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PMG Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310: Tiantai's Disaster

"Lin Ruo Tian, tell Ruo Xie that Tian Long Divine Castle's people are sly, they've proved it each time I fought them." said Lin Feng. Tian Long Divine Castle had probably been plotting against Tiantai for a while now, so Tiantai needed to be vigilant.

"Lin Feng, do you intend to come or not?" asked Lin Ruo Tian.

"I need to practice cultivation for a few days, so I can't come." said Lin Feng smiling. He didn't explain himself too much. Since he couldn't use Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword, he wouldn't be able to do much there.

"Alright." nodded Lin Ruo Tian.

Lin Feng then walked up the stairs and arrived in Tiantai. Instantly, Lin Feng could sense a strong celestial Qi. Meng Qing was sitting on the main road,  looking like a G.o.ddess.

"She's still practicing cultivation!" Lin Feng smiled. Meng Qing had been practicing cultivation for what seemed like a long time. She was probably about to break through to the Zun Qi layer now.

Lin Feng continued walking ahead, he didn't want to disturb Meng Qing. With the strength of the Zun Qi layer, Meng Qing would probably threaten some mid-ranged Zun cultivators.

Lin Feng arrived in front of the mist. In the past, he wasn't able to see through it.

Then, Lin Feng crossed the mist. Yan Di chose to lie down, nonchalantly.

After crossing the mist, Lin Feng saw a silhouette, his own silhouette. However, he was a lot stronger this time, he understood how to control force more so.

But Lin Feng wasn't the Lin Feng he used to be. He continued walking and pa.s.sed in front of his self. Force oppressed him, but his own self did the same. The ground was slightly shaking and his blood started boiling.

He took a step forward and a force, ten times more powerful than Lin Feng's force, crashed on him.

"Break!" Lin Feng attacked it with his sword Qi. His sword attacks now contained several types of abstruse energies. His reflection attacked too, but Lin Feng immediately destroyed that attack. Instantly, the mist dispersed. He had succeeded!

"If I used pure strength, I wouldn't be able to win against my self whose attacks are ten times more powerful, but using abstruse energies, I easily succeeded." whispered Lin Feng. In front of him, the road and the buildings became even more distinct, but remained somewhat blurry.

Lin Feng continued walking, but mist appeared again and another Lin Feng was waiting for him. What was going on? He had defeated his own self once, so why did another Lin Feng appear?

"Boom!" Lin Feng immediately released energies and attacked his self using sword Qi.

"Kaboom!" His copy attacked too and the ground shook. Lin Feng sensed that his blood was boiling even more so this time, he had taken a step and had almost coughed up blood.

Lin Feng raised his head and observed the force from the Earth and sky.

"Can I do that?" thought Lin Feng. Just where did that force come from? A moment before, his own self's force surpa.s.sed his own by ten times, this one now a hundred times that.

"If I could borrow a hundred times more force than I have now, I wouldn't even need skills or techniques, I could kill cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer like they were ordinary people!" thought Lin Feng.

When he condensed two types of abstruse energies, his attacks were around five times more powerful. With three types of abstruse energies, another five times. Theoretically, he could multiply his strength by up to twenty five, but that was extremely complicated to realize. It was already difficult to condense  two kinds of abstruse energies together properly, so in reality, he could multiply the power of his attacks by only twenty or so. If he managed to condense four types of abstruse energies properly, the power of his attacks could multiply by a hundred and twenty five, but in reality, Lin Feng's real attacks were only multiplied by sixty or seventy at their best.

It meant that even with his Tian Ji Sword and four types of energies, the power of Lin Feng's attacks were not even multiplied by a hundred, unless his abstruse energies were fused together perfectly.

"Die!" Lin Feng was filled with an indomitable will as he condensed destructive sword Qi with four different types of abstruse energies and attacked his clone. Lin Feng had named that attack: Vayu Death.

However, his other self attacked too and performed a punch attack. Qi rose to the skies and each thread of energy was a hundred times more powerful than Lin Feng's normal attacks. His sword Qi was immediately destroyed by the punch, at the same, Lin Feng shook violently.

"Unless I add another kind of abstruse energy, I won't be able to beat the illusion!" whispered Lin Feng.

The flight of stairs contained a force which was ten times stronger than his own, but now he was facing an illusion who had a strength a hundred times more powerful than his own. If he succeeded, would he then face an illusion of himself who'd have a thousand times more strength than him?

Lin Feng tried using variants of his sword attacks with demonic energies, trying to perfect the attacks.

Yan Di glanced at Lin Feng and thought, "Tiantai's emperors racked their brains to create such exercises for their disciples to practice. They used enlightenment strength, not bad."

Lin Feng didn't notice the time pa.s.s. He fought himself for ten days, on that tenth day, many people arrived in Tiantai. The leader of the group was the best of the Zun level disciples who had become a direct disciple, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked furious.

Ruo Xie was surrounded by other imperial cultivation disciples who looked just as ferocious, hideous. All the Tian level cultivators who were there had lost at least an arm, meaning blood was dripping everywhere.

"What's going on?"

"Ruo Xie, brother!"

"Tian Long Divine Castle, they indeed have sly methods!" said Lin Ruo Tian.

"Ruo Xie!" said Tian Chi the Buddhist monk, "What happened? Did you bring an empty s.p.a.ce boat?"

"Brother, the Yang Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle joined hands to attack us. The Yang Clan didn't intend to move at all. When we went to their clan, the around us suddenly closed, Zun cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan joined hands and started killing our Zun cultivators. They didn't kill any of the Tian level cultivators, they just cut off their arms. When I broke through the empty s.p.a.ce, it was already to this point."

"Brother, there must be traitors inside Tiantai!" said Lin Ruo Tian. Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan wanted Tiantai to collapse on itself.

"Traitors?" Tian Chi the Buddhist monk said, "Have the people from Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan left?"

"No, they haven't. When we left, they said they'd wait for Tiantai to come back again, that they'd kill all our Zun cultivators then and cut the arms off of all our Tian level cultivators. I don't believe they dispatched their best cultivators yet, Tian Long must have even stronger cultivators in the background!" said Ruo Xie.

PMG Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311: Going to the Yang Clan

Tian Chi remained silent for a moment after hearing out Lin Ruo Tian, it was difficult to control all the imperial cultivation disciples in Tiantai. In the past, traitors weren't a problem because the tensions between the different influential imperial groups weren't as bad, so traitors were pointless.

But it was different now, there were battles everywhere in Ba Huang, great wars even. Tian Long Divine Castle had probably sent some people last time to partic.i.p.ate in the recruitment process of Tiantai.

"It seems like Tian Long Divine Castle really wants to destroy Tiantai this time, while preparing for the meeting of the emperors." thought Tian Chi. Tian Long Divine Castle was now occupying the Yang Clan's territory, thus provoking Tiantai in their own territory.

Of course, Tian Chi knew that Tian Long Divine Castle was a powerful group. They had existed for thousands of years, so they obviously had to have plenty of strong cultivators, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer even. Tiantai only had two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer: Mu Chen and another disciple, but their second fellow disciple was also about to reach the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Ten years later, Tiantai would probably a lot stronger, but that implied the made it that far.

"What happened?" Lin Feng heard what Lin Ruo Tian had said. They had cut one arm off each of the Tian level cultivators because they couldn't recover them at the Tian level.

"Lin Feng, Tian Long Divine Castle attacked us." Lin Ruo Tian's face was deathly pale. He explained everything to Lin Feng again.

"The Yang Clan also dares fight." Lin Feng hadn't expected that.

"I still have some vitality water, heal yourselves first." said Lin Feng, taking out a jar of vitality water and giving some to everybody. Vitality water could help cultivators grow missing body parts and even increase their strength. Even after Ruo Xie used it, he sensed an incredible vitality flow throughout his body.

After Lin Ruo Tian, Meng Ba and the other Tian level cultivators used the vitality water, their cheek were filled with color again. Lin Feng also released vitality abstruse energies on them, however, their arms still couldn't grow back. They would need to wait to break through to the Zun Qi layer before they could condense their blood and grow back limbs.

"Vitality abstruse energies!" everybody was surprised. Lin Feng controlled vitality abstruse energies as well! Lin Ruo Tian was relieved after that, even though Lin Feng couldn't regrow their arms, he had at least disinfected their wounds, so they wouldn't rot.

"Lin Feng, thank you. At least the wounds won't get worse now, and when I break through to the Zun Qi layer, I'll be able to make my arm grow back!" said Lin Ruo Tian, feeling grateful.

"It's just an arm. I'll soon break through to the Zun Qi layer. I'm not feeling that dispirited." said Meng Ba. He was still annoyed though.

"We're brothers!" said Lin Feng smiling and shaking his head. They had done a lot for him in the past, so he would make sure to take care of them.

"Brother, what do you intend to do?" asked Lin Feng to Tian Chi.

"Our great disciple, is secretive about his whereabouts. Our second fellow disciple is about to reach the top of the Zun Qi layer, so we are limited at the moment. Tian Long Divine Castle is also motivated to annihilate us now, so they'll use their full strength." said Tian Chi. Everybody looked dispirited. They all felt guilty for being so weak.

"Brother, Tian Long Divine Castle is in northern Ba Huang and they're provoking us, can we sit here and do nothing?" said a Zun cultivator furiously.

"w.a.n.g Xiao, what should we do in your opinion?" asked Tian Chi to that Zun cultivator.

"Can't we contact our great fellow disciple?" asked w.a.n.g Xiao. If Mu Chen partic.i.p.ated, he could destroy Tian Long Divine Castle's people.

But Tian Chi shook his head, making everybody feel dispirited.

"Besides that, we can interrupt our second disciple in his cultivation or we can gather all our strong cultivators and go to the Yang Clan. It's important to remember that Lin Feng has Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword, so he can easily kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. We must get our revenge!" said w.a.n.g Xiao.

Tian Chi nodded and looked at Lin Feng, "What do you think Lin Feng?"

"You can decide, I'll follow." said Lin Feng in a low voice.

Tian Chi remained silent and said, "Wait for me, I'm going to the sky above the sky to see if I can't interrupt our second fellow disciple while he's practicing, Lin Feng, Ruo Xie, Qing Tian, come with me."

Lin Feng, Ruo Xie, and Mo Qing Tian were all the emperors' direct disciples, so they were permitted to go to the sky above the sky.

The four of them left. Lin Feng looked at Mo Qing Tian, who according to Tian Chi, was also one of his ten fellow disciples.

Mo Qing Tian was wearing a robe with stars on it, he looked young and particularly handsome. He looked at Lin Feng, smiled and nodded, "I heard of your achievements, you seem outstanding."

"You're flattering me, brother." said Lin Feng smiling and shaking his head. They soon arrived in the sky above the sky and they landed in a calm and tranquil mountain, but it seemed like Emperor Yu wasn't there.

"What do you think?" asked Tian Chi.

"Are you talking about w.a.n.g Xiao?" asked Mo Qing Tian smiling thinly.

"Indeed." said Tian Chi nodding.

"We first need to ask Mu Chen, then, we can check if our second fellow disciple can stop practicing. If he's really the traitor, it'd mean that Tian Long is only worried about Mu Chen and that they even want to kill our second disciple!" Ruo Xie looked upset.

"Ruo Xie, did you just use telepathy to tell me that Tian Long Divine Castle released you for a purpose?"

"Yes, otherwise, I couldn't have come back. They only let me off to further infuriate Tiantai!" replied Ruo Xie.

"w.a.n.g Xiao seems to be in a hurry, isn't he worried that we suspect him?" asked Tian Chi smiling.

"There are two possibilities, the first one is he is not a traitor, the second is that he's a traitor and maybe that they're not even afraid of Mu Chen, but pretend to be. That would explain why w.a.n.g Xiao tried to make us believe that they're afraid of him, but we can't come to any conclusions yet." said Mo Qing Tian.

"You're right, the second possibility is even more probable!" said Tian Chi.

Lin Feng looked at them and sighed.

"What should we do?" asked Ruo Xie indifferently. If it was the second possibility, it meant that Tian Long Divine Castle really wanted to destroy Tiantai.

"Everything's possible, we'll just have to see how Tian Long Divine Castle intends to destroy Tiantai." said Tian Chi.

"Let's get prepared, so tomorrow morning we can go to the Yang Clan!" said Tian Chi. Everybody nodded and left. Lin Feng went back outside. Everybody was still there, many of whom looked furious.

"So what's the plan?" asked Lin Ruo Tian to Lin Feng.

"We're going to the Yang Clan tomorrow morning!" said Lin Feng to everyone. They all looked furious. A celestial Qi fell down on Tiantai as a huge boat appeared in the sky. It was a peerless holy weapon, capable of incredible speeds.

Later, there were a hundred strong cultivators from Tiantai on the boat, preparing to invade the Yang Clan.

"Are you all aware that we could die there? You can decide not to come now and n.o.body will blame you, especially you Tian level cultivators." said Tian Chi. But, n.o.body decided to give up. There were even some Tian level cultivators on the boat who only had one arm from their last bout.

Once Tian Chi saw that n.o.body was leaving, he said, "Alright then, let's go!"

The boat rose up in the air and streaked across the sky in the direction of the Yang Clan.

PMG Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312: Trouble, Killing People

Tian Yuan City was where the Yang Clan resided. Many people were already waiting there, coming from thousands of miles around just to see the battle between Tiantai and Tian Long Divine Castle.

Last time, Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan joined hands to fight Tiantai, so this next battle was inevitable. They wanted to destroy Tiantai and the Yang Clan had become their battlefield.

Around Tian Yuan City, clouds were rolling in the air and a mystical boat appeared from them.

"We're almost in Tian Yuan City." Everybody was releasing a deadly Qi, creating a picture which looked like a desolate evening in autumn.

"There's a mountain range, let's go over there!" said Tian Chi. The boat then descended from the sky and landed on that mountain range.

Everybody looked at Tian Chi, they didn't understand why he was having them stop there.

"First, we need someone to inspect Tian Yuan City. The others must stay here, understood?" said Tian Chi. Even though the crowd didn't understand, they nodded.

"Ruo Xie, you're responsible here?" said Tian Chi to Ruo Xie. Ruo Xie nodded.

"Qing Tian, Lin Feng, you two go to Tian Yuan City." said Tian Chi to Mo Qing Tian and Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian left, Qiong Qi alongside Lin Feng.

After a short time, Lin Feng said to Yan Di, "Will it be a problem for you?"

"Don't worry." said Yan Di proudly and arrogantly. Then, he turned around and descended the mountain.

"Lin Feng, are you sure your friend will be fine?" asked Tian Chi to Lin Feng.

"Don't worry, he's competent." said Lin Feng smiling and nodding.

"Alright, let's go, and remember be careful." said Tian Chi to Mo Qing Tian and Lin Feng. He wasn't going to leave with them.

Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian smiled, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and took out a mask. Now, he was releasing demonic energies and his Qi looked completely different.

Mo Qing Tian did the same, turning himself into a middle-aged man.

"Awesome, let's go." said Mo Qing Tian smiling. Lin Feng nodded and they moved towards Tian Yuan City.

After a short time, Lin Feng could see the Yang Clan: they were a prestigious family in northern Ba Huang, who apart from influential imperial groups, were the overlords of northern Ba Huang. But after the war against the Island of the Nine Dragons, they had become a lot weaker and now they were in danger, so they joined hands with Tian Long Divine Castle.

Lin Feng looked at the buildings, remembering back to the first time he came to Ba Huang.

Lin Feng was aware that everything that was happening now was because of him. Of course, even before he arrived in Ba Huang, there were tensions between Tiantai's emperors and Tian Long Divine Castle's emperor.

Lin Feng turned around and left. He soon arrived in a luxuriant restaurant, filled with people chatting and having a merry time.

They walked over to a table next to a window where there were already two people sitting, both of whom were cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer.

"Your Excellency, may I help you?" asked one of them indifferently, yet coldly when he saw Lin Feng.

"We want to sit here, so p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng. The two cultivators smiled coldly and said, "You told us to p.i.s.s off?" said the other one pointing to his nose.

"Boom!" Lin Feng immediately punched the air in their direction without hesitation.

"Try and dare!" shouted that cultivator. Lin Feng's fist crashed onto that cultivator's head, blood splashed and he immediately fell down.

The other one stood up and stared at Lin Feng, horrified.

"Even though you're strong, you should be careful!" said that cultivator.

"Kacha!" another aggressive punch. This time, the cultivator was prepared and moved backwards, but Lin Feng's attack was too fast.

"That guy is aggressive!" thought the crowd. Lin Feng grabbed the cultivator's body and whispered, "Back then, I was the one who killed the young master from the Island of the Nine Dragons and blamed Yang Zi Lan and his sister, who are you? I told you to p.i.s.s off and you surprisingly didn't listen to me!"

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng threw the guy outside the window aggressively. The other looked at Lin Feng and ran away.

"What did he say?" asked someone, trying to figure out Lin Feng.

"He killed the young master from the Island of the Nine Dragons?"

"When the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan fought, Yang Zi Lan and Yang Zi Ye said that they hadn't killed him, but could it actually be this guy who did it?"

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng, how insane was he?

Everybody was speechless though because Lin Feng acted as if nothing happened. He sat down and started drinking his own alcohol, which carried a rather strong fragrance and contained fire Qi.

As everybody had antic.i.p.ated, some people from the Yang Clan soon arrived. The leader was Yang Zi Ye, who looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

"Miss Yang!" said Lin Feng nodding at Yang Zi Ye. Apart from her, there were other strong cultivators from the Yang Clan: cultivators of the third and fourth Zun Qi layer. Once they heard what Lin Feng had said, they hurried to the restaurant. Lin Feng had only broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, but they had sent cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer, meaning they weren't underestimating him.

"Who are you? Why did you want to harm my clan back then?" asked Yang Zi Ye.

Lin Feng didn't pay attention though. He downed his gla.s.s and slowly stood up, glancing at the crowd, "Useless people, p.i.s.s off, all of you, otherwise you'll die!"

Then, he released ice-cold demonic intent, shaking their souls.

The Yang Clan's members frowned, his Qi was terrifying.

Many people's silhouettes flickered. It seemed like Lin Feng was going to fight the Yang Clan, but unfortunately, they couldn't watch.

"I asked you something." said Yang Zi Ye proudly. His Qi was powerful, so what? She had strong cultivators on her side. They were all cultivators of the third or fourth Zun Qi layer, so they could easily kill a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer.

"She looks proud and arrogant, just like before!" said Lin Feng smiling in a cold way. Yang Zi Ye saw his expression and s.h.i.+vered, that person looked like someone else she knew.

"I've let you off once. The Yang Clan wanted to bring about its own destruction and since you killed people from Tiantai, you should be destroyed!"

"Lin Feng, you're Lin Feng!" Yang Zi Ye's facial expression changed drastically. That insane guy again!

"It's too late." Lin Feng released his demonic territory. In a flash, the restaurant became dark and the faces of the members from the Yang Clan turned deathly pale.

Their faces turned pale, they knew how terrifying Lin Feng was.

"Ah…" they didn't even have time to react, horrible shrieks quickly ensued!

PMG Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313: The Yang Clan's Nightmare

"It's Lin Feng, attack him!" Yang Zi Ye's face was deathly pale. A few people rose up in the air at the same time and attacked the demonic territory, but Lin Feng took out his sword, which contained three types of abstruse energies, and immediately killed a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

"He killed a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer with only one sword attack!" thought Yang Zi Ye. Her face was even more pale. Only now did she understood what Lin Feng had done back then, he had created tensions between the Island of the Nine Dragons and the Yang Clan and he hadn't died from the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea. Lin Feng's cultivation knowledge was too deep.

Blood continued to spill everywhere as a dozen Zun cultivators died in the blink of an eye, all in front of Yang Zi Ye.

Yang Zi Ye sighed once she saw Lin Feng pointing his sword at her. She hadn't thought her entire life would change because of Lin Feng, whom she had met on a boat in the Huang Sea.

"It's all my fault." when Lin Feng's sword approached her, Yang Zi Ye closed her eyes and tears rolled down her cheeks. Lin Feng had saved her, and if the Yang Clan had been grateful, everything could have have been different.

Outside the restaurant, the crowd wanted to know what was going on inside. Very quickly, they saw a silhouette leave the restaurant and run away. That must have been the one who caused trouble, but he wasn't dead, which meant those Yang Clan cultivators were…

"Go, let's see." the crowd waited for a few minutes. After they saw that n.o.body was chasing him and that nothing seemed to be happening in the restaurant anymore, they peeked inside the restaurant.

"All the members of the Yang Clan were killed!" whispered someone. They couldn't believe it. There were cultivators of the third and fourth Zun Qi layer, even Yang Zi Ye was with them!

Yang Zi Ye was calmly lying there, she didn't look scared, instead she looked like she was asleep. The crowd even saw tears drying  in the corners of her eyes.

"Tiantai!" they thought. Maybe that that guy had hidden his cultivation level as well as his appearance. The Yang Clan had helped Tian Long Divine Castle kill people from Tiantai before, and now Tiantai wanted their revenge.

"The Yang Clan deserved it. Even though Tian Long Divine Castle came here, it's still too dangerous to offend Tiantai." thought some people. They didn't dare say that to anyone though.

"Move!" Yang Zi Ye's father turned deathly pale after he arrived in the restaurant. He had already lost a son at the Qiu Clan and now his last child, his daughter, had died!

Many people from the Yang Clan quickly arrived in the restaurant, Tiantai, all of them thought of the same group.

One hour later, in the governmental buildings of the Yang Clan. The grandfather of the Yang Clan was looking at a corpse. Apart from Yang Zi Ye and the strong cultivators who had been killed in that restaurant, more strong cultivators of the Yang Clan were killed in another location soon after the bar fight.

"Master!" said someone rus.h.i.+ng into the palace. That person looked crushed and didn't want to speak.

"Speak!" demanded the old man of the Yang Clan.

"Some members of our clan were killed at the market, including Master Yang Lie!" said that person, not raising their head. Yang Lie's social status was even higher than Yang Zi Ye's, he was Yang Zi Ye's uncle.

"Tap tap tap…" someone else arrived and the face of the old man turned deathly pale.

"Speak!" said the old man before the person even arrived.

"Master, the fifth Young Master was…" said that person.

"Kacha!" the old man's chair exploded. He was furious, "Quick, tell everyone to come back. n.o.body can stay outside!" said the old man. The Yang Clan was Tian Yuan City's most powerful group, they ran many businesses in town, the open air market, treasure shops, and so on. They'd have to cease their activities for the time being.

The old man went to the back of the room, to a door. He entered the room, where some people were sitting inside.

"Didn't you say that you were tracking every movement of theirs?" said the old man to one of the people who were sitting.

That person raised his head and glanced at the old man, "Are you blaming me?"

"I wouldn't dare!" the old man was furious, but he didn't dare offend those people.

That person stared at the old man, making him feel uncomfortable. He didn't know what the old man was thinking, before finally, he looked elsewhere and said, "Be patient, they're already outside of Tian Yuan City. Three people already came to Tian Yuan City, so they can't do much. Their forces might all come to the clan tomorrow, at that point we'll destroy them all!"

When he said the word "destroy", he sounded cruel.

"I feel relieved, I know you're extremely strong, so we must annihilate them!" said the old man.

Outside of the Yang Clan, there was a vast area where few people ventured. It was usually calm, but at that moment, a loud sound broke the silence, as well as an explosion. The ground cracked as a silhouette descended from the sky and violently landed on the ground. However, it was actually a corpse.

The guards of the Yang Clan were startled when they saw the corpse, their faces turned deathly pale.

"It's Yang Qiong, it's master Yang Qiong!"

The guards didn't know what to do, petrified with fear. Yang Qiong was the fourth member of the Yang Clan who belonged to the real lineage.

After a short time, a horse with a corpse on its back appeared to be galloping towards them.

A day pa.s.sed, a long day of death, that is. Once it became night, there was even more shouting and everybody was terrified. Each time the strong cultivators from the Yang Clan went out, they wouldn't find anyone alive, only corpses.

The ordinary members of the Yang Clan didn't trust Tian Long Divine Castle as much as their leaders. They were scared of influential imperial groups and preferred to stay away from those people, but they had no choice in this matter.

One full day pa.s.sed and Tiantai's people still didn't show up.

"Kaboom!" the old man from the Yang Clan was furious, clenching his fists aggressively. He went back to the small room at the back of his palace hall. He realized that Tian Long Divine Castle was waiting for Tiantai to arrive, but n.o.body was arriving! Instead, Tiantai was just playing with them.

"Three days pa.s.sed and they still haven't come. I'll dispatch some people." said a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer to the old man of the Yang Clan.

Outside of Tian Yuan City, Tiantai's people were still waiting at the top of a mountain. Tian Chi had even come back.

"Brothers, when are we going to go and kill the Yang Clan?" asked someone calmly.

Tian Chi turned around, smiled and said, "Why would we go?" We can just wait for them, isn't that better?"

PMG Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314: Yang Clan's Judgement Day

"Wait for them?" everybody sounded skeptical. Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian had only been gone for a few days, Had they informed Tian Long Divine Castle instead of killing them?

"Brother, if Lin Feng and brother Mo went to Tian Long Divine Castle, won't it be dangerous?" asked Meng Ba, frowning.

"Who said they went to find people from Tian Long Divine Castle?" asked Tian Chi smiling. Meng Ba was surprised and asked, "Why are we waiting for them? How do they know we're here?"

"Maybe someone will tell them." said Tian Chi indifferently. Then, Tian Chi stood up and said, "Alright, it's not safe here anymore, we have to move somewhere else. Please follow Ruo Xie to another mountain range."

"Traitors?" thought the crowd, it seemed like Tian Chi was trying to deal with their traitor.

Everybody stood up and followed Ruo Xie. However, Tian Chi said seriously, "Everybody, stay a hundred meters away from Ruo Xie, you probably understand why!"

"Of course!"

"Brothers, hurry."

Tian Chi nodded, everything was going according to plan. Tian Chi looked at Ruo Xie and w.a.n.g Xiao and said, "Ruo Xie, w.a.n.g Xiao, you are both quite strong. Ruo Xie, bring the others to another mountain range, w.a.n.g Xiao and I will sit and wait for people from Tian Long Divine Castle to come. Once they do, we'll leave.

"Understood!" said Ruo Xie nodding. Ruo Xie then brought the crowd to another mountain while Tian Chi and w.a.n.g Xiao stayed there.

"Brother, forgive me for being straightforward, but Tian Long Divine Castle is very strong. Even though we have many strong cultivators, it's still not enough!" said w.a.n.g Xiao, after the crowd left.

Tian Chi closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged, "Of course it's not enough."

"What you mean to say is that more people are coming?" said Ruo Xie.

"You'll understand in the morning, so why ask me so much?" said Tian Chi. Then, w.a.n.g Xiao didn't say anything more.

Time pa.s.sed and it became dark outside. The previous days had been nightmarish for the Yang Clan. Bodies were piling, and the murderers were nowhere to be found.

If they weren't so sure that it was Tiantai, they would have suspected the from the Abyss of Sufferings.

"Yang Ding, after tonight, the nightmare will be over. Do you think Tian Long Divine Castle can destroy Tiantai?" asked someone in the main hall. Two people were drinking tea and talking.

"I'm worried." said Yang Ding, sipping the tea and frowning.

"Worried about what?"

"Tian Long Divine Castle's people are leaving Tian Yuan City tomorrow to annihilate Tiantai, shouldn't we send some people too? When the time is right, there will be nothing left here. And if Tiantai's strong cultivators come here during the chaos, it'll be dangerous for us." said Yang Ding. If Tian Long Divine Castle was defeated by Tiantai, the Yang Clan would be in even worse danger.

"Yang Ding, since we made these decisions, we can't back out now. We could only accept defeat if Tian Long loses. However, your worries are not groundless, let's go and find grandfather." said the other one. Yang Ding nodded and they left.

However, after they pa.s.sed the door, a sword appeared in the darkness. It was ice-cold and it could pierce people's souls. They suddenly stopped moving.

Blood splashed and a wind blew, but they didn't see anything besides a black shadow.

After a short time, some people walked by and saw them standing there, blood pooling beneath them.

"Master!" many people looked to the leader of the Yang Clan, but he just turned around and left without saying anything.

That night seemed extremely long. n.o.body slept or practiced cultivation, everybody was worried that they would die if they weren't vigilant. Eventually, the sun started rising, relieving their concerns. Finally, after that day, the nightmare would be over. Tian Long would destroy Tiantai and they would move to western Ba Huang.

The Yang Clan, like many of the other clans, had a battle stage where they made their disciples fight. On their battle stage were many strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle, waiting.

There were also many strong cultivators from the Yang Clan and some other clans. In total, there were three groups of people.

"You're only sending half of your people?" asked a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tian Long Divine Castle.

"We have to leave some people here to protect the territory. You've seen how many of our people have been If there is n.o.body here and Tiantai comes, they'll destroy our territory without resistance." said the old man from the Yang Clan.

"Besides, with your strength plus the Xuan Yuan Clan and the others, we should have no problem annihilating Tiantai."

The cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer nodded, "That's not groundless, let's go then!"

They rose up in the air together and those who were still alive Tian Yuan City noticed them flying away. Was Tian Long Divine Castle leaving to fight Tiantai?

After Tian Long Divine Castle's people and the others left, the old man from the Yang Clan was finally relieved. Finally, they were going to fight with the strong army Tian Long Divine Castle had a.s.sembled.

"All the members of the Yang Clan, come onto the stage!" shouted the old man from the Yang Clan. His voice spread everywhere in their territory. In a flash, people from the entire clan gathered on the stage. They would wait for the strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle and the others to come back before leaving the stage, that way they couldn't be a.s.sasinated.

More and more people gathered together, but outside of the Yang Clan, a terrifying Qi loomed over the sky.

"Boom!" The old man was instantly depressed. Then, all the members of the Yang Clan sensed the terrifying Qi, powerful enough to make them suffocate.

"A strength at the peak of the Zun Qi layer!" the face of the old man of the Yang Clan turned deathly pale. Even though he was also a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, he couldn't compete with cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tiantai.

"Who came?" the old man of the Yang Clan was vigilant. He had left some strong cultivators in the clan, but Tiantai had sent a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer to spy on them.

At that moment, the crowd raised their heads and saw a sword appear in the sky, it alone illuminated the entire territory of the Yang Clan. Sword Qi was quickly moving towards the battle stage, destroying everything in its path: people and buildings..

"Move aside!" shouted the old man of the Yang Clan, his face was deathly pale. He rose up in the air and dodged the attack. They also moved aside as the sword cut the battle stage in two. Those who were too close were immediately killed, without a trace.

"What a terrifying sword!" thought everybody.

Tiantai continued attacking.

In the distance, a silhouette rose up in the air, his face looked sharp and his robe was fluttering in the wind.

"The Yang Clan is doomed!" those who recognized the silhouette realized.

The Yang Clan had made a decision and now, they were going to regret it.

Even the leader of the Yang Clan burst into laughter when he saw that silhouette. He knew they were doomed!

"Hou Qing Lin, today is a tragic day for the Yang Clan. The Yang Clan didn't make any mistakes, I, Yang Tian Lin, didn't make any mistake! We were not wrong, I wasn't wrong!" said the old man. He wasn't scared. He knew that it was impossible to avoid the destruction of his clan. Hou Qing Lin was now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, n.o.body could stop him. A few years before, Hou Qing Lin could already kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer and back then, he was already far from being what he is now.

"In the cultivation world, there's no such concept as right and wrong!" said Hou Qing Lin calmly, making the leader of the Yang Clan smile. Indeed, in the cultivation world, there was only the strong and the stronger!

PMG Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315: Plan and Plot

People sighed, they knew that there were tensions between the Yang Clan and Tiantai, many people believed it was Lin Feng's fault.

In Tian Yuan City, Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian were in the sky, riding a boat which utilized empty s.p.a.ce energies. The members of the Yang Clan stepped into the mountain range where Tian Chi and w.a.n.g Xiao were. Once the members from the Yang Clan and Tian Yuan City left the Yang Clan's territory, Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian flew back as well. Their second fellow disciple, Hou Qing Lin, could take care of the rest, alone.

"You're back!" Tian Chi opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng and Mo Qing Tian.

"Brother!" Lin Feng nodded at Tian Chi and w.a.n.g Xiao. Tian Chi said to Lin Feng, "You should catch up with the rest of the group."

"Understood!" They both rose up in the air and left for the other mountain. Tian Chi and w.a.n.g Xiao were still alone.

"Brother, have the battles started?" asked w.a.n.g Xiao to Tian Chi.

"Tian Long Divine Castle and the Yang Clan's members are going to arrive here soon!" said Tian Chi, closing his eyes again as if all this had nothing to do with him.

w.a.n.g Xiao frowned and said, "Brother, since they're coming, shouldn't we stay with our fellow disciples and get ready to fight Tian Long Divine Castle?"

"Not yet, when the right time comes." said Tian Chi calmly.

w.a.n.g Xiao stood up and gazed in the distance after he heard Tian Chi. He couldn't see anything and frowned, "Brother, where are the others?"

Tian Chi opened his eyes again and turned around. He looked at w.a.n.g Xiao, making him feel awkward.

"w.a.n.g Xiao, why do you keep talking?"

w.a.n.g Xiao smiled wryly, "We're both here together, two brothers. If Tian Long's people come here, we'll die. I think we should gather together with the others, what do you think?"

"It's too late." said Tian Chi. w.a.n.g Xiao was petrified. Rumbling sounds became distinct as they saw an army arriving in the distance.

"Brother, what are you waiting for!" said w.a.n.g Xiao hastily.

"Are you a member of Tiantai?" asked Tian Chi. w.a.n.g Xiao was petrified, but then he turned to Tian Chi and smiled.

"Tian Chi!" said the leader of the army as he looked at w.a.n.g Xiao.

"How can you be so sure it's me?" asked w.a.n.g Xiao to Tian Chi.

"I'm not sure, I still have some doubts even." said Tian Chi calmly.

"Do you think you're smart?" asked w.a.n.g Xiao calmly. Since Tian Long Divine Castle's people were there, it was useless to talk any further. Why was Tian Long Divine Castle's army there? Tian Chi and w.a.n.g Xiao were the only ones there, seeing how Tian Chi couldn't be a traitor, w.a.n.g Xiao was the only one left to blame.

If Tian Long Divine Castle could control w.a.n.g Xiao's location, they could also monitor Tiantai's position.

"Smart?" said Tian Chi putting his palms together and closing his eyes. He said calmly, "Tiantai's goals were to eradicate the traitor, that's why the Yang Clan was annihilated already. Now it's your turn, w.a.n.g Xiao!"

w.a.n.g Xiao was caught off-guard, he only saw a golden light streak across the sky. Suddenly, w.a.n.g Xiao rose up in the air.

"Imprison!" terrifying lights appeared around Tian Chi, they even contained holy marks. These lights dashed to the skies and w.a.n.g Xiao was suddenly petrified, his body quickly turning golden.

"Break!" shouted w.a.n.g Xiao furiously. The golden lights broke and a metallic ringing sound hummed.

"Soul Sacrifice, Holy Marks!" said Tian Chi. His body turned golden when suddenly, the marks moved towards w.a.n.g Xiao. A horrible shriek ensued. w.a.n.g Xiao's body turned golden and he was riddled with gaping wounds. Tian Chi had been sitting cross-legged the whole time, not even moving an inch.

A gigantic hand moved towards them, but it was already too late. After Tian Chi's holy marks attack, w.a.n.g Xiao had died.

"Tiantai's goal was only to eradicate the traitor, that's why the Yang Clan was annihilated?" thought the leader of the Yang Clan, recalling Tian Chi's words. His face turned deathly pale when he thought about it more.

"Brother!" Yang Zhan looked at the cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"When you make decisions, you have to bear the responsibility for your actions, that's a basic rule on the path of cultivation!" said that cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, when he saw that Yang Zhan was staring at him. Yang Zhan's eyes were bloodshot, but he nodded and said, "I will not let him influence my cultivation, but I must get my revenge today."

"You will. Tiantai sent people to destroy your clan, at the same time, w.a.n.g Xiao brought us here to fight Tiantai. Although it was a decent scheme, they definitely underestimated Tian Long Divine Castle." said that cultivator. "Let's go, Tiantai's people can't be too far. Maybe they're still fighting people in the Yang Clan. In any case, let's find them and kill them."

Yang Zhan immediately released ice-cold energies when he heard that.

"Bzzz!" the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer took a step forwards and said, "We're going to Tiantai to destroy them." silhouettes then flickered away.

As they had guessed, Tiantai's people hadn't gone back and they weren't very far. They were in a valley with cliffs surrounding them. Because of the geography, it was thus difficult to sense any Qi from the surroundings.

"Brother, what's going on?" asked someone to Tian Chi, who had just come back. And where was w.a.n.g Xiao?

"The Yang Clan has been destroyed. w.a.n.g Xiao was the traitor and I killed him myself." replied Tian Chi calmly.

"It was him! When I came back to Tiantai before, he was the one who wanted to get revenge the most. No wonder!"

"As expected, maybe Tian Long Divine Castle had prepared an incredible army. That would explain why w.a.n.g Xiao had hoped we'd act recklessly."

"You think that you're so smart and that your plan was perfect?" said someone at that moment. Tian Long Divine Castle's people!

Qi descended from the sky. When they raised their heads, they saw countless strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle descending from the sky.

Tian Chi the Sadhu frowned and looked at them in a meaningful way, "Can't you just tell me who else is a traitor amongst us?"

"Boom!" two silhouettes rose up in the air like arrows, as if they were afraid that Tian Long could injure them accidentally."

"Xuan Ting and Lin Xiao, two more people!" Tian Chi looked calm as he smiled and said, "You really planned everything out carefully, nothing could've gone wrong since you sent three people."

"Of course, and now you're stuck in this valley, like an animal trapped in a cage now. We even casted a spell, so you can't leave anymore. Unfortunately for you, Hou Qing Lin hasn't made it back yet!"

"Who knows?" said Tian Chi calmly. Immediately after that, a sword Qi pierced through the cage and instantly destroyed it.

"Hou Qing Lin!" people from Tian Long raised their heads and frowned. Then, at the same time, all the members from Tiantai jumped into a gigantic boat.

"If you hadn't come to the valley, how would we have destroyed you?" said a cold voice. Immediately after, bright lights appeared and Tiantai's boat disappeared. It then reappeared in the sky above them!

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