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PMG Chapter 1636

Chapter 1636: Gradually Showing Their Talent

"So many prizes." thought the crowd, sighing. Those who ranked in the top ten would get so many things, especially the very best ones.

Yan Feng had shown how strong he was in the second round, so he would probably rank first. Ge Qing Feng and Si Man Nan were also very strong.

The Level Nine Professor and the professors in the golden-red robes went back to their seats. The Level Seven Professor in purple clothes was still in the air as he said, "You have eight hours for the third round. You can fail, but in those eight hours you need to show your best imperial weapon. With that, we'll consider your best weapon for the ranking."

"Eight hours!" They had so much time!

"Now, the finals can start!" said the seven professors in purple clothes at the same time. The hundred remaining partic.i.p.ants immediately put their cauldrons on fire after they announced the start.

"Pfew…" Mu Lin Xue took a deep breath. Everything they had done so far had all led up to this moment. Her fate depended on the finals. Even though she had started to relax in the second round, she was starting to get very nervous again.

"It'll be fine. We definitely have a chance to rank in the top ten." said Lin Feng gently. Mu Lin Xue nodded. Finis.h.i.+ng in the top ten wouldn't be a problem, but maybe that wouldn't be enough.

"Let's start." This time, Mu Lin Xue took out a black iron meteorite which looked incredibly dense, it also had a silvery outline.

"Sister Lin Xue took out a meteorite, that material is extremely hard, so she'll need a lot of time to burn it correctly." thought Mu Qing Ying. In the next eight hours, she'd only be able to try three times with that material.

Mu Qing Ying glanced at Yan Feng, he was using a red stone, but she didn't know what it was. Even though he hadn't started making a weapon yet, she understood it was a fire-type material.

Mu Qing Ying had guessed right. Mu Lin Xue closed her eyes and started controlled her fire with her soul. It took her an hour to get the meteorite to melt. She was already covered in sweat and looked exhausted with that.

Lin Feng closed his eyes, he just had to wait, and then he'd be able to carve in the marks.

"Yan Feng is using the Nine Weapon Transformation Technique, and he's already finished the third transformation. He will probably succeed with the fourth one too." said a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain.

"The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique can improve the general level of the materials, but more importantly, it allows a cultivator to control the process even better by making their soul and the weapon fuse together. The chances of success are greatly increased whilst using that technique." said the leader from the Yan Clan smiling happily. The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique was a technique which was pa.s.sed from generation to generation in the Yan Clan. They only had a part of the ancient scriptures, but it was already enough to make ordinary stones become gold. They had a saying in the clan: The Nine Weapon Transformation Technique could make emperors become great emperors.

"Indeed, it's practically guaranteed that Yan Feng will rank first this time!" said a cultivator from Sword Mountain, smiling.

Mu Lin Xue continued controlling her fire, having made no mistakes so far. The embryo of the weapon had already appeared, and the outline of a spear was forming.

"A spear?" the members of the Yan Clan smiled coldly. They didn't have a lot of s.p.a.ce to work with, so it was difficult to carve marks into them, and spears weren't considered special weapons either. Besides, at the same level, they weren't necessarily any better than other weapons. That was probably a bad choice on their part.

"She already gave up on the inside." thought Mu Lin Xue's uncle, smiling coldly.

"The one you liked sucks. Surprisingly, she's only making a spear. She can't rank in the top ten with that!" said Yan Feng's future teacher laughing. The one who liked Lin Feng and Lin Xue frowned. He was just as surprised as everyone else to see that the embryo of had a spear shape. Carving marks into such a weapon wouldn't be easy, especially seeing how the embryo of the spear Mu Lin Xue was making looked even more complex than an ordinary spear. It was more precise, and more detailed.

The masters of Gold-Fire Tower all had someone who had attracted their attention. Apart from those in purple, one master in a golden-red robe was paying attention to Mu Lin Xue, he was pleasantly surprised. He smiled and thought, "Finally, we're going to see his real strength."

He had been paying attention to Lin Feng the entire time, but he found Lin Feng too mysterious.

"Lin Feng." said Mu Lin Xue, opening her eyes. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes, he looked determined. Suddenly, a terrifying Qi surrounded him, along with dazzling lights.

Earth abstruse energies emerged from his hands as he started carving marks. The s.p.a.ce around him shook violently as marks started appearing. Apart from Earth abstruse energy, he also used immortal abstruse energy to carve.

"Boom!" Lin Feng's hands shook, and the marks started intertwining.

"Empty s.p.a.ce deployment spell?" many people were staring at Lin Feng now. Surprisingly, he was carving empty s.p.a.ce deployment marks.

Slash, slash, slas.h.!.+ Lin Feng seemed like he was dancing as he carved the mark. It seemed like the more difficult the mark, the faster he moved?

Bzzz! Now destructive energies emerged, and the small deployment spells started intertwining. Very quickly, the deployment spells fused together.

"That's…" Mu Qing Ying was astonished. Lin Feng's deployment spells were so powerful?

"Eh?" People from the Mu Clan and the Yan Clan frowned. Mu Lin Xue's a.s.sistant could carve such terrifying deployment spells?

"Go down!" Lin Feng shook his hand and his deployment marks all crashed onto the embryo of the weapon.

"Those deployment marks still aren't enough." said the leader of the Yan Clan, smiling coldly. However, after he said that, Lin Feng shook his hands again and continued carving empty s.p.a.ce deployment marks. He wasn't done yet!

PMG Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637: Transformations

The leader of the Yan Clan was surprised, he then added, "Even if you can make more deployment spells, Yan Feng is still going to rank first, or at least in the top three, while you have no chance."

Many people were finally noticing Lin Feng. But, he remained calm and indifferent. Very quickly, Lin Feng carved more deployment marks which crashed onto the weapon again.

Even then, Lin Feng still wasn't done, he continued carving marks again. Many people's hearts started racing at that moment. Mu Qing Ying was fixedly staring at Lin Feng's marks. Because the embryo of that spear was so complex, Lin Feng had to carve a wide range of deployment marks, which made things too complex and too easy to make mistakes. Lin Feng, however, did everything step by step, without making any mistakes.

"Mu Xiao, back then, the deployment spell you showed me was Lin Feng's. Am I right?" asked Mu Qing Ying, as if she had been talking to herself, but Mu Xiao still heard her and started trembling. Mu Qing Ying had wanted to ask that question for a while, and now that she was done with the tournament, she had no reason not to.

"Miss Qing Ying, I just…" Mu Xiao bowed. He wanted to explain but Mu Qing Ying ignored him. She shook her hand and said, "There's no need to explain anything."

Mu Qing Ying now understood that Mu Xiao had fooled her and lied. Lin Feng, hadn't felt the need to justify himself or explain anything because he never really cared. Mu Qing Ying felt ridiculous and pathetic now. She was so confident in herself, even till now there was a part of her which thought that Lin Feng had joined the Mu Clan just for her.

"Lin Xue, why are you better than me in everything? Am I too stupid?" thought Mu Qing Ying. Mu Lin Xue had immediately noticed that Lin Feng was outstanding while Mu Qing Ying had always thought that he was ordinary.

Mu Xiao didn't know what Mu Qing Ying was thinking, he was too worried about his future. What would happen to him now?

"Hehe, I knew it. That little boy is special. I'm not stupid in thinking that those two might rank in the top ten." said the professor in purple clothes who had noticed Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue before. He was smiling indifferently, but the professor next to him groaned coldly and said, "Do you have so much faith in those two?"

"At the very least, I don't think they're that bad." replied the professor.

"The Yan Clan and the Mu Clan gambled with Mu Lin Xue and Yan Feng's fates at stake. How about we bet too?" said Yan Feng's future teacher, smiling in a cold way. Yan Feng was using the Nine Weapon Transformation Technique, so he could probably make a level three imperial weapon. With that in mind, how could Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue compete with him?

"What do you want to bet?" asked the other one.

"If Yan Feng wins, you show me your weapon fabrication technique, if he loses, I'll show you mine. What do you think?" said Yan Feng's future teacher. He had always wanted to know what technique that professor used.

The professor was surprised. Apparently, Yan Feng's future teacher had a lot of faith in his future student.

"Can I think about it more?" asked the professor, smiling indifferently.

"Of course you can." said the other one smiling. He knew what the other professor was thinking. He wanted to see how far Lin Feng's deployment mark technique went.

Now he paid even more attention to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still carving empty s.p.a.ce marks, the holy marks on the weapon were becoming more and more dazzling.

"He's carving a great deployment spell using so many small deployment spells. All the while those small deployment spells are perfect for the weapon." thought the crowd. Many people had hidden their true powers, but Lin Feng was the best one so far.

"So? What do you say?" asked Yan Feng's future teacher.

The professor narrowed his eyes and stared at Lin Feng's deployment marks. He shook his head and said, "Alright, I accept your bet."

"Good, but don't go back on your word now!" said Yan Feng's future teacher.

"I never lie."

"Alright, everybody here is a witness." the five others smiled and nodded.

"Haha, maybe the champion of the tournament will be Chang Tian." said another one. Hen Chang Tian was very strong. Even though he worked alone, he had already finished making the embryo and was now carving marks. He was making a big tower which was three meters high and was entirely made of gold. Apparently, carving marks didn't seem to make him too tired, but he was having to carve a lot.

If his golden tower had any special powers, and if he managed to make a level three tower, then it'd be better than most ordinary level three imperial weapons. That was why that professor thought highly of him.

Ge Qing Feng was making a fan which contained ice-cold energies. Si Man Nan was making a pair of gigantic wings.

Yan Feng's weapon was the most ordinary amongst the four geniuses, he was making a sword, again.

"Slash, slash…" at that moment, two hours had already pa.s.sed. Lin Feng seemed to have finished carving in his marks. Their weapon was still only an embryo, but its energies were terrifying.

"That deployment spell is explosively terrifying." thought the crowd in awe.

"It seems like those two aren't going to try a second time. They made such great efforts anyways, they couldn't possibly put as much energy in a second weapon." thought the crowd.

"Boom!" a scorching-hot fire hit the stage. Yan Feng's sword embryo was absorbing terrifying amounts of that fire. At that moment, he glanced at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue and said in a cold way, "You hid your real strength, but it looks like I'll still have to disappoint you. Fourth transformation!"

With that, the bright red sword embryo's shape changed again, its fire became even more terrifying.

"Rise!" shouted Si Man Nan at that moment. His wings' embryo surprisingly rose up in the air and shook, he had hidden something too!

PMG Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638: Weapon Clouds

"Those wings could definitely be a level three imperial weapon and the quality wouldn't be low." thought everybody after they saw the embryo of Si Man Nan's wings. On top of that, Si Man Nan and his a.s.sistant were carving marks together. They were using wind type strength to carve marks and their energy was ever increasing.

Ge Qing Feng's fan was an ice fan, which emanated a frost which would send a chill down anyone's back.

"No, you can't!" said a young man as the ice energies surrounded him. Not only him, his cauldron also started freezing, his fire fading. His a.s.sistant had moved back silently.

"That's…" the crowd was speechless. They couldn't attack others, but Ge Qing Feng hadn't done it on purpose, it was just that his energies were too vast. A professor in purple clothes looked embarra.s.sed. The young man broke through the ice, and besides the s.h.i.+vering, he looked furious. It had been so difficult to get to the finals, and now he was going to get eliminated like that?

"You still have time. Go to another place and continue making your weapon. In any case, with your strength, you wouldn't have ranked in the top ten. You still need to improve a lot." said one of the professors in purple. That young man lowered his head and remained silent. Then, he took his cauldron away. He didn't want to make a weapon anymore. He was too upset, and he knew that he couldn't compete with those people anyways. Watching up close wasn't bad either.

At that moment, golden lights filled the stage as Hen Chang Tian's tower reached the clouds, its energy oppressing down on everyone.

"That's a level three imperial weapon! Who could defeat him?" thought the crowd.

"Marks, condense!" shouted Lin Feng again. In a flash, dazzling lights emerged from his marks as they intertwined together.

"Hammer!" shouted Lin Feng. Instantly, Mu Lin Xue threw the hammer at Lin Feng. He moved his hand and caught it without even looking up. Then he started hammering the weapon relentlessly.

"Is that the final version?" thought the crowd. The energies were already explosive, so how much stronger could it get?

n.o.body could be sure.

"That deployment spell could definitely make a level three imperial weapon, and it would be a powerful weapon at that, but is it enough?" whispered Yan Feng's future teacher. The other professor in purple clothes smiled and said, "It seems that you're starting to regret."

"The tournament isn't over yet, so don't get so happy too early. That spear is great, and the deployment spell is explosive, the materials are the best, and finally, I'm certain that it can kill low-level emperors. All in all, there's nothing Yan Feng does that they can't do." said the teacher who thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. He looked calm outwardly, but on the inside, he was nervous. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's weapon was extremely complex, Lin Feng's deployment spell was actually too complex. If they had made a sword, it would have already finished by now.

"Haha, you'll soon be disappointed." said Yan Feng's future teacher, smiling wholeheartedly.

He felt like he had already won the bet. At that moment, Yan Feng opened his eyes again, flames bursting out of them. Even his blood started boiling and roaring.

"This is the power of my blood." said Yan Feng. Suddenly, blood started drifting out of his body. The embryo of his weapon started shaking violently, even emitting whistling sounds.

"Nine Weapon Transformation Technique, fifth transformation, blood transformation!"

Blech… Yan Feng spat out his blood on to the weapon, darkening it to a dark-red shade.

The leader of the Yan Clan stood up, "The champion is going to appear soon!"

Quickly after, he was surrounded by a cloud of red colors. The sword was condensing, and the red color was turning into a red weapon cloud.

"Weapon cloud!" the crowd s.h.i.+vered. Was Yan Feng going to make a level four imperial weapon? But could he?

"No wonder he chose a sword." thought some people.

"No wonder the Yan Clan is so sure that Yan Feng is going to win, they knew he could make a level four imperial weapon."

"Haha, buddy, I'll definitely get your technique now." said Yan Feng's future teacher smiling. He already knew that Yan Feng could make level four imperial weapons!

The professor next to him looked distraught. Maybe he really had made a mistake. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue were a great team, but he didn't know that Yan Feng could make level four imperial weapons. He turned rigid and said, "The tournament isn't over, we'll see."

"Alright, alright, we'll wait until the end of the tournament." Yan Feng's future teacher smiled happily.

Cough, cough. Mu Lin Xue had noticed Yan Feng's weapon cloud and she was looking upset. She started releasing even more fire.

"Don't worry Mu Lin Xue, after the tournament is over, I'll take good care of you." said Yan Feng arrogantly. Mu Lin Xue's mouth was bleeding as she bit her lip, but she continued releasing more fire.

"Do your best and leave the rest to me." said Lin Feng to Mu Lin Xue in a calm way. Mu Lin Xue nodded and looked at the weapon. She could feel Lin Feng's confidence, which made her feel more confident too.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped and then released a terrifying strength. He put his fingers on the weapon and continued carving more deployment marks.

"He's carving marks again?" the crowd frowned. He wasn't done?

"How courageous! He's making a double embryo and using two deployment spells!" thought the teacher who thought highly of Lin Feng. He had hope again.

This time, Lin Feng didn't carve the marks so quickly. He also didn't use immortal strength, instead they were pale and mysterious, n.o.body knew exactly what kind of marks he was carving.

"Is that wind or illusion strength?" thought the professor wearing golden-red clothes. That little boy's deployment spells were incredible, having exceeded all their expectations. No matter what the result of the tournament was, he wanted to invite Lin Feng to join him at Gold-Fire Tower. Even if he didn't make weapons, his deployment spells were useful.

The spear appeared indistinctly as lights and sharp energies rolled in waves. A powerful hurricane also formed.

"Weapon cloud!" the crowd was astonished. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue had created two embryos and a weapon cloud had appeared.

Kacha! An explosion sounded next to Lin Feng. Mu Lie and Mu Yu's faces were black after their cauldron had exploded. The tournament was over for them!

They both raised their heads and saw Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's weapon cloud. They were furious, were Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue actually better than them?

PMG Chapter 1639

Chapter 1639: Birth of an Imperial Weapon

Mu Lie and Mu Yu had lost, and their father, Mu Lin Xue's uncle, looked furious. His dreams were ruined, the clan wouldn't raise his children after this. Especially after Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's made that weapon cloud appear.

His cheeks felt extremely hot. Everybody from the Mu Clan was staring at him.

"Mu Lie and Mu Yu are not resilient enough. How can they become strong that way?" said the leader of the Mu Clan indifferently. Mu Lin Xue's uncle was petrified and furious, "Master, there are success rates for these things, people who make weapons can't succeed every time. There are hundreds of teams, and some people fail, it's only normal. Mu Lie and Mu Yu aren't the only ones who failed. Besides, there aren't many people in the clan who are as good as Mu Yu and Mu Lie. Please forgive them."

"They're not bad at making weapons and failing isn't a problem either. The problem is that they were influenced from seeing Lin Xue's weapon cloud. Of course, only time can tell how they'll evolve." said the leader of the Mu Clan indifferently.

"If Mu Lin Xue defeats Yan Feng, what will the Mu Clan do?" thought Mu Lin Xue's uncle. His heart was pounding. Would the Mu Clan have to give up Mu Lin Xue?

If Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng defeated Yan Feng, they'd have to rank in the top three. If that was the case, Gold-Fire Tower would have to protect them, even if the Mu Clan changed their mind.

"Impossible, even with a weapon cloud they can't win." thought Mu Lin Xue's uncle.

Everybody had different thoughts. For example, the teacher who thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue suddenly felt relieved. He even whispered, "Weapon cloud, haha, they can win."

He glanced at Yan Feng's future teacher who was next to him. They were both wondering who would win. Lin Feng had exceeded all their expectations.

Yan Feng looked upset, but he immediately took a deep breath and tried to control himself. He spat out more blood, making his sword become redder. His cloud was also looking thicker.

"Boom!" At that moment, Hen Chang Tian had begun hammering his tower. A weapon cloud had appeared as well, but at the same time it seemed like it wasn't condensing.

"Chang Tian can make level three imperial weapons on his own, it's just a pity that he doesn't have an a.s.sistant who can help him with the deployment spells." thought the members of Gold-Fire Tower. With Lin Feng's deployment spells, Hen Chang Tian could have made a terrifying weapon.

"This tournament is great, there are so many geniuses this time." thought the Level Nine Professor, smiling. Even though many people had failed, there were also many who stood out. Around twenty teams could make Level three imperial weapons. Hen Chang Tian, Ge Qing Feng, Si Man Nan and Yan Feng's weapons would have a strength at the top of the third level, Yan Feng might even make a level four imperial weapon. Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng were also amazing, a cloud had appeared which meant they might succeed in making a level four imperial weapon as well.
"If you think highly of someone, do your best to keep them." said the cultivator in golden-purple clothes, still smiling. "By now, you've probably already noticed someone you'd like to recruit."

"The little boy with the amazing deployment spells is interesting. The girl he helps is interesting, but her fire is too weak, however, if she was raised properly, she could become quite strong." said the one who thought highly of Lin Feng. He said that because he was afraid that those next to him would choose them.

"You're getting too enthusiastic. His deployment spells are good indeed, but he's just helping. He might not be interested in making weapons. I think Yan Feng is better. He's aggressive and arrogant, but he's still young. I like his style." said the professor in golden-red clothes, smiling.

"What about you?" asked the professor in golden-purple clothes to the last one.

"That one." said the professor pointing at a young man. He had remained calm the whole time as if the outside world had nothing to do with him.

"Haha, I noticed him too. He's not bad indeed. He's still young and doesn't have incredible techniques, but he can make level two weapons and isn't risking making a level three imperial weapon." said the professor in golden-purple clothes smiling. The advantage of the finals was that they could focus on certain people, even if those people didn't win.

At that moment, Lin Feng was done carving marks, and their weapon was surrounded by cyan lights. No one could tell what Lin Feng had carved.

Lin Feng put the embryo of the weapon on the cauldron again and continued hammering it violently.

Yan Feng was almost done, his red cloud practically blotted out the entire sky. He had sacrificed his own blood seven times, and now he looked exhausted. His Qi had started looking weaker. But no matter what, he had to defeat Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng.

"Almost done, if Yan Feng succeeds, then n.o.body will beat him!" the leader of the Yan Clan stood up, looking at Yan Feng's weapon. Many other members from the Yan Clan also stood up. They could already see Yan Feng becoming the champion.

Yan Feng grabbed the sword with both hands, then his hands turned scarlet red as his blood penetrated the sword.

His hands shook nine times, all the while his sword kept whistling.

"Go!" he shouted furiously. His sword pierced through the sky, the red cloud completely being sucked up by the sword.

"It's a success!" the members of the Yan Clan were overjoyed.

"Mu Lin Xue!" Yan Feng turned to Mu Lin Xue and Lin Feng.

"You can't disturb other people." shouted the teacher who thought highly of Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. Right now, was a crucial moment for them.

Yan Feng looked upset, but then he glanced around and saw that it was a Level Seven Professor who had scolded him. He recalled his Qi, quietly remembering that person for when he became stronger.

"Hehe, it's getting intense." said Yan Feng's future teacher, smiling indifferently. "I still think you will end up giving me your technique."

"Hmph!" another one groaned coldly. Hen Chang Tian and Ge Qing Feng had succeeded too. They didn't manage to make a level four imperial weapon, but a level three imperial weapon was still rather good.

"Only Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue still have a chance at defeating Yan Feng now." thought the crowd. Mu Lin Xue was soaked in sweat, she looked exhausted. Lin Feng was helping her control the fire now. There were three of Lin Feng's clones around the cauldron, helping.

"Their cloud is not as vast as Yan Feng's, so even if they manage to make a level four imperial weapon, it still might not be as good as Yan Feng's." thought the crowd. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's weapon cloud was quite small and cyan in color.

PMG Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640: Ranking

Si Man Nan also succeeded, his wings were whistling with strength. With those wings, cultivators could travel at incredible speeds, not to mention their defenses would be amazing too. These were also a level three imperial weapon.

Amongst the four geniuses, only Yan Feng had made a level four imperial weapon. Yan Feng's Nine Weapon Transformation Technique was very special, and probably the only reason he succeeded.

"It seems that the champion has already been decided." thought the crowd. Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue's weapon cloud still didn't look impressive enough.

"Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue could still rank in the top three if they managed to make a level four imperial weapon." thought the crowd. Four hours had pa.s.sed already, which meant that they still had four hours to work with. Qing Ying had thought that eight hours would be enough to make three or more weapons, but it seemed that making just two weapons in eight hours was impossible.

"Congratulations." said a strong cultivator from Sword Mountain to the leader of the Yan Clan. They already felt that Yan Feng had won.

"Hehe, we knew this would happen. Yan Feng has never disappointed us." said the leader of the Yan Clan happily.

"I wouldn't have thought that the champion would be Yan Feng, even I'm surprised." said Yan Feng's future teacher. Even though he talked that way, he clearly didn't mean it. His colleagues knew what kind of person he really was.

"The tournament is not over, so don't talk too fast." said the one who thought highly of Lin Feng.

"I can't wait to see what kind of weapon he'll make." said Yan Feng's future teacher, smiling coldly. He looked at Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue. Finally, they were finis.h.i.+ng the spear, and if they succeeded, they might have a level four weapon. Then they might still rank second.
"Lin Xue, let's start the condensation part." said Lin Feng. Mu Lin Xue nodded, the spear was already surrounded by destructive energies which were das.h.i.+ng to the sky. Finally, the spear rotated in the sky.

"They did it, it's a level four imperial weapon." the crowd looked at the weapon. It was different from Yan Feng's weapon, it was a pale-white spear.

"They ranked second. Surprisingly, Yan Feng and Mu Lin Xue, who were at the center of the Mu Clan and Yan Clan's bet, ranked first and second." thought the crowd.

After the four geniuses and Lin Feng and Mu Lin Xue finished, the crowd turned to the others. Time pa.s.sed, and more of them finished their weapons, but most of them only made level two weapons. By now, the first five winners were already known. If the crowd wasn't wrong, the ranking list would be Yan Feng's team, then Mu Lin Xue's team, then Hen Chang Tian, then Ge Qing Feng, and then Si Man Nan.

Of course, those who were the most impatient were the members of the Yan Clan. They were certain that the nine-headed snake fire was theirs!

"Lin Xue, are you ready to join my clan?" asked Yan Feng, smiling indifferently.

Mu Lin Xue glanced at him and smiled coldly, "You're still dreaming?"

"Hehe, our clans have an agreement and you can't go against it. Try if you dare though." said Yan Feng, glancing at the clans. He knew that since Mu Lin Xue had ranked second, the Mu Clan might have some ideas, so would have to put some pressure on them.

Many members of the Mu Clan had mixed feelings. They didn't know what to do. They couldn't go against the agreement, and after joining Gold-Fire Tower, Yan Feng would try to get his revenge against them.

Lin Feng glanced at Yan Feng and frowned. He found Yan Feng ridiculous as he said indifferently, "Yan Feng, since when are you a referee for the tournament?"

"Eh?" Yan Feng glanced at Lin Feng and frowned, "I've never said that."

"Since you haven't, why do you already consider yourself as the champion of the tournament? The professors of Gold-Fire Tower haven't said anything concerning the ranking yet." said Lin Feng in a calm and serene way.

Yan Feng was surprised, but he smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Do you think your weapon could be of higher-quality than mine?"

"Of course." said Lin Feng.

Yan Feng smiled. He was amused, so he replied, "I like your sense of humor."

"We'll see." said Lin Feng stubbornly.

Mu Lin Xue's eyes twinkled as she looked at Lin Feng. Actually, she didn't know how powerful their weapon was. She didn't even know if it was better than Yan Feng's weapon, but Lin Feng seemed confident.

"That guy is really confident, I wonder why." said Yan Feng's future teacher, smiling in a cold way.

Some time pa.s.sed and finally, the eight hours were over. Many people looked happy, while some looked desperate.

The seven professors in purple clothes all walked forwards at the same time. They had to discuss the ranking. If they didn't agree on something, the professor in the golden-purple clothes would act as a referee.

"Everybody, let me tell you what I think. The tenth one should be him, do you agree?" said one of the professors, pointing at a young man in black clothes. The six others nodded in agreeance.

"Alright, so we agree." said the professor. Then, he smiled at the young man and said, "Congratulations, you ranked tenth. You may take three steps forwards."

"Thank you, masters." said the young man nodding. He had ranked tenth, that was great!

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