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PMG Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630: Challenge

There were many people from the powerful sects and clans of Gold-Fire Tower greeting the members of the Gold-Fire Tower in front of the main stage. They all wore special robes with different colors: Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, golden-red, golden-purple.

Nine different colors which each represented different social statuses. Those who were wearing red were Level One Professors, those in orange were Level Two Professors, those in golden-red were Level Eight Professors, those in golden-purple were Level Nine Weapon Manufacturing Masters. There was only one person wearing a golden-purple robe.

At that moment, the old man in the purple robe was chatting with some people happily.

That Weapon Manufacturing Master looked at a young man in a gentle way and smiled: "Yan Feng, you already received the teaching from Gold-Fire Tower. You're a Level Two Professor already, and someday, I'll be your teacher. I'm sure that within three years, you'll be a Level Five Weapon Manufacturing Master."

Yan Feng wore a Gold-Fire Tower robe, and it was orange. That was an honor to him, he felt proud to wear that robe. Soon, he'd become wearing a yellow robe!

"Master, you're flattering me. I will do my best to make you proud." said Yan Feng politely. He was happy that a Level Seven Professor was flattering him, but who wouldn't?

"Haha, little boy, I'm sure you won't let me down." said the old man smiling. "I've heard that you have an agreement with the Mu Clan, is that true?"

"Indeed. Mu Lin Xue is the most beautiful girl of the Mu Clan, and she's a very talented weapon craftswoman. If I win, we'll get married." said Yan Feng.

"You're a good boy. Heroes love beautiful women, so this is only normal. I've heard of her, and I think you two would be a good match. I support you in this!" said the old man smiling.

"Thank you, Master." said Yan Feng.

"Yan Feng, how come you're saying "Master"?" asked an elder. Yan Feng bowed before the old man and said, "I'm not a powerful weapon craftsman yet, so I must be polite. I wouldn't dare tarnish elders' reputation. When I become strong enough, things will change."

"Haha, I like you more and more little boy." said the old man in the purple robe. It was as if Yan Feng had already become a protagonist of Gold-Fire Tower.

"Master, I need to get ready for the tournament." said Yan Feng politely. The old man in purple clothes nodded, "Go, don't disappoint us."

"I won't." said Yan Feng, walking away and smiling.

"The Mu Clan is here." said a member of the Yan Clan who was gazing into the distance.

"Let's go and greet them." said an old man from the Yan Clan smiling. Just after he said that, the Mu Clan landed.

"Brother Mu, I trust you have been doing well since we last met." said the leader of the Yan Clan smiling.

"You're early." said the leader of the Mu Clan smiling. Even though he was smiling, it was difficult to see what he was really thinking.

"Let's go and have a chat. Yan Feng and Lin Xue haven't seen each other for a while, so let's leave the young people alone." said the leader of the Yan Clan. It sounded like he was forcing them, leaving the leader of the Mu Clan in a position where he couldn't refuse.

Yan Feng went to Mu Lin Xue.

"Lin Xue, it won't be long before you become my wife!" said Yan Feng. He had been waiting for this day for a long time now.

"You're ridiculous!" said Mu Lin Xue in a cold way.

"You have no choice because you're absolutely going to lose. And after that, you'll become my wife and you we will live together." said Yan Feng. Then, he looked at Lin Feng, instantly looking furious.

"I remember back then, I told you not to stand next to my wife." said Yan Feng, coldly.

"He's my a.s.sistant and we're going to partic.i.p.ate in the tournament as a team." Mu Lin Xue retorted.

"He can't be your a.s.sistant." said Yan Feng coldly. Then he looked at Lin Feng and said, "Talk!"

Lin Feng frowned and asked Mu Lin Xue, "Lin Xue, is it safe to be here at the Gold-Fire Tower?"

The Yan Clan was in the northern part of Gold-Fire City, and they had a lot of influence. So, Lin Feng had to make sure that they wouldn't have another run-in as they did in the marketplace.

"Gold-Fire Tower guarantees the safety of those who rank in the top ten." said Mu Lin Xue. Gold-Fire Tower was an important inst.i.tution in Gold-Fire City, so if anyone got hurt in one of their tournaments, then they might lose partic.i.p.ants in future compet.i.tions.

Therefore, the rule was that those who ranked in the top ten couldn't be killed, otherwise, they'd become enemies with Gold-Fire Tower.

"Oh." Lin Feng nodded and smiled at Yan Feng indifferently, "p.i.s.s off!"

Yan Feng was astonished, he couldn't believe what he had just heard. Lin Feng was telling him to… p.i.s.s off?

"In the northern part of Gold-Fire City, n.o.body has ever told me to p.i.s.s off, even in the entire city." said Yan Feng provocatively. Just who did Lin Feng think he was?

"Lin Xue, let's go." said Lin Feng, smiling at Mu Lin Xue. Then he stretched out his hand and grabbed hers.

"Right." Mu Lin Xue smiled in a resplendent way and held hands with Lin Feng. Then, they pa.s.sed in front of Yan Feng and walked away.

Yan Feng was furious. He was proud, and Lin Feng had ignored him. Besides, he was taking his future wife away!

When the crowd saw Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue holding hands, they finally understood what was going on.

"Who's that? He dares flirt with Yan Feng's future wife." they thought.

"Yan Feng understands cosmic energies already, it won't be long before he breaks through to the Huang Qi layer." thought more people.

Members from the Yan Clan frowned, some of them even looked upset.

"Brother Mu, why are your people humiliating Yan Feng?" asked the leader of the Yan Clan in a cold way.

"Lin Xue!" shouted the leader of the Mu Clan.

Mu Lin Xue turned her head and said, "I know what I'm doing and will bear responsibility for my actions. If the Mu Clan wants to expel me, then I won't object."

Mu Lin Xue had waited for that day for a long time, just like Yan Feng. She knew how strong Lin Feng was when it came to deployment spells, so she didn't care about the Mu Clan's influence any more.

"You…" the leader of the Mu Clan was furious. He glanced at Lin Feng and said, "You're shameless!"

"Muyi's request is difficult." thought Lin Feng. Because of Mu Lin Xue's social status, saving her was becoming even more difficult. He had to rank in the top ten, otherwise, n.o.body would protect him. Not to mention he had to beat Yan Feng.

"I've always been audacious." said Lin Feng shrugging. He didn't know what else to say at this point. The tournament hadn't even started he had already offended two groups. It's almost as if he was cursed to upset other people.

"Boom!" A terrifying fire started burning on Yan Feng's robes. He was standing in the sky above Lin Feng, just one step away from killing him.

"Lin Xue, what is he doing?" asked Lin Feng, pointing at Yan Feng.

"I don't know." said Mu Lin Xue shrugging. They looked at Yan Feng just like they'd look at a monkey in a zoo.

PMG Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631: The Great Tournament

Mu Lin Xue was pleasantly surprised, she didn't realize that Lin Feng could have a sense of humor in such worrying circ.u.mstances. Yan Feng wanted to scare him and had provoked him, but it hadn't worked, and now Yan Feng looked like a buffoon.

Yan Feng was furious. He released more energies, but n.o.body paid attention to him.

He slowly recalled his cosmic energies and said coldly, "Mu Lin Xue, you will regret that. After the tournament, when we get to the Yan Clan, n.o.body will be able to save you anymore."

"And you!" said Yan Feng turning to Lin Feng. "You don't even know what you did to yourself now."

"Lin Xue, let's go." said Lin Feng, smiling at Mu Lin Xue. No need to waste their breath with him.

"Alright." Then the two of them held hands and walked away. Was he really going to get married with the most beautiful lady from the Mu Clan? From everybody else's perspective, she was holding hands with another young man.

"Who's that guy? He's got some b.a.l.l.s to upset Yan Feng." some people thought.

Lin Feng didn't have time to think about those things. It wouldn't be long before they were going to start the tournament.

"That's Si Man Nan from the eastern part of the city. It is said that he's already a Level Two Professor. The only thing is that he hasn't come to the Gold-Fire Tower yet, so they haven't been able to check." Some people were talking about two people who were approaching.

Si Man Nan from the eastern part of the city, Ge Qing Feng from the western part, Yan Feng from the northern part, and Hen Chang Tian from the central part. They were the most talented people of their generation. Mu Lin Xue wasn't just talented, she was also very beautiful!

When Mu Lin Xue saw Si Man Nan, she said to Lin Feng, "That's Si Man Nan, he's one of the four most talented weapon craftspeople in Gold-Fire City, but he's discreet so n.o.body really knows how strong he is. I'm guessing that he's at least as strong as Yan Feng."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded. It seemed like making a level two weapon wasn't enough to rank in the top ten at the event.

"Ge Qing Feng is here too. He's a genius from the western part." said Mu Lin Xue. Ge Qing Feng was wearing silver clothes, and he looked majestic with the wind blowing his robes against him. He silently landed on the area after she identified him to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced around, watching everybody arriving.
"Lin Feng look." said Mu Lin Xue, pointing at the main bleachers. "Those people are weapon craftspeople from the Gold-Fire Tower. The colors of their robes indicate their level: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, golden red, golden purple. Of which, those colors respectively mean level one to level nine."

Lin Feng glanced at them. There was only one person who was wearing a golden-purple robe, three people were wearing golden red robes, seven people were wearing purple clothes, and most of them wore blue and cyan robes, which meant that there was mostly Level Five and Six Professors.

Suddenly, a sword whistled, and everybody looked up to see several strong cultivators riding a magnificent silver sword.

"That must be Sword Mountain." thought everybody. The cultivators descended from the sky and went to the bleachers where the Yan Clan was.

It wasn't just Sword Mountain, many external forces arrived and sat with the weapon manufacturing groups they worked with.

"So many people." thought Lin Feng. He was surprised to see so many people gathering for this single event.

A professor in a yellow robe arrived. Although he was a Level Three Professor, he still looked quite young.

"Hen Chang Tian." Mu Lin Xue pointed him out for Lin Feng and said, "Hen Chang Tian is a disciple of Gold-Fire Tower. His weapon manufacturing abilities are terrifying as he's already a Level Three Professor!"

Being a level three professor was nothing exceptional, but Hen Chang Tian was so young, so it was amazing given his age. Only those who were thirty years old and under could partic.i.p.ate in the tournament, and Hen Chang Tian was no exception.

"He came alone." Mu Lin Xue noticed. He must be confident! Of course, Hen Chang Tian was a Level Three Professor, so it was probably difficult for him to find an a.s.sistant who wasn't older than thirty and was still strong enough to help him.

"Sister Lin Xue!" At that moment, Mu Qing Ying and Mu Xiao weren't far from Lin Xue and Lin Feng. The Mu Clan was there with them, but they looked depressed.

"What's wrong, Qing Ying?" asked Mu Lin Xue.

"There are so many people, I'm very nervous." said Mu Qing Ying, smiling embarra.s.sedly. The Mu Clan was under a lot pressure now.

Mu Lin Xue smiled and said, "Relax, you have nothing to lose."

Mu Lin Xue said that even though the pressure was so much worse for herself. There were actual consequences for her if she lost.

At that moment, Mu Lin Xue sensed that someone was looking at her. She looked to her side and saw Yan Feng. Apparently, he was going to be fabricating weapons not that far from her.

At the same time, the seven professors who wore purple robes rose up in the air and looked at the crowd.

Everyone raised their heads and saw that the sun was directly above them, indicating that it was high noon already.

"After choosing your place, you cannot move again. You must be at least ten meters away from the other contestants as well." said one of them to the crowd. "The first round will last for an hour, if you fail to make a weapon, you'll be eliminated. Also, you'll be eliminated if you don't make an imperial weapon. When you leave, don't disturb anyone around you. You'll only have one opportunity!"

People had prepared themselves for this, but hearing it now made them feel nervous. Only one opportunity, and if they didn't manage to make an imperial weapon, they'd be eliminated!

This time, the test was about determination and the ability to make weapons, so failing was forbidden.

"Now, start making weapons!" shouted the Weapon Manufacturing Master.

"Pfew…" Mu Qing Ying took a deep breath. With Mu Xiao, they still couldn't manage to make imperial weapons every time, only sometimes. But no matter, they couldn't fail this time!

They glanced at Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue had already taken out a cauldron and materials, and she was starting the fire. She had prepared everything and just making an imperial weapon was already easy for her and Lin Feng. The first round shouldn't be a problem for them.

"Good luck, but remember that if you fail, you'll be mine." said Yan Feng in a cold way, taking out his own things.

PMG Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632: First Round

Yan Feng was using an ancient snake cauldron which had snakes and dragons carved on it. After he released his fire, Lin Feng was surprised to see a powerful fire cosmic energy burning. It was fierce, brutal, and wild.

"The fire he uses is a green-scaled snake fire. The Yan Clan killed some green-scaled snake emperors for him and stole their cosmic fire to improves his own." said Mu Lin Xue to Lin Feng using telepathy. Lin Feng smiled wryly. Disciples from rich families seemed to always be spoiled. Their families spent a lot of money for them and Yan Feng was no exception.

Lin Feng noticed that many other people had special types of fire as well, especially the other geniuses. Hen Chang Tian specifically caught his eye with his golden fire. That tournament wasn't fair at all. Mu Lin Xue's fire and cauldron weren't bad, but their quality was much lower than everyone else's.

Yan Feng glanced at Lin Feng, seeing how the first round wasn't that difficult, he didn't need to focus that much.

After a short time, Yan Feng shouted at the person who was with him, "Carve the marks!"

His a.s.sistant was a girl wearing black clothes. She wasn't as beautiful as Mu Lin Xue and her Qi was very cold. However, she was an expert at carving marks, and her speed was note-worthy.

Very quickly, a sword started whistling above Yan Feng's cauldron.

"Feng is already a master when it comes to making swords, so the first round should be extremely easy for him." said the leader of the Yan Clan smiling.

"Yan Feng was the fastest one. He doesn't even need to try this round!" said a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain. All the cultivators from the Yan Clan focused on swords because they cooperated with Sword Mountain.

"Hmph! Mu Lin Xue is shameless. I wonder if she should even become Yan Feng's wife." said the leader of the Yan Clan in a cold way. Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng seemed to have an intimate relation, how could Yan Feng want a woman who was sleeping with other men? How could she even act proudly and arrogantly like that?

Yan Feng's sword whistled in the air. Then a few seconds later, Hen Chang Tian and the others also finished making their imperial weapons.

One of the seven purple-clothed strong cultivators from Gold-Fire Tower smiled, "How will those four rank in your opinion?"

"No idea. In terms of level, Hen Chang Tian could be the strongest one, but he's making weapons alone. Yan Feng and the others have a.s.sistants, so it's much easier for them." said another one smiling. They didn't care if anyone could hear them.

"I think Yan Feng is the best. He makes quality weapons, his fire is great, and he is the fastest. I think he might rank first." said another one smiling. It was the guy who wanted Yan Feng as his disciple.

"Ge Qing Feng is not a weakling either." said another one smiling.

"Let's see. We won't learn much in the first round after all. Maybe some of them will make level four imperial weapons later." said one of them, his eyes were twinkling.

"Indeed. Look at that girl, the one from the Mu Clan. She's good but her fire, cauldron, and pace aren't as good as Yan Feng's. However, the young man next to her is good. They could rank in the top ten if they work together. After all, she's already a Level Two Professor." said another master wearing purple clothes.

"Hehe, that girl is going to become Yan Feng's wife." said Yan Feng's future teacher. They all smiled at him and said, "You already know Yan Feng's att.i.tude, but if she does rank in the top ten, and doesn't want to get married with Yan Feng, then n.o.body will be able to force her."

Yan Feng's future teacher looked surprised. Indeed, if she managed to rank in the top ten, then Gold-Fire Tower would have to protect her.

"But the Mu Clan and the Yan Clan have an agreement, so you're not quite right. Besides, it's too early to talk about that now. First, she has to rank in the top ten." said Yan Feng's future teacher. Even though he wasn't Yan Feng's teacher yet, he already considered himself as such.

"We'll see." said another one smiling.

At that moment, Lin Feng rose up in the air and started carving deployment marks. It was nothing too difficult for him as he was using a shattering spell.

"That team is great, that boy's deployment marks are perfect for Mu Lin Xue." thought the professor who thought highly of Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng.

He wasn't the only one to think that way, some of the other professors were also pleasantly surprised. Yan Feng looked at his a.s.sistant, the girl in black clothes and asked, "What do you think of her?"

Yan Feng looked angry asking, but he still wanted to compare himself to them.

"She's alright. I'm not amazed but she's not bad either. I don't think they can win at least." said the girl wearing black clothes. Yan Feng nodded. He didn't think about it too much after that.

Lin Feng's deployment marks weren't too complex. It was only the first round, and making an imperial weapon was the only requirement. After carving the marks, he started hammering the weapon. Finally, they made a sword, an imperial weapon.

The Mu Clan watched as the sword rose up in the air. They were surprised, Mu Lin Xue's a.s.sistant wasn't bad. There were no mistakes in his deployment marks. But they still felt uneasy, just where did Lin Feng come from and who was he?

In any case, it was far from being enough. To rank in the top ten, they had a long way to go still. Even though it was only the first round, the crowd had already noticed many geniuses.

Mu Qing Ying didn't pay attention to anyone else, her forehead was already covered in sweat. She was using her full strength to make that imperial weapon. Mu Xiao and Mu Qing Ying couldn't succeed that easily, so they couldn't afford to get distracted.

In the end, they did succeed in making an imperial weapon. Afterwards, Mu Qing Ying looked very happy.

PMG Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633: Fabrication Speed

"We did it. I can move on to the next round!" thought Mu Qing Ying, looking at her weapon which was floating in the air. She then glanced at Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. They had finished before her and were patiently waiting.

"Lin Feng fooled me." thought Mu Qing Ying, glancing at Lin Feng. Back when he first joined the Mu Clan, he hadn't said much, and he looked ordinary, but he was actually so good this good at carving deployment marks and casting deployment spells. He couldn't be any worse than Mu Xiao in fact.

"Miss Lin Xue, good luck! I'm sure you can rank in the top ten!" said Mu Qing Ying to Mu Lin Xue, smiling.

"Thanks, you too! Your weapon is not too bad, so you should relax." said Mu Lin Xue smiling. Mu Lie and Mu Yu groaned coldly and said, "With just you guys, we're the only ones who will be able to make the clan s.h.i.+ne."

Mu Lin Xue glanced at Mu Lie and smiled indifferently, "Don't worry. In the future, n.o.body will try to steal your resources in the Mu Clan, at least, I won't."

Mu Lin Xue's uncle wanted her to leave the clan and hand her over to the Yan Clan because of his own children. They were talented, so he wanted the Mu Clan to focus on them. Mu Lin Xue was a problem, but if she left, his children would become the geniuses of the clan. Then they would get all the resources from the clan for themselves.

Because of this, Mu Lie and Mu Yu considered Mu Lin Xue as their enemy.

"You are aware of what you're worth, that's good. When you go to the Yan Clan in the future, you won't have problems anymore. Of course, since your a.s.sistant humiliated the Yan Clan, maybe they will reject you instead." said Mu Lie smiling mockingly, trying to infuriate Mu Lin Xue.

Mu Lin Xue looked at him in a cold way, but Lin Feng smiled and said, "Lin Xue, don't waste your time talking to them. It's obvious that they have no values."

"Alright." Mu Lin Xue nodded and ignored Mu Lie.

"You've got a big mouth. Just wait and see, we'll know soon if you have the skill to back up your words." said Mu Li. At that moment, the two hours had already pa.s.sed. One of the purple-clothed professors jumped forwards and shouted, "Those who aren't done can stop, you're eliminated, so you can leave. You were too slow."

Many people left disappointed. Half of the partic.i.p.ants had already been eliminated from the first round.

The purple-clothed professor glanced at the remaining people, noting that there were a few thousand left. Then he said, "Alright, get ready for the second round. You have two hours again, during the second round, you can fail and try again if you finish within the allocated time, but only those who can make level two imperial weapons can move on. The maximum number of people who can move on to the next round will be one-hundred. Therefore, the faster you are, the better."

Everybody listened calmly. They weren't surprised because they knew that thousands of people were too much to work with.

"Level two imperial weapon." whispered Mu Qing Ying to herself. She smiled wryly, it seemed that the first round was her limit. She couldn't make a level two imperial weapon, on top of that, only the first hundred people could succeed.

"The second round starts now!" said the purple-clothed professor before he jumped back. Scorching hot flames appeared all around. The partic.i.p.ants couldn't waste time during the second round, so they all pushed their flames immediately.

"Lin Xue, make a sword, and use the best materials, I'll change the deployment spell to accommodate." said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue. They had already talked about the tournament, but they hadn't discussed the details of the second round. In any case, they didn't lack good materials.

"Alright, I'll listen to you." said Mu Lin Xue smiling at Lin Feng. She was extremely nervous already. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue hadn't made that many level two imperial weapons. Of course, she didn't have any doubts about Lin Feng's abilities to cast deployment spells or her own abilities. If they focused, a level two imperial weapon shouldn't be a problem.

The seven purpled-clothed professors glanced at the crowd and smiled, "You said Mu Lin Xue was good? But Yan Feng has already released half of the fire required, while Mu Lin Xue just started releasing her fire."

Another professor was looking at them and smiling.

"Speed and power are two different things. She is slower than Yan Feng, but that doesn't mean she isn't as talented as him. This just means that she doesn't have the same advantages."

"Alright, let's wait and see." said Yan Feng's future professor smiling indifferently.

That round was more intense than the first round. Almost all the contestants were covered in sweat.

Boom! Explosions sounded as a cauldron filled with materials exploded. The two partic.i.p.ants were shaking violently, their soul strength wasn't enough, and they hadn't been able to stand the fire. They smiled wryly and stopped. They instead decided to watch the others, hoping to learn something from them.

Mu Qing Ying was nervous, her throat was completely dry, she felt exhausted, and she looked desperate.

"With Mu Xiao's deployment spells, we can't possibly make a level two imperial weapon. We should just give up too." thought Mu Qing Ying. Then, her fire disappeared. Mu Xiao suddenly looked at her and said, "Miss!"

"We partic.i.p.ated in the tournament, which is good already, but we can't possibly pa.s.s the second round. Let's just watch the others instead." Mu Qing Ying was exhausted. She looked at Mu Lin Xue, Lin Feng was already carving deployment marks and a sword shape had already formed.

"Those deployment marks are so complex! Mu Xiao couldn't possibly carve such marks." thought Mu Qing Ying stupefied. She was very unhappy thinking that such an incredible deployment spell caster had spent time with her and she hadn't realized. Even the first time she had seen Lin Feng, she told him that his deployment spell wasn't good enough. Lin Feng had never tried to defend himself in front of her. Just like he had said several times now, he hadn't joined the Mu Clan for her.

At that moment, Lin Feng was very focused, his carved deployment marks were intertwining in complex ways.

"What a powerful deployment spell. If Lin Xue doesn't make any mistakes, managing to make the weapon fuse together with the marks, then they will succeed in making a level two imperial weapon." thought Mu Qing Ying, she seemed awestruck. Mu Xiao didn't look so happy. He knew Lin Feng was good, but he didn't know Lin Feng was that good!

"Those deployment marks are incredible, I wonder how many small deployment spells they contain." thought the professor who had previously thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. He looked pleasantly surprised. He found nothing to criticize as the marks were precise, distinct, clear, perfect…

"Good!" shouted the professor next to him loudly. Yan Feng rose up in the air, having already made a level two imperial weapon. He was the first one to succeed even.

"Haha, good, good!" people from the Yan Clan stood up, feeling immense pride.

Yan Feng also looked proud and arrogant, then he turned to Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng. Lin Feng was now hammering the weapon.

"You overestimated yourself. I will take Mu Lin Xue in my arms and you will stand there watching us." thought Yan Feng angrily. Suddenly, someone else rose up in the air, it was Hen Chang Tian. He had also made a level two imperial weapon.

PMG Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634: End of the Second Round

After Hen Chang Tian, Si Man Nan and Ge Qing Feng finished their weapons. Even though it was difficult to say how strong someone could really become at their age, it was obvious that Hen Chang Tian and the three others had the most potential.

The crowd in the Yan Clan's bleachers were smiling happily. They chatted with the strong cultivators from Sword Mountain. On the Mu Clan's side, some people looked upset, while some only frowned. Only the leader of the Mu Clan looked indifferent, calm and serene. n.o.body could guess what he was thinking.

"With that speed, they can probably finish in the top hundred this round, but they won't rank in the top ten in the third round." thought Mu Lin Xue's uncle, looking at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. At least he hoped Mu Lin Xue wouldn't rank in the top ten in the next round.

More and more people managed to make level two weapons. The partic.i.p.ants who weren't done were getting more nervous. The ground would shake every now and then as cauldrons exploded. It was easy to make mistakes, especially under such pressure. Even some partic.i.p.ants who were outstanding were so nervous that they made mistakes.

Some who failed tried again, but they had less time, so it was less likely they'd make it.

Since Yan Feng was already done making a level two imperial weapon, more people had turned to look at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue.

Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng were still concentrating, n.o.body could distract them. Their movements were perfect, as if they had been coordinating with each other for a long time already. Lin Feng finally finished hammering the weapon, so now, Mu Lin Xue was putting on the finis.h.i.+ng touches.

"Relax, everything will be fine." said Lin Feng after he saw that Mu Lin Xue was sweating a lot. He whispered this in her ear while using his sleeve to wipe the sweat off her forehead.

Even though Mu Lin Xue was a genius, she hadn't been through as much as Lin Feng in her life. That tournament was extremely important to her, more so than to Lin Feng. But she felt relieved to see Lin Feng so calm. She took a deep breath and continued.

At that moment, the Weapon Manufacturing Master in the golden-purple robe was sitting at the very top of the bleachers, in front of him were the three masters in golden-red clothes. One of them looked at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue and whispered, "This time Chang Tian is working by himself, and everybody noticed Yan Feng, but there are some discreet geniuses."

With his experience and advanced age, he could see through some things. People who looked ordinary were often the strongest ones. Of course, that was not guaranteed.

"Who's that?" asked a professor next to the one in golden red clothes. He was referring to Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue.

"You mean that girl? I know her, she's from the Mu Clan, and her name is Mu Lin Xue. She's very talented from what I've heard. The little boy from the Yan Clan wants to marry her but she doesn't want to." replied another professor smiling indifferently. They didn't know all the young people from Gold-Fire City, but they knew the most famous ones, including Mu Lin Xue.

"I'm not talking about her, I'm talking about the little boy next to her." said the professor smiling. He was interested in Lin Feng. He had noticed how incredible Lin Feng's deployment spells were, not having made any mistakes. Even though he looked ordinary, he could become an incredible deployment spell caster in the future. It was difficult to know how strong such people really were, but Lin Feng didn't look nervous at all, he even cheered Mu Lin Xue up.

"I don't know but he's just Mu Lin Xue's a.s.sistant. I don't know if he's a member of the Mu Clan or not, but do you think he's that good? I can ask around for you." said another professor, smiling.

"No need, I still want to watch him. What about you, buddy? Anyone worth watching?"

"Haha, it's a secret!" said a professor laughing wholeheartedly.

"At the end of the tournament, I'll also know who the strongest ones are, so if you say nothing now, you won't be able to choose anyone then." said the other one laughing.

"Fifty-six people are already done making level two imperial weapons. My fire isn't powerful enough, I still need to improve it." thought Mu Qing Ying.

"Done!" shouted Mu Lie extremely loudly. Mu Lie and Mu Yu raised their heads, they looked overjoyed. They had done it!

"Good!" Mu Lin Xue's uncle stood up and shouted with joy. Mu Lie and Mu Yu were a great team, they were even better than Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. After the tournament, Mu Lie and Mu Yu would become the heroes of the Mu Clan.

Mu Lin Xue was calm with Lin Feng standing beside her. With him there, it was as if the outside world had nothing to do with her. She didn't rush like most others.

Sixty-three people had succeeded and at that moment, Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's imperial weapon rose up in the air. It was a sword. Mu Lin Xue smiled thinly. She didn't even raise her head to look at the sword, she instead turned to Lin Feng and smiled thinly, but she didn't look surprised though.

"Lin Feng!" said Mu Lin Xue. Lin Feng smiled, "You're not going to thank me, right?"

"No, I'm just thinking, maybe we should make love at some point." said Mu Lin Xue jokingly. With that, Lin Feng smiled wryly.

Hmph! Mu Lin Xue also smiled wryly after she heard that, she even stuck her tongue out.

"Sister Lin Xue, congratulations!" said Mu Qing Ying. She admired Mu Lin Xue. Even though she had given up during the second round, she felt even more determined after watching Mu Lin Xue.

"Someday, you'll do it too." said Mu Lin Xue, smiling at Mu Qing Ying. Mu Qing Ying nodded and looked at Lin Feng. He looked calm, as if they hadn't worked so hard.

"It's almost the end, you'll definitely rank in the top ten Sister Lin Xue!" said Mu Qing Ying.

"Top ten?" Mu Lie groaned coldly and said, "You ranked sixty-four in the second round, how could you rank in the top ten you morons?"

Mu Lin Xue calmly glanced at Mu Lie, but said nothing. To her, Mu Lie and Mu Yu were insignificant.

"Hehe, Lin Xue, you're soon going to join my clan soon!" said Yan Feng. Mu Lin Xue glanced at him mockingly, she didn't even reply to him. No matter what he said, she despised him.

When the hundredth team rose up in the air, one of the professors in purple stood up and smiled, "Alright now, those who have been eliminated can move away."

Many people then left. Very quickly, only a hundred people were left on the stage. The tournament was nearing its end!

PMG Chapter 1635

Chapter 1635: The Prizes

The crowd looked at the partic.i.p.ants. Initially, there were dozens of thousands of people, now there were a hundred only. Maybe, in a few years later, they'd be incredible heroes.

The last part of the tournament would be an opportunity for them to rise.

At the same time, the seven professors in purple clothes walked forwards and said, "Before we start the finals, the professor in golden purple clothes has an announcement to make concerning the prizes."

The crowd grew excited, especially considering that Gold-Fire Tower was the richest group in Gold-Fire City. They probably had anything anyone could want.

The Level Nine Professor slowly walked forwards with the three professors in golden red robes following him. They looked at the young people and smiled in a gentle way.

"h.e.l.lo Masters!" the young people all bowed respectfully as a sign of respect. Those professors were already terrifyingly powerful. Those were probably already at the top of the Huang Qi layer.

"You're too polite. You're all outstanding young people, and if you continue making great efforts, then you'll be like us in the future, perhaps even surpa.s.sing us." said the Level Nine Professor smiling.

"I'll be managing the finals." said the Level Nine Professor smiling. "The winners of the tournament will obtain a special fire. Our group, Gold-Fire Tower, killed a nine-headed snake which can swallow animal's fire. As such, medium-level emperors or below can't possibly stand that fire, if they get attacked by it, they could only die. We took that fire and it will act as the first prize of this tournament." said the Level Nine Professor.

"A nine-headed imperial snake, and a high-level emperor… If I could get it, I'd be able to make even better weapons. I could also easily kill most of my enemies." thought everybody.

They calmed down again very quickly though. Very few of them thought that they could rank in the top ten, let alone first.

"I must get that fire." thought Yan Feng. His eyes were twinkling with greed. He smiled and thought, "This time, I'll go back with a beautiful girl and a wonderful prize."

"Alright, that fire is for the first-place winner, the second-place winner will obtain an armor, a level seven imperial weapon. This armor can protect anyone from a medium-level emperor or below." said the Level Nine Professor. That item was priceless!

"The third prize is a level seven imperial weapon, but it's an offensive weapon."

"A level seven imperial weapon again, the prizes are even better than thirty years ago." thought some older people who had watched the last tournament.

"Those who rank fourth and fifth will obtain a level six imperial weapon, and those who will rank sixth to tenth will obtain level five imperial weapons. I don't need to tell you what they are, you will just have to wait and see." said the Weapon Manufacturing Master in the golden-purple clothes smiling. "Apart from that, the first ten will be protected in Gold-Fire City. You must understand what that means, if you attack someone who ranks in the top ten, you will become an enemy of Gold-Fire Tower."

"Besides that, I have some good news, the very best ones will have the opportunity to study with one of the three teachers wearing the golden-red clothes for a year. Of course, if your relations.h.i.+p evolves and you become their disciples, I will only be very happy to hear it."

"Learning from Level Eight Teachers!" many people were overly excited at this point.

"However, if one of them notices one of you, they can also choose you and if you agree, you can become their disciple. I don't need to explain that. No matter, you are free to do whatever you want." said the Level Nine Professor smiling.

"Finally, the top ten partic.i.p.ants or those I choose will have the opportunity to directly become members of Gold-Fire Tower." said the Level Nine Professor. Everybody smiled and nodded. Then, he moved back as it was time to start the finals.

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