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PMG Chapter 1624

Chapter 1624: Yan Feng

Lin Feng smiled and nodded, then they went to town to buy the materials.

"Miss Lin Xue." Mu Qing Ying was in Mu Lin Xue's inner courtyard and was smiling. Her courtyard was next to Mu Lin Xue's, so it wasn't surprising to see her.

"Miss Lin Xue, are you going to buy materials yourself?" asked Mu Qing Ying.

"Indeed. I'm going to buy a few materials, and I can't waste time." said Mu Lin Xue honestly, nodding.

"Alright, I'm going shopping too. Let's go together." said Mu Qing Ying.

"Alright, why not." said Mu Lin Xue. Mu Qing Ying looked at Mu Xiao and said, "Mu Xiao, come with me."

"Roger, Qing Ying." said Mu Xiao. Lin Feng looked surprised. Mu Xiao was now calling Qing Ying by her name, they had become close too, just like him and Mu Lin Xue. Even though Mu Xiao had plotted against Lin Feng, he only ended up helping him!

The four of them walked out. Mu Qing Ying was chatting with Mu Lin Xue while Lin Feng and Mu Xiao were walking behind them. Even though Mu Qing Ying didn't like Lin Feng, she didn't say anything.

"Congratulations." whispered Lin Feng to Mu Xiao. Mu Xiao frowned and looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. He was furious, he had hoped Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue weren't too close.

"Lin Feng, you're too lucky. Surprisingly, Miss Lin Xue lets you stay with her. You better enjoy it." said Mu Xiao, insisting on the last words.

"I will do my best." said Lin Feng smiling.

The four of them left the governmental buildings of the Mu Clan, and as soon as they did, a group of people appeared in the sky above them. They were looking at Mu Lin Xue and the others.

"Yan Feng." Mu Qing Ying was surprised. Mu Lin Xue looked at them in a cold way.

"Lin Xue, long time no see. I missed you so much." said Yan Feng smiling.

"You're shameless!" shouted Mu Lin Xue.

"My future wife, why are you saying I'm shameless?" asked Yan Feng. He didn't care, he felt like he had the situation under control.

"Who's your future wife?" shouted Mu Lin Xue.

"Three more months and then we'll be married. We'll see if you dare say anything then." said Yan Feng. He glanced at Lin Feng and Mu Xiao and said, "Boys should stay away from my woman, otherwise, I'll have to teach you a lesson."

"You're insane!" shouted Mu Lin Xue furiously. But Yan Feng smiled and said, "Lin Xue, your people are my people."

Yan Feng then left with his friends. Mu Xiao looked upset, he felt humiliated even. Yan Feng was extremely talented. As expected, someone like Mu Xiao couldn't become friends with someone like Mu Lin Xue. It was his goal to marry Mu Qing Ying anyways, so it didn't matter.

"How arrogant and shameless!" whispered Lin Feng. However, it wasn't that much a surprise that he was so arrogant. He was from a clan who was stronger than the Mu Clan and he was a disciple of Sword Mountain.

Mu Lin Xue's heart was pounding, she was furious. But she quickly tried to control herself.

"Everything will be alright." said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. Mu Lin Xue smiled at him in a resplendent way and said, "Right, everything will be alright."

Then, they continued walking, however, Mu Lin Xue couldn't manage to calm down. She was happy with Lin Feng, but they still weren't strong enough. Yan Feng was already a Level Two Professor, and maybe he'd be able to make level three imperial weapons at the tournament.

Mu Qing Ying glanced at Lin Feng and said to Lin Xue, "Sister Lin Xue, don't let insignificant people fool you."

How come Lin Feng was so close to Mu Lin Xue?

Mu Lin Xue glanced at Mu Qing Ying and shook her head. But Lin Feng smiled and said, "That applies to you even more than me, don't let insignificant people fool you."

Mu Xiao looked furious.

"Since when did sc.u.mbags get so determined." said Mu Qing Ying in a cold way. Then, she walked to Mu Lin Xue and pushed Lin Feng backwards. At the same time, she said, "Sister Lin Xue, I know you're a kind person but don't let him fool you, he begged me to join the Mu Clan back when."

"Don't worry, I'm a grown up and can make my own decisions." said Mu Lin Xue smiling wryly. She wanted to defend Lin Feng, but it was better to hide her feelings. She hoped Lin Feng and her would amaze everyone at the tournament.

Then the four of them went to Gold-Fire City market. Mu Lin Xue had prepared lots of things to trade: fate seeds, peerless holy weapons, imperial weapons. She really hoped Lin Feng and her could manage to make level two imperial weapons together with the materials they bought there.

After half a day, Mu Lin Xue had found everything she needed. She wanted to go back, but at that moment, three people appeared in front of them. One of them had an ancient sword on his back and he was walking towards her. It was an emperor, a sword emperor.

The two people on his sides also had swords resting on their backs.

"People from Sword Mountain." Mu Lin Xue thought. The she said, "Master, I'm Mu Lin Xue, I've never offended Sword Mountain."

"Miss Lin Xue, you haven't indeed, but the two people behind you offended Yan Feng, so they must die." said the sword emperor.

Mu Xiao was scared, he hadn't thought that Yan Feng would do that to them. Although he was upset, he couldn't do much. If Sword Mountain wanted to kill him, they could.

"Master, you're an emperor from Sword Mountain, how could you kill two little boys?" asked Mu Lin Xue calmly and indifferently.

"Of course, I won't attack, I only came to ensure your safety. My partners will kill those boys."

"Alright, make them fight then." said Mu Lin Xue calmly.

"Lin Xue!" Mu Qing Ying looked upset. Mu Lin Xue didn't care about Lin Feng, but Mu Qing Ying cared about Mu Xiao, how could she let him die!

"Sister Lin Xue, I like people like you. Why are you two still not attacking?" said the emperor to his two partners. Then, they both fused with their swords and flew forwards.

"Mu Xiao!" said Mu Qing Ying. Suddenly, terrifying abstruse energies filled the s.p.a.ce around them.

Lin Feng moved back with incredible speed. Qing Ying was surprised, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d was escaping!

Dong! Lin Feng suddenly jumped forwards and a gigantic stone enveloped him with Mu Xiao and the two attackers. Now, everybody around them couldn't see them.

His eyes suddenly became pitch-black as he condensed demon and death abstruse energies.

Ooof. The one who was attacking Lin Feng started shaking after he saw Lin Feng's eyes.

"Die!" When Mu Xiao saw that the cultivator attacking them had stopped moving, he released his own fire energies. However, his fire didn't affect the cultivator too much. Lin Feng's death energy had already caused a lot of damage.

"Lin Xue doesn't want me to show how strong I am." thought Lin Feng. He said to the other sword cultivator, using telepathy, "Here."

That person looked at Lin Feng, staring into his eyes. Then, demon, death and cursing abstruse energies started corrupting his body.

After having broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer, Lin Feng's best abstruse energies were demon, Earth, death and cursing abstruse energies. Few people could resist him who were at the same level. Lin Feng's attack allowed Mu Xiao to use his fire. After a short time, the stone disappeared, and the two sword cultivators had already died, burnt alive by Mu Xiao's fire!

PMG Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625: Mu Xiao's Plot

"They're dead." the sword emperor was astonished. He hadn't cared to watch the battle because he'd a.s.sumed his companions would make easy work of the two guards.

Mu Qing Ying was also surprised. She was looking at Mu Xiao, wondering when Mu Xiao had become that strong. Of course, she didn't even consider that Lin Feng had done anything. She just thought he had tried to run away.

Mu Lin Xue wasn't surprised. She knew that Lin Feng's abstruse energies were terrifying. That's why she agreed to the fight in the first place.

"Master, what are you doing? You can't get angry because of their battle, right?" said Mu Lin Xue after she noticed the emperor was upset.

"Very good." said the sword emperor in a cold way. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and Mu Xiao right then, but he turned into a light and left. Two disciples from Sword Mountain had died against two guards from the Mu Clan, this was an embarra.s.sment.

"Let's go back." said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng and Mu Xiao. Then the four of them left. Mu Qing Ying walked to Mu Xiao and said something. She looked curious, she wanted to know how Mu Xiao had won.

Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng went to the lab. Mu Lin Xue gave a book to Lin Feng and said, "This time, I want to make an imperial armor. The deployment spell for it is in here, so have a look."

Lin Feng nodded and inspected the book. Each time, before Mu Lin Xue started making weapons, they agreed on everything so that they could make the best weapon possible.

"I can make that deployment spell better, I just hope it will be suitable for the armor." said Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue smiled and said, "It seems like you've never used your full strength then."

"You haven't either!" said Lin Feng. Then they both laughed. Mu Lin Xue then looked at Lin Feng in a serious way and said, "Let's get serious. Let's see if we can make weapons at a higher level."

"I will never refuse your requests." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Thank you, Lin Feng." Mu Lin Xue nodded, she could see that Lin Feng was being honest and kind hearted. She didn't ask him anything, Lin Feng just told her everything she needed to know.

"Let's start. You do you, especially if you can improve the spell. I really hope we can succeed." said Mu Lin Xue.

After discussing the details, Mu Lin Xue released her fire. This time, her fire was brighter than ever. Lin Feng could sense how incredible her fire was, which implied that her soul was probably very powerful as well.

Mu Lin Xue made the gold melt, then she dipped it, and polished it. Each of her movements were very precise. Lin Feng calmly watched her. Then, he started carving deployment marks. They were making an armor this time, so Lin Feng didn't use a shattering deployment spell, but a defensive one. He was an expert at casting offensive deployment spells, but not defensive deployment spells. No matter, he still did his best.

"He changed the deployment spell again, it looked amazing. It's almost a pity to cast such an incredible defensive deployment spell on this armor. I wonder if it'll be perfect for the armor though." thought Mu Lin Xue as she watched Lin Feng.

It was the first time she saw Lin Feng so focused, because he was trying harder this time, it was also taking him longer to draw the marks. Mu Lin Xue was filled with antic.i.p.ation. With a great deployment spell and great materials, what would their imperial armor look like?

In another courtyard, in another lab, Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao were also trying to create an imperial weapon. It was the first time they had tried, Mu Qing Ying was covered with sweat, her cauldron was surrounded by a dazzling fire. Mu Xiao had just finished carving deployment marks was now hammering away at the weapon. They were trying to make a big blade and they were almost done.

Mu Qing Ying was nervous, she knew that if she wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, she had to get better. It wasn't that there were a limited number of people allowed to partic.i.p.ate, it was that the Mu Clan wouldn't let people go if they weren't good enough. Otherwise, they would end up humiliating them.

The blade was looking better and better, it was already starting to emit buzzing sounds. Like most people, she could only make swords and blades. She didn't have the knowledge or the power to fabricate special weapons such as scepters or ancient mirrors.

Finally, the blade twinkled, it even looked bloodthirsty.

"Condense!" said Mu Qing Ying. Lights rose up to the skies, piercing through the ceiling of their room.

"An imperial weapon." Mu Qing Ying was pleasantly surprised, she had finally made an imperial weapon.

"Qing Ying, we did it." said Mu Xiao happily. He had helped Mu Qing Ying fabricate an imperial weapon! Even though he had initially cheated to become her personal a.s.sistant, he still worked hard to prove to her that he was worth it. He spent most of his time studying. He knew that the only way to make Qing Ying fall in love with him was to improve his contributions.

"Indeed, we did it." said Mu Qing Ying smiling in a resplendent way.

When Mu Xiao saw her resplendent smile, he slowly walked towards her and put his hands on her cheeks. It looked like he wanted to wipe the sweat from her forehead, "Qing Ying, you're really beautiful."

Mu Qing Ying s.h.i.+vered and suddenly her facial expression changed drastically, "How shameless!"

Mu Xiao's facial expression suddenly changed to as he jumped backwards, "Qing Ying, I…"

"Mu Xiao, you've gone too far!" shouted Mu Qing Ying.

Mu Xiao's heart twitched as he said, "Miss Qing Ying, you're too beautiful, and I've liked you for so long, I'm crazy about you. I wouldn't have made such efforts if it weren't for you. I know that my social status is low, and I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry for upsetting you. I know what I have to do."

"Miss, take care." said Mu Xiao, slowly walking backwards. Then, he turned around and left. Mu Qing Ying was giving him a cold stare. They had already fabricated an imperial weapon and now there wasn't much time left before the tournament, so Mu Qing Ying couldn't let him go.

"Stop!" Mu Qing Ying calmed down and took in a breath.

"Do you need me to do anything else, Miss?" Mu Xiao asked.

"You can't go." said Mu Qing Ying.

"If I hadn't done that, I would have continued secretly dreaming about you, but now I made a mistake and you despise me. I can't stay. If you want to kill me, I'll understand." said Mu Xiao, lowering his head. He was trying to look like victim to force Mu Qing Ying's hand.

By now, there were many people gather outside her lab. Mu Qing Ying had surprisingly made an imperial weapon!

"Qing Ying, you did it!" said someone who was pleasantly surprised. It was Mu Qing Ying's father.

"Mu Xiao, I reacted too aggressively. I don't despise you, I actually like you. Please forget about my outburst before. I went too far, so I'm sorry." said Mu Qing Ying in a low voice.

"What you mean to say is that you want to be with me?" asked Mu Xiao, staring at Qing Ying.

"I need some time to think about it, alright?" asked Mu Qing Ying.

"I will do everything for you, I would even die for you." said Mu Xiao.

PMG Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626: Efforts

Mu Qing Ying was confused and had mixed feelings. She hadn't thought Mu Xiao would do that, and she had never thought Mu Xiao would ever become her boyfriend. Even though she wasn't as amazing as Mu Lin Xue, she was still very beautiful, and she could get a much better boyfriend if she tried. However, she knew what kind of threat Mu Xiao would pose her if he left now.

"Let's go out and greet everyone." said Mu Qing Ying, avoiding the topic. Then she ran towards everyone who were currently inspecting the weapon she just made. They all smiled pleasantly when they saw Mu Qing Ying come out.

"Qing Ying, congratulations! Now you're a real weapon artisan."

"Qing Ying, it seems like you're going to be able to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament." everybody was complimenting Qing Ying. Some people were jealous too, especially anyone who was around the same age as her. Mu Qing Ying had made an imperial weapon, which meant she'd surely be able to make it to the tournament, meaning less opportunities for them to be qualified.

"Father." said Mu Qing Ying, she was looking at a middle-aged man, and smiling in a resplendent way.

"Qing Ying, not bad, you're even catching up with Lin Xue! You'll certainly partic.i.p.ate in the tournament now." said Mu Qing Ying's father.

Mu Qing Ying almost forgot about what happened with Mu Xiao a moment before because she was so very happy. Everyone was flattering her, and she couldn't get enough of it. She had been jealous of Mu Lin Xue, but she just never showed it. Now, she felt like she could be treated like Mu Lin Xue.

"I really don't deserve so much praise, father. Sister Lin Xue has been making imperial weapons for a long time already." said Mu Qing Ying smiling.

"You're all Level One Professors now, so it doesn't matter whether she's been doing it for a while or not." said her father.

Slash, slas.h.!.+ Strange sounds and a terrifying Qi were coming from Mu Lin Xue's courtyard.

Then, her laboratory exploded, dazzling lights lighting up the night sky. With those lights, a dazzling armor appeared in the sky.

"Level two imperial weapon, the quality of it is incredible too." the crowd was astonished. Someone had made a level two imperial weapon! Then, two silhouettes rose up in the air, one was the most beautiful woman of the Mu Clan: Mu Lin Xue.

Mu Qing Ying's father was dumbfounded. He had just said that his daughter was as talented as Mu Lin Xue, but a few minutes later, Mu Lin Xue already proved she was more talented by creating a level two imperial weapon.

Mu Qing Ying was just as stunned as her father. She initially looked happy, but now she looked dispirited. Lin Xue could already make level two imperial weapons!

"Miss, we still have time to try and make level two imperial weapons." said Mu Xiao. Mu Qing Ying turned around and nodded, "Indeed, we still have time, so we need to try as well."

More strong cultivators gathered, including many older people. Making level two imperial weapons under the age of thirty was something incredible. Even in the Mu Clan, only two people could do that, and the other one was even older than Mu Lin Xue, almost thirty.

"Lin Xue, I will get even better materials for you. If you need someone to help you, just ask and I will help you find someone!" said Mu Lin Xue's second grandfather.

"No need, I can do it myself." said Mu Lin Xue shaking her head. Finding someone better than Lin Feng was impossible. Even if she did find someone, they wouldn't help her like Lin Feng. Weapon craftspeople were proud, and they didn't like doing things for other people for free. Even though she didn't know why Lin Feng was so good to her, at least she knew he was honest and kindhearted, that was enough.

"Alright." replied her second grandfather. She was stubborn and expected this answer. However, even if she could make level two imperial weapons now, it still wasn't enough to defeat Yan Feng.

"Alright, everybody can disperse." said the old man waving. With that, everybody left, even the people around Mu Qing Ying left. Mu Qing Ying went to Mu Lin Xue and smiled, "Sister Lin Xue, congratulations, you're a Level Two Professor. If you found someone who could help you, you'd be able to beat Yan Feng."

"I will do my best. Qing Ying, you've improved as well! You just made an imperial weapon. We still have time, so let's do our best." said Mu Lin Xue smiling. Then, she took the armor and said to Lin Feng, "Take the armor."

Mu Qing Ying took in a deep breath of surprise. Lin Xue wanted to give Lin Feng a level two imperial weapon?

"Miss Lin Xue." said Mu Qing Ying unhappily. What had that perverted b.a.s.t.a.r.d done to Lin Xue? Did he make her take drugs against her will?

Lin Feng initially wanted to refuse but when he saw Mu Qing Ying's reaction, he smiled and took it, "Thank you!"

"You…" She also didn't think that Lin Feng would take it, but then Mu Lin Xue said, "Alright, Qing Ying, you can leave. I have things to do."

Mu Qing Ying's mouth was wide open. She was astonished but finally, she nodded and said, "I'm also going to make more weapons. Sister Lin Xue be careful."

After Mu Qing Ying left, Mu Lin Xue smiled at Lin Feng and shook her head, "Lin Feng, Qing Ying is not a bad person, she just doesn't understand you."

Lin Feng smiled and nodded. Mu Qing Ying was from a n.o.ble and powerful clan, even though she was talented, she hadn't traveled much. She was spoiled growing up that she had developed a bad temper. Lin Feng had no time to waste with such people, he wasn't her dad.

"Just beware of Mu Xiao." said Lin Feng indifferently. Mu Lin Xue turned around, beware of Mu Xiao? It seemed like she had to warn Mu Qing Ying if Lin Feng was serious.

Mu Lin Xue looked at the cauldron and said, "A level two imperial weapon isn't enough. We have to stabilize our knowledge and then continue improving."

"Lin Xue!" said Lin Feng.

"First, think of what imperial weapon you want to make at the tournament, then, let's see what deployment spell we need. I still need to practice and improve my deployment spells. I should mention that I didn't use my full strength for that armor, I can even do better than that." said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. He knew the three-thousand great deployment spells from a great emperor, how could that be the best he had? He just needed Mu Lin Xue to know exactly what she wanted to do and then he'd think of the deployment spell he could use. With some practice, he could figure it out before the tournament.

Mu Lin Xue looked surprised, his deployment spells could be even more powerful?

"Lin Feng, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart." said Mu Lin Xue smiling.

"You keep thanking me." said Lin Feng smiling wryly before he joked, "Since I keep telling you not to thank me, but you continue to anyways, how should I go about asking you to stop thanking me?"

Mu Lin Xue's eyes twinkled and she said, "Maybe we could have s.e.x? Would you dare?"

"Eh…" Lin Feng was dumbstruck, he smiled wryly and said, "I wouldn't dare. First, tell me what imperial weapon you want to make, I'll go for a walk while you decide."

Mu Lin Xue looked at Lin Feng and smiled. She was thinking, "You little cutie. You came to the Mu Clan just to help me, and I thought you really liked me, but now I tried to offer you s.e.x and you ran away."

She leant against the wall and daydreamed about Lin Feng. Now, she had to think of which weapon she wanted to make. Lin Feng had told her he could make even better weapons, so if she used her full strength, used the best fire, and the best materials, maybe then she would be able to make a level three imperial weapon. If that happened, then maybe she could win against Yan Feng.

Time pa.s.sed, and the date of the event was quickly approaching. There were only seven days left before Lin Feng finally came out of his room. As the sun shone upon him, Lin Feng closed his eyes and took in a deep breathe of fresh air.

"Finally, you came out." said Mu Lin Xue, smiling in a cute way.

"I'm done. Should we try to make a level three imperial weapon? I think it'll be easy." said Lin Feng.

"No need. We should rest and save our energy before the compet.i.tion." said Mu Lin Xue. Then, she got closer to Lin Feng, smiled, and said, "Lin Feng, my life is in your hands."

PMG Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627: Evil Scheme

"Lin Feng, my life is in your hands."

Lin Feng looked at her resplendent smile, then he smiled back and asked, "What kind of weapons can Yan Feng make with an a.s.sistant?"

"Yan Feng can make level two weapons on his own. With an a.s.sistant, he might be able to make level three imperial weapons, of higher-quality." said Mu Lin Xue. She was a bit worried because everybody knew about Yan Feng's skill in the northern part of Gold-Fire City. He was an outstanding young man, while the Yan Clan was rich and powerful, so it was no surprise that he had access to the best materials.

"Level three imperial weapons." whispered Lin Feng. Then, he caressed Mu Lin Xue's head and smiled, "Leave it to me."

"Eh…" Mu Lin Xue rolled her eyes and walked away. She looked embarra.s.sed, and after Lin Feng noticed, he laughed and said jokingly, "Didn't you want to have s.e.x with me?"

Mu Lin Xue grinded her teeth after she heard Lin Feng. She knew he was only getting his revenge.

Both of them sat down, Lin Feng closed his eyes, letting the sun warm his body. And after a few minutes of relaxing like this, he started dreaming.

Mu Lin Xue watched Lin Feng without saying anything. She was surprised, wondering what he was doing. Was he resting? Had he really joined the Mu Clan just for her? Why was Lin Feng helping her?

The sun gradually moved westwards, and everything became dark, but Lin Feng was still motionless. Mu Lin Xue was still not that far from him, she had calmed herself down a bit, but it'd be a lie to say she was completely at peace.

In the courtyard next to hers, Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao had just succeeded in making another peerless holy weapon. After that, Mu Qing Ying went to take a shower, was.h.i.+ng away the sweat which had stained her skin from a long night's effort. Mu Xiao was near her, taking in her beautiful hair and supple b.r.e.a.s.t.s, her curvy features were even more noticeable under the moonlight.

Mu Xiao suddenly became very aroused, gulping down.

He got closer, taking soft steps as he tried not to startle her. He was now close enough to smell her, pus.h.i.+ng him forward even more.

Mu Qing Ying frowned, she knew that Mu Xiao was behind her, but she didn't think he'd be this bold. Suddenly, two hands grabbed her from behind and she shouted, "Mu Xiao, what are you doing?"

"Qing Ying, you're just too beautiful, I feel bewitched even." said Mu Xiao, firmly holding her. Mu Qing Ying wanted to push his hands away, but he held her firmly. Her heart started pounding. She didn't know what to do.

"Mu Xiao, I want to focus on the tournament, so we'll have to wait and think about our relations.h.i.+p until after the tournament, alright?" asked Mu Qing Ying. She didn't try to push him away, she just put her hands on his hands and talked using a gentle way.

Mu Xiao smiled in a cold way, after the tournament? They had already gone so far, and after the tournament she'd probably get rid of him. He didn't want to gamble that, especially if he had s.e.x with her now, she wouldn't be able to get rid of him after the tournament.

"Qing Ying, I love you so much, I promise I'll devote my entire life to you." said Mu Xiao, whispering in her ears. He didn't answer her question because he wanted to try his luck first.

Mu Qing Ying bit her lips, she knew what he was thinking. If she got rid of him now, she wouldn't be able to make imperial weapons. She wouldn't even be able to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament.

Mu Qing Ying didn't know what to do, so Mu Xiao called her out on her hesitation. With that thinking, he held her even tighter, caressing her back.

"Ow…" Mu Qing Ying moaned in pain. She couldn't stop him anymore.

In the distance, Mu Lin Xue heard her moan and looked towards them. As she did, she saw Qing Ying and Mu Xiao acting very intimately.

"Qing Ying!" said Mu Lin Xue suddenly. Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao turned at the same time, both looking back at Mu Lin Xue.

Lin Feng also woke up and looked in their direction. He instantly knew what was going on after he saw Qing Ying and Mu Xiao. He immediately stood up, knowing Mu Xiao wouldn't hesitate resorting to evil methods for his own interests. Even though Lin Feng didn't like Mu Qing Ying, he didn't want her to get raped.

Mu Xiao was furious, now he was regretting not taking Mu Qing Ying beforehand.

"Miss Lin Xue, I'm off." said Mu Xiao bowing before Lin Xue. He could do whatever he wanted with Qing Ying, but not with Mu Lin Xue there.

Mu Lin Xue looked at him in a despising way. Then, she looked at Qing Ying and said, "Qing Ying, how come you didn't see this coming?"

"Miss Lin Xue, I…" Mu Qing Ying didn't know how to explain.

"It's my fault. Lin Feng warned me about him and I should have told you, but I thought you'd notice if something was wrong. It's not too late now though. You can't let that shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d bully you anymore." said Mu Lin Xue.

"Lin Feng?" Mu Qing Ying was surprised, so she walked up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had told Mu Lin Xue that Mu Xiao was shameless? He was way more shameless!

"Sister Lin Xue, how could you trust him? Whatever Mu Xiao does, Lin Feng must be worse! Don't let him fool you!"

"Eh?" Lin Feng was speechless.

"Qing Ying, Mu Xiao and Lin Feng can't be compared with each other." said Mu Lin Xue.

"How could Mu Xiao be worse than him? I helped Lin Feng join the Mu Clan, and then he flirted with you. You have to be careful!" Mu Qing Ying was still unconvinced. Even though Mu Xiao had gone too far, he still helped her make imperial weapons.

Lin Xue didn't expect Qing Ying to react like that. Lin Xue still wanted to say something, but Mu Qing Ying interjected, "Sister Lin Xue, don't worry. I know what I'm doing, and you know what you're doing. No matter what, Yan Feng is a hundred times better than Lin Feng, so you won't have to worry much longer."

With that, Qing Ying went back to her room. Mu Lin Xue looked at her and sighed, Yan Feng? She hadn't thought Mu Qing Ying would be that mean.

Mu Lin Xue turned around and said, "I'm sorry she offended you."

Lin Feng smiled wryly and shrugged, "I don't care. She's the only one who is going to suffer by not listening to us."

"I hope she'll find a solution. Let's go back now." siad Mu Lin Xue, shaking her head.

Mu Qing Ying went back to her room, still angry. How could Mu Lin Xue talk to her that way?

"Qing Ying!" A short time after, Mu Xiao entered Mu Qing Ying's room and said, "Qing Ying, Miss and Lin Feng went too far. Surprisingly, she keeps defending Lin Feng and she offended you."

"I'm alright, she said you're not as good as Lin Feng though." said Mu Qing Ying unhappily.

But Mu Xiao didn't care about that, rather, he walked over to her and whispered, "I will always protect you and make you happy. I don't care about what other people think as long as you love me."

Mu Qing Ying felt nervous, but she kind of felt happy after she heard Mu Xiao. For most women, that's exactly what they wanted to hear.

Suddenly, Mu Xiao put his arms around her again and said in a gentle way, "Qing Ying, I will always protect you."

Qing Ying s.h.i.+vered. She tried to move away, but Mu Xiao held her even tighter. He thought angrily, "Mu Lin Xue, if I have the opportunity, I'll get you too. Surprisingly, you dared insult me."

PMG Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628: My a.s.sistant

Mu Qing Ying's face turned pale, she tried resisting, but Mu Xiao forced her into his arms.

"What should I do?" Mu Qing Ying was confused. At that moment, she really didn't know what to think. She didn't have feelings for Mu Xiao, and she only considered him an a.s.sistant. But without Mu Xiao, she wouldn't be able to make imperial weapons and she'd lose face at the compet.i.tion.

"How shameless." someone shouted at that moment. Mu Xiao suddenly flung himself away from Mu Qing Ying.

Mu Qing Ying was also startled, so she started running away. She looked around, but she didn't know who was talking.

"Qing Ying, who's that?" asked Mu Xiao, following her.

"I don't know." said Mu Qing Ying, shaking her head. The wind suddenly felt cold now. She looked at Mu Xiao and said, "Mu Xiao, I'll forget everything that happened tonight, and you can continue being my a.s.sistant. However, if you try to touch me again, I'll get angry and I'll drop out of the tournament after letting you go."

Mu Qing Ying wasn't stupid. She understood why Mu Xiao was acting that way. Someone had shouted, and it was her wake-up call. She knew that she couldn't sell her body to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, she was more willing to give up if things were put that way.

Mu Xiao remained silent and lowered his head, but secretly he was furious. Who was ruining his plan this time?

"Lin Feng, it must have been Lin Feng." thought Mu Xiao. After thinking about it, he raised his head and said, "Miss Qing Ying, I understand, from now on I'll make sure such things won't happen again. I'll just stay with you and protect you."

Mu Xiao was now pretending to be a protector. He knew that no matter what he'd say, nothing would work, so a protector was still a better status than a guard.

"Go and have a rest. In the future, you can't come into my room without my permission." said Mu Qing Ying in a cold way.

"Roger, Miss." said Mu Xiao bowing. Then he went back to his room and closed the door. He felt like crying, but he was so angry that he couldn't do it. Lin Feng had ruined his dream of making his dream girl fall in love with him. It was either Lin Feng or Mu Lin Xue, however, the voice they had heard was a woman's voice.

Just like Mu Xiao had guessed, the voice he had heard was Lin Feng's. They hadn't gone too far, so Lin Feng and Lin Xue had heard them after they left.

Mu Qing Ying glanced around and then went back to her room. She didn't know who had shouted but she also thought that it might have been Lin Feng. She didn't understand why he was helping her though.

"Qing Ying is too naive and sensitive." whispered Mu Lin Xue, "You guessed right, Mu Xiao really is evil."

Lin Feng smiled but said nothing. He had gone through a lot in his life, so he understood people.

"You've probably done such things in the past too!" said Mu Lin Xue, laughing.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes and then smiled at her. "If you think so, I can do it to you too."

Mu Lin Xue smiled teasingly and said, "If you do that too me, I won't reject you like Qing Ying rejected Mu Xiao though."

"Eh?" Lin Feng smiled wryly. She was somewhat cold to other people, but she was kind and gentle to him, she even joked with him.

"But thank you." Mu Lin Xue said after she saw Lin Feng looking embarra.s.sed.

Lin Feng shrugged, he didn't mind. He didn't like Mu Qing Ying but they weren't enemies either. If Mu Lin Xue hadn't cared about Mu Qing Ying, Lin Feng wouldn't have done anything for her. She was old enough to make her own decisions after all.

"Good thing she came back to her senses in the end, otherwise, n.o.body would have been able to help her." said Mu Lin Xue.

In the following days, Mu Xiao did his best to help Mu Qing Ying. They focused, and with more sweat, they made another imperial weapon. On the other-hand, Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue didn't make any weapons, they just chatted, laughed, sunbathed, and slept.

Finally, it was the day of the tournament. Mu Lin Xue came out of her room, looking at Lin Feng who was lying down in the gra.s.s with his eyes closed. She smiled and said, "Lin Feng, the clan called everyone, so we have to go."

"I'm coming too?" asked Lin Feng. Even though he had spent a lot of time there, he had only stayed with Mu Qing Ying or Mu Lin Xue. He felt like a stranger in the Mu Clan.

"Of course, they're going to choose the people who will partic.i.p.ate in the tournament. We're a team, so we have to go!" said Mu Lin Xue smiling.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and stood up. Once again, many people were going to pay attention to him. Mu Lin Xue had a higher status in the clan, so him appearing with her might cause some issues.

"I have no choice then." said Lin Feng indifferently.

"You almost never go out, instead you work so hard to help me." said Mu Lin Xue in a gentle way. Lin Feng's deployment spells were incredibly powerful, and he kept helping her without anyone else knowing. She almost felt guilty.

She knew that if she raised these concerns he'd just say, "I don't mind being discreet." So, she didn't say anything more, instead the two of them walked away with Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao behind them.

"Miss Lin Xue." said Mu Qing Ying. Mu Lin Xue turned around and smiled at Mu Qing Ying, "Qing Ying, you should come with us."

"Alright." Mu Qing Ying felt guilty because of what happened the other night. Even after that, Mu Lin Xue was still so nice to her.

"Miss Lin Xue, why is he…?" asked Mu Qing Ying, glancing at Lin Feng. Why was he coming with her?

"He's my a.s.sistant, of course he's coming with me." said Mu Lin Xue smiling. The tournament was going to start soon, so she no longer needed to keep it a secret. Before, she used to hide that fact because she feared someone from the clan would try to harm him. Though, if she had known how strong Lin Feng was from the beginning, she might have done everything differently.

"Your a.s.sistant?" Mu Qing Ying looked dumbstruck. Lin Feng was her a.s.sistant?

"Indeed." said Mu Lin Xue nodding. Mu Lin Xue was a genius in the clan, her fire, her deployment spells, her weapons, everything about her was incredible. Of course, n.o.body thought she was stupid, so her choosing Lin Feng must have meant that…? It meant that Mu Lin Xue was stronger with Lin Feng than by herself.

"How!" thought Mu Qing Ying. She was still under the impression that Lin Feng's deployment spells were very weak.

Mu Qing Ying glanced at Mu Xiao, but Mu Xiao avoided her gaze. He looked like child who knew he'd done something wrong but didn't want to admit it. She had the feeling that if she asked about it, it would affect their cooperation, and he couldn't do that to Mu Qing Ying before the tournament.

"How… Could Lin Feng's deployment spells be more powerful than Mu Xiao's? Then…" Mu Qing Ying's thoughts were chaotic. She felt like she had been fooled. On that day, Qing Ying had been pleasantly surprised by Mu Xiao, but maybe he had actually taken credit for Lin Feng's talisman?

PMG Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629: Gold-Fire Tower

Elders and many other people were crowded on the main square of the Mu Clan.

Mu Lin Xue and three others had arrived. Many people were looking at them, which wasn't a surprise because Mu Lin Xue was the most beautiful woman of the clan. Each time she showed up, everybody couldn't help but look at her. Of course, some people were noticing Lin Feng standing next to her.

Those who did frowned. They had never seen him before, so what was he doing with Mu Lin Xue? Did it mean anything?

Mu Lin Xue's uncle had seen Lin Feng, but he just thought that he was a servant. But now, when he saw Lin Feng, he suddenly stood up. He walked to the edge of the battle stage and looked at them, "Lin Xue, who's that person? What is he doing here?"

"His name is Lin Feng and he's my a.s.sistant." said Mu Lin Xue. Her uncle frowned and looked at Lin Feng. He had seen him a few months before when Mu Lin Xue made the level two imperial weapon. He had thought that Mu Lin Xue was working alone but had that person… helped Mu Lin Xue?

"No wonder she wasn't looking for anyone to help her, she had already found someone suitable for her." thought her uncle angrily. "You're not from the Mu Clan?"

"I joined the Mu Clan by becoming Lin Xue's guard." replied Lin Feng smiling.

"The tournament is something extremely important for us, do you have powerful deployment spells to show us?" asked Mu Lin Xue's uncle. He wanted to check how strong Lin Feng was and if he could really help Mu Lin Xue.

"Uncle, you're asking too much. Lin Feng is my a.s.sistant and that's all. I hope you can respect my decisions." said Mu Lin Xue. She knew what her uncle was thinking, he was wanting to see if she had a chance at defeating Yan Feng.

"You're going to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, but you're not the only one involved, and your partic.i.p.ation will have an impact on our whole clan!" said Mu Lin Xue's uncle in a cold way.

"Mind your own business. Go find your daughter if you want hand out advice." snapped Mu Lin Xue.

"That's enough!" shouted Mu Lin Xue's grandpa furiously. Her uncle turned around and walked to the other old men, then he said, "Lin Xue is going to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, which is a very serious matter. With this consideration, I believe that her a.s.sistant must be experienced."

"First, we need to select the partic.i.p.ants." said the main old man. His eyes were closed, and he sounded indifferent. With that, Mu Lin Xue's uncle shut his mouth. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng angrily though. Of course, Lin Feng knew that was going to happen. Now he understood why she hadn't talked about him earlier.

All the members from the Mu Clan finished gathering there before one of the old men stood up and nodded at the crowd, "This afternoon, the tournament will be held in Gold-Fire City. The Mu Clan is going to select five teams, so all those who can make imperial weapons need to step forwards now."

Having the ability to make imperial weapons was a decisive factor, eliminating most of the candidates.

A few people jumped onto the stage. Mu Lin Xue tapped Lin Feng's arm and grabbed his hand, but she noticed that his eyes were closed.

"Let's go." said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng. Then he opened his eyes and followed. The crowd was wide-eyed, the most beautiful girl from their clan was holding hands with a young man, what was going on? Had she fallen in love with him because she had spent some time with him?

Everybody knew that after the tournament, Mu Lin Xue would probably marry Yan Feng. Even though she could make level two imperial weapons, she still couldn't beat Yan Feng. But surprisingly, now, she was holding hands with another young man.

Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao were behind them, also dumbstruck. Were Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue that close?

Sixteen people, eight teams, thirty years old and under, all able to make imperial weapons. Of course, they weren't the only ones, but they had the highest potential with those requirements.

"Master, how can we be sure we chose the right people?" asked someone to the old man who had his eyes closed. Only five teams could join in the tournament, so three teams had to be eliminated.

The old man opened his eyes and looked at the teams.

Tap, tap… two people, from different teams, took a step backwards.

The old man looked at them and said, "If you can't stand the pressure, you can't become Weapon Manufacturing Masters. Those two teams must leave!"

"Master, it's not my fault!" said a young man, his a.s.sistant was one of the two who had stepped away.

"Since you chose your a.s.sistant, you must bear responsibility for what he does." said the old man strictly.

Now, six teams were left, so only one more had to be eliminated.

"Show us the best imperial weapons you've made." said the old man to the teams. Then, they took out imperial weapons and gave them to the old man. Only two weapons were level two imperial weapons, while the rest were all level one imperial weapons. One of them belonged to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue, while the other one belonged to another team, a young man and a young girl who were Mu Lin Xue's uncle's children.

The old man looked at the imperial weapons and gave them back to the potential partic.i.p.ants. He looked at two of them and said, "Your imperial weapon was the weakest. Leave."

They said nothing, bowed, and then left.

Many people were going to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament and millions of people would probably watch. Therefore, failing before the tournament was a type of relief.

"Pfew…" Mu Qing Ying took a deep breath. She had pa.s.sed the first test, so now she could partic.i.p.ate in the tournament.

"Alright, get ready to leave." said the old man, looking at the partic.i.p.ants in a calm and serene way. They had to hurry over to Gold-Fire Tower.

Mu Lin Xue's uncle frowned, he initially wanted to cause trouble, but now he had no choice. The leader of the clan had made the decision, so who was he to argue. In any case, he was convinced that Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng would fail, so he gave up worrying over it.

"Even Mu Lie and Mu Yu can defeat you!" thought the uncle. Mu Lie and Mu Yu were his children, so of course he gave them high praise.

"Everyone should go and watch the tournament, it will be beneficial for you." said the leader of the clan. Then, he rose up in the air.

"Come." said the leader to Mu Lin Xue and the others.

Mu Lin Xue and the others rose up in the air and everyone followed them.

At that moment, in Gold-Fire Tower, there were millions, if not billions of people. They were all incredible weapons craftspeople with extraordinary statuses in Gold-Fire City. Who would want to miss this?

Everybody was excited, even people from other cities and regions came to watch. For example, there were some people from Sword Mountain there.

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