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PMG Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: Pure Power!

"A gigantic hand which came from the sky?" Lin Feng repeated. That sounded like a terrifying cultivator, a cultivation emperor at least. Why would such a terrifying cultivator take Duan Feng away?

"When that strong cultivator talked to you, was he nice or mean?" asked Lin Feng. He hoped Duan Feng was still safe for they were good friends. Duan Feng was a pure and kind-hearted young man. Jing Yun used to be Duan Feng's servant, but Duan Feng had always considered her a sister.

"I don't think he was mean. Such a strong cultivator couldn't be angry at Duan Feng anyways, and even if he had meant us harm, he could have killed me easily." said Jing Yun. Lin Feng nodded, he was relieved.

Many members from the Mo Clan arrived as they were talking, glaring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed so many of their people, he had destroyed their clan.

Lin Feng glanced at them and looked at Mo Yun Yao, "Can your grandfather keep your clan under control?"

Mo Yun Yao nodded and said: "All the people you killed were senior officials of the Mo Clan. My grandfather and my father were also imprisoned because they didn't want me to be chained. If they were released, my grandfather would be the strongest cultivator of the clan."

"Alright. Go and release your grandfather, from now on, I hope your grandfather can be the ruler of the Mo Clan." said Lin Feng calmly. Mo Yun Yao nodded and said to Jing Yun, "Jing Yun, I'm off."

Mo Yun Yao then walked towards the Mo Yun Yao and Lin Feng looked at him, then at Jing Yun and said, "Jing Yun, do you want to stay with Mo Yun Yao? If you don't want to, I can take you away."

Jing Yun looked at Lin Feng and lowered her head, "He's good to me and he risked his life for me."

"Alright, here are some things you can use to practice cultivation. If you want to give him something, you can, but don't give him everything. After all, Mo Yun Yao has many people on his side." said Lin Feng, giving a ring to Jing Yun.

"I will help you solve the remaining problems. Let's wait until the Narang Clan comes though." said Lin Feng. The Narang Clan wasn't going to let Jing Yun off after that.

Lin Feng didn't have to wait for too long. In the distance, some people appeared riding gigantic Zun level beasts. There were so many that they blotted out the sky. The beast at the front was a level four Zun beast and a middle-aged man was on its back. He looked like Narang Yu, so it was probably General Narang.

In Jiu You, empires fought and it was normal. Therefore, a general was very important, it was a very high social status actually. General Narang was the great general of the Ice Mountain Empire and he was very famous. He had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer with some a.s.sistants who had also broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer. In other words, apart from the emperor, the Narang Clan was the most powerful influential group in the Ice Mountain Empire.

At that moment, General Narang and the Zun level beast landed on the ground and looked at the crowd in a despising way.

Lin Feng looked at them, inspecting their powerful army.

"General Narang!" said someone in the distance. A person wearing an ice and snow imperial robe and riding a beast showed up. They also had guards and their Qi was incredible.

"Your Highness!" said General Narang while bowing respectfully.

"His Majesty showed up, they must have learnt about what happened as well." thought the crowd.

Mo Yun Yao had already released his father and grandfather, but when his father arrived and saw those people, he looked petrified.

"General Narang, I also heard what happened, I'm so sorry." said the prince, sounding apologetic.

General Narang nodded and said, "Your Highness, I need to solve the problem."

The general then turned around and said coldly, "Liu Yun, go and kill them!" said General Narang. Someone on an beast replied, "Everybody, get ready to slaughter them."

Then, he jumped off the beast and descended from the sky. Everybody suddenly felt cold, the weaker cultivators from the Mo Clan were instantly covered with a layer of ice.

Lin Feng immediately released energies and jumped towards the cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer.

"Boom!" Sword lights appeared and the ice energies that person had released immediately broke apart. The general was surprised when he saw the sword Qi. That cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer was strong, strong enough that they had to destroy him, otherwise he would be problematic.

All the strong cultivators in the air sensed Lin Feng's energies and frowned. However, they were convinced that with a difference of four levels and level five abstruse energies, they could easily oppress him.

The cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer was also convinced that he could easily win. "Die!" More cold energies moved towards Lin Feng.

"Vayu Death!" said Lin Feng. He had four different types of abstruse energies fuse together.

"Slash…" the ice continued breaking. At the same time, blood splashed. The cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer was cut into two and exploded.

A cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer had just been crushed with one sword strike.

An eerie silence filled the scene.

General Narang was astonished, trying to judge Lin Feng. That sword technique was too fast and too powerful. It contained empty s.p.a.ce and wind abstruse energies, so it was difficult to dodge.

After Lin Feng killed that person, he continued rising up in the air, looking at the strong cultivators in front of him.

"Does the imperial power of this place want to get involved too?" said Lin Feng proudly, looking at the prince in a disdainful way.

"How insolent!" said the prince. Even though his guards couldn't compete with Lin Feng, he couldn't help but act upset.

"I'll give you ten seconds." said Lin Feng, looking at them in a disdainful way.

"Where are you from?" asked the prince to Lin Feng.

"The Ice and Snow Empire!" said Lin Feng. No wonder he was so strong! The Ice and Snow Empire was one of the strongest empires in Jiu You.

The prince was s.h.i.+vered. Even his family was afraid of the people from the Ice and Snow Empire. They could easily kill everyone in a medium level empire such as theirs.

"General Narang, only you can solve this issue  it seems." said the prince. The general was petrified, even the prince of the empire didn't dare offend that young man!

PMG Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: Kiss You Goodbye

Lin Feng was staring at General Narang, sword Qi emanating from his eyes. Even though he had only broken through to the first Zun Qi layer, he was incredibly aggressive.

Of course, after what had happened with Jing Yun, n.o.body would dare offend her ever again. Even after Lin Feng returned home.

"General Narang, be careful, he has only broken through to the first Zun Qi layer, but he can easily kill people who have broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer." said the prince to the general, using telepathy. (Editor: Does this seem a bit pointless given that he already killed a 5th tier zun cultivator?)

"Thank you for warning me, Your Highness." said General Narang to the prince using telepathy. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "Your Excellency, I made a mistake, let's end things here. Please."

He wanted to surrender.

"That young man is terrifying and he comes from the Ice and Snow Empire, it's no surprise that General Narang is apologizing. Even the imperial family from the Ice Mountain Empire doesn't dare offend him." thought the crowd.

"You must apologize to the Mo Clan and my friend Jing Yun!" said Lin Feng. General Narang looked upset, apologize to the Mo Clan?

"Pfew…" he took a deep breath, landed on the ground, looked at the Mo Clan and Jing Yun and said, "I'm so sorry my clan, my son and I offended you."

The Mo Clan couldn't believe it. Narang Yu had scared them to death and now Narang Yu's father, the general, was apologizing to them in person.

Everything was happening because of that young man who had killed all the senior officials from the Mo Clan. Now the Mo Clan was regaining their reputation thanks to him.

Lin Feng had done all that for Jing Yun. Even though he could destroy the Narang Clan, he didn't need to. He just had to convince General Narang and Jing Yun would be safe. General Narang could take care of the rest and tell the members of his clan not to offend her.

"I'll leave a thread of consciousness to Jing Yun, if I find out that the Narang Clan wants to attack her, I'll destroy your clan! Now, p.i.s.s off now!" said Lin Feng. General Narang turned around and rose up in the air. The members of the Narang Clan remained speechless. They just followed General Narang because if they stayed, they'd only lose more face.

"See you soon, my friend." said the prince to Lin Feng politely, and then he left.

Lin Feng watched as the crowd left and then landed on the crowd in front of the members of the Mo Clan, "What should I do with you for having used Jing Yun?"

"Yun Yao!" thought many people, looking at him as if begging for his help.

Mo Yun Yao looked at Lin Feng and said, "The guilty ones are already dead, the others haven't done anything. Can you let them off?"

Lin Feng looked at Mo Yun Yao in a cold way and punched the air. A gigantic canyon appeared in the ground.

"I wanted to destroy the Mo Clan, but since Jing Yun and Mo Yun Yao are close to each other, I'll let you off. If anyone dares offend Jing Yun again, I will destroy the Mo Clan." said Lin Feng. Everybody looked scared and didn't dare glance at Jing Yun.

"Jing Yun, I'll leave a thread of consciousness in your body." said Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and a light moved to Jing Yun's third eye.

"Jing Yun, are you sure you want to stay?" asked Lin Feng using telepathy.

"Yes, I'll remain here. There's a man who loves me and wants to protect me, that's good enough for me." replied Jing Yun, smiling and glancing at Mo Yun Yao. Mo Yun Yao understood that Lin Feng was asking her if she wanted to stay or leave, so he said, "I promise I'll take care of her until I die, I won't let anyone bully her again."

"I trust you." said Lin Feng tapping Mo Yun Yao's shoulder.

"Thank you." replied Mo Yun Yao nodding, then he said, "Come in and have a sit!"

"Yes, Lin Feng, come inside please!" siad Jing Yun.

But Lin Feng shook his head, he glanced at the members of the Mo Clan, giving them one last threatening glance.

"No, I'm traveling around and only heard about you by chance. Now that I know you're here though, I'll come back!" said Lin Feng smiling. He tapped Mo Yun Yao and Jing Yun's shoulders, smiled and said, "Take care!"

Then, he turned around and left. Jing Yun had a family and a home, Lin Feng was happy for her.

"Lin Feng!" said Jing Yun, Lin Feng turned around and looked at her. She ran towards him and hugged him.

Jing Yun was on the tip of her toes as she kissed him on the lips, then she smiled in a resplendent way, turned around and ran away. They'd both remember that kiss forever.

"Take care!" said Lin Feng, turning around and leaving this time.

Jing Yun went back to Mo Yun Yao and watched Lin Feng leave, "Yun Yao, Lin Feng used to be my fellow disciple in a very small country. He's always been very talented and has become very strong. I've always loved him more than anything. I know you might be sad to know that, but if I hadn't done that, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life. From now on, Lin Feng will never be a part of my life, ever again. I'll only be your wife."

Yun Yao hugged her and said, "Jing Yun, I can't blame you. If I had met you before, it would have been different, but now, let's have a happy life together."

In the distance, someone was looking at them and smiling too.

"You don't want to leave your little lover!" said Yi Ren Lei angrily at Lin Feng, who had already changed his face again.

"You're my little lover!" said Lin Feng putting his arm around Yi Ren Lei's waist and pulling her towards him.

"But soon we won't be lovers anymore, don't be sad when we split." said Yi Ren Lei, smiling and putting her hands around Lin Feng's neck.

"Since it's that way, let's enjoy these last few days." said Lin Feng, hugging Yi Ren Lei even tighter.

They turned around and left, smiling. During the next several days, they made love everywhere: in the mountains, in hot springs, and so on. Lin Feng had the feeling that even though he wasn't practicing cultivation seriously, he was still benefiting from all the s.e.x!

PMG Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Shrine Opening

In the Ice and Snow Empire, many had gathered on a gigantic glacier, hoping that they would be able to go there someday.

Everyone in the empire would have that opportunity if they grew strong enough.

Inside the gigantic castle, many young men looked excited.. On the day after, the shrine would open!

The snow leader was an exception. Some people even said she was a real demon because the men she had s.e.x with, all died afterwards.

That night, the surroundings were calm, but many people couldn't sleep peacefully. They were practicing cultivation or collecting treasures to prepare for the shrine. The shrines were not only filled with treasures, they also housed danger for anyone entering. Many people never came out after entering the shrine.

There were two silhouettes above the shrine, sneakily entering Yi Ren Lei's palace and hiding their Qi so that n.o.body could see them.

"Tomorrow, we're going to the Ice and Snow Shrine, my love. Protect me!" said Yi Ren Lei, sitting on her soft mattress next to Lin Feng. She was caressing Lin Feng and opening his s.h.i.+rt.

"What is there inside?" asked Lin Feng.

"I don't know. Last time the shrine opened, which was a hundred years ago, those who came out became incredible cultivators and leaders. They're all at least cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer now. Only the imperial family knows what is inside, but the snow leader didn't tell me that much." said Yi Ren Lei, jumping onto Lin Feng and tearing his clothes apart.

Lin Feng turned around and let Yi Ren Lei give him a ma.s.sage, "Why do you want to go to the shrine that badly?"

"The twelve shrines have existed since the antiquity, and emperors can't enter the shrines. Can you imagine what kind of people can go there?" asked Yi Ren Lei while taking off her clothes. She was sitting on Lin Feng, her hands were wrapped around his neck.

"You demon!" said Lin Feng, throwing Yi Ren Lei on the bed and jumping on top of her. He was holding her firmly as he said, "Do you think there will be a great emperor or a deity?"

"Why do you need to think about that? We'll know when we get inside. For now, make me become your G.o.ddess!" said Yi Ren Lei. Then, Lin Feng started making love to her again. It might be the last time they'd make love together. n.o.body knew what would happen after the shrine and after the shrine, they'd go back to Ba Huang and the hundred days would have pa.s.sed.

Everyone was waiting at the entrance of the Ice and Snow Shrine, dreaming about the treasures inside.

Even the ice emperor and the snow leader were there, but they looked solemn and respectful in front of everyone else.

"Is everybody here?" asked the ice emperor, glancing at everyone, especially the young men wearing imperial robes who stood at the front.

"We're all here I suppose." said the sixth prince, indifferently.

"Brother, do you mean that I shouldn't be included?" said Yi Ren Lei in the distance.

Many people looked at them coldly. Lin Feng had killed so many people last time. Amongst the people he had killed, many of them were supposed to come to the shrine. Their clans had a.s.signed them a spot, but since they were dead, their clans had a.s.signed the spots to other outstanding disciples.

"No woman has ever been in the shrine. Yi Ren, you're going to be the first one so of course you shouldn't be here." said the sixth prince. His voice sounded sharp, not hiding his hatred of her.

"Brother, is the ice and snow G.o.ddess a woman or a man?" asked Yi Ren Lei smiling.

"All I care about are the rules created by the empire." said the sixth prince.

"I understand the rules better than you. Since the ice and snow G.o.ddess is a woman, I think only women should go inside." said Yi Ren Lei smiling firmly. No matter, she looked excited to be the first woman to go inside.

"Are you sure you won't have any problems inside?" asked the sixth prince. "Sister, don't dream too highly, otherwise you'll be disappointed. You're not the first woman to go inside anyways."

"Is that so?" said Yi Ren Lei, looking at the shrine and then at the snow leader. The snow leader never said that, but the sixth prince didn't sound like he was lying.

"No matter if a girl has been inside before or not, it doesn't matter. You're the most determined daughter I have, both you and I are very similar, so I chose you. Many of your sisters are much stronger than you, but I believe you're the best. No matter whether you're a virgin or not, deities don't care about that." said the snow leader to Yi Ren Lei, using telepathy.

Yi Ren Lei nodded, but didn't say anything. A light appeared and surrounded the shrine.

"Boom boom boom…" the gigantic gate of the shrine opened itself.

Lin Feng didn't look at the palace, he looked at the lights. It wasn't the ice emperor or the snow leader who opened the shrine, it opened itself automatically. Who controlled those things though?

"Do the other shrines in the other empires of Jiu You open themselves every hundred years?" asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed." said Yi Ren Lei. Lin Feng was so curious. Fortune Shrine didn't follow that pattern.

And why had the meeting of the emperors been postponed? Why was it taking place after the opening of the shrines? What was the connection between the meeting of the emperors and Jiu You?

PMG Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: The Envoy

The ice emperor glanced at the crowd and said, "Alright, enter the shrine!"

"Bzzz!" everyone immediately entered the shrine.

This time, eighty one people would go to the shrine, and only a few would come out.

"My love, let's go in." said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng, and then they entered the shrine together.

"That's the shrine?" whispered Lin Feng. The shrine seemed to be more of a symbol, because the inside was more like another world.

At that moment, a silhouette descended from the sky. That person was wearing a white robe, their hair was white too, along with a.. white beard.

"Welcome to the shrine, I'm an envoy who will lead the way." said the old man.

"An envoy?" Lin Feng was surprised, it was exactly like Fortune City. Was there a deity in that place as well?

Of course, Lin Feng knew that even if there were deities in that world, it just meant that they were incredible cultivators.

"Yi Ren Lei." said the sixth prince. "Yi Ren Lei, I didn't want you to come to the shrine for a simple reason, my father doesn't want the snow leader to know what there is in the shrine. He's always controlled those who make it out of the shrine."

Yi Ren Lei listened to him calmly. That was between the snow leader and the ice emperor. The snow leader had never been into the shrine, so she wanted to know what there was in it, but the ice emperor wouldn't let her have her way.

If Yi Ren Lei obtained any knowledge from the shrine, the snow leader would steal it from Yi Ren Lei, even if she was her actual daughter.

"Don't you think your life is miserable? Even though you're a princess, you're just one of the snow leader's p.a.w.ns." said the sixth prince mockingly.

"I'm not interested in your opinion." said Yi Ren Lei.

"Hmph! You're so miserable. I bet you'll die here. Do you think I care about you? You're wrong. I can tell you that I have many enemies, many of which are a lot stronger than you. You're nothing to me and I won't mind killing you. Many people want to kill you, and together, we'll prevent the snow leader from knowing what is inside for another hundred years." said the sixth prince.

Lin Feng didn't care about what the sixth prince said, he just calmly listened.

"Are you three listening to what I'm saying?" asked the envoy to Lin Feng, Yi Ren Lei and the sixth prince. Then, he continued talking, "There are nine floors in the shrine and they were currently on the first one. Actually, it was more like the first world. They had to succeed doing something before going to the next floor.

Of course, they could directly challenge stronger people and they'd be able to go to the next level. For example, if they challenged people who were stronger than them by three cultivation levels, they'd be able to directly go to the fourth floor.

They had to challenge the old man, or more precisely, his transformations.

"I want to challenge a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer!" said the sixth prince, glancing at Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei. He was challenging someone who was stronger by two levels already.

"Let's see." said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng. Many people had already started fighting. The old man could transform into a million people at the same time, all of whom had different cultivation levels.

The first challengers were the ice emperor's sons, including the sixth prince. They were all incredibly strong and they already knew the rules of the shrine. Therefore, they knew what to do in there. As expected, the four princes won against their opponents. The old man shook his hand and they were teleported to another place. The faster they defeated their opponents, the sooner they could go to the next area.

"The sixth prince is a strong fighter, he already defeated the envoy who had a strength at the top of the sixth Zun Qi layer. And you, what cultivation layer will you choose for your opponent?" asked Lin Feng.

"Fifth cultivation layer." said Yi Ren Lei. She had broken through to the second Zun Qi layer so if she defeated a cultivator of the third Zun Qi layer, she'd be able to go to the fourth floor.

"Alright, I'll stay with you, so I'll challenge a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer." said Lin Feng.

"Thank you my love." said Yi Ren Lei smiling, then walking to the envoy.

"Mister, fifth Zun Qi layer." said Yi Ren Lei. The envoy nodded and transformed.

"Go!" shouted Yi Ren Lei, releasing water energies, which contained marks, at the envoy.

"Level six abstruse energies!" Lin Feng smiled.

Lin Feng was relieved once he saw how strong she was. He went to the envoy and said, "Fourth Zun Qi layer, please."

"Alright." the envoy nodded and turned into a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and released demonic Qi and used his Gigantic Holy punch, combining it with the demonic energies. He also condensed desolate abstruse energies.

"Kaboom!" The envoy looked excited. Surprisingly, there was a demonic cultivator at the first Zun Qi layer.

"Not bad!" said the envoy smiling. He released ice and water abstruse energies, making Lin Feng feel like he was going to freeze.

"Is that all?" said Lin Feng smiling.

"My love, we should go." said Yi Ren Lei to Lin Feng, then she destroyed her opponent.

"I understand!" said Lin Feng.

"What an arrogant little boy!" said the envoy who was fighting Lin Feng.

"How strong!" said Lin Feng sarcastically. The envoy could easily kill Lin Feng if he wanted, but he stuck to the rules.

"Die!" Lin Feng's eyes turned black as he released demonic energies and intent, immediately corroding the envoy's determination. Lin Feng then punched his head and he exploded.

"Haha, not bad!" said the envoy laughing. "Good luck!"

Then, he shook his hand and Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei disappeared.

PMG Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348: Furious battle

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei moved through s.p.a.ce, quickly arriving in another s.p.a.ce.

They realized they were not alone in there, there were already many people there.

"How come?" Lin Feng was astonished. The problem wasn't that there were other people in there, the problem was that there were more than eighty people, so there were more people here than they had started with.

There were twelve high level empires in Jiu You and each empire had a shrine.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei couldn't help but recall the sixth prince's words, Yi Ren Lei wasn't the first girl to go to the shrine. He also had mentioned something about having many enemies. Maybe the ice emperor had told them some secrets about what to expect.

Lin Feng glanced around and saw a girl who looked extremely beautiful and had an extraordinary QI. She was an ice and snow cultivator.

"All those people are on the fourth floor as well, which means they can defeat people stronger than them by three cultivation layers." Lin Feng though with amazement. In Ba Huang Province or Jiu You, people who could defeat cultivators stronger than them by three cultivation layers were rare.

Some people had broken through to the third Zun Qi layer, the girl Lin Feng was looking at was wearing black clothes and had broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer.

"My love, be careful here. The fifth floor will be even scarier, some of the people here will even go straight to the sixth floor." said Yi Ren Lei using telepathy.

"Alright." replied Lin Feng nodded.

"What a beautiful girl!" said someone who was looking at Yi Ren Lei. Two young men approached them looking particularly evil.

"She isn't the only one." said the other one smiling. There were other girls, of which, most of them practiced ice cultivation.

Lin Feng frowned, they had only broken through to the second Zun Qi layer.

"My love, don't attack them, look at their strength first." said Yi Ren Lei, when she saw Lin Feng was getting angry.

"Alright, my love." replied Lin Feng.

"Where are you from?" asked Lin Feng.

"Your Excellency!" said Lin Feng, but at that moment, the other one released energies and punched the air in Lin Feng's direction.

"How cold." said Lin Feng. That person had only broken through to the second Zun Qi layer, but his punch was incredible.

"Fury!" shouted Lin Feng. He released demonic Qi furiously. He had only asked one question and the other immediately attacked him.

"Kaboom!" the area around them shook and Lin Feng thought his arm was going to freeze. A layer of ice surrounded his body and penetrated into his blood. His opponent's ice skill was more powerful than the cosmos-burning sun technique he used in the past.

"There are so many incredible cultivators here." thought Lin Feng. His blood started boiling and demonic chants. Lin Feng released empty s.p.a.ce energies and the ice on his arms broke apart.

However, his opponent was already punching the air in his direction again.

"Boom!" Lin Feng released more demonic energies and used his Gigantic Holy Spell.

"Boom, boom, boom…" the two fists collided and Lin Feng sensed a coldness invade his arm again.

Others around them were excited to watch the battle. The cultivator of the second Zun Qi layer who was fighting Lin Feng had defeated a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer to make it to the fourth floor, but Lin Feng could compete with him. This meant he could have immediately gone to the fifth floor, but he choose this floor instead.

"Since you don't practice ice cultivation, why did you come here? You must want to die!" said Lin Feng's opponent.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng at the same time. Dragon chants hummed and the ice broke. Lin Feng then shouted, "Curse!"

Lin Feng's cursing energies began corroding the enemy's body.

"Here!" shouted Lin Feng, drawing his opponent's attention. His eyes were pitch-black, corroding his opponent's determination. That guy gave a horrible shriek and closed his eyes. Then, Lin Feng punched the air in his direction and broke through the frozen s.p.a.ce.

"Die!" shouted the opponent. Crackling sounds spread in the air as the opponent's head and his G.o.dly awareness exploded into pieces.

"He won!" thought some people. Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Zun Qi layer, but he had won.

Lin Feng took his opponent's ring, hoping it might have that powerful ice skill. There might even be an imperial scripture.

Lin Feng walked to Yi Ren Lei, looking particularly proud. He glanced at the two perverts who immediately turned around.

PMG Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349: Ice Determination

Lin Feng walked towards Yi Ren Lei and said, "The area is closed, so we're stuck here. How do we go to the fifth floor?"

"If the envoy doesn't show up, we probably just have to wait." said Yi Ren Lei. She didn't know either. It was her first time in the shrine too.

"Let's sit down then." said Lin Feng. They ran over to a mountain and sat down cross-legged.

"Hey…" said a young man who was wearing a s.h.i.+rt without sleeves and had bulging biceps.

"Are you talking to me?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course, I just saw your battle. You're okay, but how come you have dragon blood?" asked the young man.

"I drank dragon blood and condensed it." said Lin Feng.

"No wonder. It's not pure enough though, it's actually polluting your Qi." said the young man. Lin Feng was looked surprised.

"Who's your master?" asked Lin Feng's interlocutor. Lin Feng replied, "Master?"

"If you don't want to tell me, it doesn't matter." said that person. Then he closed his eyes. Lin Feng wanted to say something, but he decided not to. People in there had their own personalities, even if they were a bit eccentric. Just like the guy Lin Feng had just killed. Initially, Lin Feng had just asked him a question, but then he attacked him.

After some time, Lin Feng sneezed, making him frown. He opened his eyes and looked at Yi Ren Lei, Yi Ren Lei looking back at him.

"The place is getting colder." thought Lin Feng.

Yi Ren Lei nodded and glanced around, it had started snowing.

"Is this a test?" whispered Yi Ren Lei.

Many others opened their eyes and saw the snowflakes.

Yi Ren Lei made ice energies flow throughout her body, using the snowflakes to help her practice cultivation. Lin Feng closed his eyes again and released abstruse energies, as if he was studying.

"The more ice there is, the colder it gets, but why?" thought Lin Feng. It was an ordinary question that seemed obvious to anyone else. Coldness and Heat had no limits, but didn't ice Qi come from the ice itself?

When ice and ice fused together, it was still ice, but what about abstruse energy? Abstruse energies were difficult to condense because there were of different types.

"Wind is fast and so is empty s.p.a.ce. When condensing wind and empty s.p.a.ce energies, you have to consider speed to make them fuse together perfectly. But when you make wind, empty s.p.a.ce and desolate energies fuse together, you have to start by making their destructive energies fuse together. It's the same with thunderous energies." thought Lin Feng. He just understood something! He had to understand the similarities between different abstruse energies to make them fuse together perfectly.

"My Vayu Death skill contains wind, thunder, desolate and empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energies because they have a common point: destructive energies. Fire abstruse energy also contains destructive energy, so if I focused on that point, I could make fire abstruse energy fuse together with them and my attack would become explosive!" thought Lin Feng. Now he was excited, so excited that he forgot about the coldness.

Yi Ren Lei felt cold, so much so that she was s.h.i.+vering. She wanted to use this opportunity to practice cultivation, but she was getting too cold. She looked at Lin Feng, and noticed his excited demeanor.

"What's wrong?" asked Lin Feng, when he saw that Yi Ren Lei was looking at him angrily. "I'm so cold, my love!"

"Come here." said Lin Feng, opening his legs and wrapping himself around Yi Ren Lei. "What about now?"

"Much better!" said Yi Ren Lei.

But it didn't last long, it was getting even colder.

Lin Feng put his fingers on Yi Ren Lei's lips, noticing that they were covered with a layer of ice.

"I can't use ice energies to block the ice, otherwise it'll gets worse. Are we going to freeze to death, my love?" asked Yi Ren Lei, s.h.i.+vering.

"Don't think about it too much, just study the ice and snow abstruse energies in here and it'll be even easier." said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei.

"You rock." said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Lin Feng rolled his eyes and smiled, "Are you trying to turn me on?"

"Who else would I be trying to turn on?" said Yi Ren Lei, smiling devilishly. Then, she closed her eyes again and sensed the cold, but it no longer hurt her.

"Ah…" after a long time, someone shouted furiously. That person was releasing terrifying amounts of ice intent, but his body was freezing into an ice cube!

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