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PMG Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606: Celestial Summer Castle

After Muyi went back to his room, Lin Feng was completely alone. When Muyi asked him if he had friends imprisoned in Celestial Qi Castle, Lin Feng had already guessed what was going on. Now they knew he was Lin Feng, and the only one who could have guessed that would be Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi.

If he showed up, it'd prove it was him, but even if he didn't admit it, they'd still kill his friends because they were sure it was him.

However, Lin Feng also wondered whether they'd dare kill him or not, after all, he was now a member of Yao Ye Island.

"If I show up as a deployment spell caster, Celestial Qi Castle will kill me." thought Lin Feng. They wouldn't let someone live if that person could pose a threat to their security.

"Pfew…" Lin Feng continued thinking about it while continuing to make talismans.

That night, an invisible and inaudible shadow crossed the courtyard. One couldn't see it unless there was light, and even then, they'd only see a shadow on the ground.

Inside the buffer zone, on the side of Celestial Summer Castle, things were very calm. People were either sleeping or practicing cultivation. However, that shadow appeared and started sleeking about.

In one of the rooms, Xia You said, "Who?"

"It's me, Lin Feng." said a voice. Xia You was surprised, Lin Feng? What did he want from him?

"Come in." said Xia You indifferently. A shadow appeared in front of Xia You, he smiled and said, "Master Mu En, you're here, you're brave!"

Since Lin Feng was there, it proved the rumors were true, Lin Feng was Mu En.

"I came to see you, Master. Why would I need to be brave for that?" said Lin Feng, smiling.

"Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness are looking for you everywhere. Are you not afraid that we could capture you and hand you over to them?" asked Xia You in a cold way.

"Would it be benefit you to do that, Master?" asked Lin Feng.

"So, what do you want?" asked Xia You, standing up. He looked enthusiastic.

"I want to make a deal with you. In three days, Celestial Qi Castle plans to kill me, but I want you to attack and take me away safely." said Lin Feng.

Xia You was surprised and asked, "You want me to offend three groups of influence? What do you have for me in exchange?"

"Muyi and I have obtained two of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's great deployment spells, the shattering and the illusion deployment spells. You must have heard of the explosive power of the shattering deployment spell. You can have both, so what do you think?" Lin Feng asked. "Besides, Celestial Summer Castle doesn't need to show up, you just have to protect me and help me leave safely."

"That explains how he's become so strong, he obtained some of the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's great deployment spells." thought Xia You. He was tempted of course. With the strength of the Zun Qi layer, Lin Feng had managed to kill seven emperors. If the Celestial Summer Castle could get those, they'd become a lot stronger and their territory would be better protected.

"What if I captured you now and made you give me the deployment spell?" asked Xia You. Lin Feng must have known that Xia You was strong enough to do that.

"I told Muyi I was coming here, and if I don't go back, he'll inform everyone, including Yao Ye Island. If Celestial Qi Castle wants to kill me, they have their own reasons, however, if you decide to kill me because of the deployment spells I have, I don't think Yao Ye Island will be happy." said Lin Feng calmly.

"No wonder you're not worried. What if I can't protect you when the right time comes." asked Xia You.

"Master, if you accept, I'll transmit the illusion deployment spell to you right away. Then, after you help me leave safely, I'll transmit the shattering deployment spell to you. Of course, if I realize that you didn't do your best on the D-day, you can forget about it. However, if you want to obtain my illusion deployment spell and then don't appear on the D-day, even if I die, Yao Ye Island will remember you and will come to settle accounts." explained Lin Feng. "Now, I need an answer. I need to go and find some other people as well."

It seemed like Lin Feng had spent some time planning this out.

"Alright, it's a deal." said Xia You, nodding.

"Great, I'll transmit the illusion deployment spell to you now then." said Lin Feng, condensing his G.o.dly awareness. It then emerged from his third eye and moved to Xia You's third eye.

"Master, I'm off." Lin Feng then quickly left the room and disappeared in the darkness.

Xia You left the room and looked at the shadow, whispering, "He's incredible. Such young people are rare. Even if we don't make friends with him, we can't be enemies."

Celestial Qi Castle and the others wanted to kill Lin Feng, but who knew what he would do in the future?

Lin Feng left Celestial Summer Castle and went to his second target.

Muyi was in front of Lin Feng's door, but it was closed. Muyi looked at the sky, noting that the sun was high above the city. The weather was good, but Lin Feng didn't seem to care about appreciating it.

Muyi had mixed feelings, he was sad for Lin Feng and at the same time, he was happy that he didn't go. It was difficult to explain.

"What is he doing?" whispered Muyi. He wanted to inspect Lin Feng's room with his awareness. He hadn't disturbed Lin Feng the past few days, but now he wanted to see what he was doing or how he was feeling.

He opened the door and looked astonished. Where was Lin Feng?

"How come?" Muyi was surprised, he hadn't heard Lin Feng leave. He had been observing Lin Feng's house for two days and he hadn't seen anything.

"Moron." thought Muyi. Maybe Lin Feng left the other day and hadn't come back.

He was convinced that Lin Feng hadn't ran, so there was only one reason, Lin Feng didn't want Muyi to be involved, so he hadn't told him he was going.

"What a guy." thought Muyi, smiling wryly. Then, he disappeared from there and immediately flew towards Celestial Qi Castle's buffer zone.

Muyi wasn't the only there, countless people knew about Master Mu En and Lin Feng now. The one who had cause trouble 4-5 years ago had come back and pretended to be someone else, then he tried to cause trouble between Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings.

"Are those Lin Feng's friends? They look extraordinarily strong, at least they aren't any weaker than the younger generation from Celestial Qi Castle. They have potential!" thought the crowd.

Would Lin Feng show up though?

Many people thought that Lin Feng would die if he showed up.

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi, Qi Qian Xing, they were all there looking at Yuan Fei and three other disciples from Tiantai in a cold way. Would this work?

Strong cultivators from the Palace of Medicinal Kings and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness were there too. If Lin Feng showed up, they'd make sure he died.

PMG Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607: Kidnapping Lin Feng

Emperor Dong took a step forwards and glanced at the crowd, Lin Feng could change his face, so he might be in the crowd.

"Lin Feng, I now you're here, just come out." said Emperor Dong. Everybody heard him, even those who were far away.

Emperor Dong's robe fluttered in the wind and he was smiling a cold way. If Lin Feng didn't come out, they were going to kill his friends.

"Master Mi." Emperor Dong turned around and bowed before Master Mi. Master Mi looked at Yuan Fei and the others, "You four, fight against each other. When one person dies, stop."

Yuan Fei and the others' mouths twitched. They glanced at each other, and even though they didn't want to, they had no choice but to obey Master Mi.

Qi Yun Xiao, Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and Jin Chen Jun guarded the surroundings.

"Lin Feng won't come." thought the crowd. The probability that Lin Feng would come was small, everybody knew that, but they still came.

However, at that moment, a silhouette rose up in the air from the crowd. He was wearing a white robe, he looked handsome, and had long black hair.

"Lin Feng, it's you." said Emperor Qi. He had guessed right, Mu En was Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, I, Zhou Tian Xiao, will kill you." shouted Zhou Tian Xiao furiously. It was Lin Feng!

Other members from Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were all staring at Lin Feng.

"I am here. Master Mi, make them stop fighting." said Lin Feng. Master Mi waved and said, "Move back."

Yuan Fei was bleeding. He looked up at Lin Feng with bloodshot eyes. He looked sad because he was being controlled. He was sad because his friend, whom he considered a brother, had come to die for him. However, what he felt in his heart different from what he thought rationally, his soul was sealed, and he could only listen to orders.

Ban Ruo and the others felt the same. They felt humiliated, but they could only listen to Master Mi's orders.

"I'm very surprised, Lin Feng, I can't believe you're Master Mu En." said the white-bearded man from the Palace of Medicinal Kings. Lin Feng had killed seven of his emperors and would pose a threat to them in the future.

"Back then, you said you'd make the Palace of Medicinal Kings pay, and now I really think you could do it if it weren't for the fact that you're not going to leave today." Many people rose up in the air behind Lin Feng, blocking his escape. There were a dozen emperors in that group.

"Don't you fear Yao Ye Island?" asked Lin Feng to the crowd.

"Of course we do, but do you think you can do whatever you want thanks to Yao Ye Island? Those things are between you and us, not Yao Ye Island and us. Qing Di Mountain won't let Yao Ye Island get involved anyways." said Qi Yun Lei. "Lin Feng, cripple your own cultivation and we won't kill you."

"Cripple my own cultivation? Ridiculous!" said Lin Feng smiling coldly. He glanced at Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi and said, "You guessed it was me, right?"

"We also came up with the idea of killing your friends to make you show up, and it worked." said Emperor Qi.

"You will regret that very quickly." said Lin Feng, glaring at Emperor Qi. Then, he glanced at the crowd, and his eyes gradually became pitch-black, "Celestial Qi Castle, listen to me carefully, if you kill me, fine, but if I leave, don't threaten me using such methods again. If you do, I won't show up, instead I will make all of the strong cultivators from Yao Ye Island come and kill you without exception."

Lin Feng then released demonic Qi which dashed to the skies. "Remember what I said. I always follow through on what I say. I'm a demon cultivator, so I don't have emotions, therefore, I hope for you that there won't be a second time."

There were thirty powerful emperors there while Lin Feng was alone with Muyi. Lin Feng was a demon cultivator but was he actually emotionless? Why had he shown up if he was emotionless?

"You think you can escape?" asked Qi Yun Xiao, "Capture him."

A few emperors moved towards Lin Feng, reaching for him.

Boom!" suddenly, in the distance, black silhouettes appeared and divided themselves into two groups of around ten people.

"Eh?" Those people were all emperors. How could Lin Feng persuade around twenty emperors show up?

"Stop them!" shouted Qi Yun Xiao furiously.

"Hurry up and run!" shouted one of those people.

"Do you think you can escape?" Qi Yun Xiao, the white-bearded emperor from the Palace of Medicinal Kings and the medium-level emperor from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness flew forwards. A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng, as well as vines, and golden holy Qi.

Lin Feng shook his hands and talismans appeared. He then threw them around and destructive energies surged out.

"Explode!" Lin Feng threw more talismans. He was covered in a cold sweat because he knew that it would only take a small mistake and he'd die. He moved like the wind using his Wind Chant, and at the same time those people wearing black clothes flew over to him and protected him.

"Go!" said one of them hoa.r.s.ely. Their only goal was to protect Lin Feng.

"Do you think you can leave?" shouted Qi Yun Lei. A golden beam of light appeared, intertwining golden marks then formed, and a cage made from empty s.p.a.ce energies formed.

"A deployment spell, Celestial Qi Castle also has deployment spell casters. Even though his deployment spell isn't as powerful as Lin Feng's, he's a medium-level emperor so his deployment spell must be, at least as strong Lin Feng." thought the crowd.

"Cage, cage…" Qi Yun Lei jumped forwards.

"Lin Feng, you're going to die!" Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi appeared next to him. Emperor Qi was the first one to release cosmic energies.

"Wind Chant!" Lin Feng started moving in the direction of Celestial Qi Castle.

"Where are you going?" asked Emperor Dong, releasing terrifying empty s.p.a.ce energies. Lin Feng threw a talisman as he ran away. He knew he couldn't fight against medium-level emperors, and he didn't mind using several talismans at this juncture.

PMG Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608: Difficult to Escape

"Stop him!" shouted Emperor Dong, releasing more cosmic energies.

"Explode!" Lin Feng threw another talisman, then suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared next Qi Qian Xing.

He made those talismans using empty s.p.a.ce strength, but because he could only use abstruse energies to make them, he could only travel a short distance.

Qi Qian Xing subconsciously s.h.i.+vered after he saw Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes. They contained both death and cursing energies.

"Empty s.p.a.ce Fissures!" Qi Qian Xing released abstruse energies which moved towards Lin Feng. In the great world, his fissures weren't as powerful as they were in Ba Huang, but still shouldn't be underestimated.

"Great Earth Destruction!" Lin Feng punched the air in Qi Qian Xing's direction. Explosions sounded and Qi Qian Xing's hand crackled. His arm crackled too, it was feeling sore. Lin Feng was too preoccupied with everything going on around him, otherwise, he could have killed him. He had killed a cultivator who was much stronger than Qi Qian Xing with the same attack in the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.

"Lin Feng." shouted Emperor Dong furiously when he heard Qi Qian Xing give a horrible shriek. Then a force multiplied by one-thousand oppressed Qi Qian Xing, a gigantic hand grabbing his head. The last things he saw were Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes.

He was a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, but he could barely compete with Lin Feng. Lin Feng had broken his arm in the blink of an eye, and now his life was in Lin Feng's hands.

Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi, Qi Yun Sheng, and Jin Chen Jun surrounded Lin Feng.

"Let him go!" shouted Emperor Dong furiously.

Lin Feng was still holding Qi Qian Xing by the neck. He looked at Emperor Dong with his pitch-black eyes and said, "If he takes me away safely, I'll think about it."

"So, he will die." said Lin Feng with a demon voice.

"No…" shouted Qi Qian Xing furiously and his body started burning. He looked desperate, was he going to die?

Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi didn't know what to do.


Fwoosh. Lin Feng moved like the wind, this time surprising everybody because he was moving towards Emperor Dong. Lin Feng was insane! Emperor Dong was a medium-level emperor, so how did Lin Feng plan to attack him?

"Don't kill him!" shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously to Emperor Dong. Emperor Dong shook his head, he had almost forgotten about Qi Yun Lei in that moment.

"Even if I don't kill you, I'll cripple your cultivation." thought Emperor Dong. He couldn't kill Lin Feng, so he had to at least cripple his cultivation.

"Explode!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He turned into an illusion and at the same time, a talisman remained.

Boom! A strong wind started blowing as destructive energies surrounded Emperor Dong. Then a loud sound followed. It seemed like Lin Feng's silhouette was going to explode.

"What's going on? Are there two Lin Feng's?" the crowd didn't understand what they were seeing. The one who had thrown a talisman at Emperor Dong and the one who was attacking Emperor Dong were two different people.

Lin Feng was bleeding and covered with sweat. The energies around him were too powerful, if Emperor Dong's attack had completely reached him, it would have crippled his cultivation.

"p.i.s.s off!" Emperor Dong released more energies, but Lin Feng took out another talisman and disappeared again. He glanced at Emperor Dong, noticing that his talisman had exploded off one of Emperor Dong's arms!

"A medium-level emperor lost his arm!" the crowd s.h.i.+vered. Jin Chen Jun and the others didn't feel like attacking Lin Feng anymore. Emperor Dong had been too careless, he wanted to kill Lin Feng, but then Qi Yun Lei shouted and distracted him. He thought that he could cripple Lin Feng's cultivation with that attack, but Lin Feng had prepared a rather powerful talisman. Emperor Dong hadn't dodged because he hadn't thought that Lin Feng wouldn't attack him head-on like that. Then, he had tried to attack Lin Feng again, but Lin Feng was too fast and dodged.

"You're a bunch of tras.h.!.+ You are emperors, but you can't even deal with him!" shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously.

"Seal the area!" shouted Qi Yun Sheng. The emperors surrounded Lin Feng once more.

Lin Feng glanced at them and then jumped away without hesitation. Luckily, Celestial Summer Castle and the Ancient Celestial Castle had sent so many emperors to help him. Besides, he also had his talismans to protect him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to do anything.

Lin Feng moved towards Emperor Qi this time.

Emperor Qi looked concerned, even though he was stronger, he feared Lin Feng after what he did to his father's arms. If Lin Feng used a talisman to attack him, he'd die.

While Emperor Qi hesitated, Lin Feng closed the gap between them. At the last moment, Emperor Qi suddenly moved away.

"Piece of tras.h.!.+" shouted Qi Yun Sheng furiously. Emperor Qi was such a moron! Even if he didn't fight Lin Feng head-on, he could defend!

Lin Feng threw two talismans at Emperor Qi as he ran away.

Destructive energies quickly surrounded him, causing the empty s.p.a.ce cage to shake violently.

"Qi Yun Lei's deployment spell is quite powerful." thought Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he couldn't destroy it. At that moment, Emperor Dong and Qi Yun Xiao arrived in front of him, Qi Yun Xiao was shouting furiously. Then a gigantic empty s.p.a.ce, golden hand moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng began to dodge, but Qi Yun Sheng released more energies and a curtain of empty s.p.a.ce energies surrounded Lin Feng.

"Break!" Lin Feng punched the curtain of light, breaking it apart. Lin Feng continued running away but Emperor Dong appeared again, using the hand he still had to release cosmic energies. Emperor Dong didn't hesitate this time, he figured that Lin Feng probably had more talismans.

As expected, Lin Feng took out another talisman, this one containing empty s.p.a.ce strength. With it he disappeared. At the same time, outside of the cage, two silhouettes in black clothes finally broke through the cage, allowing Lin Feng to escape.

"You think you can still escape?" shouted Emperor Dong. He was faster than Lin Feng, so he quickly caught up with him.

But at the same time, a black silhouette moved in front of him and blocked him. Qi Yun Sheng and the others followed Lin Feng, but a thousand deadly punches launched out as Lin Feng continued running away.

Qi Yun Lei glanced at Lin Feng in a cold way and smiled, did he think he could escape? Where to?

At that moment, more people appeared in front of Lin Feng, forcing him to stop. They were even more terrifying than Emperor Dong.

Not far away, Lin Feng noticed Ni Chen from Qing Di Mountain.

"Qing Di Mountain!"

Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way. With his strength, he couldn't escape anymore. There were too many emperors, and with Qing Di Mountain, he had no chance.

PMG Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609: Muyi's Methods

Emperor Ni Chen glanced at the crowd.

"Stop." Emperor Ni Chen yelled. Instantly, everybody stopped fighting. The cultivators in black clothes also stopped.

Emperor Ni Chen glanced at those people in black clothes and said, "I don't care who you are, just leave, now."

Emperor Ni Chen didn't want to ruin the cohesion between the nine great celestial castles, so he made them leave before they showed who they were.

The cultivators in black clothes moved away, they knew they couldn't do much in front of Qing Di Mountain.

After a short time, all the cultivators in black clothes disappeared. The emperors from Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were surrounding Lin Feng.

"What an army…" thought the crowd, speechless.

Lin Feng glanced at the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain. He hadn't thought that Qing Di Mountain would get involved.

He took out a talisman and suddenly, he reappeared a thousand meters away. However, even as he did this Qi was blocking him. How could he escape?

Vines appeared around his body and constricted him. Lin Feng felt like coughing up blood as they strangled him. He released demonic Qi to try and resist.

"Does he still think he can escape?" the crowd was speechless. Against all expectations, Lin Feng took out another talisman. However, a golden hand appeared and blocked him.

"Lin Feng." Yuan Fei clenched his fists and released b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi. He was furious, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Ban Ruo and the others felt the same. Their souls were sealed but they still knew what they were feeling. They were too weak, so they couldn't break the seals on their souls.

Lin Feng looked at Emperor Ni Chen and said, "Are you getting involved because of the tensions between you and Emperor Shen Yu? Or is it because you are friends with Celestial Qi Castle? Perhaps it's because of my abilities when it comes to using deployment spells?"

"I don't need to explain anything to you. Now, cripple you own cultivation and leave. Otherwise, you'll die." said Emperor Ni Chen calmly. He didn't need to justify himself, he could do whatever he wanted with Lin Feng and n.o.body could say a thing about it.

Lin Feng didn't insist. If Emperor Ni Chen was that confident in his decision, then it meant he had already thought about Yao Ye Island.

"Before I cripple my cultivation, you must fulfill your promise to Emperor Shen Yu, a compet.i.tion. Where is your disciple?" asked Lin Feng to Emperor Ni Chen.

"You're already dead, so the compet.i.tion has become pointless. Just cripple your cultivation, I don't have time to waste with you. If you don't, they will." said Emperor Ni Chen indifferently.

However, Lin Feng smiled and said, "Ni Chen, you're a coward. You asked for a compet.i.tion and now you're scared. Emperor Shen Yu is infinitely stronger than you."

"That guy is insane!" thought the crowd. But it didn't matter anymore, he was going to have to cripple his cultivation now.

"If you want to cripple my cultivation, make them come, at least then I'll cripple one or two of their cultivations." said Lin Feng in a demonic voice. With that, he took out many talismans and smiled devilishly.

Ni Chen couldn't attack Lin Feng himself because he was too strong, and his social status was too high. So instead, he said, "Cripple his cultivation."

Emperor Dong, Zhou Tian Ruo, Qi Yun Sheng and the emperors from the Palace of Medicinal Kings released their Qi at the same time, surrounding Lin Feng.

"Argh…" Yuan Fei turned into a gigantic ape after going insane from watching.

Emperor Ni Chen turned his head and saw Yuan Fei, he was surprised, "He's in a frenzy."

"Shut up!" Master Mi appeared in the air above Yuan Fei and lights penetrated Yuan Fei's eyes. Even if Yuan Fei was getting out of control, Master Mi could solve the issue.

"Qing Di Mountain and the nine great celestial castles are bullying a little cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, how amazing!" said someone at that moment. Did someone want to die?

Someone appeared next to Lin Feng and looked at the crowd in a despising way.

"What a powerful army to fight against a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. Hehe. Qing Di Mountain is amazing, no wonder they reign over the region." said Muyi mockingly. Qi Yun Xiao smiled in a cold way and said, "Muyi, initially, we only wanted Lin Feng, but it seems that you want to bring about your own destruction."

"Shut up, who the f.u.c.k do you think you are to talk to me that way?" shouted Muyi furiously. Qi Yun Xiao did shut up, he was wondering if Muyi had a domineering social status?

Lin Feng smiled wryly, thinking that he shouldn't have come.

While everybody else was recovering from his rather sudden entrance, Muyi was talking to Lin Feng using telepathy.

"Who are you, Your Excellency?" asked Emperor Ni Chen indifferently. Even if Muyi was there, Lin Feng was going to die. Muyi was just a medium-level emperor, so he couldn't change anything.

"Open your eyes and you'll understand who I am!" said Muyi in a cold way. Then a talisman appeared in his hand with a big word written on it: Weapon!

"Weapon?" Emperor Ni Chen scrunched his eyebrows. He recognized that it was a fire talisman at least, "Your Excellency, which weapon manufacturing group are you from?"

"Qing Di Mountain's people really are ignorant, surprisingly, you don't even recognize my talisman. You little dog, watch and learn." said Muyi arrogant. He threw his talisman at Emperor Ni Chen and Emperor Ni Chen grabbed the talisman. From what Muyi was saying, he seemed to belong to a very powerful group.

Emperor Ni Chen looked at the talisman and tried to think of all the weapon manufacturing groups he knew of.

"Explode!" Muyi yelled loudly. The talisman Emperor Ni Chen was holding suddenly released a special Qi, causing Emperor Ni Chen's facial expression to change drastically. The weapon talisman exploded, and the Qi surrounded Emperor Ni Chen. At the same time, Lin Feng also used a talisman which contained cosmic energies. The s.p.a.ce around them changed completely and the two of them disappeared.

"Chase them!" shouted Qi Yun Lei furiously. A group of people started chasing them, but Muyi was a medium-level emperor, so he was as fast as them. Let alone Lin Feng kept using talismans, widening the gap between them more and more.

PMG Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610: Sealing the Exit

Qi Yun Lei was the fastest one, whether by strength or determination. They had asked Qing Di Mountain to come to avoid any problems. Back then, when Emperor Qi told them that Master Mu En was Lin Feng, he had asked Emperor Qi to transfer him some images of Lin Feng. After that he had realized that Lin Feng was also the one the great imperial palace was looking for.

At that moment, Lin Feng and Muyi were moving at full speed. Muyi knew that his talisman couldn't slow down Emperor Ni Chen for too long, so they had to hurry. If Emperor Ni Chen caught up with them, they'd be doomed.

"Don't hesitate in using all the talismans you've got." said Muyi to Lin Feng. Lin Feng's entire body felt sore. He already knew he couldn't save any talismans at a time like this.

"There!" Lin Feng pointed at a direction. Lin Feng and Muyi flew above some ruins, at the same time, lights flooded the sky and empty s.p.a.ce strength surrounded them, then they disappeared.

"Teleportation deployment spell!" They sensed the energies from very far away, "There!"

However, Lin Feng and Muyi used another deployment spell and disappeared again. Emperor Ni Chen chased them, but he soon stopped.

"Where are they?" shouted Ni Chen furiously. He had lost them? Lin Feng kept using deployment spells! They couldn't stop Lin Feng and Muyi!

"There, I guess!" said Qi Yun Xiao pointing in a direction. Emperor Ni Chen didn't have time to think as he immediately continued chasing them. However, at that moment, a person in black appeared. He looked ordinary and his wind abstruse energy looked weak, so n.o.body paid him any attention.

After a short time, Emperor Ni Chen flew back looking furious. He couldn't even capture a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. If they didn't manage to capture them, what would everybody think of Qing Di Mountain?

"Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, you go and seal the area. They can't escape, no matter what! Then, tell all the nine great celestial castles, including yourselves, to seal the buffer zone as well. n.o.body can leave the buffer zone now!" said Emperor Ni Chen. Even if Lin Feng changed his face, he wouldn't be able to leave now.

"Hurry up! Guard the area! n.o.body can leave!" shouted Emperor Ni Chen after he saw that n.o.body reacted.

"I'm going to guard the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness's exit!"

"I'm going to the Palace of Medicinal Kings!"

"I'm going to Celestial Qi Castle!" people from the three groups hurriedly flew away with strong cultivators.

Lin Feng and Muyi had changed their faces again, but they didn't run in the direction of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. This time they were running towards Celestial Summer Castle.

"How fast." thought Lin Feng. He wouldn't have thought that almost all the paths could be blocked before the escaped.

During those three days, Lin Feng had cast teleportation deployment spells in many places where there weren't many people. Of course, without Muyi, he couldn't do much, but now things were beyond Lin Feng's calculations.

"What about the paths to the other eight castles?" thought Lin Feng. He then immediately flew towards another city. But once he arrived, he realized that it was blocked too, he couldn't get out.

Lin Feng frowned. All these areas were sealed!

"I can only wait again." thought Lin Feng, sighing. People kept flying above him, seemingly inspecting the crowd.

Time pa.s.sed, and people remained silent. They couldn't leave, but what could they do? Not much.

Celestial Qi Castle didn't kill Yuan Fei at least. Lin Feng posed a threat, so he could come back for Yuan Fei another time and then they'd regret killing him. Also, it was a humiliation for them to kill powerless people.

Time pa.s.sed and on the second day, people could leave, however, they had to queue. The rules were even stricter, people had to leave within seven days, emptying the buffer zone completely.

Lin Feng smiled. He had figured that was something they'd try. Within those seven days, he'd be able to leave, even if it was troublesome.

Lin Feng didn't leave immediately, instead he patiently waited in his room in the guest house.

Emperor Ni Chen was guarding the exit to Celestial Qi Castle as he glanced around and checked everyone pa.s.sing through. There were nine exits in the buffer zone and all of them were guarded by strong cultivators. They just had to wait for Lin Feng to show up…

In the distance, above Buzhou Mountain, a gigantic animal was flying madly through the air. Its cosmic energies would create hurricanes as it flew along. There was someone wearing red clothes riding the animal's back, a gigantic ape, and a bunch of other animals. They were all flying in the direction of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.

PMG Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611: Landing

Lin Feng had no chance to leave the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness's territory. At that moment, the gates were closely guarded by more than ten emperors from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness.

A few days into this lockdown, a strong wind carrying dust and sand rose to the skies from the distance. It was terrifying as it seemed to be getting closer.

"What's that?" one of the emperors gazed into the distance and was startled by what he saw. That wasn't a natural occurrence, there was a silhouette inside that hurricane.

"Master, there's a powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi coming from over there." said a low-level emperor. The thick b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi was getting denser and nearer.

"It's a beast, a terrifying one at that." replied the medium-level emperor who was gazing into the distance. They were starting to get a better view of it as it got closer. It was a type of flying beast.

Suddenly, the medium-level emperor rose up in the air and shouted, "What brings you to the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness?"

"Bzzz!" a terrifying wind blew around him. The gigantic beast stopped and then the emperors from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness saw many beasts and humans resting on the back of the flying beast.

"p.i.s.s off!" the flying beast was hundreds of meters long and was glancing at the crowd in a cold way.

The medium-level emperor suddenly stopped moving and s.h.i.+vered. He realized that this beast could only be from Yao Ye Island.

"Yao Ye Island is here." realized the emperor, shaking. The beast suddenly disappeared from his field of vision and directly went to the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. Something serious was about to happen.

In the center of the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, a terrifying black cloud appeared causing many people to raise their heads and start shaking. It was a terrifying beast.

"Master?" many people were standing behind a cultivator who was wearing a golden robe. They wanted to know what to do.

"This time, it's between the Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island. We can only observe." said that person calmly. The Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness was only one of the nine great celestial castles, so they couldn't deal with Yao Ye Island.

After a short time, they arrived in front of a gate where people were being checked by guards.

"Whom are you looking for?" asked a gigantic ape at that moment. He was black and looked as tall as a mountain. When he glanced around at the crowd, they felt as if they were paralyzed. The ape's voice was also extremely loud, resonating in the whole region.

The strong cultivators from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness looked astonished, they wanted to reply, but words wouldn't come out. Could they admit that they were looking for Lin Feng?

Lin Feng was from Yao Ye Island, just like those beasts.

"You came from so far to pay us a visit, it's our honor…" said a medium-level emperor smiling. His voice was febrile, and he wasn't done talking when the gigantic ape shouted furiously, "We are asking you who you're looking for!"

The strong cultivator's mouth twitched, he was terrified.

"Brother Hei, he's ignoring you." said the beautiful woman in red clothes smiling thinly.

"Dear friends, we've been asked to look for Lin Feng." replied that person.

"Argh!" the ape's energies erupted.

"Let's go…" a few emperors from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness started running away, but the ape raised his gigantic hand and slapped the air. This simple slap was equivalent to mountains falling from the sky.

"No…" a few strong cultivators shouted furiously.

The ground quaked ferociously, and then several gigantic canyons appeared in the ground. The ape himself landed on the ground, causing another gigantic crater to form. On the other side, the mountains which fell from the sky landed on the slower emperors, turning them into stones.

"Dong, dong…" the ape continued running, each of his steps gave birth to earthquakes. Even though he was heavy and slow, each of his steps were wide. The crowd started panicking, just that ape alone was terrifying.

The beasts who were still on the back of the gigantic flying beast jumped and started flying above the buffer zone. Even though they didn't attack, the people on the ground were still terrified.

"Lin Feng, little boy, come out!" shouted the ape extremely loudly. People's eardrums felt like they were going to explode after each syllable.

"They're from Yao Ye Island and they're here for Lin Feng." thought the crowd.

"Let's go back to the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, we can't get involved any longer." said a strong cultivator at that moment. Everybody in his group agreed. Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island could fight each other if they wanted to, but the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness wouldn't do anything against them.

Lin Feng came out of his room and looked at the animals, then he smiled in a resplendent way. His friends from Yao Ye Island were finally here.

"Brother Lin Feng!" Lin Feng raised his head and saw a familiar silhouette in red clothes.

Lin Feng took off his mask and Hu Yue immediately noticed him. She grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

"Brother Lin Feng, I missed you so much." said Hu Yue smiling. Lin Feng smiled wryly and said, "h.e.l.lo Sister Hu Yue!"

Hu Yue enjoyed fooling around with Lin Feng before he left, and since he'd been gone, she'd been bored.

"Who bullied you? Tell me and I'll go and settle accounts with them." said Hu Yue looking angry.

"You're hugging him so tight he can't talk, let go of him!" said Emperor Shen Yu. He was speechless too.

"You talk too much!" said Hu Yue glancing at Shen Yu.

"Uncle Yu!" said Lin Feng smiling. The ground crumbled beneath them as the gigantic ape hopped over.

"Uncle Feng, Uncle s.h.i.+!" said Lin Feng to all the animal emperors.

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