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PMG Chapter 1744

Chapter 1744: Champion Hall

Even though Lin Feng was already in his room, he sensed that Qin Wu and some people were getting closer, so he went out again and greeted them.

"Lin Feng." Qin Wu looked at Lin Feng and said: "Dan Meng made the three of you stay in the same house?"

"Indeed!" Lin Feng nodded.

"Dan Meng went too far!" Qin Wu looked furious. There were many empty houses. Dan Meng and the others were examiners, but they were also in charge of guiding new students. Making Lin Feng and two other people live in the same place was ridiculous.

"When he gives us our Champion Cards, I hope he'll give us a good explanation!" Tantai rumbled.

Qin Wu shook his head. "The Champion Cards are already ready, he wants to create problems."

"What?" Tantai looked furious again. "He wants to threaten us? Would he dare not give us the cards?"

Lin Feng frowned and asked, "Aren't there rules at university?"

"The rules are not strict. You have to rely on yourself here. Even though it's a university, the compet.i.tion is even worse than in the outside world because universities don't care about your social status. Of course, being from a very rich and powerful family from the Holy City can be helpful, just like Princess Yu Wen, for example. You have probably understood that already."

"There are new students quite often, every three months, so the administration lets different faculties take care of those things. This time, Ji Chang's Club managed the exam, and Yu Wen Hou in particular. He has the cards and controls them."

"Hmph! I don't want a card anymore," Huang Fu Long said unhappily.

"You can't, you must have a Champion Card. You won't be able to come back from outside if you don't have one. The Champion Hall also requires a card. You NEED a card!" Qin Wu told them emphatically. "You just arrived so you don't know much about the university. I'll show you around and tell you more about the place!"

"Thank you very much!" Lin Feng said appreciatively. Ji Chang’s Club was a powerful club in Champion University. Yu Wen Hou, Dan Meng and the others were members of Ji Chang’s Club. Qin Wu wanted to help Lin Feng and the others.

"No need. If I didn't admire you for your strength, I wouldn't help." Qin Wu smiled wholeheartedly.

At that moment, someone else arrived.

Lin Feng looked surprised. He knew n.o.body in Champion University, but that person seemed to be coming for them. Who was that?

"You are new students, right?" the new arrival said to Lin Feng and the others coldly.

"Indeed, could you please introduce yourself, Your Excellency?" asked Bu Lan Shan indifferently.

"Dan Meng told me to tell you that he couldn't come. If you want your Champion Cards, you need to go to his residence," said that person. Then, he left again. Lin Feng and the others were stupefied. As Qin Wu had said, Dan Meng was trying to cause trouble, he didn't want to give them Champion Cards.

"Don't be furious. Ji Chang's Club is always aggressive. It's not the first time that something like this happened. Similar things happened in the past when Ji Chang's Club managed the exams. Even if you go and ask for your Champion Cards, I doubt he'll give them to you," Qin Wu informed them sourly. Ji Chang's Club was always like that, it seemed.

"Can we kill people in Champion University?"Lin Feng asked  suddenly. Qin Wu was surprised, asking such a question was a bit strange. Lin Feng seemed too impulsive sometimes…

"You are largely free here, but there are still some rules. You can't kill people of the same faculty as you. If you really want to kill someone, you'll need to sign a contract with them and agree on a battle to death. If you don't have such a doc.u.ment and kill someone, the university might be furious," said Qin Wu. "University is different from the outside world. If you could kill people as you wish, it would be too chaotic. Imagine if you were really strong and someone looked for someone stronger to kill you. The situation would degenerate quickly. Besides, imagine if students from rich families from the Holy City got killed, the situation would be even scarier."

"Alright," Lin Feng said, understanding the problem. The university had existed for a long time, and rich families from the Holy City sent their children there. Yu Wen Jing and Yu Wen Hou were good examples.

"Let's walk and chat at the same time," said Qin Wu, rising up into the air. Lin Feng and the others followed suit.

"We can't kill, but battles are unavoidable, I think," Bu Lan Shan spoke up.

"Of course! If you don't fight, then what would be the point of university? As long as you don't kill people, no problem," smiled Qin Wu. "Some strong people can oppress others that way. Cultivation is about constantly surpa.s.sing others. Battles happen all the time. It's normal."

At that moment, Lin Feng and the group started seeing more and more people. The university had existed for a long time, so there were many strong cultivators there. Lin Feng realized that the student halls were unpopulated in comparison with the rest of the place.

"Can you see the palace there?" Qin Wu smiled indifferently and pointed. The edifice was surrounded by clouds.

"How majestic!" Tantai said with a sigh. The palace was gigantic.

"It's the Champion Hall, students must go there, and they need their Champion Cards to get in. With ordinary cards, you can only go to the first floor. And you must have already guessed what you can find inside: skills, spells, techniques, deployment spells, holy marks, weapons, and so on. It gives you access to all-embracing power. It's gigantic. Of course, the best things are on the higher floors.

"I received my Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill from the Champion Hall."

"The one you used against me?" asked Bu Lan Shan.

"Indeed," Qin Wu nodded.

"On which floor?" asked Zu Yan. He had also fought against Qin Wu. The Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill was terrifyingly powerful and explosive.

"Ninth floor!" Qin Wu replied.

"The ninth floor?" Zu Yan frowned. "You said that with ordinary Champion Cards you could only go to the ground floor, so what are the prerequisites to get to the ninth floor?"

"I'll take you somewhere and you'll understand!" Qin Wu told them. Then, they continued moving forwards. Lin Feng and the others were skeptical, but didn't ask more questions. They continued walking, and soon Lin Feng saw a mountain, with a waterfall coming out of a cave on its slopes.

At the top of the cave, there were letters written in golden paint.

Champion Palace. The eyes of Lin Feng and the others twinkled.

Champion, Lin Feng was familiar with that word. Three days before taking the exam of Champion University, he had gone to the Celestial G.o.dly University with Jun Mo Xi and had seen Ying Cheng the Champion.

Champions, in students' jargon, were a.s.sociated with being extremely strong and glorious. For universities, it meant glory, honor, and an incredible reputation.

People went in and out the palace freely. Qin Wu continued forwards. "Come in with me!"

Lin Feng crossed the waterfall and went into the palace in the cave. There was water everywhere, twinkling like thousands of crystals.

Inside the palace, there were three walls with many words written on them.

"Champion Zhan, Champion Ao, Champion Tian Yuan, Champion Shen Xiang…" Lin Feng and the others read the words. They were all ancient Champions. There was a short introduction under each name. The one at the top was the founder of Champion University. He was proud, obstinate and unruly, but he had gone to the Dragon Clan to kill people and come back, astonis.h.i.+ng many people. All these Champions had amazed the whole region.

"You know about Champions, right?" Qin Wu asked them all.

"Yes. I've even met Ying Cheng, and I've been to the Celestial G.o.dly University. I've seen the stone plate and know a little about the history of Champions," replied Lin Feng.

"Champion University is the same. All those people were Champions. We don't write names of Champions on here anymore unless they've accomplished something incredible." Qin Wu told them reverently.

Accomplished something incredible?

"The four universities of the Holy City have educated millions of geniuses. Many of them have not become famous, but many of them have also amazed the whole world. All those Champions have accomplished incredible things and have become famous in the whole world.," he continued.

Many incredible cultivators had studied in the Holy City at university. The universities of the Holy City enjoyed an incredible reputation!

PMG Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745: Ranking List

"I wonder when my name will be in the list," Tantai chortled, laughing loudly and wholeheartedly.

Lin Feng's heart was beating faster. He was excited. To become a Champion, people had to think like Champions. Cultivation was a step-by-step process. It required hard work!

Lin Feng read the whole list in front of him and then looked at the two other walls covered with lists. All the names were beautifully carved.

The list on the left had only one column and the one on the right had three columns.

"Ji Chang." Lin Feng looked at the names and at the very top, there was Ji Chang's name.

"Is that a student's name?" asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

"Indeed. Champions who have accomplished great things have their names carved here. On the left side, there are about a hundred people, they are the hundred best, they have the potential to become Champions. After having been selected, they can take the exam," Qin Wu confirmed.

Everybody nodded. They understood, the list on the left was for potential Champions!

"And on the right, it's also a list, but the distinction between people's cultivation levels is clear on that list; low-level emperors, medium-level emperors and high-level emperors. That's why that list is divided into three," continued Qin Wu.

"The compet.i.tion in Champion University is intense. Everybody can be on one of those lists. You asked me why I am able to go to the ninth floor? Precisely for that reason! I'm 29th on the list, I could become a Champion. I obtained the Level Nine Champion Cards, so I can go to the ninth floor."

"The list determines the type of Champion Card you get. Stronger cultivators obtain better things." Huang Fu Long's eyes were twinkling with enthusiasm. He wanted to see his name on the list!

"Qin Wu, 29th on the list. I will definitely rank better than you at some point!" boasted Tantai, scratching his head and laughing.

There are elders and students in this palace. Students can become really strong at university, thought Lin Feng. That palace was a strange place. Even if he wasn't as strong as some cultivators on the list, he still felt excited.

Students here were all incredible cultivators. Everybody dreamt of having their name carved on the list.

People on the list are incredible, thought Bu Lan Shan. Even if two names coincided, that was fine, but those who had the potential to become Champions were rare and probably extremely strong.

"It seems like I underestimated the four universities. Qin Wu is incredible strong. Surprisingly, he's 29th on the list, and there are hundreds of emperors in the list. How many are there currently?" asked Zu Yan. He was curious.

"I don't know, a lot. Not everybody can practice cultivation really fast. Even very talented low-level emperors need ten, twenty, or even thirty years to become medium-level emperors, sometimes even longer. And for medium-level emperors to become high-level emperors, it's even harder to say. Therefore, there are many geniuses in the four universities of the Holy City. Half of those incredible cultivators have amazed the whole world and the best cultivators of the three main cities have usually studied at university," Qin Wu answered thoughtfully. "Rich monarchic and ancient clans always send their kids to university."

Qin Wu had explained everything to everybody. Lin Feng understood perfectly. The universities were famous, so more and more strong cultivators studied at university, so they also became bigger and bigger.

"What about great emperors? There aren't any on the list?" asked Lin Feng.

"Let's go out to talk," Qin Wu replied, and they left the cave.

"There is no list for great emperors here, but in the Holy City, there are two lists, one for great emperors and one for normal emperors. Ancestors have made those two lists. They organized a big compet.i.tion in the Holy City with great emperors and emperors. Those who defeated emperors and great emperors could be on the list," Qin Wu told them.

Everybody understood. Many people also liked challenging stronger cultivators just to evaluate their strength, not just for fame.

"So if I defeat you, will I replace you on the list?" asked Lin Feng.

Qin Wu rolled his eyes and said, "It is extremely rare for new students to be on the list that quickly, but you're right. If you defeat me, then you'll replace me on the list, I'll rank 30th and everyone below me will lose one position in the rankings. No matter who the new ones are on the list, if you are already on the list, you must progress constantly to stay on it and move ahead."

"Look!" Qin Wu had brought them to some mountains and rivers. There was a palace suspended in the sky, but it looked like an illusion.

"Some incredible cultivators from antiquity live there in the celestial mountains. They have their own palaces apparently, but I've never been there. Only those who are Champions can go there. Some of those strong cultivators also recruit disciples sometimes, but if you're not a champion, you stand no chance. You must become stronger and stronger using what the university has to offer."

"I think you want to go and see," Tantai said to Qin Wu, clapping on his shoulders and laughing.

"Of course, very few people can go there!" said Qin Wu.

Tantai's eyes twinkled. "I wonder what the difference between those teachers and the others is?"

"The ancient elders are great emperors, or even great emperors' teachers. It is a particular status. You see that place opposite the celestial mountains?"Qin Wu asked them, gazing into the distance.

"It's vast and desolate, a whole world.

"We live in the central part of Champion University but all around us, there are many things which were created by the ancestors. They also left many things there for the younger generations to study. If you are interested and have time, you can go and see at some point.

"And also, there's an even more important place. Just remember that place for the future, let's go and see this one. It's called Edict Palace, a news center. For example, you can read about new historical remains which have been found, or precious items."

Thanks to the news, Champion University can stay updated, thought Lin Feng, smiling to himself. Indeed, that place seemed interesting.

"Let's go back. You need your Champion Cards!" Qin Wu said. After going back, the atmosphere became very lively, because a new student had challenged a strong cultivator whose name was on the list.

PMG Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746: Strong Cultivator At The Door

"A new student?" Qin Wu was stupefied, he looked at Lin Feng and the others. He seemed pensive.

"Yu Wen Jing? Or a low-level emperor?" Lin Feng and Qin Wu glanced at each other.

Qin Wu grinned. "Let's go and see!"

"Indeed." Lin Feng was also curious. Only those whose names were on the list could get better Champion Cards. Lin Feng wanted to go to the better floors of the Champion Hall, so he had to replace someone who was on the list.

The people who were on the list couldn't refuse a challenge. That was a rule in Champion University: If I'm stronger than you, then I have the right to replace you.

Champion University supported such behavior. Besides, there were many people on the list, so there were more people to challenge, and their cultivation level was openly indicated.

"It must be Yu Wen Jing, low-level emperor type of battle," whispered Qin Wu. The group continued running. As expected, there were two people on a battle stage. One of them was wearing a white and blue robe, elegant with an extraordinary Qi. The other one was a beautiful and proud-looking woman: Yu Wen Jing.

"Yu Wen Jing fought against me during the exam. She could beat me. The Yu Wen Clan is powerful, it's an ancient Holy City of the Holy City. And the person Yu Wen Jing challenged is the 30th on the list, so just after me. His name is Long Yuan. She immediately challenged the 30th one. That's surprising," whispered Qin Wu.

"Sword will?" Lin Feng was surprised. Yu Wen Jing was releasing sword will, and a sword was appearing.

Champion University had a rule, to fight against people who were on the lists, students couldn't use weapons.

Long Yuan released a dark energy which rose up in the air and turned into a pitch-black plate containing a terrifying strength.

"Long Yuan has an extraordinary body type because of his spirit, he can modify strength. He knows two sorts of cosmic energies: earth and evolution. His attacks are explosive. His attacks aren't weaker than my Nine Cauldrons Celestial Qi Skill. He's 30th and I'm 29th, so if we fought the battle would be really complicated."

When Qin Wu finished talking, the two on stage had already started fighting. The sky and the earth were shaking. A gigantic palace appeared, it might be able to kill Yu Wen Jing. However, Yu Wen Jing's sword will continued rising to the skies. A strong wind started blowing. Threads of sword energies invaded the wholesky, it was ice-cold and looked like sharp snow.

Yu Wen Jing had condensed his sword with four types of energies, she understood many different cosmic energies too!

"She knows four types of energies?" Lin Feng was surprised. That sword contained four types of cosmic energies: fire, water, wind and snow. Her sword attack looked great, a beautiful woman carrying out beautiful attacks.

Even though she's despicable, she's quite strong, thought Huang Fu Long, watching Yu Wen Jing. Long Yuan's attack was being oppressed.

"She understands how to fuse cosmic energies pretty well. Not bad. She's quite strong. She'll definitely end up in the list," Qin Wu said when he saw Yu Wen Jing's strength. He was surprised. During the exam, it seemed Yu Wen Jing hadn't used her full strength.

Long Yuan is already using his spirit, he's going to lose, thought Lin Feng. Long Yuan's spirit was a white light which surrounded his whole body. He could modify physical and immaterial strength because of his special body. When breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, his evolution abstruse energy had turned into cosmic energy.

Long Yuan released his spirit and his strength suddenly became explosive. Yu Wen Jing's sword attack was pushed backwards and Long Yuan's stone punch blocked the sword attack.

"Four Seasons Absolute Sword!" shouted a voice furiously. Suddenly, the atmosphere started changing very quickly and mysteriously, like the four seasons. It started raining sword energies again. Yu Wen Jing's attacks were really beautiful.

Boom! A terrifying sound spread through the air, a dazzling light streaked across the sky and the lights dispersed. The two fighters were far away from each other again. Long Yuan was bleeding and his face was pale.

"I wouldn't have thought that a new student could be so strong. I lost. You can go to the Champion Palace and get a better Champion Card,"Long Yuan said  to Yu Wen Jing. He didn't look disappointed at all. There were many geniuses in Champion University. Losing was normal. New students were rarely that strong, but it happened.

Yu Wen Jing had used Long Yuan to prove how strong she was, It was a bit sad, but that was life.

Yu Wen Jing moved at full speed towards the Champion Palace. The list had to be changed.

"Yu Wen Jing is the princess of her clan. She's beautiful and strong. Not bad. I wish she could be my girl," spoke up a laughing young man.

"You should say that in front of Yu Wen Jing." someone next to him teased gun. "She's now 30th on the list, she's probably the strongest of all the new low-level emperors."

"Not necessarily. I've heard of two new students who are extremely strong and who have fought against Yu Wen Jing. I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is, then they must be at least as strong as her."

"Lin Feng, you still haven't obtained your Champion Card, what do you intend to do?" asked Qin Wu, smiling at him.

"Since Dan Meng told us to go and take them, then we'll go I think," said Lin Feng. "Where is Dan Meng?"

"I'll take you there!" replied Qin Wu.

"Qin Wu, no need, it's too inconvenient for you." said Lin Feng, he was already very grateful for everything he had done for them. Dan Meng and Yu Wen Hou were friends, they were also members of Ji Chang’s Club, Lin Feng didn't want Qin Wu to get involved.

"It's part of my tasks," Qin Wu replied firmly. He didn't mind. Thus, he continued on and brought Lin Feng and the others to another place. After a short time, they arrived above a group of palaces.

"That's the palace where Dan Meng lives," said Qin Wu pointing at one of the buildings.

"How big. What a Qi. He has such an amazing palace and he makes the three of us live together!" Tantai was furious and released Qi which began to whistle in the air.

"Let's steal his palace!" snarled Huang Fu Long furiously.

Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling as he shouted, "Dan Meng, come out!"

"Dan Meng, come out!"

His voice resonated everywhere. Some people rose up in the air. The crowd was surprised, who were those people with Qin Wu?

Quickly, Dan Meng came out of his palace. He and some other people rose up in the air. He looked at Lin Feng coldly. He had the Champion Cards, and Lin Feng dared act disrespectfully?

"What do you want?" asked Dan Meng glancing at them. The new students were all there except, Yu Wen Jing.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you make the three of us live in one palace and you didn't give us our Champion Cards, and now you dare ask us what we want?" spat back Tantai.

"I've already explained everything. We don't have enough s.p.a.ce, your residence is just temporary. If anything becomes free, I'll let you know. Concerning the Champion Cards, I'm sorry, I don't have them." replied Dan Meng acidly. He looked at Zu Yan and Bu Lan Shan: "You both have a residence, what else can I do for you?"

"Champion Cards," said Bu Lan Shan indifferently.

"I don't have them. I'm sorry," replied Dan Meng.

"Very good." Lin Feng's eyes were filled with ice-cold lights. "You are in charge of the new students. We are new students. You make the three of us live in the same residence and you don't want to give us our Champion Cards. Dan Meng, I would like to challenge you to a battle to death in front of everyone! I want a contract with you."

"Grrr!" Dan Meng's heart started pounding. His face turned pale. He knew how strong Lin Feng was, he had killed Ye Wen! He was terrifyingly strong!

He couldn't refuse Lin Feng's challenge, otherwise, what would everybody think of him in Champion University? He would lose face if he refused, after all, he had been at university for a while and Lin Feng was new.

Qin Wu is such a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!, thought Dan Meng. Lin Feng wouldn't have known about contracts for battles to death if Qin Wu hadn't told him about them. Dan Meng hadn't thought that Lin Feng would challenge him to a battle to death though.

PMG Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747: Tragic

A battle to the death! The crowd around looked excitedly. They wanted to see Lin Feng and Dan Meng's battle.

It was still the day of the exam and the atmosphere was lively. They had heard that a new student had challenged Long Yuan, and now a new student had challenged Dan Meng to a battle to death. How interesting!

The most amusing part was that Dan Meng seemed to be hesitating, so Lin Feng was probably quite strong.

Dan Meng is in charge of the new students, he made those three people settle in the same residence and he didn't give them their Champion Cards! He probably hadn't thought one of the new students would challenge him to a death battle!, thought the crowd. They were staring fixedly at Dan Meng. What was he going to say?

"Do you know what a Champion's contract is?" asked Dan Meng coldly.

"Do you accept or not?" shouted Lin Feng grimly. He then jumped forwards and released Qi. Did Dan Meng think he could change the topic? He had two options: battle to death, or lose his reputation! If he refused to fight against a new student, then he wouldn't be able to stay at the university!

Dan Meng was furious. Someone arrived at full speed and asked, "What's going on?"

"You Wu Ji." Dan Meng suddenly looked happy and relieved. He didn't look at Lin Feng, he looked at You Wu Ji and said, "A new student doesn't know how to differentiate good from bad. He challenged me to a battle to the death. I don't feel like fighting a baby boy, though. Brother You, long time no see. You must have progressed a lot. Help me take care of that new boy. You're a real hero."

The crowd looked at him in a strange way. You Wu Ji had shown up at the best moment. Anyway, Dan Meng was despicable. You Wu Ji was 41st on the list and like Dan Meng, he was also a member of Ji Chang's Club, but Dan Meng couldn't compete with him. Dan Meng was strong, but in Ji Chang's Club, he was quite weak and just took care of small things.

Poor new student. You Wu Ji will definitely help Dan Meng!, thought the crowd.

"Are all the new students that arrogant?" asked You Wu Ji, staring at Lin Feng and walking towards him.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng, glancing at You Wu Ji dismissively. You Wu Ji frowned and looked amused.

"Interesting. New students are more and more insane. Dan Meng, you were right, it seems! Let's show him what he's really worth. Some people think they can be as arrogant as they were in the outside world at university," mused You Wu Ji contemptuously. He perfectly knew what kind of people pa.s.sed the exams to become university students: people from rich families or very talented people. However, at university, those things didn't matter, only strength mattered.

Those new students needed to have some good battles to realize some things.

"You Wu Ji, 41st in the ranking list. You're new, I'll be merciful," You Wu Ji introduced himself with a cold smile.

"d.a.m.n, f.u.c.k off!" shouted Tantai furiously. 41st, so what? Qin Wu was 29th, Lin Feng would try and fight against some people from the list at some point too.

"Eh?" You Wu Ji was stupefied. He said coldly, "How insolent!"

"Go away now. We will fight at some point if you want, but first I want Dan Meng to accept my challenge. I'll kill him and then you and me will fight. I'm afraid that if I fight against you first, then Dan Meng will find another excuse not to fight," Lin Feng sniffed disdainfully, glancing at Dan Meng mockingly. "No need to use him as an excuse. We will fight to death today, if you don't refuse, then stop wasting my time!"

"Dan Meng, no need to hide. If you refuse to fight, then give us your residence and Champion Cards and kneel down before us to apologize. Then, maybe we'll let you off," Tantai announced loftily. Didn't dare? If Dan Meng didn't accept the challenge, they had to make him suffer at least. He had made them come to gt their own Champion Cards?

They were here now!

It seems like those people aren't going to let Dan Meng off, thought the crowd in amus.e.m.e.nt. Lin Feng had even said he would fight against You Wu Ji after wards!

Lin Feng wasn't going to let Dan Meng off, of course. Dan Meng kept bullying them!

"You Wu Ji, step aside now. Lin Feng and Dan Meng want to fight," said Qin Wu. Then, he looked at Dan Meng and spat out, "Concerning you, you're a student too. You bully people and now you're trying to avoid fighting. Will you fight or not? Talk now!"

"Qin Wu!" Dan Meng was furious. He couldn't do much! "I accept!"

"Very good!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with flames of fury. Some lights appeared and words appeared in the air, it was the contract. Lin Feng said icily, "Contract for a battle to the death!"

That was what Qin Wu had taught him, they needed contracts to fight to the death at university. People couldn't kill others at university otherwise, the rules were very strict.

"I agree, battle to the death," hissed Dan Meng, releasing lights too. It was the same contract, the two contracts collided and disappeared. They had agreed, and the university wouldn't get involved.

You Wu Ji moved away to give them s.p.a.ce.

Tantai and the others looked at Dan Meng disdainfully. Dan Meng was doomed!

Bzzz! Dan Meng jumped forwards, and a strong wind started blowing, a terrifying Qi moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

"Die!" shouted Dan Meng furiously. A terrifying tank of water appeared and descended from the sky at full speed towards Lin Feng while emitting rumbling sounds.

A skill from Champion Hall, Purple Lake Tank, how did Dan Meng obtain it?, thought the crowd in surprise. That technique was incredibly powerful, it was a gigantic tank as big as a lake falling from the sky. If Dan Meng hadn't been a member of Ji Chang's Club, he wouldn't have been able to obtain it!

Lin Feng must be really strong, otherwise Dan Meng wouldn't have needed to use the Purple Lake Tank. Destroying Dan Meng won't be that easy either!, thought the crowd.

The purple tank descended from the sky, it was a truly brutal attack. Lin Feng already felt how oppressive its energies were.

"You want to die!" shouted Dan Meng hoa.r.s.ely. He shook his head and released more Qi to make the tank accelerate.

Layers of armor appeared around Lin Feng. At the same time, he finally moved, condensing wind cosmic energy and flying at full speed towards the tank.

Is he insane?, thought the crowd. Lin Feng turned into a light beam and collided with the tank. It started crackling! Lin Feng was surrounded by destructive strength and continued moving towards Dan Meng!

Boom! Explosions spread in the air, the tank blew apart and a punch crashed onto Dan Meng's chest. Lin Feng then started punching him unceasingly. Crackling sounds spread through the sky. The crowd was nervous for Dan Meng. His bones were shattering!

What a powerful physical strength! His physical body has already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he can oppress Dan Meng!, thought the crowd, s.h.i.+vering. At that moment, Dan Meng's life was already in Lin Feng's hands. His face turned deathly pale, n.o.body could help him, he had agreed to fight to the death!

"Stop!" shouted You Wu Ji, furiously releasing Qi to pressure Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored him and looked at Dan Meng, saying icily, "Give me the Champion Cards."

"Let me off first." said Dan Meng. He had already lost his reputation and was humiliated. He wasn't strong enough compared to Lin Feng.

Boom! Lin Feng continued punching his chest, bones kept breaking. Dan Meng gave out a horrible shriek and his face became even paler.

"How dare you!" shouted You Wu Ji furiously. Lin Feng dared kill someone from Ji Chang’s Club?

"Champion Cards," Lin Feng repeated emotionlessly. He was fixedly staring at Dan Meng. An energy surrounded Dan Meng, and at the same time, Lin Feng raised his fist again, i he could destroy Dan Meng at any moment!

PMG Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749: Yan Di's Social Status

In Dan Meng's former residence, now Lin Feng's, a young man in white clothes arrived. His long hair was fluttering in the wind. He looked calm and serene. However, many people around looked at him strangely.

Ximu was 18th on the ranking list, he was extremely strong. He was also the fifth general of Ji Chang’s Club.

Ji Chang’s Club was very powerful. Hundreds and hundreds of students were members of the club. The club was divided into three subgroups, Sun, Moon and Star. Many ranked people were also members of Ji Chang’s Club. Among the people in the top ten, three of them were members of Ji Chang’s Club. Ximu, who was 18th, was also a member of the Star group, just like Yu Wen Hou.

At that moment, Ximu had arrived where Lin Feng lived, he wanted to settle accounts with him.

Lin Feng had offended Ji Chang’s Club, and now he was going to pay for it.

"There's n.o.body?" Ximu didn't find Lin Feng. He was surprised. That guy kept running around?

"We must settle accounts today, otherwise, they will regret it!" said Ximu to himself, and then he left at full speed. People moved aside to let him pa.s.s.

At that moment, Lin Feng was already in the Edict Palace. The building was as incredible as the Champion Hall.

The ground floor of the Edict Palace was gigantic and there were many scriptures, talismans, etc. There were different materials for different faculties.

However, at that moment, in the Edict Palace, on the ground floor, there weren't many people. People kept going up or down the stairs. Everybody remained silent, too.

"The Edict Palace is like the Champion Hall, you need a good Champion Card if you want to go upstairs." Lin Feng took some scriptures and talismans and sat down. In the talismans were the most important pieces of news, for example: rise and fall of some cultivators, apparition of some peerless cultivators, and also regional news about the eighteen big cities of the region.

So much news, Champion University is not only about cultivation, it's also about knowledge, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng loved this place. Reading the news was going to take some time.

"I don't like it here. Lin Feng, you can stay here, Fu Long and I are going to the Champion Hall!" said Tantai. Lin Feng nodded and his two friends left. Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan stayed there with Lin Feng, as they enjoyed reading the news too.

"Lin Feng, the Edict Palace has news about everything. Upstairs, you can find very useful news for us. I'll go upstairs and read too. Take your time!" Qin Wu said to Lin Feng before heading up the stairs.

"Alright, don't worry about me!" Lin Feng replied with a smile. He needed to study more about the history of the Holy City, so he could understand the archives. He also wanted to understand more about incredible cultivators of the region and ancient clans. He also needed to read about the whole region.

The Xu Wen Clan's ancestor, Yu Wen Ta, was a student here 15,000 years ago. He was a Champion here and amazed the whole region. After that, he left with some fellow students and they created the Yu Wen Clan, which has existed ever since. It's a terrifying Holy Clan in the Holy City…

Lin Feng read about the history of the Yu Wen Clan. Yu Wen Ta was terrifyingly strong. Actually, 15,000 years was not a very long time for a Holy Clan, so Yu Wen Ta was probably still alive, but where was he?

Lin Feng was stupefied, the talisman contained so many pieces of information, there was even something about Yu Wen Jing's lineage! She was a direct descendent of the clan, which was why she was called Princess Yu Wen. Yu Wen Hou was her older cousin on her father's side. Of course, he was only one of them, but there wasn't any further mention of Yu Wen Jing's family tree in the talisman, either.

People modified or added things in the talismans every day. On the ground floor of the Edict Palace, Lin Feng already noticed how advanced the Edict Palace was.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, a day pa.s.sed and Lin Feng took out other newspapers and talismans. Time pa.s.sed and Qin Wu, Bu Lan Shan, and Zu Yan left the Edict Palace.

Lin Feng learned about the eighteen cities, about universities, about the different influential groups of the region, and about groups which had been destroyed. For example, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed by the Three Lives great emperor. However, in the talismans, there were only few elements about the Three Lives great emperor. Lin Feng learned that the Three Lives great emperor probably had different social statuses, but he was mysterious and discreet.

Also, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor was a guest of honor of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, Lin Feng was stupefied. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor had amazed Si Xiang City, and he was an astonis.h.i.+ng deployment spell caster, and he was also very close to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Lin Feng remembered what the great emperor in cyan clothes and the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had said back then. In the memories Lin Feng had received from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, there were also many pieces of information about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

Lin Feng was astonished by another news item… the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had a very famous and incredible cultivator back then, his name was Yan Di!

Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan! Yan Di had been crushed a thousand years before, exactly when the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had been destroyed too! No wonder he knew that the statue in the middle contained nothing back then in the palace, and told Lin Feng to steal the statue on the right!

It meant Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!

How many secrets has he hidden from me?, thought Lin Feng. The talismans contained very precise and detailed elements. Back then, Yan Di was an incredible cultivator, and extremely strong. He understood many types of strength and had a terrifying knowledge of deployment spells. However, Yan Di had never really shown how powerful he was, so Lin Feng didn't know how strong Yan Di truly was.

The Moon Palace had The Past Life Scriptures, who caused the trouble back then? Yan Di?, thought Lin Feng. Someone had forced the insane cultivators of the Moon Palace to show up, as well as many other strong cultivators in order to provoke the ancient Clans… was it Yan Di?


While Lin Feng was in the Edict Palace, Ximu went back to Lin Feng's residence again, but still couldn't find him. He was furious! This new student was really p.i.s.sing him off! If Lin Feng didn't come to the Star Group of Ji Chang’s Club, then it would be best for him not to show up at Champion University at all!

However, at the time of the deadline, Lin Feng was still in the Edict Palace, there were too many things to learn there. Lin Feng wasn't even done reading everything, but he had already learned a lot. At the very least, he had found almost everything he wanted. He spent a few days reading the news, but it didn't matter, a few days weren't that important.

"Lin Feng." Qin Wu had come back to the Edict Palace, Lin Feng was still there. He was surprised. How come Lin Feng was so interested in the news?

"You're back?" asked Lin Feng, smiling at Qin Wu.

"On the first day you came to the Edict Palace, Ximu came looking for you and the news spread that he wanted you to go to Ji Chang’s Club, but you didn't go. On the second day, he went back to your residence, he said that you had to go there, otherwise, you'd be in trouble. Today is the third day, that's the deadline he gave you to go there," said Qin Wu with a frown.

"Ximu? I've seen that name before," Lin Feng wondered aloud.

"He's 18th on the ranking list. He's one of the generals of the Star Group of Ji Chang’s Club. He's very strong," Qin Wu told him "Ji Chang’s Club is divided into three groups which are relatively autonomous, especially the Sun Group. They are stronger than any other group in Champion University. Ji Chang’s Club is extremely strong. Now they're holding a grudge against you, what do you intend to do?"

"18th…" whispered Lin Feng: "Today is the deadline?"

"Indeed!" nodded Qin Wu.

"Well then, I'll make him wait a little longer," Lin Feng said carelessly. He didn't care, he just smiled and continued reading.

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