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PMG Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612: Power and Influence

"Lin Feng, who wanted to kill you?" asked the stone ape.

"The nine great celestial castles, but the main perpetrators must be Qing Di Mountain." said Lin Feng. If Qing Di Mountain hadn't gotten involved, he would have escaped already.

"Qing Di Mountain." Emperor Shen Yu looked furious as he said, "Lin Feng, tell us the details."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded and explained the tensions between him and Celestial Qi Castle, and then what had happened after Emperor Ni Chen appeared.

"Argh…" the stone ape roared furiously, causing several buildings around them to explode. As soon as Lin Feng finished his story, the stone ape started running towards Celestial Qi Castle.

The area became chaotic as people were running in all directions. Emperor Ni Chen finally sensed all those b.e.s.t.i.a.l energies at this time. Surprisingly, Yao Ye Island had come and this time, it wasn't only Emperor Shen Yu, but many strong cultivators.

People from Celestial Qi Castle frowned, fearing for their lives.

The ground started shaking under their feet, and then canyons and fissures started forming in the ground around them. The sounds were getting scarier and scarier. Finally, a gigantic black silhouette appeared before them, a gigantic ape.

"They're here." thought the crowd, their hearts were pounding. The gigantic ape suddenly rose up in the air, suffocating everyone there. Emperor Ni Chen was there but he remained motionless.

Some of them raised their heads to see how tall the ape was, but he was so tall that they couldn't figure it out. There was also a wind beast resting on his back. Then Emperor Shen Yu and a beautiful woman wearing red clothes appeared. Lin Feng was standing next to her.

"Those who are not concerned can go p.i.s.s off!" shouted the gigantic stone ape. Instantly, people started running away. Only Emperor Ni Chen and some of the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain stayed.

"Brother Shen Yu, why did you come with so many friends from Yao Ye Island?" asked Emperor Ni Chen in a cold way.

"You're asking me? Brother s.h.i.+, you tell him." said Emperor Shen Yu, also in a cold way. The ape roared furiously and released cosmic energies which turned into a gigantic stone, cras.h.i.+ng towards the ground like a gigantic meteorite.

The gigantic ape suddenly started charging.

"Stop!" yelled Emperor Ni Chen, his facial expression changed drastically. The ape ignored him, and the gigantic stone continued to fall from the sky, oppressing everything beneath it.

Emperor Ni Chen looked furious at this point. He jumped forwards and suddenly, a terrifying light shot out and countless golden lights appeared. The gigantic mountain broke apart and turned into a myriad of small stones.

"Emperor Ni Chen controls two different types of cosmic energies." thought Lin Feng, empty s.p.a.ce and golden cosmic energies. He was thus stronger than an emperor who controlled only one type of cosmic energy.

"Brother, if you want to say something, talk with words." said Emperor Ni Chen to the stone ape coldly.

"First, I'll slaughter someone from Qing Di Mountain and then we'll talk. Lin Feng, whom should I slaughter?" asked Emperor Shen Yu to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised but since Emperor Shen Yu was asking him, Lin Feng wasn't going to refuse the offer.

Emperor Ni Chen looked furious as he said, "You're not scared about things getting out of control?"

"You're from Qing Di Mountain, but you gave one of my people the order to cripple his own cultivation. Weren't you afraid that things could get serious when you did that? Should Yao Ye Island be afraid?" asked Shen Yu. Then, he said to Lin Feng, "Did you choose someone?"

Lin Feng glanced at the people from Celestial Qi Castle, there were so many people he wanted to kill…

"Since I have to choose someone from Qing Di Mountain, I have to choose someone who's also from Celestial Qi Castle." thought Lin Feng. Finally, he looked at someone and that person instantly filled with regret.

Qi Yun Sheng, he was an important member from Celestial Qi Castle and at the same time, he was also a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain.

"Kill him." said Lin Feng pointing at Qi Yun Sheng.

"Emperor Ni Chen!" said Qi Yun Sheng to Emperor Ni Chen. He wanted Emperor Ni Chen to save him. The gigantic stone ape raised his hand and punched the air in Qi Yun Sheng's direction.

Emperor Ni Chen looked upset, but he performed some hand seals, and golden lights appeared. Then explosions sounded, and the golden lights disappeared. Emperor Ni Chen raised his hands again and a golden s.h.i.+eld appeared, moving to block the fist.

However, as they collided, the wind beast moved too. Because he controlled pure wind cosmic energy, few people could compete with him in terms of speed.

"No…" the crowd only heard Qi Yun Sheng shout furiously. A strong wind brushed against his body, and he couldn't open his eyes anymore. When the crowd could see clearly again, Qi Yun Sheng was in the air, the wind beast was holding him in his claws.

"Master Ni Chen, save me!" shouted Qi Yun Sheng, he looked terrified.

Ni Chen raised his head, he wanted to say something but suddenly, Qi Yun Sheng's body was torn to shreds.

"He was an emperor, but he was so weak." thought Lin Feng.

"Shen Yu!" said Emperor Ni Chen. People from Yao Ye Island had killed a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain in front of him, thus they weren't giving him any face.

"Are you angry? Who do you think you are to shout at me angrily?" shouted Emperor Shen Yu.

"Now, we have to talk seriously. How many people got involved in chasing my disciple?" said Emperor Shen Yu, glancing at the people from Celestial Qi Castle.

PMG Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613: Afraid to Fight?

"Talk?" Emperor Ni Chen was baffled. In the world of emperors, talking meant nothing, strength was all that mattered.

"People from Celestial Qi Castle, the Palace of Medicinal Kings, and the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness tried to kill my disciple: Lin Feng. They resorted to various methods to bully him, now, if we want to settle accounts with them, we can." said Emperor Shen Yu. "You have a high status within Qing Di Mountain and you wanted to kill my disciple. You even asked people from the nine great celestial castles to kill him. Ni Chen, I hope you have a good excuse, otherwise, things will get far worse for you."

The strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain looked furious, Shen Yu was threatening them. He was telling them that Yao Ye Island had the right to attack Qing Di Mountain if they wanted to.

At that moment, Qi Yun Lei rose up in the air and flew next to Emperor Ni Chen. Then he said to Shen Yu, "Do you want to know who tried to capture Lin Feng?"

Shen Yu frowned and asked, "Did anyone else get involved?"

"I'm from the Everlasting Palace." said Qi Yun Lei in a cold way.

"Everlasting Palace?" Lin Feng's eyes flashed with insight for second. He remembered that Qi Yun Lei had shouted that they couldn't kill Lin Feng after Emperor Dong tried to kill him. He hadn't thought that the Everlasting Palace would want to capture him.

"It's him, the great emperor in cyan clothes." Lin Feng remembered. There was only one reason, the great emperor in cyan clothes had realized that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had probably transmitted his knowledge to Lin Feng, so he had ordered the Everlasting Palace to capture Lin Feng. That was the only reason why Qi Yun Lei wanted to capture him alive.

"Shen Yu, do you know what you're doing?" asked Ni Chen.

"So it's the Everlasting Palace." Hu Yue slowly walked to Qi Yun Lei and smiled. Suddenly her red robe fluttered in the wind as she flew forwards with incredible speed. Qi Yun Lei wanted to dodge, but Hu Yue managed to grab him.

"Break!" shouted Qi Yun Lei, furiously releasing sharp sword cosmic energies.

"Can you break free though?" said Hu Yue smiling. Qi Yun Lei could feel his blood dripping down his side. In a flash, he lost an arm.

"No, what are you doing!" Qi Yun Lei looked terrified. She was modifying his blood.

"I want your flesh and blood." She suddenly threw Qi Yun Lei to the ground violently. Qi Yun Lei couldn't fight back as his blood was strangely changing.

"I'm from the Everlasting Palace!" shouted Qi Yun Lei. However, Hu Yue just smiled and looked at him, "The Everlasting Palace doesn't want someone whose cultivation has been crippled."

"What are you doing!" Qi Yun Lei stammered. Hu Yue's smile invoked a primal fear in him. His flesh was falling apart, and his blood was rotting. His veins started breaking apart too. She was going to cripple his cultivation!

"Master, no…" Qi Yun Lei finally realized what was going on.

"Am I that old? You should call me Queen!" said Hu Yue giggling.

"Queen, let me go!" Qi Yun Lei begged her. He knew that if she crippled his cultivation, neither the Everlasting Palace nor Celestial Qi Castle would want him anymore. That'd be a fate worse than death.

"I didn't think the Everlasting Palace could have such trash." said Hu Yue. The other cultivators from Qing Di Mountain and Celestial Qi Castle looked terrified.

Ni Chen hadn't thought the cultivators from Yao Ye Island could be so insane. Qi Yun Lei even said that he was from the Everlasting Palace, but Hu Yue still didn't care.

Shen Yu didn't even frown, he just looked at Ni Chen and said, "How could the Everlasting Palace have such trash? I think he was bluffing, he must have only been a cultivator from Celestial Qi Castle. You're only humiliating the Everlasting Palace by saying that. Besides, even if he were from the Everlasting Palace, so what? Since when has Qing Di Mountain been a subgroup of the Everlasting Palace?"

"We are not a subgroup of any other group." said Ni Chen in a cold way.

"Since you're not a subgroup of the Everlasting Palace, why would you want to capture Lin Feng? It's the Everlasting Palace who wants to capture Lin Feng. Are you trying to rise by helping the Everlasting Palace capture disciples from Yao Ye Island?" said Shen Yu. "Now, people from Celestial Qi Castle, p.i.s.s off! It's between Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island, of course, if you want to help Qing Di Mountain, I don't mind."

After Shen Yu said that, the wind beast started blowing insanely towards the people from Qing Di Mountain.

"Where are all the leaders of the nine great celestial castles? Have they disappeared?" shouted Ni Chen. People from the nine great celestial castles looked scared. If the leaders of the nine great celestial castles helped fight against Yao Ye Island, they could oppress them. However, who was willing to offend Yao Ye Island?

If they didn't come though, then Qing Di Mountain would be offended.

They had a dilemma, but the choice was obvious. Even if they offended Qing Di Mountain, it was less concerning because they lived in the same territory. Qing Di Mountain might reproach them, but they couldn't annihilate them. However, if they offended Yao Ye Island, those beasts would attack them, leaving no survivors.

Celestial Qi Castle was already gone. They didn't understand why Yao Ye Island was doing so much for Lin Feng, but they weren't going to stick around to find out. If Emperor Shen Yu was the only one, that wouldn't have been a problem, but so many cultivators had come for him.

"Shen Yu, do you really want to start a war between Qing Di Mountain and Yao Ye Island?" asked Emperor Ni Chen.

"Ni Chen, don't think too highly of yourself. Maybe you're the only one involved, or perhaps Qing Di Mountain is involved, but since you attacked our disciple, we are not afraid of anything. Now, those from Qing Di Mountain who had attempted to kill our disciple must die." said Shen Yu.

"Argh…" the gigantic ape jumped, making the ground explode beneath him. His gigantic hand descended from the sky…

"We'll remember this!" shouted Emperor Ni Chen. Then, he rose up in the air with someone and their silhouettes flickered.

The wind beast wanted to chase them, but Shen Yu said, "Forget it, Ni Chen controls empty s.p.a.ce and gold cosmic energies, he's too fast and strong. Even if we catch up with him, we can't kill him. Let him go. We'll just kill all of Qing Di Mountain's cultivators who are still here."

"Brother Feng, let's have some fun too!" said Hu Yue to Lin Feng. Suddenly, she landed in front of an emperor from Qing Di Mountain, stretched out her slender white hand, and blood appeared. The emperor sensed he was losing control over his blood, just like the other emperor. Suddenly, he looked horrified.

"Brother Feng, forget about me being so brutal." said Hu Yue smiling gently. Blood continued splas.h.i.+ng around her until the emperor turned into a rotten corpse and died.

"That's what happens when there's a huge difference between cultivation levels." thought Lin Feng.

After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng would also understand that even at the same level, there could still be gigantic differences between cultivators. That was already the case for him with people of the same level.

People from Celestial Qi Castle, who were now in the distance, looked terrified. Yao Ye Island didn't fear fighting Qing Di Mountain!

"It's better to offend Qing Di Mountain and not Yao Ye Island." they reminded themselves. The nine castles considered Qing Di Mountain's cultivators strong, but against cultivators from Yao Ye Island, they seemed so weak.

PMG Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614: Breaking the Seals

Amongst people Emperor Ni Chen had brought from Qi Ding Mountain, some of them managed to escape: such as Qi Yu Chen who had left with Celestial Qi Castle. He wasn't only a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain, he was originally from Celestial Qi Castle. Besides, he was a Zun cultivator, so Emperor Ni Chen wouldn't blame him.

"Emperors from Yao Ye Island, you said it was between Lin Feng and Celestial Qi Castle, but he offended us first." said Qi Yun Xiao politely.

"Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are to talk to us like that?" yelled Shen Yu.

No one from Celestial Qi Castle could say anything to Yao Ye Island as they belonged to two completely different worlds. They were acting ridiculous.

Qi Yun Xiao's body felt completely rigid as he realized his mistake.

"Lin Feng, what do you think?" asked Shen Yu.

Lin Feng was thinking, Yao Ye Island had already offended Qing Di Mountain, and now if they offended the nine great celestial castles, things would get even more serious. After all, if Yao Ye Island attacked Celestial Qi Castle, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and the Palace of Medicinal Kings would also get involved. Three large groups like that might oppress Yao Ye Island.

Besides, Lin Feng also understood that Yao Ye Island wasn't his group, and it wasn't Shen Yu's group either. Sometimes he had to rely on himself.

"You can't get involved, Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings are my enemies." said Lin Feng. "Though, I want one person to die."

Qi Yun Xiao and the others all looked upset when they realized who he was talking about. They glanced at Master Mi.

"Oh no, Master Mi can't die!" Master Mi had an incredible status within Celestial Qi Castle. He controlled a large number of their forces, so who knew what would happen if he died.

"Even if you kill me, your friends will never break free from my seal, never." said Master Mi. He was wearing a mask, but Lin Feng knew he was looking at him.

"So, what should I do then?" asked Lin Feng.

"If you don't kill me, I'll break their seals myself." said Master Mi.

Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. He had been waiting for this for a long time. Even if they didn't attack Celestial Qi Castle, Yuan Fei and the others had to be released.

"Bring them here and break their seals in front of me." said Lin Feng.

"Alright, I'll have them come over." Master Mi closed his eyes and called them. He was connected to them through their minds thanks to the seals.

After a short time, a medium-level emperor brought Yuan Fei and the others over.

"You better think carefully and not leave anything dodgy in their brains." said Hu Yue smiling devilishly. Master Mi nodded as he landed in front of Yuan Fei. Then a light penetrated Yuan Fei's G.o.dly awareness. Master Mi knew that even high-level emperors couldn't break those seals, he was the only one who knew the code.

With that, Master Mi slowly broke the seal.

"Argh…" Yuan Fei shouted furiously, looking insane. He was fixedly staring at Master Mi. Suddenly, he raised his fist and punched the air in Master Mi's direction. He had come back to his senses and immediately started swinging.

"Stop!" shouted Master Mi, blocking Yuan Fei's attack. "I broke your seal, so now you're free."

Yuan Fei glared at him for a moment, then he recalled his Qi.

"Argh…" another shout sounded. A silhouette rose up in the air and shouted, "Yuan Fei!"

Lin Feng turned around and noticed someone, then he looked delighted. It was the Great Ape Emperor, he had been staying in the region, but he wasn't strong enough to save Yuan Fei. When he saw that Yuan Fei was freed, he showed up again, this time he was so happy.

"Argh!" the stone ape shouted furiously, Yuan Fei was an ape like him! In Yao Ye Island, there were many apes. He was a stone ape, then there was the Great Earth Demon Ape. But they didn't know what kind of ape Yuan Fei was yet.

The apes gathered and smiled. Then, the Great Ape Emperor and Yuan Fei walked over to Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, thank you." said the Great Ape Emperor. He looked at Shen Yu and the others and said, "Thank you, Masters."

"I wouldn't have thought that you'd be the same type as me. Yao Ye Island is a good place for you, apart from the stone ape, there's also a Great Earth Demon Ape, so you won't feel lonely." said Shen Yu smiling.

"Yao Ye Island." the Great Ape Emperor looked happy and nodded, "Thank you Master for accepting us."

"There are millions of islands in Yao Ye Island, all of them filled with different animals. There's no need to thank me, I'm just accepting one of my own." said Shen Yu. Master Mi also broke Ban Ruo and the others' seals. Ban Ruo and the others came back to their senses looking very upset. They had been controlled for quite a while, their heads were heavy, and they felt guilty. Luckily, Lin Feng was a true friend.

"Are you alright?" asked Lin Feng to Ban Ruo and the others. They all b.u.mped fists and smiled happily.

"You should be thankful; Celestial Qi Castle took care of you and they even healed Xing Zhan's leg. Don't worry about the rest."

"Indeed, we are grateful." said Xing Zhan smiling. Without Celestial Qi Castle, his leg wouldn't have been healed as it was now. Besides, they had become stronger during that time. Celestial Qi Castle had them practice constantly.

"Lin Feng, should we settle accounts with the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness and the Palace of Medicinal Kings?" asked Shen Yu to Lin Feng.

"Uncle Yu, let's go back to Yao Ye Island." said Lin Feng. He didn't intend to fight against them now. If he had the choice, he would have done everything without Yao Ye Island. Because of him, Yao Ye Island had already offended Qing Di Mountain and there was an even more dangerous group, The Everlasting Palace to worry about.

Apart from Qi Yun Lei, n.o.body else from the Everlasting Palace had appeared yet. Lin Feng figured that Qi Yun Lei probably wanted to capture Lin Feng alone and then go back to the Everlasting Palace to improve his status. Lin Feng also thought that Qi Yun Lei didn't know that Lin Feng knew the thousand great deployment spells, otherwise, the great emperor in cyan clothes wouldn't have let a stupid cultivator like Qi Yun Lei try to capture him.

"Alright." said Shen Yu nodding. Then, he raised his hands as to tell everyone that they were going back.

"Argh…" the stone ape shouted at the people from Celestial Qi Castle. He attacked in their direction again, then he turned around and left.

His steps made extremely loud sounds, causing the ground to shake. Everybody ran away, and n.o.body prevented them from pa.s.sing.

"Lin Feng, how did you end up in such a situation?" asked Shen Yu to Lin Feng, now they were on the back of the wind beast.

"I hadn't thought that a disciple from Celestial Qi Castle, who was also a member of the Everlasting Palace, would come back and uncover my real ident.i.ty."

"You should tell me when you're doing such things, then you won't have to take such risks."

Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head. He had problems with the nine great celestial castles, but those things had nothing to do with Yao Ye Island, and he wanted it to stay that way if he could help it. Even if he had known that Qing Di Mountain would get involved, he still wouldn't have told Emperor Shen Yu.

"Lin Feng." Someone rose in the air next to him. Lin Feng smiled and said to the wind beast, "Uncle Feng, that's my friend. Let him come."

The wind beast slowed down and allowed Muyi to jump on his back. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, we're safe."

"Thank you Master Muyi for helping me. They could have killed me before if you hadn't helped. I wouldn't have had time to inform Yao Ye Island then." said Lin Feng smiling. "Master Muyi, come with me to Yao Ye Island. We can continue studying deployment spells there."

Muyi glanced at Shen Yu, and Shen Yu looked at him and said, "Lin Feng's friends are also friends of Yao Ye Island."

"Thank you, Master. I'm alone so I will try not to disturb too much." said Muyi. He was happy to go to Yao Ye Island.

PMG Chapter 1615

Chapter 1615: Suddenly Leaving

Back in Yao Ye Island, in a field full of medicinal herbs, there was a beautiful girl wearing white clothes. She was helping farm some plants. Suddenly, she sensed something. She raised her head and gazed into the distance and saw many people, including Lin Feng.

Mu Yun rose up in the air, she smiled at Lin Feng and said, "When did you come back?"

"We just came back. I brought you some medicinal herbs, I hope they help." said Lin Feng. He had put the herbs he stole from the Palace of Medicinal Kings into a ring, but because he didn't understand herbs at all, he gave them to Mu Yun.

"Thank you." replied Mu Yun, smiling in a gentle way as she took the ring.

"I have to go and see a few emperors. Take care, Yun." said Lin Feng. He didn't want to spend too much time there. Then Mu Yun watched as Lin Feng and the others disappeared. Her mouth twitched like she wanted to say something, but she didn't manage to, instead she just smiled.

Lin Feng went to an island which wasn't that far away.

"Buddy!" shouted Lin Feng. His voice was so loud that the sound waves blew back all the surrounding trees and water. Immediately after, a gigantic demon ape appeared, it was the Great Earth Demon Ape. He smiled after he saw Lin Feng and said, "Did you come to get hurt again?"

"You couldn't hurt me three years ago already." replied Lin Feng smiling. The Great Earth Demon Ape was terrifyingly strong, but Lin Feng was too fast.

"I brought some friends, I hope you can teach them some things." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Argh…" the Great Earth Demon Ape and Yuan Fei shouted, turning themselves into gigantic apes. The Great Earth Demon Ape was surprised and smiled, "Alright, they can stay with me."

"And there's someone else." said Lin Feng. Then Xing Zhan turned into a beast too.

"A horned battle beast!" the Great Earth Demon Ape looked at him and said, "It's the first time I've see one, their only purpose in life is battle. I can't wait to see how strong he is!"

"They can stay with you for now and if you have the time, take them to some of the other emperors." said Lin Feng smiling. Then, his silhouette flickered, Ban Ruo and Li Hen left with him too. Yuan Fei and Xing Zhan were beasts, so the Great Earth Demon Ape was a perfect teacher for them. Ban Ruo and Li Hen were different, Ban Ruo was a Buddhist cultivator, so Lin Feng still didn't know which beast was the best teacher for him.

Li Hen was a singer, controlling soundwave and illusion abstruse energies. Lin Feng already knew who to take him to.

Lin Feng had spent years in Yao Ye Island, so he knew more than most how helpful the beast emperors were. He hoped his friends could stay there to study cultivation, one day breaking through to the Huang Qi layer.

After a short time, Lin Feng landed on another island, this time he was looking for Hu Yue.

"Sister Hu Yue, I would like to ask you something." Hu Yue was an empress and she was very familiar with the islands. Back then, she had taken him to many places, so maybe she could do the same with Ban Ruo and Li Hen.

"Bro, why are you so polite?" asked Hu Yue smiling. She put her arm around Lin Feng's shoulders, making them look like a couple. Lin Feng was used to her behavior, but he still smiled wryly, "I have two friends whom I'm hoping you can help."

"You know so many emperors in Yao Ye Island, so you can guide them yourself." said Hu Yue, caressing Lin Feng's face. "Tell me, do you want to leave Yao Ye Island?"

Lin Feng nodded, "You want to get away from me, you and your little girlfriend." said Hu Yue angrily. Lin Feng suddenly felt awkward.

"Sis, Yun and I are just friends. Concerning you, I don't want to leave you, but after what happened with the nine great celestial castles, I'm worried about the Everlasting Palace." said Lin Feng.

"Little boy, do you need my help?" asked Hu Yue to Lin Feng. The Everlasting Palace was a terrifying group. They wouldn't attack Yao Ye Island because they were a great imperial force. However, it seemed like the Everlasting Palace wanted to capture Lin Feng beyond reason.

"Sis, I've been to the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace and I saw the Everlasting Celestial Emperor as well as the new great emperor of the Everlasting Palace. He thinks I received the teachings of the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace." said Lin Feng to Hu Yue. She fixedly stared at him and said, "Darling, this is something very serious, so tell me the truth. Did you get his transmissions?"

Lin Feng nodded, leaving Hu Yue speechless for a moment.

"Let's go. We have to leave Yao Ye Island immediately." said Hu Yue. She wouldn't have thought that Lin Feng would be involved in such things.

"Sis, what about Yao Ye Island?" asked Lin Feng. He was worried about them.

"Don't worry. After you leave, we'll just say you left and that we know nothing. Even if people from the Everlasting Palace come, they can't do anything against us because we're a great imperial force. Especially considering our leader is not an ordinary beast."

Hu Yue grabbed Lin Feng's hand and started flying away. If the great emperor from the Everlasting Palace came, it would be very difficult to protect Lin Feng.

"No need to rush. I haven't even talk to Uncle Yu yet." said Lin Feng smiling wryly. He initially wanted to stay in Yao Ye Island for a few more days. After all, the Everlasting Palace was extremely far, so they'd need some time to get to Yao Ye.

"Why would you need to talk to him? I can talk to him for you." said Hu Yue while dragging Lin Feng. Li Hen and Ban Ruo were surprised, so she smiled and said, "You two can wait for me."

"Lin Feng…" they were happy to be with Lin Feng but now he had to leave again.

"Ban Ruo, Li Hen, practice cultivation seriously. One day we'll recreate Tiantai in the great world. By the way, Ruo Xie is in Sword Mountain." Lin Feng managed to say all that before Hu Yue dragged him away.

"We will." whispered Ban Ruo and Li Hen. They would practice cultivation like their lives depended on it.

Hu Yue and Lin Feng soon landed on a mountain, Muyi was there too.

"Master Muyi, I need to leave Yao Ye Island, are you coming with me or are you staying?" asked Lin Feng. Muyi was surprised, Lin Feng wanted to leave already?

"Master Muyi, I think you should come with me actually. Back then, Qi Yun Lei said the Everlasting Palace was looking for me, but maybe the great emperor in the cyan clothes is looking for everyone who had been in the caves in the great palace. It's not safe for us to stay in Yao Ye Island. That's why Sister Hu Yue wants me to leave immediately."

Lin Feng didn't tell Muyi everything. He had known Hu Yue for five years already, so she knew a lot about him, and she was a beast. Beasts weren't interested in deployment spells. Even though Lin Feng and Muyi got along well, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's teachings could make anyone go insane, especially someone who loved deployment spells. Therefore, Lin Feng had decided to keep all this a secret.

"The Everlasting Palace is getting involved." said Muyi surprised, then he added, "Alright, I'll come with you. I'm happy to have a friend."

"Let's go." Hu Yue dragged Lin Feng away. They tried not to draw people's attention as they flew away.

A few hours later, Lin Feng and Hu Yue arrived at the periphery of the islands, an extremely vast area.

"Brother Feng, you can leave from here. If you're in danger, you know how to reach me." said Hu Yue, smiling at him. He nodded and smiled, "Sister Hu Yue, take care."

"I'm going to miss you. Come back and see me sometime!" said Hua Yue, and then she left.

"I will." whispered Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, where do you want to go?" asked Muyi to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, "I come from a small world, so I'm not familiar with the great world. I haven't been to many places, and I'm only a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. I need to travel to break through to the Huang Qi layer."

"Alright, let's leave this place and we'll find a place for you to break through to the ninth Zun Qi layer." said Muyi. Lin Feng was already at the top of the eighth Zun Qi layer, so he still needed to focus on reaching the ninth Zun Qi layer.

"After you break through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, I'll take you to another place which should be suitable for you." said Muyi smiling.

PMG Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616: Beast of the Night

After Hu Yue left, she gazed into the distance where she saw a light appear before. It was a lot faster than her.

She wanted to take Lin Feng even farther, but she saw that light and had decided to go back.

"I wonder if those are people from the Everlasting Palace. If they are, they are very fast." thought Hu Yue.

As Hu Yue thought, there was only one person and that person landed on Yao Ye Island.

"Yao Ye Island!" that person's eyebrows looked like swords. He was wearing a simple robe, and he looked ordinary, but his eyes were as dazzling as stars. He released his G.o.dly awareness and inspected the area, every single inch of the area, but he didn't say anything. If someone noticed his presence, then he'd talk.

He inspected the area, and several beasts sensed someone was looking at them, but didn't act out about it.

Yao Ye Island was an animal's world, so even a strong cultivator like him could only glance around for a bit. After some time, he frowned, and his silhouette flickered away.

After Hu Yue went back, she landed at the top of a mountain. Her red robe was fluttering in the wind as a light pa.s.sed in front of her, intriguing her. She was right, it was a strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace. Maybe other people didn't know but she did, she completely understood what was going on. If she hadn't taken Lin Feng away just a second before, the situation would have been tragic for him.

Hu Yue went to Shen Yu and asked him, using telepathy, "Did you sense that someone was spying on us?"

Shen Yu looked at her and said, "I did, but I noticed that he wasn't doing anything, so I didn't pay attention."

"It might be someone from the Everlasting Palace." said Hu Yue. Shen Yu frowned nervously.

"Don't be nervous, I already took Lin Feng away. He's far away in the middle of the sea. Even if that person is extremely strong, he can't possibly find someone that far." said Hu Yue, still using telepathy. "But if he doesn't find anyone, he might ask us to hand him over. If that happens, we must remain calm and courteous."

When Shen Yu saw Hu Yue smile, he nodded, "I know what you mean. We have to observe and be patient."

As expected, the strong cultivator spent a lot of time looking for Lin Feng on Yao Ye Island, but he didn't find him.

He rose up in the air and noted the spectacular landscape. He then flew above the clouds. The beasts heard something, so they raised their heads and looked towards that guy.

"Someone really is spying on us." thought the beasts furiously. They felt that person was extremely strong though.

"Qing Di Mountain is helping the Everlasting Palace, otherwise, the Everlasting Palace wouldn't have come that fast." thought Shen Yu.

"Who crippled my disciple's cultivation in the nine great celestial castles?" shouted that strong cultivator. His voice resonated throughout the entire region.

Shen Yu and Hu Yue glanced at each other, then they rose up in the air.

"You two did it?" asked the strong cultivator looking at Shen Yu and Hu Yue in a cold way.

"Master, I did cripple someone's cultivation in the nine great celestial castles, but that person wanted to capture one of my disciples, a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. I thought that the Everlasting Palace couldn't possibly send a medium-level emperor to capture a Zun cultivator. I thought they were only humiliating the Everlasting Palace, so I crippled his cultivation. Don't blame me." said Hu Yue politely.

"Where's the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer?" asked the strong cultivator straightforwardly. He didn't really care about Qi Yun Lei, his goal was actually Lin Feng.

"Master, after we came back to Yao Ye Island, he left. I don't know why. I asked him, and he said he wanted to travel to gather experiences and become stronger. We don't know where he went either. Master, why are you looking for a Zun cultivator? Did anything happen? Maybe we can help you." said Hu Yue in a calm and innocent way. However, the strong cultivator released energies which oppressed Hu Yue.

"Release your G.o.dly awareness and show me your memories." said the strong cultivator. He didn't believe her, and this matter was too serious.

"Master, even though I'm a beast, I'm also a woman. I have many secrets, so you can't inspect my memories." said Hu Yue, she suddenly looked very angry.

"Stop!" yelled the strong cultivator. He released his G.o.dly awareness, wanting to forcefully inspect Hu Yue's memories.

However, at that moment, the sky became pitch-black.

"Eh?" that strong cultivator frowned and glanced around. He couldn't see anything but darkness.

"b.e.s.t.i.a.l night." said the strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace.

"You think you can inspect my people's memories as you wish?" said a voice which seemed to come from the darkness.

"Her memories contain clues about someone we're looking for, it's important for the Everlasting Palace."

"If you inspect her memories, let me inspect yours as well." said the voice. The strong cultivator looked angry. He was a great emperor, so how could he let someone inspect his memories. Everybody had secrets, and he was no exception.

"Since you know that n.o.body wants to let anybody else check their memories, why do you think you can inspect my people's memories? She told you the person you're looking for is not here."

"So I came here for nothing?"

"You can choose to stay here too, but you can't touch any of my people." said the voice in darkness.

The strong cultivator from the Everlasting Palace looked furious. His Highness the Beast of the Night was an unfathomable cultivator. Very few people had ever seen his real body. Almost n.o.body even knew what kind of beast he was and in general, people feared him.

"The Everlasting Palace wants that person."

"If you find him here, then you can take him with you. I'm giving the Everlasting Palace face, but if you can't find him, then the Everlasting Palace must give me face too by not touching my people. The same applies to the leader of the Everlasting Palace, otherwise, you'll have to bear the responsibility for your actions." said the voice in the darkness aggressively. Then, the darkness slowly dispersed, and the sun reappeared.

"Alright, I'll spend some time here then." said the strong cultivator in a cold way. He was a great emperor, so he could practice cultivation anywhere. He could even spend years there if he wanted to, so he wanted to see if Lin Feng would come back eventually.

Hu Yue took a deep breath, she was amazed. His Highness the Beast of the Night was terrifyingly strong. He could solve any problem it seemed and on top of that, it seemed that His Highness the Beast of the Night also knew about Lin Feng!

Lin Feng and Muyi were traveling already, so they had no idea about what was going on there, but at least the great emperor didn't know where they were.

PMG Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617: Gold-Fire City

Three months later, very far away from Yao Ye Island, demon Qi was das.h.i.+ng to the sky from a cave in a mountain range.

Boom, boom, boom! Everything around that cave was quaking, even small pieces of stones exploded.

Muyi was at the top of a precipice, fixedly staring at the cave in the distance. He was surprised by how powerful that demon Qi was. He had seen Lin Feng fight with talismans, but he had never really seen how Lin Feng battled.

Bang. Another sound resounded through the mountain chain. Even more terrifying demon Qi rose up to the skies, condensing into clouds.

"Ninth Zun Qi layer, what a terrifying and aggressive demonic energy." thought Muyi.

A demon-like silhouette rose up in the sky, his eyes were pitch-black, and his long black hair was messy. Lin Feng looked like a demon G.o.d.

"Ninth Zun Qi layer, and soon, I'll become a demon emperor." thought Lin Feng, remembering all the emperors' statues. He was getting closer and closer to breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. If he were still in the small world, people would admire him.

Lin Feng inhaled and exhaled demon Qi for a little while, then he recalled his demon Qi, and his eyes progressively became normal again. Finally, he turned into a handsome young man again. He landed in front of Muyi and smiled happily, "Uncle Muyi, sorry to have kept you waiting."

"It's only been about two months I guess, it's not that long." said Muyi smiling. For a medium-level emperor, a few months were nothing.

"Let's not waste time, we continue onwards. How far are we from Gold-Fire City?" asked Lin Feng to Muyi. Muyi initially wanted to take him to Gold-Fire City, which was a gigantic city. It was a lot larger than all of the nine great celestial castles together.

"We're not that far from it, only three days of traveling left. Lin Feng, once we get to Gold-Fire City, maybe then you will realize how vast that world really is. You will see how magnificent and splendid the city is as well. That city is famous for its weapon manufacturers and its weapon manufacturing groups."

Muyi and Lin Feng then left, Lin Feng was smiling.

"The city of weapon manufacturers!" He had never heard of such groups in the small world.

"Uncle Muyi, back then, when you saved me, you used a weapon talisman. Was that a talisman from a powerful group in Gold-Fire City?" asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed, however, Gold-Fire City is gigantic and has many such groups. It's divided into four parts: East, South, West, and North. Each district has bigger and smaller weapon manufacturing groups, there are probably hundreds of large ones. If you also count the smaller groups and individual manufacturers, then it's probably impossible to know exactly how many there are. However, for a few reasons, I got expelled from such a group a long time ago. That's why I just used the talisman to scare Emperor Ni Chen, I couldn't do much more than that." explained Muyi, smiling and shrugging.

If Emperor Ni Chen had known about that, he might have regretted.

"I see, you study deployment spells for weapons, that's surprising!" said Lin Feng smiling. "Besides, you are a medium-level emperor and surprisingly, you got expelled from your group. Are there very powerful groups in Gold-Fire City then?"

"Just a little stronger than the nine great celestial castles, but everyone here are experts at manufacturing weapons. You won't find any great emperor here, because after a weapon manufacturer becomes a great emperor, they immediately leave town. Everyone respects great emperors, so even if some people become great emperors in Gold-Fire City, they usually go abroad to become stronger." explained Muyi. "Concerning deployment spells, I do study them for weapons. Lin Feng, do you know what a cultivator needs to know to become a weapon manufacturer?"

"Deployment spells, fire, soul strength and materials."

"You're right. That's where the name of this city comes from, Gold-Fire City. Fire to fabricate weapons and gold is a great material to fabricate weapons. Fire and materials const.i.tute the environment, they are necessary elements, however, a powerful soul and a powerful deployment spells make a huge difference. The most difficult part is the deployment spell, without a powerful deployment spell, you can't make a powerful weapon." Muyi continued. Alchemists and weapon manufacturers had a similar range of knowledge, but weapon manufacturers had to understand deployment spells better than alchemists.

"Uncle Muyi, why did you take me to Gold-Fire City? Because of their weapons?" asked Lin Feng. Muyi knew how good Lin Feng was at using deployment spells.

"If you're interested, you can try and study how to fabricate weapons. Maybe it could be beneficial for you." said Muyi smiling. It seemed that Muyi had planned things out for Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn't mind, he was interested in everything and studying the arts of weapon manufacturing was interesting.

They both walked and chatted. Lin Feng understood weapons a little bit better after Muyi finished explaining everything to him. It seemed that many groups in Gold-Fire City were great imperial forces and it also seemed that many influential groups were connected to those weapon manufacturing groups.

Three days later, they finally made it to the gigantic city.

"We're here." said Muyi, smiling at Lin Feng. Gold-Fire City was different from the nine great celestial castles, people here are free to move as they wished.

Muyi and Lin Feng first went to the city center. They didn't fly, they simply walked on the vast streets. There were many street vendors on the sidewalks, reminding Lin Feng of his previous life, however, in Gold-Fire City, those street vendors sold weapons.

"Gold-Fire City is also a gigantic open-market where people trade weapons. Many people have traveled a long way to come here to find materials, you can even buy fire here."

Muyi smiled wryly. In the great world, people could buy almost anything, even fire.

"Do you want to see doc.u.ments and resources concerning weapon fabrication?" asked Muyi.

"Where?" asked Lin Feng.

"Let's go. I'll show you some stuff." said Muyi smiling. He took Lin Feng to a pavilion and found some bookshelves with very ancient books resting on it. Officials doc.u.ments, instruction manuals, and so on. There were stickers everywhere to help people find the resources they needed.

"Introduction to Weapon Manufacturing." Lin Feng noticed a book, so he stopped and started leafing through it. The book dealt with new technologies and the levels of weapon manufacturers.

"People who can fabricate holy weapons can't be called masters? They can only be called amateurs?" Lin Feng was stupefied. In the small world, holy weapons were considered great weapons.

"There are various levels of imperial weapons, and those who can fabricate level one imperial weapons are called Level One Professors. Those who can fabricate level nine weapons are called Level Nine Professors. Only those who are level six professors and above can be called Weapon Manufacturing Masters. Finally, only those who can fabricate Great Imperial Weapons can be called Great Scholastic Masters of Weapon Manufacturing Arts."

Lin Feng gasped with amazement, he learnt a lot from reading that book.

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