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Chapter 1168:  Killing the Seventh

No wonder those attacks were so strong, that guy was one of seven Since that guy could fight Feng Xuan, the others were probably strong as well.

Back in Sword City, Lin Feng had sensed an’s energy and then the Watcher had helped him. He told him that there was always someone observing in the darkness. Feng Xuan was facing one of those which meant there was someone else hiding.

“Bzzz!” Lin Feng raised his bow. Even though Feng Xuan hadn’t asked him to fight, Lin Feng wouldn’t let them off. Last time they had tried to kill him, this time he wouldn’t give them a second chance.

Lin Feng condensed sun energy into his arrows and shot them at the who was fighting Feng Xuan. If the one in the dark attacked too, Lin Feng would concentrate on him then.

Another terrifying energy surrounded Lin Feng and the bow was oppressed.

“phoenix!” shouted Feng Xuan. Her hand turned into a phoenix and shot out towards the enemy leaving a trail of fire behind it.

The was distracted by Lin Feng so he had moved away from Feng Xuan.

Feng Xuan continued using her phoenix spell without hesitating.

“Seal!” the was surprised. He wouldn’t have thought that Feng Xuan would continued attacking him, but she did. He wanted to kill her so how could he flinch? He placed his left on his heart and sealed himself. Golden lights appeared around him and they looked indestructible.

“Boom!” the phoenix crashed onto the’s golden body and broke it through the protection. Blood splashed and a hole appeared.

At the same time, the had attacked and it landed on Feng Xuan’s third eye. Blood splashed from both sides.

“How sly!” thought Lin Feng.

“Cut again!” Feng Xuan ignored the pain and continued attacking. The moved back, he was already soaked in his own blood. At the same time, he released energies to attack Feng Xuan again.

“Nirvana Healing!” shouted Feng Xuan furiously releasing vitality lights to heal her wounds. The was upset after seeing this. Feng Xuan had an ancient phoenix body which meant she had phoenix blood and its healing techniques.

“Vitality energy.” Lin Feng sighed. According to legends, Phoenixes could heal themselves and even come back to life after dying.

“Eh?” at that moment, Lin Feng was surprised to sensed energies around him. A sharp and terrifying energy appeared behind him.

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng released terrifying thunderous energies, but the energies were oppressive. Luckily, his physical body was extremely strong and his low level armor protected him. He condensed more thunder energies, as well as fire energies and released them.

“Slash…” a subtle sound was heard and the terrifying sensation of danger vanished. Lin Feng turned around and saw an arrow in his opponent’s forehead. Someone had shot an arrow at the last moment.

“The Watcher!” thought Lin Feng. Last time, when he was surrounded by all those strong cultivators, the Watcher had shot a golden arrow at him which had melted and mixed with his blood, but Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that the Watcher would constantly follow him until now.

“He does his job well.” Lin Feng sighed. He didn’t understand who the Watcher was.

He glanced around, but saw n.o.body. According to the legends, the Imperial Union and the Watchers were mortal enemies.

When Lin Feng turned around, he prepared his bow again without hesitation. He wanted to kill the who was still fighting. He thought that his friend would easily kill Lin Feng, but he had failed so quickly.

The didn’t feel like fighting anymore. He was wounded and he was losing too much blood.

Lin Feng’s sword was extremely fast so the couldn’t escape.

“Slow down!” shouted the turning around. A strange strength enveloped the s.p.a.ce and Lin Feng’s arrow slowed down. At the same time, he released another kind of energy which weakened the arrow.

“Slash, slash…” Lin Feng continued shooting arrows. The released golden lights which wrapped around him again. Then, he confronted the arrows. Rumbling and crackling sounds rang out as he took out a dazzling sword and cut the arrow, but his sword broke.

“Kaboom!” A dazzling purple light descended from the sky and struck his body. It had aimed for the wound on his chest. His muscles twitched and at the same time, a sword appeared on his throat. It was Lin Feng’s sword.

The was astonished, his face turned deathly pale as he smiled, “I wouldn’t have thought that I, the seventh, would die by your hands! Today, I failed because I wasn’t strong enough. I needed more time..”

“Seventh!” Lin Feng was surprised, the seventh He was already so strong.

“I am not an enemy of the Imperial Union and I am not strong or talented, why does the Imperial Union want to kill me?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“Because you must die.” said the laughing in a cold way. “I didn’t manage to kill the phoenix girl today, but there are six more who they are stronger than me, especially the first one! You cannot even imagine, you guys stand no chance! You are just stepping stones for us!”

“Slas.h.!.+” Lin Feng slit his throat and his head flew away.

“Difficult enemy.” said Feng Xuan arriving next to Lin Feng. She had already recovered, surprising Lin Feng.

“Thank you.” said Feng Xuan.

“They also wanted to kill me, so there’s no need to thank me.” said Lin Feng. Why had the said he had to die? Was it because he had seen them when they tried to kill Xue Bi Yao?

“No matter what, if you hadn’t appeared today, I might have died. Even though that guy was only the seventh, he understood several types of intent and strength. He had many skills and techniques, he even understood acceleration, deceleration, gold, and empty s.p.a.ce energies. Those are terrifying.” said Feng Xuan.

She had an ancient phoenix body, but it alone wasn’t enough to contend against them.

“Acceleration and deceleration energies!” whispered Lin Feng. A moment before, the had shouted “slow down” and his arrow had been slowed down. That must have been deceleration intent. If a cultivator understood deceleration abstruse energies, he would be able to freeze opponents and kill them mid-air.

Lin Feng turned around and gazed into the distance, “Thank you very much for your help, if you ever feel like it, you can show yourself for me!”

No reply. The Watcher was almost like a G.o.d watching him from the sky!

“I suppose you’re the first one the Watchers protect, I wonder how strong you’ll become in the future.” said Feng Xuan staring at Lin Feng. Being protected by the Watchers meant that a cultivator was going to become gloriously strong. No matter who wanted to kill Lin Feng, they had to think twice before trying for there was a mysterious Watcher protecting him!

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