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PMG Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738: p.i.s.s Off!

Princess Yu Wen is defending Shang Yu! The crowd was startled. Shang Yu's brother was already a student at Champion University, it had already been almost two years. He was quite famous too, the Yu Wen Clan were good friends with them. Thus, Princess Yu Wen wanted to protect Shang Yu. It was normal and in any case, it wasn't a big deal either, she just had to say that once and anyone would listen.

Especially since she had never heard of Lin Feng, a Zun cultivator. He wouldn't dare disobey her.

Princess Yu Wen was extremely famous. In the Holy City, everybody respected her, she had a high social status. Lin Feng had to give her face.

In the Holy City, everybody did. Princess Yu Wen was powerful. If they were Lin Feng, they would have never considered the possibility of contradicting her. Strength was the most important thing, weak people couldn't afford challenging people who were too strong and powerful. Lin Feng was weak.

"Interesting." The young man with the immortal strength looked amused. Shang Yu was in Lin Feng's hands. However, Yu Wen Jing had told him to stop. So would Lin Feng kill that guy, or not?

Lin Feng glanced at Yu Wen Jing, he looked as if he didn't care about anything in the world, as if he was used to going against orders anyway. He didn't like women like that, Yu Wen Jing reminded him of Qi Jiao Jiao. She also thought everybody had to obey her.

"Do I know you?" Lin Feng asked Yu Wen Jing indifferently.

"Eh?" When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they frowned. Lin Feng was insane! He didn't give face to the princess?!

Yu Wen Jing looked at him coldly. "Don't you know who I am?"

"I've heard of you, Princess Yu Wen, but I don't know you," Lin Feng replied, smiling indifferently."Therefore, please move aside."

"Insolent!" shouted someone next to Yu Wen Jing. He looked at Lin Feng and said icily "How insolent, you apologize to the princess immediately! Otherwise, I'll kill you!"

Yu Wen Jing didn't say anything. She would have never thought that Lin Feng would dare be so rude. She didn't need to attack, though.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled, he looked at that guy and icy energies filled the air. "Let's see how you'll kill me then!" shot back Lin Feng with chilling calm. Initially, he wanted to wait before showing how aggressive he was.

"How reckless!" swore that man, jumping towards Lin Feng. It was as if Heaven was collapsing.

"Tantai, Huang Fu Long, you take care of Shang Yu, that piece of trash," Lin Feng told them, recalling his Kalpa Sword energy.

"You dared disrespect Princess Yu Wen, we'll see how you intend to resist against me!" shouted that gaurd of hers. Lin Feng sensed that the ground was shaking, and the earth was crackling. An oppressive strength invaded the atmosphere.

"Die!" A gigantic hand descended from the sky and grabbed Lin Feng. Lin Feng was suddenly in the dark.

Prince Hua knows earth cosmic energy, his cosmic energy is already level seven, not bad, he's an advanced low-level emperor, thought the crowd, looking at Prince Hua.

"You want to bring about your own destruction, die!" shouted Prince Hua, shaking his hand. He wanted to crush Lin Feng.

"Explode!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. A gigantic earth hand moved towards Prince Hua, who frowned, as Lin Feng ran towards him.

"Hmph!" Prince Hua groaned coldly and punched the atmosphere again. Energies moved back in Lin Feng's direction.

"Nine Kalpa Swords!" Lin Feng released Kalpa Sword energies and condensed wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies at the same time.

"Go!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His nine Kalpa swords bombarded the atmosphere, explosion and rumbling sounds spread out. The atmosphere shook violently as a gigantic hand moved towards Prince Hua at full speed.

Prince Hua had armor, it was as solid as the land, energies kept exploding over it.

The candidates were all stronger and more intelligent than most low-level emperors. They understood cosmic energies really well and knew lots of skills and spells.

The Nine Kalpa Swords collided with the gigantic hand, the atmosphere shook violently. However, the sword Qi didn't disperse and continued moving towards Prince Hua at full speed.

"Join!" shouted Prince Hua joining his hands. Earth energies surrounded the Nine Kalpa Swords.

"You're a joke, you're ridiculous, you just want to bring about your own destruction!" Prince Hua swore. He shouted furiously, the ground opened and the Nine Kalpa Swords disappeared.

Dong! Prince Hua saw Lin Feng rose up in the air, and the ground was shaking. A pitch-black energy, DevMara Kalpa strength, emerged from his body, looking like thunder, destructive and terrifying.

Bzzz! A strong wind started blowing, Lin Feng charged towards Prince Hua. It was like the skies were infuriated.

A pitch-black demon Kalpa strength pierced through the gigantic hand he had formed, Prince Hua saw his enemy getting closer and closer. He was stupefied, feeling a terrible pressure. Lin Feng's eyes looked terrifying.

"Rule!" Lin Feng released demonic willpower, which rose to the skies. Prince Hua's will felt painful. His blood was boiling. The crowd saw the Willpower Kalpa strength pierce through Prince Hua's body. It looked terrifying. His lacerated body just fell down.

He killed Prince Hua?, thought the crowd in astonishment. However, Lin Feng ignored those people's reactions. He just took Prince Hua's items.

Yu Wen Jing was petrified. Not only did Lin Feng disrespect her, but he also killed her guard and now he was stealing Prince Hua's treasures? He considered everyone inferior. What would Yu Wen Jing do to him?

"You're audacious!" Yu Wen Jing accused him, staring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Yu Wen Jing with his pitch-black eyes. He ordered icily, "Get away from me."

Boom boom! When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were even more and more amused. How arrogant! This guy is insane. He is telling the princess to move away from him?!

On the other side, Tantai and Huang Fu Long were fighting against Shang Yu. He had annoyed them, now he had to bear the responsibility. Huang Fu Long and Tantai had explosive attacks, especially when combined together. The situation didn't look good for Shang Yu.

At that moment, in Champion University, a group of people were watching in astonishment. They hadn't thought that someone would dare offend Yu Wen Jing.  Yu Wen Hou watched Yu Wen Jing, they were both from the same clan. Yu Wen Hou was also in charge of the exam, everything was in his hands.

"Yu Wen, Shang Yu is in danger. Besides, he doesn't respect Princess Yu Wen. Should I get involved?" asked Dan Meng.

Yu Wen Hou glanced at him and said indifferently, "I'm in charge of the exam, I must make sure the rules are enforced, right?"

"This…" Dan Meng hesitated, the person next to him and said, "Shang Yu can't get killed, otherwise Shang Jun…"

Yu Wen Hou looked at the one who had just talked and said evenly, "We can't violate the rules of the exam, right?"

That person's eyes twinkled and he responded, "Of course not."

"Alright, Dan Meng, send two people in first," said Yu Wen Hou to Dan Meng indifferently. Dan Meng nodded. He looked at the crowd. Even though he was one of the chief examiners, he wasn't the strongest there. Many people were much stronger than him. Some people had trump cards. They weren't supposed to get involved, but they still resorted to some methods because they didn't want to lose real geniuses. Otherwise, they'd have to explain to those groups why their disciples had failed.

PMG Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739: Tengen Qi

Dan Meng glanced at the crowd, and at two people in particular. "Bai Qi, you haven't been a student for a long time, you need to practice. Qiu Ming, you come with me, too."

Bai Qi looked startled, but smiled. Then, he followed after the young man on the map. After all, Lin Feng was there.

"Let's go!" Dan Meng ordered. Bai Qi and Qiu Ming followed. With him, there would be no problem. They all jumped off the map.

In the world of the exam, everybody was staring at Lin Feng. They were all stupefied. Lin Feng had killed Prince Hua and had told Princess Yu Wen to get away from him.

"Die!" shouted a voice furiously. Tantai bombarded the atmosphere in Shang Yu's direction.

However, at the same time, a gigantic hand suddenly appeared and moved towards Tantai at full speed.

"Be careful!" suddenly shouted Lin Feng. At the same time, pitch-black Kalpa swords bombarded the atmosphere and moved towards the silhouette.

"Argh!" shouted Tantai furiously. He suddenly turned around and threw himself at the one who was attacking him by surprise. Explosion sounds spread in the air. The hand then landed on Tantai's forehead. He was pushed backwards and a trail appeared in front of him in the ground.

Dan Meng rose up in the air and gazed into the distance. He smiled and said, "Continue."

"Examiners?" The crowd frowned. Those people had just appeared. It meant that they could decide who they wanted to eliminate. But how could they do that in front of everybody?

"What is that supposed to mean?" Tantai asked Dan Meng grimly.

"The exam has already started, what does your question mean?" asked Dan Meng calmly. Lin Feng glanced at Bai Qi. Bai Qi came from the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He had become a student at Champion University. He was probably very strong.

"Tantai, continue. I'll help," said Lin Feng. He landed before them, then he looked at Dan Meng and said calmly. "Since it's part of the exam, we have to adapt."

Tantai looked at Lin Feng and nodded. "Alright, you guide, we kill people."

"Guard?"Someone who was next to Yu Wen Jing ran out, he had been protecting Yu Wen Jing the whole time. When he heard Lin Feng, he looked furious and released a terrifying Qi.

"You dared humiliate Princess Yu Wen, so now you'll die!" snarled the man. He then released a terrifying, explosive will attack.

That guy offended Yu Wen Jing, he's scary. Ye Wen is very strong. He's one of the candidates with the most potential. He understands Tengen Qi. His Qi is perfect for battling, thought the crowd. In any case, because Lin Feng had offended Yu Wen Jing, there would always be someone against him.

Besides, Yu Wen Hou was in charge of the exam. Even people like Dan Meng had to obey him. They had to help Yu Wen Jing and Shang Yu. Shang Yu was Shang Jun's brother.

Since he was in charge of the exams, Lin Feng would pay for what he had done, he had offended Yu Wen Jing!

Dan Meng smiled. Dan Meng considered Huang Fu Long and Tantai to be weak. They couldn't defeat Shang Yu. Shang Yu even smiled slightly. Even if Champion University hadn't helped him, it wouldn't have been a problem, either. After all, he was incredibly strong.

"Princess Yu Wen, please go into the castle," Ye Wen said to Yu Wen Jing calmly.

Yu Wen Jing looked at Lin Feng icily and said to Ye Wen, "Take care of him."

She proceeded into the castle. Ye Wen was very strong, and could deal with Lin Feng. She didn't need to do everything herself. It was better to get help from Champion University.

"Bai Qi, Qiu Ming, whom will you fight?" asked Dan Meng.

"I didn't come to fight against those people. I am here as an examiner. Sorry, I'm off," said Bai Qi calmly before he left. Suddenly, a terrifying Qi appeared in the sky and rolled in waves through the air. The Qi moved towards someone. He was there as an examiner, he didn't need to enter the castle.

That person was stupefied, he had been attacked by surprise!

"Die!" shouted Bai Qi furiously. Qi dashed to the skies as well as willpower.

The crowd was dumbstruck, while some people smiled coldly. Bai Qi knew what to do.

Lin Feng was surprised, too. People from the Vast Celestial Ancient City had underestimated Bai Qi.

"He's not listening to orders." Dan Meng felt humiliated. Bai Qi had disdained him in front of everybody.

Dan Meng looked at Qiu Ming and smiled. "Perfect, two on two."

However, Qiu Ming moved towards someone like Bai Qi had. They were examiners, after all. Dan Meng pulled a long face.

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Dan Meng clenching his fists.

Tantai burst into laughter. "It seems that people who are students at Champion University aren't as despicable as you!"

Lin Feng laughed too. Talented people were obstinate and unruly, proud and arrogant. Some people were like Yu Wen Jing, arrogant and proud, and some people were like Bai Qi and Qiu Ming, obstinate and unruly. Dan Meng couldn't control such people. Such people relied only on themselves. They were examiners and did what they thought an examiner had to do.

At that moment, Dan Meng realized he couldn't control them. As expected, people who weren't members of the Ji Chang's Club didn't have the same views as them. He coldly glanced at them and thought, This time, Ji Chang's Club is in charge of the exam and surprisingly you dare disobey? In the future, progressing in Champion University will become difficult for you! You will see how powerful Ji Chang's Club is!

"Huang Fu Long, you fight against Shang Yu, I'll fight against that despicable b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I don't give a s.h.i.+t whether people are examiners or not!" swore Tantai, throwing himself at Dan Meng like a dragon.

"Alright!" answered Huang Fu Long, rising up in the air and moving towards Shang Yu at full speed.

"A stupid group wants to have influence?" said Ye Wen in an ice-cold way, releasing energies which pressured Lin Feng.

"How strong. Ye Wen's Tengen Qi is powerful and oppressive."

"Fight!" shouted Ye Wen furiously. A terrifying pressure descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. A gigantic symbol, "BATTLE", appeared and bombarded the atmosphere in Lin Feng's direction.

Lin Feng was furious and released his DevMara Kalpa strength. His eyes were filled with demon willpower.

Boom! A gigantic word also appeared in front of Lin Feng, "DEMON", and DevMara Kalpa strength was flowing through it at full speed. It collided against the "BATTLE" word and the atmosphere shook violently.

"Who could resist against such attacks!" swore Ye Wen, jumping forwards. A terrifying Tengen Qi descended from the sky like a waterfall.

Lin Feng bombarded the atmosphere with demon Kalpa strength.

"Evolution!" Lin Feng released his G.o.dly awareness. He modified his DevMara Kalpa strength, which turned into a demon map which could destroy the land. On the demon map, there was DevMara Kalpa strength, Ye Wen's attack dispersed and disappeared.

What kind of strength is that?, thought the stupefied crowd. Such destructive energies!

Dong! The atmosphere shook above people's heads, Lin Feng shouted,"Die!" as his DevMara Kalpa strength turned into a destructive light beam.

Ye Wen's facial expression changed drastically. The DevMara Kalpa energy made his own energies disappear.

"Battle Spirit!" shouted Ye Wen furiously. He was convinced that he could defeat Lin Feng, because Lin Feng was a Zun cultivator and even if he had level three or four cosmic energies, he couldn't possibly be stronger.

"Die!" Lin Feng raised his hands again and released even more DevMara Kalpa energy, which dashed to the skies and surrounded Ye Wen. His face drew out in desperation, he didn't want to die! However, he disappeared as if he had never existed.

Ye Wen had been killed. All the talismans he had taken now belonged to Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740: Revenge

Ye Wen died, too! That guy might pa.s.s the exam in the end. Of course, it all depends on Yu Wen Hou now, thought the crowd. They were dumbstruck. Ye Wen understood Tengen Qi and was extremely strong, but Lin Feng had still killed him.

Lin Feng had humiliated Yu Wen Jing, then he had killed two people. Yu Wen Hou wouldn't want him to become a student. Some people were joining hands to eliminate Lin Feng. He was too strong!

On the outside, Yu Wen Hou looked calm and serene, but his heart was pounding. Dan Meng was a chief examiner. Everything he did was for Ji Chang's Club. Bai Qi and Qiu Ming had disobeyed Dan Meng. Those guys were proud. Being proud was good, but it also depended on what people did with it.

"Bai Qi and Qiu Ming are talented and strong, I don't want them in Ji Chang's Club then," Yu Wen Hou stated. People around him sensed his cold energies.

"Yu Wen, should I bring them to the front?" asked someone next to Yu Wen Hou. He remained silent.

"Ye Wen initially paid attention to someone. If we can get him, that's good, but if they get killed by someone new, then that new person must be strong, too. Also, that idiot is quite strong. Dan Meng can't defeat him alone. If the one who killed Ye Wen attacks Dan Meng, then Dan Meng will be in danger, too," said that person. Even though Dan Meng had become a student a short time before, he was also a member of Ji Chang's Club after all, he couldn't die against newcomers.

"Remember, we're examiners. If anyone is talented, they should go to the castle," said Yu Wen Hou, his eyes were twinkling.

His interlocutor nodded, "I understand!"

Lin Feng and the others didn't know what was going on outside. At that moment, someone shouted out "Examiners, back! The new students have thirty minutes to get into the castle, otherwise we'll close it!"

That voice was extremely loud, and everybody frowned.

Dan Meng was surprised. Yu Wen Hou didn't hide his intentions at all. He stopped dispatching people, instead he told them to leave.

Surprisingly, Yu Wen dares resort to such methods to protect me, Dan Meng thought,  pulling a long face. Of course, he knew that Lin Feng and the others wanted to kill him. He looked at Shang Yu and said using telepathy, "Shang Yu, go back, forget it this time."

Then, Dan Meng looked at Bai Qi and Qiu Ming and ordered, "Bai Qi, Qiu Ming, come with me."

Then, he moved back at full speed. Tantai was furious and wanted to chase him. However, Lin Feng shouted, "Tantai, stop!"

"Hmph!" Tantai groaned angrily, but stopped chasing them. Dan Meng was an examiner, they couldn't really kill him, but he had also tried to kill them, so the situation was different.

However, when everybody heard that the castle would close thirty minutes later, they started fighting again. The battles were quite cruel and intense.

Shang Yu pulled a long face. He had wanted to humiliate Tantai and the others, but in the end he ended up humiliated. It seemed like he would have to come back three months later.

"Don't forget me, we'll meet again!" called out Shang Yu as he recalled his demon blade, lacerating one of Huang Fu Long's illusions before running away.

"We won't meet again," Lin Feng replied icily. He was talking to Shang Yum as he released wind energies. He was extremely fast!

"Lacerate!" Shang Yu was startled, he hadn't thought that Lin Feng wouldn't let him go. Pitch-black blade lights reappeared.

Bzzz! A strong wind started blowing, Shang Yu grimaced and a gigantic demon blade appeared again. n.o.body could get close to them.

However, Shang Yu saw Lin Feng punch the demon blade! It broke apart and dispersed into ashes as Lin Feng's energies penetrated into his body.

Shang Yu's expression changed drastically. A gigantic demon blade reappeared, he was in fusion with his blade as it descended from the sky.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously and punched the atmosphere again. That punch looked like the punch of a G.o.d, completely overwhelming and containing terrifying cosmic energies. Even though Shang Yu's energies were terrifying, Lin Feng didn't hesitate and continued moving forwards. He punched Shang Yu's head, which exploded messily.

What an incredible guy!, thought Qiu Ming, who was observing. He had already moved away. He was stupefied. Lin Feng was strong and merciless. They wouldn't meet again, because Lin Feng hadn't let him leave!

Bai Qi knew about Lin Feng, so he wasn't surprised. However, he was wondering how Shang Jun, a friend of his, would react now that Lin Feng had killed Shang Yu. Even if Lin Feng became a student at Champion University, it would be difficult between the two of them.

Dan Meng was far away in the distance, completely furious. Lin Feng had killed Shang Yu!

Lin Feng ignored both of them. He just glanced at Dan Meng, then turned around. He had to get talismans.

"Tantai, Huang Fu Long, come with me!" said Lin Feng, moving like the wind. Huang Fu Long and Tantai didn't have time to think about the reasons why Lin Feng was so strong, they had things to do.

They had to hurry, they didn't have much time. Less than one fifth of them would go into the castle!

"Talisman!" shouted Lin Feng landing before someone and releasing demon energies. Tantai and Huang Fu Long blocked their path, and that person just handed over their talisman. Lin Feng and his friends promptly left.

On the other side, Lin Feng punched someone, that person was propelled away, his mouth  bleeding. The man just threw their talisman at him.

Lin Feng couldn't waste time, he didn't have the time to fight for too long. He had to hurry and get as many talismans as possible. In a short time, he obtained more than ten talismans. Tantai and Huang Fu Long shared half of them and ran towards the castle.

"That castle contains a terrifying strength, we might get teleported to different places. It could be dangerous. Use your roar in case of danger," Lin Feng told them. Then, they activated the gate with talismans.


Lin Feng appeared inside a mountain.

"As expected, a strange small world. The examiners will probably come in and look for me. They must be watching me." Lin Feng's silhouette flickered, and he moved like the wind. He didn't need to hide since people were already observing him, so he decided to fly.

Huang Fu Long landed in a forest. He sensed a terrifying Qi descending from the sky, it was as terrifying as a mountain. Huang Fu Long sensed a strong wind.

"How strong!" Huang Fu Long was shocked, then something descended from the sky and bombarded his body.

"Argh!" a dragon roared.

Tantai was also struggling. He had ended up in a depopulated place, and was in danger. He was furious as he retreated and shouted, "Son of a b.i.t.c.h, he wants to get his revenge!"

He released lion energies and rose up into the air.

Lin Feng stopped.. The dragon and the lion were roaring furiously, Tantai and Huang Fu Long had used the signal at the same time.

Lin Feng was annoyed. Huang Fu Long and Tantai were in two different places. He could only save one person!

Outside, Yu Wen Hou was watching everything. "That person is talented and strong. He could become a student at Champion University, but we need to see if he can be stronger than that. Who wants to go and check his full strength?"

PMG Chapter 1741

Chapter 1741: Explosive Attacks

Wind and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies surrounded Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with death. DevMara Kalpa strength was flowing in his fists. Thunder and death cosmic energies were exploding.

Slas.h.!.+ A terrifying light moved towards Lin Feng suddenly, pressuring him.

"Die!" Lin Feng was well prepared. He shouted furiously and death energies moved towards his enemy at full speed.

Bzzz! Lin Feng jumped forwards, and a light beam appeared. Qi whistled. The atmosphere shook violently.

DevMara Kalpa strength streaked through the sky at full speed and destroyed the enemy's energy. He raised his hands to block the attack, but his energies were destroyed. A terrifying strength surrounded him, and blood gushed out. The face of Lin Feng's foe turned deathly pale, and he ran away.

Lin Feng raised his head and said, "If you try to block me, you'll die!"

He continued flying, ignoring everyone else.

In the university, Yu Wen Hou and the others stared at Lin Feng. They were shocked by his behavior.

"He's so arrogant, with such a strength, he dares provoke everyone…" Yu Wen Hou observed.

"I wouldn't have thought that such a cultivator would take the exam of Champion University. He's so arrogant, but he is a genius. We need to make him use his full strength to be sure, though," he continued. He still sounded angry. "Who wants to go and try?"

"Even though many people are stuck outside the castle, quite a few still have entered. A few dozens. Even though we've still got more people than them, it's dangerous for us to go in."

"Indeed, Yu Wen, we're good for now."

Two people had answered him. They didn't want to fight and they hoped that Yu Wen Hou wouldn't send them. They had come as examiners, they didn't want to fight against candidates, especially if they could be humiliated.

Yu Wen Hou looked at them and smiled indifferently. "I just want the exam to be perfect. Since you think it's not necessary, then why not. Let's do things according to the plan. You choose someone you want to fight, then you go into the crowd, and no matter who wins, after that person goes to the valley, they'll be sure to become students. The more we attack, the better the students we'll take we'll be. For the rest, no objection."

Outside, Lin Feng didn't know about that. At that moment, he had already arrived at Huang Fu Long's location. The young man who was attacking Huang Fu Long was incredibly strong, at least as strong as Tantai. Energies rolled in waves in the air. Huang Fu Long was being bombarded by his enemy!

Lin Feng arrived and used his DevMara Kalpa strength as well as cursing energies. That person immediately gave up and left. He knew he couldn't defeat Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't chase him either, saying to Huang Fu Long, "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright," Huang Fu Long answered. "Let's go and find Tantai! He's in trouble too!"

Lin Feng nodded and carried Huang Fu Long away. Tantai had chosen a path of virtue in his tribe. Their knowledge of medicine represented an extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. Tantai was very strong, even if he didn't admit it. even against Dan Meng, he couldn't die.

At that moment, the person who was fighting against Tantai wasn't weak, but he couldn't injure Tantai. Therefore, when he saw Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long arriving, he didn't hesitate to leave. Tantai swore furiously after him.

He said to Lin Feng, "Lin Feng, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He wanted to get his revenge!"

"I made them leave on purpose. Let's go. We don't need to care about such people," Lin Feng told Tantai. The three of them quickly left together.

However, Lin Feng was surprised when he realized that n.o.body else was attacking them. He didn't understand. Some people could certainly compete against them. Lin Feng was surprised because some people had attacked them, and now it had stopped.

After a long time, Lin Feng and the others found out that the small world was closed on the left, and on the right were mountains that couldn't be crossed. In the front, there were forests which were connected to the skies. They couldn't leave as they wished.

Some whistling sounds spread in the air, Lin Feng and the others saw someone getting bombarded by someone in the mountains, and blood splashed. They frowned and their facial expressions changed.

"Lin Feng, that's our destination" Huang Fu Long told Lin Feng.

"The real exam is going to start. That mountain is the exit, but getting out won't be that easy."Tantai was gazing into the distance.

"We can break our way through!" declared Lin Feng. His facial expression looked sharp.

"Lin Feng, there are too many strong cultivators here. If we can't get out together, you can try and leave alone, we can try next time again" Tantai said him.

"Don't worry. The three of us will get out. I can lead the way, Huang Fu Long is injured. You, Tantai, help me crush our opponents,. When we see someone, we crush them." Lin Feng started walking forwards. His eyes were pitch-black, and he looked like a demon. An indistinct Stream of the Nine Netherworlds appeared behind him..

"I understand, we can destroy people on our path!" agreed Tantai, releasing aggressive lion Qi. He looked like a scary beast.

The three friends walked forwards, destroying the trees, gra.s.s, and anything on their path. Lin Feng saw one silhouette in front of them, that person looked like a beast.

Bzzz! Lin Feng moved like the wind, releasing DevMara strength which bombarded the beastly cultivator. That cultivator looked at Lin Feng ferociously, but when he saw the Source of the Nine Netherworlds, he was hypnotized, and started drowning in Lin Feng's eyes.

He also heard the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, demonic will rolled in waves towards him, and he started turning into a demon. Back then, the demon emperor had used the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony.

"You're under my control!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He released even more demon energies. At the same time, Tantai released even more lion energies. The enemy's determination and physical body were put under extreme pressure.

Boom! The man bombarded the atmosphere, his fist collided against Tantai's fist. However, he was pushed backwards and groaned coldly.

Lin Feng got closer and released demonic will, but he didn't attack. They would fight again later maybe.

The other remained silent for a few minutes before saying, "Please, gentlemen…"

"Thank you very much," said Lin Feng, seeing the other off.

Tantai smiled appreciatively. "Lin Feng, you're strong."

"If anyone stops me…" said Lin Feng. The three friends moved forwards, meeting many strong cultivators. Each time Tantai couldn't resist against them, Lin Feng fought against them. n.o.body could stop them.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng saw three people in front of them. One of them looked at Lin Feng and told him, "With your strength, if you continue alone, you'll pa.s.s the exam, but if you bring those two people, you won't pa.s.s because the three of us will attack."

Tantai and Huang Fu Long were stupefied. Those people were really strong. If they joined hands, then they'd be impossible to defeat.

"I hope I can become a student at Champion University, but with my friends." said Lin Feng releasing demon energy. They were almost done!

PMG Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742: New Student

"Since it's an exam, you have to rely on strength to pa.s.s the exam, you can't take your friends in," said that person again. Terrifying energies surrounded Lin Feng.

"I'm not going to wait for ages, since we're here, we'll become students together," Lin Feng took a step forwards, marks appeared around him and golden lights appeared indistinctly under Lin Feng's feet.

Holy marks spell?, thought the three cultivators, looking at Lin Feng. His holy marks contained empty s.p.a.ce energy, and looked terrifyingly powerful!

Bzzz! Lin Feng took a step forwards, the marks moved towards his opponents and intertwined. The men were stupefied. Those holy marks were complex, Lin Feng was casting a deployment spell!

"Go!" said Lin Feng, jumping forwards. A tree appeared and leaves flew in every direction. Golden lights invaded the atmosphere, while the three cultivators frowned. Lin Feng was strong! Those three people were already stuck in an empty s.p.a.ce.

"Block!" One of them shouted furiously and released energies which moved towards Huang Fu Long on Lin Feng's left. He bombarded the atmosphere and a terrifying and gigantic golden cauldron descended from the sky. Huang Fu Long could feel the pressure from it!

Cauldrons were heavy, swords were sharp, that cauldron was truly mighty!

No wonder that cultivator is a student of Champion University!, thought Huang Fu Long. Dragon chants started spreading in the air, and waves of Qi flowed out. At the same time, Lin Feng jumped forwards, a million golden lights appeared and surrounded him,containing destructive death Kalpa strength.

How fast. I have to dodge!, thought that strong cultivator, scared to receive the attack.

Lin Feng rose up in the air as the cauldron bombarded the atmosphere, and at the same time, Huang Fu Long released his dragon Qi. But in the end he was pushed away and groaned with pain. His face was deathly pale.

How strong!, thought Lin Feng with a s.h.i.+ver. Surprisingly, the attack had made his muscles shake. However, he didn't stop moving, and continued attacking. Tantai was also getting attacked!

Golden lights surrounded Lin Feng, it was as if the atmosphere was going to explode. Lin Feng disappeared, and then reappeared in front of the cauldron summoner. He released Kalpa strength which looked like a snake. His attack was almost as powerful as the cauldron, but Lin Feng wasn't strong enough yet.

That person turned around and shouted furiously at him.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously, releasing cursing strength and destroying his enemy's willpower. His Kalpa energy was too oppressive, and his opponent was forced away.

Tantai was fighting against the other one. That battle was difficult, too.

The atmosphere was shaking. The three people were still fighting. Lin Feng had incredible attacks, and he was moving incredibly fast, too.

"With your strength, your already pa.s.sed the exam. Concerning him, he's not bad, but he's not done." said one of the examiners to Lin Feng and Tantai. In the end he looked at Huang Fu Long. "That guy, with his current strength, he can't join us.

"It's important to travel. Practicing within Champion University is the best, though, and I want my friends to benefit from that opportunity too," insisted Lin Feng. "Please just move, you can't stop me." Lin Feng started releasing many cosmic energies in a dazzling manner. The three cultivators were stunned, Lin Feng controlled seven sorts of cosmic energies!

"If you can destroy my attack, then you can go!" said the strong cultivator who had the cauldron to Lin Feng.

"Alright!" agreed Lin Feng. "I will destroy your cauldron!"

"We'll see!" That cultivator condensed his strength, the ancient cauldron appeared in his hand and energies rose to the skies.

"This technique is the Great Celestial Nine Cauldrons Skill. If you manage to learn it at a high level, you can absorb the strength of the earth and the sky and turn it into a terrifying Qi which will turn into nine cauldrons. It's a special spell from Champion University!"that cultivator told Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him respectfully. Champion University transmitted skills to their students, amazing!

"I won't use external strength, I'll use strength which belongs to me," said Lin Feng, releasing DevMara Kalpa strength as demon, death and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies.

"Go down!" shouted that cultivator mightily. The cauldron descended from the sky at full speed.

Lin Feng bombarded the atmosphere and moved like the wind. He collided with the cauldron, the impact hanging in the air. He could sense the energies of the cauldron, a medium-level emperor could destroy it!

"Rule!" Lin Feng shouted furiously and the cauldron was suddenly surrounded by marks. Explosions spread in the air, the atmosphere twisted, and the cauldron disappeared.

The two people moved back at the same time. The cauldron user moved his arm and started laughing like a madman. "Your physical body is so powerful, I'm happy to have fought against you."

"Thank you," nodded Lin Feng. He looked at the two others, they nodded agreement.

"It seems that we can't block the three of you, Since it's that way, you can go."

"Thank you very much!" Lin Feng waved his hand. Tantai smiled, and the three friends continued their walk.  

When they pa.s.sed in front of the one who had the cauldron, he spoke up "My name is Qin Wu!"

"Lin Feng." Lin Feng and his friends quickly left them behind.

The others looked at Qin Wu and asked, "Qin Wu, what do you think of Lin Feng?"

"He can control deployment spells, his strength is great, his willpower is great, his spells are great, he knows several cosmic energies, his future will be incredible!" replied Qin Wu. Even Princess Yu Wen wasn't as strong as Lin Feng!

"The Celestial G.o.dly University has a Champion. Champion University is not weak. They will have a Champion soon. Everybody thinks that King Ji Shang will become a Champion. Ji Chang’s Club will also become very powerful," the other speaker put forth.

"Don't you have the feeling you were born at the wrong time?" Qin Wu smiled. "The four universities of the Holy City compete all the time, and within each university people compete with each other as well. Ji Chang can oppress a whole crowd. Great Emperors and normal emperors don't compete. Because of Ji Chang, it's as if we don't exist. But even that way, we have to remain positive and can't let other people influence us."

"You're right. We don't need to compare ourselves with Ji Chang's Club. It's just that I don't like Ji Chang's Club," that examiner said unhappily. "He's obstinate and unruly, he's insane, but the compet.i.tion is so scary at university."

"It's just that Ji Chang’s Club is too big and powerful. They oppress students, but the university doesn't get involved in such things. The world of cultivation is like that, people have to rely on themselves."

Lin Feng and the others continued walking forwards, and as expected, n.o.body prevented them from pa.s.sing. They had pa.s.sed the exam.

When they arrived at the end of the path, there was a door.

"It must be the exit!" Tantai strode forwards eagerly. Lin Feng smiled. This guy was in a rus.h.!.+ Huang Fu Long and Tantai immediately entered the door.

Lights twinkled, Lin Feng followed them, and they all ended up in a vast public place. Only two other people were there, they had probably pa.s.sed the exam, too.

Princess Yu Wen and the young man with the immortal energies. Yu Wen Jing stared at Lin Feng and his friends, surprised to see them.

PMG Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743: Student Halls

Yu Wen Jing hadn't thought that Lin Feng would pa.s.s the exam.

"You're here, surprisingly," Yu Wen Jing said coldly. Hadn't Ye Wen killed that guy?

Lin Feng glanced at her calmly, and then looked at the young man with the immortal strength. There were only two people. Champion University was not easy to get in, no wonder its students were terrifyingly strong.

When Yu Wen Jing noticed that Lin Feng had basically dismissed her, she looked furious.

"Princess Yu Wen, are you always so rude?" said Lin Feng to Yu Wen Jing.

She smiled in a cold way and replied, "n.o.body has ever told me I was rude."

"I just did," answered Lin Feng lightly. Around them, a cold Qi was emerging.

Bzzz! At that moment, someone else appeared among them. Tantai was stupefied and blurted out, "You're the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

The person was wearing a black robe, he was the one who had corroded Tantai's arm. He looked at everyone coolly and said, "It was the exam, now we pa.s.sed so let's forget about what happened during it."

"You're very cruel," sniffed Tantai. He couldn't get his revenge now.

"Your Excellency, you're here too," said the newcomer to the young man with the immortal strength.

The young man nodded back. "Bu Lan Shan."

"Zu Yan."

"My name is Tantai. We're now students!" blurted out Tantai, beaming at those two people. n.o.body left, they all continued waiting. After having waited for a while, n.o.body else appeared there, so they realized that they might be the only ones who had pa.s.sed the exam.

"Let's walk around and take a look!" Tantai exclaimed. He couldn't wait anymore. Even though Champion University was a university, it looked like an empire, it was so huge. The four universities were almost worlds in themselves. The entrance was the entrance to a small world!

"Some people are here," Lin Feng spoke up. In the distance, a group of people appeared. Leading them was Yu Wen Hou, Dan Meng walked behind him.

"Princess." said Yu Wen Hou nodding at Yu Wen Jing. "Please, come with me."

"Alright," agreed Yu Wen Jing.

Tantai glanced at her, his expression scornful. "That's discrimination."

"Hmph!" Dan Meng grunted coldly and looked at Lin Feng and the others. "You follow me!"

They all followed Yu Wen Hou. Very quickly, they saw a gigantic area with mountains, waterfalls, and so on. Qi filled the air with gentle waves. The scenery was spectacular, and the Qi felt very pleasant.

"Perfect for the soul and spirit. This place is amazing for cultivators," declared Bu Lan Shan. Practicing in water and mountains was always better!

"Those are the ordinary student halls. I'll show you your new places," Dan Meng said to the group. He said to Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan, "You two can choose a territory where you want to live."

"Champion University is so big that students can live alone in a gigantic field," smiled Tantai. Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan chose a place.

"Oh and by the way, the door you crossed after the exam wasn't the main door. You all need a Champion Card to cross the doors, they are not open to the public. Also, many places here require Champion Cards. I will make them soon." said Dan Meng to the two new students, who nodded and walked over to their private territories. They didn't enter their residences though, waiting to see where Lin Feng and the others would go.

Dan Meng brought Lin Feng and the others to other residences, that looked old and decrepit. He said to Lin Feng and his friends. "We don't have any more s.p.a.ce. You can temporarily stay here."

"What?" Tantai looked at Dan Meng icily. "The three of us in one place?"

"You're abusing your power to avenge your personal grudges," Huang Fu Long noted coolly. Living together in one residence wasn't a problem for them. Even though the residence was old, it was still better than living outside. However, they were furious because of Dan Meng's behavior, he was clearly getting his revenge.

"I help you find dwellings and you dare be disrespectful? Watch your words!" snorted Dan Meng unhappily. "I've been at Champion University for many years. Even though we don't accept many new students, we still recruit students every three months, and it has always been that way. Right now there isn't enough s.p.a.ce, what should I do? Make other people leave their residences?"

Lin Feng and his friends had killed Shang Yu, it was only the beginning for them. Shang Jun was gone for the time being, but if he knew that they had killed Shang Yu, the situation wouldn't be the same.

Even though Lin Feng and the others were talented, at Champion University, everybody was talented. Lin Feng had offended Yu Wen Jing and killed Shang Yu, he had also offended Dan Meng. The situation was not bright for him.

Tantai looked furious, he wanted to say something, but Lin Feng spoke first. "Thank you for making efforts, Your Excellency."

"As long as you realize and admit it, that's fine," answered Dan Meng, smiling coldly. He then turned around and left. After a few seconds, he turned around and said to Lin Feng and the others. "Besides, you were not supposed to become students here!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d." said Tantai releasing b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi as he watched the examiner go. He wanted to kill Dan Meng.

"No need to be in a rush. We're now students at Champion University. We need to abide by the rules After all, he didn't say anything to us. If we offend him, it could get bad for us,"Lin Feng reminded Tantai and Huang Fu Long.

They both nodded and tried to calm down. They still thought that Dan Meng was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, though!

The three of them walked around. Cultivators didn't really care about having luxurious homes actually, and beds weren't important either. The problem was that Tantai felt humiliated.

A group of people came over to the newcomers. More examiners!

Qin Wu was in the group of people. He looked at Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan and asked, "Is that your residence?"

"Indeed!" replied Bu Lan Shan with a smile.

"If there's any problem, you can come and ask me. By the way, where are the three others?"Qin Wu asked the two newcomers.

Bu Lan Shan gazed into the distance and pointed. "I think they're there."

"What?" Qin Wu frowned and asked, "Who a.s.signed you residences?"

"His name was Dan Meng," Bu Lan Shan remembered absently.

"No wonder." Qin Wu's eyes were twinkling. "Did he give you Champion Cards yet?"

"He said he was going to do them…" Bu Lan Shan frowned, he had the sensation something dodgy was going on.

"Hmph!" Qin Wu groaned angrily, and told them. "They already have the cards!. Let's go and see Lin Feng and the others."

"Alright…" Bu Lan Shan frowned. They already had the cards? Dan Meng had lied to them? They had a lot to learn.

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