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Chapter 1223: Merciless Moon

The Zun cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle were incredulous. Five people died in such a short amount of time. Surprisingly, Lin Feng could teleport over short distances and unleash incredible attacks.

“Focus on his G.o.dly awareness!” said the cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer. He opened his third eye and a dragon baring its fangs flew out.

The other Zun cultivators also released their G.o.dly awareness as golden lights illuminated the area. Several golden dragons were throwing themselves at Lin Feng.

“Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique!” Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly looked like those of a beast. His hair suddenly grew long as Xue Ling Long’s celestial Qi appeared. Lin Feng was now fusing empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energies with his Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique, attempting to make the technique more substantial. Rumbling sounds appeared as the threads of dragon G.o.dly awareness crashed onto the Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion, but couldn’t pierce through it.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered. He took out his sunset bow and a dazzling arrow appeared.

Lin Feng pulled back the string, condensed empty s.p.a.ce, wind, desolate and thunder abstruse energies inside.

Lin Feng shot eight dazzling arrows all at once. The Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion collapsed just as he released them.

“Come back!” shouted the Zun cultivators in unison, recalling their G.o.dly awareness. However, Lin Feng

shot all eight arrows at the same time. They had just broken the empty s.p.a.ce illusion, how could they escape so quickly? Explosions sounded as the arrows landed in their third eyes, destroying their G.o.dly awareness.

Even the cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer collapsed.

“Releasing G.o.dly awareness in a fight is dangerous. It left them open and Lin Feng took advantage of that.” thought the crowd, keeping a mental note of it for the future.

“That bow is a high level holy weapon and those arrows contained several types of abstruse energies, right?” said someone sighing. How many types of abstruse energies did Lin Feng control?

“I sensed wind, empty s.p.a.ce, thunder and some kind of destructive abstruse energies, so four I’d say.”

Any cultivator who understood four different types of abstruse energies could be considered a monster. 

Of course, those Zun cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle had been a bit careless. They had tried using a new technique and Lin Feng had surprised them.

Lin Feng put away his heavenly nine dragon cauldron and golden crow fire. Then, he grabbed the loot from those Zun cultivators’ bodies. If he had been in Xue Yue, those people could have destroyed the entire country. At the same time, people in Xue Yue couldn’t possibly imagine what precious treasures those rings contained.

“I’ll have to

to go back to Xue Yue and Tian Chi some time.” Lin Feng was always worried about them.

Lin Feng continued walking ahead and slowly disappeared from the crowd’s field of vision.

While walking inside the city center of Tian Xu Town, Lin Feng would glance around and listen to other people’s conversations to see if he could hear about Qiu Yue Xin. She was famous in Tian Xu Town already.

Lin Feng moved faster and after half an hour, he realized that a lot of people were gathering in a the same place, as if something was going to happen.

“Sir, where is everybody going?” asked Lin Feng to a Tian level cultivator.

“How fast!” Lin Feng had caught up with him so fast. The man hadn’t even seen him coming.

“A lot of people are hunting Qiu Yue Xin. We’re going to go watch.” replied the man. Before he finished saying that, he sensed a strong wind brush against his body. Lin Feng had already disappeared.

“What a terrifying young man!” thought the man surprised.

Lin Feng moved towards the place where everybody was gathering. In the distance, he saw what looked like a perilous situation.

There was a beautiful and extremely strong girl fighting several strong cultivators at onces. There were corpses everywhere and they were all Zun cultivators.

“I wouldn’t have

wouldn’t have thought that such a monstrous cultivator would appear in the Qiu Clan from northern Ba Huang. Her mercilessness abstruse energies are terrifying.”

Lin Feng noticed that there were still a dozen strong cultivators in the sky. They were all Zun cultivators, without exception, and they had all surrounded Qiu Yue Xin.

Qiu Yue Xin was soaked in blood, but she looked expressionless, merciless.

“b.e.s.t.i.a.l Moon!” at that moment, dazzling lights appeared above.

“After Qiu Yue Xin fused her blood and spirit together, her spirit was leaps and bounds ahead of what it used to be.”

“Sharp b.e.s.t.i.a.l Moon!” said Qiu Yue Xin. The moons which had appeared turned into sharp discs and moved towards those strong cultivators. Horrible shrieks sounded as cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer instantly died. Those of the second Zun Qi layer couldn’t stand it either.

“Slash…” above Qiu Yue Xin, a dazzling sword light appeared.

“The Imperial Union!” Lin Feng’s face turned rigid. Those who weren’t already dead also threw themselves at Qiu Yue Xin. Lin Feng rose up in the air and raised his bow. He immediately shot arrows at them to block their a.s.sault.

The crowd watched as Qiu Yue Xin release another b.e.s.t.i.a.l moon. The sword lights which were aimed at her crashed into her moon and stopped, it seemed like they were freezing.

“Moon freezing.

“Moon!” said Qiu Yue Xin. This time her moon broke apart and the pieces found their own targets. Blood quickly ensued.

The others continued throwing themselves at Qiu Yue Xin, but at the same time, Lin Feng shot his arrows. They instantly changed their path and attacked the arrows, but they couldn’t stand it as they were propelled backwards.

While they were busy blocking the arrows, a merciless moon appeared again.

“What an incredible fighting strategy! No wonder Bai Qiu Luo couldn’t compete with her.” thought the crowd, amazed.

Lin Feng was just as surprised. What a terrifying spirit, it perfectly matched such a beautiful woman. How had Qiu Yue Xin become so strong though? It was an incredible change, as if she had suddenly become enlightened. 

Besides, if Bai Qiu Luo had planned all this, Lin Feng was worried that this was just the start. Bai Qiu Luo seemed to know too many influential people! Two cultivators of the third Zun Qi layer had already appeared and a few medium level Zun cultivators.

Besides, Tian Long Divine Castle knew where Lin Feng was, weren’t they going to dispatch even more stronger cultivators? Medium level Zun cultivators were already not that easy to defeat anymore. Zun cultivators could do whatever they wanted, such as Tian Chi the Sadhu who had broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer.

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