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PMG Chapter 1698

Chapter 1698: G.o.ds' Fury

The Holy City was one of the main eighteen cities in the Dark Night Region and it was even more famous that Vast Celestial Ancient City.

After Jun Mo Xi had broken free from the nine great celestial castles, he had looked for the Holy City for a long time, he had spent five years looking for it. Finally, he had found it. That small world was only filled with people who were fascinated by cultivation. Jun Mo Xi wasn't disappointed, the people there were strong, even Emperors were common there.

After entering the Holy City, Jun Mo Xi had fought against someone, and then an emperor had chased him after they realized that he possessed an imperial immortal body. Under the constant threat of death, some people finally saved him, the King of h.e.l.l Palace. Then he joined the King of h.e.l.l Palace. He knew that inside the Holy City, if you didn't join a powerful group, you could die.

Jun Mo Xi had received terrifying cultivation resources in the King of h.e.l.l Palace. And then he had practiced cultivation like a madman, and finally, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

At that moment, in Vast Celestial Ancient City, above the big lake outside of the city, a group of people had arrived, and Jun Mo Xi was leading the group, whispering, "Vast Celestial Ancient City and the Holy City are the two of the main cities in the region…"

Elsewhere in Vast Celestial Ancient City, inside the animal clan, Lin Feng was still practicing cultivation. His body, soul, and celestial book spirit were shaking violently. Finally, Lin Feng managed to turn a page, however, he immediately collapsed after that. He was determined and had a powerful soul, but all that pressure took its toll.

However, this time Lin Feng only took a few hours to recover. He entered his mysterious world, the desolate area, and then he raised his head.

"World strength?" thought Lin Feng frowning. Was that world strength? It was different from the world strength of the World Clan though. That world strength had no color, it almost looked fake, like an illusion.

Lin Feng used his G.o.dly awareness and the world moved along with the pulsations of his G.o.dly awareness.

"It's not the outside world, it's an intent world." thought Lin Feng. Could he control a special world strength?

"The darkness is becoming paler." thought Lin Feng. The dark clouds seemed to be further and further, turning into the sky.

"Is that one of the powers emperors have? Creating small worlds?" thought Lin Feng. Had he broken through to the Huang Qi layer?

"Brown ground." Lin Feng moved his G.o.dly awareness again and the ground became yellow and brown.

"What a mysterious strength." whispered Lin Feng. He felt like he could control that world.

"Moon and sun cycle." said Lin Feng, raising his head. Then a sun appeared which was scorching hot.

"Cosmic energies, that's cosmic strength." thought Lin Feng, pleasantly happy. Surprisingly, he he could modify the world around him.

He released his seven different types of cosmic energies, and suddenly, a terrifying strength penetrated his body, mixing together with his cosmic energies. Lin Feng's facial expression changed drastically. The strength of the Earth and sky was madly entering his body. His cosmic energies were also becoming more powerful.

Lin Feng didn't stop that flood of energy, even though he didn't exactly know what was going on. Why didn't cosmic energies fall upon him in the outside world? He had a different world strength in that world, and it was changing his cosmic energies.

Finally, his cosmic energies turned into an illusion. Lin Feng watched them disappear and then he left that place, reemerging in the outside world.

The sky was normal, Lin Feng was lying on the ground, and he looked the same as before. He couldn't sense anything in the outside world.

"I've broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but the world doesn't accept me?" thought Lin Feng. He was a bit desperate, but what could he do? He didn't understand it at all. Was there even a solution?

In the distance, Qing Feng saw him wake up, so she flew towards him. She was worried and sad for him, especially after he fainted again. Lin Feng couldn't accept the fact that he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer, so maybe he wanted to die now?

She didn't know what Lin Feng was thinking. She was actually wondering what would happen if he managed to tear that page off the book?

Lin Feng didn't think about it too much. He went back into his spirit world!

At the top of the mountain, Wu, the young man from the animal clan, had just arrived.

Wu landed next to Qing Feng and coldly glanced at Lin Feng, "Qing Feng, why don't you kick that piece of trash out of the clan?"

Qing Feng coldly glanced at him and said, "I'm not interested in your opinion."

"Qing Feng, you'll soon be my wife, so how can you spend time with a human being? On top of that, someone whom the G.o.ds have abandoned?" said Wu unhappily. Lin Feng had already been there for a few days.

"Leave my mountain!" shouted Qing Feng.

"Hmph!" Wu looked at her in a cold way, "Qing Feng, soon I'll break through to the Huang Qi layer. I'm going to practice cultivation now, and when I come out, my father will ask yours for your hand."

Then, Wu glanced at Lin Feng one last time and left.

Lin Feng didn't see any of that as he was in his spirit world. That spirit world was a small world, but Lin Feng was seeing if he could hide his small world in his body. If he could, then people wouldn't be able to attack his small world.

When he came back out and appeared in the real world, Lin Feng looked at the sky once more, looking a bit disappointed.

The G.o.ds abandoned me, but why are the two worlds so different?

"I still can borrow the cosmic energy of the Earth and the sky here." thought Lin Feng, sighing. He stretched out his hand and released Earth cosmic energy formed. It was a bit black, and it seemed like it had become more powerful. Perhaps he could become even stronger in the small world in his spirit, which also meant that he could become stronger there, and that his cultivation level might only be able to improve inside it.

At that moment, a terrifying strength started shaking the sky.

"Huh?" Lin Feng frowned. Something was attacking the animal clan's small world.

Boom! Another loud sound rang. Suddenly, many people appeared in the animal clan.

The animals frowned, what was going on? Someone dared attack the animal world?

But it came from cyan mountain. Was it the old man of the clan?

Boom! The sounds continued banging. The animal clan's small world was very powerful, so destroying it was almost impossible.

Fwoos.h.!.+ A strong wind started blowing on the peak as an old man appeared, looking at Lin Feng.

"Recall your cosmic energies." said the old man to Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him and then his cosmic energies disappeared. After that, he also recalled his energies and the animal world became calm again.

"How come?" Had he really infuriated the G.o.ds?

"What's going on?" asked Qing Feng to the old man. The old man shouted, "Those who have nothing to do here can leave!"

The animals then progressively left.

"The G.o.ds don't want him using his cosmic energies?" thought the old man. If Lin Feng really was an Imperial Kalpa, he couldn't die. He had to take him somewhere.

"How do you feel when the celestial energies descend from the sky?" asked the old man to Lin Feng.

"It's very painful." said Lin Feng.

"I'll get the Celestial Evolution Chessboard back for you. While you wait for me, don't release any more cosmic energies." said the old man. Lin Feng nodded, but he was still trying to figure out why this happening.

If the G.o.ds really wanted to punish him, then maybe the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was the only thing which could help protect him.

The old man disappeared, leaving Qing Feng looking confused. Just what was going on?

PMG Chapter 1699

Chapter 1699: Who Dares Infuriate the Skies?

"The G.o.ds don't want to acknowledge me." thought Lin Feng, even though he didn't understand why.

"No matter what anyone else thing, I've already broken through to the Huang Qi layer." thought Lin Feng as he rose into the air. Even if the G.o.ds didn't want to acknowledge him, inside his own small world, he had already become a real emperor, he could even become stronger in there. If the G.o.ds abandoned him, then he'd abandon that world.

The only problem was, what would happen to Lin Feng in the future if he couldn't borrow cosmic energies from the Earth and sky? And what would happen if the G.o.ds really were upset with him?

"Why was the sky so upset before?" Qing Feng asked, staring at Lin Feng. She had observed him, and soon as he recalled his cosmic energies, the sky had stopped a.s.saulting their small world. The others thought that the old man had done that, but she knew that it had something to do with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled at her and asked, "That Master saved me, right?"

"Indeed." said Qing Feng nodding.

"Thank you, the G.o.ds abandoned me, my wife abandoned me, and surprisingly a stranger saved me." said Lin Feng. Although he was smiling, he still looked a bit sad. Qing Feng smiled in a warm, gentle and sweet way, "You already have seven types of cosmic energies, that's already amazing."

"You're right, I must continue making efforts, then maybe I'll find something I did wrong which is preventing me from progressing." replied Lin Feng, smiling.

Eventually the old man came back, the chessboard was in his hands.

"Thank you very much, Master." said Lin Feng.

"Let's not waste time, we have things to do." said the old man, dragging Lin Feng, and flying at full speed.

"Stinky old man, he didn't even take me with them." thought Qing Feng, biting her lips. She tried to catch up with them, but it was impossible.

In Vast Celestial Ancient City, there were many lakes, many islands, many people practiced cultivation there.

They flew to a remote island where cultivators commonly practiced cultivation.

"Everybody, p.i.s.s off!" shouted a terrifying voice.

Blech. An emperor was on that island, practicing cultivation, and the voice had disturbed him violently, making him cough blood.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" thought the emperor, but he didn't dare say anything like that to such a terrifying cultivator. He wasn't the only one, everybody was upset, but n.o.body said anything openly. Very quickly, people left, even great emperors.

Lin Feng looked at the old man, speechless.

"Maybe the G.o.ds won't let you use cosmic energies, so you have to try and see if you can survive. Everything is in your hands now." said the old man. "I'll protect you."

Then the old man disappeared.

After he disappeared, Lin Feng took out his Celestial Evolution Chessboard and jumped on it. He released his G.o.dly awareness but didn't release any cosmic energies. He had to control the deployment spells with his G.o.dly awareness first, then he had to see if the G.o.ds would attack him or not.

When Lin Feng finished changing the deployment spell with his G.o.dly awareness, he released demonic cosmic energy again, and suddenly a vortex appeared in the sky.

"What a scary sky!" Lin Feng frowned. The sky was turning black, making tremble slightly.

Lin Feng started thinking about giving up but then he remembered all the hards.h.i.+ps he had been through. He raised his head and told himself that no matter what, he would challenge the G.o.ds.

Outside the island, the energies and the strange-looking sky started drawing people's attention. What was going on there? The cosmic energies were becoming scarier as they condensed.

Was someone breaking through to the Huang Qi layer? But that couldn't be right, energies couldn't be that terrifying when someone broke through to the Huang Qi layer. Besides, cosmic energies cleansed a cultivator's body when they broke through to the Huang Qi layer, but those energies seemed like they wanted to punish someone.

Lin Feng stood there motionlessly, thinking that he would have died without the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

The condensing energies pus.h.i.+ng the island into chaos. Lin Feng condensed more demonic cosmic energies and then cosmic energies began descending from the sky, but they weren't wanting to cleanse his body…

Lin Feng saw those terrifying cosmic energies descending, so he ran over to the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. Suddenly, a Demonic King Armor appeared around his body and a demon appeared behind him.

Kacha! two terrifying lights collided, the demon spell and the purple lightning. Lin Feng shouted furiously, his demonic energies dashed to the skies, and he punched the air. But it still wasn't enough, the energies crashed onto his body, he was bleeding and his armor had exploded.

Lin Feng's silhouette was blurry as he dashed around, releasing life energy in a frantic effort to recover.

"And more!" thought Lin Feng, his eyes were bloodshot.

Lin Feng rose up in the air, meeting the next heavenly tribulation.

After being bested again, Lin Feng was lying on the ground, unable to stand up anymore.

"You can't oppress me." said Lin Feng, then he stood up again.

A third thread of demonic cosmic energy appeared, and just as suddenly, more energies descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. However, he was still standing after the tribulation. Though he almost fell, his body was paralyzed, and his face was deathly pale, but he persisted. Finally, his demonic cosmic energies disappeared.

Boom. Lin Feng collapsed again, fainting. He still had a smile on his face though.

An old man was glancing around inside the Heaven Clan. He noticed some demonic cosmic energies from the distance, but those weren't the cosmic energies of someone who had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

"Restriction body, the G.o.ds must be upset." whispered the old man.

Over in the Dugu and the Chu Clans, some old men also gazed into the distance, thinking the same things.

PMG Chapter 1700

Chapter 1700: Leaving the Animal Clan Again

Everywhere in Vast Celestial Ancient City, people were shaking, wondering what was going on? Had someone infuriated the G.o.ds?

Many strong cultivators started running towards that place, however, by the time they arrived, the skies had calmed down already, and n.o.body was there. The crowd could only try and guess what had happened.

"Maybe it happened because someone broke through to the Huang Qi layer after all? Maybe Dugu the Winner? or Chu Chun Qiu?" thought some people. But why were the G.o.ds so upset then? What happened?

The elders of the Dugu clan and the other Holy Clans all gathered on the island. They glanced around looking for hints, but they frowned, there was nothing wrong. It was strange because those destructive energies could have easily killed a medium-level emperor, and yet the island was so calm at that moment…

"Who could have triggered such an event in Vast Celestial Ancient City?" asked Mister Chu to Mister Cang.

"The Moon Imperial Palace." whispered the old man from the Heaven Clan. The other old men were surprised, the Moon Imperial Palace? They had also thought of them, but were they crazy enough to challenge the sky?

"Who else apart from the Moon Imperial Palace?"

"What about the one whom the skies abandoned?"

"Impossible, he's an Imperial Kalpa and he already infuriated the skies. Imperial Kalpas can't break through to the Huang Qi layer." replied Mister Cang indifferently. The others nodded. Indeed, it couldn't be him, otherwise it would have happened back at Ice-Moon Lake before.

Everybody was thinking, it was possible but at the same time it wasn't. Finally, they stopped thinking about it too much.

The following days, many people from Vast Celestial Ancient City were talking about and guessing about what had happened, but all in vain. Finally, people gradually stopped talking about it.

But then, in a secluded mountain range, the same strange thing happened again. The sky became distorted and chaotic, like it was upset. By the time they ran over, there was nothing to see.

People started talking about it again in Vast Celestial Ancient City, but this time there were even more intrigued. How many people had a restriction body? Was the world as they knew it going to change?

n.o.body had an answer. The old man from the animal clan didn't make Lin Feng infuriate the G.o.ds a third time inside the city. He took him away from Vast Celestial Ancient City to a desolate place. There, he could infuriate the G.o.ds as many times as he wished.

A month later, Lin Feng went back to Vast Celestial Ancient City.

Back at the animal world, atop a cyan colored mountain, Lin Feng was standing tall, looking more heroic, mature, stronger, even his blood strength seemed to have improved.

The old man looked at Lin Feng and scratched his beard with his right hand, then he smiled, looking satisfied.

"The G.o.ds really seem to have abandoned you, but can you sense that your Qi has changed?" asked the old man.

"It doesn't matter anymore." said Lin Feng, smiling. The G.o.ds may have abandoned him, but at least now he could use his own cosmic energies if he needed to.

"Indeed, your seven types of cosmic energies have already become quite scary." said the old man.

Qing Feng was on the mountain with them.

"Those who are strong and tough enough to withstand disasters will find hope, and eventually victory. But I still don't understand why he only has the strength of the Zun Qi layer?" Qing Feng said.

But was he really just a Zun cultivator?

"Don't tell anyone else about your situation. If you offend anyone, they'll do their best to kill. You must understand something, that in the cultivation world, you'll have less enemies as you get stronger, but at the same time, it is more dangerous because those remaining enemies will want to kill you even more." said the old man. "Of course, if you become a peerless cultivator, you needn't fear anyone. Then, you're like a G.o.d."

Lin Feng nodded, he already knew that.

"Thank you very much, Master, for everything." said Lin Feng wholeheartedly. Without the old man, Lin Feng would have been in a lot of trouble.

"Many people think I'm really strange, but you're even stranger than me, so I'm happy to know you." said the old man, laughing. Then he looked at Qing Feng, "Little girl, take Lin Feng for a walk. I remember some people who'd offended Lin Feng, let's go beat them up."

"Alright." said Qing Feng, she understood what the old man mean. She smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Let's go."

Lin Feng followed her, leaving the animal world altogether.

There were some rumors about Lang Ye which said he had fallen in love with someone from the Moon Imperial Palace.

Lang Ye wasn't the only one, many other young men enjoyed relaxing at Moon Imperial Palace.

At that moment, two silhouettes appeared in the sky: a young man and a young woman.

"That's Qing Feng from the animal world, but who's the young man with her? Is he from the animal world too?" thought some people. Many people staring at Lin Feng though, it was him, the one whom the G.o.ds had abandoned.

"He hadn't died and now he's back. He attacked so many people from the Thunder Clan and he killed Yang Yan. The strong cultivators from the Holy Sun Clan are relentlessly looking for him." thought some people.

"The one who was abandoned by the G.o.ds." said Cang Xiao.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng. Cang Xiao frowned, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"The G.o.ds abandoned me, so what? I can kill you now if you want." said Lin Feng in a cold way, releasing death energies.

PMG Chapter 1701

Chapter 1701: Too weak!

Even though he was talking like that, Cang Xiao still s.h.i.+vered when he saw Lin Feng. After all, on that day by the Ice-Moon Lake, Lin Feng had amazed everyone when he learned to control seven different types of cosmic energies. Then he killed many people, including Yang Yan. Lin Feng was merciless, and seeing how he was an Imperial Kalpa, it made sense that he wanted to get his revenge while he still could.

Lang Ye looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently. Lin Feng had changed, but he didn't know what had changed about him. He didn't look as sad as before. Had he become stronger? But could he even break through to the Huang Qi layer?

"Could an Imperial Kalpa have such strength?" thought Lang Ye when he saw that Lin Feng still hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

Yi Ren Lei was there too. She s.h.i.+vered as she saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked even more arrogant and determined as ever.

"The G.o.ds abandoned you, we'll see how long you will survive." said Cang Xiao. Then, he went back to his pavilion. Lin Feng couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer, so sooner or later, everyone would surpa.s.s him and everybody would forget about him, if he didn't die.

The outstanding young people from the Holy Clans looked amusingly at Lin Feng. That guy dared show up again, and he was with Qing Feng this time. Had the animal clan saved him last time?

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd calmly. Then he walked to the edge of the lake and calmly glanced at Dugu, Lang Ye, and Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei sighed, she remembered what Lin Feng had told her, that if they met again, he would consider her a stranger.

Qing Feng was behind Lin Feng, but she said nothing. Many people sighed. Why had they come to the lake? Even with Qing Feng, the Holy Sun Clan and the Thunder Clan wouldn't let him off.

There were many boats on the lake but n.o.body was in the mood to relax, they were all fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

"The one who was abandoned by the G.o.ds." Finally, some cold Qi fell onto the lake. The strong cultivators from the Thunder Clan were in the neighborhood when they heard that Lin Feng had shown up. As expected, they found Lin Feng sitting by the lake.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the strong cultivators from the Thunder Clan, still looking calm and serene. Those people were only low-level emperors and medium-level emperors. Could they do anything to him?

"You dared come back." said a medium-level emperor. Then he shouted, "Do you still have the thunder hammer?"

"I do, I take it you want it back?" asked Lin Feng indifferently. The members of the Thunder Clan looked even more upset.

"Even though that guy was abandoned by the G.o.ds and hasn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he still controls seven types of cosmic energies and has many treasures to protect himself with. We must be careful." thought the medium-level emperor. He didn't want to take risks, so he said to the low-level emperors next to him, "That guy doesn't have the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, and he can't break through to the Huang Qi layer, let's go and kill him."

The seven or so low-level emperors glanced at each other and nodded. Then the sound of thunder began rolling in waves. The terrifying thunderous energies turned into a giant lightning dragon.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the cosmic energies, then he glanced at the crowd. Looking proud and arrogant he said, "I may have been abandoned by the G.o.ds, but we'll see who can kill whom."

"How arrogant!" thought the crowd. He was alone facing emperors and he still dared say that.

The purple thunderous energies became more frightening, like they were going to swallow Lin Feng whole.

"He's insane." thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng who was remaining motionless before the onslaught of cosmic energies. Did he want to commit suicide?

"Boom!" terrifying thunder energies suddenly surrounded Lin Feng. The ground cracked around him, but he was still standing there, motionless.

"He's fine." thought the crowd, their muscles twitching. He wasn't even injured!

"What kind of physical body is that?" thought the crowd. Lin Feng was resisting those cosmic energies with just his physical body?

"Abandoned by the G.o.ds? He can't break through to the Huang Qi layer?"

Even without the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng could still fight against so many emperors.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the remnant thunder energies, he looked amused thinking, "Those are cosmic energies? That was the power of low-level emperors? How weak! Each time he had infuriated the G.o.ds, they had attacked him with at least ten times their strength. With his physical body now, a low-level emperor couldn't pose a threat to him.

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng raised his head and opened his mouth, then he started swallowing the cosmic energies, making his entire body turn purple. It seemed like he might explode at any time, however, he remained looking calm.

Lin Feng looked at the emperors mockingly and said, "You're so weak, I was abandoned by the G.o.ds, but can you kill me?"

The emperors' cheeks burnt, and they looked disheartened.  Lin Feng was telling them that they were too weak, and because he didn't even dodge their attacks, they somewhat believed him.

"Kill him!" said the medium-level emperor in a cold way. His physical body was too strong, so those low-level emperors would have to use some special powers to kill him.

The emperors looked hesitant. Many people had attacked Lin Feng at the same time with cosmic energies and they hadn't managed to hurt Lin Feng at all. If they used special powers now, wouldn't it be the same?

"If you don't attack, I'll attack." Lin Feng smiled coldly, taking out a silver spear.

Then suddenly, Lin Feng released wind cosmic energy and used his Wind Chant. With both wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies, he was much faster than before. A strong cultivator moved back at full speed, but the spear still reached him, and he died.

That low-level emperor hadn't withstood a single attack.

"How fast!" thought the crowd.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at another cultivator who had already started running away.

Lin Feng moved like the wind again while the cultivator attacked the air in Lin Feng's direction while retreating. However, Lin Feng's spear pierced through his energies and then through his head. Lin Feng just look amused as he watched his body plummet from the sky.

"Are those emperors?" asked Lin Feng mockingly.

PMG Chapter 1702

Chapter 1702: The Death of a Great Emperor

"Those emperors are members of the Thunder Clan, so they aren't very strong alone, but joining hands is another story. But even then they can't defeat Lin Feng."

After that, Lin Feng continued moving like the wind and killed two more emperors. The other emperors left and went back to the medium-level emperor from the Thunder Clan.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng and thought, "He's so strong, will he never break through to the Huang Qi layer? The old man doesn't want to tell me the truth. In the future, when I break through to the Huang Qi layer, maybe I will control several types of cosmic energies too. I wonder if I'll be as strong as him then."

Lin Feng glanced at the members of the Thunder Clan in a cold way. Blood was dripping from his spear as he said, "Masters, how come you're standing there?"

"Masters?" the crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was probably making fun of them. After he killed a few of them already, he was calling them masters now.

The medium-level emperors looked at Lin Feng, pondering. Lin Feng had so many trump cards. He had just used a spear to kill a few of them, but how scary would he be if he used the sun disc?

"Lin Feng who has been abandoned by the G.o.ds." said someone at that moment. The voice came from far away. The crowd s.h.i.+vered and gazed into the distance, seeing a bright sun.

"Someone from the Holy Sun Clan." thought the crowd, closing their eyes lest losing their eyeb.a.l.l.s from that bright light. The temperature was increasing quickly too. If they got too close, they could die just from spectating.

"That's Yang Xiao, a terrifying young cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan. Even though he's only a low-level emperor, he fought against Chu Chun Qiu not so long ago. Even though he lost, he shouldn't be underestimated."

Yang Xiao arrived in front of Lin Feng, five suns were already floating around him. It seemed like he could easily kill medium-level emperors with those suns. Of course, medium-level emperors could probably dodge his attacks easily.

"Die." shouted Yang Xiao furiously.

Lin Feng glanced at Yang Xiao in a calm way, not looking perturbed at all.

Slash… Lin Feng raised his spear and condensed cursing, death, Earth, and aggressive demon cosmic energies.

Finally, the suns became more and more dazzling as approached Lin Feng, making him finally close his eyes. Yang Xiao felt some wind brush against him. And suddenly, it was as if seven Lin Fengs were attacking him at the same time.


A subtle sound could be hear as the spear pierced through Yang Xiao's head.

Yang Xiao still had a thread of life left, but he looked dumbstruck. How? One spear attack and it was over? Why had the five suns done nothing? He looked desperate.

Boom! As Lin Feng took his spear out of Yang Xiao's head, his brain exploded into pieces, and his body slowly fell down to the ground. Lin Feng then kicked the corpse away, not even bothering to take his rings.

"Yang Xiao couldn't withstand a single attack from Lin Feng? That means he's stronger than Chu Chun Qiu?" The crowd couldn't believe their eyes.

"Impossible. n.o.body knows how strong Chu Chun Qiu really is, so maybe he was just playing around when he fought against Yang Xiao. Chu Chun Qiu absorbed imperial determination, so he doesn't even need to move to kill people." Someone else said.

Chu Chun Qiu had absorbed imperial determination, so someone who couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer couldn't possibly defeat him. Even though Lin Feng was scary and controlled seven sorts of cosmic energies, it was a pity that he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer. If the G.o.ds finally let him break through to the Huang Qi layer, then he would probably become as strong as or even stronger than Chu Chun Qiu.

n.o.body dared underestimate Lin Feng. Chu Chun Qiu was just too strong as he could compete with all those young people who had king bodies types, he would become a great emperor.


As the crowd was thinking, they suddenly heard someone else. The medium-level emperors from the Thunder Clan were attacking. In a flash, an incredible number of terrifying lightning descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng had a powerful physical body, he couldn't resist so many medium-level emperors' thunder cosmic energies.

"Oh no, Lin Feng is going to die." thought the crowd.


The medium-level emperors arrived next to Lin Feng, but then a terrifying illusional strength surrounded everybody, preventing the crowd from seeing anyone inside.

Slash, slas.h.!.+

"No…" someone gave a horrible shriek, making the crowd s.h.i.+ver. Had a medium-level emperor just died?

Lin Feng controlled deployment spells, so he had used a talisman to imprison those emperors inside a deployment spell.

After that, terrifying sounds continued to wail. The crowd wanted to see what was going on, but they couldn't see anything, they could only wait.

At that moment, the sky shook as a black lightning descended from the sky, forcefully destroying the illusion spell. Once everything settled, they were astonished to see that all the medium-level emperors were dead.

"How reckless!" a gigantic hand descended from the sky. The crowd was shocked to see a great emperor this time.

In the distance, a gigantic sun was quickly approaching.

The great emperor from the Thunder Clan and the great emperor form the Holy Sun Clan showed up!

Kacha! A gigantic lightning-hand descended from the sky, oppressing everyone around it.

"Masters, what's that supposed to mean!" shouted a voice furiously. The crowd raised their heads to see that the great emperor from the Thunder Clan was being oppressed between two gigantic hands.

"What's that?" thought the crowd, astonished. They couldn't see clearly because of the dazzling sun, but was that a Saint Emperor?

"Attacking my son-in-law is the same as attacking the animal clan!" shouted a furious voice.

"Impossible!" the crowd was astonished. Had a great emperor had just been killed?

PMG Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703: Animal World

"He vanished in a puff of smoke!" the crowd was speechless. The strong wind was still blowing after he crushed the great emperor.

"Even great emperors can die tragically sometimes." they thought.

The crowd realized that life as a cultivator was never easy. That terrifyingly strong cultivator had killed a great emperor to show anyone else who held ill intentions towards Lin Feng, that he'd kill anyone, including great emperors.

However, Lin Feng had been abandoned by the G.o.ds, why would he want him to be his son-in-law?

"The animal clan wants a son-in-law who has been abandoned by the G.o.ds?" thought the crowd. They couldn't believe it. Even though Lin Feng was strong and talented and controlled seven types of cosmic energies, he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer. What was the point of protecting someone had had plateaued like that?

Maybe the animal clan just wanted someone they could use for their own purposes? In that case, Qing Feng could concentrate on cultivation. Or maybe Qing Feng had fallen in love with Lin Feng?

"Indeed, things must be that way." thought some people.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck too, though his eyes were pitch-black, making him look unperturbed.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng and blushed. The old man hadn't warned her he'd use that as an excuse, let alone in front of everyone like he had. The old man cared less about social conventions than most.

"Master!" said the great emperor from the Holy Sun Clan, a cold sweat was forming.

"Does the Holy Sun Clan want to attack him too?" Of course, he was talking about Lin Feng.

If he said yes, what would happen? He didn't dare imagine.

But if he didn't reply, that wouldn't only be a humiliation for himself, but for the entire Holy Sun Clan.

"I'm talking to you!" shouted the holy emperor. The great emperor from the Holy Sun Clan shook even more. He was still thinking, "The slightest mistake and I could die, besides, offending the World Clan is not worth it. Yang Xiao and Yang Yan died, but if the Holy Sun Clan offended the World Clan, even more would die. The Holy Sun Clan should understand my position."

"I wouldn't dare." said the great emperor, humbly.

"That's good. Now, p.i.s.s off and go back to your clan. If anyone from the Holy Sun Clan dares touch him, I'll destroy it entirely." said the terrifying cultivator.

"Master, what about the sun disc of our clan…" said the great emperor in a weak voice.

"p.i.s.s off!" said the old man, even though the great emperor hadn't finished talking. The great emperor looked even more scared as he said, "See you, Master."

"Thunder Clan." said the old man aggressively. He smiled coldly, "p.i.s.s off now, and if the Thunder Clan dares act recklessly again, I'll wipe it off the map as well."

The cultivators from the Thunder Clan looked depressed. They knew that the old man wasn't joking, he could easily destroy a clan like the Thunder Clan.

Then the Thunder Clan's people left too.

"That guy is quite lucky in the end. Even though he was abandoned by the G.o.ds, the Animal Clan accepted him." thought the crowd.

"He's lucky." thought Cang Xiao. He really wanted to kill Lin Feng but what could he do now? Killing Lin Feng was impossible.

But in any case, it didn't really matter. Lin Feng couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer, so the difference between them would continue to widen until someday when they'd just forget about him entirely.

"Vast Celestial Ancient City has rules, so don't forget them. Battles between people of different generations are forbidden." the old man was warning the entire city.

Of course, very powerful groups could do as they wished if they had enough power.

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