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PMG Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692: Cosmic Energy Not Falling?

The Moon Imperial Palace had changed, there were more lights and there were plenty of beautiful women under all the pavilions, sitting with other people, drinking and chatting. Lang Ye and many other people from the Holy Clans were there, chatting with the celestial women.

Lang Ye was with everyone else when they saw Lin Feng as they ran out of the pavilions. Yi Ren Lei didn't move when she saw Lin Feng, she just smiled thinly, even though a moment before she looked depressed and angry. The opposite happened to Yang Yan who was sitting with her, a moment before he looked happy, and now he looked very upset. Yi Ren Lei always looked angry when she was with him, but she always looked so happy when she saw Lin Feng.

Yang Yan looked at Lin Feng in a cold way. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and make Yi Ren Lei kneel before him. Whether it was anger or seduction, he didn't care, he just wanted her.

Lin Feng looked at Cang Xiao, noticing that he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

"Brother Cang Xiao, I trust you have been doing well since we last met." said Lin Feng, smiling thinly.

"Indeed, brother Lin Feng, I missed you. Did you find the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures in the statue you took from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan last time?" Cang Xiao asked calmly. Many people looked excited. A few months before, the Taoist priest and Lin Feng had each stolen a statue.

"Brother Cang Xiao, how would knowing that I found a treasure change anything for you?" said Lin Feng in a cold way.

"If you have the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, I would like to borrow them." said Cang Xiao, smiling. All the other young people from the other Holy Clans smiled too. If Lin Feng had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, they would definitely want to have a look.

"I never said I was willing to show you." said Lin Feng calmly.

"Brother Lin, you must be joking. My Heaven Clan has the Heaven Scriptures, so I could lend them to you and you could lend me yours. I hadn't offered you our scriptures before because I thought you wouldn't be able to understand them." said Cang Xiao indifferently, perhaps a slight bit coldly.

"I can't lend you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures because I also think you wouldn't be able to understand them." replied Lin Feng. Then, he stopped looking at Cang Xiao and sat down by the lake with his feet in the water.

Cang Xiao looked angry when he saw Lin Feng sit down, close his eyes, and ignore him.

"Brother Lin, I would be very sad if you didn't show me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures." said Cang Xia, not trying to conceal his anger any longer. The sky shook as cosmic energies suddenly appeared.

Terrifying heaven strength oppressed Lin Feng, making him feel like he was going to suffocate. Heaven technique, the energy of creation, the life of both Earth and sky.

Around Dugu the Winner, 3,600 dazzling imprint lights appeared. Although Chu Chun Qiu only released a little bit of Qi, everybody could feel its grand pressure.

Lang Ye looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, but he just calmly watched, not involving himself.

Lin Feng was oppressed by the energies, but he was still seated as if the outside world had nothing to do with him.

"Brother Lin, if you remain silent, I'll get angry." said Cang Ciao, smiling coldly. Lin Feng remained silent, but threads of demonic energies appeared indistinctly around him.

"Hmph!" Cang Xiao groaned coldly. Suddenly, buzzing sounds could be heard as heaven cosmic energy condensed in the air and a gigantic heavenly hand moved towards Lin Feng.

Boom! The terrifying heavenly hand descended, seemingly capable of destroying the entire region. The crowd had already started worrying for Lin Feng, thinking that he was going to die.

However, at that moment, a gigantic demon clad in armor and holding a sword, appeared behind Lin Feng. His eyes were also pitch-black, and he seemingly hated the heavenly energies.

At the same time, Lin Feng released sword energies and condensed a pitch-black sword.

Kacha! The gigantic heavenly hand was reduced to nothing after the sword demon acted.

Lin Feng was now surrounded by demon strength, demonic intent rolled in waves.

Cang Xiao shouted furiously as he shook his hand, releasing even more cosmic energies. Then he condensed another gigantic heavenly hand.

"I'll see how many you can endure!" Cang Xiao yelled. His heavenly hand blotted out the sky and looked indestructible.

The demon roared furiously as it attacked the hand, and even though the demon broke apart, the heavenly hand had weakened a lot.

The heavenly hand was very powerful, so strong that demonic intent alone couldn't block it. Finally, the heavenly hand crashed onto Lin Feng's body, making Lin Feng groan coldly, coughing up blood. However, his eyes were still open, and he looked angry. He had to resist.

"What is he doing?" thought the crowd after they saw Lin Feng taking the hit.

Although Lang Ye's thought about acting, he remained motionless.

Back in the ancient pavilion, Yi Ren Lei looked worried. Yang Yan noticed her worry and smiled coldly, "A stupid guy who understands ten different types of abstruse energies, but n.o.body knows him. He's a n.o.body here, so n.o.body will let him off, whether he obtained the ancient scriptures or not."

Yi Ren Lei understood what Yang Yan was saying, she even agreed with him. No matter what, whether Lin Feng had obtained treasures or not, n.o.body was going to let him off.

More threads of heavenly strength appeared in the air, destroying the remaining threads of demonic intent, and then a.s.saulting Lin Feng's body. Lin Feng coughed up even more blood, but he looked determined, as if he didn't feel the pain.

After that, Cang Xiao jumped forwards and released more heavenly cosmic energies.

"How reckless!" shouted Cang Xiao. He shook his hands and a terrifying heavenly hand condensed again.

"Die!" shouted Cang Xiao furiously. The heavenly hand descended, but Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and raised his head. Demonic lights turned into a demon cloud, surrounding his body with pitch-black demonic energies.

Demon energy rolled in waves in the sky and collided against the heavenly hand. The sky shook as the heavenly hand broke apart, leaving the crowd in awe.

"Cosmic strength!" the crowd was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Cosmic energy had broken the heavenly hand!

At that moment, Lin Feng slowly stood up as demonic energies continued rolling in waves. Another demon king appeared behind him.

He shook his hands and demonic cosmic energies started floating in the air.

"Surprisingly, he started understanding cosmic energies while fighting against Cang Xiao. Is he trying to use Cang Xiao to break through to the Huang Qi layer?" thought the crowd.

Back in the ancient pavilion, Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Yang Yan of course noticed this and looked even worse because it. Within three months, four people had broken through to the Huang Qi layer and now was Lin Feng going to break through to the Huang Qi layer too?

In the sky, a demonic cloud started condensing.

"The cosmic energies from the Earth and sky are going to fall upon him?" thought the crowd. Cang Xiao also looked at him, looking upset. Lin Feng was just using him to break through to the Huang Qi layer.

"Even if you break through to the Huang Qi layer now, so what? I was just playing with you till now. Even if you break through to the Huang Qi layer, I will still defeat you." said Cang Xiao.

Lin Feng looked at the sky, at the demon energies, and then he closed his eyes and sensed the cosmic energies cleansing his body.

Everybody was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. They wanted to see the cosmic energies descend from the sky. However, demon energies just rolled in waves for a long very long time and nothing happened. The crowd looked at him in a strange way, the cosmic energies were supposed to pierce through the sky?

Lin Feng opened his eyes, he could sense that he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but he didn't know why the cosmic energies hadn't fallen on him.

Cosmic energy penetrating the body of the cultivator was the last step before breaking through to the Huang Qi layer!

Everybody was waiting, some of them even looked nervous. The demonic clouds rolled in the air for a long time, but in the end, they started dispersing and finally disappeared altogether.

PMG Chapter 1693

Chapter 1693: Imperial Kalpa? Abandoned By The G.o.ds

"The cosmic energies didn't descend from the sky?" the crowd frowned. What was going on? Lin Feng could now control cosmic energies, so his body should have been cleansed by the cosmic energies.

The crowd didn't understand, and Lin Feng didn't understand either. His force was multiplied by a thousand, his cultivation level was at the right level, his energies had almost turned into cosmic energies, and his demonic cosmic energies had started condensing…

"I've broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but the cosmic energies didn't fall down upon me. What did I do to upset the G.o.ds?" thought Lin Feng.

"Imperial Kalpa?" said Dugu the Winner, making the crowd frown.

Imperial Kalpa? Did Imperial Kalpas really exist?

According to legends, Imperial Kalpas were people who could never entirely break through to the Huang Qi layer.

Was Lin Feng an Imperial Kalpa? Maybe he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer?

"Interesting." said Cang Xiao, smiling indifferently before adding, "It's the first time I've see an Imperial Kalpa. It means that you'll never really break through to the Huang Qi layer. Now, you should just give up. You don't deserve to break through to the Huang Qi layer anyways. Give me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and leave, go and live in a village as an ordinary cultivator. Vast Celestial Ancient City is too big for you."

"May the G.o.ds not curse me." prayed Lin Feng. He then said to Cang Xiao, "I was born in an ordinary clan, and I didn't start practicing cultivation until I was fifteen years old. I never received anything to help me level up quickly, including medicine, but now that my abstruse energies are almost all at the highest level, you're telling me that I don't deserve to break through to the Huang Qi layer?"

Lin Feng's heart was pounding violently, he was very worried. He had already become an emperor, but the cosmic energies hadn't fallen from the sky. People were already calling him an Imperial Kalpa, but he couldn't give up. He had to make even greater efforts!

Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng in a cold way and said, "So what? If you really are an Imperial Kalpa, it means that you will never break through to the Huang Qi layer, which means that your cultivation is stuck, forever. That's a fact."

"Even if Imperial Kalpas exist, I can just switch to another kind of strength if I can't become an emperor using demonic strength." said Lin Feng.

"You don't know how to differentiate good from bad." said Cang Xiao, he shook his hand and suddenly heavenly energies started oppressing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stared at Cang Xiao, his eyes were filled with demon lights. Then, his demonic cosmic energy became thicker and more intense.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng was using his Nihility Ksana Waves. Cang Xiao's heavenly hand broke instantly fell apart and the terrifying Nihility Ksana Waves crashed onto him.

Cang Xiao looked upset, that was the first time Lin Feng had managed to completely break his heavenly hand.

"p.i.s.s off!" Cang Xiao shook his hand again and heavenly energies condensed into several pairs of heavenly hands. Then they surrounded Lin Feng and moved towards him at full speed.

"Stop!" shouted Cang Xiao. His heaven energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. At that moment, Cang Xiao and Lin Feng were fighting using their best strength.

Lin Feng released more demonic energies, his cosmic energies were continuing to become more powerful. He jumped forwards and the heavenly strength exploded, Death and wind energies threatening Cang Xiao. It was Lin Feng's Vayu Death attack mixed with Earth energy.

Cang Xiao suddenly released terrifying heavenly energies.

"Explode!" shouted Cang Xiao, stretching out his hand. Heaven energies surrounded the Vayu Death attack and destroyed it. The crowd frowned, Cang Xiao seemed like he really wanted to kill Lin Feng.

"Even though Lin Feng controls demonic cosmic energies, his body hasn't been cleansed by the cosmic energies of the Earth and sky, which means that he can't borrow the cosmic energies from the Earth and sky. In a real fight, Cang Xiao should definitely kill Lin Feng." thought the crowd.

A demon silhouette appeared, making Lin Feng look like an aggressive demon. He didn't fear Cang Xiao, even if his heavenly energies were intensifying.

"I'll show you what we call heavenly strength." said Cang Xiao. Sixteen heavenly lights appeared and surrounded Lin Feng, at the same time, he ran towards Lin Feng.

Boom! A terrifying Earth energy suddenly emerged, and Lin Feng's Nihility Ksana Waves moved in all directions. Then Lin Feng started running like the wind.

"Break!" Lin Feng punched the air in Cang Xiao's direction while releasing demonic cosmic energy and Earth abstruse energy.

He threw himself at the heavenly hand, groaning coldly. He was surrounded by demon and Earth lights, and suddenly, fire started burning around him.

"If demonic energies won't fall from the sky, what about Earth ones?" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His Earth energies were becoming thicker. The crowd was slack-jawed, his Earth abstruse energy had just turned into Earth cosmic energy!

The Earth strength condensed in the sky and a tornado appeared again.

The crowd stared at it, wondering if the cosmic energy was going to cleanse Lin Feng's body this time. Cang Xiao stopped attacking Lin Feng and looked at the sky too.

The terrifying cosmic energy turned into a cloud which rolled in waves for a very long time, just like the previous time. The crowd looked sorry for Lin Feng, once again, his cosmic energy had dispersed.

The cosmic energies didn't descend from the sky.

"What a pity!" thought many people. Lin Feng was a real genius, he had understood two types of cosmic energies in such a short time, but he had encountered a malediction, and cosmic energy wouldn't cleanse his body!

"Poor him." said Yang Yan, smiling indifferently.

"An Imperial Kalpa, even if you understand other kinds of cosmic energies, you'll never be able to break through to the Huang Qi layer." said Cang Xiao mockingly. Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way and said, "If life doesn't want me, then death will!"

Lin Feng condensed death energy into his fist, looking furious as the air around him began distorting.

"Break!" Lin Feng punched the air, his punch contained both Earth and demon cosmic energies.

"Hmph!" Cang Xiao groaned coldly and another heavenly hand moved towards Lin Feng's punch. They collided, but the hand only contained one type of cosmic energy, so it couldn't resist Lin Feng's attack, so it immediately broke apart.

"Get ready to die!" said Cang Xiao as he punched the air again. Another heavenly hand appeared, and the sky shook as it turned into a cage. Lin Feng attacked with Earth energies and released death strength while shouting, "Die!"

"It's useless." said Cang Xiao.

"Die." Lin Feng shouted again, fearlessly. He released two threads of sword energies, each mostly containing death strength.

"Heavenly King Imprint." shouted Cang Xiao furiously. Heavenly lights condensed all around him and then he moved towards Lin Feng.

"Earth Armor!" said Lin Feng. Earth cosmic energies surrounded his body, and demonic lights twinkled on the surface of the armor. As the Heavenly King Imprint moved towards Lin Feng, his armor broke apart, and a terrifying strength penetrated his body.

Lin Feng ignored the pain, he had to ignore pain if he wanted to break through to the Huang Qi layer. If the G.o.ds didn't want him to become an emperor, then he had to find his own way.

"Die…" a gigantic word appeared in the sky: DEATH. Cang Xiao sensed death energy surround his body, forcing him to suddenly move back, his face had already slightly turned grey. As he was pushed back, Lin Feng released even more death energy, and apart from death energy, he also released demon and Earth energies which were fused together.

Heavenly energy was rolling in waves in the sky, but the three types of cosmic energies kept a.s.saulting it, turning the sky grey.

"What a scary cultivator." thought the crowd, looking at Lin Feng and shaking. Three kinds of cosmic energies now, but there were still no cosmic energies wanting to cleanse his body.

PMG Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694: Seven Sorts of Cosmic Energies

Cang Xiao kept running away. He was shaking violently as demon, Earth, and death cosmic energies were all chasing him. Luckily, Lin Feng hadn't been cleansed by the cosmic energies, otherwise he would have posed a threat to Cang Xiao.

"What a guy." thought Lang Ye, staring at Lin Feng. He knew that Lin Feng was depressed, but he was a real genius. Even the G.o.ds were against him by preventing their cosmic energy from cleansing his body.

Lin Feng fixedly stared at the cloud made of three different types of cosmic energies. But still, no cosmic energy descended.

"Argh!" Lin Feng shouted furiously, more lights glowed around him.

His cursing, empty s.p.a.ce, fire, wind and thunder abstruse energies were all at the maximum level, and he was only one step away from breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. His cosmic energies and abstruse energies whistled altogether in the sky.

Everybody looked nervous as they watched the G.o.ds trick Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng's eyes were still pitch-black as he stared at the sky.

"If the G.o.ds abandon me, I'll defy the Heavens." shouted Lin Feng.

Back in a pavilion, Yi Ren Lei was looking sad for him, "My love, you can do it."

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng. His eyes were pitch-black and filled with death. Cang Xiao's heart started beating faster when he looked at those eyes.

"I will definitely kill you today." said Cang Xiao, releasing even more heavenly energies. An ocean of heavenly energies moved towards Lin Feng.

A demon appeared behind Lin Feng, pus.h.i.+ng more and more demonic energies in the sky.

"Imprison!" Lin Feng jumped and released Earth cosmic energies which formed a cage around Cang Xiao.

"Death curse!" shouted Lin Feng.

Cang Xiao performed some hand seals, and then a vortex of heavenly strength appeared in front of Lin Feng, trying to absorb him.

"Destroy!" Lin Feng jumped forwards, and a demonic territory appeared, sealing the s.p.a.ce. Then an infinite amount of sword energies emerged from Lin Feng's body and rose up to the skies.

"Heavenly hand, appear!" shouted Cang Xiao, releasing more heavenly cosmic energies. His spirit appeared behind him, a gigantic heavenly hand.

"Go!" shouted Cang Xiao. The sky exploded as his heavenly hand moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng looked tiny when compared to that heavenly hand.

"I'll destroy the heavens!" shouted Lin Feng, closing his eyes. Sword lights kept emerging from his body while moving in all directions. He used Wind-Thunder Laceration, his Desolate Ksana, his Vayu Death, his Nihility Ksana Waves, and so on. All his attacks, his abstruse energies, and cosmic energies were intertwining and rolling in waves. The sky trembled again as another cloud of cosmic energies appeared in the sky.

"Come out, all of you!" shouted Lin Feng, sounding like a madman. He wanted to make all his abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies.

"Demon, death, Earth, and now wind cosmic energy."

"Cursing cosmic energy appeared as well."

"Empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy is present in the cloud…"

"Fire cosmic energy is present in the cloud."

"Seven types of cosmic energies…" the crowd was speechless.

Kacha! More explosions sounded, and then Cang Xiao coughed up blood, his face turning deathly pale.

"What's going on?" thought Cang Xiao, looking at the sky. Some lights had descended from the sky and destroyed his heavenly hand.

Seven sorts, how's that even possible? Even without a body cleansed by cosmic energies, seven different types were terrifying.

Kacha! A terrifyingly explosive strength slowly descended from the sky. Were the cosmic energies going to cleanse his body this time?

At that moment, Lin Feng looked like a true demon as he stared at the sky.

However, at that moment, the cosmic energies which were descending from the sky exploded. Again, the G.o.ds didn't seem to be on Lin Feng's side.

Lin Feng remained calm though.

The cosmic energies had condensed a few times and then they had dispersed. What was going on? Why weren't they cleansing Lin Feng's body?

The cosmic energies dispersed and disappeared, leaving everyone's hearts pounding. They couldn't believe it.

A gigantic beast appeared in the distance, it was a Qiong Qi.

At that moment, he was fixedly staring at the cloud of cosmic energies which was dispersing. He looked pensive as he whispered, "The cosmic energies didn't descend from the sky, does it mean the G.o.ds abandoned you? Or does it mean you abandoned the G.o.ds?"

"I failed." said Lin Feng in a calm way. His seven different types of cosmic energies were twinkling around him, intertwining. He couldn't make them fuse together as good as abstruse energies yet, but they were still a lot more powerful.

Lin Feng smiled and whispered, "Even if the cosmic energies won't descend and won't cleanse my body, you're still much weaker than me."

Cang Xiao remained silent, and the crowd couldn't help but agree. Lin Feng now had seven different types of cosmic energies!

Wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies rotated around him, making Cang Xiao frown. Then, he saw Lin Feng moving towards him. He was startled, Lin Feng was much, much faster than when he only used wind abstruse energy.

"Death curse!" Lin Feng's death and cursing cosmic energies started corroding Cang Xiao's body. His facial expression changed drastically, and suddenly, a Celestial Heaven s.h.i.+eld appeared in front of him.

"Explode!" shouted Lin Feng, punching the s.h.i.+eld with a lightning and demonic energies. He was only using pure cosmic energies, nothing special. He had several types of cosmic energies, so why not enjoy them?

"Chaos!" shouted Cang Xiao furiously. The atmosphere became distorted as the lightning was pushed away. Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were each propelled in different directions.

"Earth!" Lin Feng jumped forwards and a terrifyingly heavy strength fell onto Cang Xiao, and then a cage formed.

"Fire!" a terrifying fire condensed.

"Celestial Heavens Destruction." shouted Cang Xiao furiously. He broke through the cage and the fire energies.

However, a pitch-black fist was moving towards him.

"Consciousness curse." said Lin Feng. After saying that, Cang Xiao's thoughts became chaotic, his Heavenly King Armor appeared and protected him.

Boom! A heavy energy bombarded Cang Xiao's body, sending him flying. However, the strength was completely absorbed by his armor and it didn't hurt him at all.

"If any of those seven different types of cosmic energies had descended from the sky to cleanse Lin Feng's body, Cang Xiao would have lost already." thought the crowd. At that moment, strong cultivators' silhouettes flickered, quickly surrounding Lin Feng. In the distance, there was also a high-level emperor glaring at Lin Feng.

He was from the same clan as the boy Lin Feng had killed back at the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, the one who had the thunder hammer.

Lin Feng didn't ask him who he was.

A chessboard appeared and suddenly became gigantic, dazzling even.

"The Celestial Evolution Chessboard, he obtained the Celestial Evolution Chessboard!" many people were looking at it greedily.

Fwoos.h.!.+ The emperors rushed over. Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way and used an agility technique as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard continued twinkling.

"Break!" Lin Feng jumped onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. The emperors didn't know what he was plotting, so they suddenly moved back at full speed.

"Deployment spell, Celestial Evolution Chessboard, what else could it be?" thought the crowd, frowning.

PMG Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695: Chaos and Fury

In the distance, two more people had appeared: a tall and st.u.r.dy old man and a girl who looked n.o.ble.

"That guy has a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, but he cannot break through to the Huang Qi layer?" asked the girl in cyan clothes, staring at Lin Feng.

"Maybe he doesn't have a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies." reasoned the old man.

"He doesn't have a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?" asked the girl. She looked startled and whispered, "That guy is insane, he even took out the Celestial Evolution Chessboard."

"He was going to break through to the Huang Qi layer, but in the end, he's only an Imperial Kalpa. It's a calamity for him. Any cultivator would go insane if that happened to them, especially if they were as strong as him. He is talented, but he can't break through to the Huang Qi layer, can you imagine how horrible that would be?" said the old man, smiling. The young man reminded him of his youth.

Back in a pavilion, Yang Yan was almost drooling after he saw the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. He slowly stood up and a sun disc appeared in his hand.

Some strong cultivators rose up in the air, all looking at Lin Feng with greed.

Lin Feng jumped forwards, and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard started shaking violently, becoming larger and larger. It soon blotted out the sky. Pieces of it were flickering, making it look the same as the great deployment spell from before.

Inside his G.o.dly awareness, a palace was suspended in air.

"G.o.dly awareness palace." the crowd saw it. Then they saw the lights from the Celestial Evolution Chessboard moving towards, attempting to fuse them together.

"Die!" said a strong cultivator at that moment, jumping forwards.

"Break!" Lin Feng jumped on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and it turned into a dazzling deployment spell. The attack broke apart as it hit the chessboard. At the same time, the area where Lin Feng was standing on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard became even more dazzling, and a pitch-black Earth armor appeared around his body. His Tian Ji Sword also appeared in front of him.

"How motivated." the old man in the sky smiled. Lin Feng had taken out a sword, a palace, and an armor.

"You're gloating over people’s misfortune." said the young woman.

"According to legends, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard can transform strength. Lin Feng fused with it with his G.o.dly awareness and created a terrifying deployment spell. Not only is he a strong cultivator but he is also a strong deployment spell caster." thought the crowd.

The high-level emperor was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He hadn't thought that Lin Feng would understand deployment spells so well. Thunders had already appeared around him.

"Die!" Lightning descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng at break-neck speed.

"Break!" Lin Feng jumped again, then seven lights penetrated the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and fused together with it. The whole chessboard was s.h.i.+ning brightly as it rose up into the air. Explosions sounded as the lightning exploded and disappeared.

"d.a.m.n deployment spell!" thought a few of the emperors. The high-level emperor had intervened because he knew that medium-level emperors couldn't do anything.

The high-level emperor was incredulous. He was holding a purple thunder jewel which grew in size and strength. The sky around him had become distorted.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the jewel. The strong cultivator threw it in the air, then it streaked across the sky towards Lin Feng, a beautiful light trailed behind it.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly and indifferently, he looked amused. He jumped as the jewel crashed onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Lin Feng had already disappeared and reappeared on another side of the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

"Nine Dazzling Thunders, die!" shouted the high-level emperor. Suddenly, several grand lightnings descended from the sky. Lin Feng groaned coldly and his G.o.dly awareness moved throughout the Celestial Evolution Chessboard at full speed. He ran and jumped, and then destructive energies formed to block the strikes.

The strong cultivator shouted furiously, "Go onto the chessboard and kill him!"

The emperors around obeyed his orders and started running towards Lin Feng, descending onto the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

Lin Feng ran around while releasing energies into the deployment spell, his G.o.dly awareness guided each of his movements.

"Illusion!" Lin Feng suddenly jumped again. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard s.h.i.+ned so brightly that the crowd below could neither see Lin Feng nor the Celestial Evolution Chessboard nor the people on it.

"Illusion deployment spell." the crowd frowned. Lin Feng had prepared it earlier and his deployment spell was large.

"Is he using the Celestial Evolution Chessboard or is he using his own powers to create the deployment spells?" thought Cang Xiao. Even if Lin Feng hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he was still managing to impress everybody.

Inside the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, in the illusion, the strong cultivators were lost and frowning.

A medium-level emperor saw Lin Feng, but he didn't look happy.

Boom! He couldn't dodge the shattering deployment spell. He shouted furiously as the lower-half of his body exploded.

Slas.h.!.+ Then a sword dug into his head. After he died, Lin Feng burnt his corpse. Lin Feng also took his rings.

Lin Feng then turned around and towards low-level emperor.

"Die." said Lin Feng, his voice contained death-cursing strength. After the Tian Ji Sword directly pierced through his head, Lin Feng took a few more rings.

A strong cultivator saw that Lin Feng had killed two people already, so he turned around and started leaving, however, he soon found that he couldn't get out of the deployment spell.

Inside the illusion, Lin Feng was like a G.o.d!

Back at the outside world, the crowd was looking up at the illusion deployment spell, listening to the horrible shrieks emanating outwards.

Terrifying lightning continued to a.s.sault the illusion deployment spell, but they immediately disappeared each time.

The high-level emperor looked furious as he started leaving. He wanted to go and inform the great emperor from his clan. Maybe he would come and kill Lin Feng. Vast Celestial Ancient City was big, but too many people had noticed the clouds of cosmic energies constantly forming, and then lack of cosmic energy descending from the sky. They could guess what was going on.

"Let us go." shouted someone as another horrible shriek sounded.

Finally, the illusion deployment spell disappeared. However, Lin Feng was the only one on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

Lin Feng looked calm, even though his robe was soaked with blood. He was holding his sword with the blade dripping blood. He slowly walked forwards, the sky shook as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard started shaking and moved away.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Cang Xiao who had already started running away. Even though he had the Heavenly King Armor, he knew he'd die if he went onto Lin Feng's Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

PMG Chapter 1696

Chapter 1696: Killing Holy Clans' Disciples

The Celestial Evolution Chessboard was still floating above Ice-Moon Lake, and it was moving towards a pavilion.

Yi Ren Lei looked calm, but her heart was still pounding. Was Lin Feng really stuck? Would he never break through to the Huang Qi layer?

The Celestial Evolution Chessboard bombarded the pavilion in which Yi Ren Lei was. Even so, she didn't move. A moment after, she was standing on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Yang Yan was standing in the air with some strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan.

"Leave the moon palace and come with me." said Lin Feng to Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei looked at him and shook her head, "Lin Feng, I have my own life."

"You're a piece of trash and now you want to take Yi Ren, the celestial girl with you?" said Yang Yan, smiling in a cold way. "Mind your own business, you won't be able to leave at all."

Lin Feng didn't look at Yang Yan, he was still looking at Yi Ren. He remained silent for a few seconds and then said calmly, "Then, if we ever see each other again, we'll be strangers."

Then, Lin Feng turned around and started leaving. However, a terrifyingly cold energy emerged from him when he saw a silhouette emerging from the Moon Palace.

"Yue Xin." Lin Feng looked at her, noticing here mercilessness energy.

"Mercilessness." the crowd frowned. Was that girl from Moon Palace?

Qiu Yue Xin walked to Lin Feng while releasing more mercilessness energies.

"Oh no!" Lang Ye suddenly realized that this girl wasn't Lin Feng's wife anymore. He shouted, "Lin Feng, be careful!"

Though Lang Ye shouted, it didn't look like Lin Feng had heard him. He was just fixedly staring at Qiu Yue Xin, thinking about the years they had been together.

Qiu Yue Xin pointed at Lin Feng, and in a flash, an imprint moved towards him, cras.h.i.+ng onto his body.

"Lin Feng, she's trying to kill you.!" shouted Lang Ye furiously. Even though he didn't know Qiu Yue Xin, he understood that since she practiced mercilessness cultivation, she would want to kill anyone just to improve her mercilessness cultivation.

"It's still not you, right?" said Lin Feng, fixedly staring into her eyes. She had tears dripping from her eyes. She wasn't herself anymore, but she could remember who she used to be.

"Die!" Qiu Yue Xin shouted, mercilessness cosmic energy dashed to the skies. Lin Feng suddenly felt threatened.

Lin Feng looked at her and raised his head. He knew that Qiu Yue Xin wanted to kill him, to pa.s.s her final hurdle.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng. He released terrifying energies which bombarded Qiu Yue Xin's body, sending her flying. Lin Feng's mouth was bleeding though.

Yi Ren Lei looked at Lin Feng, she also had tears dripping from her face. She had thought she was determined, but Lin Feng really was the determined one. She now knew that no matter what, she didn't want anyone else, she would never have a second man.

"Kill him!" said Yang Yan. Instantly, some strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan descended from the sky, moving towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng suddenly raised his head, the nine netherworlds water appeared in his eyes, and his G.o.dly awareness palace appeared. Then his G.o.dly awareness palace made the Celestial Evolution Chessboard light-up once again.

"Rise!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard rose into the air. Then Lin Feng released demonic energies and a Demon King Armor appeared around him.

"Do you think you can escape?" said Yang Yan. The sun was s.h.i.+ning brightly as it moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Lin Feng disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard seemed like it was going to burn from all those strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan.

Lin Feng immediately threw a talisman and disappeared.

Yang Yan looked around.

More suns appeared as Lin Feng reappeared.

"Blood curse!" shouted Lin Feng. Suddenly, Yang Yan sensed that his blood was boiling, and he couldn't control it anymore. It felt like he was going to explode.

"Death-curse!" Death-curse energies surrounded Yang Yan and began draining his life. Yang Yan's sun disc stopped moving, and he froze in air. He was worried that Lin Feng could kill him at any moment.

Lin Feng's death hand quickly grabbed him by his throat.

"Let him go." The strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan who were flying towards Lin Feng stopped. Lin Feng had captured Yang Yan, so they couldn't act rashly.

Lin Feng ignored them as he descended from the sky with Yang Yan in his hands. Then Lin Feng landed on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard again.

Lin Feng hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but he still managed to stop Yang Yan with his aggressive cursing cosmic energy, and now he has him trapped in a dangerous area.

"Let him go, otherwise the Holy Sun Clan will definitely kill you." said a strong cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan.

Lin Feng didn't look at him, he was fixedly staring at Yang Yan. Yang Yan looked afraid as he said, "You wouldn't dare kill me."

"I like people who say that to me." said Lin Feng, smiling. Death-curse energies made Yang Yan's blood boil again, all the while draining his life.

"Argh!" Yang Yan didn't want to fight anymore. Fire cosmic energy were burning him, wind cosmic energies where cutting him countless times, and in the blink of an eye, he turned to ashes. Then Lin Feng took his sun disc and his rings.

"He killed him… He's insane!" thought the crowd.

The emperors were furious. Imperial weapons flashed and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng took a few steps, and each time he made a step, terrifying energies emerged.

"He won't be able to stand it much longer." whispered the old man.

"You should save him." said the young woman to the old man. She seemed impatient.

"Why would I?" asked the old man. Her eyes twinkled as she said, "The G.o.ds are against him, his wife abandoned him, great emperors want to kill him. If you don't save him, he'll die."

"But I don't know him." said the old man, smiling.

"But I know him." said the young woman, trying to look cute. If the crowd had seen the holy woman of the animal clan acting like that, how would they react?

"Alright baby girl, I'll save him. Maybe things will change if we protect him." said the old man, still smiling.

Above the Ice-Moon Lake, a destructive celestial strength suddenly descended from the sky. All the cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan stopped. A terrifying cultivator was descending from the sky, a great emperor.

Lin Feng was still bleeding, and he had no energy left. He couldn't even use life energy to recover anymore. When he saw that cultivator, he smiled, but he still looked sad. He just wanted to break through to the Huang Qi layer and leave, but the G.o.ds hadn't let him.

PMG Chapter 1697

Chapter 1697: Challenging the Skies

In the distance, Qiong Qi was watching silently.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you must like facing risks." thought Qiong Qi. Seven of his energies had turned into cosmic energies and now a great emperor was saving him.

"You must want to exhaust me to death, don't you?" thought Qiong Qi. There was probably more than just one great emperor there.

The strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan stopped fighting when they saw the great emperor. At the same time, Lang Ye landed next to Lin Feng and looked at the great emperor in the distance.

"n.o.body can kill him." said Lang Ye.

"I want the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and all his rings." said the great emperor indifferently. Lin Feng smiled in a cold way. Then the Celestial Evolution Chessboard became tiny as he recalled it. He looked at Lang Ye and said, "Lang Ye, help me look after the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. If I die, you can keep it."

"Alright." said Lang Ye, nodding. "You must be from the Thunder Clan. I have the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, so if you're asking me for it, I'll give it to you, but you should think about the consequences carefully. Perhaps the World Clan won't hesitate in attacking you."

"He killed Yang Yan, so no matter what, he must die today. I don't believe the World Clan would attack the Holy Sun Clan because of him." said a strong cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan. Even if they didn't take the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, they still had to kill Lin Feng and take the sun disc back.

Suddenly a terrifying energy descended from the sky and surrounded Lin Feng and Lang Ye. Lang Ye was surprised, shouting, "Who are you and why won't you show yourself?"

Boom! a terrifying energy suddenly descended from the sky and a gigantic hand appeared. The hand was moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.

"Someone wants to Lin Feng." thought the crowd, shaking. Lang Ye had told them that n.o.body could kill Lin Feng, but if they killed him without showing themselves, then he couldn't do anything.

However, a terrifying light suddenly crashed onto the hand and destroyed it, leaving a vortex of energies suspended in air.

"Who?" Many people glanced around.

Some terrifying lights blotted out the sky, suffocating the crowd, and making Lin Feng's face turn deathly pale.

"Who dares get involved?" said an ice-cold voice.

"From the east?"

"No, from the west?"

The crowd tried to see which great emperor was talking.

Boom! The Earth and the sky shook violently as a gigantic phoenix appeared.

"Who?" shouted someone furiously. It was the great emperor who had just talked, but it seemed like someone was attacking him.

Many people were shaking, they couldn't breathe. The phoenix was all-encompa.s.sing, seemingly capable of devouring the sky.

"p.i.s.s off!" The voice sounded like it came from an old man.

The other voice didn't reply, as if they had left already.

"p.i.s.s off, everybody!" shouted the old man.

"A terrifying cultivator is here." thought the crowd. The one who had tried to Lin Feng seemed like he had already left. At that moment, a terrifying wind surrounded Lin Feng and took him away. Lin Feng couldn't hold it anymore, he finally fainted.

"What a scary cultivator." thought Lang Ye, looking at Lin Feng's body. Someone had taken Lin Feng away, but that person was trying to help Lin Feng.

In the distance, Qiong Qi's eyes flashed. He was surprised and whispered, "He's lucky, I didn't need to intervene even though he was in such danger."

Then he left.

At that moment, Qiu Yue Xin had already become entirely emotionless. Her tears had disappeared, she now looked extremely cold and aggressive. She wasn't Qiu Yue Xin anymore.

Yi Ren Lei looked extremely sad as she thought about what Lin Feng had said, that they'd act like strangers if they ever met in the future.

Cang Xiao looked furious, whispering, "He can't break through to the Huang Qi layer, so even if he leaves, it doesn't matter, he'll still be stuck at the same cultivation level forever. Even with seven different types of energies, he's still a piece of trash."

Everybody had different thoughts. Some people felt sad for him, some people envied him, some people were gloating over his misfortunes.

But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore.

Back in the animal clan, at the top of a cyan mountain, Lin Feng finally woke up. He had slept for three days, resting on a gigantic stone. Although the scenery looked beautiful, he wasn't in the mood to enjoy the landscapes.

He turned around and saw a silhouette in cyan clothes looking at him, it was Qing Feng.

Lin Feng slowly stood up, his injuries were healed already. He remembered that when he was about to die, a strong cultivator had appeared. Was it a cultivator from the animal clan?

"Did your Master save me?" Lin Feng asked.

"You're awake." said Qing Feng, smiling at Lin Feng. She felt sorry for him, she hoped he'd be able to find a solution though.

"The old man did." replied Qing Feng.

Lin Feng didn't know precisely who she meant, but he understood that it was a terrifying cultivator from the animal clan.

"Thank you." said Lin Feng, smiling at Qing Feng.

"Don't thank me." said Qing Feng. "You've been traveling a lot, you should relax some."

"Alright." said Lin Feng, nodding. Then, he jumped off the gigantic stone and flew, landing on another mountain. There he released cosmic energies, seven different types of cosmic energies. He could control seven types of cosmic energies, so what? If he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer, his life was over.

His cosmic energies twinkled, and at that moment, Lin Feng was aghast as he released his celestial book spirit. A new page was shaking!

"Spirit!" Lin Feng's heart was shaking. He hadn't tried to use his spirit, but it had appeared on its own.

"Open!" He found it difficult to turn that page.

"The G.o.ds abandoned me, people have abandoned me, don't you abandon me too." said Lin Feng, releasing demonic energies. His book spirit was shaking violently.

"d.a.m.n, open yourself!" shouted Lin Feng, making great efforts. That page really was difficult to turn, but Lin Feng really wanted to know what secrets it had to offer.

Lin Feng closed his eyes, shaking violently. The battles above the Ice-Moon Lake replayed in his head.

"Even if the G.o.ds have abandoned me, I won't give up, I will defy the heavens!" shouted Lin Feng. The sky above him was trembling and his book spirit was shaking even more violently.

Lin Feng glanced around, how could he defy the skies though?

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