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PMG Chapter 1732

Chapter 1732: Reputation

"Chu Chun Qiu studied the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures. He can absorb emperors' wills. He should go to to the Ancient University, but he's enigmatic and unfathomable, maybe he will go to another university," suggested Jun Mo Xi.

Lin Feng nodded agreement. Chu Chun Qiu was enigmatic. In less than half a year, he had become a medium-level emperor, he was terrifyingly strong now and would become monstrously strong in the future.

"Mo Xi, did you know that Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor?" said Lin Feng.

Jun Mo Xi nodded. "Even though I came back to the Holy City, I still know what's going on in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Chu Chun Qiu became a medium-level emperor in less than two years, you killed Cang Xiao and then disappeared. Back then, I thought you were probably going to come to the Holy City. Of course, I hadn't thought you'd come so fast."

"In less than two years?" Huang Fu Long was startled. How strong!

"Actually, less than one and a half," corrected Lin Feng. He asked Jun Mo Xi, "What do you think about Chu Chun Qiu?"

"He's very secretive. I wonder if the Chu Clan helped him or if he solely relied on his strength. If he did rely solely on himself, then it means he's a terrifying cultivator," replied Jun Mo Xi. Such a cultivation speed was almost impossible.

Lin Feng nodded and smiled. "Let's not talk about him and drink!"

And so they continued drinking.

"How good. Cultivators love very strong alcohol, Hot Unit makes my blood boil!" said Tantai happily. It was good to be with friends!

After drinking for a while, the faces of the four friends were all red. Jun Mo Xi stood up and laughed, "I haven't been that happy in a long time. We have no alcohol left, let's go out, I'll introduce you to some people. Maybe that they'll become your compet.i.tors if they want to go to the same university as you."

"Alright, the Holy City is legendary for us, let's do some sightseeing," said Lin Feng cheerfully. They all started walking the streets of the Holy City.

"Maybe Huang Fu Long will meet someone!" said Jun Mo Xi, laughing. Everybody else laughed too.

The friends left the King of h.e.l.l Palace. Jun Mo Xi was the Prince of h.e.l.l, n.o.body dared stop him.

In the Holy City, there was a gigantic building, the Palace of Provision, with flights of stairs all around it. At the top of the building, there was an ancient pavilion with good food and good alcohol. There was also a young woman dancing lightly and gracefully. However, n.o.body else could go to that pavilion.

At that moment, Jun Mo Xi and the others arrived at the foot of the Palace of Provision. However, a group of beautiful women prevented them from going in. They were all beautiful and graceful. They smiled at Jun Mo Xi. "Prince of h.e.l.l, your presence brings light to our humble dwelling," one of them greeted him.

"Those people are my friends. I want to show them around." said Jun Mo Xi with a smile.

However, a woman smiled back and asked, "The Palace of Provision has rules. Who are they?"

"I can't take my friends in?" asked Jun Mo Xi unhappily.

"The friends of the Prince of h.e.l.l are probably outstanding people, but the Palace of Provision has rules/ People who are above forty years old and people whose cultivation level is inferior to emperor cannot enter the Palace of Provision. Please don't feel offended," said the woman, looking embarra.s.sed. Lin Feng was stupefied and thought that the Palace of Provision was probably monstrously strong, because those rules were very specific. Being under forty and having already broken through to the Huang Qi layer was already incredible. But in the Holy City, there were also many geniuses….

"There are more rules. Those who are very talented and those who have a prestigious social status can also enter the palace, right?" asked Jun Mo Xi indifferently.

"Indeed, so you understand my position."

Lin Feng walked up to the woman and suddenly lights appeared indistinctly. Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by many lights of different colors. They looked beautiful.

"Cosmic strength, so many cosmic energies…" The woman was surprised as she smiled, "You're incredible, you already control so many cosmic energies, when you break through to the Huang Qi layer, you'll be terrifying. You are very talented, you are welcome to the Palace of Provision."

Then, she nodded to indicate Lin Feng could go in.

"Richly ornamented palace, the statues and paintings seem alive," said Tantai with a sigh. "That's the king's palace, right? It's incredible. It's the first time I've come here."

"Indeed, that's the king's palace. Even though there are many rules, people who come here are really incredible. They can hang out with many other incredible geniuses. They can also learn about things you can't even imagine." Jun Mo Xi replied cheerfully. The four of them walked up a flight of stairs, seeing people on every floor.

After a short time, they arrived at the top, it was quite large. There were many people, who seemed to be talking about something.

A beautiful woman led the way and showed Jun Mo Xi and the others to a stone table. They sat down and started drinking good alcohol and eating good food.

"The Holy City is a great place for geniuses, it plays an important role as one of the main cities. There is a lot of compet.i.tion here. The best fighters are the most compet.i.tive. Those who can defeat the most heroic young people become Champions. The Champion University is the strongest group," a young man said at that moment.

"The Champion University is very famous, but are they really the best? Why would the Champion be Ying Cheng, then? He's from the Celestial G.o.dly University," said someone else. "All in all, cultivators can't avoid using special powers; cultivation is limited, but strength is the most important thing."

"The four universities have a long history. Many people compete against each others. Everybody wants to be a Champion. No matter what, the future can always change. Even though Ying Cheng is the Champion and his attacks are terrifying, it doesn't prove that he's a peerless cultivator," said someone else. For him, compet.i.tion was useless.

"So according to you, everybody should go to the Four Seasons University and study all sorts of things, but don't forget that even though the Four Seasons University is one of the four universities, most of the geniuses who studied there were amongst the weakest ones," reb.u.t.ted the other one.

"Just statistics, cultivators are free to choose their own path." Everybody expressed their own opinions. Lin Feng was thinking. Cultivators could choose their own path, but it was difficult. For Lin Feng, everything seemed to be possible, but still the situation was complex. His cultivation speed wasn't incredible, but he was very good at fighting because he had studied a lot of things.

Thinking too much about those things were useless. Life was mysterious, Lin Feng had thought about those questions in the past but each time it was the same, he had no answer. The best thing was to focus.

"The Prince of h.e.l.l is here. What do you think, my friend?" asked someone with a smile of greeting.

"I'm not very smart, I learn so slowly, and I am bad in terms of physical strength, battling strategies, skills, techniques, willpower, and soul,"replied Jun Mo Xi lightly.

It sounded like bulls.h.i.+t, but n.o.body laughed. Many people whispered. Then, the one who had just talked smiled and said, "You're right. The most important thing is strength. The rest should be centered around cultivation."

"Everybody has their own path. If someone isn't a student anywhere, then they can dream," said another person easily. "Who are those people next to you?"

"My friends!" stated Jun Mo Xi. "I've known Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long for many years. And that's Tantai, a friend of mine."

"Tantai, I saw him last time at the Celestial G.o.dly University, a celestial girl from the Snow Clan kicked him last time. Friends of the Prince of h.e.l.l? I would have never thought that. I see!" said someone, smiling in a calm and serene way. Tantai and Huang Fu Long glanced at him coldly.

"I've heard that Brother Shang has failed university exams four times. People who sat the exams for the first time with you are all students now and some of them even succeeded the first time. Brother Shan, I wouldn't have thought I'd see you here. I'm very surprised," Jun Mo Xi replied coolly.

"It's okay to practice!" that person said angrily. Jun Mo Xi was surprisingly making the situation escalate.

"I've heard about Lin Feng!" spoke up someone else. Everybody looked at him. He looked at Lin Feng and asked cheerfully, "Your Excellency, are you from the Vast Celestial Ancient City?"

"Indeed," confirmed Lin Feng politely.

"I see. Brother Lin, I've heard that you used the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and the Sun Holy Clan's sun disc to kill dozens of emperors of the Vast Celestial Ancient City's Holy Clans, and even some medium-level emperors. You even killed Cang Xiao. You like fighting, it seems!" said that person with a thin smile. He hadn't thought he'd meet the legendary cultivator who had been abandoned by the G.o.ds. And the rumors were true, he wasn't an emperor!

"Your Excellency, you're flattering me," replied Lin Feng politely. Huang Fu Long and Tantai looked at Lin Feng in a strange way. That guy had already killed that many emperors? Even medium-level emperors?

"Lin Feng, who has been abandoned by the G.o.ds at the Ice Moon Lake?" Many people now remembered Lin Feng's name and looked at him. He had challenged many disciples from huge clans. Every big city paid attention to what happened in other cities. If something happened, they learned about it, and therefore many people had learned about the situation in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

Among the news, they had learned that Chu Chun Qiu was terrifyingly strong, and that someone with a G.o.dly Imprint King Body and someone with the World King Body had appeared.

They also knew that Lin Feng who had been abandoned by the G.o.ds was an Imperial Kalpa, that he controlled seven types of cosmic energies, and that he had the Celestial Evolution Chessboard which he had used to kill many strong cultivators from the Sun Holy Clan and the Heaven Clan.

They also knew about the Moon Palace, Empress Xi's rebirth, the Netherworld Demon Emperor, and the strong cultivators of the Moon Palace.

Those things were important, so people knew about Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733: Champion

"Your Excellency, I've heard Lin Feng said he'd defy the skies and would break through to the Huang Qi layer. Unfortunately, he still only knows seven sorts of cosmic energies and hasn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer," a young man in white clothes said softly. He looked at Lin Feng with compa.s.sion.

"Unfortunately, he's an Imperial Kalpa and can't break through to the Huang Qi layer," someone else explained. Lin Feng was very strange. They had heard about Lin Feng's adventures at the Ice Moon Lake.

"Prince of h.e.l.l, your friend is special. He killed Yang Yan from the Sun Holy Clan! Now, he's in the Holy City, he'll definitely encounter some people from the Heaven Clan and the Sun Holy Clan if he stays here. They'll want to get their revenge. Lin Feng should be very careful here."

"Don't worry about me. I was fine in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, so why wouldn't I be safe in the Holy City? What could happen?" asked Lin Feng breezily.

"I've heard that Lin Feng relied on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to kill emperors and that without the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, he would have died. Can you show us your Celestial Evolution Chessboard?" asked the one who had been rude to Tantai. Everybody was stupefied.

Brother Shang spoke up. "Indeed. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard is a treasure from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. I've never seen it. Please show it to us, Brother Lin Feng."

Lin Feng looked at those people and smiled indifferently. "You all have incredible social statuses, you all have incredible treasures. Can you show them to me as well?"

"Right! You're all quite cheeky! Would you show your treasures to everyone?" asked Tantai furiously. Those people were really brazen, the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was Lin Feng's treasure, why would he show it to them? How ridiculous! After seeing it, what? They'd ask him if they could use it?

Those people were startled, Brother Shang smiled coldly. "You have a bad temper. We just to see how amazing the Celestial Evolution Chessboard is. What is the problem? You don't know how to differentiate good from bad!"

"We don't know how to differentiate good from bad? So why don't you take out the great treasures of your clan then?" shot back Tantai furiously.

"Insolent!" shouted one of the young men coldly. "Do you know where you are? You came here, we let you in just to give the Prince of h.e.l.l face!"

Tantai suddenly stood up, he was furious, waves of energies were rolling around him. However, Jun Mo Xi dragged him back and made him sit down. Then, he said indifferently: "Shang Yu, the Palace of Provision is a place for incredible geniuses, you're allowed in here, so why wouldn't my friends be? You think that they were allowed in only to give me face?"

"You're just supporting your friends. Those two emperors are maybe okay, but Lin Feng hasn't even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, he couldn't be in here if it wasn't for you," sneered Shang Yu indifferently.

"Lin Feng has killed many emperors in his life. Have you ever killed emperors, Brother Shang Yu?" asked Jun Mo Xi.

"The Vast Celestial Ancient City is the Vast Celestial Ancient City, here is the Holy City. Besides, back then, Lin Feng relied on the Celestial Evolution Chessboard to fight back then. It doesn't prove he's strong. If he doesn't use weapons, then what will happen?" sniffed Shang Yu, taking a drink before he stopped talking.

"Amongst all these people, you're one of the weakest ones," noted Jun Mo Xi calmly. Shang Yu looked back at him coldly. Jun Mo Xi wasn't pretending anymore, he was directly humiliating him.

n.o.body said anything, but they were amused. It had nothing to do with them. Lin Feng came from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, they didn't know how strong he was.

"How noisy!" said someone walking up the stairs towards the top floor. In another pavilion at the top, some people who had an imposing appearance were seated in a pavilion. They looked heroic.

That's Yu Wen Hou, a strong cultivator from Champion University. He's terrifyingly strong!, thought the crowd. Yu Wen Hou was famous in Champion University. He had been studying there for two years and he had already proven how strong he was. The following exam would depend on him.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm just taking a walk." said Yu Wen Hou evenly. Some beautiful women brought drinks over to him.

"Those people are cool. I wonder how many people will sit the exam next time," wondered one of them with a smile.

"Dan Meng, be merciful when facing those little boys." said someone else to the one who had just talked. He was dressed in black and smiling thinly. The crowd looked at Dan Meng. He played an important part in Champion University. He was very aggressive, too.

"Shang Yu, you keep failing, this time, do your best, your brother told me to take care of you." Dan Meng said to Shang Yu with a smile. He then looked annoyed and said, "I have the feeling that you still need years before succeeding, though."

"Haha, don't worry. With you, the same thing couldn't happen." said Shang Yu, laughing loudly.

Everybody understood why Shang Yu wanted to pa.s.s the exam of the Champion University. He had tried to sit the exams of the other universities to train.

"You're the chief examiner?" Tantai asked Dan Meng.

The chief examiners were in charge of the exams. Compet.i.tors had to defeat chief examiners.

"I'm one of the chiefs among the low-level emperors, indeed!" said Dan Meng, smiling at Tantai.

"Alright, if the other chief examiners are like you, then being accepted at the Champion University shouldn't be a problem," said Tantai with a smile. Everybody looked at Tantai speechlessly.

Lin Feng had a sip of alcohol, he remained silent. Tantai was a bit too direct…

As expected, Dan Meng's mouth twitched, he looked at Tantai and said, "We'll see."

"Wait for me, then." said Tantai cheerfully.

"The friends of the Prince of h.e.l.l are funny. He dares act so arrogantly!" Shang Yu observed coldly. Dan Meng was very strong. In a one on one fight against him, defeating Tantai wouldn't be difficult for him, and Tantai dared say he would easily pa.s.s if all the chief examiners were like Dan Meng.

"Jun Mo Xi, let's go. Those people are too narrow-minded. They only think about social status, it's boring," Tantai said to Jun Mo Xi.

"It's not that way. Some of my friends like coming here. It's just that they didn't come today. We might meet them again next time," agreed Jun Mo Xi, also standing up.

"Are you all going to sit the exam of Champion University?" Dan Meng asked Tantai and the others.

"The three of us will sit the exam of Champion University! Wait for us!" answered Tantai.

"Alright, we'll see!" replied Dan Meng.

Shang Yu broke in. "Good luck, you can't use treasures at the exam, only pure strength!"

"I hope you don't encounter me at the exam!" said Tantai to Shang Yu. "Otherwise, you'll fail like all the other times."

"We'll see!" Shang Yu spat back.

Jun Mo Xi and the others left the Palace of Provision, and after that, they went back to the King of h.e.l.l Palace. They stayed there until the three days preceding the university exam. Ying Cheng had a battle stage in the Celestial G.o.dly University.

The four universities had existed for a long time in the Holy City. They had a long history, and many geniuses had studied there, including some people who had amazed the whole region.

In history, after becoming a Champion, the academic inst.i.tutions considered the cultivator as extremely strong. It was an honor. Of course, Champions also had to go through a terribly difficult exam, otherwise, if they became normal after having become Champions, then the universities would have been humiliated.

Ying Cheng was in the Celestial G.o.dly University and walking towards the crowd from the Holy City. He was King Ying in that place.

At that moment, the crowd was gigantic, Lin Feng was among them.

How incredible There are even many great emperors, Tantai thought, glancing around. Even in the bleachers, some people were terrifying.

Around the Champion's bleachers, there were statues everywhere, incredible teachers of the university who had existed before. They were the symbols of the glory of the university.

"In the Holy City, there are many strong cultivators and many geniuses. In the four universities, there are strong cultivators in all the universities. Every hundred years, a Champion is chosen. It's a glorious thing, champions have to be very strong," said Jun Mo Xi. Tantai glanced at him. He wasn't happy about the new champion.

"A hundred years is too long, indeed. Champions have to be extraordinarily strong," murmured Lin Feng.

"But this year, apart from Ying Cheng, in the Champion University, there's another strong cultivator, he's young and has the potential to be a Champion," Jun Mo Xi told Lin Feng.

"Champion University?"

"Indeed. Ji Chang, his name is Ji Chang." said Jun Mo Xi with a nod. Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling. In the Holy City, there were many geniuses. Would Lin Feng find his place there?

PMG Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734: King Ji Shang

On stage, a dazzling light shone down, and people appeared. Everybody saw a light beam and many silhouettes. Those people remained as motionless as statues.

"The number of people is increasing. The day of the Champion is very important," said Lin Feng.

Jun Mo Xi nodded agreement. "Extraordinary Champions make universities happy. Champions are really strong, it's not an exaggeration."

Dong! An ancient bell rang and resonated far in the distance. A silhouette slowly arrived, climbing up the flight of stairs. That person looked ordinary, but at the same time enigmatic and unfathomable. He had the Qi of a king. Each time he made a step, people's hearts pounded. His steps were in symbiosis with the cosmic waves of the land.

As soon as he showed up, everyone looked at him. No matter where he was, he was the hero.

"Ying Cheng!" Even people who had never seen Ying Cheng recognized him.

He looks brutal and violent, like a dragon or a tiger, as if the earth could collapse around him. He really looks scary, thought Lin Feng, observing Ying Cheng's Qi. He sighed, there was probably a huge difference between him and Ying Cheng. A Champion appeared every hundred years, they were extremely strong. Champions were even rarer than king bodies.

It was a step by step process. It took time to become a Champion!

"Jun Mo Xi, what is Ying Cheng's cultivation level?" asked Lin Feng to Jun Mo Xi.

"I don't know, but he can probably destroy any emperor," Jun Mo Xi answered calmly. Lin Feng nodded. As expected, Ying Cheng was terrifyingly strong.

"Today is the Ceremony of the Champion, thank you for coming here, everyone!" said an old man at that moment. Lin Feng glanced around. Some of the cultivators were enigmatic and unfathomable. Maybe they were from the three other universities.

"Congratulations to the Celestial G.o.dly University for having a Champion, the Four Seasons University wishes Ying Cheng much luck!" said another old man at that moment. He was extremely strong.

"The Ancient University also congratulates the Champion Ying Cheng!" said another old man, a strong cultivator from the Ancient University.

However, after them, n.o.body continued. People looked surprised. The Champion University didn't express themselves.

But since there were tensions between the Champion University and the Celestial G.o.dly University, it was normal. Back then, they had a cultivator who was talented and who had even defeated Ying Cheng, but then Ying Cheng killed him. If he hadn't died back then, he probably would have become a great emperor. Unfortunately, that hero had died.

Besides, the Champion University had a terrifyingly strong cultivator, some people already called Ji Chang a Champion, or King Ji Chang. He had the potential to be a Champion. He was the only one who could possibly defeat Ying Cheng.

"Have people from the Champion University not arrived yet?" asked Ying Cheng at that moment. He sounded angry.

n.o.body replied. n.o.body from the Champion University congratulated him.

The atmosphere became calm, Ying Cheng said: "The four universities should be here for the Champion, and now Champion University is not here. We'll definitely go to the Champion University at some point."

Ying Cheng released energies, the crowd s.h.i.+vered. Ying Cheng was a real Champion. Surprisingly, Champion University dared to humiliate him. He had to teach them a good lesson.

"The Champion University is here!" said a voice in the sky. Qi rolled in waves and a tornado appeared. A silhouette also appeared, the person was wearing a golden robe and looking at Ying Cheng angrily.

King Ji Chang! The crowd was stupefied. The Champion University was there, but King Ji Chang looked angry.

How scary. King Ji Chang is the only person who would dare face Ying Cheng like that. The Four Seasons University and the Ancient University have incredible geniuses, but none of them are as strong as Ying Cheng and Ji Chang, thought the crowd.

Ying Cheng raised his head and two lights of fury appeared in his eyes. He shouted furiously and released energies, rising up into the air. He released energies which pressured Ji Chang.

"Boom!" the two threads of will collided. Two silhouettes appeared, Ji Chang and Ying Cheng's silhouettes.

"Ying Cheng, wait for me!" said Ji Chang loudly. Ying Cheng was the Champion. Ji Chang stopped confronting him and joined the crowd.

"I can't wait to battle against you." Ying Cheng's voice rolled in waves in the air. The two silhouettes collided and the energies exploded and disappeared. The crowd couldn't calm down. That was incredible.

"Ying Cheng, wait until Ji Chang is the new Champion."

"No wonder that he's King Ji Chang, he's incredible. He'll definitely become a Champion!" exclaimed someone next to Lin Feng and the others. They turned their heads and saw some people they knew. They had seen them in the Palace of Provision: Yu Wen Hou, the strong cultivator from Champion University, Dan Meng, and the others.

"Of course. Ji Chang went far away for a while. I wonder if he's become much stronger than before," Dan Meng observed calmly. He sounded like he knew a lot about Ji Chang's life.

"He formed Ji Chang's Club and he's a king for them, their Officer, many incredible cultivators follow him. Ji Chang is ambitious, he wants to create a kingdom," Jun Mo Xi said to Lin Feng in a low voice.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered. Ji Chang had formed a Ji Chang's Club, he wanted to create a kingdom!

People who created powerful Holy Clans or groups like the King of h.e.l.l Palace were incredibly strong. Ji Chang was wild, but Lin Feng also thought that it proved how strong university students were. He recruited people within the university and could create a terrifying group of influence. Maybe Lin Feng would be able to make Tiantai rise again from within the university?

But Lin Feng knew it would be difficult. University students were terrifying cultivators. For example, Tantai was extremely strong, but he had failed the previous time. Only geniuses could become university students. They were proud and yet, some people even tried to control others, like Ji Chang. He had the potential to become a Champion, and with many followers, it would be even easier.

Maybe I could also become a Champion, thought Lin Feng. If he became a king, he'd be considered an incredible cultivator everywhere in the Holy City. He would be able to create sects and clans.

"Ceremony of the Champion, Calling of the Hero." said an old man of Champion University. Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere. Young people were all enthusiastic. It would be wonderful if they could become Champions as well!

"Champion Stone Tablet," said another voice. A statue shook and turned into Ying Cheng. It was the Champion's ceremony, his statue had its place there.

On the statue, there was a stone plate. Something could be written on it, but at that moment it was blank.

"Ying Cheng, you achieved great things. Write some of your great achievements on the stone plate. Of course, if you haven't done anything in a hundred years, then your stature will be destroyed!" declared a voice.

Ying Cheng nodded back. "Ying Cheng must write the proper words on the stone tablet."

"Alright, Champion University, watch!" said the old man calmly, but he looked enthusiastic. The previous Champion from the Celestial G.o.dly University had been chosen five hundred years before and now, five hundred years later, the Champion was from the Celestial G.o.dly University again.

PMG Chapter 1735

Chapter 1735: The Beginning of the Exam

After it finished, the crowd dispersed, Lin Feng and the others temporarily dispersed in Champion University. Tantai wanted to join Champion University, but Jun Mo Xi didn't intend to join a university yet. He wanted to stay at the King of h.e.l.l Palace and then check out which university would be the best for him.

In the Holy City, the universities had rules. When you became a university student, you lost your social status, you were a university student and nothing else. University students had to forget about their families, their clans, their sects etc. All that mattered at a university was strength. Besides, no matter what, at university, battles were sometimes to death, in which case clans and sects were not allowed to get involved. People had to accept the fact that their disciples could die there, that was part of the deal.

At that moment, outside of Champion University, there were many young people.

It seems that more than five hundred people will enter the exam for Champion University. I wonder how many will become students?, thought some people in the crowd. Every three months, there was an exam, but as before, so many people were going to give it a try. Universities were gigantic. Each day, millions of people came from everywhere in the Region of the Dark Night to go to universities.

As long as a cultivator could become a university student, his future would be bright. If they didn't die, they almost had to become great emperors someday.

"The success rate of the exams at the four universities are extremely low. Each time, so many people sit the exam, but as before, received applicants are very few, to the extent that some careless people even die during the exam," said Tantai.

Lin Feng looked at him in a strangely. "That dangerous? Why don't people wait until they're strong enough, then?"

"All the applicants are strong. Most people can also protect their lives pretty well, but some can't and each time some people die because they're too careless, and de facto incompetent," explained Tantai. "Besides, the level of the exam depends on your level, low-level emperor, medium-level emperor, it's the same for everybody. Who thought that they could get killed?"

Lin Feng nodded and smiled. "What about people who haven't broken through to the Huang Qi layer?"

"Same as low-level emperors," said Tantai. "If I meet the chief examiner we met at the Palace of Provision, then I should ask about those who will take the exam with us, but we also have to be careful about them."

"So the people in our group are not strong?" asked Lin Feng.

"Of course, there are always ways to cheat. The chief examiners know a lot, they've been working here for many years."

"I understand," Lin Feng nodded. It was always interesting to have new people around.

"So weak and you dare come and take the exam of Champion University," said someone at that moment. Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw Shang Yu coming over. Apparently, he was there to take the exam as well.

"If I have to face you during the exam, you'll regret it. I'll make you shut your filthy mouth!" replied Tantai. He was extremely angry.

Shang Yu looked back at him coldly. "Alright, we'll see how you do that!"

"You'll see!" Tantai spat icily.

"I'll just see then!" said Shang Yu, unimpressed.

Tantai turned to Lin Feng. "Lin Feng, Huang Fu Long and I have already gone through the exam, we know how to do things, wait until we get to the examination area and we'll tell you more. You can't use external strength in the examination area. I'll whistle and I'll wait for you. When you hear me whistle, come and join Huang Fu Long and me as soon as possible."

"Alright, I'll wait for your signal and join you guys, but you don't need to wait for me, you can just attack. I'll be fine," said Lin Feng to Tantai. After all, he didn't know how vast the university was.

"Are you sure you can do that alone?" asked Tantai.

"Don't worry, in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, I killed many people and I'm still alive," Lin Feng smiled. He was convinced that among those were going to sit the low-level emperor's exam, n.o.body could defeat him.

"Alright, since you seem confident, I trust you,"Tantai nodded.

"What a beautiful girl!" said someone at that moment. They gazed into the distance and saw an incredibly beautiful woman.

Yu Wen Jing, Princess Yu Wen is here in Champion University!, thought the crowd. They were astonished. She was the princess of the Yu Wen Clan, she belonged to the direct lineage of the group. In Champion University, there were many people from the Yu Wen Clan, like Yu Wen Hou. He was in charge of the exam.

Yu Wen Hou was a terrifying cultivator. He was in the Ji Chang's Club. He had power.

Ji Chang's Club had been created by King Ji Chang, he would probably become a terrifying cultivator and the group would become a Holy Clan.

"Does the princess want to take the exam as well?" asked someone at that moment. It was Yu Wen Hou. Yu Wen Jing stopped moving.

"Mind your own business. I want to sit the exam of Champion University, and I would like to be sure that n.o.body controls the event from behind the scenes," Yu Wen Jing replied serenely.

"Sister, I think you're extremely strong and the exam is very fair, how can you talk about any sort of control behind the scenes? Don't worry," Yu Wen Hou answered, smiling indifferently.

"Alright, good. Go and prepare everything. It will start soon. Don't get crushed by an army of insects like us," Yu Wen Jin said calmly.

"So the disciples are even stronger than I expected? Then, it's perfect!" Yu Wen Hou observed with a tight smile. "Alright, Princess. I'm off. Good luck."

"See you," said Yu Wen Jing, nodding before she disappeared into the crowd.

"I wouldn't have thought that the princess would come and sit the exam. A strong and really beautiful woman will soon become a student here," said someone, smiling after Yu Wen Jing.

Yu Wen Jing glanced at him easily and said, "You should focus instead of talking nonsense. You should be getting prepared for the exam. The success rate is extremely low here, it won't be easy."

"Of course!" answered that person, smiling and stepping back. People then started getting ready.

At that moment, a strong cultivator rose up in the air, and more followed. They all had powerful Qi. They looked down at the crowd as a gigantic map appeared under their feet. It contained world strength.

Yu Wen Hou said, "The world is plainly visible. I will be guiding you during the exam. Just listen to what I say. Understood?"

"Don't worry, Yu Wen, give me four people, it won't be easy to succeed. Back then, it wasn't easy for us to get in," spoke up Dan Meng, laughing wholeheartedly. Everybody wanted to fight there, and those old men looked eager to see battles as well. Back then, some disciples had gone through this, and now some other people would again. The candidates probably couldn't believe that one of the major elements of the exam was a map. They could go anywhere on it. So of course, many hards.h.i.+ps awaited them on the way.

"Don't worry. Each time, some incredible cultivators rise. Sometimes, n.o.body is killed. Besides, many people are going to sit the exam. I'm even starting to wonder if there are enough people," said Yu Wen Hou. He sounded vigilant. He didn't underestimate the candidates.

"Not enough? We've so many people. We could almost have two people observing everyone!" Dan Meng smiled. Their team was incredible.

"Alright, we'll do our best then. If they succeed, it's because they're strong. Get ready," ordered Yu Wen Hou, his eyes twinkling. Outside of Champion University, an illusion appeared and a voice proclaimed, "Low-level emperors, come in!"

It's the beginning of the exam!, thought the crowd, glancing around.

"Remember that we won't be able to stay together all the time. Be careful!" warned Tantai. Lin Feng and the others jumped into the illusion hole.

"Hmph!" Shang Yu groaned coldly and jumped into the hole after them. He hoped he'd become a student soon!

PMG Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736: Explosive Battle

In front of Lin Feng, a talisman was twinkling.

This time, there were many people, and therefore some people had to give up directly. Only those who had five talismans could go to the castle. Also, they couldn't use anything to fight. When the crowd heard the rules, they understood everything.

Sometimes, only one or two people could pa.s.s the exam. If n.o.body was suitable, then n.o.body was chosen. That was also a possibility.

Lin Feng's heart started pounding as he walked forwards and grabbed a talisman.

"Argh…!" a lion roared in the distance. Lin Feng understood that Tantai practiced lion king strength and therefore the roar was for him.

In universities, it's as if we are connected to something. Maybe even when we're not in their field of vision, they can still see everything we do, thought Lin Feng. He then started moving like the wind.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, terrifying waves of energies rolled towards Lin Feng. He was stupefied and saw someone arrive, or more precisely two fists, they contained a terrifying strength.

"Transformation!" said Lin Feng suddenly, and his wind cosmic energies turned into sharp wings. They looked gigantic and he beat them at full speed.

What a powerful physical body. He's probably hiding his cultivation level, thought that person in amazement. Since Lin Feng could resist his attacks, it meant that he was at least a low-level emperor, but from outside it seemed that he had the strength of the Zun Qi layer. It was very dangerous.

"Give me the talisman!" ordered Lin Feng. Moving like the wind, he turned into a hurricane chasing the person. His cosmic energies were terrifying, marks even appeared in the air. He was getting closer and closer.

That person was shocked, how could he be so fast?

"Gigantic Qi River!" Suddenly, the person stopped and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed, releasing terrifying amounts of Qi taht made the atmosphere shake.

What a terrifying attack!, thought Lin Feng when he saw the gigantic waves of Qi. Lights appeared around him and he shouted, "Kalpa Sword, die!"

A DevMara Kalpa Sword appeared, it seemed indestructible as it sliced into the Gigantic Qi River.

"Talisman, go!" said the person. He didn't want to fight against Lin Feng anymore, so he immediately threw the talisman at him and left. Losing a talisman wasn't a problem, he could get one somewhere else. His life was more important, though.

Lin Feng moved like the wind in the direction of the lion voice.

At that moment, Tantai was fighting, the atmosphere was shaking. Many people had come after him when they heard him roar. Tantai was moving backwards and punches bombarded him. The battle was tough!

"Give me the talisman!" shouted someone behind Tantai. A gigantic golden hand moved towards him.

Tantai suddenly turned around and shouted furiously, "p.i.s.s off!" Tantai jumped like a lion and punched the atmosphere. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, the earth and the sky shook. His opponent was propelled backwards, and his golden armor broke apart. However, demon energies suddenly started moving.

"Argh!" Tantai was furious. He punched the atmosphere in the direction of the demon energies, but they were too strange and still penetrated into his arm and veins.

"Corrosion!" Tantai frowned and shook his arm. He shouted furiously, condensed cosmic energies and moved backwards.

What a terrifying attack!, thought a young man in black clothes.

Bzzz! A silhouette moved like the wind, that person was surrounded. He had immortal strength in his hands.

"Immortal Era." The terrifying energies turned into immortal strength and moved towards the enemy at full speed. The guy jumped back, but the Immortal Era turned into an ocean in the wind and broke the golden hand apart.

"Hand your talisman over." The guy with the immortal strength groaned coldly and threw the talisman at the new arrival before leaving. They all knew they couldn't afford to waste time, and they didn't need to try and kill opponents here, it wasn't necessary. Defeating an opponent took time and energy; if they did too much in a battle, then the following ones could be fatal.

After stealing a talisman, the young man with the immortal strength didn't leave. He continued watching Tantai and the evil young man's battle.

"Hmph!" The evil young man glanced at the young man with the immortal strength. That guy wanted to benefit from someone's loss. He was quite strong. It was just the beginning. Some people didn't want to exhaust themselves too much. A spear appeared and pierced through the atmosphere at full speed. Then, it pa.s.sed in front of Tantai and continued moving towards someone who had fled.

The young man with the immortal strength didn't leave, instead he looked at Tantai and said, "Give me your talisman!"

"f.u.c.k, I wouldn't have thought the exam would be like that this time. You just helped me, so take my talisman," Tantai said, throwing it at the young man.

"Leave now. Your roar drew people's attention. You can resist against one, but what about five or six?" said the young man with the immortal strength, then he turned around and disappeared.

Tantai understood what the young man meant. He started running towards a castle in front of him. The young man was right. There were too many people sitting the exam. Some of them were starting to get eliminated, so it was dangerous. They had to be cautious. He wasn't worried about Lin Feng.

Many people checked the area and saw that n.o.body was fighting. For them, everyone was a potential opponent. If they didn't have talismans, they had to steal some.

By the time Lin Feng arrived, Tantai had already left. His eyes were twinkling. Lin Feng glanced around, the roar had come from there but surprisingly, there was blood. Lin Feng frowned… was Tantai injured?

Lin Feng moved like the wind as fast as lightning. He flew above mountains and rivers.

"Tantai." At that moment, Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air, his voice resonated far away, many people raised their heads and looked at Lin Feng. How audacious, he dared fly high up in the sky, how audacious and brave.

Bzzz, bzzz! After Lin Feng rose up in the air, far away in the distance, two silhouettes rose up in the air as well. How audacious! Those people had confidence in their own abilities. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared do that.

"Prince Yu Wen, she's there too!" The crowd looked at the silhouette, it was Yu Wen Jing.

"Lin Feng!" shouted someone at that moment on the horizon. Lin Feng accelerated and found Tantai there. At that moment, Tantai's Qi was floating around him.

Lin Feng landed next to him and asked, "Are you injured?"

"Some guy practices demon cultivation and controls demonic and corroding cosmic energies, he's dangerous. I wanted to use my physical body to fight against his demon spear and his attack corroded my body," spat Tantai. He sounded annoyed. Now, his arm was sore. Cosmic energy was corroding his body.

"Let me see." Lin Feng grabbed Tantai's arm and released life cosmic energy which started flowing throughout Tantai's veins. Tantai was surprised. Lin Feng was extraordinary, especially since he only had the strength of the Zun Qi layer.

"Even though I don't have powerful medicine like your tribe, at least, I can remove corroding cosmic energy," Lin Feng smiled. When something was rotting, life cosmic energy could solve the issue.

"Lin Feng, you're audacious, I don't even dare fly up in the air," smiled Tantai. "Let's go!"

"Alright, let's continue. Let's go and see the castle then. I'm sure there will be talismans to steal there," agreed Lin Feng. However, at that moment, a silhouette appeared and stared at Lin Feng and Tantai. He looked hesitant.

"Let's go." Lin Feng and Tantai continued running, ignoring the guy. Lin Feng accelerated, he was surrounded by wind cosmic energy, which could cut the people around him.

How arrogant!, thought that guy, trembling with anger. He released explosive energies and flew towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Boom! His physical body seemed indestructible. However, when their fists collided, Lin Feng sensed a terrifying pain in his arm. He looked surprised, and then flames of fury appeared in his eyes.

PMG Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737: Nine Swords Explosive Kalpa

"Broken bones!" Lin Feng sensed that some of his bones were broken. If his physical body hadn't been that strong, he would have died. He could have crushed Lin Feng's arm.

"Explode!" shouted that person furiously. His voice carried a terrifying strength towards Lin Feng's arm. Lin Feng had the sensation his arm was going to explode.

He's being careless now, Lin Feng saw that his enemy's eyes were bloodshot. He released DevMara Rule strength using his arm, destructive energies invaded the atmosphere, and his opponent's arm exploded. His physical body wasn't as strong as Lin Feng's. He couldn't resist Lin Feng's DevMara Kalpa double attack.

He moved back at full speed, but Lin Feng had already turned into a bloodthirsty predator, how could he let his enemy off? Terrifying energies invaded the atmosphere, earth cosmic energy rolled out in waves and pressed down on Lin Feng's opponent.

"I'll give you my talisman!" exclaimed his opponent. His blood was boiling, he had the feeling that he was going to die, he had to use his full strength.

"Die!" Lin Feng accelerated, he didn't let his enemy resist. He released even more Kalpa strength. Cosmic energy rose to the skies. He wanted to crush him!

How cruel!, thought some people in the distance when they saw that Lin Feng dared kill people. They ran away. Lin Feng took his opponent's ring and talisman and then Tantai and him continued flying. Lin Feng had a powerful physical body, he had overwhelmed his opponent.

Suddenly, Lin Feng realized that some energies were coming towards him from the left and right. Everybody was going to the castle, so people preferred focusing on the area of the castle and fighting there.

On the way, Lin Feng didn't try to steal talismans, finally arriving at the foot of the castle. It was gigantic,with an enormous gate. Some people tried to cross the gate, but since they didn't have talismans, the door wouldn't open.

"We're too early," Tantai smiled. The area was so vast, there was more than enough s.p.a.ce for people to fight there. Most people who had already arrived didn't face the castle, they were watching newcomers. They all looked solemn and respectful, and their Qi was incredible.

"You're here, too. Did you get enough talismans?" Tantai asked a young man. It was the young man who had used immortal strength.

"I need one more," the young man smiled back. He looked at Lin Feng and blinked.

"Zun Qi layer?" he was stupefied. Zun cultivators were afraid to try the exam. Even though the Holy City had many geniuses, few Zun cultivators dared fight against emperors and on top of that, emperors who took the exams to go to university were already extraordinary. Therefore, with the strength of the Zun Qi layer, it would be difficult to rank well.

Some people knew skills that allowed them to hide their cultivation level. Maybe that Lin Feng had done that?

"Don't steal his talisman, otherwise, even if you help me, I won't forgive you,"  Tantaisaid to him.

That young man just smiled. In the distance, some people were coming at full speed, so there was no need to take talismans from Lin Feng. Besides, Tantai wasn't weak, so Lin Feng had to be strong.

"Huang Fu Long!" Huang Fu Long came at full speed. The earth shook around him.

But at that moment, Huang Fu Long was struggling, two people were chasing him.

"It's him!" Tantai swore. Behind those two people, there was someone else. Shang Yu was chasing Huang Fu Long.

"Argh!" Tantai was furious. He jumped, and the ground shook. He threw himself at that person. It was as if a thousand lions had thrown themselves at the young man. Tantai released heavy energies which moved towards him. When Huang Fu Long saw that Tantai was coming to save him, he suddenly turned around and threw himself at his enemies again. He looked like a gigantic dragon, powerful and majestic.

"Not bad. It seems like Huang Fu Long has made great progress. He probably received great things in the tribe." Ling Tian smiled at Huang Fu Long. Huang Fu Long's cultivation looked similar to Tantai's, their energies were heavy and aggressive. Tantai was a lion, Huang Fu Long was a dragon. What did Ling Tian's style look like?

Shang Yu didn't fight. He was standing there staring at Tantai coldly. Tantai was stronger than Huang Fu Long and more aggressive. He had lion Qi, so his attacks were explosive and wild.

A beautiful silhouette appeared, it was Yu Wen Jing, Princess Yu Wen. When Shang Yu saw Yu Wen Jing, he smiled and nodded in greeting, "Princess Yu Wen."

"Shang Yu, you're not as talented as your brother Shang Jun. The exam must be difficult for you," Yu Wen Jing said calmly. Shang Yu didn't look furious, as he couldn't offend her, since she had a very high social status. She was also very talented and very strong.

"Princess Yu Wen, I will remember your piece of advice. But in the end, I will definitely manage to become a university student. If I fail this time, I'll try again." said Shang Yu calmy.

Princess Yu Wen nodded and replied, "Good, I hope you'll become like your brother."

"The princess is incredible. She's incredible, outstanding, and beautiful," said the young man with the immortal strength. He was standing next to Lin Feng. It was impossible to know if he was joking or serious. At that moment, the princess was with some people, all of them were geniuses. They were protecting her.

"We don't need to be polite for the exam," said Shang Yu witha  cold smile. After that he started running towards Huang Fu Long. He would first kill Huang Fu Long, and then Tantai.

Shang Yu accelerated. Suddenly, he raised his hands and a terrifying demon blade appeared and descended from the sky.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Huang Fu Long. A dragon roared and rose up in the air towards the demon blade. It broke apart,but the dragon did too.

The blade had just been destroyed, yet Shang Yu already sensed a terrifying energy move towards him. He turned his head and saw Lin Feng. A gigantic blade appeared, the atmosphere shook and his body was bombarded.

"Die!" The Kalpa sword immediately moved towards the man who was attacking Huang Fu Long. The sword was terrifying and whistled through the air. The very sky was shaking! The sword immediately pierced through that person's body and destroyed his soul!

Nine Kalpa swords were floating around Lin Feng as if they were dancing around their G.o.d.

"You're attacking me by surprise?" protested Shang Yu, looking at Lin Feng. He looked furious. That guy had only broken through to the Zun Qi layer, and surprisingly he could use the strength of the Nine Kalpa Swords, his attacks were terrifying and sly.

"I'm learning from you!" Lin Feng retorted coldly, and then he started running towards Shang Yu, shouting "Huang Fu Long, go and help Tantai, kill!"

"Alright!" Since they were being shameless, Huang Fu Long didn't hesitate. He was shocked to find Lin Feng was extremely strong, it was a pleasant surprise. Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator, but his attacks were terrifying.

"Since there are tensions, let's fight for real then!" Lin Feng said coldly, and released demon energies which dashed to the skies.

Shang Yu released a gigantic blade. He shouted back harshly, "Let's see if your Sword Kalpa can defeat my demon sword!"

"I'll show you," Lin Feng sneered. Suddenly, Sword Kalpa strength dashed to the skies. Shang Yu also released energies which tore at the air. Another sword attack appeared and bombarded Shang Yu's blade.

By the time the third Kalpa Sword appeared, Shang Yu's arm was shaking violently. When Lin Feng used his fourth Kalpa Sword attack, Shang Yu pulled a long face.

The Kalpa Sword was surrounded by wind cosmic energy. Lin Feng was moving at full speed and his sword was screaming through the air.

Shang Yu wasn't weak; his demon blade was terrifying, and a curtain of black lights appeared in front of him.

However, when Lin Feng released all the wind cosmic energies in his Kalpa Sword attacks, Shang Yu turned around and started running away at full speed. Lin Feng was calmly standing there.

The crowd was shaking. That guy was very strong. He could suppress Shang Yu!

"Ah…" a horrible shriek spread out. A Kalpa Sword crashed against Shang Yu's left arm and cut it off. Shang Yu was dumbstruck, he released his spirit and a gigantic ancient demon blade appeared at his back, but he still couldn't block the Nine Kalpa Sword attacks.

"Enough," Yu Wen Jing ordered coldly

Lin Feng turned to her and heard her say, "I told you to stop."

Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes twinkled. He looked at Yu Wen Jing calmly. She was used to being respected by everyone.

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