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Chapter 1210: The Tenth Floor

In the Ba Huang Province, the northern part of Ba Huang was considered the weakest region. None of the ten strongest cultivators from the region came from there. Xuan Yuan used to be considered a strong cultivator, but now Lin Feng had killed him. So, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin could now be considered as the strongest Tian level cultivators in the region.

In the western part of Ba Huang, apart from Bai Qiu Luo from the Sunset Pavilion, who was one of the ten strongest cultivators, n.o.body could defeat Long Teng.

Therefore, when the news that Lin Feng had challenged Long Teng spread in the northern part of Ba Huang and the western part of Ba Huang, it attracted people from everywhere!

In the brutal part of Ba Huang, in the Mountains of Flowers and Fruit, Yuan Fei gazed into the distance with his wooden stick in-hand and said, “Brother Lin Feng, I can’t wait to see you at the top of the Ba Huang Province. This time, you’ll definitely crush Long Teng.”

The thunderbird was also gazing into the distance as he said, looking in the direction of the northern part of Ba Huang, “Lin Feng, if Long Teng doesn’t kill you, I’ll kill you!”

In the celestial part of

Ba Huang, a devastatingly beautiful girl gazed into the distance, smiled and said, “The Diviner thinks highly of you, are you going to rise in just these past few months?”

In Qi Feng Mountain, the home of the Celestial Land of Alchemists, two beautiful women also gazed into the distance in the direction of the northern part of Ba Huang.

Half a year had pa.s.sed since the end of the events in Fortune City. People gradually stopped practicing cultivation after hearing the news. Many people couldn’t wait to see what would happen in the future, especially those who had seen the Diviner.

If it didn’t have anything to do with Lin Feng, if it had only been about Long Teng without involving Lin Feng, people wouldn’t have cared so much. But, because it was Lin Feng and Long Teng’s battle, many people were interested, especially those who had been to Fortune City and had heard what the Diviner said about Lin Feng.

Everybody wanted to see how strong the cultivator whom the Diviner wanted as a disciple had become. Would he really rise in Ba Huang?

People from Sword City were also surprised, could the Young master really defeat Long Teng with his celestial dragon body? Would Lin Feng really make Jiange appear glorious again like when Emperor

Emperor Wu Tian Jian was still there?

Lin Feng didn’t mind those things. He just wanted to kill Long Teng because of Yue Xin and because he had some personal bouts with Long Teng already.

Lin Feng went back to Tiantai to practice cultivation. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were outside a palace, looking up at the sky.

Clouds were rolling. It seemed like something was happening, but Lin Feng knew that that place was probably hiding something else.

The tenth floor!

“I want to go and see!” said Lin Feng while smiling at Meng Qing.

“Go!” said Meng Qing nodding.

Lin Feng rose up in the air and pierced through the clouds.


Lin Feng rose up as fast as a sword.

“Boom boom!” When Lin Feng pierced through the other side of the clouds, it looked like heaven, however, the energies were terrifyingly oppressive.


Lin Feng pushed aside the energies with just his hands.

“Kacha!” At that moment, everybody in Tiantai sensed an incredible energy. Many people ran out of their palaces and looked at the sky to see a vortex.

Lin Feng was in that vortex and looked very tiny. It was as if he could be crushed at anytime. However, nothing could stop him now.

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