricting him. He was bleeding, but if he hadn't been for his dragon armor, he would already be dead.

He looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing, then he rose up in the air and attacked the flag sealing the s.p.a.ce around them, breaking it. Then, he rose up in the clouds and escaped.

Lin Feng didn't chase him. Instead, he just watched. Long Teng had managed to break the flag's seal with a single attack. Lin Feng had managed to injure Long Teng, but killing him proved to be more difficult, especially considering his dragon armor.

"He's so strong, but there are people stronger than him in the Ba Huang Province. Even with the strength of the sixth Tian Qi layer, I am too weak!" whispered Lin Feng.

"Step by step. The first time we met, you were so weak. Now, look at yourself. Almost n.o.body can compete with you at the same cultivation level. And as you level up, you'll become even stronger." said Meng Qing smiling.

Lin Feng nodded, agreeing.

"Bzzz!" "At that time, a strange strength appeared around them. Lin Feng and Meng Qing raised their heads and saw some portraits appear.

"Diviner, is the cycle of reincarnation going to start!" whispered Lin Feng. It was as if Lin Feng had seen life.

PMG Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160: Fire City

A strange landscape appeared in the sky, but Lin Feng and Meng Qing weren't the only ones who saw it. Everybody raised their heads to look at the changing sky. Some people had heard their elders' stories about Fortune City and knew what it meant. Those people immediately rose up in the air.

"A mirage!" whispered Lin Feng. There was another illusion in the sky. Lin Feng had the same impression from when he had first seen Fortune City, but the landscape in the sky looked even more like an illusion.

"Something is going to happen. It's not surprising though, those people can't give us unlimited time in here after all." whispered Lin Feng. People had already obtained incredible treasures inside Fortune City, but many people had died too. Of course, everybody had a different fate.

Lin Feng was thinking, "What was going to happen next? What was Fortune City? Had Fortune City appeared in other places such as Jiu You or the Holy City?" He couldn't understand any of it.

"Let's go and see." said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. They jumped on his Tian Ji sword and rose up in the air.

Lin Feng saw some other people rising with him. They glanced at each other, they seemed to know that there was something there.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the landscape again. Something was definitely going to happen.

"We can follow that path to find the real place." said Meng Qing. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, the landscape in the sky seemed to be indicating a path. Lin Feng couldn't miss that opportunity.

However, Lin Feng didn't expect the path to be so long. They continued flying for four days, but they still hadn't reached their destination.

Lin Feng continued running along and stealing fate seeds. Now he had two blue fates seeds in his third eye and with them, his physical body was becoming even stronger. He gave a blue fate seed to Meng Qing, but she gave it back to him. It seemed like sometimes she would listen to him and sometimes she was stubborn.

"Lin Feng, did you sense that?" whispered Meng Qing.

Lin Feng nodded.

The landscape above them was becoming hotter as they got closer.

Apart from that, there were even more people and those people seemed stronger than the average cultivators they had come across so far.

"Right, that illusion is merging with Fortune City." whispered Lin Feng. At that moment, connections were being established between the air and that place. It was slowly becoming tangible.

Lin Feng didn't try to steal any more fate seeds. There were many people at the eighth and ninth Tian Qi layer now. Some people were even at the very top of the Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng stood no chance against them.

n.o.body decided to attack him either. Lin Feng possessed two incredible holy weapons and two millions gems.

"How hot." Finally, Lin Feng saw some flames in the distance.

"We arrived." whispered Lin Feng. There were already many people in the distance.

It was a city on fire. There weren't just flames, it was a desolate place with wrecked buildings. Even the roads were burning.

"Those rods were created on purpose for us to walk across them." said Meng Qing. There were several roads to choose from.

"Maybe that place was created for fire cultivators?" whispered Lin Feng. He looked at the sky and saw that the illusion was still there. It was strange to look at, as if what he saw wasn't real.

"Life, fire, water and thunder areas!" whispered Lin Feng. There were all sorts of places there, as if they had been made for different sorts of cultivators.

The illusion directly ahead of them was pointing towards the city on fire.

It probably indicated that there were more areas than that fire s.p.a.ce, just that they had to cross that place to see the other places. Lin Feng wasn't sure about it, but that was his guess.

"To go there, you need to have a blue fate seed. I just saw someone enter and he had a blue seed. After he went inside he immediately disappeared." said someone to the side of them.

"Blue seed to enter?"

The crowd wasn't happy. There were many people there, but only a few had blue fate seeds. Just what was that place?

"If you have blue seeds, maybe your life will change forever." said someone else. Maybe possessing blue seeds was the price to pay to seize the next opportunity.

"Not only that place, I heard someone who said the other areas were the same. You need blue seeds to pa.s.s, otherwise, you can only watch from outside. I also heard that if you can enter one of those places, you'll have the chance to learn abstruse energies of your choosing." said someone else. Everybody was talking and several people were nervous about it.

There was only one solution for those who didn't have enough seeds,  they had to steal more fate seeds from people.

Many people looked at Lin Feng who had two blue seeds. If they managed to defeat him, they could get their blue seeds and enter one of the special areas.


Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. Some people wanted to fight him now!

PMG Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161: Nice Shot!

"Meng Qing, we will need to separate!" said Lin Feng. Apparently, there were different areas there so Lin Feng hoped that Meng Qing would go to the place most suitable for her instead of following him.

"I don't know where to go. I don't even know if there's a place suitable for me." said Meng Qing in a low voice. She needed a pure, celestial place or a snow place, definitely not that fire area.

"Look over there, that should be a snowy place." said Lin Feng pointing at the map in the sky, there was a place which looked to be covered in a blizzard.

"What about you? Where are you going?" asked Meng Qing.

"A thunder place if there's one, I need to practice thunder cultivation to finish my sword." said Lin Feng smiling. He was going to bite off more than he could chew, his thunder intent was already so powerful so now he wanted to master that strength.

Of course, if he could, he also wished to go to the other places. Maybe some of those places could teach cultivators about abstruse energies. There was also a place filled with the source of life in the sky, it was blue like water and contained an incredible vitality.

Feng Xuan had bought something with a vitality abstruse crystal on the Island of the Nine Dragons. Vitality was a kind of mysterious strength, so it made sense that a place filled with it would appear in Fortune City.

Meng Qing nodded. If she could find a place with snow or pure, celestial energies, she would benefit the most from them. The stronger she was, the less Lin Feng had to worry.

"You!" said someone coldly. Lin Feng sensed cold energies so he turned around.

He saw a girl, a very beautiful girl. Lin Feng recognized her. Even though he had only seen her once and it was only for a few minutes, such a beautiful girl was difficult to forget.

Qi Jiao Jiao looked upset when she saw Lin Feng. n.o.body had ever stolen from or attacked her before. Even in Fortune City, many people were polite with her.

"Jiao Jiao, is he the one who disrespected you?" asked someone. There were a few people on Qi Jiao Jiao's side. They surrounded her as if she were a queen. Even though she didn't need protectors, the Qi Clan was too famous in Ba Huang province. In the eastern part, absolutely everybody knew her.

"Indeed, he changed his face though. Back in the shrine, I made the request to find him, but that person didn't exist. Now I even suspect his Qi to be fake." said Qi Jiao Jiao looking at Lin Feng coldly. She wasn't dumb, since the old man had told her that that person didn't exist, she understood that Lin Feng had used a special power to disguise himself. Even though everything was possible in the shrine, nothing could be created out of nothing. Therefore, Lin Feng had probably disguised himself.

"Indeed, he must have the strength of the fifth Tian Qi layer, but changed his face, some people must have seen him." said someone behind Qi Jiao Jiao indifferently. Lin Feng glanced at that person, he had seen him already. He was there when Lin Feng had been surrounded by all those people, but he hadn't attacked.

"It's him." said someone else. That bow, they had seen it before.

"Fifth Tian Qi layer!" Qi Jiao Jiao bit her lips. Surprisingly, a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer had stolen 200,000 gems from her! How was that possible?

"It seems like Brother Wu chased him before, but failed, I wonder why." said someone else mockingly. There were tensions between them apparently.

"Yuan Fei is one his best friends, so he came and kicked the thunderbird away. Then the others gave up. Unfortunately, Jiao Jiao's second brother wasn't there." said Brother Wu indifferently.

"Someone brought blue seeds here, it's a good thing!"

"Blue fate seeds, you fooled so many people!" said Qi Jiao Jiao staring at Lin Feng.

Many people heard that and they sounded surprised too, he had changed his Qi? He only had the strength of the fifth Tian Qi layer?

But he had two blue fate seeds.

Qi Jiao Jiao walked towards Lin Feng, her facial expression looked cold.

"Jiao Jiao, you don't need to fight such weak people." said a cultivator of the seventh Tian Qi layer. He was holding a black spear which contained its own destructive energies.

"Hehe, I can help too." said two other people. Lin Feng had blue seeds, so they had to get involved if they wanted to share the loot. They would give one blue seed to Qi Jiao Jiao and share the second one between themselves. Of course, if n.o.body had said that Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, they wouldn't thought to attack.

"Meng Qing, let's go." said Lin Feng indifferently. They had to go to the fire area first. Then, Lin Feng wanted to find the thunder area and Meng Qing the pure celestial or snow area.

"Eh?" those people were dumbstruck. Lin Feng was ignoring them?

"You want to die!" said the one with the spear. He immediately threw his spear at Lin Feng and a terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned around, his eyes were filled with sword and thunder energies.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique, rose up in the air and attacked with his halberd. Kacha… the spear broke and the halberd continued moving towards the cultivator.

He was shocked and was shaking violently. The others who were getting ready to attack Lin Feng suddenly stopped.

"Kaboom!" Lightning struck the cultivator and his body disappeared. Lin Feng glanced at those people coldly and said, "If anyone annoys me again, I don't mind taking their fate seeds!"

"I just stole your fate seeds!" said Lin Feng glancing at Qi Jiao Jiao. He was convinced that she understood what he meant.

"Is he a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer or is he at the top of the Tian Qi layer?" those people were trying to judge Lin Feng. One of them had said he had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer a moment ago.

"He's really only a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer, but he's good at fighting and he's got holy weapons, so killing cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer isn't a problem for him!" said that person indifferently.

The people who were with Qi Jiao Jiao immediately surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at them and raised his bow.

"Meng Qing!" said Lin Feng. He rose up in the air and eight arrows appeared in his hand.

Meng Qing understood what Lin Feng meant. Snowflakes appeared and surrounded all of them.

"Freeze!" said Meng Qing. The s.p.a.ce around them began to freeze over, and at the same time, Lin Feng's arrows started s.h.i.+ning like the sun, emitting crackling sounds. Then, as he shot his arrows, all their fate seeds went to Lin Feng's third eye.

Those who had attacked were shaking. Lin Feng had killed all those people in one shot. Lin Feng had even killed cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer.

"Let's go." said Lin Feng. Meng Qing rose up in the air and they left together.

"You…" the young man who had been called Brother Wu looked upset.

"I forgot to tell you, that girl is also strong and can easily kill cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer. Lastly, a Watcher is protecting them!" said that person laughing indifferently. The others looked at him in an cold way.

"Jiao Jiao, we can't do anything to them. We lost a few c.r.a.ppy cultivators, but that's not such a bad thing." said that person nodding Qi Jiao Jiao.

PMG Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162: Jun Mo Xi

Qi Jiao Jiao was surprised. Wu Yan was the strongest cultivator on her side and he said they couldn't do anything to them. That was surprising to hear that from him of all people. Even more surprising to hear considering Lin Feng had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer.

Wu Yan had killed many people, so she didn't blame him for not killing Lin Feng.

"Of course, if you fight against him alone, you may be able to defeat him." said Wu Yan smiling in a devilish way. Qi Jiao Jiao smiled and said, "I see. I could obviously defeat a cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer, however, I am surprised that the guy is protected by a watcher."

After that, she frowned, the Watchers only protected people who had the potential to become emperors. Qi Jiao Jiao had only heard legends about the Watchers.


Lin Feng was riding his Tian Ji Sword as they moved forward. There were even more people ahead, and they were progressively stronger than those before them.

Lin Feng and Meng Qing quickly realized that the fire place was gigantic. It took them an entire hour to go around it. After that, they arrived at a dazzling golden place.

They continued on ahead. Some people were looking at Lin Feng greedily now because of his blue fate seeds, but when they sensed his Qi, they didn't attack. Top of the Tian Qi layer, blue seeds, a terrifying sword, he was probably too strong for them.

The third area they found was an Earthen place, the fourth one was a wooden one, the fifth was a water one… Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other. The five basic elements!

"Do you think we'll end up in the fire place again?" whispered Lin Feng. As they continued, they really ended up in the fire place again.

"There are only five areas. We spent a lot of time running around, but that place shouldn't be so big. It doesn't look like the landscape in the sky at all." said Lin Feng. He remained silent for a few seconds and said, "Where is the thunder place, where is the life place?!"

"Moon, sun, five elements!" whispered Lin Feng as if he had thought of something.

"Maybe you're right. When considering thunder, some people would say it originates from wood while others would say Earth. When considering life, some people say wood as well. Maybe abstruse energies are made of these five elements, including the very elemental energies themselves." whispered Meng Qing.

Lin Feng looked at her and said, "You mean that we have to use those five areas to get to the other areas."

"Maybe." said Meng Qing. Lin Feng looked pensive and then smiled. He put his hand on his heart and said, "Come out!" Two silhouettes appeared in front of Lin Feng. They were astonished when they saw Lin Feng.

Meng Qing was astonished. She looked at one of them: a young man who had a powerful and aggressive Qi, but he had only broken through to the second Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng looked at them and said, "That is absolutely hilarious!"

Those two people were the spirits from the Huang Sea. Lin Feng had promised them he would help them find bodies. Since then, he had put them in Jade Emperor's palace so they could choose a body inside. One of them had chosen the body of a strong cultivator from the East Sea Dragon Palace, the dragon king. The other one, which made Lin Feng even more speechless, had chosen Duan Wu Dao!

"That body is powerful and is quite suitable for me. I even have a little bit of dragon strength." said the dragon king. They had practiced cultivation inside and had learnt how to control their bodies.

"That person was really gifted, unfortunately, you imprisoned him inside. Even though his cultivation level was really low, I'll solve that issue quickly enough." said Duan Wu Dao.

"Alright." Lin Feng was speechless. He was talking to two people he hated and had imprisoned in the jade palace. It was a very strange feeling, but Duan Wu Dao used to be strong, indeed.

"Did Fortune City exist when you were young?" asked Lin Feng quickly forgetting about those people's new bodies.

"Fortune City!" they both looked incredulous. They looked at Lin Feng and said, "I've never heard of Fortune City, but I've heard of the Fortune Shrine!"

"Fortune Shrine!" Lin Feng and Meng Qing glanced at each other. He had told Meng Qing about those people before, so she knew they were from the antiquity.

"What was the Fortune Shrine?" asked Lin Feng. Maybe that Fortune Shrine they were talking about wasn't the same one they were now in.

They both shook their heads and the dragon king said, "It was a terrifying strength in the continent. It was said that the great war had started because of it. We, Zun cultivators, were considered low level cultivators so n.o.body told us anything about it. Even our master, the vice emperor wasn't considered a strong cultivator during the war. There were many secrets he didn't know even."

Lin Feng was surprised, the vice emperor didn't count as a strong cultivator during the antique war.

"Thunder abstruse energy, life abstruse energy, ma.s.sacre abstruse energy, etc., are all those abstruse energies related to the five elements?"

"Of course, the ten thousand things of creation are created by moon and sun energies, all the energies of the Earth and sky are not pure. Every energy can be defined according to the moon, the sun and the five elements, nothing more." said Duan Wu Dao. Lin Feng nodded. Meng Qing was right. Just who had created Fortune City?

"Let's go to the water area." said Lin Feng.

"No need, your cultivation is based on the sun and you understand fire energies. You should start from there. Besides, since you can hide people within your palace, I should be able to enter without having to pay the blue fate seeds, right?" said Meng Qing. Lin Feng remained silent and said, "Let's go, we're going to the shrine!"

"To the shrine?" Meng Qing was surprised.

"We'll take a few people." Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword became bigger, Lin Feng brought Meng Qing and the two others to the shrine. They soon arrived in the shrine and Lin Feng looked at the strong cultivator, "Master, we want to go to that person." Lin Feng then transmitted an image to the old man.

The old man inspected the memory and said, "You don't have enough fate seeds to go where he is, you need a million fate seeds for each person!"

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled, he asked, "Really?"

"I don't lie!" said the old man indifferently yet slightly coldly. Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent way. A moment before, Lin Feng transmitted Jun Mo Xi's image to the old man.

He was still alive and to go see him, he needed a million fate seeds. That meant that Jun Mo Xi had been to one of those five elemental places. Lin Feng was terribly excited. Lin Feng had hoped that his friends were in Fortune City as well. The chances were low, but apparently, it happened!

"What about her?" asked Lin Feng transmitting Tang You You's image to the old man and firmly staring at him.

"She's never been here." said the old man.

"She must have come, Master, are capable of making mistakes?" asked Lin Feng.

"Fortune City is omniscient. She may have come, but I can't tell you. If she came, it was with a different face!"

Lin Feng was disappointed for a second. If You You was alive, maybe she hadn't come to Fortune City, maybe she was still somewhere else!

PMG Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163: Beast Palace

Lin Feng and the others went back to the place where the elemental areas were.

Lin Feng, Meng Qing, Yun Fei Yang, Huang Fu Long, the dragon king and Duan Wu Dao were all there. In the Shrine Palace, Lin Feng had also asked about Yun Fei Yang too, but he wasn't in Fortune City either. Then, he asked to have Huang Fu Long and Yun Fei Yang teleported to him. Since he had a way to cheat, why not bring them to the elemental areas too?

Lin Ruo Tian initially wanted to take Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba too, but letting them know about his Jade Emperor's palace was too risky. If anyone else came to know about it, it would end badly for Lin Feng.

"Let's go now?" asked Lin Feng.

"Wait, fate seeds first!" said Yuan Fei with a strange expression. He jumped far away, into the horizon, his wooden stick streaked across the sky and crashed onto the ground, leaving a great canyon in its place.

"Give me your fate seeds!" shouted Yuan Fei aggressively. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Yuan Fei did whatever he wanted.

"Yuan Fei, everybody wants to continue, so why do you do that? It's not fair." said someone who recognized Yuan Fei. That person was polite, but Yuan Fei's wooden stick fell down from the sky again, forcing many people to dodge.

"Bzzz…" His gigantic wooden stick stopped just above that person who was suddenly soaked in a cold sweat.

"Give them!" shouted Yuan Fei extremely loudly. People's mouth twitched. Only the poor guy was left after everyone ran away, so he handed over his few dozens of thousands of fate seeds over to Yuan Fei.

"Alright, calm down now." said Yuan Fei going back. Lin Feng was speechless, but he then took out his palace and put it on the ground.

"You guys, go in. When we're in the fire area, I'll take you out." said Lin Feng. Yuan Fei was surprised to see that palace, it had an ancient Qi. They all entered the palace and with their strength, there were quite a few things they could benefit from inside.

Lin Feng hid the palace away again and entered the fire area. The first thing he noticed was that the ground looked like an illusion. Lin Feng was fixedly staring at it, when his blue fate seed disappeared. As expected, a blue fate seed was required to go in.

"What we see from the outside is different than what is inside!"

The area looked like a wasteland, the Qi was old and scorching hot. It was a land of fire, indeed, but it was quite different from what people saw from the outside.

Yuan Fei and the others came out and were surprised when they saw the place.

"How come it looks like an ancient town which had suffered a great war?" asked Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, that Qi was ancient. Why did Fortune City send them there?

"Let's go." said Lin Feng. The four of them walked around to get a better understanding of the area.

"Roar!" at that moment, a roaring sound was heard. b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi appeared and then they saw a building of an animal.

That animal had the body of a lion, its eyes were red, its Qi was incredible, and its body was gigantic like a building. The beast looked at Lin Feng and his friends, making them feel uncomfortable.

Lin Feng was surprised because that beast had two green-blue seeds in its third eye.

"I have a feeling we went back into the past." The dragon king and Duan Wu Dao's eyes were twinkling. They continued, "That beast is the evil fire lion, an ancient beast with a ferocious temper."

"He looks like Qiong Qi!" Lin Feng was surprised. That beast was a wild beast. Lin Feng thought Fortune City was getting even stranger now.

"The most important thing is that we can still get fate seeds, so let's do it!" said Yuan Fei. He immediately jumped up in the air and while holding his gigantic wooden stick. The lion roared and a black fire appeared around his body. Then he jumped towards Yuan Fei's wooden stick with his claws leading the a.s.sault.

"Boom…" the lion was injured, but it continued moving towards Yuan Fei.

"I'm a beast too!" shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His arms became gigantic like those of a gorilla and collided against the lion. The lion wasn't stronger than Yuan Fei, so he wanted to escape, but he couldn't. Rumbling sounds appeared and after the tenth punch, the lion was dead and his fate seeds went to Yuan Fei's third eye.

"Pfew!" Huang Fu Long gulped down, "That beast would have killed me."

Huang Fu Long was speechless, Lin Feng was too.

"Two blue-green fate seeds, it seems like the strength of the beasts in here are related to their fate seeds. They also want to steal our fate seeds to become stronger." thought Lin Feng. That lion was more interested in Lin Feng, seeing how he had stared at him the whole time.

"Indeed, maybe there's an ocean of fate seeds in here." said Yuan Fei who was excited now. Where there was danger, there were opportunities.

"Bzzz…" in the distance, a strong cultivator appeared. He went to the center of the wrecked city. People who could go there were strong cultivators who already possessed a million gems.

"We need to hurry, people who go there have blue seeds so there are sure to be many more opportunities." said Lin Feng. They all continued moving ahead. In the distance, now and then, they would notice b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rising up.

"Fortune Shrine!" At that moment, a dazzling palace appeared. There was fortune energy das.h.i.+ng to the skies above it. That must be Fortune Shrine. Few people could see it and even fewer people went to it.

"What's that there?" there was a palace not far from the Fortune Shrine. That palace looked scary and b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi emanated from it.

"Let's go and see." said Yuan Fei as if he had sensed something. The building was surrounded by black clouds so people couldn't really see it.

Yuan Fei immediately entered the building, leaving Lin Feng speechless. Yuan Fei was a man of action, he didn't think too much when he wanted to do something. That place could be dangerous!"

"Boom!" A silhouette flew out and crashed onto the ground. It was Yuan Fei and he was shaking.

"d.a.m.n it! That b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi is terrifying!" Yuan Fei was now swearing. He got up using his stick and released his own b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. He moved towards the palace, step by step. The ground kept shaking, but Yuan Fei was furious.

"You guys should leave, this palace is not suitable for you. Go and seize other opportunities. This place is like Fortune City, it can change your destiny!" said Yuan Fei entering the building again. Everybody sighed and Lin Feng smiled wryly.

"Boom, boom, boom!" collision sounded again as b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi dashed to the skies. After a long time, the atmosphere became calm again.

"A beast palace!" "Lin Feng's eyes twinkled as he said, "Let's go, this palace is his."

PMG Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164: Beasts!

Lin Feng heard more buzzing sounds as he turned around and found that a mysterious strength was emanating from the palace: sealing strength.

"The beast palace is closing?" whispered Duan Wu Dao. Yuan Fei had gone into the palace and now it was closing itself. Only one person could enter the palace at a time?

"Do you want to walk around and find more suitable things for you?" asked Lin Feng to the dragon king and Duan Wu Dao. The dragon king was extremely strong, if he managed to control his body entirely, he would become even stronger. Duan Wu Dao was weaker though.

"Alright, we'll transmit a memory to you so that you can find us." said Duan Wu Dao, he knew that Lin Feng was worried about them. However, that guy now had Duan Wu Dao's body and could use some of Duan Wu Dao's abilities along with his own. Besides, without fate seeds, few people would chase him.

Those two people left and Lin Feng took out his animal tower, releasing all the animals. "It's an ancient town, you guys may have some opportunities here. You can go now, but be careful."

They all said goodbye to Lin Feng and left.

"Lin Feng, my mother made that animal tower herself. It can have an explosive power if I use it, so you should give it to me." said Meng Qing. That animal tower was a holy weapon which could oppress animals. In that ancient city, there would be terrifyingly strong beasts, so maybe Meng Qing would be able to capture some more beasts with it.

When Meng Qing wanted something, Lin Feng could only please her. He then looked at Huang Fu Long, and Huang Fu Long understood what Lin Feng meant because he had the same idea. He smiled and said, "I'm off."

"Alright, be careful." said Lin Feng tapping Huang Fu Long's shoulder. He took out his holy weapons and asked Huang Fu Long, "Do you want anything?"

"My dragon axe already has an explosive power, but I'll take the ancient s.h.i.+eld." said Huang Fu Long taking the black s.h.i.+eld. Then, he left. He couldn't rely on Lin Feng to protect him and he wanted to become stronger too.

"No." said Meng Qing shaking her head. Lin Feng hadn't even talked yet, but she knew what he was going to say. Instead, he took her hand and they walked together.

That place was a gigantic, ancient city. Lin Feng saw a few fire animals who all had blue-green fate seeds. They looked ferocious and were difficult to fight, so Lin Feng didn't try to fight them.

"Lin Feng, over there." said Meng Qing pointing in a direction with billowing towers of red flames.

"What a scary fire. Let's go and see!" said Lin Feng, who was interested because he practiced fire cultivation. When they arrived near those flames, they found that two beasts were fighting.

"It looks like a three-legged golden crow." thought Lin Feng looking at one of the beasts. It had terrifying flames which were burning the ground under its feet. The beast fighting it was a fire beast as well, but it looked like a turtle with wings. Lin Feng had never seen such a beasts before. Maybe those ancient beasts were now extinct.

"That ocean of flames is its own fire city!"

"The golden crow seems like it's trying to claim a fire stone!" said Meng Qing looking at that winged turtle's claws: it was holding a fire stone.

"Caw!" the golden crow spat out flames. The turtle also released its own fire energies which gave birth to a hurricane made of fire. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were not so near, but they could still sense those scorching hot energies.

Those flames were almost to the abstruse fire level.

However, the turtle opened its mouth and swallowed the sun, leaving Lin Feng and Meng Qing aghast. Fighting against a beast of the same type wasn't easy. Unless one of them had a much, much stronger fire Qi than the other one, it was almost impossible to kill the other beast.

"Bzzz!" Then, the atmosphere started shaking. Lin Feng saw a young man walking towards those beasts slowly. Soon he had walked into the middle of them, as if the flames didn't affect him.

"A strong cultivator." thought Lin Feng fixedly staring at him. That guy did a knife-hand strike onto the turtle and a star appeared. The turtle was suddenly caged inside it.

"Die!" said the young man. His hand was dazzling as it contained star energies. Blood and fire mixed as the turtle was killed. The young man grabbed some of the remaining fire.

He turned around and walked towards the golden crow, still looking calm.

"Caw!" The crow cawed, turned around and took off. It wanted to escape.

The young man opened his hand, jumped up and disappeared. His terrifying stars appeared again and surrounded the golden crow. The golden crow was struggling to break free by flapping its wings, but the young man performed another knife-hand strike to it. The crow cried and then its body was cut in two. Its fate seeds also went to the young man's third eye.

"He's terrifying strong!" thought Lin Feng s.h.i.+vering. That guy's knife-hand strike was astonis.h.i.+ngly powerful!

That guy was breathtakingly strong. Even if they joined hands, Meng Qing and Lin Feng wouldn't necessarily be able to kill those fire beasts.

"What a beast!" thought Lin Feng. They didn't know him. Was he one of the strong cultivators Yuan Fei had told him about? He used star skills and techniques which could break s.p.a.ce itself. Perhaps that young man understood abstruse energies, including an incredible type of abstruse energy: empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energy!

The young man looked at Lin Feng, but didn't attack. He took the fire stone and jumped into the fire. Lin Feng understood that the guy probably understood empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energy as well as fire abstruse energy, otherwise, he wouldn't have taken that fire stone and jumped into an ocean of flames.

"Meng Qing, I want to go and see." said Lin Feng. Meng Qing nodded and smiled, "Go, I'll wait for you here, if I'm left waiting too long, I'll leave and find a more suitable place for myself."

"Be careful." said Lin Feng in a gentle voice, caressing her head and smiling. Then he jumped into the ocean of flames. Apart from him, some other people went there. They were probably all fire cultivators as well.

PMG Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165: Golden Crow

As Lin Feng fell into the flame-filled abyssal hole. He used pure fire Qi to surround his body and protect him. Sometimes, purple thunderous energies attacked him too. Lin Feng had a strong physical strength and also practiced fire cultivation, so he was confident in his fire resistance.

"That city on fire is big!" thought Lin Feng. He jumped forwards where fire Qi was thicker and found that this place was good to practice fire cultivation.

Last time, he had bathed in thunders and it was very beneficial, but painful.

Lin Feng slowly observed the fire. Pure fire Qi was flowing around him as he was absorbing fire.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a cultivator who was faster than him at absorbing fire Qi. He was inhaling and exhaling very quickly. He was absorbing fire Qi and spitting out flames.

"That guy's fire skills must be incredible." thought Lin Feng. That guy glanced at him and continued running. Lin Feng had the strength at top of the Tian Qi layer and a blue seed, n.o.body wanted to challenge him still.

Lin Feng studied the flames, he inhaled and exhaled the scorching air. He began using his cosmos-burning sun technique and he closed his eyes. A sun pattern appeared on his body as he attracted in sunlight.

"Bzzz…" at that moment, Lin Feng's sun pattern became dazzling. Lin Feng opened his eyes and found that his fire energies had suddenly become a lot stronger

"Fire strength!" Lin Feng realized that his cultivation speed was incredible here. Even if he attacked other fire cultivators, he would probably be able to hurt them with his new fire.

It wasn't long before Lin Feng started sweating and his pure Qi which had surrounded his body wasn't enough. It was starting to become painful. On that road, Lin Feng later saw 4-5 people who were all fire cultivators that possessed incredible fire Qi. They were primarily cultivators of the eighth Tian Qi layer, but there were also a few cultivators of the ninth Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng found it strange that n.o.body attacked anyone else. They were all walking on the same path, the path of fire cultivation, so perhaps they thought of each other as fellow cultivators.

Lin Feng decided to move and walked for a long time. Even though he had an incredible physical body, he was still suffering. Sometimes, Lin Feng stopped using defensive strength and just based in the flames.

He wasn't the only one who did that, many other people did the same.

"Almost there." Lin Feng could sense the heat was increasing.

In the distance, he saw huge flames emanating out: he had made it.

"Golden crow?" Lin Feng gazed into the distance saw a three-legged golden crow swallowing flames and spitting out ocean of flames in return. Just behind that golden crow was a sun.

The three-legged golden crow lived on the sun according to legends. He was the G.o.d of the sun. That was according to legends, but still, the golden crow was a symbol of the sun.

"That's why I was attracted here?" Lin Feng's cosmos-burning sun technique was an authentic sun technique which created its own sun.

The golden crow in the distance was going in and out of looking real and becoming an illusion. It mustn't have been a real golden crow, otherwise, he would have attacked by now.

Lin Feng saw the young man again, he was walking forwards and looking at the golden crow in a relaxed way. There were three people next to him who were all looking at the golden crow as well.

Lin Feng remained motionless and also looked at the golden crow.

The place was remained calm for a long time and more people arrived. The very strong young man walked towards the golden crow very slowly.

When he got closer, the others released terrifying energies and their target was the golden crow.

"Bzzz!" The strong young man also released energies in the form of white stars which quickly surrounded the golden crow. However, Lin Feng saw through the illusional fire energy. The white stars disappeared at the same time.

"It's not a golden crow, it's not an animal at all. It's a flame." thought Lin Feng. The fire Qi was so incredible that it had taken the form of a golden crow.

No wonder those people attacked at the same time!

Lin Feng suddenly thought about the void fire in Asoka. That fire in front of him now was much more powerful than the void fire from before.

"That fire can take the form of a golden crow and it's similar to my technique." thought Lin Feng. However, at that moment, the young man was getting even closer without using any strength. The fire surrounded him and he didn't use any special powers to stop it. If the golden crow attacked him, it would be dangerous.

Purple thunderous energies appeared around Lin Feng. He also put on his armor and walked towards the golden crow. He got near, but stopped, he didn't feel safe moving any closer.

He stretched out his hand and the fire burnt his hand. However, the blue seal healed the wound immediately.

"If only Qiong Qi were here, he would use a skill to take that fire!" thought Lin Feng. He had a treasure in front of him, but couldn't take it. Qiong Qi had taken the void fire last time, if he had been there this time, he would have taken the golden crow fire too.

The young man began releasing little stars again.

"What is he doing?" thought the crowd looking at him. He was creating small star circles which were surrounding the s.p.a.ce.

"Does he want to take away a piece of the s.p.a.ce?!" thought the crowd. Besides, Lin Feng had seen how strong that guy was. As far as everyone here was concerned, he had the best chance to succeed!

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