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PMG Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566: All The Everlasting Bronze Plates!

"What's going on?" thought the crowd as they stared at the map. They looked at it, but they didn't recognize it at all. It wasn't in Qing Di Mountain's territory.

The medium-level emperors from the nine great celestial castles recognized that place, but they didn't look happy at all. It was that place, they couldn't go there, there were too many strong cultivators there. People from the nine great celestial castles all remained silent, even the members from Qing Di Mountain remained silent.

"Maybe that there is one more bronze plate, maybe it's still not complete!" thought the crowd, but they already knew that it wasn't possible. Since the palace was so far away though, why had the five bronze plates showed that place? Had the Everlasting Celestial Emperor died there?

"Everybody, who has the fifth bronze plate?" asked a strong cultivator from the Palace of Medicinal Kings glancing around. "If you have the fifth Everlasting Bronze Plate, we'll have the complete map and we'll be able to find the palace."

Everyone remained silent. Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling because he had the fifth one, but he didn't know what to do.

"If you don't have it, the nine great celestial castles can take the plates back and when the fifth one appears, we can meet again." said the white-bearded old man. He wanted to get all the bronze plates for himself.

"I don't agree. If you take take them and the fifth bronze plate appears, we won't know about it." said someone in a cold way.

"Indeed, but maybe you have the fifth one!"

"I think that the nine great celestial castles should control the Everlasting Bronze Plates, that's the best solution. Otherwise, they could get lost, and who'd be responsible if that happened?" asked a strong cultivator from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. The nine great celestial castles were finally joining hands.

"I don't agree." said Lin Feng indifferently. Many people looked at him. Even though he wasn't an emperor yet, he had the Yao Ye Amulet, so he represented Yao Ye Island.

Lin Feng looked at everybody in a calm and serene way as he said, "I'm the one who should manage them."

"He?!" the crowd was flabbergasted!

"Lin Feng, give us one single reason to let you manage the bronze plates." said someone.

"After I take the bronze plates, I'll stay inside Celestial Qi Castle, and I won't leave at all. Everyone can observe me, and with my strength, if the last one appears, I won't be able to run away or leave with all of them. Therefore, it'd be the safest choice." explained Lin Feng indifferently.

Indeed, if the nine great celestial castles took the bronze plates, n.o.body would be able to control them, but if Lin Feng had them and the last one appeared, he wouldn't be able to escape with them.

"Besides, my social status is special, if I manage the bronze plates, the nine great celestial castles will have to protect me and ensure that I'm safe at all times. If anyone attacks me at night like tonight, the nine great celestial castles will all be held responsible. Later, if someone has the fifth bronze plate, they'll come, and we'll do everything together. Isn't the plan perfect?"

Everybody seemed pensive. His idea wasn't bad.

"If the nine great celestial castles don't agree, it's only because they want to keep the map for themselves." said Lin Feng, coldly glancing at the white-bearded old man and smiling coldly. He then looked at Qin Zheng and Xuan Chen and said, "I promise in front of the strong cultivators from Celestial Qinling Palace, the Palace of the G.o.ds, Qing Di Mountain, and Yao Ye Island that I will take care of the bronze plates and that when the fifth one appears, I'll ask my Masters from Yao Ye Island to tell everyone about it!"

"Why you? Why not Wen Ao Feng from the Qing Di Mountain? Or Qin Zheng? Or Xuan Chen?" said someone in a cold way.

"Oh, I don't mind either, we can all switch every two hours and the four of us can manage the bronze plates." said Lin Feng as he smiled in a cold way.

"No need. Brother Lin, you're right, let Brother Lin manage the plates. I will inform the teachers." said Wen Ao Feng. He thought that it would be the same if he took it, or Lin Feng, or if any of them took it.

"I don't mind either." said Qin Zheng and Xuan Chen. Lin Feng wasn't going to escape no matter what.

"Thank you for your help, Brother Lin!" everybody then started leaving. Even though many people weren't happy about it, they had no choice.

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards and smiled at the people from the nine great celestial castles. Then he said indifferently, "A medium-level emperor tried to kill me before. Some of you might still think that since I'm in Celestial Qi Castle, you can easily kill me and have them take the fall. However, I have to warn everybody, I now have four bronze plates, if anyone tries to hurt or kill me, Celestial Qi Castle won't be the only group held responsible! All the nine great celestial castles will be held responsible."

"I hope that it won't happen again, therefore, I want the nine great celestial castles to send some extra strong cultivators to protect Lin Feng." said Qi Yun Xiao in a cold way.

"We can talk about that together." said Lin Feng, taking the bronze plates. None of those people knew that Lin Feng had bought the last plate over a year ago.

Lin Feng now had the fifth bronze plates, so he could see the complete map if he wanted to.

Lin Feng took out a talisman, and a silhouette appeared, it was Emperor Shen Yu.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Emperor Shen Yu after he saw Lin Feng.

"Uncle Shen, the palace appeared, but some medium-level emperors tried to kill me. If I stay here any longer, they'll continue to try and take my life." explained Lin Feng.

Emperor Shen Yu's eyes flashed, and he nodded, "Wait for me. If anything happens to you, remind them that all the animal emperors from Yao Ye Island will come and kill them all."

"Say hi to all the beasts for me!" said Lin Feng smiling. Then, Emperor Shen Yu's silhouette disappeared, leaving the crowd furious. They wouldn't have thought that he was so cruel. They hadn't thought that Lin Feng had so much support, he even called Emperor Shen Yu "Uncle". They couldn't offend Lin Feng any more.

"Jin Chen Jun, bring me to another place." said Lin Feng to Jin Chen Jun.

Jin Chen Jun looked at Qi Yun Xiao who nodded. Qi Yun Xiao nodded at Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, come with me."

After Qi Yun Xiao left with Lin Feng, he glanced at several strong cultivators, asking them to follow. Lin Feng felt like a guest of honor!

PMG Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567: Everlasting Celestial Emperor

Lin Feng went to his room and closed his eyes. He already had the four bronze plates, so he didn't care about the other people anymore. He had called Emperor Shen Yu so that n.o.body would touch him anymore.

Outside, the atmosphere became calm. Lin Feng unconsciously released his celestial book spirit and put the five bronze plates in his demonic territory. Then, he recalled his celestial book spirit. His spirit was the best ring he ever had. n.o.body could find anything once it was in his spirit.

At that moment, his G.o.dly awareness appeared inside his demonic territory. He looked at the five bronze plates as they condensed into a palace. Under the palace, there was a map, and it was a complete map.

"What a strange map. I don't know what that place is." thought Lin Feng. He had only been to a few places so far in the great world. He couldn't know the place on the map, but he had the impression that it was a special place. There were four distinct parts which, at the same time, looked like one. Apart from that, there was a dazzling place on the map which was still blurry.

Lin Feng used his G.o.dly awareness to memorize the map. He didn't know what that place was, but Uncle Yu probably did. Lin Feng just had to wait patiently.

"Boom!" at that moment, the palace disappeared, and a seventy-year old man's silhouette appeared.

Lin Feng was surprised. That silhouette had appeared inside his memories, so was it a silhouette created from the connection of the five Everlasting Bronze Plates?

That old man looked at Lin Feng.

"Are you the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, Master?" asked Lin Feng. That was a thread of G.o.dly awareness which still existed inside the bronze plates.

When the old man heard Lin Feng, he nodded and said, "And what is your name?"

"Lin Feng!" said Lin Feng bowing. He hadn't thought he'd see the old man's G.o.dly awareness.

"Those who enter my palace will die if they're not lucky, so let me ask you something, would you go knowing that or not?" asked the Everlasting Celestial Emperor indifferently.

Lin Feng frowned.

"Master, what is the probability?" asked Lin Feng.

"One person in a hundred will survive." said the old man calmly.

"I give up. Choose someone else." said Lin Feng. He wasn't going to gamble his life at this stage.

"Those who enter will inherit my everything, including all my teachings. Are you sure you wouldn't go?" asked the old man again.

"I'm not going." said Lin Feng refusing. Even without the Everlasting Great Emperor's palace, he'd have many other great opportunities to become a peerless cultivator. It wasn't worth it.

"Alright, you've pa.s.sed my test. Good luck." said the old man indifferently. Then, he turned into a light and penetrated Lin Feng's brain.

Lin Feng shook as memories swamped his brain. Suddenly, Lin Feng smiled wryly. What a mysterious person.

"Before dying, the great emperor put his G.o.dly awareness in many bronze plates which each broke into five pieces, when you connect the five pieces, you find a map and the emperor's G.o.dly awareness condenses, making him reappear. The bronze plates don't just exist in the nine great celestial castles!" whispered Lin Feng.

In that great continent, there were many places like the nine great celestial castles. If they found the five bronze plates and a.s.semble them, they could also find the map and see the emperor's G.o.dly awareness. His G.o.dly awareness was one of the keys.

Was that part of the process of which the emperor sought his descendants after his death? If it was, many people had the chance to become descendants and Lin Feng was one of them. Those people could already find the place where the palace was. Of course, in those other places, maybe those people hadn't found the bronze plates yet.

Anything was possible.

"Bronze plates!" Lin Feng frowned and smiled wryly. The five bronze plates were on the ground, but nothing happened. There were just five bronze plates which looked rather ordinary. The map wouldn't even appear anymore.

"How can I explain that?" thought Lin Feng smiling and shaking his head. People would think he destroyed the bronze plates on purpose.

Lin Feng didn't think too much about it before he fell back to sleep. He practiced cultivation in his dream. Since he had received the emperor's G.o.dly awareness, he'd have to go and see the palace, otherwise, this would have been a waste. He had to get stronger before he left though.

In his dream, he spent a night, on the second day, Emperor Ni Chen arrived and called him to wake him up.

That was the Qing Di Mountain's territory so of course Emperor Ni Chen was the first one to arrive. Since he was there, he wanted to see the map for himself.

Many people were gathered in a courtyard inside Celestial Qi Castle as they hadn't left. First, they had talked of the palace, and then they had heard that Emperor Ni Chen would come, so they had waited for him.

Lin Feng slowly walked through the courtyard. It was the second time he saw Emperor Ni Chen and he looked just as strong as the year and a half before.

"Master, Emperor Ni Chen!" said Lin Feng calmly and politely while bowing.

Back then, he had thought Emperor Ni Chen would help him free his controlled friends, but Emperor Ni Chen had refused him, so he had lost all hope. Then, Emperor Ni Chen and Uncle Yu had agreed to organize a compet.i.tion, so Lin Feng only had to be polite now.

"You have the Everlasting Bronze Plates, right?" said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently.

"Indeed." said Lin Feng nodding.

"Alright, show me them." said Emperor Ni Chen. It sounded normal for him. Lin Feng had the plates, so he had to show them to him.

"I think we should wait for Yao Ye Island, the Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the G.o.ds." replied Lin Feng. He wouldn't be able to explain why nothing happened if he took them out now.

Emperor Ni Chen frowned and said: "What are you saying?"

"I think we should wait for Yao Ye Island, the Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the G.o.ds as well." repeated Lin Feng. Suddenly, Emperor Ni Chen's facial expression changed drastically. How audacious. People from the nine great celestial castles never contradicted him and Lin Feng dared! He was an extremely strong cultivator from Qing Di Mountain!

PMG Chapter 1568

Chapter 1568: Si Xiang City

Emperor Ni Chen was dumbstruck, he didn't release any Qi but Lin Feng still felt oppressed.

However, he remained calm and serene and said nothing.

"You think that I can't look at the map?" asked Emperor Ni Chen calmly.

"I never said that. Some things have changed, so I'd prefer to wait for all the strong cultivators from Yao Ye Island and so on to come first." said Lin Feng.

Emperor Ni Chen remained silent and smiled at Lin Feng indifferently, "Very good, let's wait for Emperor Shen Yu." What he was really thinking though was, "His disciple is too stubborn."

"Thank you very much, Master." said Lin Feng to Emperor Ni Chen. Emperor Ni Chen was wondering what Lin Feng meant by "things have changed"? What changed?

"Lin Feng, you said we were waiting for Emperor Shen Yu, but in the meantime will you tell him to tell us the location? You won't forget it, right?" asked the emperor, he wasn't relaxed at all.

"Don't worry. A promise is a promise." said Lin Feng. The crowd was relieved and waited patiently with Lin Feng.

Four hours later, finally, a sonic boom was heard as a strong cultivator arrived. He was wearing the same robe as Qin Zheng, but even though their robes were similar, the newcomer's robe were s.h.i.+nier. It was a strong cultivator from Celestial Qinling Palace.

"Teacher!" said Qin Zheng. The strong cultivator looked at Qin Zheng and asked, "Where's the map?"

Qin Zheng looked at Lin Feng. Then Emperor Ni Chen stood up and said, "The map is with him. His name is Lin Feng and he's Shen Yu's disciple. He says he wants to wait for everyone before showing us the map."

"Is that so?" asked that person to Lin Feng.

"Indeed." said Lin Feng. His eyes twinkled, as he nodded and said, "Alright, I'm waiting then."

The strong cultivator from the Palace of the G.o.ds met Emperor Shen Yu on the way, so they came together.

"Lin Feng!" shouted Emperor Shen Yu when he saw Lin Feng.

"Brother Shen Yu, finally, you're here!" said Emperor Ni Chen to Emperor Shen Yu. "Your disciple is a good boy!"

Emperor Shen Yu's eyes twinkled, and he said, "I just brought Lin Feng to Yao Ye Island, so he's not my disciple. I can't teach him anything either."

Emperor Shen Yu was very modest. His help had been precious for Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood too many kinds of abstruse energies, so it was funny to hear him say that he couldn't help him.

"Is that so?" asked Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. "Brother Shen Yu, remember what we agreed almost two years ago."

"Ao Feng, come here." said Emperor Ni Chen to Wen Ao Feng, who nodded and jumped forwards. Emperor Shen Yu glanced at Wen Ao Feng and immediately understood. Wen Ao Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

"My disciple has already become an emperor. Maybe that the battle isn't so necessary anymore." said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. That's what Shen Yu had told him back then, that he was blind and that a battle wasn't necessary. He had humiliated him because he had refused Lin Feng.

"Ni Chen, I wouldn't have thought that you were so short-sighted." said Shen Yu indifferently glancing at Ni Chen. "One year ago, on the battle stage, Wen Ao Feng was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. I don't know if he hid his force or not, but it was at least multiplied by seven-hundred, and his abstruse energies were all at the top already. He was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. When I took Lin Feng away, his force was multiplied by eight hundred, he had broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer only, and his abstruse energies weren't even level nine. Wen Ao Feng has broken through to the Huang Qi layer, yes so what? There's nothing dazzling about that. You didn't only bring Wen Ao Feng back to the Qing Di Mountain, what about the others?"

The strong cultivators from Celestial Qinling Palace and the Palace of the G.o.ds didn't interrupt them, they weren't in any hurry to see the map. Rather, they were interested in their conversation.

"You, come and show Shen Yu." said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. Four-five people came out, including Ye Sheng, Qi Yu Chen, and Zhou Tian Ruo, against whom Lin Feng had already fought.

"Ni Chen, you like compet.i.tions. Choose three of them and make them fight against Lin Feng, a battle to death, three against one. If Lin Feng dies, I'll apologize." said Emperor Shen Yu indifferently.

"Three people, together?" the crowd was surprised by his confidence. He was so confident that Lin Feng was that strong? After all, people raised by Emperor Ni Chen couldn't be that weak!

"Interesting!" thought the strong cultivator from Celestial Qinling Palace with his hands crossed on his chest. He looked amused. Emperor Ni Chen was speechless.

But Lin Feng's strength was difficult to evaluate. After all, when he had the strength of the seventh Zun Qi layer, he could already easily defeat Zhou Tian Ruo.

"Stop your bickering, let's see the map instead." said the strong cultivator from the Palace of the G.o.ds.

"It's not over. We'll see when that guy breaks through to the Huang Qi layer." said Emperor Ni Chen in a cold way. He didn't count Qi Yu Chen and the others because he only considered Wen Ao Feng his real disciple.

"We're all here now, so just show us already." said Emperor Ni Chen to Lin Feng in a cold way.

"The bronze plates are useless now." said Lin Feng. Suddenly, the atmosphere became eerily silent and ice-cold. The Everlasting Bronze Plates had become useless? Was Lin Feng provoking all those strong cultivators?

"But after the Everlasting Bronze Plates became useless, the map penetrated my memory. After you see that, you will understand." said Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and four threads of G.o.dly awareness moved into the four emperors' third eyes.

Lin Feng had the maps in his memories, of course, he wasn't going to show them the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's silhouette. He knew that if he didn't show them the map, they wouldn't let him off so easily.

They saw the map but had no way to get into the palace still.

The four emperors' eyes twinkled. The crowd hadn't seen anything. What had Lin Feng done?

"Alright, I'm satisfied." said the strong cultivator from the Celestial Qinling Palace. Ni Chen glanced at Lin Feng, surprisingly, he had the fifth Everlasting Bronze Plates and had fooled everyone to get the four others.

Of course, Emperor Ni Chen wasn't going to say that, otherwise, Lin Feng would have to tell everyone.

"Lin Feng, don't forget what you said." said someone hastily. What had Lin Feng seen?

"Don't worry, Uncle Yu, I don't know where that place is, so can you tell them?" said Lin Feng to Emperor Shen Yu.

Shen Yu nodded and said to the crowd: "The map points to Si Xiang City!"

"Si Xiang City!" the crowd was stupefied. "How? Why would the palace be in Si Xiang City? After the Everlasting Celestial Emperor died, his people looked for his palace everywhere, so Si Xiang City was completely upside down. How could it still be there?"

"If you don't believe me, you can ask them." said Emperor Shen Yu, pointing at Ni Chen and the other emperors. Then they all nodded back.

"Indeed, it's in Si Xiang City. We should leave as soon as possible. Si Xiang City is gigantic, so it will take some time to search it." said the white-bearded old man from the Palace of Medicinal Kings indifferently, but he glanced at Lin Feng. How could they find the actual palace in Si Xiang City? He had the feeling that Lin Feng had hidden something from them.

"I did what I promised. If you want the bronze plates, have them." said Lin Feng throwing the plates. Then, he said to Emperor Shen Yu, "Uncle Yu, let's go!"

"Alright." said Emperor Shen Yu nodding. Then, Emperor Shen Yu and Lin Feng left quickly. If Emperor Shen Yu hadn't come, Lin Feng wouldn't have been able to leave. n.o.body could prevent them from leaving, but the crowd wasn't happy.

Now they had to go to Si Xiang City, and the three other emperors wouldn't tell them much.

PMG Chapter 1569

Chapter 1569: Fighting Against the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Emperor Again

The news that the Everlasting Emperor's palace was in Si Xiang City spread everywhere. Now everybody now knew about it, however, many people doubted that it was actually there.

Some people even said it was ridiculous. Back then, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace was one of the most terrifying groups of influence in Si Xiang City. Then, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had died, and his people had looked for his palace everywhere, but they hadn't found anything. Now, the Everlasting Bronze Plates were pointing to Si Xiang City, exactly where the Everlasting Celestial Emperor used to be.

Lin Feng and Emperor Shen Yu went back to Yao Ye Island. Emperor Shen Yu explained some things to Lin Feng to help him better understand everything which was going on.

The most interesting part was that Emperor Shen Yu had told Lin Feng something else, he had told Lin Feng the real location of the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.

Back then, in Si Xiang City, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace wasn't far from a celestial mountain in a forbidden area where people would die if they dared trespa.s.s. Lin Feng was speechless, was the Everlasting Emperor's palace really in such a forbidden area? That would explain why the palace hadn't been found.

But even then, Lin Feng still wanted to go to Si Xiang City. He wanted to explore the world. If the place was really dangerous, he wouldn't risk his life in the end. However, he was determined that he had to take some risks.

Of course, Lin Feng wasn't in a rush. He had to become stronger first.

On Yao Ye Island, in a forest, before a hut, there was a beautiful girl concocting a potion. Lin Feng was reminded of Mister Xiao. Back then, Mister Xiao was also an amazing doctor, and his medicine could save people's lives. He and his friend couldn't stop performing research, it was their pa.s.sion.

Even though Yun wasn't a doctor, she loved helping and healing people.

"Lin Feng!" said Mu Yun, smiling in a resplendent way after she saw Lin Feng. There was an old man next to the thatched hut. He was curved but it was as if he had always been like that. He was a fire beast, so his eyes were red like fire.

"Master Huo Jing!" said Lin Feng to the ape.

"Hey." said the ape nodding at Lin Feng. He liked it quiet, so he just stared back at them.

"Yun, I won't be able to come and see you for a while. I need to study for some time. Then, I'll leave again." said Lin Feng. At some point, Yun would look for Lin Feng when he practiced cultivation, she usually brought fruits and medicine to help him.

"Alright, be careful." said Yun smiling in a resplendent way.

"This world is the beasts' world, but it is simpler than the world of humans." said Lin Feng, smiling to Yun in a gentle way. Then, he sat down.

"I think so too. It's perfect for me." said Yun. Lin Feng lied down nonchalantly. Even though that place was good place to practice cultivation, he couldn't stay there. He had to practice in the outside world sometimes and experience to surpa.s.s bottlenecks.

Lin Feng remained silent for four hours and rested. Then, he stood up and left. He started practicing cultivation and studying abstruse energies. Cultivation layers were now useless to Lin Feng, even if he broke through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, it wouldn't help him at all. He would have to do that at some point to break through to the Huang Qi layer, but before that, he had to improve his abstruse energies to level nine.

One month later, a mountain exploded.

"Roar!" the Great Earth Demon Ape roared furiously and released demonic Qi. He violently jumped forwards with incredible speed, the ground collapsing under his feet.

"Boom boom!" a gigantic demonic hand blotted out the sky. In the sky above Lin Feng, an infinite amount of demonic shadows fell like meteorites.

"Wind Chant!" Lin Feng moved like the wind using wind and empty s.p.a.ce energies, practically disappearing from site.

"Where are you going!" shouted the Great Earth Demon Ape as he slapped the sky with his almighty palm. His cosmic energies turned into a gigantic Earthen hand and a cage made from Earth appeared.

"Great Earth Destruction!" the cosmic energies turned into a cage, causing the wind to disperse. Lin Feng didn't stop though.

"Boom boom boom!" the hand crashed onto the ground, leaving a gigantic crater. Demonic Qi rose to the skies as another punch appeared. At the same time, another hand appeared, this one contained aggressive demonic strength which blocked Lin Feng's path.

"Slas.h.!.+" sword lights shot out. Then, Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged the attack again.

"Boom!" The Great Earth Demon Ape trampled the ground, leaving a gigantic footprint crater. He finally stopped and looked at Lin Feng furiously.

"Lin Feng, you're so fast!" said the Great Earth Demon Ape. Force multiplied by a thousand already had no effect on Lin Feng anymore. Because the Great Earth Demon Ape was an adept at close combat, Lin Feng could counter all his attacks.

With such speed, the Great Earth Demon Ape could only get upset with Lin Feng.

Of course, emperors, even if they were slow, were usually faster than cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. But because the Great Earth Demon Ape was a beast and had better attack than speed, and because Lin Feng was terrifyingly fast, the Great Earth Demon Ape couldn't catch up with Lin Feng in terms of speed.

"It's alright. Now, you can't bully me anymore." said Lin Feng laughing. When he had just arrived on Yao Ye Island, the Great Earth Demon Ape always bullied him, but now he could finally end that!

"I'm done." said the Great Earth Demon Ape taking a breath.

"Hey, buddy, let me try too!" said Lin Feng.

"Boom!" Lin Feng punched the Great Earth Demon Ape's chest, causing lights to spread out in every direction. A terrifying strength almost stunned the Great Earth Demon Ape. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng's tiny body.

"Boom boom!" The Great Earth Demon Ape kicked Lin Feng, causing him to fly away. The sky shook, and the great ape was pushed back a few steps. Lin Feng's punch was powerful!

The Great Earth Demon Ape raised his head, he couldn't believe it. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Little boy, you can go and travel now."

"That's exactly what I intend to do, see you soon, buddy!" Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. He waved at the Great Earth Demon Ape while leaving. The Great Earth Demon Ape had a big smile on his face after thought about how scary Lin Feng was becoming.

PMG Chapter 1570

Chapter 1570: Si Xiang City

In the sky above a boundless area, there was a gigantic group of people flying in the sky. There were strong winds and beasts too. They all blotted out the sky.

At that moment, there was a sharp sword travelling in the clouds, whistling and emitting blasting sounds as it flew.

It was Lin Feng. He was gazing into the distance as he appreciated just how vast the great world was. If he had been in the small world, he wouldn't have been able to see such varying landscapes. People were sitting on clouds, each of their Qi was incredible. Some of them were even enigmatic and unfathomable cultivators.

Strong cultivators were numerous in the great world, and as Lin Feng became strong, he continued seeing people who were even stronger than him. Someday, he'd definitely stand at the top of the Continent of the Nine Clouds though.

The sword he was riding on was his Tian Ji Sword. It was now even faster than the gigantic sword he had received. Si Xiang City was extremely far from Yao Ye Island. So, he needed to travel as fast as he could. Many strong cultivators had already started their journey to Si Xiang City, but Lin Feng hadn't followed them. He had decided to practice cultivation for a while instead. He had already left Yao Ye Island for a month before he finally reached the sky above Si Xiang City.

Si Xiang City was gigantic, much larger than Ba Huang in the small world. Lin Feng's target destination was the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace, located inside the forbidden area.

Many other people were looking for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace already. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's G.o.dly awareness had told Lin Feng that he had left many bronze tablets in that world, so there were probablywould be more individuals who had a piece of the old man's awareness. Even if they didn't have five bronze tablets, with just three or four, they could still know that the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace was in Si Xiang City.

According to legends, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace contained the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's teachings and memories. Many incredibly strong cultivators were attracted by the dream of getting their hands on them. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's everlasting spells were unfathomable, so much so that some of his disciples had become incredible cultivators themselves. Many of them had even become great emperors!

Of course, Si Xiang City's people didn't fear seeing more tourists or migrants. These immigrants helped contribute to the strength of the city.

If Lin Feng hadn't received the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's G.o.dly awareness, he wouldn't have come to Si Xiang City at all. There were countless powerful cultivators who were looking for the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. There were even many great emperors who were looking for those vestiges. However, the G.o.dly awareness had warned Lin Feng about that.

"What a great sword!" said someone at that moment. There were four people, amongst them, there was a beautiful woman who was looking at Lin Feng. She had seen Lin Feng and his Tian Ji Sword, and she was amazed. Lin Feng's sword had great thunder and wind energies. It also had seven colors gleaming from it.

Those people all had swords on their back, making them look like sword cultivators. Therefore, the beautiful woman had noticed Lin Feng particularly.

One of the young men with her looked at Lin Feng and said, "Swords are used to kill people, those who use swords as ornaments shouldn't be called sword cultivators, they also don't deserve to practice sword cultivation!"

"That's your opinion. There are many ways to achieve enlightenment and there are many ways to practice sword cultivation! Each person is different and will choose different paths in life. What you like isn't necessary applicable to other people." said the girl indifferently. Next to her, there was a young man dressed in black clothes, his eyes were closed as he thought about this. He had an ancient sword resting on his back, sheathed.

"What you say is not groundless, but I've always believed that sword cultivators are killers and not people who try to dazzle." said that young man again. The girl wasn't looking at him anymore though, so he was a bit annoyed. She looked at the young man in black clothes. Ever since he had joined Sword Mountain, she had been interested in him.

"How can you judge a person just by looking at their sword? They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover." said the girl putting as she brushed her hair away. The one in black clothes still remained silent.

She was annoyed. He didn't pay attention to anyone, it was no wonder that girls liked him, because of his mysteriousness.

"Ruo Xie, open your eyes and tell us what you think!" said the girl to the young man in black clothes. Ruo Xie opened his eyes and asked, "Where?"

"There, that beautiful sword!" said the girl smiling and pointing at the Tian Ji Sword. Ruo Xie turned around and saw the Tian Ji Sword. He was astonished. He looked at the young man in white clothes on the sword, then he suddenly smiled in a resplendent way.

The girl was surprised to see Ruo Xie smile in such a resplendent way. This was a guy who rarely showed any emotion!

"Quick!" said Ruo Xie accelerating and moving at full speed.

"Lin Feng!" shouted a voice. Lin Feng suddenly turned around after he heard that familiar voice.

Lin Feng saw a friend and he smiled back in a resplendent way.

"Ruo Xie!" They were happy to see each other again.

They both stretched out their hands and b.u.mped fists.

"I'm so happy to see you again." said Ruo Xie, sighing. They hadn't met for two years now. They were like brothers in the small world, not knowing if the other was still alive.

Lin Feng nodded, he was also happy. Where were the other disciples from Tiantai?

"Lin Feng, how is our teacher?" asked Ruo Xie. He suddenly seemed nervous. Lin Feng and Emperor Yu had left together back then, but Emperor Yu wasn't with him now, so he was worried.

"We haven't met each other for one and a half years now, but when we left, he was already cured! With his strength, even in the great world, as long as he's careful there shouldn't be any problems." said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie felt a bit relieved.

"Do you have any news from our fellow disciples?" asked Ruo Xie.

"Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan are being controlled by Celestial Qi Castle." said Lin Feng.

Ruo Xie looked furious after he heard that. He had escaped from Celestial Qi Castle and had spent a lot of time in the desert. Of course, he knew about the nine great celestial castles, so when things had calmed down, he left and had joined Sword Mountain.

"Ruo Xie, what about you? Do you have any news from our brother Mu Chen?" asked Lin Feng. He was used to calling him Mu Chen.

"He controls soul cosmic energies, so he must be fine. Concerning our second brother, I saw him break free and escape. I don't know where he went. I have no news from the others though." said Ruo Xie. He was worried and hoped that everybody was fine.

"Someday, the eleven disciples of Tiantai will reunite!" said Lin Feng. They had to become stronger if they wanted to annihilate Celestial Qi Castle and save all their friends, including Yuan Fei. Lin Feng wanted to bring Yuan Fei to Yao Ye Island to see all the powerful animals there.

"Lin Feng, what if Tiantai rose in the great world? Then all the disciples would be reunited." said Ruo Xie. Lin Feng's eyes twinkled.

Tiantai, in the great world… Rebuild Tiantai!

"In a hundred or a thousand years, we won't be the only ones who would have come out of the small world. Maybe if Tiantai rises, we'll be able to recruit some of those rising cultivators and we'll be able to take control over the small world! That is also our teachers' dream!" explained Ruo Xie.

PMG Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571: Former Site

There were eleven disciples in Tiantai, apart from the three who were controlled by Celestial Qi Castle and Ruo Xie, there were six other people from whom they had heard no news. If Tiantai could rise in the great world, they'd have to gather all the disciples.

They'd also need Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

Besides, Mu Chen also controlled the Watchers and wanted to achieve certain goals with them, including the destruction of the Imperial Union. They also hoped that the small world could become a free world, removing external forces from controlling them.

"We're not strong enough, so we can't control a group of influence in the great world. We could easily be destroyed by others if we tried. However, I'll keep that in mind. When we become stronger, we can try then." said Lin Feng after having remained silent for a few minutes. Ruo Xie agreed, of course.

"Indeed, I understand." said Ruo Xie nodding.

"Ruo Xie, is that one of your friends from the small world? I wouldn't have thought that you people could be so determined, but it's a good thing. To establish an influential group in the great world, you need a high-level emperor at least. It's a bit too early to talk about that though." said the young man with whom the girl had been talking before.

"Brother Ruo Xie, you're not in the small world anymore." said that young man.

"Thank you very much for your advice." said Ruo Xie calmly. He was talking to Lin Feng and didn't want that young man to join their conversation.

"By the way, where do you practice cultivation these days?" asked the young man to Lin Feng indifferently. "On an island!" Lin Feng replied.

"You should join Sword Mountain, I see that you're also a sword cultivator, Sword Mountain is a paradise for sword cultivators. I can even recommend you." said the girl politely smiling at Lin Feng.

"Sister!" said the young man angrily. He then added, "Sister, people have their own way of practicing cultivation, and the Sword Mountain doesn't recruit people that easily. It's not something you do just like that."

"Trying doesn't harm anyone." said the girl.

"Of course, if you want to try and join Sword Mountain, no problem, we really can recommend you, but it still won't be an easy process." said the young man smiling at Lin Feng.

"It's alright but thank you." said Lin Feng. He didn't know why that young man was making fun of him, but he didn't feel like arguing with them.

"Ruo Xie, let's talk privately." said Lin Feng to Ruo Xie. Then, both silhouettes flickered, and they moved far away.

"Lin Feng, in this world, people are not like us. It's much easier to become stronger in this world." said Ruo Xie calmly. That young man kept provoking Lin Feng because he liked that girl and partly because they were from a small world.

"They haven't gone through as many hards.h.i.+ps as we have and they're not as wise and mature." said Lin Feng nodding.

"Indeed, in this world, there's a kind of pill people take at birth which changes their bodies. Afterwards, it helps them swallow the Qi of the Earth and sky before having even started practicing cultivation. There can even be Tian level babies born in this world. Everybody takes that pill at birth in this world, even if it's expensive, their elders will find a way to buy it."

Lin Feng was astonished when he heard Ruo Xie and smiled wryly. It reminded him of those people in the Celestial Walls Manor who had grown up with an understanding of force, and on top of that they inherited a powerful blood-strength from their ancestors.

Those people were already Tian level cultivators when they were babies, at that time, they were still trying to find themselves. They didn't know what they wanted to become in the future, at the age of fifteen, in the great world, people were already Zun cultivators…

"Apart from that, where are you going now?" asked Ruo Xie to Lin Feng.

"I'm going to the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace." replied Lin Feng. Ruo Xie smiled and said, "You also came for that?"

But Ruo Xie looked nervous and said: "Lin Feng, many disciples from Sword City came here. We're a small group but according to legends I've heard in Sword Mountain, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace shouldn't have appeared in its former location. We should try some other places and try our luck."

"I've also heard that it could be in the periphery of its former location." said Lin Feng smiling. Ruo Xie nodded and said, "Alright, I'll stay with you, but we shouldn't hope too much."

Then, they both accelerated. Those behind them had to struggle to catch up with them because they were too fast.

"Ruo Xie, where are you going?" asked the girl.

"Great Imperial Everlasting Palace's former location." said Ruo Xie.

The girl frowned, and the young man said mockingly, "Are you insane? Why would the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace be on its former site?"

"I didn't ask you to come." said Ruo Xie indifferently. The young man looked upset as he said to the girl, "Since it's that way, we can separate from them."

"Indeed, you can stay alone, I'm going with Ruo Xie!" said the girl. Then she caught up with Ruo Xie and Lin Feng and the young man behind looked even more upset. However, he still chased after them.

One day later, Lin Feng and the others arrived in another place in Si Xiang City. There were gigantic ruined palaces resting in front of them, it looked like a former city.

"The Great Imperial Everlasting Palace's former site." thought Lin Feng. Even though there were only ruins, it still looked majestic. Lin Feng could imagine the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace back in the days, lofty, domineering, majestic.

"Back then, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor lived in his own palace, which is the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace we talked about. It disappeared along with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, though, it used to be here." said the girl pointing at an empty field. There were ruins all around, but the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace had long since disappeared. All the other palaces around were palaces where his disciples lived.
"I've heard that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fell because of one or several of his disciples. I don't know whether it's true or not." said the girl.

"Sister!" shouted her fellow disciple suddenly. He looked grave and solemn. The girl suddenly stopped talking as if she realized that she had said something she shouldn't have. Even though the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had fallen, some of his disciples were still alive, and some of them were even terrifying great emperors. They could destroy Sword Mountain entirely if they wished so.

There were many others there with them, all trying to find the same thing.

Lin Feng glanced at the people around them. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor had fallen for so many years and yet it still attracted so many people. What an honor!

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