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PMG Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544: Emperor Shen Yu

Shortly after that, all the cultivators from Qing Di Mountain arrived. Those who arrived with Qi Yun Shen were those with whom he had made friends with in the Qing Di Mountain. Young people who became part of the Qing Di Mountain were not only talented, but lucky as well.

People from the other nine great celestial castles also arrived. Besides, amongst the people from the Qing Di Mountain, many of them were from the nine great celestial castles. However, few of them had a very high social status in Qing Di Mountain.

The nine great celestial castles were composed of: The Celestial Qi Castle, the Celestial Si Kong Castle, the Celestial Wen Castle, the Ancient Celestial Castle, the Celestial Summer Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings, the Celestial Palace of Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and the Celestial Transformation Palace.

The nine great celestial castles were all situated on Qing Di Mountain's territories.

"Yu Chen, more strong cultivators from the Qing Di Mountain will arrive soon. You'll come with me to meet them, and when the time comes, you'll show them how strong you are." said Qi Yun Sheng to Qi Yu Chen. Qi Yu Chen looked happy suddenly. He bowed and said, "Thank you very much, Uncle!"

Lin Feng was standing next to the stage. He glanced at the crowd and thought, "The nine great celestial castles are not the only actors, the Qing Di Mountain also plays a role. Besides the compet.i.tion, the nine great celestial castles will also seek opportunities to send their own disciples to the Qing Di Mountain."

There were people everywhere. Lin Feng saw many people he knew. On the side of the Celestial Si Kong Castle, he saw Si Kong Zhang Ming; on the side of the Ancient Celestial Castle, he saw Gu Li, on the side of the Celestial Summer Castle, he saw the extraordinary Xia Tian Fan, on the side of the Celestial Palace of Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders, he saw the Messenger, on the side of the Celestial transformation Palace, he saw Qiao Chi Feng, on the side of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, he saw Zhou Tian Ruo and Zhou Tian Xiao.

Those people were all young cultivators from the nine great celestial castles. That's why they had gone to the small world to practice cultivation. It made sense now that they weren't all good friends while in Ba Huang, if there were conflicts between their elders, there were conflicts between them too.

Lin Feng looked at the Celestial Si Kong Castle, but he didn't see anyone he knew.

Lin Feng saw Emperor Yu, but he looked like an ordinary person. He was looking at the Celestial Qi Castle's people. When he saw Lin Feng, he looked incredibly sad. He also noticed Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan and Yuan Fei. They all looked empty as they stood on the Celestial Qi Castle's side.

"It's all my fault." thought Emperor Yu. His heart hurt as he felt guilty, especially for Lin Feng. Lin Feng wanted to protect him because he was injured.

A short time after, some clouds rolled in the sky and a group of people appeared. The leader of the group looked incredible. He was riding a blue-green lotus and two strong cultivators were standing behind him.

"Emperor Ni Chen is here!" One of those people was a strong cultivator from the Qing Di Mountain: Emperor Ni Chen.

All the strong cultivators from the nine great celestial castles and Qing Di Mountain stood up for Emperor Ni Chen.

"I've heard that Emperor Ni Chen is now a high-level emperor, which means that his strength is unfathomable. He has a very high social status in Qing Di Mountain." said someone in the crowd to someone else.

"Who are those people next to Emperor Ni Chen? Incredible cultivators from Qing Di Mountain?" thought some people in the crowd. One of them was wearing black clothes and looked enigmatic. He was just smiling at everyone. People couldn't ignore him even if he wasn't next to Emperor Ni Chen.

Besides, he was sitting next to Emperor Ni Chen which meant he was probably almost as strong as Emperor Ni Chen. They just didn't know if he was from Qing Di Mountain.

"Yu Chen, come with me." said Qi Yun Sheng at that moment, rising in the air. They flew towards the newcomers in the center.

Qi Yun Sheng and Qi Yu Chen were not the only ones, the other cultivators from the nine great celestial castles who were cultivators from Qing Di Mountain also rose into the air and flew towards Emperor Ni Chen.

"Welcome, Master!" said the crowd bowing politely. In the Qing Di Mountain, Emperor Ni Chen was high in the hierarchy.

"No need to exaggerate yourselves." said Emperor Ni Chen smiling naturally.

"Emperor Ni Chen, Ao Feng is your follower, is he being obedient?" asked one of the emperors from the Celestial Wen Castle to Emperor Ni Chen smiling. The crowd looked furious because Emperor Ni Chen thought highly of Wen Ao Feng and had taken him as a disciple. The Celestial Wen Castle was gaining more and more influence recently.

"Ao Feng is very talented. A bright future awaits him, I'm sure." said Emperor Ni Chen smiling.

"Thank you, Master, I won't worry then." said that emperor bowing. He smiled at Wen Ao Feng behind him and said, "Ao Feng, how come you haven't invited Emperor Ni Chen to come to the Celestial Wen Castle yet!"

Ao Feng came closer and said, "Teacher, please do!"

"Alright." said Emperor Ni Chen smiling. Then, he looked at the one in black clothes and said, "Emperor Shen Yu, please!"

The person in black clothes remained silent and followed Emperor Ni Chen. They flew in the direction of the people from the Celestial Wen Castle. n.o.body else even had the opportunity to say anything.

"Who's Emperor Shen Yu?" thought the crowd. Emperor Ni Chen was extremely polite to him, so just what was his social status?

Qi Yun Sheng went back to Celestial Qi Castle and said to Qi Yu Chen, "Did you see that? The Celestial Wen Castle has Wen Ao Feng. The Celestial Wen Castle has a different position within the Qing Di Mountain nowadays, don't miss that opportunity and do your best to be noticed by Emperor Ni Chen."

Of course, Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu didn't forget about their responsibilities. Emperor Ni Chen smiled and said, "Emperor Shen Yu, what do you think about my young people?"

Emperor Shen Yu's eyes were twinkling. He glanced at the young people, and when he looked at the people from the Celestial Qi Castle, he was surprised. He had found what he was looking for, so he said, "Not bad!" Emperor Ni Chen was surprised, Emperor Shen Yu hadn't smiled until now.

At that moment, on the side of Celestial Qi Castle, Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. Had he sensed that someone was looking at him?

PMG Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545: Insane and Arrogant

The atmosphere eventually calmed down. Then Qi Yun Xiao said, "It's about time. Let's perform the sacrifice to our ancestors."

"Roger, Master." said the one next to him nodding. Then, he went to the Celestial Qi Castle's cauldron and a sound resonated. The women who walked out had incredible figures, especially the ones who were wearing traditional qipao.

On the side of the Celestial Qi Castle, it was a beautiful Priestess, she was very white and looked stunning.

"All the Priestesses of the different castles appeared." thought the crowd. The Priestess from the Celestial Qi Castle looked stunning, she looked even more attractive because she had a mask on her face.

Lin Feng looked indifferently at that Priestess dancing in front of the cauldron. The fact that she was wearing a mask made her even more desirable.

"She's beautiful, right?" said a voice in Lin Feng's head. It was Qi Yu Chen using telepathy. Lin Feng frowned and remembered what Qi Yu Chen had said, he would show him her beauty later. Did that mean that… Lin Feng was suddenly furious. He looked at all the Priestesses and then looked at the Priestess from the Celestial Qi Castle again: beautiful body, beautiful long white legs…

"It's Yun!" thought Lin Feng. She had been chosen to be the ancestors' Priestess.

Finally, three sounds resonated and the members from the Qi Clan stood up. All the Priestesses moved back and stood in front of the bleachers.

"Take off your masks." said Qi Yu Chen. The girls took off their masks one after the other. The leader of the group was Mu Yun.

Mu Yun looked at Lin Feng. She thought Lin Feng was like her, that he had lost his freedom.

"Uncle, Masters, I chose those girls myself. Do you like them?" asked Qi Yu Chen calmly. s.e.x wasn't something common in the world of cultivation. People usually spent time practicing cultivation, however, once in a while, cultivators enjoyed some carnal pleasures.

Qi Yun Sheng thought those girls weren't bad, indeed. The strong cultivators next to him looked satisfied too. Qi Yun Sheng looked at Mu Yun and asked, "What's your name?"

"Uncle, that girl's name is Mu Yun."

"Alright, I like her." said Qi Yun Sheng.

Mu Yun grinded her teeth, her face was deathly pale. Then Qi Yu Chen smiled at Mu Yun in a cold way. She couldn't refuse after he had chosen her. She would be his toy now, only existing to make him happy.

However, Lin Feng turned around and said to Qi Yun Sheng, "Master, I'd like to say something."

"Oh?" Qi Yun Sheng looked at Lin Feng. He was from the Celestial Qi Castle, and he was wearing purple clothes, which meant that he was a talented cultivator from a small world.

"Lin Feng!" said the emperor in purple clothes. What was going on with Lin Feng?

"Master, I'd like to say something for the Master from the Qing Di Mountain so that he won't get angry." said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes. Then, he looked at Qi Yun Sheng and said, "Master, before serving the Celestial Qi Castle, I used to hide in a small tribe in the desert. She protected me from the Celestial Qi Castle. I lived in her tribe for some time and actually had s.e.x with her. Back then, Qi Yu Chen liked her, so he got upset after learning about her betrayal, and forced her to attend."

Qi Yun Sheng frowned, he looked furious. If that was true, it meant that Mu Yun wasn't a virgin and that Qi Yun Sheng was fooling him.

Qi Yu Chen was suddenly covered with a cold sweat. His eyes were filled with cold lights. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and Mu Yun, "Did you really have s.e.x?"

"I lived with her for a while, so of course we did." said Lin Feng calmly. Mu Yun looked at Lin Feng with surprise. Lin Feng wasn't being controlled!
"Indeed, I wouldn't want to lie to you." said Mu Yun bowing before Qi Yun Sheng.

"Uncle, I didn't know she was a s.l.u.t who dared violate Celestial Qi Castle's rules!" pleaded Qi Yu Chen.

"It's alright, it's alright, just let her go." said Qi Yun Sheng. He didn't mind such a small thing.

"Mu Yun, you just wait to see what will happen to you!" said Qi Yu Chen coldly. Lin Feng talked again, "Master!"

The emperor in purple clothes frowned. Lin Feng was acting strange.

"Master, since she's my woman, please give her to me." said Lin Feng to the emperor in purple clothes. The emperor in purple clothes frowned, he was speechless. He didn't know what to do. Lin Feng was in their control, and Master Mi also thought highly of him. Qi Yu Chen had the blood of the Qi Clan, but his social status wasn't as high as the purple-clothed emperor's.

"Dream on! She'll be punished! She violated rules after all!" yelled Qi Yu Chen. After saying that, he sensed a terrifying death Qi surround his body.

"Tap…" Lin Feng slowly walked towards Qi Yu Chen. The ground started shaking and Qi Yu Chen's heart started racing.

"Lin Feng!" shouted the emperor in purple clothes. What was going on with Lin Feng? He had been sleeping the whole time and now he wanted to attack Qi Yu Chen.

"Master, I listened to Master Mi's orders, but he never told me to listen to Qi Yu Chen. I respect him, but this time he humiliated him and humiliated my woman, what else should I do?" said Lin Feng as he continued to walk towards Qi Yu Chen while releasing energies. Qi Yu Chen frowned, he didn't understand what was wrong with Lin Feng?

Even though he was furious, Lin Feng was extremely strong, he felt like he was suffocating.

Qi Yun Sheng seemed excited. Lin Feng had only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer and his force was multiplied by seven-hundred already, not bad.

"Boom boom!" the bleachers shook violently as gigantic waves of energies crashed onto Qi Yu Chen. Lin Feng was releasing death energies which were draining out his life. He took a few steps back and looked distraught.

"That's enough! Don't ridicule the Celestial Qi Castle in front of everyone." said Qi Yun Sheng indifferently. Lin Feng recalled his Qi, but he was still looking at him in a cold way as he said, "Who the f.u.c.k do you think you are? In the future, you better respect me. If you're unhappy, go and see Master Mi to complain!"

He didn't give him any face and even humiliated him. He served the Celestial Qi Castle and Master Mi, so he had to find any excuse to get angry, for example, a woman.

"Who the f.u.c.k do you think you are?" Lin Feng's voice and swear words echoed in his head.

PMG Chapter 1546

Chapter 1546: Part of the Audience

Qi Yu Chen looked furious and released Qi, but then he heard Qi Yun Sheng say, "That's enough! Yu Chen, do what you have to do."

Qi Yu Chen looked upset, but he nodded and recalled his Qi. He was still looking at Lin Feng in a cold way as he said, "Lin Feng, I will show you just who I am!"

Lin Feng ignored him. Then Qi Yun Xiao said, "That girl is Lin Feng's so give her to him. Then make the others go. Yu Chen, get ready to enter the battle stage."


"Thank you, Master!" said Qi Yu Chen and Lin Feng at the same time. Mu Yun smiled indifferently. Lin Feng had saved her.

Mu Yun and the other Priestesses moved away. Qi Yu Chen was furious though, and he didn't plan on to let them off that easily.

"Next time, you better not cause trouble." said the emperor in purple clothes. That was the compet.i.tion for the small worlds, there were millions of people watching them. Some extraordinary cultivators were there and Lin Feng surprisingly dared cause trouble. Luckily, Lin Feng was strong, for if he had been weak, he would have died on spot.

Qi Yun Xiao only gave Mu Yun to Lin Feng to give Master Mi face. He had had no choice but give her to Lin Feng because she wasn't a virgin, otherwise Qi Yun Sheng could have her if he wanted.

That confrontation had drawn many people's attention, but it didn't last not for long..

At that moment, a strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle, who oversaw the event, stood up and waved at the crowd. Everybody remained silent and waited for him to talk.

Many people were upset with him. The Celestial Wen Castle had asked Emperor Ni Chen to sit with them. How arrogant was that?!

"Everybody, I don't need to say much because you already know the rules, they're always the same each time around." The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle turned to Emperor Ni Chen and smiled, "Emperor Ni Chen, shall we start?"

"Don't worry about me. Just do as you wish." said Emperor Ni Chen smiling indifferently. The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle nodded and said, "The nine great celestial castles will each choose nine people, then a total of eighty-one people will get on the stage."

Instantly, some young people walked towards the battling stages. On the side of the Celestial Qi Castle, Qi Yu Chen and the others ran towards the battle stage. For them, that day was extremely important, it would determine who'd control the small worlds and they might attract Qing Di Mountain's attention, possibly recruiting them.

"Emperor Ni Chen, would you like to preside over the event?" asked the cultivator from Celestial Wen Castle to Emperor Ni Chen. The compet.i.tion was fair, each person had to fight against every fighter from the eight other celestial castles. From there, the first eighteen cultivators would be selected and the ranking would be made made: the first cultivator had eighteen points, the second one seventeen, …, the eighteenth would have one point. In the end, the three groups which had the most points gained control over the small worlds for the next ten thousand years.

They only took eighteen people because they wanted to consider the strongest cultivators only.

At that moment, everybody was thinking that Emperor Ni Chen's disciple, Wen Ao Feng, would get the eighteen points and finish first. But the others could also get ranked.

"You go." said Emperor Ni Chen to someone next to him. He didn't want to preside over the event. That person nodded and flew to the center.

It didn't matter who did it, those battles were going to be very fair and the ranking would be straightforward.

"Many of those strong young people had been practicing cultivation a little bit everywhere. Some of them even went to the small worlds. I wonder how strong they've become." thought the crowd.

Lin Feng looked at them. Back then, in the small world, he had partic.i.p.ated in a few compet.i.tions. This time Lin Feng could only watch.

It was a good opportunity for him to see how strong the cultivators were. Most of them were cultivators of the eighth or ninth Zun Qi layer. Cultivators of the seventh Zun Qi layer were common.

After a short time, the battle started. The first battle was between the Celestial Wen Castle and the Celestial Qi Castle. Even though they could surrender as they wished, none of them were willing to.

Finally, the one from the Celestial Wen Castle won the battle, but he was injured.

"They're both cultivators of the eighth Zun Qi layer, but they can easily defeat cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer." thought Lin Feng. The nine young people who had been chosen by their respective celestial castles were amazingly strong.

Of course, if those two cultivators wanted to finish in the top eighteen, it'd be difficult. Those Lin Feng had seen in the small world, such as Zhou Tian Ruo, Gu Li, and Qiao Chi Feng were much stronger than those two.

The second battle was Zhou Tian Ruo against a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer. Zhou Tian Ruo released golden holy Qi which lacerated the sky. As expected, Zhou Tian Ruo had become stronger since the last time Lin Feng had seen him.

As the battles went on, the crowd grew more and more surprised.

Each one had to fight against all the cultivators from all the other groups, which meant that if they didn't die, each person had to fight seventy-three times. Therefore, the battles were going to last a while.

Lin Feng observed the battles very seriously. Many of the people who were fighting weren't as strong as the geniuses from Ba Huang. After all, the strongest geniuses of Ba Huang Province were rare birds. If the strong geniuses from the Ba Huang Province fought on the battle stage, they would have probably amazed a lot of people.

Of course, amongst those fighters, there were also people who were talented, such as Wen Ao Feng. He had fought against a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer, and when their fists collided, his enemy had been crushed to death. That cultivator was from the Celestial Si Kong Castle. Although it upset them to lose their fighter, they couldn't do much about it.

More than a hundred battles took place and it then grew dark outside. The strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle looked at Emperor Ni Chen and said, "Master, should we have a rest? The battles can continue tomorrow."

"Alright." said Emperor Ni Chen nodding. Even though darkness didn't affect cultivators, having a rest was a good opportunity for the young cultivators from Qing Di Mountain and the nine great celestial castles to make friends.

Then the strong cultivator from the Celestial Wen Castle nodded and interrupted the battles.

PMG Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547: Rescue

"Let's go back." said Qi Yun Sheng. They hadn't done that bad for the first day, but Qi Yun Sheng still wasn't happy. The Celestial Wen Castle had the best results during the first day. Wen Ao Feng wasn't the only strong cultivator from Celestial Wen Castle. They had two other cultivators who had the potential to earn the eighteen points.

Wen Ao Feng's ranking was already quite high, so if the three cultivators from Celestial Wen Castle continued doing so well, they'd rank at the top of the eighteen.

The group from Celestial Qi Castle left the bleachers and the others also dispersed. Many people couldn't wait to see the remaining battles.

All of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng though. He followed the group of people from Celestial Qi Castle and found Mu Yun waiting aside.

Qi Yu Chen looked at Mu Yun in a cold way and said, "What are you doing here?"

"Master already gave Yun to me." said Lin Feng, stopping in front of Qi Yu Chen.

Qi Yu Chen rolled up his sleeves and left ignoring them.

"Yun, let's go." said Lin Feng. They didn't say anything after they left. They immediately went back to Celestial Qi Castle and Lin Feng brought her inside his room.

"Lin Feng, you…" said Mu Yun looking at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes while using telepathy. She wanted to be sure.

"Indeed." replied Lin Feng nodding. Mu Yun smiled thinly. How had he done that?

"Yun, you can sleep on my bed, and you can stay with me for a while." said Lin Feng. He was now enemies with Qi Yu Chen, and he wouldn't let Lin Feng and Mu Yun off that easily. Yun wasn't that strong, so if Qi Yu Chen wanted to do anything to her, she wouldn't stand a chance without Lin Feng.

Lin Feng thought of making Yun hide inside the Jade Emperor's palace, but his social status was special. He was supposed to be controlled. If Yun disappeared, they would think that he possessed a special item.

Mu Yun blushed. Even though Lin Feng said they had had s.e.x, it was just to protect her. Now, they were in the same room and Lin Feng wanted her to sleep on his bed. She felt very shy but she nodded and lied down.

Lin Feng sat down in front of the bed. Mu Yun was a nice and kindhearted girl, Lin Feng was wondering how he could save her.

Strength, strength, always more strength! Lin Feng decided to dream again and practice cultivation there. He had to become stronger.

The night was calm and peaceful. Sometime during that quiet night, a dark silhouette appeared, and n.o.body noticed them.

"Not bad, but since they're controlled, I can't make those people talk." thought the dark silhouette. However, he was surprised to see some people in the courtyard.

"Eh?" the dark shadow frowned. Qi Yu Chen and Jin Chen Jun were laughing and walking. They soon left the courtyard.

After they left, the silhouette entered silently and walked in the direction of Lin Feng's room.

Qi Yu Chen turned around and laughed. Lin Feng had dared humiliate him, so now he would make Lin Feng understand what it meant to have the blood of the Qi's. Mu Yun was going to regret it too.

The dark shadow crouched down, not far from Lin Feng's room. Then they saw someone stop outside Lin Feng's room and release some cosmic energy.

"Dream cosmic energy?" the dark shadow looked amused. The person they saw was a dream cultivator.

"Eh?" At that moment, the shadow was surprised. Something was crawling towards Lin Feng's room as well.

"Interesting." thought the shadow laughing in a low voice. That night was going to be interesting.

"Dream of Life!" said someone outside of Lin Feng's room. Dream cosmic energy penetrated Lin Feng's room, and it was both silent and invisible.

The one who was moving stealthily opened Lin Feng's door and saw Lin Feng, he was seated and looked relaxed. That person smiled coldly. They had sent him to deal with a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer, but they had overestimated Lin Feng. Of course, Qi Yu Chen just wanted someone who could remain silent and invisible. The he had sent could make Lin Feng fall asleep and then kill him effortlessly!

"Sleep forever!" said the cultivator crawling. However, at that moment, he was surprised.

"Kaboom!" a terrifying strength immediately pierced his chest. Then a hand grabbed Lin Feng and pulled him to the ground.

The dream cultivator was stupefied, it was an emperor who knew Earth cosmic energy!

The Emperor using Earth energy quickly glanced at Mu Yun and then left. Such great things were happening, and very quickly, the Celestial Qi Castle's strong cultivators would rush over soon.

As expected, after he left, many strong cultivators appeared in Lin Feng's room to find him missing.

The emperor in purple clothes looked furious. Lin Feng had been kidnapped in their own territory. Who had the b.a.l.l.s to do that?

Qi Yun Xiao frowned and shouted, "Qi Yu Chen, come here!"

Qi Yun Sheng left, he didn't continue chasing the dream cultivator. Instead, he chased the Earth Qi. He followed them outside but frowned because the Qi stopped there.

At that moment, Emperor Yu and Lin Feng appeared in the distance. No matter what, he wanted to rescue Lin Feng. He didn't care whether Lin Feng was controlled or not, he'd figure out what to do afterwards.

Emperor Yu had managed to rescue Lin Feng; however, he didn't understand why Lin Feng was still sleeping.

PMG Chapter 1548

Chapter 1548: Humiliation

"Lin Feng!" shouted Emperor Yu. However, Lin Feng didn't react. Emperor Yu frowned and shook Lin Feng but it was useless.

Emperor Yu was concerned now. Lin Feng was breathing normally, and he wasn't injured, but he was sleeping. What could be going on?
Emperor Yu didn't know that a shadow was following him as he flew away. That shadow was completely invisible, and even though Emperor Yu was a strong emperor, he still couldn't sense that person's presence at all.

It gradually became clear outside. Then the second day battles continued. The battles were extremely intense as the cultivators were fighting even stronger than they had the first day.

The emperor in purple clothes thought that Lin Feng's disappearance had something to do with Qi Yu Chen. However, he couldn't accuse him right now. After all, Qi Yu Chen had the blood of the Qi Clan. He would just inform Master Mi of the situation.

Lin Feng was still asleep, and Emperor Yu was really in a rush to find a healer. They were between the nine great celestial castles, there had to be a solution: The Palace of Medicinal Kings.

The battles of the second day ended and people left again. A silhouette came to the people of the Palace of Medicinal Kings carrying someone on his back. It was Lin Feng.

"Master, I need to see the elders of the Palace of Medicinal Kings." said Emperor Yu.

One of them frowned and said to Emperor Yu coldly, "Who are you? And what do you want from us?"

"I need to see an elder to save someone." said Emperor Yu calmly. That young man looked at him in a cold way and said indifferently, "We don't heal strangers. Leave now."

Emperor Yu didn't flinch, he continued walking towards them.

The people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings looked at him in a cold way and said, "p.i.s.s off now! Didn't you hear!"

Emperor Yu didn't stop, he continued moving forwards, even faster. After they watched him run ahead, ignoring their threat, those people started chasing him.

Emperor Yu arrived outside of a door and released his G.o.dly awareness to inspect the area. He found a very strong cultivator inside.

"Master, please help me save someone." said Emperor Yu bowing at the entrance of the room. He knew that it was impolite, but he had no choice. He would do anything to save Lin Feng.

Someone opened the door, it was an old man with white beard. His eyes were twinkling with cold lights.

"You're audacious!" said the old man in a cold way, glancing at Emperor Yu and Lin Feng. Surprisingly, that person had dared inspect his room.

"Kneel down!" Emperor Yu pulled a long face but still knelt down, "Master, please forgive me, I really need you to heal someone."

Emperor Yu took out a ring and gave it to the old man.

The old man inspected the ring and said to Emperor Yu harshly, "You're insolent and impolite, I'll keep that ring to punish you! p.i.s.s off now!"

Emperor Yu suddenly raised his head and shouted, "Master!"

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted the old man, now releasing terrifyingly oppressive energies.

"Good bye!" The ground shook under Emperor Yu's knees, exploding and throwing Emperor Yu and Lin Feng away. Emperor Yu was even further depressed. How could he solve Lin Feng's problem? If the cultivators at the Palace of Medicinal Kings wouldn't help, who would?

Emperor Yu left.

At that moment, the shadow continued following him and sighed, "He really attaches a lot of importance to that person. I wonder who he is to him."

The shadow landed in front of Emperor Yu as the they were leaving.

Emperor Yu suddenly saw a person in black clothes arrive in front of him. He was shocked because he hadn't sensed that person's presence before he approached.

"Hand him over to me." said the person in black clothes to Emperor Yu indifferently. Would Emperor Yu do such a thing though?

"There's a pill here, it can heal you." said the person in black clothes, giving Emperor Yu a pill.

Emperor Yu was skeptical but accepted the pill. Without hesitating, he put it into his mouth. He knew that person was very strong, so if they wanted to kill him, they wouldn't have to resort to poison.

Emperor Yu turned red after taking that pill and his body started changing. He was pleasantly surprised.

"Now, hand him over." said that person who was now smiling at Emperor Yu.

"I hope you can save him." Emperor Yu looked touched and didn't hesitate any longer. He quickly handed Lin Feng over to him.

"Don't worry." said that person to Emperor Yu before he disappeared.

Emperor Yu was dumbstruck. What could he do now?

"I wonder who that person is?" whispered Emperor Yu.

In the following days, the battles continued at the main square.

People were surprised because Emperor Shen Yu hadn't appeared for a few days now.

Somewhere inside the buffer zone, in a small room, Lin Feng opened his eyes and stood up. There was a person in black clothes standing in front of him.

"Emperor Shen Yu!" Lin Feng was incredulous. Why was he with Emperor Shen Yu?

"Look what happened these days." said Emperor Shen Yu as he smiled at Lin Feng. He released his G.o.dly awareness and merged it into Lin Feng's third eye. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw everything that had happened. He examined the memories and saw that someone had plotted against him.

"Boom!" Terrifying lights appeared in Lin Feng's eyes as well as Qi. Someone had humiliated his teacher. That old man had made him kneel and had stolen a treasure from him before telling him to p.i.s.s off!

Lin Feng recalled his Qi and bowed before Emperor Shen Yu, "Thank you very much, Master, for having saved my teacher!

PMG Chapter 1549

Chapter 1549: On the Battle Stage

Lin Feng remembered back to when Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Shen Yu had shown up, Emperor Shen Yu had looked at him particularly. The problem was that he didn't know Emperor Shen Yu, why had he paid him so much attention? He also knew everything that had happened to him so far, which meant he had been following him.

Besides, Emperor Shen Yu had given his teacher a pill, of which the price was probably terrifying, He even gave it to Emperor Yu without hesitation. Lin Feng was skeptical about it all.

"The Celestial Qi Castle doesn't control you?" asked Emperor Shen Yu. He was curious.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds, but he finally nodded, "Indeed, they didn't manage to control me."

"Haha, not bad. Master Mi didn't manage to control you, that's rare." said Emperor Shen Yu laughing before adding, "Things will be easier that way."

"Lin Feng, you've been sleeping for a few days. The battles between the nine great celestial castles are almost over. Let's go back and watch." said Emperor Shen Yu positively. Lin Feng didn't understand, Emperor Shen Yu had saved him and now he wanted him to go back?

"Master, I'm now away from the Celestial Qi Castle, if I went back, wouldn't I have to give myself back to them? That seems very stupid." replied Lin Feng straightforwardly.

Emperor Shen Yu laughed and said, "It's normal that you want to leave, but don't you want to try and fight on the battle stage?"

"Fight on the battle stage!?" Lin Feng repeated back in shock.

"We don't have much time, so let's go." said Emperor Shen Yu smiling. Then, he took Lin Feng and left.

It was nearing the end of the battles. The young people from Celestial Wen Castle were turning out to be the strongest ones. Wen Ao Feng was probably going to rank first. Apart from him, his two friends were also going to rank in the top eighteen. The Celestial Wen Castle was probably going to rule over the small worlds in the following ten thousand years.

Apart from the Celestial Wen Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings also did well. Most of their cultivators were cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. Therefore, the Palace of Medicinal Kings had four cultivators in the top eighteen so far.

Concerning the third group, it would probably be the Celestial Palace of Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders or the Celestial Qi Castle. The remaining battles would determine that.

On Celestial Qi Castle's side, a person walked to the bleachers: It was Lin Feng.

The emperor in purple clothes sensed something amiss and looked at Lin Feng. He was surprised, but it was a pleasant surprise. "Lin Feng, where did you go?"

"Master, someone wanted to kill me, after that, someone attacked him. I was injured so I needed to hide and heal." replied Lin Feng. The emperor in purple clothes nodded, he believed Lin Feng. He had sensed two emperors' Qi in Lin Feng's room that night.

"Good to see you're alright!" said the emperor in purple clothes. Lin Feng was safe and sound, so he was obviously happy. He didn't think about it too much.

After that, Lin Feng turned towards the battle stage. Initially, there were eighty-one battle stages, but now only fifty were left. Many people had died or were injured.

Lin Feng saw that a cultivator from the Palace of Medicinal Kings was fighting. He had seen him before in Ba Huang, when he had provoked Zhou Tian Ruo. He was very strong. He had just defeated a cultivator from the Ancient Celestial Castle.

But because of what had happened to Emperor Yu, Lin Feng was looking at the people from the Palace of Medicinal Kings in a cold way, especially the old man in the middle of the crowd. That was the one he had seen in Emperor Shen Yu's memories, the one who had taken Emperor Yu's ring and told him to p.i.s.s off.

Lin Feng looked furious. That old man sensed that Lin Feng was glaring at him, so he turned his head. He was surprised. That young man was unconscious when he had seen him last time, and an emperor had asked him to heal him. Now, he was cured. Surprisingly, that someone was from the Celestial Qi Castle.

Afterwards, Lin Feng looked back at the battle stages again. The strong cultivators from the great world were extremely strong. Xia Tian Fan had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer, while Qiao Chi Feng and Zhou Tian Ruo had also become stronger since he had last seen them.

Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Feng again. He was fast and cruel, his attacks were explosive, causing his opponents to either die or leaving them heavily injured.

Emperor Ni Chen, who was on the side of the Celestial Wen Castle, walked out and smiled, "Brother Shen Yu, how come I didn't see you the last few days?"

"I had some things to do. It was a crucial moment for me, luckily, I didn't miss it." said Emperor Shen Yu, seemingly in a good mood. What was going on with him? Emperor Ni Chen hadn't seen him in such a good mood since they had arrived.

"Brother Shen Yu, what do you think of these young men? I want to take some to Qing Di Mountain. Only one or two of them can go with you." said Emperor Ni Chen smiling.

"There's no need, none of them can go to the Qing Di Mountain." said Emperor Shen Yu indifferently. Then he continued watching the battles.

"After that battle, Ao Feng will become the champion." thought Emperor Ni Chen. The last battle was Wen Ao Feng against a strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders. That strong cultivator hadn't won a single fight while Wen Ao Feng had won every one of his fights, so Wen Ao Feng was expected to win.

Wen Ao Feng and that strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders fought. Thunder and empty s.p.a.ce energies collided causing an explosion in the sky. Abstruse energies a.s.saulted the battle stage, making it shake violently.

"Abstruse energies of the highest levels." the crowd was incredulous. Wen Ao Feng's force was multiplied by seven-hundred and his abstruse energies were at the highest level. It wouldn't be long before he become an emperor.

Finally, Wen Ao Feng won the battle. He was the champion!

"Not bad!" Emperor Ni Chen stood up and smiled. He was proud. Although he hadn't taught Wen Ao Feng for that long, he was still proud of his disciple. Not one of the disciples from the nine great celestial castles could compete with him anymore.

The cultivators of the Celestial Wen Castle also stood up and applauded him. Emperor Ni Chen was satisfied, and Celestial Wen Castle was as well.

"Alright, we can start the rankings." said Emperor Ni Chen. At that moment, the referees started counting the points. Wen Ao Feng ranked first, the second one was from the Palace of Medicinal Kings: He was a humble young man. The third one was one of the cultivators who had lost against Wen Ao Feng, the fourth one was Gu Li, the fifth one Qi Yu Chen, the sixth one was someone from the Celestial Wen Castle, then Qiao Chi Feng, Zhou Tian Ruo and Xia Tian Fan.

"Not bad, amongst you eighteen geniuses, does anyone want to join Qing Di Mountain?" asked Emperor Ni Chen joyfully. Many of them looked extremely happy. Emperor Ni Chen was inviting them personally. Apart from Wen Ao Feng, the others weren't already members of Qing Di Mountain.

"I do, Master!" said many of them, bowing before Emperor Ni Chen. How could they miss such an opportunity?

"Wait." said someone at that moment.

The crowd turned around and saw Lin Feng walking towards the battle stage.

"Lin Feng!" shouted the emperor in purple clothes. Was Lin Feng insane? Was he going to cause trouble again? Had he forgotten that he couldn't show how strong he was?

"Lin Feng, come back here!" shouted the emperor in purple clothes furiously.

He slowly turned around and smiled, "Master, Qi Yu Chen got to represent us on the battle stage, so why can't I?"

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