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PMG Chapter 1476

Chapter 1476: Complex Situation

"Lin Feng, today is Qi Yan's wedding ceremony. There are tensions between us and Tiantai, and we initially intended to forget about those today, but in the end, you injured Bi Yao and humiliated Qi Yan. Since that's that case, we have to kill you." said Emperor Dong to Lin Feng.

"Emperor Dong!" said Emperor Yu suddenly standing up. He smiled indifferently and said, "Emperor Dong, the Qi Clan and Tiantai are enemies, indeed. You don't need any excuses to kill Lin Feng, I just hope that you will not forget the emperors' rules though. You're a senior cultivator so you cannot attack my disciples. Otherwise, I can guarantee that the Qi Empire and the Qi Clan will get destroyed."

"If I attacked him, he'd die in a second. I won't violate the rules however. No matter, I can tell you that Lin Feng won't leave the Qi Empire alive today. If you want to get involved, I won't refrain from joining as well." said Emperor Dong. The six soldiers then instantly released abstruse energies again.

At that moment, the crowd was wondering whether Emperor Dong had organized everything for Emperor s.h.i.+ to show up in the Qi Empire.

"Alright." said Emperor Dong. He looked at Emperor Yu and the others then said, "Kill!"

"Boom!" Qi instantly dashed to the skies. The six soldiers' energies were terrifying together.

"Cough, cough…" at that moment, the earth soldier coughed after suddenly feeling weak.

"What's going on?" A cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer couldn't possibly get sick.

"The others' Qi is also weakening!" the crowd frowned.

"What's going on?" Emperor Dong frowned.

"Your Highness, maybe they've been poisoned!" replied someone.

Cultivators couldn't be affected by ordinary poison. Poisons which could affect those cultivators had to be extremely powerful. Poison cultivation was extremely rare, like the sorcerer's arts. Poisoners were even rarer than alchemists.

Lin Feng looked at the six soldiers and frowned. Suddenly, he also felt like he had no strength. It was as if he couldn't control his strength anymore.

"Oh no!" Lin Feng knew about medicinal pills, and he also knew that only some incredible beasts could poison enemies.

Maybe that it was poison, a terrifying one that even emperors hadn't even noticed.

"Emperor Dong!" Many people looked at the alcohol on the tables. The Emperors might have drunk the poison too!

"Everybody, I'm like you!" said Emperor Dong. He then looked at the crowd and said, "Someone made us drink a terrifying poison!"

Everybody was concerned, but they were skeptical though. Who would want to poison them? And that poison was extremely rare and dangerous, the emperors' reaction proved just how poisonous it was.

"Who did it!" yelled Emperor Dong while releasing terrifying energies.

The atmosphere became extremely calm. The crowd could even hear the wind blowing.

It was eerily calm.

"That poisoner must be stronger than me." said Emperor Dan. "But all the emperors have been poisoned too. On top of that, if he dared poison us, it means he's terrifyingly strong."

The emperors were being affected by that poison but could still release powerful energies. That poison wasn't lethal, it just restrained their strength a little.

Some time pa.s.sed and n.o.body showed up. The atmosphere remained eerily silent.

"Emperor Dan, can't you concoct a pill to cure us?" asked Emperor Dong. Emperor Dan shook his head and said, "No, I can't and concocting pills needs time anyways."

Lin Feng and the others all fell down to the ground. Lin Feng tried to remain determined, but the situation was becoming dangerous.

"Someone is coming!" said someone as everyone's attention turned towards the distance. A group of people were climbing up the stairs. Their silhouettes flickered, and they were as fast as lightning. The guards didn't even stop them.

"Xiao Yan!" Emperor Yan looked surprised.

"Peng Ze!" another emperor recognized someone else.

"Chang Feng!"

Emperor DevMara frowned and looked at that person in a strange way.

The crowd was getting nearer and nearer. Xiao Yan went to Emperor Yan. Chang Feng came to Emperor DevMara.

"Slas.h.!.+" those people knelt down before different emperors and shouted, "Teacher!"

"Chang Feng… you're back!" said Emperor DevMara, allowing that young man to stand up. He smiled happily and said, "Great, you're at the top of the ninth Zun Qi layer, very top even, right?"

"Teacher, I'm about to break through to the Huang Qi layer." said that young man with sharp lights in his eyes.

"Alright, very good." said Emperor DevMara smiling happily.

"Those geniuses were considered cultivation monsters a hundred years ago and now surprisingly, they're back. Besides, they are all about to break through to the Huang Qi layer." explained Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng was amazed, a hundred years before? They had been to the Holy City and now they were finally back.

But Emperor Yu frowned as if he had been thinking about something.

"Teacher, can you help me break through to the Huang Qi layer?" asked Xiao Yan to Emperor Yan.

"How can I help you?" asked Emperor Yan smiling in a resplendent way. Emperor Yan would be happy if he could help.

"Teacher, look at my current strength." said Xiao Yan releasing fire energies. His flames contained black fissures inside them.

"Cosmic energies, you can already control cosmic energies!" Emperor Yan was incredulous. His disciple was at the very top of the Zun Qi layer and controlled cosmic energies. He was about to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

"You just need to control your force better." said Emperor Yan. He was trying to think of a solution to help his disciple.

"Teacher, look at my cosmic energy attacks." said Xiao Yan smiling. Emperor Yan nodded. Xiao Yan raised his hands and attacked Emperor Yan.

Emperor Yan was still smiling, he didn't realize what was going on. However, when the cosmic energy attack crashed onto Emperor Yan's body, he suddenly looked petrified. He suddenly realized something was amiss. What was his beloved disciple doing?

PMG Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477: Seven Fish Caught in a Web

When he sensed the attack, Emperor Yan thought he was hallucinating. He couldn't believe his eyes.

He had raised Xiao Yan for a long time, wholeheartedly and happily. He had always thought of Xiao Yan as a great disciple. He wouldn't have thought that his disciple would try to kill him.

If Emperor Yan had prepared himself for such an attack, even with the poison, the energies wouldn't have penetrated his body that easily. Unfortunately, his disciple was trying to kill him.

Emperor Yan looked like he was in incredible pain. Xiao Yan wasn't smiling anymore, instead his eyes were filled with murder.

"Die!" said Xiao Yan furiously.

"Argh…" Emperor Yan roared with pain, the Earth around him crackled even.

A fire armor formed from cosmic energies appeared on Xiao Yan. However, it broke apart when the attack reached it. Xiao Yan was propelled backwards and coughed up some blood.

Not many people paid attention to Emperor Yan because at the same time, Emperor DevMara's disciples and the other disciples who hadn't shown up in a hundred years attacked at the same time. Emperor DevMara was ready though because he had sensed something fishy. He counterattacked and sent his disciple flying.

"Why!" said Emperor Yan furiously.

"Teacher!" Fu Hei's face turned deathly pale as he was worried for his teacher. Surprisingly, his fellow disciple was attacking their teacher!

Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others moved further away. Lin Feng glanced at Emperor Yan and felt sad for him. Attacking your teacher was the worst thing you could do.

"Emperor DevMara, Emperor Lei, the emperor of the Church of Desire, the emperors of the Qi Feng Mountain, the Sunset Pavilion and the Magic World Heavenly Palace are all so unlucky. Their disciples came back and immediately attacked them by surprise." thought Lin Feng. He looked at Emperor Dong, that day was Qi Yan's wedding, so did Emperor Dong have anything to do with that? If he hadn't organized the event, n.o.body would have been poisoned.

"There's no why, you're just going to die!" said Xiao Yan to Emperor Yan.

"Teacher, you're poisoned, so you can't control your strength. If you use energies, you're going to hurt yourself." said Xiao Yan smiling.

"Fu Hei, go!" shouted Emperor Yan furiously. He was surrounded by fire, so he didn't chase after Xiao Yan. Instead, he grabbed Fu Hei and started running away. He knew that he didn't have much time left. His energies were chaotic, and even though he was still alive, his cultivation was probably going to be crippled.

"Boom boom!" in the sky, a gigantic hand formed from the Earth. That piece of earth bombarded Emperor Yan and crushed him into the ground violently. Then a silhouette appeared.

"Teacher!" shouted Fu Hei coughing blood. He was still looking at Emperor Yan though, everything was happening too fast. Was it the emperor's judgement day?

All the disciples from the other groups were also sad. Emperor DevMara and the empress of the Human Desires palace were fine because they had blocked the attacks, but the emperors from the Sunset Pavilion, the Qi Feng Mountain, the Church of Desire, the Island of the Thunderbirds and the Magic World Heavenly Palace were severely injured, especially Emperor Lei from the Island of the Thunderbirds.

The emperor from the Church of Desire looked furious, he was soaked with blood and his face was deathly pale.

Feng Xuan and Feng Ling were also devastated.

The emperors from the Six Desires and the DevMara Palace looked at Emperor Yu. He had shouted to warn them a moment before, so they were appreciative.

At that moment, the crowd looked at the sky. A bunch of people in black clothes had appeared and they all looked extremely strong.

"They're surrounding us!" shouted someone. There were people all around them.

"The one who attacked Emperor Yan a moment ago used earth cosmic energies, so there must be an emperor amongst them." thought the crowd. Where were those people from? Had they poisoned them? And why were those disciples attacking their teachers?

"Who are you?" asked Emperor Dong.

But they ignored him. One of them looked at the Messenger and said, "Your Highness The Messenger, you are in charge of Jiu You and Ba Huang, please continue drinking and eating. I hope you are not offended by anything we do. Thank you for your understanding."

The Messenger smiled, he looked indifferent. Then he continued drinking and eating.

"The Imperial Union?" said someone at that moment.

Everybody hated the Imperial Union in Ba Huang. The influential groups of Ba Huang and Jiu You had prevented them from existing. Sometimes, a few appeared, but this time they had all appeared.

At that moment, someone whose face was covered eveiled themselves. Their eyes looked evil and their hands looked like those of a very old person.

That person had a black pill in their hand and their voice sounded very hoa.r.s.e.

"Who wants to have it? You'll live only if you take it."

"A pill?" the crowd didn't believe it was medicine, they believed it was poison.

"I guarantee you that it can heal you." said that person with rea.s.surance. But the crowd remained silent.

Why had those disciples betrayed their respective groups?

What was Emperor Dong's role in that story?

Even though some people of the Qi Empire were also injured, could people trust Emperor Dong?

PMG Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: The Fall of the Emperors

Emperor Yan was astonished. He wanted to leave using an empty s.p.a.ce, but fissures appeared and blocked his way.

"You think you can leave?" asked the one who had just attacked Emperor Yan.

"Unfortunately, that pill is good, but n.o.body wants it. I'll keep it for myself then." said the old man with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

The strong cultivator who had just attacked Emperor Yan with his Earthen territory released even more earth energies.

The energies crashed onto Emperor Yan again.

Lin Feng raised his head and suddenly saw destructive energies oppressing them.

Emperor Yu jumped in front of his disciples, then the Earth shook, and suddenly a lofty mountain appeared above Lin Feng and his fellow disciples. The Earthen territory crashed onto the mountain which slowly crackled and exploded. They were safe.

"Teacher!" shouted Fu Hei who was also injured.

Apart from that, the other members from the Imperial Union wanted to attack the emperors who had been attacked already.

One of them was terrifyingly strong and attacked the emperor from the Sunset Pavilion. He immediately killed him. He was also the first emperor to die.

"Emperors are dying!" the crowd watched as those lights killed their emperors.

"There's a medium-level emperor and eight low-level emperors, as well as a dozen cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer." Emperor Yu glanced around.

At that moment, a dazzling light moved towards Emperor Yu. The medium-level emperor looked at Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others.

"Bzzz!" that strong cultivator jumped forwards and flew towards Emperor Yu.

Quickly though, Emperor Yu and the five others disappeared inside another mountain.

When Emperor Yu and the others disappeared, a golden man appeared instead. The medium-level emperor landed where Emperor Yu had been, and a large crater was formed after the attack.

"Where are you going!" shouted that cultivator glancing around. The ground exploded, and fissures appeared.

"Boom!" Ten thousand meters away, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others reappeared. The medium-level emperor smiled coldly.

"Since you're here, why hide!" said that medium-level emperor.

Buzzing sounds along with scorching white lights shot out. Those were sword lights, but because they moved so fast, they burnt in the air as they travelled.

"Hmph!" The medium-level emperor groaned coldly. Then a cage appeared in the air and blocked the sword.

Emperor Yu and the others appeared again, they weren't that far away. Lin Feng glanced at the medium-level emperor, his heart was racing at full speed. Who were those Surprisingly, someone had blocked that terrifying's attack?

More cosmic energies flooded the area: illusion cosmic energies. The emperor from the Magic World Heavenly Palace had died!

"That's the second emperor!" the crowd was astonished.

"Emperor Dong, you're a medium-level emperor, even if you're poisoned, you can still fight and kill low-level emperors. You organized this event, so why don't you help us?" asked Emperor Yu.

"I'm sorry, if I attack, I won't be able to protect Qi Yan!" reasoned Emperor Dong.

Suddenly, dazzling lights moved towards Emperor Dong. An with a long sword was attacking Qi Yan.

"Slash…" Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong's faces turned deathly pale as they shouted, "Try and dare!"

n.o.body replied to them. Only sword and empty cosmic energies moved towards them.

"Break!" shouted Emperor Dong. Dazzling lights appeared and surrounded Qi Yan, but the lights broke as soon as the sword energies reached them.

"Boom boom!"

Qi Yan's face was deathly pale. He wanted to move away but he was imprisoned. He was facing emperors, so he couldn't do much.

"Break!" shouted Emperor Qi releasing golden empty s.p.a.ce energies.

"How come Emperor Qi is not affected by the poison?" asked Emperor Yu at that moment. Emperor Qi suddenly looked petrified and surprised. At that moment, sword energies moved towards Emperor Qi at full speed.

Emperor Dong's face suddenly changed. He disappeared and reappeared again above Qi Yan. He wanted to protect Qi Yan, however, the sword arrived at the same time.

"Why isn't Emperor Dong using cosmic energies to deal with those low-level emperors?" said Emperor Yu. Emperor Dong looked nervous too. Then, sword energies penetrated Qi Yan's throat.

"Is Qi Yan dead?" thought the crowd. What was going on? They had their doubts about the Qi Clan's emperors but now Qi Yan was killed? Did this event really have nothing to do with the Qi Clan?

"Slash, slash…" terrifying strength invaded Qi Yan's body and lacerated him completely. Flames of fury appeared in Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi's eyes as they watched Qi Yan die.

After the two killed Qi Yan, they disappeared and reappeared farther away again while releasing terrifying energies.

On the other side, cosmic energies appeared again. Another emperor died: the emperor from the Church of Desire.

In a short time, three emperors had died and Qi Yan.

Emperor Yan seemed like he was going to die too. Fu Hei was devastated, he didn't know what to do. He felt powerless in front of all those emperors.

The medium-level emperor was condensing thunder energies, and if he attacked, he could kill anyone. Luckily, so far, he was just observing.

"Kill them." said the medium-level emperor pointing at Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others. Instantly, silhouettes moved towards them. Lin Feng and the others felt like they were going to suffocate.

PMG Chapter 1479

Chapter 1479: Condensation of Strong Cultivators

Now they were starting to kill emperors who hadn't been attacked by surprise, such as Emperor Yu.

"Three emperors." Emperor Yu looked worried. Three emperors were going for him. What a terrifying army. There were also two emperors standing idly who were ready to attack anyone with a moment's notice.

"I would have never thought I'd die like this." thought Emperor Yan.

Even though the enemies listened to the medium-level emperor and ran towards Emperor Yu, they already knew that they should attack him.

Who was behind all that?

"Hurry up." said the medium-level emperor.

"Boom!" Emperor Yu jumped forwards and released a mountain attack. Then, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng and the others disappeared in the Earthen cosmic energies.

"Slash, slash…" the earth shook and broke. An emperor had attacked the mountain with sword energies.

The three emperors disappeared and flew inside the mountain.

"Break!" shouted Emperor Yu. He had reappeared again with an Earthen armor on. Lin Feng and the others were also wrapped up with Earthen energies.

"Illusion!" said someone suddenly. Illusional cosmic energies rose up in the air. Suddenly, Lin Feng realized his fellow disciples and teacher weren't together anymore. They were in separate empty s.p.a.ces.

"You two, fight against the emperor, I'll go and fight the others." said one of them. The two others moved towards Emperor Yu while that one went to Lin Feng and the others.

"Slash…" at that moment, a terrifying cosmic energy pa.s.sed in front of him and he immediately stopped.

"Move!" shouted the medium-level emperor furiously. Then, the emperor continued running towards Lin Feng.

"Bzzz!" Oppressive energies surrounded Lin Feng. He had the impression he was going to choke to death. Even though he had broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer, he couldn't do anything against emperors. Even some emperors were dying around them.

That cultivator stretched out his hand towards Lin Feng while releasing some cosmic energies.


Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale. He felt that he had no chance.

"No…" shouted Lin Feng while releasing demonic Qi. How could he die? When the cosmic energies were just about to kill him, suddenly, terrifying sword energies descended from the sky. Lin Feng sensed that the energies attacking him weakened and had disappeared.

"Who!" the one who wanted to kill Lin Feng looked furious. Who was helping Lin Feng?

In the distance, sword Qi appeared and whistled. It was an ancient sword Qi.

"Dong!" A metallic sound rung.

"Who's that now?" thought the crowd. Everybody gazed into the distance.

"Dong!" another sound appeared as a silhouette appeared at the top of the stairs. It was an old man who had numerous wrinkles on his face. Although he looked old, his eyes look sharp. He slowly walked towards them.

"How strong!" thought the crowd. The one had tried to kill Lin Feng looked furious.

The medium-level emperor looked horrified.

"It's him!" Emperor Qi's facial expression changed drastically. The old man was getting nearer and nearer, his robe was fluttering in the wind. Even though he looked extremely old, he also looked incredibly powerful. Lin Feng recognized him because he had seen him before in Jiange, when he had taken Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword!

"It doesn't have anything to do with you." said the medium-level emperor to the old man.

"You went too far." said the old man.

The medium-level emperor looked furious. However, at that moment, he seemed even more vigilant.

"Bzzz!" another silhouette appeared. That person looked terrifying as well.

"Another medium-level emperor!" the crowd was astonished.

"Brother, help me tidy up." said the medium-level emperor smiling in a cold way.

"Alright!" said the person in a hoa.r.s.e voice who had just appeared. However, at that moment, more and more people appeared. They were all wearing plaited bamboo hats and n.o.body could see their faces.

"You're too impatient." said a cultivator with a plaited bamboo hat. Half of his body was covered by his hat.

"Watchers, eighteen of them!" the crowd was amazed.

Lin Feng was surprised but smiled and thought, "It seems like my way of thinking was too simplistic. Anyone can wear a plaited bamboo hat, so there's no limit to the number of Watchers."

The looked furious.

"The Watcher's Father!" the medium-level emperor looked at the cultivator wearing a plaited bamboo hat who had appeared in the sky. Then he said, "Get ready!"

"How else should we defeat you?" said the Watchers' Father indifferently. He then shook his hand and suddenly dazzling arrows appeared in all the Watchers' hands. They were aiming at the strong cultivators from the Imperial Union.

That person didn't reply. The medium-level emperor who had appeared in the distance looked at the old man. There were four medium-level emperors, two vs. two.

"I hope you won't get involved." said that cultivator to the old man.

"I came to protect some people. I don't care about the rest." said the old man calmly and indifferently.

"Thank you, Your Excellency." said that person calmly. Then he said to the Watchers' Father, "I have even more emperors."

"Did you think that the emperors of the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You can be killed so easily?" said the Watcher's Father. The Watchers and the members of the Imperial Union were starting to argue.

"Argh…" a gigantic stick blotted out the sky and a gigantic black silhouette was holding it. The wooden stick moved towards an That person wanted to dodge the attack but failed. He was immediately crushed to death.

"What a terrifying strength!" thought the crowd. That was the Great Ape Emperor.

"Why don't you attack? Are you waiting to die?" asked the Great Ape Emperor trying to wake some people up.

Many emperors started releasing their energies. They felt a little bit more relieved as the Watchers were there to help.

PMG Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480: Flinching!

"Save me!" shouted a voice. People turned around and saw Emperor Si Kong being attacked by two He had already lost an arm and was bleeding profusely.

The Watchers' Father glanced at that, but he seemed pensive.

"Emperor Si Kong is friends with Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong, so why don't you help him!" said Emperor Wen suddenly.

But the Wen Clan wasn't friends with the Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan, Emperor Wen didn't actually hope someone would save Emperor Si Kong.

"The Si Kong Clan has a medium-level emperor, why doesn't he come out?" asked someone else. The crowd frowned. It was the emperor who hadn't shown up yet, the one who had attacked the emperors with the Imperial Union. He was blocking the other medium-level emperor and preventing him from attacking.

"Slash, slash…" deadly energies sealed the s.p.a.ce. However, that medium-level emperor still didn't appear.

A horrible shriek sounded as Emperor Si Kong lost another arm. Two from the Imperial Union were oppressing him and were attacking him relentlessly.

"Who are you?" asked Emperor Si Kong furiously. He released empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies with his eyes, but the two entered another empty s.p.a.ce and released their own cosmic energies.

Someone else was in an even more difficult situation than Emperor Si Kong, it was Emperor Yan. He had almost disappeared completely. Emperor DevMara and a Watcher were blocking the cultivators who were attacking him, but he was disappearing in a fire.

"Fu Hei, come here!" said Emperor Yan to Fu Hei.

"Teacher!" Fu Hei's eyes were bloodshot. Emperor Yan was burning too intensely so Fu Hei couldn't get near.

"After I die, you will manage the Fire Mountain." said Emperor Yan. Fu Hei nodded, his face was deathly pale. He looked devastated.

"He can't receive all your fire cosmic energy alone, much of it will spill over and go to waste. Give some to him and he will avenge you." said the old man next to Lin Feng, pointing at Lin Feng.

Emperor Yan slowly turned around and glanced at the old man and then at Lin Feng and nodded, "Alright, Emperor Yu and Emperor s.h.i.+'s disciple is an incredible genius. You're right."

Then cosmic energies moved from Emperor Yan's body and two lights appeared.

One light moved towards Lin Feng and one towards Fu Hei, instantly penetrating their bodies. The terrifying cosmic energies suddenly made their blood boil.

"Fire!" Lin Feng sensed the energies overwhelm him. He was worried that he was going to burn to death. Unfortunately, he wasn't an emperor, so it was difficult for him to a.s.similate those energies.

"Emperor Yan is dying, and he can transmit these energies only when he is dying. Don't waste them, cleanse your body with them." said the old man to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and closed his eyes while sensing the pure cosmic energies.

Lin Feng had cleansed his body with many sorts of energies before. His fire energies were becoming even stronger. Unknowingly, his body started burning. Fu Hei was the same. Behind Fu Hei, a fire silhouette appeared which looked like a fire spirit.

Fu Hei apparently had a celestial fire body type.

"No…" at that moment, a voice resonated in the air. A sword pierced through Emperor Si Kong's head and his head exploded. His cosmic energies turned into a light which dashed to the skies.

"Emperor Si Kong is dead too!" the crowd was astonished.

The Imperial Union was finally losing the advantage. Those who weren't emperors died quickly. Even though the emperors were poisoned, they could easily kill people who weren't at the emperor level. Concerning the two strong cultivators who had just killed Emperor Si Kong, they were now moving towards Emperor Qi.

"Help me kill them!" shouted Emperor Qi.

"I told Emperor Dong to help the other emperors, but he didn't. So why would we help you." said Emperor Yu while fighting against another emperor. Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi looked devastated.

"Let's forget about our conflicts and help each other!" shouted Emperor Dan. He wanted to join hands with Yu and Emperor Qi to fight off the

"Emperor Qi and Emperor Dong are my enemies, surprisingly, you want to help them. Besides, it seems like the two Qi emperors are not that affected by the poison. I believe that you joined hands with them and created the poison!" said Emperor Yu.

Had the joined hands with Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi? Had Emperor Dan made the poison?

Many emperors thought that way at that moment, but why had the killed Qi Yan then? And why had they killed Emperor Si Kong, Emperor Qi's friend? Now, they were going to attack Emperor Qi too. Was that the price to pay for a dodgy alliance?

The battle was insane. The two medium-level emperors were fighting against the two other medium-level emperors. A medium-level emperor from the Imperial Union was about to die. The other medium-level emperor was fighting against the Watchers' Father.

"Escape!" finally, the medium-level emperor shouted furiously. The members from the Imperial Union started running away.

The had failed and were now running away.

The Watchers and the emperors didn't chase them too closely. The from the Imperial Union were incredibly strong, so they couldn't be underestimated even whilst running.

The two low-level emperors were still fighting against Emperor Qi, they were adamant about killing him.

"Haven't you heard!" said one of the medium-level emperors. The two cultivators then moved away at full speed.

"We'll meet again!" said the two medium-level emperors while rising in the air. They hadn't killed the Watchers' Father and the medium-level emperor who had been hiding.

Emperor Yan was dead too. Lin Feng and Fu Hei opened their eyes and looked at the corpses. They both looked extremely sad.

"Don't be too sad, Emperor Yan is not completely dead." said Emperor Yu. Emperors could make their G.o.dly awareness disperse if they weren't completely dead.

Lin Feng was surprised but came back to his senses. However, to recover his current strength, Emperor Yan would need a very long time. Yan Di was a perfect example of such a case.

"It's a pity that we can't destroy them!" said Lin Feng looking at the from the Imperial Union run away.

"Even at the same level, it's difficult to kill them." said Emperor Yu indifferently. Lin Feng still didn't know how to differentiate emperors in terms of cultivation level!

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