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PMG Chapter 1721

Chapter 1721: Chu Chun Qiu's Strength

"Cang Hai brought about his own destruction but now his friends are dying, too. How sad," thought others in the crowd.

Those who had seen Lin Feng fight before knew that from the moment Cang Hai stood up, he was going to die. Cang Hai had been practicing cultivation in isolation somewhere for a while, but he had no idea what was going on in the outside world. Even though Lin Feng couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer, he could control seven types of cosmic energies, and his physical body had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Even though Cang Xiao didn't like Lin Feng, he didn't dare underestimate him.

But Cang Xiao was also a lot stronger than before. He had studied the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, coupled with his Celestial Heaven Skills. If Cang Xiao and Lin Feng fought again, the battle would be terrifying.

"Brother Lin, you're extraordinary. If someday you break through to the Huang Qi layer, then you'd become really terrifying," said Chu Chun Qiu with a smile. He didn't care about those people from the Heaven Clan who had just died. Cang Hai had agreed to fight against Lin Feng. Even though the Chu Clan had some authority, they didn't want to involve themselves in such matters, either. Maybe the Heaven Clan was angry at the Chu Clan, so what?

"You are even stronger than me, brother Chu," replied Lin Feng politely. He had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, it was just that people in the outside world couldn't see it. Maybe in the future, even if he became a medium-level emperor or even a high-level emperor, people would still believe that he was a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"You're too modest, Brother Lin!" said another young man from the Chu Clan, smiling as if Lin Feng was their new friend. He continued, "Lang Ye and a celestial from Moon Palace left the capital already. I think they went to the Holy City. Apart from Brother Lang Ye, Dugu the Winner has also left. Chun Qiu's friends are leaving one after another. Because he was practicing cultivation, after becoming a medium-level emperor and leaving his room, he didn't get to see any of his friends or enemies. That's a bit sad."

"Oh?" Lin Feng was surprised. Lang Ye had surprisingly gone to the Holy City, but then he remembered that Lang Ye was traveling to gather experience, so it made sense that he couldn't stay in Vast Celestial Ancient City forever. After all, the Holy City was one of the three most important cities in the central part of the region.

"By the way, Brother Lin. Back then, you and the Heaven Clan's strong cultivator traded the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures and the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, so now many disciples of the Heaven Clan have started studying demon skills. Cang Xiao has already been cleansed by a demonic kalpa twice. I'm curious to see how strong you've become in terms of demon cultivation. How many times have you been cleansed by Kalpa energies?" asked the young man from the Chu Clan, smiling in a friendly way. He didn't know how to study the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, but he understood Kalpa strength. Could Lin Feng use DevMara Kalpa strength even though he couldn't break through to the Huang Qi layer?

"I couldn't get cleansed by the DevMara Kalpa strength seeing how I haven't broken through to the Huang Qi layer," said Lin Feng, smiling resplendently. n.o.body in the outside world knew that he had studied DevMara Kalpa strength in his spirit's world, nor had he shown anyone.

"Brother Lin, you must be joking. Even though Cang Xiao is succeeding in terms of demon skills, you are still better than him. You've already killed some strong cultivators from the Heaven Clan," the young man from the Chu Clan noted.

"Your Excellency, you're underestimating the Heaven Clan!" interrupted someone at that moment. Then, someone came out. As they walked out, incredibly cold Qi rolled in waves around them. Lin Feng had killed someone before, but that person had just enough time to break a talisman which was connected to his brother. The Heaven Clan knew that they were at the Chu Clan, and surprisingly Lin Feng dared kill some of their people in the open!

Cang Xiao was there, too. His eyes were pitch-black, and he looked incredibly upset. He wanted nothing more than to kill Lin Feng right now.

"Lin Feng, you dared kill some people from the Heaven Clan? Very good!" exclaimed a medium-level emperor coldly. Then, he looked at Chu Chun Qiu and the young man who had just talked and said, "Some members of my clan came here as guests and were killed while you, the Chu Clan, did nothing. And then you continued talking normally as if nothing happened?"

"Brothers, I'm sorry. However, they provoked Lin Feng, and when they attacked Lin Feng, we didn't intervene at all. Their deaths were just between them and the Animal Clan. The Chu Clan is the host, but we don't want to get involved in such issues. Otherwise, when the members of the Heaven Clan attacked Lin Feng, I should have intervened too, right? Then you wouldn't have been happy either, and you would have said that I was protecting Lin Feng.

"Concerning your second accusation, I have the right to express myself freely," said the younger man of the Chu Clan calmly.

"Your opinion? Chu Chun Qiu has become a medium-level emperor, and even though he was extremely fast, how can the Chu Clan act so arrogantly? Chu Chun Qiu has become a medium-level emperor, so what? He still has to become stronger before he can strut around like that!" said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan.

Chu Chun Qiu remained looking calm. He looked at that person and said, "Anyone who comes here are guests, come and have a few drinks. Concerning my cultivation level, I know I'm still weak, but I don't need the criticism."

"Chu Chun Qiu, even though you're discreet, you're arrogant, and now that you're a medium-level emperor, it's even worse," spat that medium-level emperor, rising into the air. "Now that you're a medium-level emperor, I challenge you, so that we can both exchange our views on cultivation."

Chu Chun Qiu still looked calm. He had a few sips of his drink, then slowly rose into the air, his purple robe fluttering against the wind. He looked at the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan and said indifferently, "Are you sure you want to fight?"

"Do you think I'm joking?" asked the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan.

Chu Chun Qiu nodded. He was still looking at his opponent when he suddenly released terrifying lights through his eyes. These lights were filled with ferocious determination which rose to the sky, and straight at the other guy's head.

Destructive, murderous, brutal, deadly… the terrifying determination roared furiously. Suddenly, it all struck the Heaven Clan's cultivator's head.

Then Chu Chun Qiu suddenly jumped and released even more terrifying determination, making the cultivator from the Heaven Clan go insane as he lost his own will.

"Die!" Chu Chun Qiu shouted. His opponent's determination had already been destroyed, so he no longer had any will to fight. The punch that Chu Chun Qiu launched struck the medium-level emperor, and his soul exploded.

Chu Chun Qiu hadn't swallowed his enemy's determination, he had just killed him.

"Determination, what a terrifying determination," thought the crowd. It was their first time seeing Chu Chun Qiu being so brutal. Lin Feng and his friends were also surprised.

"The Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures can absorb even emperors' determination. Chu Chun Qiu must have absorbed countless strong cultivators' determinations to reach that level," thought the crowd.

The Heaven Clan looked glum. They had challenged him, and now they had lost another cultivator.

PMG Chapter 1722

Chapter 1722: Powerful Physical Body

Chu Chun Qiu looked indifferent, "Does anyone else want to fight against me? I don't mind."

All the members from the Heaven Clan dropped their eyes. A medium-level emperor's determination had been destroyed in the blink of an eye. At the same level, almost n.o.body could compete with such a strong cultivator.

"According to legends, only people who have special powers can study the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures, otherwise, their determination can break apart, and they would go insane. Chu Chun Qiu must have a special body type seeing how he's learned such spells," thought the crowd.

"Lin Feng, come here!" shouted Cang Xiao aggressively. He was releasing Kalpa strength.

Lin Feng raised his head and smiled chillingly. Chu Chun Qiu had humiliated those people, so now they needed an outlet.

Cang Xiao rose higher in the sky and said, "Who wants to fight? Come!"

Cang Xiao jumped forwards and released heaven strength, targeting Lin Feng. At the same time, he released demonic kalpa strength which turned into an ice-cold pitch-black beam of light.

"I told you, I'm definitely going to kill you!" swore Cang Xiao. A heavenly hand descended from the sky and fused together with the pitch-black Kalpa strength.

"Two types of Ancient scriptures together in one attack," thought Lin Feng. That was a Demonic Kalpa Heavenly hand. Lin Feng smiled coldly and jumped, releasing a demonic punch. The air exploded as they collided, creating gusts of wind which billowed outwards. Lin Feng released wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies to move, and at the same time, a demonic earthen armor appeared on his body.

Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng's Kalpa strength coldly, then released cosmic energies as he performed hand seals. Heavenly strength concentrated as he performed each seal.

Lin Feng was pushed forwards as another gigantic hand descended from the sky.

Cang Xiao's Kalpa energies didn't contain demon cosmic energy, which meant that he probably couldn't study demon energies like Lin Feng.

Fwoos.h.!.+ Lin Feng moved even faster, creating sonic-booms as he ran.

However, the enemy's hand caught up and exploded on Lin Feng. Even though Lin Feng's armor was destroyed, he wasn't injured.

A few more hands were catching up to Lin Feng. The crowd sighed, even a medium-level emperor wouldn't be able to stand such an attack. Lin Feng was going to die now.

"His physical body is even stronger than mine and Wu's," thought Suan. He was also a legendary beast, so he knew a lot about the durability of one's body. Lin Feng had blocked Cang Xiao's attack with just his physical body, which meant that Lin Feng was stronger than him. Most low-level emperors couldn't injure him anymore.

"Cang Xiao's cosmic energies must be around level three in the Low Huang Qi layer, and with his Celestial Heaven Punch and Demonic Kalpa strength, his cosmic energies are closer to level seven. Lin Feng's dual cosmic energy armor was destroyed easily by Cang Xiao's attacks, so Cang Xiao's cosmic energies must be more powerful than Lin Feng's. Lin Feng must have around level four cosmic energies, but his body is incredible, so he can endure level six or seven cosmic energies…" reasoned one of the strong cultivators from the Chu Clan.

Cultivation emperors were divided into low-level, medium-level, and high-level emperors. There were gigantic differences between those levels, but the difference between low-level emperors themselves wasn't that large. Low-level emperors' cosmic strength was divided into nine levels, and Cang Xiao's cosmic energies were only level three, while Lin Feng's physical body could resist against level six or seven cosmic energies. If Cang Xiao didn't have such powerful skills, Lin Feng could have killed him easily.

Lin Feng had such a powerful physical body because his body had been cleansed by the demonic kalpa energies. If Lin Feng had only been cleansed by Kalpa strength three times, then he would have been able to resist against level three or four cosmic energies at best, but he also knew another kind of Kalpa strength, the one the G.o.ds used when he infuriated them. In addition, since he had been cleansed nine times by the Kalpa strength from the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, he had the strength of a medium-level emperor in terms of cosmic energies.

Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng with a face filled with mixed emotions. He hadn't thought that Lin Feng would become so terrifying after only six months. Lin Feng's DevMara Kalpa attacks were far better than his own and could make demon cosmic energy fuse together with them, something he couldn't manage.

In desperation, his spirit appeared. It was a gigantic mountain with five fingers, each finger exuding black lights which rose to the sky. At the same time, dozens of hands descended from the sky towards Lin Feng, each containing terrifying heaven cosmic energies.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng. Death strength flooded the sky, instantly draining Cang Xiao's life. At the same time, Lin Feng shook his hand and a punch launched out. This punch was a pitch-black and ice-cold hand which contained terrifying demonic kalpa strength.

The Celestial Heavenly hand and the Demonic Kalpa Rule attacks clashed, creating explosions and gales. Cang Xiao's face turned pitifully pale as an armor suddenly appeared over his body. This armor was called the Heavenly King Armor.

Lin Feng punched the air towards Cang Xiao's head, determined to end this.

"He wants to kill Cang Xiao," thought the crowd, frowning. Lin Feng was insane, he wanted to kill everyone!

Boom! A terrifying energy exploded. The other members from the Heaven Clan released cosmic energies at Lin Feng to stop him.

Cang Xiao's Heavenly King Armor changed, Cang Xiao had modified it so that it now covered his head. Lin Feng was surprised, but he didn't hesitate, and still decided to punch it.

The destructive hand crashed onto the Heavenly King Armor, but his energies bounced off the armor. Lin Feng couldn't break it.

A Celestial Heavenly hand finally caught up with Lin Feng, so he broke a talisman. Suddenly, he disappeared and reappeared above the Heaven Clan's crowd.

Then his silhouette flickered as he took out a s.h.i.+eld. Although it resembled a s.h.i.+eld, it wasn't a real s.h.i.+eld, it was the Celestial Evolution Chessboard!

PMG Chapter 1723

Chapter 1723: Kidnapping

"Celestial Evolution Chessboard!" The members of the Heaven Clan immediately identified it. Lin Feng had killed so many people using the Celestial Evolution Chessboard back at Ice Moon Lake, including medium-level emperors. Now that he had taken it out again, they knew they couldn't kill Lin Feng so easily.

Dazzling lights suddenly appeared as the members of the Heaven Clan took out more imperial weapons, but they didn't have any comparable to the Heavenly King Armor. The strongest among them were medium-level emperors.

"A contest of weapons?" asked Lin Feng, smiling in an ice-cold way. A sun dazzled in Lin Feng's right hand, a sun disc floated there. It was the sun disc he had stolen from Yang Yan.

"Let's see how you intend to kill me!" Lin Feng said. As he said that, he released sun cosmic energy into the sun disc. It became dazzling and transformed the sun energies into destructive energies.

Fwoos.h.!.+ Lin Feng disappeared with the wind, as fast as lightning. A strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan sensed the sun disc's energies surround him, provoking a sudden desperation. He wanted to escape but he was blinded by the sun disc. Then, the sun turned into a shooting star which struck his body, lighting him on fire. After that, the sun disc disappeared.

A few hands moved towards Lin Feng as soon as the fire lit, but Lin Feng shook his hand and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard enlarged. All the attacks broke apart, and at the same time, Lin Feng punched the air from behind the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, killing another opponent.

Lin Feng broke another talisman and disappeared. The sun disc remained though, moving towards another person's head, igniting them on fire as well.

After using the talisman, Lin Feng used his G.o.dly awareness to control the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. At that moment, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was spitting out illusion Qi.

"Run!" said Cang Xiao as he started running away, the members of the Heaven Clan all following behind him.

"Wu!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Wu groaned coldly, but he still transformed into a bird, moving towards Lin Feng.

Then, Lin Feng jumped onto his back and chased the members of the Heaven Clan.

Fwoos.h.!.+ Some wind cosmic energies appeared under Lin Feng's feet and surrounded Wu, letting him fly faster.

The sun disc continued slaughtering them. A low-level emperor gave a horrible shriek as he was snagged by the disc, quickly dying afterwards.

At the same time, Wu also bit one with his beak, and that person died from fire energies as well.

The golden crow was extremely fast, and coupled with Lin Feng's wind cosmic energy, they were catching up. Even medium-level emperors couldn't be as fast as the two working together.

"Stop him!" shouted Cang Xiao furiously. He took out an imperial weapon, which resembled a pair of wings, and accelerated. At the same time, he broke a jade talisman with a look of desperation.

"Lin Feng, I didn't try to kill you, so why do you have so much animosity?" shouted Cang Xiao.

Even though Cang Xiao ordered them to stay back, two medium-level emperors continued running ahead. Who would help Cang Xiao when it meant suicide? Cultivators thought about their own lives first, or at least, most cultivators thought that way!

"You will die one way or another!" shouted Cang Xiao furiously. They separated into two groups and escaped in opposite directions. Lin Feng continued chasing Cang Xiao though. He knew could catch up with Xiao, even if he had had the wings.

"Cang Xiao, you are constantly saying that you want to kill me, so why are you escaping now? Don't you feel shameless?" Lin Feng shouted. "You must stop now, then you and I will have a fight without imperial weapons!" said Lin Feng extremely loudly.

"Battle?" Cang Xiao frowned and shook his head. Lin Feng could catch up with him if he continued using talismans.

"Earth!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He shook his hand, and suddenly a terrifying strength oppressed Cang Xiao, almost paralyzing him. At the same time, Lin Feng took out the sun disc and threw it at him. The sun struck Cang Xiao's wings, and they exploded. Cang Xiao was next to the explosion, but he hadn't been injured because his Heavenly King Armor was still protecting him.

Then Lin Feng continued running, causing the sky to tremble with each step. Cang Xiao didn't continue running, instead he slowly turning around.

"Let's see how you intend to kill me!" swore Cang Xiao. He had the Heavenly King Armor, so there was no way Lin Feng could kill him.

"Wu, Qing Feng, Suan, go back to the Animal World," said Lin Feng to Wu and the others. They were three geniuses from the Animal Clan and the Heaven Clan had nothing to do with them. By making them leave, Lin Feng planned to bear the responsibility for killing all the Heaven Clan's cultivators.

Wu's eyes flashed as he thought. He wouldn't have thought that Lin Feng would make him leave, just what was that guy planning?

"Alright," agreed Wu, and left with the others.

Lin Feng jumped forwards as Cang Xiao groaned coldly, making his Heavenly King Armor become larger. Then he punched the air in Lin Feng's direction.

However, a palace suddenly appeared in Lin Feng's hand which moved towards Cang Xiao punch. The sky shook again, but Cang Xiao's defense was terrifying, even the Jade Emperor's palace couldn't injure him.

"Dodge!" some people shouted as they ran sideways. The Jade Emperor's palace was falling towards them, forcing some of them avoid it.

Many people from the Chu Clan also came out to see the battle, but after the palace struck the ground, the atmosphere calmed down. Things were so quiet that a pin needle could be heard if it fell. If Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were still battling, then things shouldn't be that calm, right?

Cang Ling was still running when he sensed that and suddenly stopped.

"What's going on?" asked Cang Ling. He had a jade talisman in his hand, the one Cang Xiao had called out with.

"Is he dead?" He took out another jade talisman. This time, it was Cang Xiao's soul monitor, but it wasn't broken. That meant Cang Xiao was still alive, but why wasn't it moving? As if time had stopped?

Cang Ling just stopped for a millisecond before he continued flying towards Cang Xiao's location. Once he arrived, he found a gigantic palace laying on the ground.

"Where's Cang Xiao?" Cang Ling shouted.

"Master, Lin Feng and Cang Xiao had a big battle, Lin Feng bombarded Cang Xiao with that palace, then the battle stopped," someone replied. Cang Ling looked upset. He punched the castle, and after some trembling, the palace broke apart.

PMG Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724: Determination

As the palace broke apart suddenly, a group of people appeared.

"Tian level? Zun level?"

Those people were mostly Tian level and Zun level cultivators, some were even at the Xuan Qi layer. They looked so weak and pitiful, especially given that they were in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

When the crowd inside saw that the palace was broken, some of them looked extremely happy, while some others looked insane. Surprisingly, they could finally see the sun again. How many years had it been since they had last seen the sun?

But those who were happy suddenly realized what was going on, and their happiness was replaced with fear.

"What is this place? How strong are those cultivators?"

"Where's Lin Feng?" asked Cang Ling. Lin Feng and Cang Xiao didn't seem to be in that palace.

"As expected, Lin Feng," thought the crowd which had been trapped in the palace. It had been so many years, the crowd was wondering how strong Lin Feng had become.

"Master, we know nothing."

"Who is Lin Feng to you?" asked Cang Ling, releasing energies to oppress them.

"Lin Feng imprisoned us in the palace, so we haven't been in the outside world for a very long time. We don't even know where we are," answered one of them. Considering his reaction, he was one of Lin Feng's enemies.

Cang Ling believed him, those people must have been imprisoned given how weak and pitiful they were.

"Where are you from? And do you know where Lin Feng is?" Cang Ling asked.

"I come from Gan Yu, and Lin Feng is a disciple of Tian Ch," replied that person. Cang Ling was speechless. Gan Yu? Tian Chi? He couldn't have heard of those places.

When those people sensed Cang Ling's energies, their facial expressions changed. They looked at him respectfully and said, "Where are we, Master?"

"Vast Celestial Ancient City," replied Cang Ling grimly. He just wanted to find Lin Feng and Cang Xiao, not answer their questions.

"Vast Celestial Ancient City?" The crowd from the palace had never heard of that place before. They had only heard about Ba Huang and Jiu You, and the Holy City.

Those people didn't know that they were in the great world. They didn't even know that they came from a small world. They didn't know anything, really.

"Vast Celestial Ancient City is one of the eighteen main cities of the Dark Night Region, but where's Tian Chi?" asked Cang Ling.

Dark Night? Main Cities?

The crowd was speechless, they didn't understand.

"Please forgive me, but may I ask you what your cultivation level is?" asked the crowd.

"Celestial Emperor!" said Cang Ling. He couldn't imagine who those people were, just how many countries had Lin Feng visited? Surprisingly, he had brought so many people from remote places.

"Great Emperor, Celestial Emperor!" the crowd was astonished. They only knew that cultivators stronger than the Zun Qi layer were like G.o.ds. To them, great emperors were legendary cultivators from the antiquity who didn't exist anymore, but what about Celestial Emperors?

They couldn't understand. What was a Celestial Emperor?

"Master, are you a legendary cultivator whose strength is superior to a cultivation emperor's?" asked someone, weakly. Finally, Cang Xiao looked furious, making that person immediately fall onto their knees.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Lin Feng, surprisingly he's carrying people from the small world around." Cang Ling started inspecting the surroundings with his G.o.dly awareness. However, finding a person was easier said than done, especially if Lin Feng had already changed his face.

After Cang Ling left, the crowd remained with more questions than they knew what to do with. People from a small world? After a short time, the people from the Jade Emperor's palace started thinking, were there worlds outside of their world?

Lin Feng had left and abandoned the Jade Emperor's palace. After all, it wasn't that important anymore now that Lin Feng already had a small world in his spirit.

Lin Feng didn't care about those people either, whatever happened to them wasn't his problem.

At that moment, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged in a hotel room. His eyes were closed as he was inside his spirit.

Lin Feng and Cang Xiao were in the duplicate Yangzhou City Lin Feng had created.

Cang Xiao didn't move, n.o.body attacked him, he was just facing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was smiling mockingly, standing there without worry.

"Where are we?" asked Cang Xiao, glancing around and frowning. "Small world, your small world…" Cang Xiao managed to process it.

"Indeed. It's my small world. Your armor is too thick, but even if I can't kill you, I can still imprison you until I can," said Lin Feng, smiling in a chilling manner.

Cang Xiao smiled as if he found all that ridiculous.

"You're smiling?" said Lin Feng. "Maybe you think that some people will come and save you. But I'll tell you something, here, n.o.body can find you. Even if you manage to leave my small world with your G.o.dly awareness, your Qi is restrained in here."

"Empty words," said Cang Xiao. "Do you think you can control everything in your small world?"

"Empty words?" Lin Feng said, smiling in a cold way. "Here, DevMara Kalpa strength can oppress anything."

"Impossible." said Cang Xiao. He couldn't believe it. n.o.body's small world could be that powerful. How could there be celestial Kalpa strength ruling that small world?

"Impossible? Just look," said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Fire cosmic energies appeared and surrounded Cang Xiao's body, earth cosmic energies also started surrounding him, then thunder cosmic energies descended from the sky. All those cosmic energies were bombarding his Heavenly King Armor.

"No, impossible, cosmic energies, how can you use these cosmic energies?" Cang Xiao was confused. Lin Feng was using normal cosmic energies, as if he had been cleansed.

"Do you understand now?" asked Lin Feng. Cang Xiao was terrified and startled. Lin Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer?

Lin Feng was supposed to be a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, but he was an emperor here?

Maybe Lin Feng had studied a skill to hide his real cultivation level, but then how could great emperors not know that he was an emperor?

"Abandoned by the G.o.ds? Ridiculous. I broke through to the Huang Qi layer a while ago, it's just that the outside world doesn't accept me. I'm the master of my own life though, not the G.o.ds, so I am still alive and I still practice cultivation here to become stronger," said Lin Feng, smiling sunnily.

Cang Xiao was dumbfounded. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "You're the one who angered the sky, Lin Feng!"

"Of course it was me."

"Restriction, restriction body!" Cang Xiao was astonished. He had always despised Lin Feng, but surprisingly, the one who had angered the G.o.ds was Lin Feng!

"Cang Xiao, you're ridiculous, and you're too arrogant. How could you even compare yourself with me? I can kill you with just one finger," Lin Feng said aggressively.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards him, his eyes were pitch-black, unfathomable, enigmatic…

"Cang Xiao, look at me! How could you even think of fighting against me?" said Lin Feng, his voice carried demon-cursing strength. Cang Xiao felt like he was losing control as he looked into Lin Feng's eyes, the source of the Nine Netherworlds was starting to overtake him.

PMG Chapter 1725

Chapter 1725: About to Leave

Cang Xiao wasn't aware that he was slowly turning into a demon. Cang Xiao didn't even realize that Lin Feng was walking towards him.

"Die!" Suddenly, determination rose to the sky, and Cang Xiao's brain felt like it was going to explode. At the same time, Lin Feng punched the air in Cang Xiao's direction countless times. His DevMara Kalpa strength was brutal and contained both fire and thunder energies. Cang Xiao gave a horrible shriek as he was struck.

He was going to die, Cang Xiao was going to be killed by Lin Feng!

His G.o.dly awareness and determination were falling apart, blood was already spilling out of Cang Xiao's eyes. His body slowly collapsed. Even though he was still wearing the Heavenly King Armor, Lin Feng made it moot with his demonic willpower attack.

Cang Ling was still looking for Cang Xiao outside of Vast Celestial Ancient City. However, at that moment, the talisman which contained Cang Xiao's soul broke. Cang Xiao was dead? He was petrified.

"How? Cang Xiao had the Heavenly King Armor. Lin Feng couldn't possibly break it, so how did he kill Cang Xiao?"


Since Lin Feng had dared kill Cang Xiao, it marked his final time in Vast Celestial Ancient City. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was no longer a mystery, so a lot of the other cultivators at Lin Feng's level had already left. Lin Feng was from a small world, so he couldn't wait to see the Holy City!

Besides, Jun Mo Xi was in the Holy City, and Lang Ye and the others had gone there too. Lin Feng didn't have any thoughts about Empress Xi and Yue Xin because he was still too weak. One day he'd come back and settle his accounts.

The eight vast exits of the city were not guarded, so anyone could go through as they wished, unlike those of the nine great celestial castles.

After a few months of searching, there was still no news from Lin Feng. The Heaven Clan kept spying on the Animal Clan, but Lin Feng didn't show up there, either. The Heaven Clan slowly started to accept that Lin Feng had probably left Vast Celestial Ancient City.


"Who's that?" asked someone who was far from Vast Celestial Ancient City. Someone was seated with their eyes closed, and even though he knew someone was there, he still hadn't opened his eyes.

"Master Duan Mu, it's me, Lin Feng."

Duan Mu opened his eyes after he heard Lin Feng. He looked surprised, "I was wondering who could be so audacious. The Heaven Clan is not done looking for you, but you still came out."

"Vast Celestial Ancient City is gigantic, they can't find me, no matter how hard they try," said Lin Feng with a smile

"Your fake face is incredible though, it's really well made. Even I can't recognize you," said Duan Mu. Lin Feng could also hide his Qi, so n.o.body would realize it was him. No wonder the Heaven Clan hadn't found him, it was as if he didn't exist.

"By the way, Lin Feng, do you want to leave the city? You want to go back to the Gold Fire City, perhaps?" asked Duan Mu.

"I came concerning that matter, indeed," said Lin Feng, nodding his head. He walked into the courtyard and said, "Master, I want to go to the Holy City, but I need a good map and a weapon to improve my agility. Could you please help me?"

"You came to the right person, little boy," said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor, smiling. Lin Feng shrugged. Duan Mu was a Celestial Emperor, so he probably had millions of maps stored in his G.o.dly awareness. Concerning the weapon, Duan Mu was a weapon craftsman, so who else could know weapons better than him?

Duan Mu gave him something for travelling.

"Of course, I can also exchange it with the sun disc and the thunder hammer," Lin Feng said with a smile, but Duan Mu shook his head.

"I'm happy to give this to you. Besides, making you stronger and being your friend is more important to me than two great imperial weapons."

"You're too kind, Master. Many people are angry at me in Vast Celestial Ancient City."

"I'm sure that you'll become a monster in the future," shrugged Duan Mu. Besides, for Duan Mu, helping Lin Feng didn't require much effort. A small map and weaponry he didn't use anymore didn't count as much.

"Master, thank you very much for your kindness." Lin Feng bowed before the Celestial Emperor.

"Alright, take the map," said Duan Mu. Then, he opened his third eye and his G.o.dly awareness penetrated Lin Feng's brain.

At the same time, his eyes twinkled, and an ancient boat appeared in his hand, as small as a hand.

"I've never imprinted it, so you'll have an easy time connecting to it. With your strength, you won't have any problems using it, either," explained Duan Mu.

"Thank you very much, Master!" Lin Feng replied eagerly, before taking the boat. He couldn't waste too much time traveling to the Holy City. And even after the Holy City, the boat would still have its uses in travelling to different places.

"By the way, if you go back to Gold-Fire Tower, can you help me take care of Mu Lin Xue? She's my good friend and she's fascinated about cultivation. If you refuse, I won't hold it over you," said Lin Feng.

Duan Mu nodded, "If I go back to the Gold Fire Tower, I will. Concerning you, Lin Feng, if you go to the Holy City, the best thing for you is to go to a university. The school will protect you. Once you're in the Holy City, the situation can be dangerous sometimes. But if you are a student, people won't attack you so easily."

"Universities are that prestigious?" thought Lin Feng, surprised.

"I'll remember that, Master," replied Lin Feng. He had faith in his own abilities, but he didn't have a powerful background in the region.

"Go. Leave Vast Celestial Ancient City as soon as possible, otherwise new problems could crop up unexpectedly. Take care," said Duan Mu. "I can't wait to see you become a great emperor. Then, we'll be able to talk about so many things together."

"I'm afraid such an ordinary person as me wouldn't be able to do that. Anyways, I'm off," said Lin Feng, bowing one last time before leaving. He had already used his talisman to talk to Qing Feng. Qing Feng, Wu, and Suan would be going to the Holy City too, and they would meet there.

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