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PMG Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526: Mu Chen

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were bombarded by energies, but they were protected by a mountain.

Meteorites fell from the sky. The gigantic stone hand and the terrifying lights falling down made things look apocalyptic.

"Lin Feng, run away!" Emperor Yu pushed Lin Feng away.

"Teacher!" shouted Lin Feng, he was dumbstruck. His teacher couldn't die…!

The stones didn't care about Lin Feng's thoughts. The one who was fighting against Emperor Yu was an Earth cultivator like him, but he was stronger than Emperor Yu.

A gigantic hand softly appeared in front of Emperor Yu.

"Brother…" shouted Lin Feng hoa.r.s.ely. That was Mu Chen. Maybe that that strength was going to kill Lin Feng's teacher and Mu Chen. He wasn't an emperor, so he couldn't deal with that strength. Even if he were an emperor, he still couldn't deal with that strength.

"You must want to die!" shouted Mu Chen, his eyes were bloodshot. Suddenly, Mu Chen released energies which turned into millions of hands and moved towards the oppressive energies. Mu Chen himself also turned into a light.

Energies rolled in waves, the enemy was wearing a beautiful Earthen armor, and it was extremely thick. Mu Chen's hands a.s.saulted him, making him shake down to his soul.

"Die!" said Mu Chen coldly. He continued a.s.saulting the enemy. Lin Feng saw the emperor's armor crackle.

"How's that possible?" thought Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. Lin Feng was amazed, astonished, dumbstruck! That emperor from the great world could oppress Emperor Yu, but Mu Chen was crus.h.i.+ng him.

Lin Feng wasn't the only one who was astonished. Many other emperors who were fighting were just as amazed. The first emperor had died, an emperor from the Holy City!

"Buddy, are you okay?" Mu Chen looked at Emperor Yu, he felt guilty. Lin Feng was completely astonished, buddy?

"Emperor s.h.i.+!" thought Lin Feng immediately. That mysterious disciple wasn't a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer! It was Emperor s.h.i.+, he had never left Tiantai, he was there the entire time!

"Buddy!" whispered Lin Feng. Then he smiled in a resplendent way. The two cultivators looked like great friends. No wonder Emperor s.h.i.+ had reacted like that, Emperor Yu had already been injured before.

"He controls soul strength, that's why he can hide himself so well. He could turn into a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer and hide amongst us. He was protecting us without telling us!" thought Lin Feng. Tiantai's disciples had gone through a lot, but someone had been secretly protecting them the entire time.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, hurry up!" said Lin Feng to Yan Di in the distance.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't you think I'm already trying?" said Yan Di loudly. The sealed area was proving difficult to destroy.

"Lin Feng, Qing Lin, get next to me." said Mu Chen. Then, everybody surrounded Emperor Yu.

A metallic ringing sounded as three silhouettes appeared in front of Mu Chen. One of them had a spear which contained terrifying ghostly Qi. On his left, there was someone with an iron tower, then the one on the right was skinny and controlled terrifying wind energies.

A medium-level emperor and two low-level emperors. Lin Feng felt like they were suffocating from those pressures.

Lin Feng looked at his fellow disciples and smiled, "We must all live, for Tiantai, for our teachers."

"For Tiantai!" shouted Hou Qing Lin.

"Slash…" the terrifying spear slashed ahead. It was as if wailing ghosts were throwing themselves at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen s.h.i.+vered, but then turned into a million shadows, which immediately moved towards the enemy.

"Slash, slash…" the long spear turned into a black shadow itself. Quickly, it turned into a hundred spears and attacked the different shadows Mu Chen had created.

The one with the iron tower also jumped, the ground exploding under his feet. He turned into a gigantic stone and created countless stones which surrounded Lin Feng and the other disciples.

The wind cultivator flew towards Emperor Yu. At the same, he released wind cosmic energies which oppressed the disciples form Tiantai. He wanted to capture Tiantai's disciples while killing Emperor Yu.

"I'll block him, you go and kill the others!" shouted Mu Chen. Then, an old man in a golden robe jumped forwards and threw himself at the strong cultivator with the spear.

"Slas.h.!.+" the long spear slashed ahead and pierced the old emperor's body. Then the attacker smiled evilly.

"Take him!" shouted the old emperor. Mu Chen threw himself at that cultivator.

"Be careful!" shouted the cultivator with the spear. The old emperor had surprisingly grabbed the spear which was stuck in his body.

"Die!" shouted that cultivator. Qi emerged from the spear, but the old man still held onto the spear.

"Immortal blood!" that cultivator recognized what was happening.

Mu Chen then landed in front of the wind cultivator, and that person's soul started shaking violently. After that, Mu Chen crushed his body just like he had done just before.

"He's my teacher and the Watchers' Father!" whispered Lin Feng. The others looked amazed as well. As many people had already said, anyone could wear a plaited bamboo hat and become a Watcher!

PMG Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527: Escape

"Soul strength is even more powerful than physical strength." thought Lin Feng.

The Earth emperor suddenly stopped. His earth cosmic energy turned into stone cosmic energy, making his defense even more terrifying. He didn't fear ordinary medium-level emperors, but he feared Mu Chen and his soul attacks.

"Ah…" at that moment, another horrible shriek sounded.

"Teacher!" Yi Ren Lei looked extremely sad. Her teacher was softly lying on the ground, her face was deathly pale.

A terrifying golden light emerged from her body, her cosmic energies were leaving her body, and she was dying.

"Yi Ren, you have to live on." said the Six Desires empress smiling. While Mu Chen was killing the two emperors, another enemy who was a medium-level emperor killed the empress. There were more fighters than they had thought.

"Boom!" A terrifying strength destroyed the Six Desires empress' body. Then the medium-level emperor ran towards Mu Chen.

Lin Feng's face turned deathly pale. If Yan Di didn't manage to break that empty s.p.a.ce's wall, they would all die.

At that moment, the ground shook, and a terrifying fire appeared. Explosions sounded and the ground quaked. Yan Di had done it!

The medium-level emperor who had killed the Six Desires empress had just landed in front of Mu Chen. He glanced at Yan Di. How could people from that small world break that empty s.p.a.ce?

"Si Kong Zhang Ming! Come and fight against them, I will deal with him!" said a strong cultivator to another medium-level emperor. Then, someone else threw themselves at Yan Di. He was fast enough that he could easily catch up with Yan Di.

"Let's go! Disperse!" shouted Mu Chen to Lin Feng and the others. His soul even started burning.

"Brother!" shouted people from Tiantai. Even though they now knew Mu Chen was Emperor s.h.i.+, they continued calling him "brother" because they were used to it.

Suddenly, several of Mu Chen's shadows appeared. He grabbed all those who weren't emperors and left with them in different directions.

"Where are you going!" shouted Si Kong Zhang Ming. s.p.a.ce became distorted as a pair of terrifying eyes loomed overhead, breaking Mu Chen's illusions apart.

Mu Chen released his G.o.dly awareness and controlled millions of threads to attack Si Kong Zhang Ming.

Meanwhile, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were in the arms of one of Mu Chen's shadows. "Lin Feng, escape!" said the shadow to Lin Feng. Mu Chen's illusions could surprisingly speak. The clones who were carrying Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were running so fast that their feet were on fire.

"Brother, you take care too!" said Lin Feng to Mu Chen's clone.

"Don't worry. They can't kill me that easily." said Mu Chen while smiling.

"I can only take you this far. The area here is very vast, so they won't find you." said Mu Chen as he was becoming more illusory. He was too far from his original body, so he was losing strength.

"Teacher!" shouted Lin Feng to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu was injured, so Lin Feng had to take care of him.

"I'm alright." said Emperor Yu, even though he looked nervous. Lin Feng knew that Emperor Yu was worried about Mu Chen and the other disciples.

"Teacher, we need to hurry!" said Lin Feng. Even though Mu Chen had brought them quite far, they still weren't safe. Emperors could still easily catch up with them. Then, they immediately started running.

"Is someone there?" at that moment, Lin Feng sensed some extremely powerful Qi in the distance. Were any of those people emperors?

"Lin Feng, amongst those four people, one of them is an emperor." said Emperor Yu. Lin Feng felt desperate. Unless those people didn't harbor ill intentions, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were going to die. Without Yan Di and Mu Chen, n.o.body would have been able to escape from the empty s.p.a.ce.

"What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" If the Messenger hadn't violated the rules, they wouldn't be in such a terrible situation.

"You think you can escape us!?" yelled the emperor of the group who was chasing them. Surprisingly, an injured emperor had left the small world.

"Let us pa.s.s and I'll give you an incredible treasure, a treasure that you wouldn't believe could exist." said Lin Feng. The emperor was surprised and smiled, "What treasure?"

"A great emperor's imperial scriptures." said Lin Feng calmly. The emperor was staring at Lin Feng, full of suspicion. Lin Feng had imperial scriptures?

"You can't kill me as an excuse because it's in my G.o.dly awareness. If you kill me, it'll be gone. If you don't believe me, then you can just leave it up to fate." said Lin Feng.

"Can you prove you have imperial scriptures?"

"The skills I use are part of imperial scriptures. Sense it!" said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his entire body turned black, and he looked like a demon.

"That Qi matches an emperor's Qi!" the emperor's eyes looked even more surprised. Great emperors' scriptures could make any cultivator of the Huang Qi layer go insane.

"Let us go and I'll transmit it to you." said Lin Feng. The emperor looked pensive though. Would he really transmit that great emperor's ancient scriptures if he let them off?

PMG Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528: Conditions

The three cultivators who were with the emperor also looked interested. Great emperors' imperial scriptures were priceless items.

"Alright, I accept." said the emperor smiling happily yet looking at Lin Feng in a deep meaningful way. He still didn't believe that Lin Feng would offer great imperial scriptures that easily. If he did, then he'd have no bargaining chips left, and he'd die.

"You should first prove your sincerity." said Lin Feng glancing at the three other people indifferently.

"What do you mean?" asked the emperor who was now releasing thunderous energies.

"How can I know that you won't kill me afterwards to make things secret. Use your thunderous energies to kill them. Betray your group and I will trust you, then I'll transmit the imperial scriptures to you." said Lin Feng in a cold way.

"You must pay the price to obtain something great."

"He's very smart. Even if I kill them, he won't transmit the imperial scriptures to me." thought that person. Then he said, "If I kill them, I could also kill you after you transmit the scriptures to me."

"Therefore, I will first transmit half of it to you, then you will follow us, and you will also protect us along the way. After my teacher is cured, I will teach you the rest. That way, everybody will be safe." said Lin Feng smiling.

Thunders surrounded around Lin Feng.

"Transmit the great imperial scriptures to me and I'll let you pa.s.s, otherwise, I'll kill you on the spot." demanded that person.

Lin Feng remained calm. He looked indifferent and said, "I don't have much time. Three seconds. Apart from the great imperial scriptures, I'll also transmit the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures to you."

"You must die!" said that person while releasing thunderous energies. A head exploded, but it wasn't Lin Feng's head.

"No…" when the two others saw their friend die, they began to run away. But the emperor was merciless, he used force to surround those two people. Then thunderous cosmic energies moved towards them.

The strong cultivator turned to Lin Feng and said coldly, "Is that enough?"

"If you're not insane, you can never become strong. This place is not safe, so take us away first." said Lin Feng smiling. The emperor wasn't happy to hear that though, so he yelled, "Half of the imperial scriptures!"

"You betrayed your group because of great imperial scriptures. If someone finds us, they'll kill you and we won't be able to escape." shouted Lin Feng. That emperor instantly looked upset. Lin Feng kept fooling around, but he was caught up in his greed now, so he had to cope with Lin Feng.

"That desert is extremely vast. There are even some animal clans and tribes along the way. When we arrive at the nearest tribe, you must give me half of it. If you don't, I'll kill you both without hesitation!" said the emperor coldly.

"Don't worry." said Lin Feng nodding agreeably. Emperor Yu nodded too. Emperor Yu remained calm and serene, he was seated cross-legged in the air and he said nothing. He was happy that Lin Feng was brave but at the same time, he wasn't rea.s.sured, that emperor posed a threat to them.

"Take us away now. We're all in danger." said Lin Feng to the emperor. He didn't refuse, he took them away very quickly. He hoped he would have the opportunity to kill them after having received the whole scriptures, he especially looked forward to killing Lin Feng.

The three of them moved very quickly. Just like the emperor had said, that desert was huge, they flew for a long time without seeing anyone.

Lin Feng looked back to where Mu Chen and everyone else were. But he was too far now, he could only hope the best for them.

Lin Feng had his head turned to the side as they flew forwards because sand kept a.s.saulting his face. It was a bit painful, but Lin Feng remained determined. He was alive, he was becoming stronger, and he had arrived in the great world. He'd have to remember those influential groups for later.

"Lin Feng, it was difficult for you to become strong, it was also difficult to leave the small world, now, you must always be determined, and you must possess an indomitable will. Don't let anything stop you." said Emperor Yu in a gentle way.

"Don't worry, teacher, I will." said Lin Feng smiling at his teacher.

"That's good. You're so talented, someday, you'll amaze the great world!" said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng.

"Teacher, you need to remember that advise for yourself! You will be healed soon." said Lin Feng. He could tell that Emperor Yu didn't sound so optimistic about himself.

"Alright." Emperor Yu nodded. The emperor's purple eyes twinkled, healed? Those people would die sooner or later!

Lin Feng finally saw some buildings in the desert and some tribal villages. Those villages were as large as Yangzhou City, but the surroundings weren't much to look at. Everything was old and dry.

"What is this place in the great world?" asked Lin Feng to the emperor.

"That desert only exists to connect the small world to the great world!" said the emperor vaguely. He didn't feel like explaining things to Lin Feng.

"We have access to the small world I come from in the dessert, but do we have access to other small worlds?" asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed. We're almost in the village now, so remember your promise." said the emperor. Then, they descended from the sky.

"We still need to get closer. This is only the periphery of the village, so if your friends come, it won't be safe." said Lin Feng. The emperor groaned so Lin Feng continued, "We'll descend when we see the ninth ancient fortress and I'll transmit half of the imperial scriptures to you then. Then, we'll continue."

PMG Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529: For Life

The emperor stared at Lin Feng but then he continued. They could already see the ninth fortress, so he flew ahead.

Many people raised their heads in the village. Was that an emperor?

"These days, the Celestial Qi Castle has been dispatching a lot of strong cultivators to the desert and they're fighting a lot. The small worlds must be open." thought some people on the ground. Immediately after, they lowered their heads again, minding their own business.

That village was a lot larger than Yangzhou City but for strong cultivators, distances weren't that important. Quickly, the emperor, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu arrived outside of the ninth fortress and landed.

The emperor looked at Lin Feng.

This time, he knew he couldn't find any other excuse.

"I'll transmit half of the imperial scriptures to you using my G.o.dly awareness." said Lin Feng. The emperor's eyes were twinkling with greed.

"Are you ready?" asked Lin Feng.

"Let's do it." said the emperor nodding and closing his eyes, but he wasn't relaxed. He continued observing Lin Feng and Emperor Yu with his G.o.dly awareness. If they tried to do anything funny, he'd kill them.

Lin Feng released his G.o.dly awareness towards the emperor's third eye. It contained the demon imperial scriptures.

The cultivator opened his eyes after a short time and inspected his memories. His eyes were filled with greed.

"As expected, great imperial scriptures, very powerful, unfortunately, I'm not a demon cultivator." said the emperor. Even though Lin Feng had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, with the demon imperial scriptures, he was probably a lot stronger than ordinary cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer. If he knew the imperial scriptures well, he might even fight against cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer.

"When will you give me the other half?" asked the emperor. He looked a bit rea.s.sured. He almost sounded friendly.

"My teacher has been injured by cosmic energies and I need him to heal. Otherwise, I won't be safe after you get the full deal." said Lin Feng. The emperor smiled and said in a gentle way, "How could I? I would definitely let you go if you gave me the full scriptures."

The emperor was in a great mood. He really thought about letting Lin Feng off. Of course, he just had that thought. He had betrayed his group, so he couldn't let Lin Feng off.

"Master, my teacher is injured, I need you to help me find a solution. After all, you're very strong and we're not familiar with the great world. The sooner you help, the faster you'll get the full scriptures. Thank you, Master." said Lin Feng smiling politely. He even called the emperor Master. Lin Feng had an idea, but n.o.body knew what it was.

Emperor Yu sighed, he knew that Lin Feng was obstinate and unruly. He was proud because Lin Feng was talented, but he was sad because if he hadn't been injured, he would have been able to protect Lin Feng.

"In this desert, there are many extremely powerful animal clans. They pose a threat to the tribes of the desert. However, those who are from tribe fortresses also grow quickly. Each of these fortresses have a healer. We can try and find one. However, your teacher has been injured by an emperor, so unless we find a healer who is an emperor, he won't be able to recover completely." said the emperor in a gentle way.

"Why don't we leave the desert? The great world can't only be a huge desert!" said Lin Feng. This great world had to have powerful cities.

"My group controls small worlds, and not only yours. All the tribe fortresses here belong to them, so you can't imagine how powerful they are. Even though I don't know if other people escaped, like you, this time they really have clear and precise goals that they will follow no matter what. They won't let any escapee off, but in this tribe fortress, you're safe." said the emperor. Lin Feng sighed, what was the Imperial Union's goal? Did they have other goals for cleaning the small worlds?

"So, Master, how can we heal my teacher?" asked Lin Feng.

"We need to find a priestess." said the emperor, "Each fortress has a priestess whose duty is to heal."

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu followed him while hiding their Qi, looking like ordinary people.

After a short time, they arrived in front of the entrance to a tribe and crossed the door. It was a tribe and it wasn't a nice place. It was dusty, simple, and nothing was sophisticated. Everybody there were tanned to the color of copper.

Lin Feng was too handsome in comparison. Many people looked at him in a way which made him feel uncomfortable.

Lin Feng's skin was very white, he looked clean and elegant. In that place, there was n.o.body like him.

"Don't show your strength. Be discreet, otherwise some people will inspect your strength and will know about us." said the emperor hiding his own Qi too. He used telepathy to talk to them. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu nodded and followed.

PMG Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530: Dialogue

In the center of the territory, there was a tidy row of cottages surrounded by fields of medicinal herbs.

There was a woman wearing a golden and white dress who was sorting herbs.

"Yun, you brought so many herbs again." said an old man smiling at the woman.

"Grandpa, they contributed a lot. Without them, I wouldn't have gotten so much." replied Yun, gesturing towards a young man.

"Hehe, without you, they'd have lost their lives." said the old man smiling. A strong young man was carrying an animal body on his shoulders behind them. That animal was a few dozens of meters and was seven-eight meters tall. It had golden hair covering its body.

"Rong Qing, you're really hardworking." said the old man. The woman smiled and looked Rong Qing who threw the animal body on the ground. "Yun, here it is."

"Thank you!" replied the young woman politely. Rong Qing looked at her with love in his eyes and said, "If everything's alright, I'm going."

"Alright!" said the girl nodding. Rong Qing didn't want to leave, but he left anyways. After a few steps, he stopped again after seeing three strangers walking towards the girl.

Lin Feng sensed that the young man was looking at him. He inspected him and found that he wasn't weak, fourth Zun Qi layer even.

"Zun cultivators must be normal in the Holy City." thought Lin Feng. He noticed many Zun cultivators all around, even cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He didn't see any emperors though.

"Who are you?" asked Rong Qing to Lin Feng and the two others.

"We're looking for Mu Yun." said Lin Feng. The young woman raised her head and walked towards them.

Rong Qing was fixedly staring at them and prevented them from pa.s.sing, "What do you want from her?"

"Rong Qing, let them pa.s.s!" said the woman. Rong Qing then let them pa.s.s, but he followed them.

"What do you want from me?" asked Mu Yun directly.

"Eh?" Lin Feng was surprised. She had an amazing body and she looked gentle. Unlike everybody else in the tribe, she also had very white skin.

"My teacher is injured. We would like you to heal him." said Lin Feng pointing at Emperor Yu.

"Let me see!" Mu Yun walked to Emperor Yu and put her hand on his shoulder. Then she released some pure celestial Qi.

After she inspected Emperor Yu's body, she said with surprise, "Your channel vessels are all broken, it's surprising that you're still alive or even look normal!"

"My teacher's body is strong. Can you heal him though?" asked Lin Feng. Emperor Yu was still restraining his cosmic energies. Zun cultivators used their channel vessels to heal, but emperors were beyond strong in that if they still had Qi, they didn't die.

"Let me try but I'll need some time. I don't know if I'll succeed either, after all, I've never had such an injured patient." said Mu Yun frowning.

"Thank you." said Lin Feng. At least, they could try. Besides, they could hide there for some time. The desert was vast, and there were many tribes.

"I have some empty cottages, you can stay there and rest in the meantime." said Mu Yun. Rong Qing was upset, so he said using telepathy, "Yun, we don't know who they are. How can you let them stay here?"

"Who would hurt me when he's this severely injured." asked Mu Yun shaking her head. Even though Rong Qing wasn't happy, what could he do?

Lin Feng was nervous, especially when he saw people flying above them in the sky. He was especially worried about his friends.

At night, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged and practicing cultivation calmly. Emperor Yu was in the same room as him. The thunder emperor was next door, but he couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about the great emperor's imperial scriptures. He was worried that Lin Feng could escape as well.

But after a few days, he felt more relaxed. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu stayed there and n.o.body came to look for them.

Mu Yun wasn't an empress but she was a great healer. She knew some amazing techniques. She concocted some medicine and Emperor Yu's channel vessels slowly healed. She couldn't heal his cosmic energies though.

"Lin Feng, Emperor Yu recovered a lot. Will you transmit the great emperor's ancient scriptures to me now?" asked the thunder emperor in a courtyard.

"Not yet." said Lin Feng shaking his head.

"How long do I still have to wait!" asked the thunder emperor in a cold way.

"I will tell you when the right time comes, of course! Otherwise, you can just kill me." said Lin Feng in a cold way. Then, he walked back to his cottage.

"You…" the emperor was furious, but he decided to wait. He waited for Lin Feng to leave before whispering, "Once you transmit the scriptures to me, you'll die!"

Lin Feng continued practicing cultivation day and night. Emperor Yu could only watch as Lin Feng practiced cultivation. Sometimes, he saw Lin Feng's painful facial expressions and sighed. He didn't know what Lin Feng was studying but it looked painful. Besides, he was practicing cultivation everyday without break.


Lin Feng had already been in that world for seven days now. Back in a gigantic city in the desert, there was a gigantic castle which looked like a shrine. The flight of stairs which lead to the entrance was astonis.h.i.+ngly lofty.

At that moment, in that castle, a middle-aged man in golden clothes was punching an ancient wooden table furiously. The ground shook each time he threw a punch.

Emperor Dong was there too.

"How many days!" said someone in a weak voice.

"Seven days!" said a strong cultivator respectfully. That strong cultivator was the one who had fought against Mu Chen: the medium-level emperor.

"Seven days, where are the people I want?"

Everybody lowered their heads. They didn't dare talk.

"Seal the pa.s.sages, if you see anyone, capture them!" said that person furiously. "Besides, I will send people to inspect the desert, every single castle in the desert!"

PMG Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531: Small World's People

"Inspect everything!" yelled the middle-aged man, hammering on the table with his fists. "So many people escaped from you, I don't understand how you could let this happen!"

Those around him were covered in a cold sweat. Emperor Dong looked terrified, he didn't dare raise his head.

At that moment, the middle-aged man slowly stood up, making the crowd around him feel extremely nervous.

"Emperor Dong!" shouted the middle-aged man. Emperor Dong was shaking, but he replied, "Present!"

"You're lucky that you have my blood. Even though we sent you to a small world because you couldn't rely on your own abilities to break through to the Huang Qi layer, we still spent a lot of resources raising you." said the middle-aged man. Emperor Dong almost collapsed. He knew how bad tempered that middle-aged man was.

"I am fully devoted!" said Emperor Dong shaking.

"Since that sword emperor doesn't want to let us restrain the small world, go to the small world and tell everyone that the world they live in is just a small world controlled by stronger cultivators. Also, tell the Messenger to relax the restrictions to come out. Let nature take its course." said the middle-aged man calmly. Emperor Dong's heart was pounding violently. He could only imagine how many people would want to leave that world if he told them that their world was fake. Many of them would want to come to the great world and the situation would be chaotic and apocalyptic.

"Relax the restrictions to come out!" Emperor Dong didn't really understand, but he didn't dare ask. In the future, the strong cultivators from Ba Huang and Jiu You would want to live in the great world, including those who already came.

A day later, Emperor Dong went back to Ba Huang. Emperor Qi and him started telling everyone that they lived in a small world and that the Holy City was the real world. Many people were astonished.

Xue Bi Yao was in the Celestial Land of Alchemists when she heard the news, "So this is a small world!"

In the western part of Ba Huang, two beautiful girls looked at the sky and the clouds, "All of this is fake?"

In the brutal part of Ba Huang, in the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Imperial Palace, a great oriental greenfinch roc attacked a mountain in rage before he flew up towards the sky, emitting sonic booms behind him. He looked ferocious as he said, "I'm a great oriental greenfinch roc, so I must leave Ba Huang and go to the great world. The sky can't stop me. Diviner, you weren't exactly right!"

Many geniuses looked in the direction of Eastern Ba Huang. It was said that the end of the world was there, that the pa.s.sage to go to the great world was there!


Lin Feng was sitting outside looking at a tree. He looked calm and serene, he wasn't releasing any Qi.

"Lin Feng, you're still here? How's your teacher?" asked an old man smiling.

"He's much better, Papa Bai." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Haha, Yun is the G.o.ddess of our tribe. No man has ever managed to seduce her, but you should try!" said Papa Bai smiling, he was in a good mood. "But let me tell you, Yun wants a young man who is at least a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so good luck!"

"No hope!" said Lin Feng smiling in a gentle way and shrugging, making Papa Bai laugh.

"Papa Bai, you're talking about me in a bad way!" said Mu Yun. Lin Feng turned around. She really looked beautiful as she healed Emperor Yu. Even Lin Feng who was used to being with beautiful women sighed.

Lin Feng smiled at Mu Yun in a gentle and warm way.

Mu Yun nodded at him but was surprised when she saw Lin Feng's resplendent smile. Apart from helping her teacher, she also allowed them to live with their tribe. She looked at them in a gentle way, they were different from all the men she had met in her life. They looked like they had gone through many hards.h.i.+ps.

"Lin Feng is here every day, and he has nothing to do. He's not even practicing cultivation. Even if he wanted to be in a relations.h.i.+p with you, I wouldn't agree." said Papa Bai jokingly. They were sitting on a bamboo chair looking at a tree. In the desert, a tree was a grand thing.

Mu Yun smiled thinly, and Papa Bai didn't say anything.

That night, the desert became cold as the sun set. Papa Bai and Mu Yun went back to their houses while Lin Feng went back to his courtyard. But suddenly, someone appeared in front of him with a mad look in his eyes. Then, a hand filled with thunderous energies grabbed his throat, "It's been ten days! I've waited long enough!"

Lin Feng frowned. Emperor Yu came out of his cottage and said coldly, "Let him go."

"If he doesn't transmit the rest of the scriptures to me, I'll kill him!" said the thunder emperor madly. Lin Feng nodded and said, "Alright, let's go outside to the desert, I don't want to release my G.o.dly awareness here."

This time, the emperor was happily speechless. He hadn't thought that Lin Feng would immediately accept. He smiled and let go of Lin Feng, "Ah good, you should have done that before, I won't hurt you anyways!"

"Let's go out." said Lin Feng. The emperor, Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were extremely fast as they flew in the night. In just a few seconds, they were already outside, and there was n.o.body in sight.

"Alright, here is good. Let's do it!" said the emperor impatiently.

"Master, don't think of killing us to destroy any evidence. I also have the Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures, which in a month, I'll transmit them to you." said Lin Feng. The thunder emperor smiled and said, "Alright, alright. How could I ever kill you guys anyways?"

He was thinking, "Lin Feng is very vigilant, he wants to protect himself with that Dream Of Life Ancient Scriptures. No problem, I'll wait until I have all his treasures and kill him then."

He was confident that a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer couldn't possibly pose a threat to him, and Emperor Yu was an emperor from a small world and he was injured, so he couldn't fight against him either.

"Master, I'm starting." said Lin Feng who was condensing his G.o.dly awareness. The thunder emperor's eyes twinkled with excitement!

Lin Feng's G.o.dly awareness moved into his third eye, but he couldn't relax at all. He kept glancing at Emperor Yu.

However, a black strength penetrated the thunder emperor's third eye.

He frowned after he sensed something. Then he suddenly opened his eyes and lightning emerged from them.

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