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PMG Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521: The Only Option

Yan Di and Emperor Wen's father came back and brought a lot of people with them: the Six Desires empress, the Emperor, the emperor of the Celestial Thunder Temple and their disciples.

n.o.body had died.

Jian Mu was serving everybody as they arrived. He had never thought that Jiange would become the place of reunion for all the emperors of Ba Huang. Jian Mu was excited for their newfound popularity. He knew that their Young Master, who had already broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, would also break through to the Huang Qi layer soon. Even now, he had brought so many emperors.

Jian Mu didn't know about all the things Lin Feng and the old man had talked about. How would he react if he knew that the old man was their ancestor?

"We can be grateful to Emperor Yan, he's the reason why we're safe and sound." said the Six Desires empress. If Yan Di hadn't come to her, Emperor Dong may have found her and she would have been in danger. Emperor Yu had already been injured by Emperor Dong's cosmic energies and he couldn't heal himself in Ba Huang. He would need to be lucky in the future, otherwise, his strength would be restricted forever, and he would never be able to improve again.

"Indeed, Yan Di helped us so much." said Emperor Wen's father smiling.

"It was my pleasure." said Yan Di.

The Six Desires empress smiled at Lin Feng and said, "You are now a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, congratulations. You'll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer even!"

"Thank you." said Lin Feng smiling.

"We should determine a strategy to fight against Emperor Dong. If we don't kill him now, we'll be stuck together forever. If we disperse, he'll keep chasing us." said Emperor Wen who was standing next to his father.

"The Messenger also said that we'd have to send our disciples abroad within thirty days, otherwise, he'd close the pa.s.sage." said Emperor DevMara. Everybody looked pensive.

Thirty days would pa.s.s quickly, especially now that Emperor Dong has started hunting people.

"Our chances of survival are very low if we see our students off." said Emperor Yu. People were surprised.

"Some extremely strong people control the Imperial Union, so we can't remain enemies with them. If our disciples leave this small world, they won't be able to escape from those people in the Holy City. The Messenger probably works with them too."

"So what should we do?" everyone looked at Emperor Yu. They trusted him a lot these days.

"Emperor Yu, you're a member of the Watchers Union, right?" asked the Emperor.

"Indeed." said Emperor Yu, "The Great Ape Emperor is also one of them, the old emperor from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals is the former Watchers' Father. There are probably some things I don't understand clearly, but everybody can trust me. The Imperial Union, since the wedding ceremony, keeps proving what kind of intentions they harbor. They don't care about the rules, so if we leave, we will end up in the tiger's mouth."

"I can prove it. The in the Qi Empire and those cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer who controlled cosmic energies weren't cultivators of the Qi Clan or the Si Kong Clan, they are probably from behind the scenes. In the past, they didn't get involved in the affairs of this world, but now they do. This shows how badly they want to control Ba Huang and Jiu You, and that even the Messenger is corrupt." said Emperor Wen.

"Emperor Wen, why did those disciples attack their teachers that day?"

"They are controlled by those people who control the Imperial Union. Some people decide to join one group or the other, so it must have to do with their agreement." said Emperor Wen.

Everybody looked at Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu nodded, "Indeed, initially, there was an agreement of balance, but in practice, there is no equilibrium. If our disciples leave, they will be captured by the Imperial Union."

"So what can we do?" asked the Emperor. They weren't surprised that those who control the Imperial Union would do such things.

"There is a solution." said Emperor Yu.

"We all leave this world!" said Emperor Yu. Everyone had already thought of that, but it seemed drastic.

But the Messenger was corrupt, he would never let them leave.

Emperor Yu knew what everybody was thinking so he said, "Therefore, there's only one solution. Since the Messenger violated the rules of this world, we can force him to open the pa.s.sage and let us pa.s.s. That's the only option. We have no other choice."

"Force the Messenger!" everybody thought that was insane! The Messenger controlled that world, and he had a very particular social status.

"Indeed, that's the only way." thought everybody.

"It's easier said than done though." said Emperor DevMara while sighing.

"That's why we need to be altogether. I will try to find a way to make the Messenger, Emperor Dong and the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan come to Sword City. When the time comes, we'll act at the same time and leave the world." said Emperor Yu calmly.

The news that all the emperors were in Sword City quickly spread everywhere. At the same time, Emperor Yu shouted and insulted the Messenger repeatedly.

The other emperors did the same, they expressed their discontentment and insulted the Messenger telling him that he didn't deserve to be The Messenger.

Slowly, people learnt about the existence of a mysterious messenger. They didn't understand why the emperors insulted him though.

Then, news spread that the emperors of Ba Huang intended to take occupy Sword City and stay there with their disciples. They said they didn't intend to leave. What was going on? Were the emperors not going to leave Sword City anymore? All of them?

Back at the sun castle, an old man's facial expression was ice-cold.

"They think I can't hear them?" said the Messenger. Emperor Dong smiled in a cold way and said, "Maybe they're trying to infuriate you."

"What you mean to say is that a cornered beast can do anything?" said the Messenger frowning. He rolled up his sleeves and said, "It's ridiculous. They're a bunch of ignorant people. Do they think they can defeat me?"

"They want to bring about their own destruction." said Emperor Dong smiling in a cold way.

PMG Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522: Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra

More and more people gathered in Sword City.

Lin Feng and the others were walking in the city center of Sword City. Emperor Yu, Emperor Wen and Yan Di were next to Lin Feng. Because of Emperor Dong, they didn't dare disperse.

In the air, the mirror flashed and illuminated them. Lin Feng immediately stopped.

"He's coming!" they thought. Emperor Dong knew where they were.

Lin Feng and the others continued walking in Sword City as if they didn't suspect anything.

"Lin Feng, Emperor Wen, Emperor Yu. The news is real, the emperors are not leaving Sword City." Lin Feng and the others didn't hide anything.

"They dare walk outside?" thought some people. Emperor Dong was a medium-level emperor, so he could defeat them easily.

"Who's that Taoist? It seems like he's also an emperor." thought some people when they saw Yan Di. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being, and he didn't have the eyes of a Taoist monk.

"You don't understand? That's the new emperor of the Fire Mountain. When he was still a Zun cultivator, he fooled all the emperors. Now, he's broken through to the Huang Qi layer. He even made Emperor Peng struggle the last time they fought." said some people who had heard about Yan Di.

"Boom!" in a flash, a terrifying Qi surface.

However, as soon as that terrifying Qi surrounded them. Yan Di jumped, and lights illuminated the s.p.a.ce. Then, they all disappeared.

"Boom!" A terrifying energy crashed where they initially were and Emperor Dong appeared. His attack had failed, so he glanced around.

"You again!" shouted Emperor Dong furiously. That d.a.m.n Taoist monk was so fast, and he controlled marks to an extreme degree.

"Kaboom!" Thunders sounded in the sky. A silhouette appeared. He wore a white robe and was surrounded by lightning.

"Who's that?" thought some people.

"The Messenger!" Yan Di, Lin Feng and the others looked at that strong cultivator. That was the Messenger, he was a thunder cultivator!

"I heard that some people were unhappy with the Messenger's measures!" said the Messenger angrily.

"You're joking. We would never dare say anything about Your Highness The Messenger!" said Emperor Yu smiling indifferently. Some more people appeared, the old emperor from the Si Kong Clan was even there. Together, there were three medium-level emperors on their side.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" said the Messenger. Thunderous energies surrounded Emperor Yu, making him feel paralyzed.

"You said I didn't deserve to be a Messenger, you said you hoped I'd die. You said all those things!" terrifying thunder energies continued to surround Emperor Yu.

"I did say that, but you did violate the rules, didn't you? Since you violated the rules, you're not doing your job right, am I wrong?" said Emperor Yu. While Emperor Yu and the Messenger were talking, more emperors appeared around him: Emperor Wen's father, the old emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.

"Right, as a Messenger, I shouldn't get involved, but since you all humiliated me and said you wished I would die, I have no choice but to act." said the Messenger. He had obviously noticed the emperors surrounding him, but he didn't care.

Emperor Dong started releasing energies to attack Emperor Wen's father, while the old emperor of the Si Kong Clan released energies to attack the other old emperor.

"Emperor Yu, Lin Feng, move back." said Yan Di. Emperor Yu was injured, and Lin Feng was still too weak.

Emperor Yu and Lin Feng moved away. Then the Messenger said, "I'm the Messenger and I possess punis.h.i.+ng thunders. Today, I will punish you."

"Die!" suddenly, purple, thunderous energies lit the sky. Then, lightning ceaselessly fell.

"Kaboom!" The thunders crashed, but Lin Feng was still safe and sound. The Watchers' Father had appeared in front of Emperor Yu and him.

"Go!" said the Watchers' Father to Lin Feng and Emperor Yu. The Messenger groaned coldly and chased them. Could they escape?

"p.i.s.s off!" said someone else. Then, someone suddenly appeared in front of the Messenger. Terrifying lights surrounded his thunderous energies, and a pitch-black fire started burning. The Messenger had a feeling that he was in danger.

"You must want to die!" shouted the Messenger as he released more thunderous energies. The punis.h.i.+ng lightnings crashed onto the lights, and some cracks appeared, but the Taoist monk was still alive.

"You studied the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra!" said the Taoist monk. The Messenger suddenly looked astonished, "Who are you? How do you know about the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra?"

In that small world, how could there be someone who knew his skills?

"There aren't that many thunder skills, and amongst them, that one is very weak. So, it can only be the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra!" explained Yan Di mockingly. The Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra was an incredibly powerful skill which had been created by a great emperor, but surprisingly, Yan Di said it was weak!

Actually, the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra wasn't that weak, it was just that Yan Di was mocking him.

"What do you understand!" said the Messenger angrily.

"Amongst thunder attacks, you have the Anuttara World Destroying Thunder Sutra, from the G.o.dly Crime Punis.h.i.+ng Ancient Scriptures: The Original Brahma Thunder Sutra. And yet you're telling me that your Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra is good?" said Yan Di mockingly. The Messenger was astonished again, those scriptures Yan Di was talking about were all really, incredibly, astonis.h.i.+ngly terrifying!

PMG Chapter 1523

Chapter 1523: Arrogant Zhou Tian Xiao

"Slash…" the Messenger didn't say much more. He shook his hand and nine punis.h.i.+ng thunders descended from the sky towards Yan Di.

Yan Di shook his hands and terrifying marks appeared in front of him. Both a moon and a sun formed, each containing terrifying energies.

The nine lightnings broke as they crashed onto the patterns, but then they reappeared again one-thousand meters away. The Messenger wasn't an emperor from Ba Huang, he was a medium-level emperor from the Holy City, so he was a lot stronger than the emperors from Ba Huang. He was in-charge of the pa.s.sage between the real world and the small world, so technically, apart from high-level emperors, people had to go through him to get to the Holy City.

"Yan Di, go and fight against Emperor Dong. Don't give him any time!" Yan Di moved away without saying anything, he ran from the Messenger to Emperor Dong.

The Messenger was surprised and then glared at the Watchers' Father.

"Messenger, you violated the rules!" said the Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely.

"I control punis.h.i.+ng thunders! Who can punish me in this place?" yelled the Messenger.

"You will be punished for violating the rules!" said the Watchers' Father.


Lin Feng was already far away. The Watchers' Father had taken him and Emperor Yu very far away. The Six Desires empress and the others were there too.

At that moment, in the distance, two silhouettes appeared. Lin Feng sensed that those people wanted to kill him, so he turned around.

Zhou Tian Ruo and his brother, they were in Sword City too!

"That's Lin Feng!" said Zhou Tian Xiao who instantly released golden energies.

Lin Feng ignored Zhou Tian Xiao.

"You come out yourself or I'll come and kill you!" said Zhou Tian Xiao.

Lin Feng frowned and said, "You came to avenge that piece of trash?"

Lin Feng then looked at Zhou Tian Ruo mockingly, "Zhou Tian Ruo, it seems like the word "useless" was created to describe exactly you. You're such a c.r.a.ppy cultivator that you've made your brother handle your own fights."

Zhou Tian Ruo looked furious. Lin Feng was making fun of him.

Zhou Tian Xiao glared at Lin Feng, and then suddenly started running towards him while releasing golden energies.

"He's an emperor and he wants to kill a weaker cultivator, how ridiculous!" Emperor DevMara jumped towards Zhou Tian Xiao. Zhou Tian Xiao didn't hesitate, he continued running while releasing energies. At the same time, he punched the air in Emperor DevMara's direction.

"Boom!" Emperor DevMara was propelled backwards, his arm even felt sore.

"A bunch of short-sighted people, what do you understand about cultivation?" said Zhou Tian Xiao. He continued running forwards while releasing oppressive energies as if he hadn't seen the other emperors.

"Go!" even though Emperor Yu was injured, he could still use cosmic energy. He shouted furiously, and some mountains appeared in the sky, instantly oppressing Zhou Tian Xiao.

Zhou Tian Xiao punched them, and they immediately fell apart. His body even pierced through a mountain. He had a golden aura which made his body seemingly indestructible.

"I'll teach you about cultivation!" said Zhou Tian Xiao.

"Illusion!" the Six Desires empress jumped forwards and smiled in a seductive way. Zhou Tian Xiao's facial expression didn't change at all. He wasn't affected by her attacks either.

"Dodge!" a gigantic golden hand descended from the sky. The golden holy energy from that attack was way more powerful than Zhou Tian Ruo's.

Zhou Tian Xiao slapped the Six Desires empress and made her fly away. His energies and determination were impressive. What could Lin Feng do now?

"Pfew…" a gigantic black stick appeared and descended from the sky. Zhou Tian Xiao suddenly turned around and raised his hands. Quickly, his golden hands collided with the wooden stick and Zhou Tian Xiao was propelled away.

"What an army." thought Zhou Tian Xiao, looking at all the emperors.

"You're an emperor, do you think killing young cultivators is something you can be proud of?"

"I don't care about pride, I just want to teach him a lesson. He attacked my little brother, so I can kill him if I want to." said Zhou Tian Xiao in a cold way.

"Die!" shouted Zhou Tian Xiao. Suddenly, millions of golden holy imprints appeared. The Great Ape Emperor used his Gigantic Destruction Rod Spell again, but the countless golden holy threads of energies pierced through it.

Zhou Tian Xiao shouted furiously, and a holy golden sword shot out of his mouth, piercing through the gigantic stick and heading towards Lin Feng.

"Argh!" the Great Ape Emperor shouted furiously and he himself grew. Zhou Tian Xiao looked a bit scared, but he looked at Lin Feng again and said, "Look at me!"

Terrifying energies penetrated Lin Feng's brain. Then, Zhou Tian Xiao rose up in the air. The Great Ape Emperor was a strong cultivator, strong enough to stop Zhou Tian Xiao from killing Lin Feng at least.

"If I see you again, I'll kill you!" said Zhou Tian Xiao. Then, he glanced at the emperors and Lin Feng and said, "You people are weak, in a one-on-one battle, I'll kill you all!"

Then, Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo left.

PMG Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524: Emperor Wu Tian Jian's Intervention

"That guy is very young and is already a low-level emperor. He's even stronger than me." said the Six Desires empress indifferently.

"No need to compare yourself. We are in a small world, so we don't have access to the most powerful skills. We can only rely on ourselves in this world or cosmic energies. It's only natural that he is stronger than us." said Emperor Yu indifferently.

"Indeed, leaving this place will benefit us!" said the Great Ape Emperor as placed his wooden stick on his shoulder.

He gazed into the distance and continued watching those terrifying battles.

At that moment, the Messenger slowly walked forwards while releasing more punis.h.i.+ng thunders. The area slowly turned into a type of thunderous world. Then the Messenger said, "This place is my world, I am the punisher here. Fighting against me means fighting against the sky!"

Thunderous lights appeared in his eyes. Those eyes could pierce through the Watchers Father's body.

"That's an illusion?" thought the Watchers' Father. His facial expression suddenly changed.

"Slash…" terrifying sword lights lacerated the thunder world. The Messenger suddenly looked astonished. He sensed how terrifying those sword energies were above his head, and they were becoming even more powerful. He was even suffocating!

"Who's that!" the Messenger's face turned pale. He saw an old man in the sky, there was no sword, that person was a sword. The thunderous ocean turned into a sword ocean.

The Messenger's facial expression changed drastically. He raised his hands and thunders rolled in waves, but the old man continued walking ahead. The Messenger felt like he was being strangled, that feeling worsened the closer the old man got.

The Messenger wanted to run away, but he couldn't. If he turned around, maybe then that sword would stab him in the back. So, he had to face the old man.

The old man was Emperor Wu Tian Jian. His wrinkles had almost disappeared though. He looked as sharp as a sword, instead of his usual sickly old self.

"You don't rule this world, you're just a doorman!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a sharp way. The Messenger didn't dare look at Emperor Wu Tian Jian's eyes, he feared that they would stab him if he did.

The Messenger looked distraught. You don't rule this world, you're just a doorman?

In the distance, Emperor Dong and the old emperor from the Si Kong Clan saw that someone was oppressing the Messenger. Why? How come there was such a strong cultivator in that small world? What would happen if such a strong cultivator used his full strength? Could he even pierce through the sky?

"Emperor Dong!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a sharp way. Sharp energies surrounded Emperor Dong and imprisoned him.

"You're too greedy. From now on, the Imperial Union will disappear from Ba Huang." said Emperor Wu Tian Jian in a calm and serene way, as if he were the leader of that world.

"Besides, give me the item which allows you to track people. I'll decide whether your successor will be eligible to receive it or not!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Emperor Dong was even more furious.

"What? Do you want me to take the initiative and take it?" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian aggressively. Sword energies were whistling as they surrounded Emperor Dong. Even the Messenger looked weak in front of him. If Emperor Wu Tian Jian wanted to kill them, he could.

"I'll report that to the elders!" said Emperor Dong shaking. Then he took out the ancient mirror and threw it at Emperor Wu Tian Jian.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked at the mirror and put it away. The emperors took in a deep breath of relief.

"Alright. This place needs some peace and tranquility for the next hundred years. We should go!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian to the Messenger. Then, some people appeared behind Emperor Wu Tian Jian. The emperors were gathering behind him with their disciples. They all wanted to leave that place together.

The Messenger's life was in Emperor Wu Tian Jian's hands, so he had to obey. He slowly turned around and walked forwards. Emperor Dong was still oppressed by sword energies, he was suffocating from them even.

Some time pa.s.sed and they all left Sword City.

"Was that Emperor Wu Tian Jian?" many people had observed the battle and were wondering. They would never forget that battle. Emperor Wu Tian Jian and the Messenger, they had never seen such strong cultivators in their lives.

They still didn't know that their world was fake though.

Clouds rolled in the sky. The old man from the Celestial Walls Manor was upset when he saw that Qi, "I'm late!"

Then a strong wind started blowing again, and there were two people standing beside him.

At that same time, a group of people arrived at the sun castle. The Messenger put his hand on the sun pattern and it opened itself. It was a door, the door to the Holy City!

PMG Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525: The First Battle in the Great World

Lin Feng couldn't believe his eyes. What kind of world would the Holy City be?

Lin Feng turned around and glanced at the palace one last time. He didn't know when he would come back because n.o.body could know what would happen in the great world.

"Go!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiling at Lin Feng in a gentle way. Then Lin Feng nodded.

"Let's go together." those people gradually crossed the gate.

People crossed the gate, one after the other. Lin Feng then followed the crowd ahead. Very quickly, n.o.body was left in the castle apart from Emperor Wu Tian Jian, Emperor Dong and the Messenger.

After they left, Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't leave. He looked at the Messenger in a cold way and put his sword on his throat, "You're just the doorman here, so do your job. If you violate the rules again, I guarantee you that I won't let you off."

The Messenger was petrified. His mouth twitched.

After crossing the door, Lin Feng and the others had an incredible sensation. They turned around and they only saw a normal door. That door didn't have incredible empty s.p.a.ce energies or anything, but it was probably still significant.

One step and they were in a new world.

They arrived in an ancient castle with a long corridor.

"Are we already in the great world?" thought the crowd. They walked ahead in the corridor rather slowly, as if they were scared to see something happen. Suddenly, everybody stopped.

"Get ready to fight. They don't care about young people here, so they could kill you." said Emperor Yu. Everybody nodded and continued walking. They left the corridor and took their first steps outside.

It was very windy, making the crowd feel cold. There was a vast desert at the end of the corridor.

There were two people waiting there, their eyes were closed. After the crowd stepped out, those people's eyes suddenly opened.

"Those must be the people who determined the thirty-day rule." thought the crowd.

The Imperial Union's rulers didn't intend to let them off.

"Us emperors can fight while everyone else should escape as far as you can!"

"Boom, boom!" the ground shook and dust rose up in the air. A terrifying cosmic strength cage trapped them and a dragon inside.

The emperors didn't have time to protect the weaker cultivators. Those people didn't want to kill them, they only wanted to capture them alive.

In the desert, a terrifying sun pattern appeared. The dragon looked fierce, like it wanted to break the cage.

"Boom!" a silhouette suddenly shot out. He didn't want to fight, he wanted to run away instead.

"Emperor DevMara!" Lin Feng recognized him.

Wasn't he as determined as the other emperors? The Imperial Union's targets weren't those emperors, they only wanted the young people. Emperor DevMara wanted Xiao Yu to choose his own path, so n.o.body blamed him, but some people felt uncomfortable.

"It's an empty s.p.a.ce seal!" shouted Emperor DevMara as he ran back.

"Yan Di, you'll have to break the seal!" shouted the Great Ape Emperor. Yan Di's attacks were terrifying. When he had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had already managed to break Emperor Peng's defense.

"Alright!" Yan Di nodded and hurried over while releasing black fire energies.

Then, a gigantic Earth-hand grabbed Lin Feng suddenly.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Emperor Yu as he landed before Lin Feng. Suddenly, the earth hand faded. Then, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu frowned. The Earth-hand turned into a large stone and bombarded Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu was bleeding after taking that hit.

"Teacher!" Emperor Yu's body crashed onto Lin Feng.

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