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Chapter 1187: Tear Stain – Source of Life

At that moment, Lin Feng was in the area with the source of life, bathing in the pure energies. He had already taken off his mask.

From outside, the area of the source of life seemed small, like a fountain. Once inside, it was a gigantic waterfall of pure vitality water. However, the water was flowing very slowly. Lin Feng felt great in there.

That place was completely different from the empty s.p.a.ce area. Lin Feng now felt like he was having a bath, and it was extremely pleasant.

“Vitality strength!” Lin Feng was bathing and his blood was circulating better. The painful sensation he had since the empty s.p.a.ce area was now fading.

He continued going against the current of the waterfall. Even though he knew that Qi Tian Sheng was there, he didn’t look at him. If he hadn’t used his scepter against Qi Tian Sheng, he would have lost for sure. Now he had to be careful when using the scepter though, he couldn’t show everyone he had it.

Also in the water were some beautiful girls: Yi Ren Lei, Xue Bi Yao, Feng Xuan and Meng Qing. They were searching for the very source.

However, even though the water was warm and pleasant to be in, it also contained an incredible strength which seemed to be falling down from the heavens, and it was oppressive. Even with her strength, Yi Ren Lei couldn’t go up.

Lin Feng had a

strong physical body and a purple fate seed which granted him with an incredible vitality. He rose up and even pa.s.sed in front of some people.

Some people saw him, those with whom he got along well all smiled in a resplendent way.

“Prince Lin is also interested in the vitality tear stain!” said Yi Ren Lei looking at Lin Feng and smiling. She was higher up than he was currently.

“You are extremely beautiful, just like a celestial being. You’re like my wife even! I’m going to look for the tear stain you’re talking about.” said Lin Feng smiling. Even though all the people in there weren’t his enemies, he was convinced that he’d have to fight if anything good appeared.

“I hope you will succeed.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a seducing way. There was a girl not far from her and she was beautiful too. Even though she wasn’t one of the four most beautiful girls from the Ba Huang Province, she was extremely beautiful. She looked similar to Yi Ren Lei. It looked like she had something resembling an cold plum in her third eye.

Apart from those beautiful girls, there were also four young men. Lin Feng recognized one of the two men at the front, he was Zong Ren Yu. The other one was a young man in white clothes with a majestic Qi, he looked like a hero.

Yuan Fei had told him about that person, it was Wen Tian Ge from the Wen Clan!

“Interesting!” thought Lin Feng. Two of the strongest cultivators were there.

The water was flowing onto Lin Feng, preventing him from moving any faster.

“What a big difference!” thought Lin Feng looking at Yi Ren Lei and the others.

“Meng Qing, let’s give up!” said Lin Feng suddenly smiling at Meng Qing and using telepathy. The distance was too important, Lin Feng figured they wouldn’t be able to get to the tear stain.

Meng Qing nodded. She didn’t mind, she wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng. Since he said that he wanted to give up and had smiled calmly, she smiled too.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and sensed the vitality energies. A buzzing sound spread in the air. Lin Feng sensed hot energies pa.s.s next to him. He opened his eyes and saw Qi Tian Sheng, he even stole a glance at him.

Qi Tian Sheng thought that no matter who was there, women or men, anyone could hide their face, their Qi and even their voice. So the one with the scepter could be anyone. Of course, the one with the scepter could already be gone too.

“I can recover much faster in here!” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw empty s.p.a.ce energies surrounding Qi Tian Sheng. Surprisingly, Qi Tian Sheng was faster than everyone else. If Qi Tian Sheng wanted to partic.i.p.ate, he had an advantage over all the others.

“Even more interesting.” thought Lin Feng smiling as if all these things had nothing

had nothing to do with him. He just calmly studied the vitality energies.

Before coming to that place, he had leveled all his types of intent to the ninth level, so it was a lot easier for him to understand abstruse energies now. He knew he wasn’t extremely strong, but he was confident that his understanding abilities were above average. He could understand everything he studied.

Time pa.s.sed slowly and then rumbling sounds were heard. Some people had made it close to the source of life, Qi Tian Sheng had caught up with them and now he wanted to steal the treasure. However, Yi Ren Lei and Wen Tian Ge couldn’t let him get it. Yi Ren Lei was releasing abstruse energies of seduction. Even Qi Tian Sheng was influenced by her beauty. Besides, Yi Ren Lei also knew how to use illusional abstruse energies. Her energies quickly surrounded Qi Tian Sheng, even his destructive empty s.p.a.ce energies couldn’t destroy her energies.

Wen Tian Ge was also strong. When he moved his sword, it made people feel like they were going to die. Later, with abstruse energies, he’d become terrifying.

“Seeing such people battle makes me want to battle.” thought Lin Feng. He wasn’t as strong as the ten strongest cultivators from the province, but he was convinced that soon, even without holy weapons, he would be stronger than them.

“Meng Qing, don’t partic.i.p.ate in that fight. You should find a place you like or stay here to study vitality energy. There’s no need to follow me.” to follow me.” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. He then hastily turned around and left for the wind area.

There had already been a battle there and someone had obtained the treasure of that special area. There were now two-three people sensing wind energies.

Lin Feng found a place to sit and studied the wind energies.

The wind was brus.h.i.+ng against his skin, making him s.h.i.+ver. However, wind could also be as sharp as blades.

Lin Feng wasn’t only concentrating on wind though. In the area with the source of life, everybody was fighting, but because the energies were too oppressive, their strength was also weakened.

“How can you fight against a beautiful girl? Do you want to see me grow old and become ugly?” said Yi Ren Lei in a fragile voice. Men and women were all influenced by her voice, especially the men when they looked at her lips.

“If I can get it, no beautiful girl will be able to resist me, they’ll all beg me to sleep with them.” said Zong Ren Yu evilly.

“Bzzz…” at that moment, a sword streaked across the sky and moved towards the tear stain, which was actually a stone resembling jade.

“It doesn’t look good.” thought the crowd. Then, that sword took the stone, opened a hole, and left through it!

The crowd was astonished. While they were fighting for the tear stain, a sword had stolen it from them! 

That sword was filled with empty s.p.a.ce energies!

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