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PMG Chapter 1276

Chapter 1276: Ba Huang's Turmoil

Qi Tian Xu's third uncle nodded and took out some gigantic golden chains.

"Die!" shouted Qi Tian Xu's third uncle furiously. The millions of golden chains instantly surrounded everybody.

"Sword!" Jian Ling Kong and Jian Ling Xiao attacked too. Two sharp swords moved towards Qi Tian Xu and his third uncle.

"Stop!" the two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer couldn't see anyone, they could only see those chains.

"Lacerate!" metallic ringing sounds wailed. The two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer looked upset. The chains were too solid, their sword Qi couldn't cut them. A single chain attack wasn't very powerful alone, but there were millions of them.

The chains continued emitting metallic ringing sounds as they activated the deployment spell, but it soon broke under the chains.

"Uncle, don't kill them, capture them!" Qi Tian Xu reminded him.

"Qi Tian Xu, you want to die!" said someone in the distance. Then, they saw a gigantic sword arriving.

Qi Tian Xu's third uncle was surprised, he recalled the chains and had them attack the gigantic sword instead.

Lin Feng rose up in the air as the gigantic sword clashed with those from the Qi Clan.

"Boom!" a terrifying collision sounded as the chains couldn't stop the sword Qi anymore. So many strong cultivators from Jiange had turned into one sword and thus, one attack.

The chains shook as they surrounded the gigantic sword again. The cultivator then used his Empty s.p.a.ce Agility Technique to create some distance between them.

"Slas.h.!.+" But sword Qi quickly streaked across the sky and moved towards him. His face turned deathly pale.

"Lacerate!" the gigantic sword moved towards Qi Tian Xu's third uncle again. Three cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Jiange also moved towards him. Each sword attack contained terrifying sword Qi. Even if a cultivator had a strong physical body, they would find it difficult to block such an attack.

What happened to Qi Yun? What about the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll? How had Lin Feng escaped from them? Qi Tian Xu knew that the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll contained the emperor's intent, so there shouldn't have been a reason to lose.

"Slash…" the chains couldn't block the sword Qi. Two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, from Jiange, fused together to create another large sword.

"Break!" shouted the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Qi Clan. He released Broken s.p.a.ce punches in a desperate attempt to fend them off.

"Disperse!" the gigantic sword dispersed and the strong cultivators from Jiange reappeared while releasing even more sword Qi.

"No…" the sword lacerated the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Qi Clan. Blood splashed and he was dead. Jian Mu then grabbed the chains.

Qi Tian Xu's face turned deathly pale. His uncle, a high level Zun cultivator, was dead. He couldn't escape anymore.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Qi Tian Xu, glaring at Lin Feng.

"Do you still want to kill my family?" asked Lin Feng. If he had arrived a second too late, the entire palace would have been crushed.

"The three heroes of the Qi Clan? So what? Die!" yelled Lin Feng.

"Lacerate!" Jian Ling Kong and Jian Ling Xiao released their own sword Qi.

Qi Tian Xu's face turned deathly pale as he used his Empty s.p.a.ce Agility Technique. He jumped into an empty s.p.a.ce and re-appeared somewhere else, but the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Jiange were too fast. The two cultivators quickly surrounded Qi Tian Xu again and two sword lights moved towards him.

"Boom boom boom!" explosions sounded and a silhouette appeared a few meters away.

"Eh?" Lin Feng was astonished. Qi Tian Xu had managed to escape.

"Young master, he has an emperor's memory imprint." said Jian Mu to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. Amongst the three heroes from the Qi Clan, Qi Tian Xu and Qi Tian Sheng were the strongest ones. They had all been on the list of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang, so they had the potential to become emperors. But Lin Feng had killed Qi Tian Sheng and Qi Tian Xu was the last one the Qi Clan had left, so they couldn't afford losing him as well.

"Little Feng!" shouted Lin Hai, rising up in the air. When Lin Hai saw that Lin Feng was safe and sound, he calmed down a little. He had seen his son fly up into the nine dark-clouds in the sky, so he feared the worst.

"Dad, don't worry, I'm fine!" said Lin Feng smiling at his father. Lin Feng was more concerned about those emperors than himself, but what Lin Feng didn't know was that the emperors who had gone back to Ba Huang Province were injured by the demonic energies which had and still were corroding their bodies, especially Emperor Peng whose soul had been injured. He wanted to settle the score with Emperor Lei and the Great Ape Emperor because in his opinion, they hadn't helped enough.

Because of what had happened in Xue Yue, the Ba Huang Province wasn't calm anymore. There were wars occuring everywhere.

Plus with the conflicts between the Qi Clan, Tian Long Divine Castle, the Sunset Pavilion and Tiantai, the people from the Ba Huang Province knew the future held many troubled waters!

Xue Yue was only the emperors' first battlefield!

PMG Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277: Dragon's Vein

In Tiantai, in the sky above of the sky, two people were sitting in wooden chairs, enjoying the calmness and tranquility around them.

"The situation in Ba Huang Province is becoming more and more chaotic. That's a good thing for us!" said one of them smiling calmly to the other. That old man was Emperor Yu.

"You shouldn't be gloating over people’s misfortune, do you think Tiantai could really take over the entire province alone?" asked Emperor Yu laughing. "Tian Long Divine Castle, the Sunset Pavilion, the Imperial Union, they're all quite strong themselves."

"And we weren't in Xue Yue this time, so getting involved won't be easy." said the person next to Emperor Yu smiling.

"Don't forget that the meeting of the emperors is going to take place soon. Besides, the only geniuses who are rising are Tiantai's: Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, Chi Er, Lin Feng, Qiu Yue Xin, Lin Feng's wife, Meng Qing. Those people all have the potential to become emperors. Even though the other powerful groups aren't as strong as us, they also have many geniuses. We also don't know all of their powerful and talented cultivators, some of them might have not shown themselves yet. For example, there might be some geniuses who broke through to the Zun Qi layer just before the event in Fortune City started, so they didn't go!"

"Indeed, maybe there are some incredible cultivators that we don't know about it, but I'm sure that they'll show themselves soon enough. Besides, isn't Tiantai the same?"

The two people glanced at each other and laughed. An incredible era was starting in the Ba Huang Province. What had happened in Xue Yue had only accelerated the process. From now on, the Ba Huang Province would be a battlefield.


While those two people were talking and relaxing, many Tian and Zun level cultivators wanted to use the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal to go to the two small worlds. Both probably had incredible treasures, after all.

The influential imperial groups weren't the only ones who dispatched people. The other influential groups from the small worlds of Ba Huang also dispatched their people. Even if they didn't get any treasures, seeing Empress Xi and the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small worlds would be a great opportunity.

The Wen Clan was facing the entire province now that everybody wanted to use the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal. the Wen Clan couldn't turn it off anymore because if they did, they'd have even more enemies.

Xue Yue's people were growing accustomed to it. They had seen the Netherworld Demon Emperor, they had heard the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, what could be more frightening than those things?

Lin Feng was at the periphery of Yangzhou City. He didn't need to go to the Yun Hai mountain range anymore because the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small world had already reached the edge of Yangzhou City. It had was surrounding Empress Xi's small world even.

"Young master, maybe it's a good thing for Xue Yue. From now on, we will become stronger and richer thanks to those two small worlds." said Jian Mu to Lin Feng when he saw him looking pensive. He understood what Lin Feng was thinking.

Lin Feng remained silent and smiled, "You're right, it's a good thing for Xue Yue I am just not open-minded enough. It's as if I hoped that Xue Yue would stay a small and peaceful country forever, but is that what they want?"

"There's no need to follow me anymore. If I need you, I'll break the sword talisman again." said Lin Feng. Then, he left.

Jian Mu and the others didn't refute Lin Feng's words. Their Young master was their ancestor's sword, they weren't so worried about him. In any case of real danger, their ancestor's sword could appear and fight.

Lin Feng went to the small world, but changed his face and Qi beforehand. Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan were after him, so doing normal things while being hunted wasn't convenient. But, he could come out as black mage once in a while too.

Lin Feng walked in the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small world. n.o.body paid any special attention to him. He had just broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, so in that small world, he was considered rather weak.

Of course, even though there were many strong cultivators in there, the small world was so big that there was enough s.p.a.ce for everyone. Even while glancing around, it was difficult to see anyone. Zun cultivators were sometimes running alone in the sky and then descended to rob things from weaker people.

"A corpse!" Lin Feng arrived in a mountain range in the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small world. There was a pitch-black decaying Qi emanating from a demonic-like mountain. Lin Feng came across a corpse there. It was in a sitting position, its bones were black.

"Not just one!" Lin Feng was surprised to see several corpses. Maybe those people were the Netherworld Demon Emperor's disciples.

That black mountain was probably the place where they used to practice cultivation.

"Many people are looking for treasures here." thought Lin Feng. There were more than a few silhouettes in the surroundings, including a girl in blue clothes. Her cultivation level was low though, she had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer.

She sensed that Lin Feng was looking at her, so she turned around. Lin Feng smiled back at her.

Suddenly, Lin Feng was astonished because he realized he knew that girl. Surprisingly, she was one of the ten strongest young cultivators from the Dragon Mountain Empire: Qing Meng Xin.

"Mister, why do you look at a young girl like me?" said Qing Meng Xin smiling when she saw that Lin Feng was smiling at her.

"Mister?" Lin Feng laughed. Back in the days, Qing Meng Xin and Lin Feng were good friends. They had even partic.i.p.ated in the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu together, but now she was calling him Mister.

"Qing Meng Xin and You You were both from Dragon Mountain, I wonder if Dragon Mountain has news about You You!" thought Lin Feng. He said, "Seeing a little girl looking for treasures in dead bodies, that's a bit unusual!"

"Mister, even though your cultivation level is higher than mine, you don't seem that old. Why are you calling me little girl?" said Qing Meng Xin. "Besides, Mister, you probably know what's going on here. There are many strong cultivators here, so cultivators like us can only stay aside to hunt treasures because our cultivation level is too low."

Lin Feng walked towards Qing Meng Xin and said, "Is that so?"

She smiled and said, "Well, you probably have noticed it too, right?"

"Noticed what?" Lin Feng was being funny on purpose. He didn't think she'd know anything.

"Mister, I'm thinking that the demon emperor who appeared might be practicing cultivation in the mountain range!" said Qing Meng Xin.

"Why?" asked Lin Feng.

"Come with me, Mister." said Qing Meng Xin rising up in the air. Lin Feng followed her.

"Mister, look over there in the horizon, but don't look at the white world, look at the blackness!" said Qing Meng Xin pointing at a distant place.

Lin Feng had only looked at the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small world, he didn't look at Empress Xi's small world. He then realized that there was a kind of black demonic dragon in the distance which had Empress Xi's small world in its arms.

"Mister, isn't that a dragon's vein?" asked Qing Meng Xin smiling. Lin Feng smiled wryly. There were so many strong cultivators there, Lin Feng wouldn't have thought that a weak cultivator like Qing Meng Xin would discover something incredible like a dragon's vein.

PMG Chapter 1278

Chapter 1278: Eternal Battle

"Since it's a dragon vein, there must be an incredible Qi there." whispered Lin Feng. There were more corpses in that direction.

"The dragon's head is there!" said Qing Meng Xin pointing at the horizon. The gigantic dragon's head was not far from its tail since it was surrounding Empress Xi's small world.

"What a strange small world. Small worlds are always a bit strange anyways." thought Lin Feng. He started walking towards the border between the two small worlds. Lin Feng saw something which looked like gigantic dragon's teeth and it was breathing. Lin Feng arrived near the mouth and looked inside. It was black inside and it contained a terrifying demonic Qi.

"Maybe the demon emperor really is practicing cultivation here. It's just that when people come here, they're too afraid that the demonic Qi could corrode their bodies." said Lin Feng. Qing Meng Xin smiled wryly and said, "I can go in. I'm too weak."

"I'm going inside!" said Lin Feng. Then he entered the dragon mouth.

The mouth was deep. Lin Feng walked for a while before arriving in a huge flatland filled with demonic energies.

"It's a demon land!" thought Lin Feng. That area vast and even though it was dark, he could see everything clearly. Every inch was filled with demonic energies. His G.o.dly awareness couldn't even inspect it all because there was too much.

"A real demon emperor's cave!" thought Lin Feng. There were many lofty trees which were precious treasures for anyone who practiced demonic cultivation. Those were demon Bodhi trees.

"Like back then in Death Valley, next to the three-lives demon emperor, but the three-lives demon emperor had been sealed. This here is a genuine cultivation place for a demonic emperor. Each demon Bodhi tree has a terrifying strength and contains incredible demonic energies. It's like just looking at those trees is enough turn you into a demon." thought Lin Feng.

"I'm taking those Bodhi trees and Bodhi fruits!" Lin Feng then stored them away in his ring.

Many people were hunting treasures, other people would take those if he didn't.

Very quickly, he took all of them and only one last tree was left and it was gigantic. It was impossible to see the top of that tree from the ground. There were gigantic Bodhi fruits on it even. "That Bodhi tree alone could make a sect go insane." thought Lin Feng. He walked forwards and it felt like he was going to suffocate under its pressure. That Qi seemed like it was going to swallow him.

"Eh?" At that moment, Lin Feng sensed a strength which prevented him from moving forwards, as if he had entered a forbidden area.

Lin Feng released his own demonic energies into his hands. With them, he managed to break the energies which prevented him from moving forwards. Then he continued walking.

"What's that?" Lin Feng frowned. At the foot of the tree were two silhouettes. They weren't releasing any Qi, but their demonic energies made Lin Feng gulp down.

"The Netherworld Demon Emperor!" Lin Feng approached the tree and realized that one of the people sitting below the tree was the Netherworld Demon Emperor, the one who had sung the song!

"The Netherworld Demon Emperor is still there, then who's the other person? The Netherworld Demon Emperor's enemy?" thought Lin Feng. Someone was facing the Netherworld Demon Emperor while sitting cross-legged. It was another demon cultivator, but he looked rather calm. Actually, neither of them looked scared.

"Who is that demon cultivator who dares face the Netherworld Demon Emperor?" thought Lin Feng. Was it the demon sealing great emperor who could control demon emperors?

"Bzzz!" A terrifying Qi gushed out and the two cultivators rose up in the air and moved aside.

"Demon Bodhi tree!" Lin Feng walked towards the Demon Bodhi tree. He released a gigantic demon hand and grabbed the Demon Bodhi tree.

"Rise!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The ground shook as terrifying demonic energies surrounded Lin Feng's body.

How could he give up so easily? Lin Feng knew that the two silhouettes he had just seen weren't real, they were just apparitions, traces of leftover intent. Maybe they it was an apparition of what had happened in the past.

"Rise!" shouted Lin Feng b.e.s.t.i.a.lly. The ground continued shaking before finally, he sensed that the tree was rising a little.

"Boom!" A loud sound spread in the air as Lin Feng managed to raise the Demon Bodhi tree into the air. He put the tree in his ring and looked at the sky. Then he rose up in the air.

He wanted to see who dared face the Netherworld Demon Emperor.

Outside, Qing Meng Xin saw two demons come out: one of them was definitely the Netherworld Demon Emperor.

"Is he dead?" thought Qing Meng Xin when she saw the demons. However, someone else came out. Qing Meng Xin then shouted, "Mister!"

Lin Feng smiled at her and nodded, then he gazed into the horizon. The two demons were still staring at each other, their demonic robes fluttering in the wind.

Elsewhere in the small world, many people noticed that, so they came closer. The Netherworld Demon Emperor was back!

"That's battle intent!" thought many people gasping with amazement. Two people had fought here and after such a long time, their battle energies hadn't dispersed.

"Who's that?" wondered some people when they saw the person facing the Netherworld Demon Emperor.

"His Qi isn't any weaker than the Netherworld Demon Emperor's Qi. What are their cultivation levels?"

Lin Feng looked at the two silhouettes in the sky, his own demonic Qi kept rolling in waves, as if he couldn't control his demonic Qi anymore. Qing Meng Xin was surprised and moved backwards. Lin Feng had only broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and could still stand there, how strong! Even some Zun cultivators couldn't handle those energies.

But Lin Feng didn't pay attention to anyone else.

"Eternally the best emperor, demon emperor's real body!" said a voice which resonated in people's heads.

PMG Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279: The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony – Dead Body Curse

"The demon emperor!" Each time Lin Feng heard that name, it made him s.h.i.+ver.

Back in the Jade Emperor's palace, the Jade Emperor had made statues for three emperors and a great emperor which contained some of their intent. However, the Jade Emperor had relied on his own intent to make those statues, so the intent the statues possessed were not genuine.

Eternal demon emperor, he had amazed the entire continent.

Some people landed there and looked at the demons, which gradually became blurred. Black clouds appeared, the Netherworld Demon Emperor seemed to be singing his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song which then turned into the nine netherworlds water and moved towards the demon emperor.

The nine netherworlds water quickly turned into a lake, however, demons appeared around the demon emperor.

"Eighteen demon generals!" the crowd recognized what they were. What terrifying creatures!

Who could resist such a demonic army!

"The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony!" The cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were even shaking. That was the legendary Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony, another one of the nine demonic songs.

"The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony enables cultivators to invoke demon generals to fight on their side. The nine songs might be forbidden songs, but they are very powerful. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song is used to control people, while the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony is used to invoke demons!" said a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"The Demon Emperor also controls one of the nine songs!" whispered Lin Feng. The apparition in the sky slowly dispersed and vanished. Lin Feng was disappointed. It was an apparition from the past, so it had to vanish at some point. But still, he wanted to see the battle between the Netherworld Demon Emperor and the Demon Emperor.

Everybody else looked disappointed, Lin Feng wasn't the only one. But then their disappointment was replaced by excitement as they looked at the nest of devils.

"They came out from there!" the crowd quickly ran over to the dark cave.

Lin Feng knew that people would find that place at some point, luckily, he had taken all the Bodhi trees already.

"Are you going in too?" asked Lin Feng when he saw that Qing Meng Xin was following the other cultivators.

"Yes, other people are leading the way, so it can't be that dangerous inside." said Qing Meng Xin smiling. Lin Feng smiled back. Sometimes, people had simplistic views, but it was also a logical conclusion.

"Is there a problem, Mister?" asked Qing Meng Xin looking naive. He was wondering how Lan Jiao was doing.

"Nothing, let's go." said Lin Feng entering the cave again.

The crowd continued walking forwards. Some people released their G.o.dly awareness, but couldn't see everything because of the size of the cave.

"There's a demon palace hall!" said someone. A demonic palace hall soon appeared in their fields of vision. There was a praying mat with a silhouette on it, the Netherworld Demon Emperor's silhouette. It was an apparition as well.

"Another apparition!" thought the crowd. They couldn't imagine what it was like to be a great emperor.  

"Boom!" A demonic light moved straight into someone's brain. That person instantly became petrified, their body turned pitch-black and they turned into a statue.

"Ah…" a horrible shriek spread in the air. Someone else was being corroded by the demonic lights, his Qi was turning demonic. He couldn't control it, finally the demon Qi filled his body and he exploded.

"Argh…" someone shouted who turned around and ran away. That person hadn't even made it a few steps inside the palace hall. His facial expression sudden looked ice-cold as he had turned into a demonic slave.

"Die!" shouted that person as then he threw himself at people outside the palace hall.

Some people joined hands to attack and kill him.

Lin Feng and Qing Meng Xin arrived too, but they stayed behind the crowd. The people in front of them were almost all Zun cultivators.

"Those demonic lights are so scary!" said Qing Meng Xin.

Someone heard Qing Meng Xin and looked at her in a cold way.

"Tap tap." Qing Meng Xin moved back as if she had realized something.

"Come here!" said a Zun cultivator to Qing Meng Xin.

"Mister, how may I help you?" asked Qing Meng Xin, petrified with fear.

"Get your a.s.s over here!" said that person while releasing Qi which surrounded Qing Meng Xin's body.

Qing Meng Xin's face turned deathly pale, that person probably wanted to kill her.

Lin Feng stepped in front of her and Qing Meng Xin suddenly felt much safer.

"If you want to go in, just go in yourself. There's no need to try and push other people inside!" said Lin Feng indifferently.

The cultivator smiled in a cold way, "A cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer dares talk to a Zun cultivator that way, get the h.e.l.l over here too!"

"Boom!" Lin Feng stepped forwards and released cursing energies.

"Cursing strength!" that person was shocked for a moment.

"Lalala!" that person shook his hand as a thick and strong tree appeared and shout out towards Lin Feng.

"Wood type, that person must have a plant spirit!" Lin Feng took out an amulet and placed it in the air in front of him.

"Curse!" said Lin Feng in a deep voice. In a flash, Qi surrounded the tree and began corroding it.

"Amulet Cursing Technique!"

"Come back!" said Lin Feng. The tree turned around and moved towards its owner, who now looked surprised.

"You're just an ant trying to shake a tree!" said that cultivator. He shook his hand and released energies, but in that place, it was difficult to release powerful attacks while fending off the demonic energies. But, it was probably sufficient to cripple a Tian-level cultivator's cultivation.

"Cursing Spell, Swallow!"

Cursing strength moved towards Lin Feng's enemy. The enemy's tree turned into dust and the enemy's face looked strange as the cursing strength was now corroding his body.

"Die!" said Lin Feng.

His soul was cursed now. He suddenly looked extremely old, his face turned deathly pale, he was wailing mournfully. Then, he collapsed.

"What a strange and enigmatic strength. Once cursed, they can barely fight anymore." thought Lin Feng. Even though that was a low level Zun cultivator, his cultivation level was still higher than Lin Feng's.

"He's dead!" thought the crowd, they were astonished and looking at Lin Feng in a strange way.

"Rise!" said Lin Feng. Suddenly, that person's body rose up again. The crowd was surprised again, he was dead, but that wasn't enough for Lin Feng, he was going to curse his soul and spirit!

"According to the legends, strong cultivators who used black magic could make armies of the dead rise and fight on their side. It seems absolutely possible."

PMG Chapter 1280

Chapter 1280: More and More Intense Demon Eyes

"He can use dead spirits!" thought the crowd. Two words came to mind when they looked at Lin Feng, "Black mage!"

Geniuses were rising and a black mage had even appeared. Besides, his cultivation level was high, but his fighting abilities were terrifying. He had only broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and could already defeat Zun cultivators!

Qing Meng Xin was astonished. Lin Feng had easily killed a Zun cultivator.

"Thank you." whispered Qing Meng Xin. If Lin Feng hadn't been there, she would have died.

Lin Feng nodded and said to her, using telepathy, "Don't get close to those people, just stay away and observe!"

The dead Zun cultivator slowly walked into the palace hall and everybody was watching him.

"Not bad, we don't need to risk our lives anymore!" thought the crowd. Many people had thought of trying to force someone to go in, a weaker cultivator, but since the black mage was there, they didn't need to do that anymore.

"He didn't get attacked!" thought the crowd, staring at the dead body.

"What a terrifying demonic intent!" thought Lin Feng. The dead body raised his head and looked at the walls. There were many patterns and all those drawings were of the Netherworld Demon Emperor. However, each picture contained a different intent.

"If I didn't use the dead body, I wouldn't be able to handle such a terrifying demonic intent, even though I practice demonic skills myself." thought Lin Feng. His eyes had become dark, it was as if demonic intent was starting to consume him.

"The Netherworld Demon Emperor's intent is carved into those walls, they died because they couldn't handle his intent. So once inside, it's best not to look at the patterns and also not to use your G.o.dly awareness to inspect the room." said Lin Feng calmly when he saw that everybody was staring at him.

"If we don't use our eyes to study them and if we don't study the energies, how do we go in at all?" whispered many people. However, at that moment, a strong cultivator entered the palace hall. It was a strong Zun cultivator who had opened his eyes, but was only looking in front of him. He had also completely blocked his G.o.dly awareness.

"The black mage is right, I'm fine!" then crowd followed him inside the palace hall and did the same.

"Mister, are you not going in?" asked Qing Meng Xin to Lin Feng.

"My cultivation level is too low, I don't dare." said Lin Feng smiling. Even if he stayed at the entrance of the room, it would be the same as practicing inside the room.

Inside the palace hall, the dead body was observing one pattern in particular and Lin Feng was using the eyes of that dead body to study the patterns. In his brain, in his pitch-black eyes, a demon appeared who was releasing incredible energies.

"Boom!" Qing Meng Xin looked at those demonic eyes and s.h.i.+vered. She moved back and closed her eyes, she didn't dare look at Lin Feng's eyes again.

"How terrifying!" thought Qing Meng Xin. In Dragon Mountain, she was like a frog in a well. She was amongst some of the most outstanding young cultivators from the empire, she couldn't even look them in the eyes.

Lin Feng already had a thread of the Netherworld Demon Emperor's soul in him. He had the feeling two demons were fighting in his eyes, his previous intent was slowly being absorbed by a new one, which was then becoming his own demon intent.

Lin Feng's celestial book spirit opened itself automatically. Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and appeared in his desolate world, enlightenment marks appeared and energies flowed inside. Two sorts of Qi started fighting, his demonic energies kept rolling and changing, finally, they slowly fused together.

Outside of his spirit, his real body was also surrounded by demonic energies and his demonic skills were changing automatically. Many of the remaining Zun cultivators moved away from him, just in case.

"I couldn't understand a small part of it, but I did learn two threads of demonic intent!" thought Lin Feng.

The dead body Lin Feng was using raised his head and looked at a second demon emperor's pattern. Lin Feng could sense the terrifying demonic intent penetrate into his mind. Then it would start fighting against the other sorts of demonic intent he already had.

More people were showing up as even more people died from curiosity. Those who had gone in first weren't going to warn them because they didn't want to share any treasures with the others.

Of course, there was the silhouette of the Netherworld Demon Emperor as well. Some people tried to study it, but they immediately died.

Lin Feng was happy to have the dead body to study several demonic patterns. Time pa.s.sed slowly, some people gave up and left, but the dead body was still there.

In the palace hall, a Zun cultivator lost patience and looked at the dead body Lin Feng was controlling. When he saw that the dead body could look at the patterns on the wall, he became angry and slapped it on the head.

The dead body slowly turned around and looked at that Zun cultivator. His eyes were filled with demonic energies.

"Ah…" that Zun cultivator gave a horrible shriek. Those energies had blinded him, so no he was frantic. At the same time, Lin Feng, who was still outside of the palace hall, released black demonic energies which invaded the room.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. The dead body put his hands on that person's head and crushed his skull. At the same time, Lin Feng released even more demonic Qi into the room.

Many people look at him and started shaking, terrified. Even those who were a lot stronger than Lin Feng couldn't look at his eyes.

"Demonic eyes!"

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