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PMG Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326: Your Highness

Very quickly, five corpses littered the ground. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei killed them all.

"After breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, Yi Ren Lei's illusion strength has become terrifying." said Lin Feng.

"With the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer, your demonic energies and your cursing strength are already terrifying. You killed two cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer and a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer."

"If you hadn't helped, I wouldn't have had such an easy time with the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer. It's your victory more so than mine." said Lin Feng.

"Let's continue. Even stronger cultivators are waiting for you in here." said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Lin Feng walked ahead with her, where they encountered many people who provoked them, but they weren't that strong.

Even if they were interested in fighting them, it was only because of Yi Ren Lei's beauty. Lin Feng didn't exist in those strong cultivators' eyes.

"Have you ever fought against him?" asked Lin Feng, looking at Kong Ming in the distance. They were walking in the same direction, so it was probably the direction of Ba Huang.

"Impossible!" said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"Is he that strong?" asked Lin Feng. He didn't know if she was just being modest.

"Believe me or not, many of the ten strongest young cultivators can't defeat him." said Yi Ren Lei.

"Many people only see the tip of the iceberg, but apart from the ten strongest young cultivators themselves, n.o.body really knows how strong they are. For example, Lin Feng had defeated Qi Tian Sheng before he became famous. Then there is you, n.o.body knows you, but you could definitely defeat some of the ten strongest young cultivators." explained Yi Ren Lei. "Besides, they're not necessarily all equivalent in terms of battling abilities."

"Or, like you, n.o.body knows how good you really are at battling." said Lin Feng smiling. Yi Ren Lei smiled sweetly after she heard Lin Feng, but didn't say much.

Over the next few hours, Lin Feng's Qi became more cold and he realized that Yi Ren Lei's Qi had changed too. She didn't look as seducing anymore, her Qi had become rather cold.

Besides, if Lin Feng hadn't stayed next to her the entire time, he wouldn't have thought it was the same Yi Lang Ren from the Heavens of Desire's Palace.

"Yi Ren Lei, how long is this place which connects Jiu You and Ba Huang?"

"It has existed for many, many years. We would need three hours to go from one place to the other." replied Yi Ren Lei. She sounded relaxed, like she wasn't trying to seduce him.

"Three hours to cross!" Lin Feng was surprised. It was completely different from the outside world, the s.p.a.ce here didn't represent the actual distance outside.

"This is a convenient way to travel from Jiu You to Ba Huang and vice versa then!"

"If you're strong enough, a few more battles and you can reach the other side. You will also have to defeat the guards. Each of Jiu You's exits has a guard, a guard for each of the twelve empires." said Yi Ren Lei.

But how did Yi Ren Lei know that there were guards at the exits? Was it the Heavens of Desire's Palace who had told her that?

"What a beautiful girl!" said someone evilly. Someone else was looking at Yi Ren Lei in a perverted way.

Yi Ren Lei didn't pay attention to them, so that person smiled and said: "And cold, I like it women with a strong personality."

He then opened his arms, wanting to force Yi Ren Lei to hug him. However, a strong Qi surrounded him and covered him with a layer of ice.

Slas.h.!.+" The enemy shook violently and then collapsed.

Lin Feng stopped, Yi Ren Lei turned around and smiled, "Sorry about that."

"Haha, I'm just surprised." said Lin Feng. "Water abstruse energies, level five!"

"You chose the path." said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

Lin Feng was suddenly curious and intrigued by this new personality. He continued walking at the same speed. Now and then, people wanted to fight, but Yi Ren Lei immediately dealt with them.

After an hour, Lin Feng realized that they still hadn't made it to the exit.

According to Yi Ren Lei, they only needed three hours to cross the entire battlefield. a.s.suming they started near Ba Huang, they should have arrived in Ba Huang after an hour and a half, but they had already been walking for two hours.

Lin Feng understood what it meant, Yi Ren Lei's goal wasn't Ba Huang, but Jiu You!

Lin Feng asked, "Yi Ren Lei, will you go back to Ba Huang for the meeting of the emperors?"

Yi Ren Lei was surprised when she heard Lin Feng, but said, "Of course."

"Alright, then let's have a walk in Jiu You." said Lin Feng.

"It won't be a pleasant trip, it'll be a terrifying adventure!" said Yi Ren Lei, as they continued walking towards Jiu You.

However, as they continued, a strong wind started blowing. Lin Feng was surprised because that person was the young man he had fought when he had first arrived in that place.

But the young man didn't recognize him anymore, he was staring at Yi Ren Lei instead. After Lin Feng thought the young man would attack, he watched him kneel down and say, "Your Highness!"

PMG Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327: Kill Yi Ren Lei!

"Your Majesty!" said the young man. That cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer who controlled two types of abstruse energies and whose abstruse energies were level five, was calling Yi Ren Lei "Your Majesty!".

"Dual Qi and a dual status!" Lin Feng thought. Mu Chen had told him that on the pa.s.sage between Jiu You and Ba Huang there were people from both Jiu You and Ba Huang. He hadn't thought that Yi Ren Lei was originally from Jiu You and had come to Ba Huang later.

"Stand up!" said Yi Ren Lei calmly. The young man stood up and looked at her.

Those days, there were some rumors about the princess, but Dao He, the young blade cultivator, didn't believe them.

Dao He looked at Lin Feng and sensed his sharp energies.

"Your Highness, who's that?" asked Dao He, staring at Lin Feng.

"What does that have to do with you?" said Yi Ren Lei indifferently. Then, they continued walking. Yi Ren Lei just glanced at him indifferently.

Dao He's silhouette flickered and he landed behind Yi Ren Lei saying, "When the empire heard that Your Highness was coming back, the clan sent me here to pick you up. It's a good thing that I came across you. The strong cultivators from the empire are also here to greet you."

"Alright." said Yi Ren Lei nodding. Dao He was annoyed because Yi Ren Lei didn't say anything else. He was from an empire, so he couldn't let Yi Ren Lei go out with a cultivator of the ninth Tian Qi layer.

"There's a deadly energy." said Lin Feng, stopping. Someone wanted to kill them.

Yi Ren Lei and Dao He stopped too.

As expected, once they stopped, three groups of four cultivators appeared. Each group of four had a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer and three cultivators of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

"Your Highness, we must leave immediately." said Dao He. Then, he released empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energies and began running ahead.

"Die!" shouted Dao He. His dazzling blade streaked across the sky.

"Dao He!" the facial expressions of that group of four people changed drastically. They ran backwards as fast as they could. They weren't quick enough though, those four were immediately killed.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei also attacked the other groups. Yi Ren Lei condensed water abstruse energies as she attacked them. In a flash, they killed three of them and killing the last one would be easy for her.

Lin Feng killed one of them with sword energies, then, he punched the second with demonic energies which he had condensed in his fists.

"Die!" Lin Feng fused cursing and desolate abstruse energies together and threw himself at a cultivator. At the same time, he sensed sharp blade energies surround him.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng disappeared using empty s.p.a.ce energies. Blade energies appeared and immediately destroyed the remaining three people.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Dao He. If he had been too slow, he would have died.

"Empty s.p.a.ce Teleportation?" Dao He frowned. He didn't recognize Lin Feng, but he remembered fighting someone who used such powers.

"You almost killed me!" said Lin Feng.

"You were in the way." said Dao He.

"Boom!" Lin Feng released demonic intent, his pitch-black eyes looked even more menacing.

Dao He sensed the demon intent was corroding his soul.

"I will destroy you." said Lin Feng.

"You're a useless slave, kneel down, insect!" said Lin Feng, his voice resonated in Dao He's brain.

"No, I'm Dao He, I'm an imperial descendant!" Dao He's eyes looked determined.

"Even emperors must show respect to a demon emperor. During this life, you are doomed to kneel down to more powerful people." said Lin Feng. Dao He's determination was slowly being whittled away.

At that moment, Yi Ren Lei had already killed another cultivator. She was now watching Lin Feng, surprised.

"No… you're ruining my determination!" shouted Dao He furiously. However, at the same time, Lin Feng jumped and landed in front of Dao He. A gigantic demon-hand appeared, containing cursing and desolate abstruse energies.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Dao He furiously. The gigantic hand descended from the sky and hit Dao He's body. A big wound appeared on his chest.

At the same time, other terrifying energies rose. Dao He's facial expression changed drastically and he shouted stop, "Stop!"

Lin Feng frowned and saw that other strong cultivators were coming. They were much stronger than the cultivators before, they were all cultivators of the fifth and sixth Zun Qi layer.

"They're all attacking Yi Ren Lei! They want to kill her!" thought Lin Feng. There were a hundred more days before the meeting of the emperors, but Lin Feng didn't know why she was going back to Jiu You, nor why so many people wanted to kill her.

"It won't be a pleasant trip, it'll be a terrifying adventure!" recalled Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at Dao He and said, "There won't be a next time!"

"Hmph!" Dao He groaned coldly and fearlessly.

"I don't want to see a next time either." said Yi Ren Lei to Dao He. Dao He was upset at first, but then nodded. "Your Highness, I contacted the strong cultivators of the clan already. We only need to hold out for a little longer." said Dao He. Then, he turned around and a purple blade twinkled in the air.

"Die!" Their Qi was terrifying. A gigantic hand appeared in the sky.

"Break!" shouted Dao He while condensing his own abstruse energies. His blade slashed, however, a strong sword light moved towards his blade.

At the same time, two cultivators of the sixth Zun Qi layer threw themselves at Yi Ren Lei. One of them had sharp golden energies while the other one had wind energies.

"Oh no, looks bad." thought Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328: Obvious Murderous Intentions

Yi Ren Lei released more energies after seeing them approaching.

Her energies turned into a watery cage to block the enemies' attack. Their energies became a rain as they hit the cage.

A dazzling golden light did capture Yi Ren Lei, however, her silhouette became distorted and she managed to get away. She could turn into water when attacked.

"Help me block one of them!" Yi Ren Lei said to Lin Feng using telepathy. The other one released wind energies which quickly surrounded her.

Lin Feng looked at them and instantly realized that they had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, so if any of their attacks reached them, they'd die. The different between the fifth and the sixth Zun Qi layer was that large.

"I'll fight against the one with the golden abstruse energies!" siad Lin Feng using telepathy, while taking out a scepter.

"Die!" the scepter turned into a cursing tree and headed towards that cultivator with the golden energies.

"Take!" that cultivator created a gigantic hand which moved towards the ancient tree. He immediately grabbed it and throwing Lin Feng's body away.

"Curse!" said Lin Feng. The scepter released energies at the gigantic hand and started corroding it.

"Bzzz!" That cultivator suddenly looked horrified. He wanted to move his hand back, but blood already appeared.

"You must want to die!" said that cultivator. He stretched out his hand and a golden tower appeared with golden marks on it.

"Die!" shouted the cultivator. The tower became gigantic, so large that it was going to crush Lin Feng like an ant.

"Come out!" Lin Feng took out his bed and put it above his head.

"Kaboom!" The golden tower crashed onto the bed, leaving Lin Feng's arms numb. That tower had forced half of Lin Feng's body into the ground.

"You're quite tough!" said the enemy while releasing more oppressive energies.

"Boom!" Lin Feng released demonic Qi this time. The golden tower was above Lin Feng's head again, but then he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the enemy. His scepter aimed straight for the enemy's head.

"Kaboom!" The golden tower hit the ground and exploded. Lin Feng was feeling a bit lucky to have his cloak to teleport with.

"Deadly Soul Curse!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Suddenly, it was like ghosts were wailing, their lamentations resonating in everyone else's brains and corroding their determination.

"Destroy!" shouted a strong cultivator furiously. His body became surrounded by golden lights as he threw himself at Lin Feng. The s.p.a.ce around them turned completely golden and Lin Feng felt weighed down, like several mountains were resting on his shoulders.

That cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer had attacked Lin Feng a few times, but still hadn't managed to kill him.

Lin Feng took a few steps back, but was still stuck in the golden world. Even though peerless holy weapons were powerful, the cultivator who used them also had to be strong.

Lin Feng looked at his quickly approaching enemy and then at the bodies on the ground, the twenty something people he had killed before.

"Deadly curse technique!" Lin Feng used his scepter to release more energies, immediately after, the bodies started to stand up.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. The corpses' eyes were twinkling with black lights as they moved towards the enemy. At the same time, Lin Feng attacked the golden world with his scepter again. He knew that the bodies couldn't withstand the enemies' attacks.

"Curse Gold!" the golden energies faded and Lin Feng rose up in the air, surrounded by demonic Qi.

"Where are you going?" shouted the cultivator, chasing Lin Feng. Lin Feng punched the air in his direction.

"Kaboom!" Lin Feng was violently propelled backwards and crashed into the ground. Many of his bones were broken.

Lin Feng invoked his blood strength. Even though he hadn't broken through to the Zun Qi layer yet, he had dragon blood.

Lin Feng also swallowed some vitality water and released vitality abstruse energies to heal his body.

However, he didn't have much time before the enemies closed in on him.

Lin Feng opened his third eye and turned into a demonic beast.

"Do you think using your G.o.dly awareness is of any use?" asked the enemy. A golden hand headed in his direction again.

"b.e.s.t.i.a.l consciousness, open!" said Lin Feng. Desolate Qi poured out from within him.

That pure desolate Qi could corrode anything, even the golden lights faded some.

"Ah…" the strong cultivator gave a horrible shriek. His eyes were hit by the desolate Qi, preventing him from opening his eyes.



Lin Feng and his enemy shouted at the same time. Lin Feng aimed his scepter at the enemy's head while the enemy pierced through the desolate Qi and aimed straight towards Lin Feng.

"Die!""Die!" shouted Lin Feng, releasing more and more demonic Qi. Apart from the demonic Qi, he also released Ling Long's celestial Qi.

"Kaboom!" Cracks started appearing on the enemy's head. At the same time, the enemy caught up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng's bones were cracking and his viscera felt like they were going to explode.

Lin Feng was propelled backwards, cras.h.i.+ng into the ground a hundred meters away. Blood splashed everywhere, a gigantic golden hand handprint was left on his chest. Luckily, he had finally managed to hurt the enemy, but he had used all the desolate Qi from the Huang Sea he had previously absorbed.

Yi Ren Lei was also in a bad situation. She was injured, she was only managing to evade lethal blows, nothing more.

"Father!" shouted a Dao He furiously. A group of strong cultivators arrived and all the enemies suddenly looked destabilized. A strong wind started blowing and tornados appeared.

"Slash, slash…" blade lights appeared everywhere and blood spilt. The wind became calmer, Yi Ren Lei appeared from out of the chaos, her clothes were a bit torn.

"Your Majesty!" said a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, bowing before Yi Ren Lei in a respectful way. At the same time, the other strong cultivators wiped the blood and dust off Dao He's face, then, they all ran to Yi Ren Lei and bowed.

"Thank you very much everyone for your help." said Yi Ren Lei, glancing at them. She didn't look particularly troubled. Then, she went to Lin Feng and saw the body of the cultivator, of the sixth Zun Qi layer, whom Lin Feng had killed.

"You're amazing." said Yi Ren Lei, smiling in a way which sufficed to make anyone fall in love. The strong cultivators behind her couldn't see her face, but they could tell from her her voice that she didn't sound that cold. Dao He's father frowned and glanced at him in a cold way.

"Your Highness, who's that?" asked Dao Gu, hastily walking towards Lin Feng, not hiding his coldness. Lin Feng was surprised. Why did that guy want to kill him?

"Watch your words!" said Yi Ren Lei.

"I understand, but for your safety, that person must leave." said Dao Gu furiously.

Yi Ren Lei glanced at him and then walked next to Lin Feng. She grabbed his arm and said, "He's my boyfriend!"

PMG Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329: Ice Empire

"He's my boyfriend!" said Yi Ren Lei. Everybody was speechless, especially Dao He.

Lin Feng was astonished as well, but he quickly came back to his senses and glanced at the crowd with his pitch-black eyes.

"You shouldn't tarnish your reputation, even if you want to protect him." said Dao Gu, trying to judge Lin Feng.

"Do you think I'm joking?" asked Yi Ren Lei, leaning against Lin Feng and looking at those people rudely.

Lin Feng stared at Dao Gu as well. That was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. If they were in Ba Huang, he'd be a core member of an influential imperial group.

"Dao Gu, Her Majesty has come back with the man she loves. What is the problem with that?" said an old man walking towards them. He was also a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"I just thought he might be a bandit, but since Her Majesty is not joking, of course I'm happy for her. The Dao family is happy to welcome her back to the empire!" said Dao Gu. All the members of the Dao family moved aside and let Yi Ren Lei pa.s.s.

"Your Highness, welcome back to the empire!" said the old cultivator.

"Thank you." said Yi Ren Lei. Then she dragged Lin Feng and they walked forwards. n.o.body caused them trouble anymore since they were now surrounded by such amazing cultivators. After a short time of walking, they arrived at the end of the path. In front of Lin Feng were twelve pa.s.sages.

The ones leading the way chose a path. They were all moving quickly as the pa.s.sage was quite long, but even then, it took them half an hour to reach the exit. There were empty s.p.a.ce energies waiting for them at the exit.

"Please, Your Highness!" said Dao Gu and the other cultivators, stopping. The exit was very small, for it was only a crack in the s.p.a.ce.

"Let's go out!" said Yi Ren Lei, dragging Lin Feng along. Once they arrived on the other side, Lin Feng quickly realized that he was surrounded by ice-cold energies, and some more people even.

"I'm back." whispered Yi Ren Lei. When they walked out of that cave, Lin Feng was surrounded by two stone men on each of his sides who looked ice-sculpted people. Lin Feng were convinced that they were real people.

"Guards!" thought Lin Feng. Those two had to be the guards, but they didn't react at all.

Lin Feng continued walking ahead before finally arriving outside. It was a vast area with buildings everywhere. The crowd in the distance looked tiny, like specks of dust. He was was on a lofty glacier which was ten thousand meters tall, only halfway up a building.

"What's above our heads?" asked Lin Feng.

"We can go and you'll see!" said Yi Ren Lei while walking up. Lin Feng shrugged and followed. He was injured, but it didn't matter.

In the distance, there was a building which was higher than any of the clouds, but it was blurry behind the mist.

"In my previous world, if people had seen that, they wouldn't have thought so highly of the Potala Palace." whispered Lin Feng. That palace in the distance was a million times bigger than the Potala Palace.

"Jiu You, Ice Empire!" whispered Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng nodded and saw two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer approaching. Yi Ren Lei was the princess of one of the twelve empires in Jiu You, a high-level empire.

"Your Majesty!" said Dao Gu and the others. "We'll be taking you back to the palace to ensure your safety."

Yi Ren Lei nodded and they rose up in the air, moving towards that gigantic building.

Yi Ren Lei's palace was the farthest one away and the highest up.

"You can go back now!" said Yi Ren Lei to Dao Gu and the others once they arrived in front of her palace.

"Your Highness, we…"

"Since I'm back, n.o.body will attack me anymore. I don't want to be disturbed!" said Yi Ren Lei, glaring at Dao Gu and interrupting him. Dao Gu had no choice but to nod and say, "Have a good rest, Your Highness, I'm going to inform the Snow Queen!"

"Your Highness, we're off." said another cultivator respectfully. Then, they left. Dao He was the last one to leave. Before he left, he glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way.

After everybody left, Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng and he stared back at her.

"Are you feeling uncertain, my love?" said Yi Ren Lei smiling. She didn't look that cold anymore, instead smiling and looking alluring.

Each palace around hers was gigantic, but hers was the largest. It had a restrictive Qi around it, barring anyone other than those Yi Ren Lei herself brought to it.

Lin Feng said, "Her Majesty, the Princess of the Snow Empire wouldn't want me to become a descendant of the empire!"

"Don't worry, don't worry, you're the only one so far. Maybe that someday…" siad Yi Ren Lei in a gentle voice, looking at Lin Feng in a seducing way. She walked towards him, pressed her lips against his ear, and said, "Lin Feng!"

"Lin Feng!"

"I knew you couldn't die that easily, if the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle knew you were still alive with how much they've lost, they'd go insane. Even the emperors had showed up! Could you imagine?" said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"How can you be sure I'm Lin Feng?" asked Lin Feng calmly.

"Cursing energies, ninth Tian Qi layer, terrifying battling abilities, several abstruse energies, and the vitality water. How could I not know?" asked Yi Ren Lei smiling. "I was surprised because Lin Feng likes using sword and you use cursing energies, but surprisingly, you're the same person. No wonder you wanted the demon flute the other day, and after giving it up so easily, you came back for it under another persona."

"Everybody has their secrets. You too: desire, illusion, transformation, dodging, vitality, and water abstruse energies. In Ba Huang, you're the holy girl of the Heavens of Desire's Palace and in Jiu You you're a cold and n.o.ble princess. Why did you go to Ba Huang and why did you study desire cultivation?" asked Lin Feng.

"During the next hundred days, you will understand. After all, you're my boyfriend now, at least for these hundred days!" said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"Alright, my love, get ready. We'll be seeing my father and mother, the emperors and the leaders of my country."

PMG Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330: Yi Ren Lei's Seduction

"Ice emperor, snow leader!" asked Lin Feng: "They're all cultivation emperors?"

"Indeed." said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"Jiu You and Ba Huang should be similar, while the Holy City is the most mysterious place of all. Xiao Ya told me that!" whispered Lin Feng. He couldn't expect to go to the Holy City, the very center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, Lin Feng rarely heard people talk about the Holy City.

"Yi Lang Ren, do you know anything about the Holy City?" asked Lin Feng.

"I just heard that the Holy City is the central-most part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Only the strongest cultivators go there. I also asked about the Holy City, but my father, mother, teachers, etc. wouldn't tell me anything about it. They only said that I'll know when the right time comes." said Yi Ren Lei.

"But I've heard that the meeting of the emperors, to which Jiu You and Ba Huang also partic.i.p.ate in, has something to do with the Holy City." said Yi Ren Lei.

In Lin Feng's circle, apart from the legendary emperors, only Mister Xiao, Xiao Ya, and Meng Qing's mother had been to the Holy City, but Mister Xiao and Meng Qing's mother hadn't told him anything about it.

"Maybe the emperors have been there, but they don't want to talk about it!" thought Lin Feng.

Even though emperors' lives had limits, they could at least live for a thousand years, high level emperors could even live up to ten thousand years. Besides, amongst the emperors in Ba Huang, were there none who could become a great cultivation emperor?

Everything seemed to be pointing to the Holy City. Maybe there, Lin Feng would learn more about the legends he heard about and the history of some of the older emperors.

As Yi Ren Lei had expected, it wasn't long before a Qi appeared in the distance. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei raised their heads and saw a bunch of people wearing ice and snow armors.

"Your Highness, welcome to the ice empire!" The sun was s.h.i.+ning off their armors, so Lin Feng could see the persons face, but he could tell he wasn't very nice from his tone.

Lin Feng recalled that some people had tried to kill her and that Dao Gu and the others protected her. Lin Feng had the feeling that something was going on in the palace, but Yi Ren Lei didn't know about it.

But those people were incredibly powerful, even normal soldiers were low level Zun cultivators, while the leader was a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

"Who are you talking to?" asked Yi Ren Lei

When the soldiers sensed Yi Ren Lei's coldness, they looked angry and  said, "Your Highness, we said all we had to say, so we're off."

"My love, do you see how people treat me?" said Yi Ren Lei.

"With your strength, you can kill them easily." said Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei looked at him angrily, she seemed to be blaming him for not helping.

"How am I of any value here?" asked Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei smiled thinly and said, "You just have to pretend that you're my boyfriend, that's all."

Lin Feng shrugged and said, "I don't like being used by people. Tell me what you're scheming, otherwise, if anything happens, I won't stay on your side."

Yi Ren Lei suddenly looked terribly beautiful and seducing.

"In Jiu You, there are only twelve emperors. Although there are fewer emperors here than in Ba Huang, Jiu You is more powerful than Ba Huang, besides, Jiu You is five times bigger than Ba Huang and the real power of the twelve empires lies in their temples: the twelve shrines."

"There is the symbol of the Ice and Snow Empire, our shrine!" said Yi Ren Lei while pointing to a temple.

"I've heard that the twelve temples come from the Holy City. I also know that even the emperors can't go to the shrines as they wish, only before the Imperial Alliance's meeting will they open. This is the equivalent of the meeting of the emperors in Ba Huang. Also, the Imperial Alliance Meeting and the Meeting of the Emperors are going to be on the same day!"

Lin Feng listened to Yi Ren Lei intently.

"Do those things have anything to do with me?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course, in the history of the Ice and Snow Empire, the ruler has never allowed the women of the empire to go to the shrine. Until the snow leader appeared, that is. She wanted to break that rule, but there was an unprecedented resistance. Finally, there was a regression and the rule became: women can go to the shrine only with their lover." said Yi Ren Lei.

Lin Feng asked, "I don't understand, what is the point of that rule?"

"The Ice and Snow Empire has always been controlled by emperors. According to legends, the ice G.o.ddess will only transmit her knowledge to a woman who lost her purity." said Yi Ren Lei, leaning against Lin Feng. She wanted Lin Feng to have compa.s.sion for her.

"So if women want to go there, it actually doesn't depend on the man, it's just that the woman must have lost her virginity." said Lin Feng, looking at her beautiful face.

"Indeed." said Yi Ren Lei nodding.

"Why me?"

"Because I'm still a virgin." said Yi Ren Lei, smiling at him in a seducing way.

"My lover, you know how I want to use you? I want you to make love to me, I don't want to be pure anymore."

That was any man's dream, having s.e.x with the holy girl of the Heavens of Desire's Palace, the princess of the Ice and Snow Empire.

"Why me?"

"You said you wanted to travel with me. I never thought about it, but then I realized that the black mage and Lin Feng were the same person and was amazed. Why wouldn't I choose an outstanding man to lose my virginity to?"

"What if you hadn't encountered me?" asked Lin Feng.

"I would have chosen someone here in Jiu You or maybe Dao He." said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng didn't feel comfortable, she was cruel, cruel to herself, cruel to him. Because she wanted to go to the Ice and Snow Shrine, she would sleep with any man.

"Is that worth it? You're the holy woman of the Heavens of Desire's Palace, the princess of the Ice and Snow Empire."

"I know that there will be such a day in the future, but I want to receive the transmissions of the G.o.ddess right now." said Yi Ren Lei smiling. "Alright, my love, let's enjoy the pleasures of l.u.s.t. You have already broken through to the top of the Tian Qi layer, maybe this will help you break through to the Zun Qi layer. Besides, am I really that disgusting?"

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly, how could she be ugly or disgusting?

PMG Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: Influence in the Empire

Lin Feng moved his head closer to her, stretched his hand and touched her chin. He smiled thinly and said, "So seducing me and then abandoning me won't be a problem for you?"

Yi Ren Lei smiled and stretched her slender white hands, putting them around Lin Feng's neck. He could smell her breath, she was so close to him.

"In a hundred days, I'll still be Yi Ren and you'll still be Lin Feng. During those hundred days, you can make love to me whenever and as much as you want, my love!" said Yi Ren Lei, turning Lin Feng on even more. Lin Feng removed his hands from her chin and she pulled her hands away from him. He didn't look at her again, desire abstruse energies could make any man fall and he was afraid to fall for her.

"Didn't we want to go see the ice emperor and the snow leader?" asked Lin Feng, walking away.

Yi Ren Lei looked at him angrily and followed him, making small, cute steps. She caught up with him and grabbed his arm. "My love, so do you want me to give Dao He my virginity?"

"Dao He!" Lin Feng's eyes flashed with cold lights. The first time he had seen him, Lin Feng didn't mind him, but the second time he saw him, Dao He had attacked him by surprise. The third straw was when the Dao Clan had arrived and he had released murderous energies while looking at Lin Feng.

They both walked for a bit and arrived near a gigantic ice palace. It reached the clouds and the sun was s.h.i.+ning on the ice, but wasn't melting. It looked like it was made of crystals rather than ice.

There weren't any guards in the main hall because a place like that didn't need guards.

"Yi Ren, my little girl, you're here!" said someone in a gentle way, even though Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei hadn't even arrived yet. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei made it to the middle of the main palace, it was filled with an incredible Qi. There was ice outside, but inside, everything was golden. There were carvings of a beautiful girl on the stone pillars.

Some people were sitting at the end of the room, a few dozen actually. The ones who attracted the most attention were the two people at the very front, to the left and the right. On the left was a well-proportioned middle-aged man who looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

That person was probably the ice emperor.

On the right was a woman who looked simple, elegant, clean. She was wearing a snowy robe. She was probably very old, but she looked like she was twenty-four. Lin Feng sighed and reminded himself that being strong was a good way to remain beautiful.

Many people were sitting at their feet. Many of the young men looked n.o.ble and heroic, their Qi was incredible and they had imposing appearances, they were probably the descendant of feudal aristocrats.

Dao Gu and Dao He and the other strong cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, as well as a young man, were sitting at the feet of the snow leader.

"Father, mother!" said Yi Ren Lei, holding Lin Feng's arm and bowing in front of them. Lin Feng also bowed in front of them, "Mister, madam!"

"My daughter is even more beautiful!" said the snow leader, standing up and walking over to Yi Ren Lei. She touched her face, but Lin Feng found it strange because they looked like sisters, not mother and daughter.

The snow leader turned around and looked at Lin Feng. She smiled thinly and said, "That's my daughter's handsome little boyfriend!"

"Eh…" Lin Feng was speechless. Little boyfriend!

"Alright, come and sit!" the snow leader dragged Yi Ren Lei, and Yi Ren Lei dragged Lin Feng to sit at her feet too.

"Yi Ren!" at that moment, the ice emperor looked at Yi Ren Lei.

"Father!" said Yi Ren Lei in a cold way.

"There are millions of men in the empire and I have so many sons who are all extraordinary. If you like one of them, I can help you marry them. Why did you choose this random guy?" asked the ice emperor.

Lin Feng now understood that those people weren't Yi Ren Lei's parents, even though she called them her parents.

"It seems like the balance of power is completely different here and in Ba Huang Province. Even though emperors are the most respected people here and even if there are two emperors in one empire, it seems impossible for two emperors to be as close as those in Tiantai." thought Lin Feng.

It was as Yi Ren Lei had said, the ice emperor didn't wish that Yi Ren Lei would go to the shrine, to keep the lineage pure. While the snow leader wanted her to lose her purity, but with one of his own.

"You're overthinking things father, how could I bring a random man?" said Yi Ren Lei, leaning against Lin Feng and smiling in a gentle way. Dao He looked furious, he had never seen Yi Ren Lei act like that, she seemed to be genuinely in love.

"If there's anything you have doubts about, before I go to the shrine, I can prove that I'm right." said Yi Ren Lei. Everybody understood what kind of proof she was talking about.

The ice emperor nodded and said, "Since you have already made a decision, I won't say anything more. I just think it's a pity that I have so many sons and that you're not interested in a single one of them!"

"That's not true, I'm just afraid that I'm not good enough for them, they're all so outstanding." said Yi Ren Lei modestly. She couldn't choose one of the ice emperor's sons, otherwise, she wouldn't be in control of her life anymore. Without Lin Feng, she would have had to choose Dao He.

"I think you're destroying your future." said someone else in a cold way. It was a young man wearing an imperial robe. He was tall and looked n.o.ble. He looked at Yi Ren Lei and continued, "You should understand that we want to protect you because we're part of the same family. Instead, you brought a random man, implying that you don't care about us."

"I appreciate your kindness." said Yi Ren Lei glancing at Lin Feng in a gentle way.

"Since it's that way, I have nothing else to say." said that young man. Then he looked at the snow leader and said, "Mother, what do you think?"

In the Ice and Snow Empire, the cultivation emperor was the most respected person and was the ruler of the country. The snow leader and the emperor weren't a couple by any means, but in the empire, they were the most respected people, so everybody called them mother and father. That had been the tradition since the antiquity.

"I am happy if she's happy. Of course, if she can make a better decision, I don't mind." said the snow leader smiling.

"I already decided, I won't change my mind either, mother." said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"Things could change, don't be so sure." said the young man indifferently, not trying to conceal anything.

"My boyfriend has a bad temper, if you infuriate him, don't blame me for not having warned you." said Yi Ren Lei.

Lin Feng was sitting there, looking like a demon with his pitch-black eyes. The situation was far worse than he had expected. It was no wonder that some people wanted to kill her in the empty s.p.a.ce. The situation was already bad enough in the open like this, so behind the scenes, it was probably quite scary.

Those who had tried to kill Yi Ren Lei in the empty s.p.a.ce  had probably been sent by some of those people who were in front of them.

"I hope he's got a bad temper." said the young man smiling coldly. "Father, mother, I'm off." said the young man, standing up. He bowed in front of the ice emperor and the snow leader and looked at Yi Ren Lei, "You can come to my palace whenever you want."

He smiled and slowly left.

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