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PMG Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652: Sword Precipice

Sword Mountain was situated in a mountain range not far from Gold-Fire Tower.

It had existed for many, many years, and with this time, they've acc.u.mulated enough cultivators and resources to destroy entire territories. They had many ancient scriptures for sword cultivators to study, as well as ancient sword techniques and skills.

At the top of one of these mountains which looked to have been cut by a sword, there were many sword cultivators practicing cultivation.

There were men and women, young and old. Many of them were disciples, but there were also foreigners who had come to study sword cultivation. That mountain had been cut by a sword and it seemed like the energy from that sword would never leave the mountain.

Even thought the sword energy didn't contain any immortal strength, the pure sword energy didn't disperse.

"In the past, two ancestors destroyed nineteen of these mountains, leaving them as a testament to their strength. I can only imagine what kind of battle that was." said a young man.

In the air, Lin Feng was flying slowly and landed on a mountain. The sword energies from that mountain instantly surrounded him, but the most intriguing part was that the energy was very familiar, Wu Tian's energy!

"Emperor Wu Tian Jian must have fought someone here." thought Lin Feng. The other sword energy present wasn't any weaker than Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword energy, actually it was the opposite, it was even stronger than Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword energy.

"Maybe this is where Emperor Wu Tian Jian was injured?" thought Lin Feng. He didn't know how that battle ended from just the energies here, so maybe he could ask around.

Lin Feng looked around, seeing many people seated cross-legged, studying the sword energies. Some of them were in the sky, while some were on the broken mountains.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and after looking around, arriving in front of a young person who was seated before sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Lin Feng asked, "Your Excellency, do you know who the two fighters were and how the battle ended?"

The young man suddenly opened his eyes after Lin Feng spoke.

"p.i.s.s off!" he spat out sword energies at Lin Feng, tearing his clothes apart.

Slash, slash… Suddenly, Lin Feng released his own sword energies, which formed something looking like a river of sword lights.

"What a powerful sword cultivator." thought the young man.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, pus.h.i.+ng back that guy's sword energies. His facial expression changed drastically after seeing Lin Feng's energies. He was a powerful sword cultivator who could easily kill cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer and surprisingly, he was the one being oppressed.

Lin Feng took another step forward, although it was only a small one, it felt like a heavy hammer had fallen on his opponent. He groaned coldly, and his face turned pale.

"Your Excellency, please stop!" shouted that cultivator. However, Lin Feng made took another step forward, this time releasing Earth energy. His interlocutor couldn't even move his legs anymore, he was shaking and was deathly pale.

Finally, the young man couldn't release anymore energies, and was suddenly propelled away, cras.h.i.+ng onto a mountain.

Lin Feng glanced at the young man in a sharp way.

"Answer me!" said Lin Feng.

The young man's face looked deathly pale as he was worried for his life. But then a strong wind started blowing and moved towards Lin Feng. Three sword cultivators appeared and surrounded Lin Feng.

They said nothing, they just stood there.

Lin Feng condensed a sword, a heavy sword which was larger than most ordinary swords.

At the same time, the three cultivators unsheathed their swords from their backs, each of them carrying a silvery glint.

"All the disciples from Sword Mountain receive ordinary silver swords, but once they reach the rank of intern, they receive imperial cyan swords. These guys only unsheathed their silver swords because they were fighting three against one."

"Attack!" shouted one of them, the they all attacked at the same time. Their sword lights turned into a web which surrounded Lin Feng like a cage.

Lin Feng moved like the wind while condensing more heavy sword energies. Quickly, he destroyed the sword web and moved towards one of them at full speed.

"What a powerful sword attack. He's an excellent sword fighter." thought Lin Feng's enemies. Lin Feng landed in front of one of them and nine sword lights surrounded him. Those swords lights were intertwining and turning into a sword-like curtain.

The two others landed behind Lin Feng, with more silver sword lights threatening him.

"Sword Mountain's disciples are very strong, but that guy is too strong. An ordinary cultivator would have died instantly." thought the crowd. The four fighters were extremely fast. However, death was something that could happen quickly.

Fwoosh. Lin Feng jumped forwards, the energies around him were as heavy as mountains.

"Break!" After weighing them down, Lin Feng attacked them with both force and sword energies. Two silver lights broke apart and their casters were propelled backwards. Lin Feng continued running forwards.

Then, Lin Feng rotated as he threw his sword from his right hand downward, the sword now looking like a shooting star as it a.s.saulted someone else. The disciples from Sword Mountain were looking pale. No matter what they did, they couldn't defeat Lin Feng.

Bang! that cultivator fell into the valley, bleeding profusely. The other two looked furious as they released their spirits, which were both gigantic swords.

"Attack!" the two cultivators shouted furiously. Their sword spirits moved at the same time, one containing wind abstruse energies, while the other one contained golden energy.

"Their sword attacks are terrifying." thought Lin Feng when he saw the one which was using the wind. At the same time, he raised his hands and his Earth sword flew ahead of him, forming a curtain of energies in front of him.

Lin Feng condensed more sword energies and pushed forwards, creating a hole in the gigantic wind sword. Then the two gigantic swords were both pushed backwards, their cultivators both coughing up blood while being propelled backwards. At the same time, their sword energies progressively dispersed.

"That sword cultivator is too strong, even his attacks were similar to the leader's." thought the crowd. At least, Sword Mountain's disciples couldn't defeat him.

At that moment, a terrifyingly sharp sword Qi invaded the mountains. The few Sword Mountain's disciples who were fighting grabbed the cyan swords on their backs, unsheathing their imperial swords.

"If you decide to fully unsheathe those swords, I won't be merciful, and I'll kill you quickly." said Lin Feng, glancing at them. The opponents looked petrified, Lin Feng had been merciful so far?

PMG Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653: Ruo Xie The Emperor

"Who are you, Your Excellency?" asked one of the disciples. Finally, they decided not to unsheathe their swords. Lin Feng had been merciful so far in not killing them, after all.

"Lin Feng, I am going to have a walk in Sword Mountain." said Lin Feng.

"Did you come for the Great Sword Test?" someone asked.

"Great Sword Test?" Lin Feng didn't know what it was. He shook his head and said, "No, I want to know to who those two threads of sword energies belong to?"

"You really don't know?" asked the disciple. Everybody who came to study those energies knew who they belonged.

"Would I ask if I knew?" said Lin Feng in a cold way, starting to get agitated from asking the same question repeatedly.

"A long time ago, an unknown sword cultivator fought against the leader of Sword Mountain: Emperor Tie Jian, the first disciple of the old leader." said the disciple. That wasn't a secret, everybody knew about that battle which had taken place thousands of years before. Emperor Tie Jian's sword weighed several tons, but even then, it was a close match between him and the unknown sword cultivator. Finally, he managed to injure the unknown sword cultivator, but Emperor Tie Jian had also been injured. It took him hundreds of years to recover, and after that, he had continued practicing cultivation until he became a great emperor.

"Emperor Tie Jian, the leader of Sword Mountain." thought Lin Feng. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had fought against the leader of Sword Mountain!

"How did the battle end?" asked Lin Feng.

"Our leader won. Even though his opponent was very strong, he was too injured. After the battle, our leader became a great emperor and became the Patriarch of Sword Mountain." said the disciple. Of course, he didn't mention how badly their leader had been injured back then.

"Why did they fight?" asked Lin Feng. Emperor Tie Jian couldn't have fought against Emperor Wu Tian Jian for no reason.

The disciple remained silent and after a few seconds, he said coldly, "You defeated me, and I replied to many of questions already, but now you're going too far."

There were many legends about that battle, but some small things could influence their patriarch's reputation. Therefore, they couldn't say everything. Besides, it was difficult to know everything precisely, the battle had happened thousands of years before after all. Only the protagonists could tell what had happened.

"What's wrong?" said someone in the distance. A few people from Sword Mountain had arrived.

Lin Feng turned around and the person who arrived said in a cold way, "You?"

"Lu Yao! That was the young man Lin Feng had met in Si Xiang City. Back then, Lu Yao was only interested in Lin Xue, but Lin Xue liked Ruo Xie.

"Brother Lu Yao." said the few disciples. Lu Yao nodded and said in a cold way, "You dare attack my disciples in our territory?"

Lin Feng smiled when he heard Lu Yao trying to accuse him of something, "Lu Yao, show me the way. I need to go to the main mountain of Sword Mountain."

"Huh?" Lu Yao was surprised, Lin Feng was giving him orders?

"Don't you know that you're only at the foot of Sword Mountain?" asked Lu Yao mockingly.

"How noisy!" Lin Feng shook his hands and a sword talisman appeared. Then he threw it in the air and said, "Bring me to the top of Sword Mountain."

Lu Yao caught the talisman and frowned, why did Lin Feng have the talisman of Sword Mountain?

"Who gave you that talisman?" asked Lu Yao.

Slash… Terrifying sword lights appeared in the sky, this time Lin Feng was using his Desolate Ksana sword attack. Lu Yao's facial expression changed drastically, he didn't hesitate and moved backwards. Even then, his sleeve was torn apart, and a wound appeared on his wrist.

"I'll say it just one last time, give me back my talisman and bring me to the top of Sword Mountain." said Lin Feng coldly. Lu Yao came back to his senses. Only the elders of the sect had these talismans, so even if Lin Feng killed him, n.o.body would care. How come Lin Feng had the talisman from their sect though?

Lu Yao gave the talisman back to Lin Feng and started walking.

Lin Feng looked at him coldly and said, "You don't know how to differentiate good from bad. Now, hurry up!"

Lu Yao was furious, but he had no choice but to lead the way. He began to pick up the pace.

They soon approached a gigantic mountain, suspended in the air: Sword Mountain.

Many people appeared along the way and they all had a very sharp Qi.

"Lu Yao, have you become a mountain guide?" Lin Feng asked mockingly. Lu Yao was annoyed and replied in a cold way, "No."

"I haven't seen you in a while, but you still haven't progressed. I thought you had become a tour guide because of that." said Lin Feng as he laughed boisterously.

"How's Ruo Xie doing? Has he come out yet?" asked Lin Feng.

"He came out." replied Lu Yao. Although he had to respond because of the talisman, he kept the conversation to a minimum.

"You mean he's broken through to the Huang Qi layer already?" asked Lin Feng happily. Finally, a disciple of Tiantai had become an emperor.

"Indeed." replied Lu Yao.

Lin Feng was extremely happy and was smiling.

Lu Yao looked upset, indeed, Ruo Xie had broken through to the Huang Qi layer while he wasn't having a great time. After all, Lu Yao and Ruo Xie belonged to the same generation. However, he quickly forgot about this after he saw how fast Lin Feng was. He struggled to catch up with him.

At the top of the mountain, Ruo Xie was welcoming guests. The Great Sword Test was going to start three days later, so many people came to visit, including public figures.

"Ruo Xie." said Lin Feng. Ruo Xie glanced around and saw Lin Feng, then he smiled, "Lin Feng, you're here."

"Indeed, your Qi is different, as expected." said Lin Feng as he looked at Ruo Xie.

"Don't make fun of me. When I came out, the elders mentioned you, saying that you had won the weapon tournament! If our teachers had seen you, they'd be so happy." said Ruo Xie smiling.

"Indeed, I wonder how they are." said Lin Feng nostalgically. "I also wonder how our fellow disciples are these days. Maybe they have all broken through to the Huang Qi layer, if not then it's only a matter of time."

PMG Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654: Sword Mountain's Events

When we first came to the great world, two of our disciples were already cultivators at the very top of the Zun Qi layer, and with their abilities, I wouldn't be surprised if they had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer." Ruo Xie said.

"I think so too, and maybe Tian Chi has broken through to the Huang Qi layer as well." said Lin Feng cheerfully. After all, they had been in the great world for seven-years already. It was a long time, and anything could happen there. Lin Feng had spent so much time studying deployment spells, and even then, he was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer as well. His cultivation was more complex than his fellow disciple's, and on top of that, his cultivation level had always been lower.

"Lin Feng, the Continent of the Nine Clouds is vast, so it will be very difficult to find everyone else. Therefore, we should continue practicing cultivation with the goal of one day making Tiantai a reality in this large world. Then, our friends and teachers will find us easily." said Ruo Xie.

"Definitely." said Lin Feng while nodding.

"Ruo Xie, is that your friend?" asked a middle-aged man who was looking at Lin Feng.

"Indeed, he's one of my fellow disciples from the small world." said Ruo Xie nodding. "Lin Feng, that's Master Yun Yao, he often teaches me things here."

"h.e.l.lo Master Yun Yao, I'm Lin Feng." said Lin Feng, nodding and smiling. Yun Yao looked at Lin Feng and whispered, "Lin Feng, Lin Feng…"

"Are you Lin Feng from Gold-Fire City!" said Yun Yao suddenly.

"I spent some time there." said Lin Feng nodding. Even strong cultivators from Sword Mountain now recognized him.

"The rumors are true, you're only a Zun cultivator, yet you can kill emperors, and you're so young. On top of that, you're also friends with Ruo Xie, how interesting!" said Yun Yao enthusiastically. He had heard a lot about Lin Feng, so he was immediately curious. Besides, Ruo Xie was already very talented so Yun Yao was curious to see how strong Lin Feng was. Ruo Xie was very strong, even compared to most of the disciples of Sword Mountain. And now, his disciple, a Zun cultivator, could kill emperors.

"Make yourself at home, Little Feng." said Yun Yao. He called Lin Feng, Little Feng as if they were close. Lin Feng was delighted.

"Please, come and have a seat. Let's have some food and drinks, you're a guest of honor after all." said Ruo Xie. Lin Feng followed and soon they arrived in a big hall where many people had gathered. Some people were seated, others were chatting or relaxing. But through all this, Lin Feng sensed that someone was looking at him in a cold way.

"The Yan Clan." Lin Feng glanced around and noticed some people from the tournament, they were probably high officials. The Great Sword Test was going to start soon and those people from the Yan Clan were probably guests of honors.

"Long time no see, I trust you have been doing well since we last met." said a few people from the Yan Clan to Lin Feng. They were very polite, which was surprising given the circ.u.mstances.

"I'm good for I'm still alive." said Lin Feng mockingly. He knew those people wanted to kill him. He had killed Yan Feng, which was a humiliation for them.

Slash, slash… cosmic energies condensed, suddenly, Lin Feng sensed that the temperature was rising to an unpleasant degree.

Huh? The people around them sensed the heat and looked at Lin Feng, noticing how unhappy he looked. Then suddenly the ground between the members of the Yan Clan broke apart.

The members of the Yan Clan jumped away, and a deep pit formed where they were standing just before. The crowd was surprised to see that some people were fighting there, especially seeing how Sword Mountain was hosting.

The elders of Sword Mountain glanced at the members of the Yan Clan, which made the Yan Clan look upset after they noticed. They turned to Lin Feng as said, "How audacious, you dare cause trouble here? You even destroyed the ground!"

"You were standing there and I wasn't, why try to accuse me?" said Lin Feng, expressionlessly.

"Why would we break the ground under our own feet?"

"Why would I break the ground under your feet?" asked Lin Feng.

"You…" the members of the Yan Clan couldn't admit that they had attacked Lin Feng first.

"How can I know you don't harbor evil intentions?" asked one of the cultivators from the Yan Clan.

"Since you won't speak the truth, I will. The reason why I destroyed the ground was become someone attacked me with fire cosmic energies and I had to protect myself." said Lin Feng. "Of course, I did damage the ground. This was my mistake, so I can leave if Sword Mountain doesn't want me here."

"Is that true?" asked an elder to Yao Yun who was standing not too far from Lin Feng.

"Master, Lin Feng is saying the truth. The Yan Clan attacked first." said Yun Yao nodding. "Not only this, but the members of the Yan Clan are a lot stronger than Lin Feng, so if Lin Feng hadn't reacted, he would have died. Please forgive him."

"How many clans are there in Gold-Fire City who are as strong as the Yan Clan?" asked the elder to Yun Yao.

"Two in the northern part of Gold-Fire City, and many more in the other parts of the city. A dozen if you consider the whole city." said Yun Yao calmly.

"When you have time, try to find a clan with whom we can work with in the future." said the elder indifferently. Suddenly, the members of the Yan Clan turned upset, saying, "Please forgive us, Master!"

"The Yan Clan disappointed us already, and we don't want to see such things happen again." said the elder from Sword Mountain.

"Lin Feng." said the elder cheerfully, "I've heard that you're Ruo Xie's fellow disciple. Sword Mountain is extremely happy to have you here, you can stay as long as you wish."

Many people looked at Lin Feng when they heard the elder, they were wondering who that young man was. He was so young, but Sword Mountain gave him face, the elder had even humiliated the Yan Clan because of him.

It wasn't as simple as it looked though. Sword Mountain wanted to find another partner because the Yan Clan had become too weak. Lin Feng was Ruo Xie's friend and he was starting to become famous, so it was a good idea to get closer to him. Zun cultivator who could kill emperors were extremely rare after all.

"Lin Feng, come and meet some of the elders." said Yun Yao. Very quickly, many people learnt who Lin Feng was. After that, everybody ignored the Yan Clan.

Lin Feng didn't spend too much time in the hall. He wanted to walk around with Ruo Xie and visit the region. There were many historical remains filled with sword energies that Lin Feng wanted to search.


Three days later, the Great Sword Test was starting in a valley. Many groups of influence were present, including disciples from Sword Mountain. The Great Sword Test was an event where disciples from Sword Mountain exchanged their views on cultivation. Ruo Xie had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so he couldn't partic.i.p.ate. Instead, he just sat with Lin Feng.

"There are all sorts of disciples in Sword Mountain who practice different sorts of techniques and skills, including many who I've never seen before." thought Lin Feng. He had been watching for two hours already, and even though many of these disciples couldn't compete with him, he could still learn a lot by watching their sword techniques.

PMG Chapter 1655

Chapter 1655: Cutting Off an Arm

"Ruo Xie, you've studied sword ancient scriptures in Sword Mountain, right?" Lin Feng asked as they were observing the battles in the valley.

"Indeed. I studied many ancient scriptures in the valley, very powerful ones too. I studied some which are good for my speed cosmic energies, but I didn't manage to make my decay energy turn into cosmic energy though. Even if I continued studying decay energy, I don't think I'll be able to find any decay ancient scriptures." Ruo Xie explained while nodding. He had broken through to the Huang Qi layer relying on speed cosmic energies.

"Decay strength is rare and enigmatic. It's normal that you didn't manage to make it become cosmic energy yet, but I'm sure you will though. Now that you're an emperor, you will only become stronger." said Lin Feng.

"You understand more kinds of energies than me, it will be very difficult for you to make them all turn into cosmic energies. You'll also need some ancient scriptures to help you improve your cosmic energies. Lin Feng, you must make the right choices in the future." said Ruo Xie. With the proper skills, leveling up was easier. Lin Feng had studied demon ancient scriptures; therefore, he'd need to rely on demon strength to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

"I understand." said Lin Feng nodding. He needed to think about it properly, but the three lives scriptures were very powerful.

Time pa.s.sed, and a few more people had fought. Lin Feng had noted some magnificent sword techniques, as well as some outstanding sword cultivators.

"If I hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, I would have partic.i.p.ated in the Great Sword Test, but even then, I wouldn't have ranked first or second, maybe the top five though." whispered Ruo Xie. It didn't mean he wasn't as talented, it was just that some of them had practiced sword techniques longer than him and with better resources.

The test ended, and the one who won wore a helmet with a feather crest. His main technique was the Nine Suns Sword Technique.

The second one was amazing too, he practiced the same technique as the leader of Sword Mountain. He used a gigantic iron sword. Although he was very young, he still looked mature.

Lu Yao ranked fifth, which wasn't bad. His sword technique was unique in that appeared almost invisible when he attacked.

"All the disciples were great, that was a beautiful show. Many people who don't belong to the sect are here, so if someone wants to give it a try, they can. Even emperors can give it a try, but you're only allowed to use sword techniques, and you must restrain your cultivation level." said the elder, standing up and smiling.

Lin Feng had only observed, but he knew the partic.i.p.ants were nervous. For them, that test was important because it was a way to prove to the elders of Sword Mountain that they were capable.

"Can I challenge anyone?" asked someone at that moment, standing up.

"Indeed, you can challenge anyone." said the elder smiling. Many people jumped into the valley and started fighting disciples from Sword Mountain. Some of them won, some others lost. Some very strong young people had come from far away to see the compet.i.tion because they were fascinated by swords. However, n.o.body managed to defeat the champions.

At that moment, Lu Yao had just defeated a strong cultivator and was smiling at Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, you won against some of my disciples last time, and you're a strong sword cultivator. Why don't you come and show us how good you are at sword cultivation?"

Lu Yao didn't really know how strong Lin Feng was, he didn't even know that Lin Feng had killed an emperor in Gold-Fire City either. Those who knew about that were primarily the emperors in Sword Mountain. Even without this knowledge, Lu Yao still didn't underestimate Lin Feng. He had met Lin Feng a few times, and he really wanted to fight him. Fighting against him during the great sword test was a safe way to see how strong Lin Feng really was because Lin Feng couldn't kill him.

Lin Feng knew what Lu Yao was thinking, so he smiled. Many people were looking at Lin Feng, including the elder who smiled and said, "Lin Feng, you also practice sword cultivation?"

"I just taught myself a few things, I'm only a beginner." replied Lin Feng, smiling.

"Go and have a try then, maybe I can learn something from you." said the elder jokingly. Lu Yao was astonished, the great elder was making jokes with Lin Feng?!

Lu Yao didn't know what to think, but Lin Feng stood up and said, "Alright, let's have a try then."

Then, he landed in the valley in front of Lu Yao.

"Lu Yao unsheathed a silver sword and asked Lin Feng, "Where's your sword?"

Lin Feng took out an ordinary sword, which actually looked fake as it waved about.

Lin Feng bent his sword and said smiling, "I know when to unsheathe a sword."

"You…" Lu Yao looked furious. Lin Feng was obviously making fun of him.

He immediately released sword Qi towards Lin Feng. Then he disappeared with his sword, reappearing closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised to see such a nice technique. Lin Feng moved like the wind and dodged the incoming attack.

Slash… Lu Yao slashed forward, destroying the wind energies.

Lin Feng moved like a leaf in the wind, he was both agile and flexible. He appeared in the sky and dodged Lu Yao's attacks again. Lu Yao was furious, he continued moving like an illusion as he chased Lin Feng.

"Die!" terrifying energies condensed as his silver sword moved towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He fixedly stared at the wind sword while remaining motionless. He looked particularly calm as he firmly held his soft sword.

Lin Feng was using this quickly fleeting moment to study the attack. Finally, when the attack got too close, an explosion sounded as an explosive Qi appeared, a.s.saulting the illusional sword attack. Lu Yao couldn't condense his energies at that point, so Lin Feng took the opportunity to attack three times. The first was an explosive wind sword, the second one was a protective slash, and the third one was difficult to describe as it moved towards Lu Yao.

Lin Feng's attacks were extremely fast. A horrible shriek sounded, and Lu Yao moved backwards. Blood splashed, and his sword energies dispersed. The crowd looked at Lu Yao's arm, it had been cut off.

"Your sword techniques are not bad." said Lin Feng, smiling.

"Lin Feng, what sword technique is that?" the elder asked. He didn't recognize it, but he could tell that it went from looking ordinary at the beginning and becoming explosive at the end.

"I just condensed some abstruse energies, that's all." replied Lin Feng.

The elder was surprised and smiled, "I see, when a cultivator is strong, his techniques are powerful."

PMG Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656: Emperor Wu Tian Jian's Sword Intent

"I really don't deserve so much praise, Master." said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. Then, he looked at the one who had ranked second and asked, "Your Excellency, would you like to try?"

The young man glanced at Lin Feng and moved towards him, "I do."

Lin Feng had just used one technique to defeat Lu Yao, even making it look easy. However, he had released so much energy at once, which he knew wasn't that easy to do, so the second-placed guy wanted to see how strong Lin Feng really was.

Lu Yao was still bleeding, and everybody was looking at him in a disdainful way. He had ranked fifth and he still had lost an arm.

The young man with the iron sword suddenly released force which rose to the skies, his energies quickly became oppressive.

"Slas.h.!.+" the battle stage was immediately cut into as the young man with the iron sword ran towards Lin Feng, marks appearing around his iron sword. Then he suddenly jumped in the air, falling down like a mountain onto Lin Feng.

"He also understands Earth abstruse energy. I see." thought Lin Feng. He raised his hands while condensing Earth energies into a sword. He jumped ahead, and a gigantic sword appeared at the same time. It collided with the iron sword, leaving Lin Feng's tingling with numbness.

The young man raised his iron sword again and attacked a few more times, each time leaving Lin Feng with the feeling that a mountain was falling on him.

"How strong." thought the crowd.

"The Sword King Scriptures are some of the most powerful scriptures in Sword Mountain, and the leader personally transmits them to his disciples. The leader wouldn't be disappointed to his disciple now." said the elder.

"Those attacks look like Yuan Fei's attacks, but are more powerful. Also, it's difficult to dodge them due to their oppressiveness." thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head, and his sword intent seemingly changed, looking harder and sharper. He turned into a light as he moved with the wind. This time he used his Wind and Thunder Attack: Nirvana Sunya Destruction and his Desolate Ksana. The iron sword was pushed back, and a gigantic hole appeared in his energies.

However, from that hole, a new sword appeared which had wind and iron energies fused together. With that sword, a dazzling light appeared in front of Lin Feng.

"What a terrifying strength, Earth abstruse energy, but it's practically cosmic energy. There's also some kind-of sword king Qi. How scary." thought Lin Feng as he condensed more sword intent himself. He didn't want to face the attack head-on, if only to see if he could.

A gigantic black sword appeared, looking like a demonic mountain as it fell. As their attacks collided, it was difficult for the audience to imagine that battle was only between Zun cultivators.

The young man with the iron sword was propelled higher into in the air as Lin Feng was propelled downwards, cras.h.i.+ng into the ground. They both felt paralyzed from the exchange.

The man who was fighting Lin Feng looked at him and said, "Your sword techniques are great because you know so many types of energies. I cannot defeat you, but I can still tell that there are some small problems with your sword techniques, being that they're not pure enough."

"No sword technique is perfect, and I acknowledge that my techniques do have many flaws. Thank you for your advice. Even though you lost, you can be proud." said Lin Feng. Lin Feng really didn't know how to create the strongest attacks, even though he knew so many things.

"I know what you mean. You're not like most people. I am not as talented as you, so I must study very hard. All of this considered, I was happy to fight against you." said the young man. Then, he walked away.

"I am pleased as well, thank you." said Lin Feng smiling.

Then, someone else landed in front of Lin Feng who was wearing a helmet adorned with feathers.

"It looks like the champion also wants to fight." thought the crowd. The elder smiled indifferently. No matter how strong Lin Feng was, sword cultivators were always determined.

"I hope we can exchange our views on cultivation." said the young man with the helmet. He was holding a fiery sword which wasn't an imperial weapon. They didn't use imperial weapons during their battles because it would have been meaningless. Even though imperial weapons could help a cultivator become stronger, this was a test of personal skill.

Initially, Lin Feng wanted to fight against the young man with the iron sword because he wanted to see him use Emperor Tie Jian's technique up close, but why not fight against the champion of the contest as well?

"Unsheathe your sword." said Lin Feng in a calm way.

The young man nodded, then his sword energies dashed to the skies. With a flash, nine suns appeared in the sky, illuminating the area. Lin Feng's reluctantly squinted his eyes under that penetrating light.

A terrifying fire suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng, giving him the impression that he was in danger. He subconsciously s.h.i.+vered before moving like the wind.

"Nine Sun's!" the young man moved as well, condensing the nine suns into a gigantic fire dragon.

"Break!" Lin Feng closed his eyes, then a death sword appeared in his hand. The sword and the dragon clashed.

However, the young man landed in front of Lin Feng. Lin Feng's fingers turned into sharp swords while the nine suns appeared again, just as dazzling as before.

"Nine Suns Laceration!" said the young man. This time the nine suns turned into a sharp fiery sword.

"Desolate Explosion!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He condensed destructive energies this time.

"Nine Suns s.h.i.+eld!" said the young man. He disappeared and reappeared in front of Lin Feng, his swords still moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Attack! Lin Feng stopped using his real sword, and funneled his energies into his hands, which turned into swords, and then his entire body followed suite.

Huh? The elder from Sword Mountain sensed Wu Tian's Qi in Lin Feng's energies.

PMG Chapter 1657

Chapter 1657: Wu Tian Jian

"Indeed, his sword technique really looks like his." thought the elder. He wasn't the only one to recognize this. Many other old cultivators from Sword Mountain were surprised by Lin Feng's sword intent.

However, it had only lasted for a few seconds. With some effort, Lin Feng continued to hold-off his opponent. Eventually, the battle dragged on until the young man suddenly moved back. He knew he had lost.

"You're like a sword, at least you think like one. I can't defeat you." said the young man, smiling wryly. He had tried to use powerful and explosive attacks to earn himself an early victory, but when that didn't work out, he was quickly depleted.

"My sword attacks aren't weak though." said the young man. Lin Feng nodded, "Indeed, your sword techniques are perfect I think."

"No matter what, I think that Zun cultivators can't defeat you, only emperors can threaten you." said the young man calmly.

"Lin Feng." said the elder at that moment, making Lin Feng turn around.

"Your sword techniques are incredible, so you must have had a teacher who taught you sword cultivation, right?" asked the old man.

"Someday, a strong sword cultivator told me I had to understand swords myself, so I spent a few years studying them myself." explained Lin Feng, not speaking the entire truth. A moment before, he had been careless and released some of Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword intent. Seeing how he still didn't know why Emperor Wu Tian Jian fought Sword Mountain's strongest cultivator all those years ago, he had to be careful with what he said.

"Oh? Wonderful, if that's possible, we'd like to meet him." said the old man smiling.

"I met him in a small world by accident." said Lin Feng. There were many small worlds in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, so the old man couldn't know which small world Lin Feng was talking about.

The elder nodded and looked at all the disciples, "Lin Feng's sword techniques are incredible, so if you want to learn something from him, hurry up and challenge him now."

n.o.body replied, the first and second disciples of the contest had lost to him already, so they knew they couldn't defeat him.

"I'm off then." said Lin Feng, after he saw that n.o.body wanted to fight him. He flew back to Ruo Xie. A few other outsiders were there, but they didn't draw everyone's attention as Lin Feng had. After all, after Lin Feng's battles, could there be anything more interesting?

After the contest, Lin Feng and Ruo Xie went back to Sword Mountain, resting above some sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Ruo Xie smiled at Lin Feng, "The leader of Sword Mountain, Emperor Tie Jian, practiced here a lot back in the day. If you focus, you can sense his sword energies."

Lin Feng smiled at Ruo Xie, seemingly understanding each other. Lin Feng jumped in the air above the valley, sword energy rise with him. Although it was extremely old, it still hadn't dispersed.

"Apart from Emperor Tie Jian's sword intent, there's also a monarchic sword intent." thought Lin Feng, sensing the energies around him. Emperor Tie Jian's ancient scriptures were called the Sword King Scriptures for a reason.

After a short time, Lin Feng went back to the top of the precipice and smiled at Ruo Xie, "Are there other types of sword intent left by other strong cultivators?"

"This is Sword Mountain, so of course there are many things left by some ancestors." said Ruo Xie. He took Lin Feng to another place where mountains surrounded them, each with a different type of energy. Even while standing afar, one could feel the oppressive might from millions of swords.

"Many ancestors came here to practice sword cultivation and left their sword intents. Over time it became more and more chaotic." said Ruo Xie who was laughing. Lin Feng understood what it meant, if a cultivator persevered and stayed there to practice sword cultivation, then it could have great consequences.

Lin Feng dived straight into the chaotic sword intent, being immediately feeling a.s.saulted by millions of swords. Heavy sword intent, sharp sword intent, death sword intent, Lin Feng's sword intent chaotically moved around as well.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and calmly sensed the energies.

Ruo Xie looked at Lin Feng and smiled as he thought about how Lin Feng looked like a sword.

Ten days later, the two of them left. At the foot of Sword Mountain, Lin Feng turned around and smiled at Ruo Xie, "There's no need to see me off. If I have time, I'll come back to Sword Mountain to see you."

Ruo Xie shook his head and said, "The Continent of the Nine Clouds is full of strong cultivators, so we don't know what will happen. I will also leave soon and practice outside, for I need to face dangers to become stronger. If I stay in Sword Mountain all the time, I'll just rot here, and I'll never become a great emperor."

Lin Feng nodded, he completely understood.

"When will we see each other again?" asked Lin Feng.

"Unless we into each other, we'll meet again when Tiantai becomes famous." said Ruo Xie smiling. Lin Feng nodded and left, looking confident and at ease as he did so.

"Even if Tiantai rises in the great world, how can we protect it if we're not strong enough?" whispered Ruo Xie as Lin Feng left. "Tiantai's disciples are neither cowards nor weaklings. We each have our own ways of doing things."

Lin Feng suddenly started moving with incredible speed, a sonic boom sounding as he accelerated.

Lin Feng's sword intent kept changing as he moved along: An Earth sword, immortal sword, ice-cold death sword… ten different types of sword intent were flowing in the air. At the same time, he was followed by a cloud of demonic Qi as his sword and demon energies were intertwining.

Lin Feng's sword energies kept changing as he was trying to find the best ways to combine them.

Fire and demon, demon-fire sword, Earth and demon energies, a hard-and-heavy sword… he tried everything.

"Kacha!" Finally, Lin Feng stopped. A gigantic canyon formed below him as terrifyingly sharp demon energies engulfed the area.

"Argh…" Lin Feng shouted furiously as he turned into a demonic sword.

"Sword and demon energies can destroy the sky; the world can't defeat me!" shouted Lin Feng as he raised his hands to the sky.

"This sword is called Wu Tian!" said Lin Feng. A hurricane filled with demonic energies formed and rose to the sky.

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