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PMG Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510: Violence

The Qi Clan's territory was suddenly invaded by an eerie silence.

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and the others all looked at Emperor Yu.

In the distance, the crowd could sense the pressure. They knew that that silence was ominous.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Mu Chen raised his hand and smiled indifferently, "It's time. It seems like the Qi Clan hasn't made a decision yet so we're going to fight against everyone in the Qi Clan."

"Go!" said Mu Chen to Lin Feng and the others. In a flash, they all started running in every direction.

The members of the Qi Clan were not going to sit and wait for death, of course. Everyone started fighting. A gigantic picture scroll appeared and blotted out the sky. A light appeared which surrounded Lin Feng and the other disciples from Tiantai.

Mu Chen followed them and said, "Three people per group. If you see that someone is in danger, help them. Disperse now!"

Everybody dispersed. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie stayed together. Without Mu Chen, there were only eleven disciples in Tiantai so there had to be a group of two. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie were a good team, so they didn't mind being the only group of two.

Lin Feng glanced around and looked at one young man in particular.

"I'll go and kill him!" said Lin Feng. That young man was Qi Zang, someone who was rising. Lin Feng had seen him a year before in a bar.

Qi Zang wasn't ready for Lin Feng to choose him directly. He started running away.

"Curse!" Death energy surrounded Qi Zang, causing his body to turn grey. He was very fast, he crossed thousands of meters in a flash, but Lin Feng was faster.

"Qi Zang!" shouted Qi Qian Xing at that moment.

Qi Qian Xing released empty s.p.a.ce energies, but Mu Chen turned around and looked at him in a cold way.

"No…" a horrible shriek pierced Qi Qian Xing's ears. He couldn't see Qi Zang anymore. Qi Zang had turned to ashes. Lin Feng was taking Qi Zang's treasures at that moment.

Lin Feng sensed that Qi Qian Xing was looking at him, so he released sword energies and killed someone else.

"Kill him!" shouted Qi Qian Xing loudly, so that everybody could hear him in the territory of the Qi Clan.

In a flash, the empty s.p.a.ce picture scroll dazzled, and a light descended from the sky. Just like last time, Lin Feng was stuck inside.

"Don't waste time. Even if your picture scroll can constrict me, n.o.body can kill me in the Qi Clan." shouted Lin Feng in a disdainful way.

Tiantai's disciples had already started slaughtering ma.s.s amounts of people.

Emperor Qi and the others were furious after they saw that.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng was imprisoned in the light when suddenly, some Qi rose and surrounded him. Some people apparently wanted to kill Lin Feng.

"What a bad attack, it seems that the Qi Clan doesn't have any strong cultivators left." said Lin Feng. He took out his gigantic axe and slashed it forwards.

"Slas.h.!.+" A silhouette was cut in two and blood gushed. However, more sword lights moved towards Lin Feng.

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng used his axe again, and he rose up in the air as he looked down at the sword lights.

Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword, at the same time, a demon shouted furiously as a demonic shadow appeared behind Lin Feng.

Lin Feng also used his Deadly Demon Punch, condensing energies in both his fists.

"Die, die!" two people immediately died, but there were still more cultivators running towards him.

Lin Feng shook his hand and a mountain fell on them. He also released demon, sword and death energies.

"Boom boom!" At the same time, the terrifying empty s.p.a.ce energy was also being bombarded by Tian Chi, Ruo Xie and the others.
Lin Feng eventually was injured, but there were numerous corpses below him.

He touched his wounds and released life energies to heal himself. Tian Chi, Ruo Xie and the others had already broken the empty s.p.a.ce and killed the remaining cultivators from the Qi Clan.

"Bzzz!" Lin Feng jumped forwards and, in a flash, someone else died. At the same time, his Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and moved towards the depths of the territory of the Qi Clan, continuing to kill people.

Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing looked distraught. Even their best cultivators died after facing Tiantai's disciples. A short time had pa.s.sed, and there were even more corpses everywhere. It was a bloodbath.

"Father!" shouted Emperor Qi. Emperor Dong looked calm and serene though. n.o.body knew what he was thinking.

Emperor Dong glanced around, he was looking for some other people. The Watchers had to be there too, right? Tiantai had brought the Watchers to Tian Long Divine Castle before.

"Emperor Yu, you don't want to f.u.c.k with me!" said Emperor Dong suddenly. He looked furious this time.

Emperor Dong was talking to Emperor Yu using telepathy, but Emperor Yu just frowned.

PMG Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511: The Emperors' Intervention

By inviting all the emperors, Emperor Yu's goal was to put the Qi Clan in a dead end, where the Qi Clan couldn't run away anymore.

"Today, you came to kill my people, what else did you prepare for all this?" Emperor Dong was glaring at Emperor Yu. He wanted to know why he looked so calm and serene.

Tiantai's disciples were in the middle of the Qi Clan's territory killing people. Strong cultivators kept falling from the sky. Emperor Dong suddenly turned around and a terrifying empty s.p.a.ce energy filled the sky. He suddenly disappeared and reappeared again, five hundred meters away in the air above the Qi Clan's governmental buildings. He glanced at Tiantai's disciples in a sharp way and suddenly, Tiantai's disciples all felt like they were going to suffocate.

Lin Feng realized that he couldn't move anymore. The empty s.p.a.ce cosmic strength had created a cage, and had imprisoned him inside.

"Emperor Dong!" A terrifying cosmic energy surrounded Emperor Dong. Emperor Yu and the others were now staring at Emperor Dong.

"Emperor Dong, think carefully before you do anything. If you attack, we'll destroy the Qi Clan completely." said Emperor Yu in a cold way. Emperor Dong seemed like he was going insane as he said, "You either p.i.s.s off or you'll die here." said Emperor Dong to all the members of Tiantai. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to die, as if a hand had grabbed his throat.

"Alright, we're leaving." said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng and the others were surprised, leaving?

"Are you sure?" asked Emperor Dong, rather surprised.

"Certainly. Let them off and we'll leave." said Emperor Yu.

"Alright, p.i.s.s off now." said Emperor Dong. He shook his hands and threw Lin Feng and the others away. Even if he didn't attack Lin Feng and the others directly, his cosmic energies were still terrifying. He threw them all hundreds of meters away.

"Bzzz!" A silhouette descended from the sky and landed in front of Emperor Dong. He instantly released terrifying cosmic energies and confined Emperor Dong in a cage.

"How does it feel?" asked Emperor Wen's father. Emperor Wen's father was also a medium-level emperor. He had already fought against a medium-level emperor during the banquet in the Qi Empire, but back then that medium-level emperor was a member of the Imperial Union. This time, it was the leader of the Qi Empire, Emperor Dong.

"What are you doing, buddy?" asked Emperor Dong in a calm and serene way.

Emperor Wen's father smiled in a deep and meaningful way and said, "Emperor Yu, can we attack?"

"Alright." said Emperor Yu nodding. He raised his hands and two gigantic hands appeared in the sky. He condensed cosmic energies at an incredible speed. Terrifying oceans of cosmic energies appeared in the sky above the Qi Clan's territory, blotting out the sky.

"What are you doing!" shouted Emperor Dong furiously and loudly.

"From now on, we'll kill anyone related to the Qi Clan, in Jiu You and Ba Huang!" shouted Emperor Yu furiously. His voice spread far, far away in the surroundings.

That sentence made many people shake violently. Emperor Yu dared say that?

"Boom boom boom!" the ground shook violently as terrifying mountains descended from the sky above the Qi Clan's territory.

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and Qi Qian Xing were petrified. They couldn't believe their eyes. Emperor Yu was attacking them directly?

Meteorites continuously fell from the sky above the territory of the Qi Clan. The territory of the Qi Clan was starting to break apart, and people were getting crushed to mush.

Emperor Yu was forcing the Qi Clan to fight, they had no choice.

Emperor Yu's strength was terrifying. Many people died instantly when he attacked.

"Emperor Yu!" shouted Emperor Qi furiously. The Qi Clan was the most precious thing he had in life. Many of the members of the Qi Clan were even his biological children.

Emperor Qi finally decided to act. He disappeared from where he was standing, using empty s.p.a.ce energy, and appeared in front of Emperor Yu. A golden light then aimed for Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu was already prepared, he shook his hand and condensed stone energy to block the golden light. The golden light lacerated the stone energy and turned into a strong wind. It was becoming more and more terrifying as it shot it forwards.

"Kacha!" Emperor Yu turned to stone himself. Suddenly, Emperor Qi's arms also gradually turned into stone.

But Emperor Qi's golden light turned into a vortex and absorbed everything in its way, breaking apart Emperor Yu's stone armor slowly. However, n.o.body was worried about Emperor Yu's safety. Many people were flying towards Emperor Qi at full speed, the fastest one being Emperor Wen.

Emperor Wen also controlled empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energy. He immediately appeared behind Emperor Qi and punched the air in his direction. He didn't use any special powers, he just used pure cosmic energy to attack because it would have taken too long to condense any other strength.

"Slas.h.!.+" The stone energies which had surrounded Emperor Qi disappeared and Emperor Wen's fist crashed onto Emperor Qi's body, cosmic energies spreading throughout his body.

"Ah…" Emperor Qi gave a horrible shriek. He then released cosmic energy which turned into another vortex. Emperor Wen suddenly moved back as above Emperor Qi, Emperor DevMara appeared and a gigantic demon hand descended.

Fissures appeared in the sky. Emperor Qi's hair was fluttering in the wind, he was bleeding from his mouth. A moment before, he looked elegant, confident and at ease, but now he looked ferocious, furious and hideous.

"What a pity!" whispered Emperor Wen. Surprisingly, he hadn't managed to kill Emperor Qi.

"Emperor Yu, are you trying to provoke the whole province of Ba Huang!" said Emperor Dong.

"You still want to hide?" said Emperor Yu smiling coldly. "In the Qi Empire, during the banquet, we were poisoned and the Imperial Union attacked. Do you think people are stupid, Emperor Dong?"

"My son, Qi Yan, died!" said Emperor Dong coldly.

"That was because a Watcher was hiding amongst the Imperial Union. Don't pretend you didn't know that." this time, Emperor Yu didn't say anything, but the Watchers' Father had.

"You're falsely accusing people. Besides, maybe you poisoned people! Because you made an alliance with Emperor Yu, you accuse us of having an alliance with the Imperial Union." replied Emperor Dong.

"Emperor Dong, you can't deny it. Tian Long had an alliance with the Imperial Union, do you need to see Emperor Tian Long for him to tell you that?" said the Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely.

PMG Chapter 1512

Chapter 1512: The Limits of the World

Emperor Dong looked at the Watchers' Father, he was wondering who he really was. Did the Watchers' Father really know the truth or was he bluffing?

"Hmph!" the Watchers' Father smirked. Then he said, "Did you think hiding in an empty s.p.a.ce battlefield was useful? I don't even need to fight myself." said the Watchers' Father. Emperor Dong looked petrified. The Watchers' Father hadn't fooled him, he knew about it all.

"Boom boom!" the ground broke apart. At the same time, a few people emerged from the ground.

"Emperor Tian Long!" the crowd saw Emperor Tian Long emerge.

"The Watchers' Father is right. Emperor Tian Long is hiding inside the Qi Clan, which means that the Qi Clan are also members of the Imperial Union."

In the ruins, Emperor Tian Long appeared and a few in black clothes. There were also other emperors, the Six Desires Empress, the Emperor, the Celestial Thunder Temple's Emperor and the Fairyland of the Nine Songs' Emperor.

"Who invited them? The Watchers' Father or Emperor Yu?" thought the crowd. That battle was no longer about Tiantai and the Qi Clan, it was about Ba Huang and the Imperial Union.

"Were you waiting for him in the empty s.p.a.ce battlefield?" asked Emperor Dong. His voice carried threads of golden energies. He glanced at the four emperors. Emperor Dong had informed Emperor Tian Long who was hiding in the empty s.p.a.ce about the situation and told him to leave. However, the ground exploded, and all the strong cultivators appeared.

"Luckily, I was prepared so even if you told him to leave, I'd catch you." said the Watchers' Father.

"You must have left something on his body last time when you were in Tian Long Divine Castle." said Emperor Dong. He was full of doubt. Could the Watchers' Father gather all the emperors of Ba Huang together like that?

Emperor Tian Long remembered back to his battle against the Watchers' Father. Had the Watchers' Father left a memory on his body? How could he have done that silently and intangibly? Wouldn't he have found out about it by now?

"It's not important. What's important now is that I am sure that the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan are the leaders of the Imperial Union. Then, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan decided to join them. Am I right everyone?" asked the Watchers' Father.

"Emperor Dan, you poisoned everyone. If you hadn't helped, then emperors wouldn't have died." said the Great Ape Emperor extremely loudly.

Emperor Dan's mouth twitched, but then he controlled himself and said indifferently, "The disciples from the Celestial Land of Alchemists didn't know that I had partic.i.p.ated."

"We will go to the Celestial Land of Alchemists and make everyone disperse." said the Emperor. Emperor Dan s.h.i.+vered and glanced at the Emperor, but then he sighed.

"The people from the Si Kong Clan didn't know either." said the emperor of the Si Kong Clan.

"Hmph!" the old emperor groaned coldly and said, "The Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan are the same, they're both core members of the Imperial Union."

"Slash…" The emperor from the Si Kong Clan looked at the old emperor using his celestial vision and said, "Do you want to fight?"

"Do you know who the old emperor is?" asked the Watchers' Father.

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan frowned and said, "Who?"

The crowd was surprised, did the old emperor have another social status?

The Watchers' Father grinned as he talked to the emperor of the Si Kong Clan using telepathy. The emperor of the Si Kong Clan suddenly looked astonished. He suddenly stopped using his celestial vision, but it was useless. They were not going to let the Si Kong Clan off anyways.

"Old emperor, you're really going to die." said the emperor of the Si Kong Clan, smiling in a cold way. Then, he started running away.

"Bzzz!" He used his celestial vision, and the s.p.a.ce around him became distorted. A curtain of energies enveloped him and then a vortex. The emperor of the Si Kong Clan ran towards that vortex. The Si Kong Clan would probably become a target now, so he had to leave.

"Slash, slash…" suddenly, a black, fiery vortex appeared and surrounded the emperor of the Si Kong Clan.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the emperor of the Si Kong Clan using his celestial vision again. The s.p.a.ce became distorted again and the flames moved aside. However, two demonic eyes appeared from within the vortex, forcing him back.

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan used his hands to cover his eyes, which felt extremely sore. Then he yelled at the one in the vortex, "Who the h.e.l.l are you! Come out!"

"Another emperor?" the crowd was awestruck. Who else could be there?

The emperor of the Si Kong Clan was a medium-level emperor, but surprisingly, someone had hurt him.

"Your son was killed at the banquet in the Qi Empire, the watchers killed him if you remember. Don't you want to avenge him? Why do you want to leave?" asked the Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely. Those words hurt him deep down. He hadn't been able to save Emperor Si Kong.

"Brother, are we really leaving?" asked Ruo Xie to Mu Chen.

"We're in a hurry. Do you not feel like leaving?" asked Mu Chen to Ruo Xie, smiling indifferently. They were still flying in Xuri's direction though.

The sun was s.h.i.+ning upon them, and it felt warm. Lin Feng had the sensation that the sun was getting closer and closer. He knew that he would leave that small world sooner or later, but it was so sudden now.

They were rising higher and higher up, just like the day when Yan Di had emerged from the small world, the energies were beautiful. Lin Feng turned around once. This time, he knew that they were going to leave the small world for real. They were going to go to the real world.

Mu Chen glanced at everyone. Mu Chen's force was already multiplied by a thousand, so Lin Feng was wondering why Mu Chen still hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer?

Finally, a sunny castle appeared, and it was scorching hot. Mu Chen protected them, Feng Xuan and some of the other weaker cultivators would have died otherwise.

PMG Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513: Two Emperors' Fall

"Let's go inside!" said Mu Chen, bringing everyone into the ancient castle.

"Is that sun the path to the Holy City?" thought Lin Feng and the others. There was a statue which looked like a statue of the Messenger! It even looked alive.

"Your Highness The Messenger!" shouted Mu Chen to the statue. His voice echoed against the castle walls.

Suddenly, the statue moved.

Mu Chen was waiting for something to happen.

A short time after, some lights dazzled. The Messenger's statue became bright as some vitality appeared inside it. After it finished moving, the dazzling lights faded away.

"Your Highness The Messenger!" Mu Chen bowed before the Messenger. They wanted to go to the Holy City, so they had to give him face and act polite.

"What do you want?" asked the statue.

Lin Feng and the others were unhappy by his demeanor. Since they were there, what else could they want?

"Your Highness The Messenger, we came with fate seeds, we want to go to the Holy City. Can you let us pa.s.s, please?" asked Mu Chen. He didn't show how displeased he was.

"I don't have time today. Another day." said the Messenger firmly.

"Your Highness The Messenger, we're in a hurry. Please let us pa.s.s." said Mu Chen calmly.

"I told you to come back another day!" said the Messenger in a cold way. Everybody was astonished, even furious.

"Your Highness The Messenger, you're the protector of that corridor, you must stay responsible!" said Mu Chen. Then, someone suddenly appeared in front of him. It was the Messenger himself.

The Messenger released a cold Qi.

"I don't have time today, so p.i.s.s off!" a strong wind brushed against everybody's bodies as they were pushed backwards.

A terrifying strength oppressed them, but Mu Chen used force to protect his friends. The Messenger just smiled indifferently and said, "Next time you come, watch your words."

Then, he went back into the statue of himself and his Qi disappeared.

"No time?" the crowd was astonished. How was that possible? Mu Chen had been very polite until the Messenger refused.

"Brother!" shouted Lin Feng.

"I'm alright." said Mu Chen to Lin Feng. Mu Chen looked calm and serene again. Then he said to the crowd, "Let's go back!"

Mu Chen released more force to protect everybody as they left the castle.

The Qi Clan's territory was already wrecked and there were ruins of buildings and trees everywhere.

Emperor Dong, the emperor of the Si Kong Clan, Emperor Wen's father and the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals had finished their great war and were gone already.

Emperor Qi was the fastest one with his empty s.p.a.ce energy, so once Emperor Dong and the others were fighting, he had started escaping.

Emperor Tian Long turned into a dragon. Although he looked strong and powerful, he was already soaked with blood.

"Another emperor is going to fall today." thought the crowd who was still in the distance. The Watchers were fighting against the of the Imperial Union, Emperor Dong and the four others were fighting in an empty s.p.a.ce. The other emperors were taking care of Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan.

Trying to kill all the emperors at once wasn't the best solution, it was more difficult, and it gave them more chances to escape. So that's why they were focusing on Emperors Tian Long and Dan.

"Emperor Yan, let's go and kill him!" said the Great Ape Emperor to the Taoist monk, Yan Di.

"Call me Yan Di!" shouted Yan Di. The Great Ape Emperor rolled his eyes and said, "Alright, Yan Di, let's attack together. He won't be able to withstand our attacks if we do."

Emperor Tian Long used a mysterious cosmic energy after turning into a dragon which made his defenses even more amazing. He was surrounded by Emperor Wen, the Great Ape Emperor, Yan Di and Emperor Yu. Emperor Wen had sealed the s.p.a.ce, so Emperor Tian Long couldn't escape.

At least, the Emperor, the Six Desires' Emperor, the Celestial Thunder Temple's emperor and the others were fighting against Emperor Dan. Emperor Dan had mysterious attacks, including types of poisoning attacks.

In front of such a powerful army, Emperor Dan and Emperor Tian Long couldn't do much.

"Bzzz!" the Great Ape Emperor started attacking with his gigantic wooden stick.

"Strength, Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell, sky destructive strength!"

Emperor Tian Long raised his head and shouted. Emperor Wen smiled coldly and said, "Emperor Yu!"

"Slash, slash…" the stick turned into very sharp blades which sufficed to make almost anyone suffocate. Emperor Tian Long started flying away, but the s.p.a.ce suddenly shook and energies crashed onto his body, causing blood to splash. Emperor Tian Long gave a horrible shriek and started shaking convulsively.

He was forced back into a human form again. Some more Qi appeared above his head, and he released strength in his hand, but some marks appeared in front of him which turned into a black fire, which easily burnt his hand.

"Destroy!" a finger crashed onto Emperor Tian Long's third eye. Then, his head started burning.

Cosmic strength moved throughout Emperor Tian Long's body. The Taoist monk moved backwards, joined his hands together, and said, "You can proud to be killed by me."

Emperor Tian Long didn't want to die.

On the other side, the Emperor's sword pierced through Emperor Dan's head and cosmic energies dispersed. The two emperors died at the same time.

"Two more emperors died!" thought the crowd.

Lin Feng and the others came back just as Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan died.

PMG Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514: A Mysterious on the Road

"How come you're back?" asked the Emperor. There was also a disciple from the Abyss of Sufferings in their group.

"The Messenger hit us and made us leave. He said he had no time." said the Emperor's disciple.

"No time?" the Emperor looked furious. He glanced at Mu Chen and the others as well as Emperor Yu. Many emperors looked at Emperor Yu and the Watchers' Father. They trusted Emperor Yu even more.

The Si Kong Clan's territory was wrecked. There were corpses everywhere, on top of that, some people were actively stealing the Si Kong Clan's treasures.

When they saw the emperor land, they turned frightfully pale and started running away.

"Ba Huang!"

"Boom!" the area around the emperor of the Si Kong Clan suddenly darkened. While he was fighting against the emperors, some people had come and killed the Si Kong Clan's members. None were left. After Emperor Si Kong died, since he wasn't there, n.o.body could protect the Si Kong Clan from such an onslaught.

There were so many corpses on the ground and blood. Even though those people were extremely strong, it hurt more knowing that they had his blood. Those were his grandsons. But now, they were dead.

"I'll kill you all!" shouted the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan.

"Slash, slash, slash, slash…" the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan killed some people out of anger. Those people dared steal the Si Kong Clan's treasures, they deserved to die!

Those who weren't dead turned deathly pale and rose up in the air. They wanted to escape but they couldn't. The old emperor of the Si Kong Clan used his Celestial Vision and corpses fell from the sky.

After killing everyone, the old emperor left. His face looked hideous and he was furious. Why had he made all his people go to that small world? Of course, he couldn't know that someone would destroy his clan.

So many things had happened in the Ba Huang Province in such a short amount of time. The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan were part of the Imperial Union.

Besides, Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Dan had joined them later and had died because of it.

The Si Kong Clan was destroyed, all its people were killed. The Celestial Land of Alchemists' emperor was dead, so its disciples dispersed. Many of their alchemy spells ended up in robbers' hands. Some evil cultivators had also kidnapped some of the very beautiful women as well. Because of Emperor Dan, the Celestial Land of Alchemists was wiped off the map.

In the eastern part of Ba Huang, in Xuri City, a young man was walking slowly through a crowd. He looked ordinary except that he had a black cloak on and his eyes were pitch-black.

"So many people came to Ba Huang." thought Lin Feng. He had put on a mask and was surveying the ruins of the Qi Clan. He looked around and saw that there were many young people, but their Qi was incredible. Lin Feng recognized some young people from the Holy City, for example, Zhou Tian Ruo. He was next to a man who was wearing a golden robe.

"Brother, when we go back, I will practice cultivation diligently and break through to the Huang Qi layer." said Zhou Tian Ruo confidently. His brother had heard that he was defeated by a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer, which was a humiliation to their family. So now, his big brother wanted to teach him a lesson.

"You understand that much, good. You shouldn't act arrogantly anymore. If you continue, Gu Li will get rid of you. When we go back, you should practice cultivation as you've said, and you shouldn't go abroad again." said the young man in the golden robe calmly. He knew that Zhou Tian Ruo needed time to break through to the Huang Qi layer. First, he had to reach the very top of the Zun Qi layer, he also needed to control cosmic energies and his force had to be a thousand times stronger.

"Brother, I will practice as hard as I can." said Zhou Tian Ruo. He seemed to fear his brother.

Zhou Tian Xiao nodded, then his eyes twinkled as he said, "Even though you can only blame yourself for what happened, who defeated you? What's his name?"

"His name is Lin Feng." said Zhou Tian Ruo.

"If I have the opportunity, I will help you. Do you want to kill him? Or cripple his cultivation? Or just humiliate him?" asked Zhou Tian Xiao.

"Kill him!" said Zhou Tian Ruo without hesitation. If he didn't have an imperial weapon, Lin Feng would have killed him. Therefore, he didn't want to be merciful. He wanted his brother to kill Lin Feng.

Zhou Tian Xiao looked disappointed after he heard Zhou Tian Ruo. He had hoped that Zhou Tian Ruo would tell him he didn't need any help, he hoped Zhou Tian Ruo would fight against Lin Feng on his own in the future. But of course, even though he was disappointed, he nodded. He would help his brother.

They didn't try to be discreet, Lin Feng even heard them in the distance.

"He seems strong, but I don't know how strong he is. Maybe he's a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer." thought Lin Feng. He slowly turned around and walked towards Xuri City. The Qi Clan wasn't residing in Xuri City anymore, so more people were visiting now.

"We have to wait for Mu Chen's news. I wonder when he'll come to find me." thought Lin Feng. Since the Messenger had kicked them out, leaving Ba Huang would be difficult. Even with fate seeds, he had refused to let them pa.s.s.

Lin Feng was walking slowly, looking pensive. However, at that moment, he sensed energies surround him.

Lin Feng was forced to stop because that strength was a force multiplied by a thousand.

"Who's that?" thought Lin Feng. His eyes turned black as he stared at a cultivator who was at the very top of the Zun Qi layer.

PMG Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: Lin Feng's Strange Experience

The energies surrounded him, but he had an empty s.p.a.ce robe. Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared again, one-thousand meters away.

However Lin Feng was surprised because even though he was far away, the energies still surrounded his body. At the same time, the energies were getting closer and closer.

Lin Feng was wondering if it was the first or the second The strongest he had met so far was the third one, but the first and second would certainly be strong as well.

The energies were getting closer, and then a wind brushed against his body. Lin Feng released wind and empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energies to run, at the same time, he released Earth abstruse energy to protect his body.

"Dong!" Lin Feng heard a sound. His heart started racing, as if it was going to jump out of his chest. At the same time, his armor started crackling. His empty s.p.a.ce and wind abstruse energies also broke apart.

"Boom!" Lin Feng released demonic Qi this time. He also released force which was multiplied by six–hundred.

"Dong!" The ground shook and Lin Feng felt like he was going to be crushed again.

Many people were watching Lin Feng, they sensed that his Qi was incredible, so what was putting so much pressure on him? They couldn't see it, but Lin Feng was sweating.

"Dong!" Lin Feng's heart was racing, fearful that he was going to be crushed alive.

"Boom!" Lin Feng jumped and released sword Qi. Then, Lin Feng's body progressively turned black. His pitch-black eyes were filled with a deep darkness. When he glanced around, people would avoid looking at him.

"What an aggressive Qi. Who could attack such a strong cultivator?" thought the crowd.

"Demonic Qi, Emperor Wu Tian Jian's cultivation type, pitch-black eyes, that's Lin Feng!" shouted someone suddenly.

"Indeed, that's Lin Feng!" thought the crowd. Someone wanted to kill Lin Feng.

"You can't defeat me!" said a voice in Lin Feng's brain. That person was trying to ruin Lin Feng's confidence.

"Slash, slash…" sword energies lacerated the s.p.a.ce around him. The crowd moved away, fearing they'd get caught up in the fight.

"You're already dead to me." said a voice.

Lin Feng's face became distorted. He released energies, but he couldn't block the attack. One more step and he might die.

Was he going to die? He didn't even know who was attacking him. Lin Feng suddenly felt sad and desperate. He hadn't felt like that for a very long time.

"No, I still have the Jade Emperor's palace!" thought Lin Feng. He couldn't give up because he didn't want to die, he still had so many things to do and he had a wonderful family.

"p.i.s.s off, all of you!" shouted Lin Feng furiously glancing around at the crowd. The crowd was surprised, but many of them ran away.

Lin Feng suddenly turned around, jumped forwards, released as much demonic and sword Qi as he could. All the buildings around broke apart.

"Die!" said a cold voice. His face turned deathly pale. Where was the Behind him?

"Come out!" shouted Lin Feng sounding like a demon.

A gigantic hand condensed in the sky and moved towards Lin Feng. Even if he took out the Jade Emperor's palace, he'd die, he couldn't escape that attack.

"Argh!"  demon energies rolled in waves and a demon king appeared behind him.

Lin Feng's demonic determination was changing.

"He's leveling up!" the crowd in the distance was amazed. Lin Feng had just broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, in such a perilous situation!

Lin Feng still couldn't resist those energies though. Breaking through to the seventh Zun Qi layer and dying a few minutes later would be even more tragic!

"It's him!" Lin Feng saw Zhou Tian Ruo and his brother in the distance.

"Brother, it's him! Kill him!" said Zhou Tian Xiao suddenly. Zhou Tian Xiao frowned. Lin Feng looked like he was in danger so attacking him was useless. He glanced around but he couldn't see who was attacking Lin Feng.

"Bzzz!" At that moment, someone appeared in the crowd and ran towards Lin Feng. Zhou Tian Xiao fixedly stared at him. Then someone flew in front of Lin Feng, grabbed him, and started leaving.

The crowd was intrigued. Zhou Tian Xiao was dumbstruck, but then he suddenly thought about something and chased them.

A few seconds later, Zhou Tian Xiao was in the sky alone. He hadn't managed to catch up with them.

Zhou Tian Ruo arrived behind and said, "Brother, what's going on?"

Zhou Tian Xiao shook his head, he didn't understand either.

Lin Feng didn't understand either. They made it to a mountain range before the person put him down.

He smiled wryly and shook his head, "Brother, you scared me to death."

"I noticed that your cultivation was stuck at the top of the sixth Zun Qi layer, so I had to help you." The's energies which Lin Feng had sensed were Mu Chen's.

"Thank you, brother." said Lin Feng. He was ultimately happy in the end.

"You don't need to thank me, you leveled up thanks to your own abilities. I just guided you a little." said Mu Chen smiling. Some luck and determination had been necessary for Lin Feng to break through to the seventh Zun Qi layer. Mu Chen knew how difficult it was to be stuck at a certain level.

Mu Chen had just tried to help Lin Feng and it had worked. Lin Feng still had a long way to go though.

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