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Chapter 1237: Demon Curse

The other older Zun cultivators were just as surprised. Five types of abstruse energies. Were there any other cultivators who knew five different types of abstruse energies amongst the ten strongest young cultivators?

So far, those who were part of the ten strongest young cultivators hadn’t used five types of abstruse energies, but the other older Zun cultivators now thought they possibly did. After all, Wen Tian Ge had hidden the fact that he could control abstruse energies. The others could also hide things.

“Mister Wen, do you think he can defeat Qi Tian Sheng?” asked the purple-eyed Zun cultivator at that moment. Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu’s eleventh direct disciple seemed to be an incredible cultivator too.

“I don’t know. Qi Tian Sheng hasn’t reached his limits yet. I am sure that if Lin Feng had broken through to the Zun Qi layer, he would be able to defeat Qi Tian Sheng easily, but right now I’m not sure.” said Mister Wen indifferently. He wouldn’t underestimate Qi Tian Sheng.

“You’re ridiculous!” said Lin Feng. His sword Qi shot up into the sky, his eyes looked ice-cold and so did his voice. Then, he jumped forwards. Qi Tian Sheng felt oppressed.

“Qi Clan from the eastern part of Ba Huang, imperial clan, Qi Tian Sheng, domineering and majestic. In the past n.o.body knew me, Lin Feng, but I now have broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and you are a Zun cultivator. Yet, you dare act proudly and arrogantly in front of me, don’t you think you’re a little bit ridiculous? said Lin Feng.

“Boom boom!” Qi Tian Sheng’s heart

beat even faster as heard Lin Feng. He was one of the ten strongest cultivators of the province, the genius of the Qi Clan, he was a Zun cultivator,  and he still hadn’t managed to finish their battle, wasn’t that humiliating already?

“Boom!” Lin Feng jumped again, wanting to get near Qi Tian Sheng.

“Wu Tian fought against Wen Tian Ge and lost, but that wasn’t humiliating, they’ll fight each other another time. However, if you win against me, you’ll have nothing to be proud of, and if you lose, you’ll just be endlessly humiliated. Can you imagine, Qi Tian Sheng, the genius of the Qi Clan, defeated by a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer? If I defeat you, you won’t even deserve to be called a cultivator anymore!” said Lin Feng, as he then threw himself at Qi Tian Sheng. His voice was starting to sound a bit like a demon’s voice and demonic energies emerging from Lin Feng’s body.

Qi Tian Sheng’s face turned deathly pale. It was as if he had been cursed by a demon. He frowned, wondering what was happening.

“What’s going on?” thought the crowd. Lin Feng seemed like he was in fusion with the Earth and sky, and when the crowd heard his voice, they all the impression that they had been cursed by a demon.

Mister Wen’s facial expression changed for the second time. He was studying Lin Feng. Qi Tian Sheng was one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province. He was extremely determined, but because of a few words Lin Feng had said, he looked dispirited and his face had turned deathly pale? Was that possible?

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