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PMG Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532: Celestial Castles

He sensed cursing strength and a destructive G.o.dly awareness invade him. Lin Feng was just a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer and yet he dared plot against him!

Thunders boomed, and lightning shot out from the emperor.

"Boom!" the thunder emperor was shaking as some soul cursing energies exploded in his brain.

"Die!" Lin Feng's G.o.dly awareness was still invading the thunder emperor's brain. He was also using his G.o.dly awareness palace with the soul cursing energies. He knew he couldn't kill his enemy, so he was trying to stun him.

Emperor Yu was an emperor, so he already knew what Lin Feng was going to do. While Lin Feng used his broken soul G.o.dly awareness on the thunder emperor, Emperor Yu attacked and released his most powerful cosmic energies. He immediately struck the thunder emperor.

"Argh!" the thunder emperor shouted furiously. Suddenly, he released an infinite amount of thunder energies which crashed onto Emperor Yu's body. Emperor Yu had already made an armor out of cosmic energies for Lin Feng, but it broke away easily.

"Argh!" Lin Feng shouted like a demon.

Now, Lin Feng's sword lights moved towards the enemy.

"Kaboom!" thunders descended from the sky as a thunder G.o.d illusion appeared. This illusion was also holding a thunder hammer.

"What a powerful spirit!" thought Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu jumped forwards and released terrifying energies in the thunder emperor's direction. His physical body exploded and was destroyed, but because his spirit was so powerful, it didn't die with his body.

Emperor Yu rose up in the air and released more cosmic energies to attack that spirit. With that, the enemy's spirit slowly faded. But the spirit didn't stop, it started running away instead.

Emperor Yu and Lin Feng were lying on the ground. Emperor Yu's injuries were even more severe. Lin Feng's organs were injured as well. They hadn't even managed to kill the emperor completely. Unfortunately, one more attack and they would have managed to kill him. But at least they were out of danger for now.

"Teacher, are you alright?" Lin Feng crawled on the ground.

"Could be better. Let's go back." said Emperor Yu smiling and crawling up as well. He then said, "Lin Feng, you already did a great job. He managed to escape because his soul is stronger than many low-level emperors from Ba Huang. I used cosmic energies and destroyed his physical body but not his soul. Of course, I'm injured, otherwise I could have done better."

"Indeed." said Lin Feng laughing. They had been loud, so people were surely going to find out about them.

They both immediately went back to the fortress.

As expected, people were shouting and panicking after they heard the battle.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu got away from the crowd. They couldn't expose themselves otherwise other enemies might find them.

They opened the main gate and entered. There was someone sitting on a stone chair, illuminated by the bright moon.

"You're back. You shouldn't go outside because you're injured." said the girl, smiling in a gentle way. Then, she looked at Lin Feng and said, "What happened? Did some of the young men from the tribe bully you? Tomorrow, I will check your injuries, but you two should sleep for now."

Then, the girl slowly walked out of the fortress. As she pa.s.sed by Lin Feng, he could smell her perfume.

After she left, they closed the gate behind them. Then, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu glanced at each other and walked to the courtyard silently. What was happening outside no longer had anything to do with them.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu slept all night. The next day, Mu Yun continued healing Emperor Yu; she checked his injuries and released pure celestial energies without saying anything. Then, her energies flew throughout Emperor Yu's body and healed him. She noticed that his injuries were worse than the day before, but she said nothing.

"Let me see that now." said Mu Yun to Lin Feng, after she finished with Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng nodded and stretched out his arms. He put his hands on her hands and she released pure celestial again.

"Why do they call you a Priestess?" asked Lin Feng trying to think of something to say.

"Because we don't live for ourselves. We live for other people." said Mu Yun gently.

"You don't live for yourselves?" Lin Feng continued, "Everybody respects you and many men are attracted by you in the tribe, isn't that good?"

"The nine celestial palaces choose girls from different tribes and teach them particular powers. Although everybody respects those Priestesses, we don't have much freedom. Our everything belongs to those celestial castles, including our lives." said Mu Yun in a gentle voice. She didn't know why she said all this to Lin Feng, but maybe it was because she knew Lin Feng's secret!

"You're from the small world, so you probably haven't been to the big cities yet. When you're both cured, I'll take you out and show you the celestial castle." said Mu Yun with a smile.

PMG Chapter 1533

Chapter 1533: Celestial Qi Castle

"How do you know that I'm from a small world?" asked Lin Feng.

"The Celestial Qi Castle has been pretty agitated recently. Border controls have become stricter and they sent even strong cultivators to inspect the desert. They're even capturing people from abroad. Yesterday evening, I heard sounds coming from your cottage and came over, but when I arrived you weren't there anymore. Then things happened outside, and after it stopped, you came back. From all of that, I guessed you were from a small world."

"Thank you for keeping our secrecy." said Lin Feng wholeheartedly.

"Don't thank me, I'm just doing my best. Some dangerous things might happen to you soon. The Celestial Qi Castle probably knows about yesterday evening already." said Mu Yun. Lin Feng's eyes twinkled as he said, "Alright, then we should leave. Will we be safer if we go to another tribe?"

Mu Yun shook her head, "All the Priestesses belong to them. I do too. If you go elsewhere, you'll draw more attention. If you stay here, I can do my best to help you. Besides, I told you I'd bring you elsewhere when you're cured. Do you understand?"

"Alright, I'm going to concoct some more medicine for you." said Mu Yun.

"We're lucky." said Emperor Yu after Mu Yun left. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, they were lucky. Mu Yun was so gentle. Anyone else would have alerted the authorities.

"Creak!" the door suddenly opened. Mu Yun's facial expression changed. "Some people are here!"
"Yun!" said a voice. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu's facial expressions changed drastically. Mu Yun talked to them using telepathy, "If anyone asks, you're my father and my big brother!"

Then she left the room and said, "I'm here!"

A young man opened the main gate of the tribe. He looked at Mu Yun and smiled, "Yun, long time no see!"

It was a handsome young man who didn't look like someone from the tribe.

"What are you doing here?" asked Mu Yun calmly. However, the young man's face changed a little as he looked at a cottage in a cold way.

"There are people inside!" said the young man in a cold way. Then, he rushed towards the cottage and destroyed the door. He found two people inside.

They all glanced at each other.

Mu Yun looked nervous. She was worried that the young man had already seen them before.

Mu Yun was right to fear; Lin Feng and Emperor Yu knew him. That young man had also seen both Lin Feng and Emperor Yu before. He was Qi Yu Chen.

What a coincidence.

"Yun, who are they?" At that moment, Qi Yu Chen saw a yellow-faced, middle-aged man who looked sick and injured. His Qi wasn't very strong either.

And there was also a young man, his face was dark, and he had no Qi. No matter how you looked at him, he looked ordinary.

"How unlucky." thought Lin Feng.

"Qi Yu Chen, what's that supposed to mean?" asked Mu Yun in a cold way. She walked to Lin Feng, put her hand on Lin Feng's hand, and said to Qi Yu Chen coldly, "p.i.s.s off, don't disturb my dad and brother!"

Qi Yu Chen's facial expression suddenly changed, brother and father?

"Yun, you know I didn't mean to bother them." said Qi Yu Chen. He looked sincerely apologetic.

"I don't care, go away!" said Mu Yun. Qi Yu Chen smiled and said, "Alright, let's go and talk. I need to tell you something." said Qi Yu Chen before he walked away.

"Brother, dad, sorry for that." said Mu Yun in a gentle and warm away. Qi Yu Chen looked even more sorry after he heard that.

"Yun, how come I've never heard about your brother and father?" asked Qi Yu Chen.

"Why would I tell you about that?" said Mu Yun. Qi Yu Chen smiled wryly and said, "Yun, I'm sorry for what happened."

"It's already too late." said Mu Yun. Qi Yu Chen was speechless, he could only change the topic now, "Yun, yesterday evening, something happened here that I'm sure you've heard about already. Are there any strangers here?"

"There are no strangers here and if there were, I haven't seen them." said Mu Yun.

"Alright, be careful. I'll go and inspect the tribe with my team." said Qi Yu Chen.

After Qi Yu Chen was far enough away, Mu Yun went back to Lin Feng's cottage. She looked at Lin Feng and Mu Yun's new faces with surprise. Then she laughed and asked, "Which face is your real one?"

"What do you think?" asked Lin Feng before he took off the mask. He smiled and said, "I've already seen Qi Yu Chen, who is he to you?"

"A young master of the Celestial Qi Castle. He's a direct descendent so his social status is very high!" said Mu Yun. She didn't seem to like him, but he was quite polite to her. With his social status, he could easily do anything he wanted to her, but he didn't.

"Is the Celestial Qi Castle the head of the Qi Clan?" whispered Lin Feng.

"He seems to like you very much." said Lin Feng smiling. Mu Yun smiled wryly, she didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing.

"Use your other face. Although you've been here for a while, you haven't walked around a lot, so not many people know you. I'll continue making medicine for you and in a few days, we'll go to the Celestial Qi Castle together." said Mu Yun. As Mu Yun had said, Qi Yu Chen didn't find anything. Lin Feng hadn't drawn people's attention in the tribe either.

After Qi Yu Chen found nothing, he left for another place. Lin Feng felt relieved. Thanks to Mu Yun, Lin Feng and Emperor Yu were recovering quickly, especially Lin Feng whose injuries were easier to heal.

Several peaceful days pa.s.sed. Lin Feng had already spent two months in that world now. Lin Feng's skin was much darker, tanned from the sun in that desert.

The sun was red and was slowly sinking beyond the horizon. Someone approached Lin Feng and smiled, "Do you miss your hometown?"

"I miss my friends and family members." said Lin Feng smiling. He missed Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin. How strong had they become?

"You still have some people to miss, at least." said Mu Yun smiling. Then she continued, "I'm going to the Celestial Qi Castle tomorrow, we can go altogether."

"Tomorrow!" whispered Lin Feng. Two months had pa.s.sed, so he finally had to leave.

PMG Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534: Qing Di Mountain

"If Celestial Qi Castle is the backing of the Qi Clan, and Emperor Dong is the leader of the Qi Clan in the small world, then the Qi Clan must only be a subgroup." thought Lin Feng. Qi Yu Chen had come to the tribe to inspect it, so how strong was the Celestial Qi Castle in the great world?

"Yun, we're at the border of the great world, and we can go to small worlds from here. Just how strong are the nine celestial castles exactly?" asked Lin Feng. He knew nothing about the castles. Since they were leaving, he needed to know a bit more.

"The place that connects to the small world is in this gigantic desert. Each city has the name of a powerful group, for example, Celestial Qi City is named after the Celestial Qi Castle." said Mu Yun to Lin Feng. "The nine celestial castles also make up the nine great cities. The Celestial Qi Castle is one of them. They also control some of small worlds which you can access from the desert. The Celestial Qi Castle, the Celestial Si Kong Castle and the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders have been controlling small worlds for ten thousand years already.

"Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders, Celestial Si Kong Castle, Celestial Qi Castle!" Lin Feng suddenly understood a lot more. The Celestial Qi Castle and the Celestial Si Kong Castle were obviously the leaders of the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan. Concerning the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders, Lin Feng was thinking about the Messenger who knew the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunder Heart Sutra.

"Why ten thousand years?" asked Lin Feng.

"Controlling several small worlds is extremely advantageous. There are some arrangements, I don't know the details, but I know that every ten thousand years, they fight to see who will control the worlds. Besides, it seems like those ten thousand years have already pa.s.sed, so the leaders of the small worlds will change again."

Lin Feng understood that everything going on in the small world probably had something to do with all that.

"Now, you understand why those people are looking for you." said Mu Yun in a gentle way. She had compa.s.sion for him. She was a Priestess who had no freedom, she was controlled by the same people who controlled small world. They were all like p.a.w.ns to these groups of influence.

"Apart from the nine castles, other groups can't decide who the next leaders will be. In this world, only strength matters. Apart from the celestial castles, there are many terrifying cities also located in the desert. They all belong to one place: the Qing Di Mountain!"

"Great Emperor Qing founded the Qing Di Mountain. Usually, they don't get involved in affairs related to the outside world. It's more like a holy cultivation place. Those who can practice cultivation in the Qing Di Mountain are rare, but in theory anyone could go there, including people from the celestial castles. The Celestial Wen Castle had a disciple go to the Qing Di Mountain, therefore, according to rumors, the Celestial Wen Castle might gain control over the small worlds again." said Mu Yun. Lin Feng was surprised again. Celestial Wen Castle and the Wen Clan from the central part of Ba Huang!

"Yun, Ten thousand years ago, the Celestial Wen Castle controlled the small worlds, and later on the Celestial Si Kong Castle, and then Celestial Qi Castle took control over them?" asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed. The nine celestial palaces can't break the equilibrium of the small worlds, no matter who is in control, they can't because it would have an impact on the controllers. Rules have always existed but last time I heard my teacher say that some things were going to change drastically this time."

"No wonder the Wen Clan is so mysterious. They're like the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan, they also control a part of the world in the form of the Watchers. Maybe the small world will be theirs in the next ten thousand years." thought Lin Feng.

The allowed the Watchers to exist because they had to respect the equilibrium of the small world. It was also because they didn't know who the next controllers would be. Without the equilibrium, the Watchers would have been annihilated a long time ago.

"Yun, thank you so much for helping us." said Lin Feng.

"You're not completely healed yet, so you should rest early." said Yun smiling before she left.

Lin Feng lied down for a long time before he went back to his cottage and told Emperor Yu what Mu Yun had told him.

The next day, the sun was high in the sky and was scorching hot. Mu Yun had changed her clothes into a skin-tight leather, showing off her perfect body.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu followed her as they traveled to the Celestial Qi Castle.

"Yun!" shouted Rong Qing in the distance. Then he ran towards her and said, "Yun, are you going to buy some things in the Celestial Qi Castle? If so, I'm coming with you."

Rong Qing also glanced at Lin Feng.

"No. I'm a Priestess, so nothing can happen to me." said Mu Yun. Rong Qing shook his head and said, "The Celestial Qi Castle is capturing people nowadays, so I'm worried about you. I'm coming with you and I'll protect you."

Rong Qing was kind of right actually, so Mu Yun nodded and said, "Alright, come then."

After that, all of them flew away.

The six of them flew over many tribes, hundreds in fact. Each tribe looked like a city, some were even larger than Xue Yue.

Finally, they finally approached a larger city. It was the first time that Lin Feng had seen a real city since arriving in that world. The buildings were huge, lofty, and they were thousands of meters high.

"Right now there are some things going on in the small worlds, so you can't fly in. Instead, you must go through the gate while proving that you are from a tribe." said Mu Yun.

"You don't need to worry about that though, I'm a Priestess and you're with me." said Mu Yun.

"Let's go." said Mu Yun as she walked towards the guards. But at that moment, the ground quaked as many people riding beasts approached, they were galloping at full speed, making the ground shake below them.

"Why are they here? They're early!" Mu Yun frowned when she saw those riders.

PMG Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535: Bronze Plate

"What's wrong?" asked Lin Feng.

"Those knights are people from the Celestial Qi Castle, but they usually don't leave the city. They usually only go out when people compete to control the small worlds. They usually go to all the tribes and inform people, and at the same time, they also recall all the Priestesses of the tribes." said Mu Yun. The knights continued galloping, pa.s.sing in front of Lin Feng and the others.

Very quickly, the knight rode away and disappeared into the desert.

"Only one force could have made that happen." whispered Mu Yun: "Qing Di Mountain!"

Lin Feng and the others then walked to the gate. The guards were strict as they checked everybody.

"Master, I'm from a tribe, and we want to enter the Celestial Qi Castle." said Mu Yun to a guard. He looked at her and smiled, he seemed to know her as he said familiarly, "Miss Mu Yun! You're always welcome!"

Then, Mu Yun and the others went in. Even though Priestesses were from tribes, they were members of the celestial castles. Therefore, she was confident that Lin Feng and Emperor Yu could go in with her.

After they entered, she explained to them, "That's the Celestial Qi Castle. Even though it seems very near, it's actually very far away." whispered Mu Yun. Lin Feng looked at the gigantic, and ancient castle in awe. Destroying such a castle would definitely be a spectacular show!

"The nine celestial castles represent a tripart.i.te balance of power, with a buffer zone in the middle. We're going to that buffer zone now. They have the best market there. You can surely find anything there." said Mu Yun. Lin Feng nodded.

"I've heard that many years ago, the nine castles used to be one, and that strong cultivators gradually emerged and divided the city. Of course, that was a very, very long time ago, so we can't know if that's true or not. If you cross the buffer zone, you'll leave the nine great celestial castles and arrive in another one of the cities of the Qing Di Mountain."

Mu Yun was talking a lot, she was pretending to be a guide, but she was actually telling Lin Feng how to leave if he needed.

"Yun, why would we go so far? We can find a market in the Celestial Qi Castle, that'd be enough." said Rong Qing behind her. She kept talking to Lin Feng so Rong Qing was getting jealous. Besides, The Celestial Qi City was a gigantic place, going to the buffer zone would take a long time.

"I've never been there, so I really want to see it." said Mu Yun. Rong Qing was speechless, so he just glanced at Lin Feng angrily. Why was Mu Yun being so nice to him? Had they fallen in love after living together for two months? Luckily, that foreigner was going to leave soon, he couldn't take Mu Yun away after all.

"You've never been to the buffer zone?" said Lin Feng surprised.

"Is it strange? Many people from the tribes are like me, most people from the Celestial Qi City never leave this place either."

"Aren't there powerful alchemists or healers in that place?" asked Lin Feng. He was still worried about Emperor Yu.

"I was going to tell you about that. In the nine great celestial castles, there's a powerful group called the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and they have some very powerful healers. However, it's difficult to get seen by them." said Mu Yun.

They walked and talked at the same time. Mu Yun told Lin Feng many things about the great world, including the locations of the nine great celestial castles. She also told him about the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and their strong cultivators who mastered golden holy Qi skills. After she told him that, Lin Feng immediately thought about two people: Zhou Tian Xiao and Zhou Tian Ruo.

Even though the Celestial Qi City was just a city on the edge of the great world, Lin Feng found the buildings astonis.h.i.+ng and even terrifying. It took them an entire day to cross the city to the buffer zone. They even had to run during part of the day.

Finally, Lin Feng arrived in the buffer zone. It was even larger than Celestial Qi City and there were even more people. Even though Mu Yun had never been there, she had heard about it, especially the market. The buildings were resplendent and magnificent. Lin Feng had seen many priceless holy weapons in the small world, but there, they were numerous. There were even high-level holy weapons which left Lin Feng speechless.

"Mister, what's that broken piece of bronze?" asked Mu Yun to a vendor.

"Broken piece of bronze? Miss, I got it from the Everlasting Cave of the Immortals, don't you know it? It's the everlasting celestial emperor's cave. Everyone admired him a long time ago." said the old man who was scratching his long beard.

"How much does it cost?" asked Mu Yun.

"A hundred abstruse energy tablets." said the old man.

"Yun, it's a rip off. Let's go." said Rong Qing rolling his eyes. Did the old man think he was dumb? That was just a broken piece of bronze.

"Little boy, don't talk nonsense. Do you know who the everlasting celestial emperor is? He controlled three thousand great protection spells, a 108,000 small protection spells, he can even use the sky to create protective areas." said the old man. Rong Qing rolled his eyes, what did the emperor have to do with that piece of bronze though?

Mu Yun shook her head and walked away. That was too expensive anyways.

"Let's go." said Mu Yun to Lin Feng. "I just had the sensation that item was different, but when I touched it, nothing happened."

Lin Feng shrugged. The price was way too high.

"Hey, wait!" said the old man to Lin Feng, "Your girlfriend likes it, so won't you buy it for her? Even ten abstruse energy tablets will be fine. I guarantee you that it's one of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's items, look at the two words carved on it."

Lin Feng frowned but looked anyways, and he did see two words.

"Eh?" Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. That thing made his spirit shake. His eyes suddenly became pitch-black as he inspected it.

Lin Feng's reaction made Mu Yun and the others stop. Rong Qing still looked unhappy, surprisingly, the old man thought Mu Yun was Lin Feng's girlfriend.

"How about five abstruse tablets?" asked Lin Feng.

The old man's eyes twinkled, "Eight, that's my final price."

"Alright, forget about it then." said Lin Feng throwing the bronze plate at the old man. "Alright, five, that's a deal!" said the old man desperately.

Lin Feng took the bronze plate back and gave the old man five abstruse tablets.

PMG Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536: Exposed!

Lin Feng's celestial book spirit reacted in a strange way when he looked at that tablet. Besides, Lin Feng had now broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer, and his abstruse energies were at a high level, so he couldn't use abstruse tablets anymore to improve his abstruse energies. Therefore, five abstruse tablets weren't that much for him.

"It's seems like that thing must be good for my spirit. What a strange treasure." thought Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Then Mu Yun asked Lin Feng, "Why did you want that?"

"Didn't you say that thing was different? I also sensed something, so I bought it." said Lin Feng. At the same time, he glanced around to see if there were other nice treasures.
Mu Yun stopped and walked to another vendor's booth. It was an old man in ragged clothes. He had some medicinal herbs to sell. His stand was messy, so people didn't seem interested. However, Mu Yun seemed interested. She was looking at some red rhizome.

She bent down and said: "Mister, what is the price?"

The old man replied, "Twenty abstruse tablets."

"Twenty!" Mu Yun didn't find that too expensive, the old man didn't even seem to know what that herb was. Maybe a fate seed wasn't even enough for that normally. The problem was Mu Yun hadn't sold the animal's body, so she had no abstruse tablets to bargain with yet.

"I have some. Take them." Lin Feng gave Mu Yun some abstruse tablets. Mu Yun took them and gave them to the old man, "I want it."

"Alright, take it." said the old man.

"Eh?" However, at that moment, Lin Feng frowned and released cold energies. Immediately after, he recalled his Qi after he remembered he was in the Celestial Qi Castle. He walked back as a gigantic hand was moving towards Mu Yun.

"What are you doing?" shouted Mu Yun. That hand turned into a terrifying fire and crashed onto Mu Yun's hand. Then someone stole her rhizome.

"Boom!" a brutal Qi filled the sky as Rong Qing and the others started running.

"Wait!" shouted Mu Yun. Rong Qing and the two others stopped.

"Linda, what's that supposed to mean?" said Mu Yun.

"I want it." said Linda to the old man. "Thirty abstruse tablets, what do you think?"

"Alright!" said the old man nodding. Linda took out thirty abstruse tablets and gave them to the old man. Rong Qing and the others looked at them in a cold way. The old man said to Mu Yun, "Take your twenty tablets back."

"I already bought it! Who do you think you are to cancel the transaction?" asked Mu Yun. What a greedy old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"I'm not getting involved anymore. Just handle your things yourself then." said the old man. He put his things away and left.

Mu Yun looked at Linda coldly and said, "Give me the dragon heart gra.s.s back."

"I bought it. Why would I give it back to you? Go and find the old man if you want some more." said Linda. How could she give up? That thing was worth at least a fate seed.

"You're shameless!" shouted Mu Yun furiously. But the two people who were with Linda were too strong. She wouldn't be able to take it back.

"Are you a man or not!" shouted Rong Qing to Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng was strong, and that Mu Yun had done so much for him.

"Rong Qing!" said Mu Yun in a cold way to Rong Qing, "Let's go."

Then, she turned around and left. She didn't even glance at Lin Feng, making him feel guiltier. It was true that she had done so much for him.

"Boom!" An arrow flew, causing the sky to shake. Immediately after that, the two people who were next to Rong Qing were enveloped, and they gave horrible shrieks as they gradually died.

Mu Yun's face turned deathly pale. She turned around looking upset. She ran towards her servants, stretching out her hands, and two celestial lights appeared. But it was useless, they were dead already.

"People from your tribe attacked my people first." said Linda smiling coldly. Then, a powerful fire abstruse energy moved towards Rong Qing.

"Let him off!" shouted Mu Yun loudly.

"He wanted to kill me, so how could I let him off?" said Linda smiling indifferently. The strong fire cultivator continued running towards Rong Qing with fire in his hands.

"Die!" said that cultivator who was laughing mockingly. However, at that moment, the fire turned black, pitch-black like death and it disappeared. Then he slowly collapsed.

Mu Yun turned around and saw Lin Feng. What was that Qi? Cursing energy? She hadn't seen Lin Feng chanting any mantras just before.

Rong Qing was amazed too, but Mu Yun just put her hand on his arm and said, "Let's go."

She knew that Lin Feng and Emperor Yu didn't want to draw people's attention. They had already drawn too many people's attention by now. Soon there would be a crowd, and then they might be found out.

Then, Mu Yun left. Rong Qing was furious as he shouted at Lin Feng, "Any of the beasts in the desert have more compa.s.sion than you."

Lin Feng ignored Rong Qing. He didn't know Lin Feng had saved his life. He didn't know what had happened exactly.

Many people rushed over. Emperor Yu said, "Lin Feng!"

"Yes!" said Lin Feng nodding. He knew what Emperor Yu meant. They changed their faces again.

"Yun, after we leave, let's disperse. Please take care." said Lin Feng to Mu Yun.

"Alright, you take care as well." said Mu Yun. She knew what Lin Feng needed to do.

"Yun!" said someone in the distance, it was Qi Yu Chen and some young men.

"Uncles!" said Qi Yu Chen to Lin Feng and Emperor Yu.

"What a coincidence. But we unfortunately have some things to do, so we must be going." said Mu Yun while dragging Emperor Yu and Lin Feng with her. Rong Qing looked furious, "Those people are foreigners, they can easily change their faces!" shouted Rong Qing. In a flash, it was as if time had stopped.

PMG Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537:

Qi Yu Chen glanced at Mu Yun in a cold way. He had the feeling he had been fooled.

"Capture them!" shouted Qi Yu Chen. Mu Yun wouldn't have thought that Rong Qing would do something like that to her.

"Let's go." shouted Mu Yun to Lin Feng and emperor Yu. Then their silhouettes flickered as they ran away.

"Jin Chen Jun!" shouted Qi Yu Chen. His voice traveled very far away in the distance.

The buffer zone was the center of the nine great celestial castles, so the guards from all the surrounding castles heard that.

Qi Yu Chen didn't leave. He chased Mu Yun while asking, "Why betray me?"

Mu Yun looked furiously. Qi Yu Chen was shouting so loud, loud enough that more people would come. "Qi Yu Chen, I don't even know you, so I couldn't possibly betray you! You're just a n.o.body to me!"

"Alright, alright!" Qi Yu Chen was furious. He tried to remain calm though, "Mu Yun, you're a Priestess, so you'll have to be punished for protecting those people who are wanted by the Celestial Qi Castle."

"No problem!" said Mu Yun. As Rong Qing heard them talk, he felt guilty. He was too impulsive. Maybe now Mu Yun would die.

"If Lin Feng hadn't attacked a moment ago, you'd be dead! And surprisingly you betrayed him!" said Mu Yun. She looked really crushed, "Rong Qing, you're the worst kind of person!"

Mu Yun's words stabbed Rong Qing's heart. Lin Feng had helped him?

"How? How could it be him?" Rong Qing kept shaking his head. He didn't believe it.

"I saw it with my own eyes. Who else could have helped you!" said Mu Yun.

Lin Feng and Emperor Yu kept running while people were chasing them. Even though they weren't emperors, they were cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so the two leaders of the group were especially strong.

"The 's.p.a.ce' of the small world and the great world are different. It seems like even emperors can't go into empty s.p.a.ces here. Escaping will be very difficult. Lin Feng, you go, you might have a chance to escape if I stay back."

Why was his teacher doing that again?

"He might die if he does that." thought Lin Feng.

"Some emperors are chasing us. Lin Feng, you have to leave!" said Emperor Yu. However, Lin Feng suddenly stopped, he didn't continue running away.

"Teacher, they don't want to kill me. Besides, I want to see how many people they've already captured. You go instead!" said Lin Feng to his teacher using telepathy. Emperor Yu was incredulous as Lin Feng flew away. The Celestial Qi Castle, who controlled the Imperial Union, didn't want to kill the geniuses, they wanted to use them rather. Emperor Yu was different, he was an injured emperor, so he was useless to them. If they captured him, they'd kill him.

"Teacher, you go!" shouted Lin Feng to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu then continued running. He didn't know what to think at that moment.

What could he do though? Lin Feng had already made himself a sacrifice, so Emperor Yu could only run away.

Jin Chen Jun caught up and looked at Lin Feng. Emperor Yu was already gone.

"Did you really think they could capture me?" shouted Lin Feng while releasing demonic energies, as well as sword energies.

"Die!" sword lights streaked across the sky. The one who was chasing Lin Feng was horrified as he watched Lin Feng's sword lights cut him in two. The ones behind him suddenly stopped. They looked scared.

Jin Chen Jun wanted to chase Emperor Yu, but he heard Lin Feng's voice and turned around. After watching one of them die instantly, he had to agree that those people couldn't capture him, only he could.

Lin Feng looked at Jin Chen Jun and said, "I'm not weak and my teacher is injured, so even if you caught up with him, it would be pointless!"

Jin Chen Jun looked at Lin Feng, he looked rather excited as he said, "Stomping out the source of trouble is always the best thing to do in case of a threat. I will let him off for now because you're quite strong, and I don't want other people to recruit you."

Lin Feng was relieved. Even though Jin Chen Jun only let his teacher off temporarily, at least, he'd have the chance to escape.

"Where are we going?" asked Lin Feng.

"To the Celestial Qi Castle of course. Don't worry, I won't harm you. If you stick with me, you'll have a bright future." said Jin Chen Jun smiling. Lin Feng didn't trust him though, he was sure Jin Chen Jun wasn't going to kill him, but during the banquet in the Qi Empire, those from Ba Huang had gone back and killed their teachers. What could have made them do that?

"Can I have some time to solve an issue?" asked Lin Feng to Jin Chen Jun.

"No problem, just stay in my field of vision." said Jin Chen Jun nodding. He seemed quite friendly.

"Thank you." said Lin Feng politely. Then, he turned around, and those who had chased him before let him pa.s.s. They looked at him in a cold way, but they couldn't do anything to him.

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