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PMG Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366: Unparalleled

The eighth floor was probably going to be extraordinary.

"Boom!" A pitch-black silhouette jumped into the tornado.

However, demonic energies oppressed him and his face turned deathly pale. The wind was oppressive. It was even more powerful near the entrance of the eighth floor.

"Rise!" that person tried to rise up, but he couldn't make it far before those energies started hurting him.

"Boom!" Demon Qi rotated around his body and he continued trying to go up. The seventh floor had so many great treasures, so the eighth floor would be even better.

He took four steps, only three away from reaching the entrance, but he couldn't continue. Rumbling sounds appeared as he was propelled downwards and crashed onto the ground.

"Pfew…" that person took a deep breath and pulled a long face, he could have died.

"I'm definitely going to get to the eighth floor." thought that cultivator, annoyed. He tried again, but this time, he was propelled even farther away.

It seemed like they only had one opportunity.

"How could a demon be oppressed?" said a cultivator coldly. He glanced at the one who had failed and jumped into the wind. He released demonic energies, but once he sensed that wind, his facial expression changed drastically. However, he continued rising up.

After three steps, he realized how powerful the wind was. His body almost exploded, but he had only managed to take four steps.

The other demonic cultivators were staring at him, looking a little concerned. Two people had failed, and they only had one chance.

The third and the fourth failed too, only four steps as well.

The fifth one finally managed to take five steps, but then came back down.

The eighth person took six steps, amazing everybody. One more step and he'd be on the eighth floor.

"Boom boom!" That cultivator suddenly crashed onto the ground and coughed up blood. He looked furious, one more step! What a pity! He had failed, but he could be proud of himself still.

Three people were left. They seemed to be practicing cultivation though. They were studying the last three statues, even after receiving the transmissions from the statues, they could continued studying, but it wasn't as efficient.

Finally, someone opened his eyes. He jumped into the tornado, groaned furiously, and took six steps. One more step and it'd be the eighth floor, but that last step was difficult.

"Argh!" that person raised his head and shouted and demonic Qi dashed to the skies. His body felt like it was going to explode. His body turned red, but he continued and made great efforts. However, when he reached the eighth floor, a demon roared furiously. The ground quaked and that cultivator was violently propelled back to their level. He had failed. He sat down cross-legged and healed himself. n.o.body dared underestimate him though, for he had almost succeeded.

The tenth person made six steps and failed again. The crowd felt relieved, they weren't weak, it was just that the wind was too terrifying. They were on the seventh floor for a reason. The three people on the eighth floor were incredibly strong. Of course, they would catch up someday, they just had to persevere.

"One person left!" thought the group, looking at Lin Feng. He was bathing in death Qi, so no one wanted to get close to him. He had left the Ice and Snow Shrine and had come to the Demon Shrine. Surprisingly, he was an incredible demon cultivator who understood death intent.

"That death intent contains death abstruse energy, level three even. With that, he could kill cultivators of the first Zun Qi layer in the blink of an eye!" thought some of the others. Two people had tried to study it before, but they had failed because Lin Feng had been faster than them.

"Hmph!" two cultivators groaned and looked at Lin Feng.

"Bzzz…" at that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and death intent projected outwards. He turned around, his eyes were pitch-black as he fixedly stared at those two people.

"Tap, tap…" the two cultivators took steps backwards. Quaking sounds appeared as the one who had looked at Lin Feng in a cold way before, sensed that his life was being taken.

But that was just a sensation, it had only  lasted for a few seconds.

Lin Feng glanced at them in a calm way before he turned his attention to the tornado. Even he didn't say anything, he knew that the others there could kill him.

"Eighth floor!" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. That tornado was the only way to the eighth floor and there was only one chance.

Lin Feng didn't hesitate as he jumped into the tornado. He sensed the demonic Qi oppressing him as well as the energies from outside the tornado.

"When I went to Tiantai, I was weaker and had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer. Now that I've broken through to the Zun Qi layer, how could a trivial wind prevent me from moving?" thought Lin Feng, feeling determined. Even though he still had some powers he wasn't aware of, in a few years, he had become a lot stronger and more confident in himself.

"Boom!" Lin Feng rose up in the air. The s.p.a.ce was distorted as Lin Feng made three steps, the energies became got more intense which step.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and made another step.

Lin Feng raised his head and stared at the top with his pitch-black eyes.

"Argh!" Lin Feng shouted furiously as he made the sixth step. One more step and he'd succeed.

"Slash, slash…" his body felt like it was going to explode. Blood splashed everywhere as Lin Feng was wounded.

However, he refused to fail even if he ended up seriously injured. As long as he didn't die, it didn't matter.

"Argh!" Lin Feng shouted furiously. Now, dragon chants hummed as his nine-headed dragon appeared. Lin Feng raised his foot to make the seventh step.

"Swallow!" shouted Lin Feng. His nine dragon heads absorbed the powerful demonic Qi.

"Rise!" Lin Feng raised his foot. He couldn't die, he had to succeed, no matter what.

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, leaving the ten others in awe. The cultivator who came from the Ice and Snow Shrine had managed to make it to the eighth floor. He had pa.s.sed the test while they had failed.

That cultivator of the second Zun Qi layer had almost died. He was wounded, blood had splashed everywhere, his skin, his bones, his organs felt sore, but he didn't back down!

"Boom!" Lin Feng arrived on the eighth floor. He immediately released life energies to recover. After that pa.s.sage to the eighth floor, his demonic abstruse energy was now level five and he had reached the top of the second Zun Qi layer.

Lin Feng was defying the laws of cultivation!

PMG Chapter 1367

Chapter 1367: Four Demon Kings

"Demon Shrine, eighth floor!" Lin Feng looked around and saw three other people. They were sitting cross-legged in different corners of the room. They were staring at the walls and demon energies were flowing throughout their bodies.

"That's…" Lin Feng looked at the walls. There were dazzling picture scrolls everywhere, and demon energies were continuously flowing from them.

"Four ancient books!" Lin Feng's heart started racing as he released his G.o.dly awareness to inspect them. All those picture scrolls had demon kings on them.

"Demon kings!" Lin Feng inspected the picture scroll in front of him. The image became even more distinct, but he had a strange sensation though. It was as if his G.o.dly awareness couldn't see the demon king clearly.

"I'm on the eighth floor so the demon kings have to be stronger than the demon generals on the seventh floor. Maybe those demon kings are actually demon emperors, or even great emperors." thought Lin Feng excited. What were those twelve shrines exactly?

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and released his celestial book spirit. He sat down in his own demonic territory and then his eyes became even darker. The picture scroll appeared in front of him, energies pierced through his eyes and into his brain.

"Slash, slash…" Lin Feng suddenly coughed up blood. He lowered his head and took in a deep breath. It felt like he was turning into a demon.

"How terrifying." thought Lin Feng. His spirit helped him see things more clearly, but as soon as he saw the demon king more clearly, a gigantic person a hundred meters tall appeared, seemingly capable of crus.h.i.+ng entire populations.

Lin Feng saw him and instantly thought he was going to die. He had had to stop looking at it suddenly. A few more seconds and he would have died.

"A demon king, his consciousness can turn into a gigantic town and kill millions of people." thought Lin Feng. He had seen a gigantic city and there were ruins even.

"Was that the Holy City?" whispered Lin Feng. He now understood that he couldn't always use his spirit to study things. On the seventh and eighth floors, the demons were terrifying and could injure him or even kill him if he inspected them too closely.

"That book was an insane demon, what about the other three?" Lin Feng turned around and looked at the other picture scrolls. His eyes became pitch-black again as he inspected them. He had the same sensation as before. However, without using his spirit, he couldn't know what they were.

"I first need to understand what those demon kings are and then I will choose which one I am interested in." thought Lin Feng. There were four scrolls and Lin Feng wasn't sure how many he could study. So, he had to find out what they were first and then he'd choose the one he wanted the most.

Lin Feng looked at the second picture scroll and inspected it with his celestial book spirit. When he checked it, quaking sounds quickly ensured and blood splashed. His face turned deathly pale.

"A glance can destroy the Earth and sky." thought Lin Feng. He had observed the landscape and thought the Earth and sky were going to collapse. Lin Feng had had to break his connection to that world just to retreat.

Even emperors could have been destroyed by those energies.

Lin Feng suddenly felt cold, he stopped studying that part of the wall. Someone who was studying that part of the wall opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't want to offend you!" said Lin Feng nodding and apologizing. He had interrupted someone while he was cultivating. Lin Feng would have been furious too if someone had done that to him.

That person looked at Lin Feng for a few seconds and then started practicing again. He had no time to waste.

Lin Feng moved back and looked at the picture scroll. Then he used his spirit and inspected it. There was a demon king, the s.p.a.ce was distorted, the Earth and sky seemed like they were going to collapse, everybody had died in that landscape, their blood staining the ground. Lin Feng had the impression his organs were going to explode, it looked so real.

"One shout and the world can collapse. What a terrifying cultivator, probably a great demon emperor!" thought Lin Feng. Those demon emperors were all great emperors. If someday he became that strong, he'd be able to destroy cultivation emperors just by glancing at them. Ba Huang and Jiu You would just be playgrounds for him.

Lin Feng released his own demonic Qi, even more determined to become a strong cultivator. Since he had decided to practice demon cultivation, he wished he would become a great demon emperor.

Of course, he wasn't going to give up his other types of cultivation.

"There's the fourth picture scroll as well!" Then, Lin Feng looked at the last picture scroll using his spirit. This time, he saw a demon king swallow the sky. He looked furious as did so.

"Which one should I study first?" thought Lin Feng. He looked at the first one, the blurry picture. It was an aggressive and almighty demon king who was one-hundred meters tall.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and studied it. Luckily for him, the three others in the room were studying the other picture scrolls, so he was the only one studying that picture scroll.

He studied the characters written on the picture scroll and words floated around his brain. Just like Lin Feng had thought, those were demonic scriptures, but different ones.

Lights surrounded Lin Feng, and demonic energies flowed around his body. Dark clouds appeared as a silhouette slowly condensed, becoming bigger and bigger.

Lin Feng studied the picture scroll, but didn't realize that a demon was slowly appearing behind him.

Something happened behind the three others as well. A sky absorbing demon appeared behind one of the other cultivators, and it was blurry as well.

The one who was studying the picture scroll with the terrifying demon vision, suddenly saw something, and sharp lights twinkled in his eyes.

Behind the one who was studying the demon with the terrifying voice, nothing appeared, but strange sounds surrounded him.

PMG Chapter 1368

Chapter 1368: Leaving the Shrine

"I can actually invoke a demon using that picture scroll." Even though Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, he knew what was going on behind him. That picture scroll contained an extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p, Lin Feng hadn't expected it to be so complex.

He already had three books: the demon scriptures, the Ten Thousand Things of Creation Scriptures, and the three lives scriptures.

Besides, the three-lives demon emperor had transmitted a part of the Xiao Yao ancient scriptures to Lin Feng, and he was always working on improving it.

Apart from these, Lin Feng also obtained ancient scriptures in the Ice and Snow Shrine, imperial scriptures on the moon and sun fusion.

Lin Feng may have been the last one to start practicing with the scrolls, but he wasn't any slower than the others. The demon behind him was already ten meters high, he was bending over and looking at the others.

The cultivator studying the sky absorbing demon was comparable with Lin Feng.

Their scrolls were becoming more and more dazzling as the demons behind them became more distinct.

"Argh!" A deep groan. The scroll turned into a dazzling light and moved towards the strong cultivator. The demon behind him shouted and released Qi at the mouth of that strong cultivator.

After that, the cultivator slowly turned around and looked at the three others in a cold way.

He slowly walked towards Lin Feng, the sky absorbing demon behind him looked terrifying.

Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, his demonic intent was rolling in waves and the picture scroll he was studying started shaking.

"Argh!" The sky absorbing demon roared, seemingly wanting to eat Lin Feng alive.

"Roar… roar…" the demon behind Lin Feng was furious.

"Swallow!" shouted the cultivator furiously. His picture scroll was already finished, but Lin Feng was still one step away from finis.h.i.+ng, so the sky absorbing demon still had time to swallow Lin Feng's demon.

"Come!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The picture scroll turned into a demonic light and penetrated into his body. Then, his demon roared furiously and ran towards the sky absorbing demon.

The sky absorbing demon and the large demon faced each other. Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at the young man with his pitch-black eyes.

"Not bad, I wouldn't have thought that you'd learn it so fast!" said that young man. He walked towards the other two who immediately stood up and looked at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" said a person. Did the one who studied the sky absorbing picture scroll want to attack them because he'd already finished?

"Nothing, if you can study the picture scrolls in here, then so can I." said that person, before he sat down cross-legged.

"Hmph!" the other one groaned coldly and sat down again. He didn't fear that the other cultivator would learn any faster than him.

The other one continued studying as if nothing had happened, but he was a bit nervous.

Lin Feng looked at them, but he didn't care about the other picture scrolls. Lin Feng was wondering what was going on in the outside world, he had to leave soon.

"Exit!" Lin Feng looked at a certain wall which seemed to have a door.

"I should go." Lin Feng had learnt a lot in Jiu You already. He had arrived with the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer and now he had broken through to the second Zun Qi layer. Even his abstruse energies had improved.

"I wonder if Yi Ren is alright." thought Lin Feng. The envoy of the Ice and Snow Shrine said that he'd take care of her, so Lin Feng didn't need to worry too much.

Lin Feng crossed the door and arrived in another s.p.a.ce, an area with many doors and things written on them.

"Desolate Demon Town, h.e.l.l Region, Underworld Empire…" Lin Feng read the names of places. He had heard of the Underworld Empire before, it was an empire in Jiu You.

Lin Feng didn't think too much about it and crossed the door to the Underworld Empire. The s.p.a.ce changed and after a while, he appeared in a dark palace.

Lin Feng left the palace and came across a majestic mountain. Many people were waiting there as Lin Feng came out.

"Eh?" people stared at him. He was surrounded by demonic lights, but they didn't know him. He hadn't gone to the Demon Shrine from the Underworld Empire entrance.

"Who are you?" asked a demon to Lin Feng. He was the leader of the empire, a cultivation emperor.

"My name is Mu Feng, the envoy of the Demon Shrine told me to come out from here." said Lin Feng calmly.

He inspected the aura surrounding Lin Feng's body and said nothing. Lin Feng could prove he was from the Demon Shrine, so they couldn't offend him. The leader also knew that the Demon Shrine could kill him if they wished, even if he was an emperor.

"Mister, I need to go to the Ba Huang Province." said Lin Feng.

"Are you from Ba Huang?" asked that person. He was skeptical because he had never seen Lin Feng before.

"I came from Ba Huang and I went to the Ice and Snow Shrine, but I'm a demon cultivator so I was teleported to the Demon Shrine." explained Lin Feng.

"The Ice and Snow Shrine and the Demon Shrine are connected?" asked that cultivator. As soon as he finished talking, a cultivator appeared and shouted, "The twelve shrines are connected, but only those who reached the seventh floor could know about that!"

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the person who was shouting. He had seen him on the seventh floor of the Demon Shrine.

PMG Chapter 1369

Chapter 1369: Going Back to Ba Huang

"The twelve shrines are now connected!" the emperor whispered.

He glanced at Lin Feng, Lin Feng had teleported from the Ice and Snow Shrine to the Demon Shrine, so did he also have ice skills?

"I didn't know the ice emperor had a son called Mu Feng, I've also never heard of the ice emperor letting anyone from the Ba Huang Province go to the Ice and Snow Shrine." said the emperor, still skeptical.

"Mister, I come from Ba Huang, but my girlfriend is the daughter of the snow leader. I was allowed to go to the Ice and Snow Shrine because I was with my girlfriend!" said Lin Feng. He really wanted to go back to Ba Huang so he had to be honest.

"I see. You and Xiao Yu can go together then, he's going to Ba Huang as well." said the emperor, pointing at a young man.

"He's going as well?" Lin Feng said. The meeting of the emperors was going to start soon and the meeting of the imperial union was also going to start.

"I'm from DevMara Palace and my name is Xiao Yu. Let's go together." said the young man smiling.

He was from the mysterious DevMara Palace, an influential imperial group from the sanguinary part of Ba Huang.

"It seems like I underestimated Ba Huang." thought Lin Feng. Ba Huang and Jiu You had so many connections. Xiao Yu came from the DevMara Palace in Ba Huang, and he had joined the Demon Shrine. Si Kong Clan and Qi Qian Ren had also appeared in the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. He hadn't seen everybody on the first floors of the shrines, but maybe he knew some of them who had been there. Besides, it meant that apart from Qi Qian Ren and Si Kong Xiao, some other members of the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan had been to the shrines, but they hadn't reached the seventh floor.

"Alright, thank you!" said Lin Feng, nodding back at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded at the emperor and his silhouette flickered, Lin Feng quickly following behind him.

"Mu Feng, brother, your demon cultivation is incredible. Why have I never seen you? Whom do you follow?" asked Xiao Yu smiling.

"I've been hiding in the mountains and practicing cultivation both day and night. I'm not very well-known, and I've only been in Ba Huang for a short time." explained Lin Feng. Xiao Yu knew that Lin Feng didn't feel like talking about it, so he didn't ask anything else.

"Mu Feng, brother, you reached the eighth floor of the Demon Shrine. Maybe that you can tell me something about it because I'm too curious." said Xiao Yu. He had reached the seventh floor, but only Lin Feng had managed to reach the eighth floor.

"No problem, the seventh and the eighth floors are similar. On the seventh floor, we had eighteen demon generals, on the eighth floor, there were four picture scrolls, each containing a great demon emperor's image. After understanding them the picture scrolls merged with the cultivator's body." replied Lin Feng.

"Demon great emperor picture scrolls!" Xiao Yu smiled and said, "Did you get one of them?"

"I did, but I don't know what I can use it for."

"Haha, you're more talented than me though!" said Xiao Yu smiling. They soon arrived in a den with strong guards, but they didn't pay any attention to them. They knew Xiao Yu, so they let them pa.s.s.

They both crossed the entrance, which was like the entrance of the Ice and Snow Empire: a long corridor. Quickly, they arrived at a junction, it was the junction of twelve roads.

"There aren't as many people as last time!" said Lin Feng glancing around. The meeting of the emperors in Ba Huang and the imperial union meeting were going to take place soon.

"How long do we have before the meeting of the emperors?" asked Lin Feng.

"It's tomorrow!" said Xiao Yu smiling. Mu Feng also wanted to go to the meeting of the emperors?

"Where?" asked Lin Feng.

Xiao Yu looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. Lin Feng didn't know where the meeting of the emperors was? Maybe he was telling the truth about being in Ba Huang for only a short time!

"In eastern Ba Huang. The Qi Clan is the main clan in eastern part Ba Huang and the event is planned to take place on Qi Tian Peak." explained Xiao Yu.

"The Qi Clan in eastern Ba Huang!" What a coincidence!

"Let's hurry up!" said Lin Feng. Then he started running using the Xiao Yao agility technique.

"Eh?" Xiao Yu looked at Lin Feng and then looked at the ground. Lin Feng was leaving trails behind him as he ran, they even contained marks.

"The Xiao Yao agility technique, interesting!" thought Xiao Yu surprised.

His silhouette flickered and he caught up with Lin Feng. There was absolutely n.o.body on the way over.

"Si Kong Xiao, Qi Qian Ren and Qi Tian Xu are there too!" thought Lin Feng, looking in the distance. He saw a dozen Zun cultivators, the strongest one had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer. They were all heading back to Jiu You.

"The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan seemed to be very close." the influential groups of Ba Huang were mysterious to Lin Feng, he couldn't understand those imperial clans.

The crowd also saw Lin Feng and Xiao Yu. The Si Kong Clan looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "Your Excellency, here we meet again!"

Lin Feng looked at him. Si Kong Xiao had broken through to the third Zun Qi layer and was a bit stronger than before. He had been to the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine and had probably learnt a lot there.

"Qi Tian Xu has broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer. He used to be one of the ten strongest young cultivators back in the day, but even he didn't reach the seventh floor. Determination, understanding abilities and cultivation levels are all very different things."

"Brother Xiao, is he from the DevMara Palace?" asked Si Kong Xiao after waiting for Lin Feng to reply. He was a demon cultivator so he could be a cultivator from the DevMara Palace.

"I and Mu Feng haven't known each other for a long time, do you know him too?" asked Xiao Yu indifferently.

"Haha, I saw him in Xue Yue last time, he had only broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer back then, but was still stronger than me." said Si Kong Xiao smiling.

"Mu Feng and you have similar levels. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the meeting of the emperors." said Xiao Yu, and then he left with Lin Feng.

"Mu Feng!" thought Si Kong Xiao laughing and looking at Lin Feng. "Lin Feng died and suddenly a Mu Feng appeared, geniuses are rising in Ba Huang and Jiu You!"

"Lin Feng or Mu Feng, both will die because the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan will destroy their enemies." said Qi Qian Ren.

"Haha, of course." said Si Kong Xiao. The future belonged to them!

After an hour, Lin Feng and Xiao Yu arrived at the exit. Just like in Jiu You, there were several exits, even more than in Jiu You. All the exits represented an influential imperial group.

"Those roads lead to the Qi Clan and the Celestial Palace of the Immortals in eastern Ba Huang. We should go there if we want to be at the meeting on time." explained Xiao Yu.

"We have to go through the Qi Clan or the Celestial Palace of the Immortals?"

"Indeed, we have to choose one road, which one do you want to choose?"

"I'm going to the Celestial Palace of the Immortals first." said Lin Feng. Xiao Yu looked at him and said, "Lin Feng, the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is very sick, so it's dangerous there. You should go to the Qi Clan."

"Nah, it's fine. I'm sure I want to go to the Celestial Palace of the Immortals." said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He couldn't take the risk of crossing the Qi Clan. Even though he was disguised, it was still too dangerous!

"Alright, I'll see you on Qi Tian Peak!" said Xiao Yu, smiling before leaving.

PMG Chapter 1370

Chapter 1370: Jun Mo Xi and the Celestial Palace of the Immortals

The Celestial Palace of the Immortals was located on a lofty mountain.

Nowadays, the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was losing their emperor, and people were paying particular attention to their on-goings. The emperor had transmitted his knowledge to Jun Mo Xi and had hoped he'd become an emperor before he died.

Someone came out of a cave on the mountainside, but n.o.body paid any attention to him. The Celestial Palace of the Immortals had become desolate those days. Of course there was a teleportation portal leading there, but they didn't need to guard it. They just had to pay attention to some of the people going in and out.

At that moment, two silhouettes flickered and landed in front of the cave. There was a young man wearing black clothes with pitch-black eyes. He had only broken through to the second Zun Qi layer, but he looked extraordinary.

"Who are you?" shouted someone furiously while releasing Qi.

"I came for the meeting of the emperors. I just used your portal, sorry for the inconvenience!" said Lin Feng politely and calmly.

"Hmph! Is that an excuse to use it as you wish?" said the other one.

"I know Jun Mo Xi, your Young Master. If he was here, he would definitely allow me to use it." said Lin Feng.

"Eh?" the two people frowned, he knew Jun Mo Xi?

They glanced at each other and looked at Lin Feng, "You must die for not respecting the Celestial Palace of the Immortals!"

"Boom!" energies surrounded Lin Feng and a gigantic golden hand appeared above him.

Lin Feng was surprised by their sudden decision. He released demonic Qi and rose up in the air while shouting furiously, "Jun Mo Xi, come out!" His voice spread far away.

"Bzzz, bzzz…" those silhouettes rose up higher in the air. Where were Jun Mo Xi and Xiao Die?

"You really want to die!" shouted the two cultivators rus.h.i.+ng over to Lin Feng. Lin Feng released wind abstruse energies and dodged away from them.

"What's going on?" shouted a middle-aged man looking at Lin Feng.

"He entered our territory without permission using the teleportation portal. I don't know where he's from!" said the two people.

"I'm looking for Jun Mo Xi!" said Lin Feng.

The man looked at him in a cold way, "You entered the Celestial Palace of the Immortals without permission, so I agree, you must die!"

"Right!" everybody nodded.

"Stop!" shouted someone furiously. A young man appeared wearing fine clothes. It was Jun Mo Xi.

Jun Mo Xi glanced at the crowd and then at Lin Feng, "Why are you looking for me?"

Lin Feng took out a hot unit bottle and threw it at Lin Feng.

Jun Mo Xi caught the bottle and smelt the pleasant fragrance from that familiar alcohol.

"Slas.h.!.+" Jun Mo Xi broke the bottle and absorbed the alcohol. His face instantly turned red.

"So tasty, do you have some more?" asked Jun Mo Xi, smiling.

"I do, there was a lot in Dragon Mountain!" said Lin Feng, taking out another hot unit bottle and threw it at Jun Mo Xi.

"I'll keep them, I don't drink enough anymore." said Jun Mo Xi. He knew that it was Lin Feng in disguise.

"Since someone wants to see me, why do you want to kill them!" said Jun Mo Xi to the two cultivators. He had power in the Celestial Palace of the Immortals because he had received the teachings of the emperor. He had already broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer even.

The emperor wouldn't see Jun Mo Xi become an emperor though. He might survive ten more years, at most!

The old man had taken great efforts to make Jun Mo Xi get that strong already.

After hearing Jun Mo Xi, they nervously replied, "He came in without permission."

"They're right, people who come in without permission must die, especially during these times." said the middle-aged man calmly.

"I didn't ask you anything." said Jun Mo Xi to the middle-aged man.

"Jun Mo Xi, respect your elders. You're Xiao Die's future husband, so you should call me uncle!"

"Right now, I'm the Young master of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, so watch your words!" said Jun Mo Xi.

The middle-aged man was speechless, but Jun Mo Xi ignored him. He walked towards the two cultivators who had tried to kill Lin Feng.

"You're not respectful! You didn't bow in front of me and you humiliated me, thus you've humiliated the emperor. You should die!" said Jun Mo Xi. One of them moved back, but at the same time, it seemed like he was paralyzed. A gigantic hand struck his head and he exploded.

The other one's face turned deathly pale. His silhouette flickered as he tried to escape, but Jun Mo Xi caught up with him and slapped him. His body then exploded.

"How strong." thought Lin Feng. Those two had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer and they were strong cultivators inside the Celestial Palace of the Immortals, but in front of Jun Mo Xi they were mere insects.

"The old man is not dead yet! If anyone disrespects him, I'll kill them!" said Jun Mo Xi. Then he nodded at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng followed Jun Mo Xi and they left. The middle-aged man was left sitting there with a sour face. Jun Mo Xi was becoming terrifying, and his imperial immortal body was a force to be reckoned with. Xiao Die's uncle was concerned that he wouldn't get his share of the power.

Jun Mo Xi took Lin Feng away from the mountain before he turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him back. And then they smiled. Jun Mo Xi was wearing his robe of righteousness while Lin Feng was wearing a pitch-black demonic robe.

"I now know that if they tried to kill you, it wouldn't have been easy!" said Jun Mo Xi laughing. "How have you been?"

"I'm alright, the situation seems to be difficult for you though?" said Lin Feng.

"You probably know that the emperor wanted me to be his descendant, but many people didn't want that. They wanted to steal the treasures from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals after the emperor's death." said Jun Mo Xi.

Lin Feng nodded. Yuan Fei had told him that the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was dangerous. The emperor wasn't dead, but it was only a matter of days, months or maybe even years.

PMG Chapter 1371

Chapter 1371: No Need To Think Thrice To Kill People!

The Qi Tian Peak was situated at an extreme alt.i.tude, so high that it pierced the clouds.

There were thirty-six mountains in front of the Qi Tian Peak, and on the top of each mountain was a plateau. A deep valley situated itself between the mountains. These mountains didn't seem to be naturally occuring, as if someone had made them.

There were probably one-hundred thousand people residing on each plateau. and the valley between the thirty six mountains was hundreds of kilometers long, filled with even more people.

There was a group of people on the eastern side, they were wearing a black robe and his eyes were pitch-black. Obviously, it was Lin Feng.

"Everybody in Ba Huang came for the meeting of the emperors." thought Lin Feng glancing around the crowds people.

"Some people are already fighting on that mountain, even though the meeting of the emperors hasn't started yet." said someone pointing at a mountain peak. There was a huge battle there and blood was flying.

"Hehe, all the influential groups from Ba Huang are enemies now. The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan fought the Wen Clan in the brutal part of Ba Huang. All the other groups fought the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Imperial Palace. Tiantai fought against Tian Long Divine Castle and the Qi Clan. The cultivators from those groups are so quick to kill each other. Only cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer and emperors try to control themselves." said someone else next to Lin Feng.

Even though the meeting of the emperors was going to start in a few hours, things were already heating up.

Lin Feng glanced around, he was looking for people he knew. but there were too many people to observe.

"What an incredible group of people!" said someone. Lin Feng turned around and saw a group of people in white clothes, with veils covering their faces.

"The beautiful girls from the Heavens of Desire's Palace! Let's go check them out, maybe we'll enjoy some their desire skills." said someone laughing. Even though not all the girls from the Heavens of Desire's Palace practiced the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Pa.s.sion skill, they all had different skills related to desire.

Many people knew that they had no chance to sleep with Yi Ren Lei, but they could still look at her

The girls of the Heavens of Desire's Palace landed on one of the thirty-six mountains, leading a group of fanboys behind them.

Lin Feng also landed on their mountain and looked for Yi Ren Lei.

"She's not here, maybe she hasn't come back from the shrine or that something else has happened to her." thought Lin Feng. As long as Yi Ren Lei was in the shrine, he wouldn't worry about her. Once she left the shrine, many things could happen to her, including either the ice emperor or the snow leader.

"Since Yi Ren decided to go there, she must have decided it would be safe." thought Lin Feng, trying to cheer himself up. Yi Ren Lei was a smart girl, so she knew what she was doing.

"h.e.l.lo, beautiful and celestial girls!" said someone, he then landed in front of the girls. The girls were not happy to see him, so he must be from the Church of Desire.

"Zong Ren Yu!" thought Lin Feng. He had already broken through to the third Zun Qi layer. It seems like he hadn't wasted any time after Fortune City, especially before the meeting of the emperors.

Lin Feng hadn't wasted any time either. When he first arrived in Fortune City, he had only broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer and n.o.body knew him. Some people started to notice him when he fought against Xue Bi Yao, but back then, the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang had all broken through to the eighth or ninth Tian Qi layer. Now, Lin Feng had already reached the top of the second Zun Qi layer and Lin Feng was becoming stronger everyday.

The girls looked at the guys of the Church of Desire, but ignored them.

"Where's Yi Lang Ren? I miss her. Does she have a boyfriend now?" asked Zong Ren Yu smiling.

"Yi Ren is not interested in you." said a girl smiling indifferently.

"Well I don't think so." said Zong Ren Yu smiling evilly. "Of course, I'd also love to have s.e.x with any one of you if you're interested."

"p.i.s.s off!" said that girl. She was obviously agitated.

"Brothers, so many holy girls are here, you should each choose a girl." said Zong Ren Yu, making his friends laugh.

"A bunch of pigs!" said someone loudly. The members of the Church of Desire looked turned around and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn't even facing them.

"Who are you talking about?" asked Zong Ren Yu sharply.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Zong Ren Yu, "About you, can't you understand?"

Zong Ren Yu smiled evilly and released a dark Qi while running towards Lin Feng.

"Mu Feng, why are you fighting Brother Zong?" said someone, it was Xiao Yu.

"Xiao Yu!" Zong Ren Yu looked surprised and said. "Xiao Yu, that guy is acting too rude!"

"I'll kill him." said Lin Feng. Xiao Yu looked at Lin Feng and guessed that Mu Feng liked to offend people.

Zong Ren Yu was surprised, kill him? How insane!

"He's from the Church of Desire, so he's not weak. Killing him isn't a good idea." said Xiao Yu to Lin Feng using telepathy. But Lin Feng seemingly hadn't heard him as he continued running towards Zong Ren Yu.

"Look at my eyes!" said Zong Ren Yu smiling evilly. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Zong Ren Yu who was releasing abstruse energies from his eyes.

"You must want to die!" said Lin Feng, smiling in a cold way. Surprisingly, someone took the initiative to make him look at their eyes. How could Lin Feng refuse such a challenge?

"Boom!" terrifying demonic energies penetrated into Zong Ren Yu's eyes, making him gasp in pain.

"Die!" said Lin Feng with a deep, demonic voice. Zong Ren Yu could barely move as his vitality was being drained.

"Oh no!" thought the other members from the Church of Desire.

"You're already dead." said Lin Feng in that same demonic voice.

"Wake up!" shouted the strong cultivators from the Church of Desire, moving towards Zong Ren Yu.

"No…" shouted Zong Ren Yu furiously. However, a pitch-black hand quickly grabbed his neck, stopping everybody  in their tracks. Zong Ren Yu was considered a genius in the Church of Desire, but he paled in comparison to Mu Feng.

"Please, don't kill me." begged Zong Ren Yu.Why was such a strong demon cultivator attacking him?

"Your Excellency, please think thrice." said the members of the Church of Desire.

"I only think once when I want to kill people, let alone thrice!" said Lin Feng. Then, he condensed demonic fire energies in his other hand and Zong Ren Yu gave a horrible shriek.

"Die!" Lin Feng punched Zong Ren Yu's head and made it explode into a thousand pieces. The remaining parts of his body turned to ashes.

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