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PMG Chapter 1756

Chapter 1756: Capturing the Flood Dragon

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled, and his nine-headed dragon spirit suddenly moved back. Lin Feng released wind energies and two cosmic energies to create an armor.

Boom! A terrifying energy crashed onto Lin Feng. His armor exploded and Lin Feng was propelled away, looking furious.

The flood dragon looked at Lin Feng and raised his claws, roaring madly. Terrifying demon energies moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. At the same time, he also threw himself at Lin Feng.

"Stupid animal,"  Lin Feng taunted it scornfully. He moved away, mark lights appeared behind him.

"Don't waste time!" The young man's eyes lit up when he saw that the dragon was chasing Lin Feng. He also understood that he had to act now, otherwise he would have no opportunity to do anything, especially now that there were more and more strong cultivators appearing.

Bzzz! A golden light beam and a gigantic golden bowl appeared.

"Take!" said the one who had released the golden bowl. Dazzling golden lights appeared and surrounded the dragon.

The dragon roared furiously as he struggled. He wanted to escape, but it was too difficult.

He turned around and released demon energy to crash against the bowl. However, nothing happened, the demon energies disappeared inside.

"Hmph!" The strong cultivators chased the dragon. Some weak people had died, some others seemed weak but actually didn't use their full strength because there were other strong cultivators there. Finally, some people started using weapons, but n.o.body hurried. They knew that even if they obtained precious treasures, the others would attack them.

Dazzling lights appeared, many people started using treasures so the atmosphere was filled with more and more Qi. The young man with the golden bowl looked angry and felt oppressed.

Lin Feng frowned and released demon Qi, surrounding himself with pitch-black lights. His Kalpa strength rolled in waves. Stealing this dragon would be difficult…

Lights twinkled. Lin Feng took out the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and the sun disc.

"The sun disc, from my clan, the Sun Holy Clan!" A young man looked at Lin Feng coldly and threw himself at him. That young man had come with Yun Qing Yan, it was the one with the sword energies who had killed the ox.

"Sun Holy Clan." Lin Feng was surprised. No wonder his sword energies were so dazzling, and golden like the sun.

"The Celestial Evolution Chessboard, you're from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, you killed Yang Yan!" swore the young man from the Sun Holy Clan, staring fixedly at Lin Feng. Many people looked at Lin Feng then. A strong cultivator from the Vast Celestial Ancient City who had obtained the Celestial Evolution Chessboard? He had also killed many other people. It rang a bell. Many people had heard about him, his name was Lin Feng, it seemed?

Of course, some people didn't remember him, but they remembered the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

Lin Feng didn't care about what people thought, his Celestial Evolution Chessboard became gigantic, and lights twinkled in the air.

Lin Feng drove his G.o.dly awareness into the chessboard, then jumped on it and condensed marks.

He's the one who's been abandoned by the G.o.ds, so he's not hiding his cultivation level, he's really a Zun cultivator who controls several sorts of cosmic energies!, thought Yun Qing Yan, looking at Lin Feng strangely. She had heard about the young man who had been abandoned by the G.o.ds. However, he was extremely strong!

The gigantic dragon roared and moved towards the golden bowl at full speed. The young man smiled coldly and the bowl became gigantic, he wanted the dragon to fall into it. The other cultivators didn't do much now, many of them were just watching.

"Since you don't want him, I'll take him!" Lin Feng was surfing on his Celestial Evolution Chessboard at full speed. People glanced at one another, but they didn't dare act recklessly. He could go and try if he wanted.

The Celestial Evolution Chessboard arrived under the dragon, Lin Feng suddenly jumped and the Celestial Evolution Chessboard surrounded the dragon in an illusion.

"How dare you?" The young man with the golden bowl was furious! At that moment, dangerous lights surrounded the Celestial Evolution Chessboard.

At that moment, Lin Feng was in the illusion, and standing in front of the dragon. He released his celestial book spirit, it was the first time he used it outside. He took the dragon into his spirit.

"Take!" ordered Lin Feng, and the dragon disappeared into his spirit world.

Outside, people were fixedly staring at Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Chessboard became small again, and disappeared. Lin Feng took out a talisman, which exploded and sent Lin Feng ten thousand meters away.

"Oh no!" the crowd frowned, where was the dragon? What had Lin Feng done?

"Lacerate!" A beam of sunlight streaked across the sky, sun swords invaded the atmosphere and moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

The sun disc shone with dazzling light and collided with the sun swords. A small fire dragon appeared. Under Lin Feng's feet, a boat appeared and moved away like lightning!

Everything was happening so fast. n.o.body had thought that Lin Feng would manage to steal the dragon and disappear. Was it thanks to the Celestial Evolution Chessboard?

"Come back!" shouted Chu Chun Qiu, furiously releasing his energies. Lin Feng sensed some willpower invading the atmosphere, but he just smiled coldly and threw out another talisman. His speed was incredible.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!!" The crowd chased him, but Lin Feng's ancient boat was too fast. Combined with the two talismans, it was even faster!

"Chase him!" shouted the people chasing after Lin Feng. The problem was that most of them only had offensive items, they couldn't catch up with Duan Mu's boat. After a short time, Lin Feng disappeared from their view.


In the vast and desolate area of the Demon Pond, there was a demon hill. A cave there was completely sealed and fog hid the entrance with a strange power.

A gigantic dragon was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. He asked coldly, "Where are we?"

"In my world," Lin Feng replied calmly.

"I'll destroy your world, then!" declared the dragon, spitting out terrifying energies. At the same time, he shook his claws, but nothing happened. The dragon was stunned.

"What's going on? What did you do?" demanded the dragon. He couldn't use cosmic energies there!

"In the outside world, I can't use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky. I can only rely on my own cosmic energies, but here it's different. Here you can't use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, it's my world!" Lin Feng replied calmly.

He released death energy to surround the dragon, and the dragon's eyes became pitch-black. "How's that possible? Your cosmic energies shouldn't be that strong!"

Boom! Several sorts of cosmic energies emerged from Lin Feng's body. The dragon was shocked, so many cosmic energies! How was that possible? He couldn't believe it!

"Die!" shouted the dragon furiously, releasing demon energies towards Lin Feng, but Lin Feng simply disappeared. The dragon couldn't attack him.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously releasing more death energy. The dragon's demon energies disappeared. Lin Feng smiled. In Lin Feng's world, the dragon was just a creature, he didn't have unlimited cosmic energies here.

Even though Lin Feng couldn't use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, they didn't decay. His spirit and his body were in perfect symbiosis. In his world, Lin Feng also had an infinity of cosmic energies which never decayed.

The dragon was furious, punching the ground and making Lin Feng's world shake. The dragon's physical strength was scary. Lin Feng understood that even though he was the master of his world, strong cultivators could also destroy it.

"Stupid animal, let's see how long you can resist." Lin Feng rose up in the air and shook his hand. A Purple Tank appeared, and at the same time, its strength surrounded the dragon. The Purple Tank shot at the dragon, but the dragon destroyed it. He was extremely strong.

However, Lin Feng didn't intend to let the dragon off.

PMG Chapter 1757

Chapter 1757: Waiting

In the territory of the Demon Pond, many people were looking for Lin Feng, but the area was too vast, finding someone was too difficult.

Yun Qing Yan and the others gathered again, the young man from the Sun Holy Clan said icily, "Since he's a student at Champion University, let's wait for him there."

"Do you really want him as an enemy?" asked Yun Qing Yan.

"Yang Yan was a direct descendent of the Sun Holy Clan, otherwise he wouldn't have had the sun disc. Lin Feng killed him and stole the disc, he has also killed other people from the Sun Holy Clan, how could I let him off?" Yang Chu Ge replied coldly.

"As you wish, but you're ranked, if you fight against a new student, I won't get involved," Yun Qing Yan returned primly.

"No need, I can solve the issue myself!" answered Yang Chu Ge, and everyone began to depart.

The others also started leaving, especially after learning that Lin Feng was a student at Champion University. Many people wanted to wait for him there.

Regarding Lin Feng, he was in his small world and bombarding the dragon with attacks. The dragon kept roaring, he looked ferocious, but his cosmic energies were restrained. In the outside world, cultivators could borrow the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, they were in symbiosis with nature, but in that world, the dragon's cosmic energy reserves were already empty. He could only use his physical strength to fight against Lin Feng, but it wasn't enough to pose a threat to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng kept releasing death cursing energies, corroding the dragon's body and life. The dragon's life was being drained out slowly. He couldn't escape.

"I will destroy you!" swore the dragon, releasing a terrifying Qi. He had a huge wound on his back now, and it was getting bigger and bigger.

"Stop resisting! I'm doing this for another dragon. You won't die!" Lin Feng promised, and a dragon chant spread in the air. Dragon scales appeared and his blood started boiling. Behind him, a dragon head slowly appeared. It was a real dragon, its body was black and it looked ferocious.

"A dragon?" The flood dragon was stunned. Lin Feng had a dragon in his body!

"Indeed. This dragon is in my blood. It's part of my strength. If you and that dragon fuse together, you'll become extremely strong," Lin Feng said evenly. "Even though you have a terrifying physical strength, you won't resist much longer. If you continue, I will kill you."

The flood dragon looked unhappy, but he understood that Lin Feng was telling the truth. He was very strong and aggressive, and if he wanted, he could kill the dragon. The dragon suddenly looked sad. It had taken him tens of thousands of years to turn into a flood dragon, and now he was going to become a slave.

"Stop resisting. It's for your own good," Lin Feng said pitilessly. "I didn't use precious treasures because I was scared of killing you. If you continue resisting, I won't hesitate anymore!"

The sun disc appeared, Lin Feng didn't want to kill the dragon, otherwise his blood would become less useful.

The thunder hammer appeared. Those two treasures were terrifying together, thunder and fire appearing around them as Lin Feng got closer to the dragon. "Come, be a good boy now. You will live for a very long time through your blood. I will let you keep a thread of will, your will will never disperse that way."

The dragon raised his head and roared in anguish, making the sky shake. After a long time, the dragon looked up at Lin Feng sullenly. "Alright, I'll do as you wish…"

"That's the right decision!" Lin Feng smiled. He landed on the back of the dragon and his Nine-headed dragon spirit appeared and absorbed the dragon's blood.

A few hours later, in the cave, demon strength rolled in waves, a dragon chant spread in the air, and a fearsome pitch-black demonic strength condensed.

Outside of the cave, gra.s.s undulated. The mountain was shaking at the same pace as the dragon chant.

Rumbling sounds spread out, a silhouette came out of the cave. The terrifying demon energy became even more intense.

Lin Feng was surrounded by DevMara Kalpa strength. He raised his head and looked at the sky, as DevMara Kalpa strength descended from above and pierced through his body. Dark lights flew throughout his physical body..

Boom, boom! More DevMara Kalpa strength bombarded Lin Feng's body. But he wasn't afraid, even thought the DevMara Kalpa strength was getting more and more intense.

Finally, the Kalpa strength dispersed. Lin Feng was up in the sky, cleaned by DevMara Kalpa strength four times already. His physical body was becoming more and more dauntless.

However, at that moment, a powerful b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rose nearby. Lin Feng frowned, took out his boat, and left. He couldn't stay there, otherwise it would draw people's attention.


Outside of Champion University, there were students, and also some people who weren't students, there waiting.

"Yang Chu Ge, are you sure Lin Feng stole the flood dragon?" Leng Xia asked Yang Chu Ge. He had already contacted some people from Ji Chang's Club. They were initially going to go to the Demon Pond and then they encountered Yang Chu Ge on the way, so they had come back. Apparently, Lin Feng had stolen the flood dragon.

Yang Chu Ge didn't reply. He glanced at Leng Xia. Leng Xia was the 6th student and he was the 7th, precisely because he had lost against Xia. Yang Chu Ge didn't like Leng Xia. He hoped to surpa.s.s the other someday.

When Leng Xia saw Yang Chu Ge remain silent, he smiled coldly and said, "Yang Chu Ge, you're lucky you're the seventh student, you should pay more attention to Ji Chang's Club instead of following that girl. You could become something."

"Stop it with your nonsense. I will soon challenge you and Puyang," Yang Chu Ge shot back. The 5th and 6th students were both members of Ji Chang's Club.

"Anytime," Leng Xia smiled back.

"How noisy, something is going on." At that moment, someone appeared in the distance, he was wearing white clothes and had his hands in his sleeves. He smiled at the crowd.

People raised their heads and looked surprised, even a bit scared. Jing Shou, this guy was extremely dangerous…

"Miss Qing Yan is here too!" Jing Shou looked at Yun Qing Yan and nodded.

"Why shouldn't I be here?" asked Yun Qing Yan, frowning. She looked back at Jing Shou and said, "Jing Shou, you haven't joined any group, you should stay with me and join the Yun Club."

"Nah, if I follow you everyday, I'll lose my mind and fall in love and then you'll abandon me," Jing Shou smiled. Then, he looked at the crowd and asked with a chuckle, "Who wants to challenge whom?"

"I've heard that you are an, Jing Shou, is that true?" asked a young man, grinning at Jing Shou.

"Since you've heard that, it can only be true!" replied Jing Shou modestly.

"I'd like to see your hands!" the young man said impolitely.

"I've heard that s.h.i.+ Yi from the Celestial G.o.dly University had dragon blood and had gone to the Demon Pond to hunt dragons, what is he doing here?" Jing Shou replied easily. Then, he looked at the crowd and smiled further. "I see, some students from Champion University must have obtained dragons, and now they're waiting for the ones with the dragons to come back to Champion University because they are not happy."

"So what?" s.h.i.+ Yi challenged him.

"Nothing, I just want to watch people fight!" Jing Shou shrugged, stepping aside to wait.


Lin Feng didn't know about any of that. He was on his boat flying at full speed. When he drew nearer to the University, he saw some people on the horizon, they seemed to be waiting for something.

Lin Feng stopped his boat and examined the crowd. He understood they were waiting for him.

"Interesting." Jing Shou saw Lin Feng and looked amused. That guy had taken a dragon in front of everybody and dared show up again, such people were rare. Even though Jing Shou wasn't interested in the dragon, he knew that he couldn't defeat a dragon alone!

PMG Chapter 1758

Chapter 1758: Aggressive

"You finally came back!" shouted Yang Chu Ge. Then, he walked up to Lin Feng, his eyes filled with scorching hot flames.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd disdainfully. Those people were ridiculous, they had been waiting for him?

"I'm back, what do you want?" Lin Feng  asked indifferently.

"You hid the flood dragon in some in some kind of treasure, show it to us!" ordered Yang Chu Ge, staring at Lin Feng. The others also walked forwards and surrounded Lin Feng.

"People from Champion University want to join hands with people from other universities, but here we're just outside Champion University," said Lin Feng looking at the crowd coldly. Yang Chu Ge was also a student at Champion University, and Lin Feng had already seen Leng Xia in the Edict Palace, he was a member of Ji Chang's Club. The others were probably from other universities.

The people coming in and out of the university were surprised to see all those people surrounding someone. They were interested once they found out those people were arguing over the flood dragon. They had also heard about that in the Edict Palace.

"The four universities of the Holy City have rules. If students want to challenge other students, they have to do inside the university. If both parties agree, students can fight on the battle stage," said Jing Shou indifferently. "It's funny to see so many strong cultivators surround a new student though, including the sixth and seventh student."

People frowned, so many strong cultivators were surrounding a new student, that was shameless indeed!

"That guy stole the flood dragon, we can't let him off!" Yang Chu Ge retorted.

"Since you had the dragon and he stole it from you, it means that you guys suck at cultivation," Jing Shou judged calmly.

Yang Chu Ge was infuriated. Lin Feng had taken the flood dragon in front of so many people, they had been too careless indeed. Everybody had seen Lin Feng, and still he had escaped.

Lin Feng looked at Jing Shou. That guy was mysterious, he looked and sounded like a killer.

"If you want the flood dragon, come on then!" said Lin Feng walked forwards. Yang Chu Ge pulled a long face and released a terrifying and scorching sun. It was different from Yang Yan's sun though, Yang Chu Ge's was much more powerful. Several suns appeared, containing terrifying sword energies that moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

Lin Feng frowned, an armor appeared and he stuck forward with both hands. A Purple Tank appeared and slammed into the incoming blades. The sun swords broke apart and exploded.

Lin Feng continued walking forwards. He didn't use any treasures, so Yang Chu Ge couldn't either, otherwise he would lose face.

He walked forwards too, looking like a dazzling sun.

"Die!" someone shouted furiously. Suddenly, a gigantic bird of fire moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.

"Imprison!" Lin Feng shook his hand and DevMara Kalpa strength blocked the gigantic fire bird and imprisoned it. However, the gigantic bird quickly broke free.

"Rule!" Lin Feng rose up in the air and his DevMara Kalpa turned into a web which destroyed the gigantic bird.

"Slice!" Yang Chu Ge rose up in the air, condensing sun swords which charged towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sensed a powerful strength. Yang Chu Ge was very strong, he was in the top ten at university. His cosmic energies were already level seven. He could even kill medium-level emperors easily.

Lin Feng suddenly released extraordinary immortal and demonic energies, looking like a demon king. His eyes were filled with death energies, his robe was fluttering in the wind. In a short time, Lin Feng's Qi had completely changed, he looked like a death G.o.d.

"Die!" Thunder descended from the sky, clouds appeared, sword lights moved chaotically. The death G.o.d Lin Feng rose up in the air. Yang Chu Ge was stunned, he had the feeling he wasn't facing a human being anymore.

"Four Energies Destructive!" Yang Chu Ge was dumbstruck, he couldn't believe that Lin Feng had studied the Four Energies Destructive, it meant that he could also make four types of energies fuse together and use them as a spell! That was unbelievable!

Wind energies surrounded Lin Feng. Yang Chu Ge had the sensation that his will was being destroyed. At the same time, death energies rose up in the air. He started running away, but Lin Feng followed him at full speed and shouted furiously. His Purple Tank appeared again and streaked across the sky.

"p.i.s.s off!" Magnificent and dazzling sword lights appeared and destroyed the Purple Tank. However, Yang Chu Ge didn't look happy and Lin Feng only smiled coldly. Lin Feng continued towards the entrance of Champion University. Yang Chu Ge didn't chase him, his hands were shaking on the Holy Light Sword he was holding.

He's so strong. Surprisingly, Yang Chu Ge had to use his Holy Light Sword!, thought the crowd, astonished. Most of them now knew that Lin Feng was the one who had been abandoned by the G.o.ds in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, but that he understood seven types of cosmic energies. At that moment, he had already used several sorts of cosmic energies, but they weren't the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, but somehow his own. It seemed like his own cosmic energies had no limits, it was strange. They didn't understand how he could do that…

People who hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer but who understood cosmic energies didn't have access to an unlimited amount of cosmic energies, but Lin Feng seemed to be different. Maybe it was because he understood several sorts of cosmic energies?

"Yang Chu Ge, as a cultivator, it's normal to lose sometimes. Don't take it to heart. Practice more and someday you'll surpa.s.s him," Yun Qing Yan said with a polite smile. She headed in to Champion University, and many other people did the same. They had all seen how strong Lin Feng was, they couldn't afford to underestimate him. He had even defeated Yang Chu Ge!

"It seems that the 7th student is not that good," Leng Xia remarked with freezing irony and burning satire. He entered the university too. Leng Xia wondered who would win between him and Lin Feng. If he had been Yang Chu Ge, he wouldn't have laughed…

It seems that everyone from Ji Chang's Club is being defeated, those new students are strong, thought Leng Xia. After a short time, everyone was back inside the university. The other students didn't have Champion Cards, but they could also go inside Champion University sometimes, that was a rule the four universities had agreed on in the Holy City.

Students could go to other universities as they wished, but of course, they couldn't go to places like Champion Hall or Edict Palace.

"What's going on?" At that moment, people who were in Champion University noticed Lin Feng, he was being followed by many other people. They were surprised.

"I recognize him, he's a new student, he became a student three months ago. He's extremely arrogant. He offended Princess Yu Wen and then Ji Chang's Club. He's strange, though!"

"You're talking about Lin Feng, I guess? I've heard of him, he's from the Vast Celestial Ancient City, back then, at the Ice Moon Lake, he was about to break through to the Huang Qi layer but it failed. The G.o.ds didn't let him become an emperor, but in the end he decided to defy them and now he controls seven types of cosmic energies. Everybody knows about that in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He's very strong," someone else informed them proudly, then joined the crowd to watch.

"Imperial Kalpa? I don't think he can defeat potential champions of the university with the strength of the Zun Qi layer."

"Hehe, you can't underestimate him, what Zun cultivator could understand seven sorts of cosmic energies? Have you ever heard of such a thing?"

"Indeed, I've never heard of that,  but the problem is that if he remains an Imperial Kalpa, he'll be stuck at some point and he'll never become a champion."

People were making comments about Lin Feng as more and more people gathered.

PMG Chapter 1759

Chapter 1759: Ji Wuyou

At that moment, some people were fighting on the battle stage and many people were watching.

Ji Chang's Club's Star Group had been humiliated twice because of new students, and needed to regain their reputation. Princess Yu Wen and Puyang had gone and looked for the new students who were extremely strong. One of them was elegant and called Hou Qing Lin, the other one was a Buddhist monk and called Tian Chi. They were fellow disciples.

Yu Wen Hou also came to see the battle, many people from the Star Group were there. They couldn't afford to lose.

Puyang was going to fight against Hou Qing Lin and Princess Yu Wen against Tian Chi. Tian Chi and Hou Qing Lin had also become famous at university. Each time people of Ji Chang's Club lost, their members felt even more under pressure.

Hou Qing Lin could have refused Puyang's challenge, as his ranking wasn't as high as Puyang's. But he hadn't refused, he liked to fight, so it was a good exercise.

Bzzz! Puyang looked at the two disciples and shouted furiously, "Come here!"

Hou Qing Lin rose up in the air and jumped onto the battle stage. His robe was fluttering in the wind. He looked determined and focused.

At the same time, Yu Wen Jing also looked at Tian Chi.

Tian Chi put his palms together and golden lights emerged. The two battles had started.

"Interesting. I've been a student for a few years and I've never seen such interesting new students. They're extremely strong and on top of that, they're not from the Holy City," whispered someone in the crowd watching the battle.

"But Puyang is the 5th student, Hou Qing Lin can't defeat him."

"I've heard that Hou Qing Lin uses reincarnation cosmic energy, it's a very rare kind of energy. He must have a special bloodline. Back then, I had a friend who knew reincarnation energy, too. He was very talented. However, he didn't manage to break through to the Huang Qi layer because his reincarnation energy wouldn't turn into reincarnation cosmic energy. Hou Qing Lin is really talented."

"Reincarnation energy is rare indeed, I don't know why," commented someone else.

On the battle stage, the battles had already started. Puyang was condensing thunder and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies. His attacks were aggressive and explosive. The atmosphere was filled with thunder.

Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation cosmic energy, the atmosphere around him distorting. Sword lights appeared around him.

Puyang waved his hand and an empty s.p.a.ce light beam appeared, it fused together with thunder energies and surrounded Hou Qing Lin.

"Cut!" A reincarnation curtain appeared around Hou Qing Lin, it seemed like it could absorb anything, including his opponent's thunder.

These reincarnation energies are incredible, thought the crowd. Those two people were incredibly strong. Puyang's cosmic energies were already level eight and Hou Qing Lin's cosmic energies were level seven. However, Puyang's dual cosmic energies were still absorbed by the reincarnation cosmic energies, nothing could escape from them.

Puyang jumped forwards, he wanted to try close combat. Thunders descended from the sky, the atmosphere turned purple, his empty s.p.a.ce energies also surrounded Hou Qing Lin again.

"Come and taste my reincarnation strength!" Hou Qing Lin invited him coldly. Reincarnation energies surrounded Puyang, who groaned dully. It was difficult to get close. Hou Qing Lin's energy was destroying all his cosmic energies! How was that possible? Usually, such a thing happened only when there was a big level difference between two cultivators.

"Asura, absorb!" Hou Qing Lin said calmly. He used his Asura Reincarnation strength to destroy his enemy's cosmic energies, then his energies penetrated into his opponent's body.

"You want to die!" Puyang's expression changed drastically. He continued running towards Hou Qing Lin, explosions kept spreading in the air as their energies met.

"Body Reincarnation!" shouted Hou Qing Lin quickly, turning into an illusion as his spirit appeared. He could make anything disappear into the reincarnation wheel of life.

How powerful! Reincarnation cosmic energies, reincarnation spirit, perfect!, thought the crowd.

On the other side, Tian Chi and Yu Wen Jing were also fighting. Yu Wen Jing was using her Four Seasons attack, which involved using four different types of cosmic energies. Tian Chi was defending so far. He looked like an indestructible Buddha, remaining motionless. He kept chanting mantras which turned into terrifying attacks.

People were so captivated by the battles that they didn't notice that a big group of people had appeared in the distance.

When Lin Feng arrived, he was surprised  at what he was seeing and sped up. When he arrived at the crowd, he was pleasantly surprised, suddenly smiled broadly..

They're here!, thought Lin Feng, looking at Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. They hadn't changed at all. They just kept becoming more and more elegant, and stronger too! Lin Feng was very happy to see that they had become strong, they had probably gone through lots of hards.h.i.+p.

"Puyang." Leng Xia looked at Puyang and Yu Wen Jing strangely. Those people were fighting against new students!

"This year, the new students are incredible. Reincarnation strength, Buddhist cultivation, such cultivators are rare, thought Yu Wen Hou and the other members of the Star Group watching the battle. Yu Wen Hou tried to look unmoved, but on the inside, he was very nervous. He knew perfectly well that Puyang and Yu Wen Jing were very strong. Ordinary low-level emperors couldn't defeat them, they could even defeat medium-level emperors… but at university, it was a different story.

"Yu Wen, he's here!" whispered someone next to Yu Wen Hou. Yu Wen Hou gazed into the distance and saw someone in fine clothes. That person also looked arrogant and proud, as if he considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.

He's also interested in these battles?, thought Yu Wen Hou with a smile. That guy had become the first student a year before and since then, n.o.body had challenged him again.

He was very strong and talented, quite extraordinary. He also had an incredible fellow disciple.

Ji Wuyou was the first student, he had defeated Jing Shou back then and become the first on the list. n.o.body dared fight against him anymore.

Ji Wuyou was also Ji Chang's younger brother.

"Ji Wuyou." Someone noticed Ji Wuyou at the same time in the crowd, they were startled to see him. It had been a year since they had seen him on a battle stage, rumors said that he was practicing really hard to become stronger, his goal was to become a Champion, not a potential Champion.

Jing Shou was smiling indifferently, but when he heard Ji Wuyou's name, he suddenly frowned, turned his head, and saw Ji Wuyou. He looked at him icily. He had lost against the other back then, it was the reason he was in second place on the list. Now it was almost impossible for him to rise up in the ranking list.

Ji Wuyou looked calm and aloof. He walked over to Yu Wen Hou and watched the battles.

"How come you came today?" Yu Wen Hou asked Ji Wuyou.

"The Yu Wen Clan wants an alliance by marriage with my clan, right?" Ji Wuyou replied indifferently.

Yu Wen Hou smiled and said, "You and Princess Yu Wen would be a perfect couple."

Ji Wuyou didn't say anything, he just watched Yu Wen Jing on the battle stage.

PMG Chapter 1760

Chapter 1760: Six People Fight

"Ji Wuyou, who do you think will win between the princess and the Buddhist monk?" Yu Wen Hou asked Ji Wuyou in a low voice.

"The battle is balanced, but the Yu Wen Clan has some great secret Qi, right? Yu Wen Jing also knows the strength of the Four Seasons, if she uses her full strength, the Buddhist monk can't defeat her," Ji Wuyou judged calmly. Yu Wen Hou smiled, Ji Wuyou was favoring the Yu Wen Clan!

"But Puyang can't win," judged Ji Wuyou, watching Hou Qing Lin and Puyang.

Yu Wen Hou frowned and looked at Hou Qing Lin's cosmic energies. He wasn't weaker than Puyang and his cosmic energies were terrifying. In addition, his cosmic energies and his spirit were a perfect match. A reincarnation energy curtain surrounded Puyang and Asura strength rose to the heavens.

Tian Chi and Yu Wen Jing's battle was incredible. A gigantic golden hand moved towards Yu Wen Jing at full speed, while at the same time, Yu Wen Jing released a Four Seasons attack. Tian Chi's golden hand then disappeared, yet the energies continued moving towards Tian Chi. Even a medium-level emperor couldn't resist such an attack.

"Oh no!" Lin Feng frowned. Yu Wen Jing had a hidden Qi, it was fearsome!

Lights shone, Tian Chi's body became golden, and a Budda appeared. Yu Wen Jing's strength bombarded Tian Chi's Buddha, but the Buddha remained motionless. A metallic sound spread in the air, some ice and fire energies penetrated into the Buddha before it shattered. Tian Chi was propelled violently backwards, but at the same time, he was chanting mantras and his voice turned into golden hand imprints.

"Destroy, destroy, destroy…" his voice echoed all around.

At that same moment, Puyang was being bombarded by Hou Qing Lin and was forced backwards. Puyang glared at Tian Chi icily.

"Since we're on the same battle stage, let's fight together!" snarled Puyang, throwing himself at Tian Chi. Hou Qing Lin looked at him in an icily and released an Asura sword, shouting, "Be careful!"

Tian Chi sensed that Puyang was attacking him and Yu Wen Jing was still releasing energies. He was stuck.

He released more golden Buddha lights which surrounded his body and turned into armor.

"Boom!" Puyang a.s.saulted Tian Chi again, condensing cosmic energies.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Lin Feng was furious when he saw that. He immediately rose up in the air and landed next to Tian Chi.

"p.i.s.s off!" A Purple Tank shook the air, Lin Feng dragged Tian Chi away and threw a talisman into the air. They immediately disappeared and reappeared on the edge of the battle stage.

Yu Wen Jing bombarded the atmosphere where Lin Feng and Tian Chi were originally, but there was n.o.body there anymore.

Teleportation, deployment strength! The crowd was astonished. How had Lin Feng appeared on stage?

"It's Lin Feng." Someone recognized Lin Feng, the student who had joined the university three months before. Why was he on stage now?

"Lin Feng!" Tian Chi was dumbstruck, he could only scratch his head and smile.

"Brother!" Lin Feng replied, smiling back. It had been such a long time since they had last seen each other. They probably had millions of things to tell each other.

"I'm so happy to see you!" Tian Chi exclaimed. Then, he turned to Hou Qing Lin, beaming. "Brother, it's Lin Feng!"

"I know it's Lin Feng!" replied Hou Qing Lin, also smiling broadly. He wasn't blind.

"Brother!" Lin Feng looked at Hou Qing Lin, who was running towards them. He hadn't changed at all, he still looked elegant and strong.

"Brother?" The crowd was stupefied. Did Lin Feng know those guys? Were they his fellow disciples too?

Three fellow disciples?

"Who is their teacher? Are they from a Holy Clan?" wondered many people aloud. Those three people had ended up in Champion University together and were fellow disciples. The crowd was astonished, they didn't know what was going on.

The battle was incredible with those four cultivators.

"You again?" Yu Wen Jing said to Lin Feng cuttingly. Lin Feng, again!

"It's the champion battle stage, and you dare come and fight as you wish?" demanded Puyang, staring at Lin Feng.

"Who do you think you are to talk to me?" said Lin Feng glancing at him disdainfully. He had lost against Hou Qing Lin, so he had decided to attack Tian Chi by surprise. "The 5th student is a joke!" mocked Lin Feng.

Puyang looked furious. At that moment, Leng Xia jumped onto the battle stage and shouted, "You dared get involved while people were battling, you should die!"

Hou Qing Lin spat back, "Initially, there were two battles, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d suddenly attacked Tian Chi by surprise, and now you say Lin Feng should die? We're now six, let's have a battle to the death!"

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, a battle to the death!

When the crowd heard Hou Qing Lin, they were astonished all over again. How arrogant, six people, a battle to death? Such battles were extremely rare!

But he sounded very confident. If the other team accepted, maybe that they were all going to die.

Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi and Lin Feng were the 12th, 13th and 21st students, but Hou Qing Lin had just proved that he was much stronger than the fifth student Puyang. Tian Chi was strong too, but people didn't know how strong Lin Feng was in comparison to the people of the top ten.

Puyang, Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing were the 5th, 6th and 14th students, but n.o.body knew how strong Yu Wen Jing really was. Her energies were terrifying, she had proven it a moment before.

I would love to watch such a group battle, thought the crowd. Since Hou Qing Lin had proposed a battle to death, everyone would fight even harder.

Battles to the death were dangerous things at Champion University. As long as one of cultivators accepted, then the battles were incredible and n.o.body could get involved. They also couldn't use special weapons, otherwise, the mysterious leaders of the university would get involved.

Therefore, few people battled to death at university. Strong cultivators were confident, weak people could refuse. Sometimes, both sides were self-confident though.

Battle to the death, how insane…, thought Puyang, looking at Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing.

"How could Princess Yu Wen fight? She's such an incredible woman!" Ji Wuyou spoke up for her. Yu Wen Jing had a high social social status and Hou Qing Lin wanted to kill her? Besides, Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were supposed to get married at some point, he couldn't let her get injured.

"Let's fight, if you don't dare, p.i.s.s off! In your eyes she's a princess, in my eyes she's a stinky b.i.t.c.h!" Tian Chi reb.u.t.ted him instantly.

"You're acting recklessly, you mean nothing to me. Let's fight, you're worthless, your lives are completely meaningless!" swore Yu Wen Jing, releasing freezing energies.

Puyang, Leng Xia and Yu Wen Jing moved apart, getting ready to fight.

"Lin Feng, who are you going to fight?" Hou Qing Lin asked. Even though Lin Feng appeared to be a Zun cultivator, cultivation level wasn't the only thing that mattered with Lin Feng. Back then, he had also seen Lin Feng become stronger. Even if this place was Champion University, Lin Feng wouldn't have pa.s.sed the exam if he had been weak.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled, then Hou Qing Lin continued, "I'll take Yu Wen Jing; Tian Chi, you take Puyang; Lin Feng will take Leng Xia."

"Alright!" Tian Chi nodded. Yu Wen Jing released her strength, she was stronger than Puyang.

"Alright!" Lin Feng agreed, not really caring who he fought. Those three people were all the same in his eyes…

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