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PMG Chapter 1773

Chapter 1773: Ancestor Zhu Tian

By the battling fields, Yun Qing Yan was with the others, she looked extremely worried.

"How can you be so relaxed?" asked Yun Qing Yan to Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. Those guys were Lin Feng's friend.

"He's a monster. He won't die that easily. I'm sure Lin Feng will come back," Tian Chi said lightly. They had survived in the small world and the great world, they had gone through far more terrible things. They were convinced nothing was going to happen to him.

But some other people were worried. Yu Wen Hou looked unmoved, but on the inside he was a bit worried. He kept gazing into the distance. He thought, The ceremony is going to start. Feng Hei Sha and the others should come back now.

Yu Wen Hou was convinced that Lin Feng couldn't escape. Feng Hei Sha was a medium-level emperor. The difference between Lin Feng and him was terrifying. Lin Feng was strong, but he was just in the normal ranking list, while Feng Hei Sha was in the higher ranking list at sixty-something. They had also sent other strong cultivators who were in the top ten of the normal list. Lin Feng couldn't win against such a scary army.

Now, Feng Hei Sha was supposed to come back to the ceremony…

Two silhouettes appeared in the distance. Yu Wen Jing raised his head, and saw Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing. They were holding hands and looked like a perfect couple. Yu Wen Hou smiled when he saw them. Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were a perfect couple, they were attracted to one another. Yu Wen Hou was happy about that.

The Ji Clan had a potential future Champion, Ji Chang,, so they were happy. Many people admired them. They also admired Ji Wuyou. He had joined Champion University and had amazed everyone by becoming the first student. Many people said he was walking on the same path as his older brother and he would amaze everyone.

Ji Wuyou arrived at full speed and stopped in the air. He looked at Yu Wen Hou and then at Tiantai's people. He asked coldly, “Where is Lin Feng?"

"Hmph! You set up a plot against him and now you ask us?" spat Tantai.

Ji Wuyou frowned and demanded, “What do you mean?"

"Ji Wuyou, Princess," Yu Wen Hou said at that moment.

Ji Wuyou glanced at Tantai and the others coldly. Then, he moved over to Yu Wen Hou and asked, “What's going on?"

"Back then, Lin Feng humiliated us and killed Shang Yu, so I sent Puyang and Leng Xia to get our revenge. Lin Feng won't partic.i.p.ate in the ceremony.," Yu Wen Hou told them.

Ji Wuyou frowned and groaned at his words. Doing that against someone as small as Lin Feng, what for? He wasn't worth it.

"Forget about it. He's not important. If he dies, that's good. Otherwise, it doesn't matter," said Yun Wen Hou indifferently.

Tantai and the others looked furious. Yun Qing Yan smiled sarcastically said, “Losers dare act that arrogantly, I don't know why."

"They have no sense of honor. They think they're men, but they're worthless," said Tantai mockingly. Even though Yu Wen Jing was strong, he had lost against Hou Qing Lin, but he continued being that arrogant.

Yu Wen Jing frowned and sneered, “Tiantai, right? Remember, I will destroy you."

"You dare say that?" said Yun Qing Yan.

"Yun Qing Yan, your parents are staff members here at Champion University. I respect you but don't go too far. Your parents don't have the highest social status here. There are many people as powerful as them at university," Ji Wuyou threatened.

Yun Qing Yan pulled a long face. What a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he dared talk about her parents?!

"You're just a student and you dare act that arrogantly. You think your brother is almighty?"

"So what?" Ji Wuyou huffed. “Besides, my brother is my brother, I am me, I don't need to rely on him to be famous!"

"Hmph!" Yun Qing Yan groaned coldly. At that moment, the crowd was startled. In the distance, some people had arrived.

"The elders, dozens of elders." the crowd gazed into the distance and everybody started whispering, “Only Celestial Emperors can be elders. They contribute a lot. They're also among the strongest people in their category. There are many hidden talents at university. Students are geniuses. The Holy City's strongest groups are neither aristocratic groups nor Holy Clans, but the universities!"

"My parents are here!" Yun Qing Yan whispered. The elders landed next to the battlefields and sat down in the floating bleachers on the sides of the battlefields.

"Masters." Many people greeted the elders politely. For many of them, it was the first time they had ever seen elders from the university. Usually, those people didn't come out and when they did, they were not recognizable.

In the distance, a cloud had appeared. People raised their heads in surprise. The ancient elders had shown up! Those people were monumentally strong, Saint Emperors! Even in Holy Clans, Saint Emperors were terrifying cultivators. However, Saint Emperors were very ambitious and never wanted to stop.

Three silhouettes appeared in the sky and descended from the sky. They sat on the main seats of the main bleachers.

The ancient elders are not the same ones as ten years ago. Champion University is terrifyingly powerful, thought a few people who had partic.i.p.ated in the previous ceremony.

That's Ancestor Zhu Tian, surprisingly he's here, thought Yun Qing Yan, looking at the old man in the middle. He had an imposing appearance. She had seen that ancient elder once before, her parents had told her his name, Ancestor Zhu Tian. He used to be the director of Champion University. He was extremely strong and could destroy the sky with his celestial hands attacks. He had incredible powers!

What if Lin Feng isn't coming back? The ancestors are incredible, if Lin Feng stood out, they would notice him and his future would be amazing, thought Yun Qing Yan. Her parents looked at her and nodded. If Lin Feng showed up, they'd be able to recommend him. Such opportunities were extremely rare, once every ten years.

At that moment, Ji Wuyou also looked at the ancient elders and said to Yu Wen Jing, “That's Ancestor Zhu Tian, back then, I went to the celestial mountain with my brother and I saw him. He must remember me. I'll try to help you, but even if he doesn't want to recruit disciples, the two ancient elders next to him are also terrifyingly strong."

"Alright!" Yu Wen Jing nodded. She looked excited. If an elder became her teacher, she would have the keys to becoming a terrifyingly strong cultivator.

The ceremony is going to start, thought the crowd. The lists would maybe change, especially for the champions.

"Where are they?" thought Yu Wen Hou, frowning and gazing into the distance. Why did Feng Hei Sha need so much time to take care of such a weak cultivator as Lin Feng? He had sent Feng Hei Sha to deal with Lin Feng just in case. Puyang and Leng Xia were really strong, so in a team of five, Lin Feng had to be dead already.

At that moment, in the distance, two people arrived. Lin Feng was there, he looked confident and at ease, just as handsome as before. Yu Wen Hou frowned. He suddenly looked furious.

"How's that possible? How come he's alive? And with Qin Wu?" Yu Wen Hou frowned. There was n.o.body behind Lin Feng and Qin Wu. Where were Feng Hei Sha, Puyang, and Leng Xia? Yu Wen Hou didn't understand, where were they?

"Lin Feng." "At that moment, Qing Feng had also noticed Lin Feng. She was very happy. Yun Qing Yan and the others looked over excitedly. Lin Feng was back!

"He's alright, and he brought Qin Wu back!" Yun Qing Yan was surprised; Lin Feng was safe and sound and Qin Wu was even with him!

PMG Chapter 1776

Chapter 1776: Calm and Serene

Ancestor Zhu Tian looked at Lin Feng. He had a body which allowed him to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies and did control them. So why did have the strength of the Zun Qi layer? Ancestor Zhu Tian had never seen such a thing.

"What's wrong with your cultivation?" asked Ancestor Zhu Tian to Lin Feng.

"Master, when the cosmic energies of the sky and the earth were about to cleanse my body, suddenly, they stopped, and some people said I was an Imperial Kalpa. I was furious because I wanted to break through to the Huang Qi layer, and in the end I managed to use seven sorts of cosmic energies. After that, I also made three other abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies and learned how to use ten sorts of cosmic energies. However, as before, I can't break through to the Huang Qi layer," said Lin Feng to Ancestor Zhu Tian calmly. He didn't dare say he had a restriction body.

"Imperial Kalpa, abandoned by the G.o.ds." Ancestor Zhu Tian was surprised. He could sense Lin Feng's cultivation level, he was really a Zun cultivator, but he controlled ten sorts of cosmic energies!

Such people exist?, thought the crowd.

"Ancestor, if he managed to break free from that malediction, his future would be incredible," said Mr. Yun, glancing at Lin Feng. What Lin Feng had said to Ancestor Zhu Tian was different from what he had told Mr. Yun the previous time. Even though he didn't know why, he still hoped that Ancestor Zhu Tian would become Lin Feng's teacher. That way, Lin Feng would become extremely strong.

"He has been abandoned by the G.o.ds, there's nothing you can teach him. He's just a weirdo," interrupted Ji Wuyou coldly. He looked at Ancestor Zhu Tian and said, “Ancestor, Yu Wen Jing only knows four types of cosmic energies, but she has potential, she's very talented. She's more talented than a weirdo who's been abandoned by the G.o.ds."

Ancestor Zhu Tian was serene, he nodded and said, “You should practice cultivation harder. When you break through to the Huang Qi layer, I'll help you, maybe."

When the crowd heard that, they were astonished, the old man didn't intend to help Lin Feng? In normal circ.u.mstances, the old man would have been overjoyed, he would have done his best to help Lin Feng. But because Ji Wuyou was there, he didn't want to be nice to Lin Feng. After all, Ji Wuyou was really talented, Lin Feng was just an Imperial Kalpa. The decision was easy.

"Ancestor," said Mr. Yun at that moment, “Lin Feng is an Imperial Kalpa and understands ten sorts of cosmic energies, if he breaks through to the Huang Qi layer, with his talent, he'll become terrifyingly strong."

"That's enough," said Ancestor Zhu Tian, he understood. “I get your point. That's why I said Lin Feng should practice cultivation really hard and break free from that malediction."

"Thank you very much, Ancestor," Lin Feng replied, and bowed politely before descending from the sky. Mr. Yun was startled and glanced at Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng nodded at him, so Mr. Yun stopped talking. Lin Feng wasn't offended.

The crowd looked pensive, especially those who knew about Lin Feng's past. They hadn't thought that Lin Feng was such in a difficult situation. Ji Wuyou and Lin Feng were enemies, and if Ancestor Zhu Tian supported Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou, the situation looked bad for Lin Feng.

"Many people haven't displayed their strength yet. Why hide? If you're not determined, how can you progress in the world of cultivation?" said Ancestor Zhu Tian. Many people rose up into the air and showed how strong they were.

Lin Feng looked at the geniuses, his heart as calm as a winter lake. The path of cultivation wasn't easy, even for those who had a special body. Life wasn't easy in general.

"Lin Feng!" At that moment, Hou Qing Lin came over to Lin Feng.

"Brother," said Lin Feng raising his head and smiling, “Brother, why are you not going? Your reincarnation strength is incredible. You'll amaze everybody."

Hou Qing Lin shook his head and said, “Lin Feng, what other people think is not important. We just need to be determined."

"I understand!" Lin Feng nodded. He actually didn't care about what other people thought, including Ancestor Zhu Tian. If he prefered Ji Wuyou, that was his choice. It had nothing to do with Lin Feng. As long as they were determined, everything was fine.

The ceremony was going well, but Lin Feng didn't care anymore. He was absent-minded and didn't pay attention to the ceremony anymore.

"Lin Feng." At that moment, Hou Qing Lin saw that Lin Feng was just standing there as if the outside world had nothing to do with him.

"Eh?" Lin Feng raised his head, Hou Qing Lin was staring at him.

"The ceremony is over." said Hou Qing Lin with a smile. Lin Feng glanced around and realized all the old men were gone, as well as Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing. They had seen how strong the students were, that was enough.

"Let's go back!" said Lin Feng, and the friends left. However, at that moment, Lin Feng sensed some energies, he frowned and gazed into the distance. He noticed Yu Wen Hou and the others. Next to Yu Wen Hou, there was a strong cultivator. His facial expression were ice-cold, emotionless.

"Medium-level emperor?" Lin Feng was surprised. That guy was extremely strong. He was stronger than Yu Wen Hou. Lin Feng guessed his ident.i.ty: Shang Jun, Shang Yu's older brother.

"Yu Wen Hou, you told me he was dead already?" said Shang Jun, staring unhappily at Lin Feng.

Yu Wen Hou frowned, but didn't reply. Shang Jun looked at Lin Feng and said, “Shang Yu was weak and immature, but his murderer must die too!"

Then, he rolled up his sleeves and walked forwards.

Yu Wen Hou was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and groaned aloud. He turned around and left too.

Lin Feng shouted out, looking at Yu Wen Hou's back, “Don't forget what I said!. We, Tiantai, challenged the Star Group, everyone!"

Yu Wen Hou s.h.i.+vered with rage, but  he continued walking, his expression furious.

PMG Chapter 1777

Chapter 1777: Ancient Holy Clan's Grave

In the remote celestial mountains of Champion University, cosmic energies rose to the skies. There was an ancient path there, and on the path, there were statues. Those statues were emperors and they contained intent.

Ji Wuyou was walking along the path. Each time he made a step, a terrifying will surrounded him and turned into a silhouette containing a terrifying strength attacking him.

Boom! Explosions sounded and Ji Wuyou was thrown back, outside of the path. He looked furious.

I can only make a few steps. Half a year and I can only make a few steps, thought Ji Wuyou, releasing waves of powerful Qi. A Cyan Dragon Totem appeared and roared violently. However,, the statues instantly prevented him from moving.

Behind him, Yu Wen Jing spoke up gently, "Wuyou, ten steps is quite good already. I can only make five. the ancestor says that your older brother could do only twenty when he was a low-level emperor. If you continue, you'll soon be able to make fifteen steps."

"No, I need to be much stronger than my brother, otherwise, everybody will make fun of me!" replied Ji Wuyou, shaking his head. He turned around and looked at Yu Wen Jing tenderly. He caressed her cheeks and smiled, “Your boyfriend must become the strongest cultivator in the world, I must become even stronger than my brother Ji Chang!"

"I have faith in you. I need to continue practicing my Four Seasons skills," Yu Wen Jing smiled. During these six months, Ancestor Zhu Tian had been taking care of them. They were practicing cultivation in perfect conditions with Ancestor Zhu Tian. They had progressed a lot during those six months. Ji Wuyou was only one step away from becoming a medium-level emperor. After becoming a medium-level emperor, he intended to try and get onto the higher ranking list.

Of course, Yu Wen Jing understood that Ancestor Zhu Tian had agreed to become their teacher because they were talented, of course, but mainly because of Ji Chang. Ji Wuyou also understood that. Therefore, Ji Wuyou wanted to become stronger than Ji Chang to prove that people thought highly of him for who he was.

However, in Champion University, every genius was in the same situation, everybody only thought of Ji Chang. Each time someone was becoming extremely strong, they wanted to become as strong as Ji Chang. However, it didn't work, each time, they ended up being weaker than him and they felt oppressed. Even Ji Chang felt the same; he was extremely strong, but he was also under pressure because of Ying Cheng.

During those six months, Tiantai had become much more lively. Yun Qing Yan had been working really hard for Tiantai. She was very enthusiastic, and loved Tiantai. At the same time, Hou Qing Lin had been traveling a lot to become stronger. He always took people with him. People admired him, he was determined and persistent. The process was the same, he went to the Edict Palace, learned about current affairs and went to those places where there were things to do. He took risks to become stronger, and they always shared treasures equally, n.o.body was privileged in Tiantai.

Tiantai was becoming more and more famous among the low-level emperors. Even some medium-level emperors thought highly of Tiantai. The Star Group was becoming less and less popular. n.o.body liked them, as they kept bullying people. If Ji Wuyou hadn't been there, the situation would have been even sadder for Ji Chang's Club.

At that moment, Lin Feng was in a courtyard where Tiantai had their headquarters. Everybody was looking at Hou Qing Lin in a strange way.

"Hou Qing Lin, you're so cruel. In six months, we've only rested two days. Now, we've rested for a day and you want us to travel again. It's dangerous!" protested Yun Qing Yan. Hou Qing Lin was a bit over the top!

"That's how cultivation works. If you stop practicing cultivation for a while, it's a step backward," said Hou Qing Lin. He was firm. The Edict Palace was a perfect place to learn about dangerous places, they always had new things to discover thanks to it.

"You're cruel, but Lin Feng is totally strange. He hasn't come out for six months. He didn't even come with us once," complained Yun Qing Yan. She was speechless. Since the ceremony, Lin Feng hadn't come out even once!

"He understood something then. When he comes out, he'll be extremely strong," Hou Qing Lin said under his breath. Lin Feng was a hardcore cultivator, he never wasted time, he knew what he needed. He didn't hide for six months wasting time, he was practicing cultivation.

"I hope so…" Yun Qing Yan's eyes glinted. She remembered that Ancestor Zhu Tian had refused to help him because he wanted to help Ji Wuyou, so she hoped that Lin Feng wasn't depressed.

At that moment, a strong and scorching hot wind started blowing. Wu suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

"Wu, why do you always do that?" asked Yun Qing Yan unhappily.

"We need to change the plan," Wu stated sharply.

Hou Qing Lin frowned. Even though Wu was unruly, he never talked nonsense. If he said that, he had a reason.

"Why?" asked Hou Qing Lin.

"There is some news in the Edict Palace. In the Vast Celestial Ancient City, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's grave appeared," Wu relayed to them. Back then, in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, only a palace had appeared, it was as if it had been placed there on purpose. However, n.o.body knew where the small world of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was. Back then, everybody had thought that it would appear someday.

"Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!" Everybody's eyes twinkled. All the Holy Clans of the Vast Celestial Ancient City were interested in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, especially since the palace had appeared. Many people had gone there. And now, more things had been discovered.

"What does everybody think?" asked Hou Qing Lin of the others. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's grave had appeared, it was an important event. Many strong cultivators were going to go there, including great emperors, so he was hesitant. If too many great emperors appeared there, the situation would get complicated.

"Let's go to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, to the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan,"  a voice spoke up at that moment. Lin Feng came out, wearing a clean white robe.

Finally, this guy is out!, thought Yun Qing Yan when she saw him. He had been practicing for six months, but many things had happened in Tiantai during that time. For example, the Star Group provoked them less than before because Hou Qing Lin and the others were extremely strong. Otherwise, the situation would have been complicated for Tiantai.

"Lin Feng, you think we should go to the Vast Celestial Ancient City?" Hou Qing Lin asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan probably planned everything before being destroyed. They left some buildings and now a grave has appeared. It must have something to do with their legacy. It won't be easy there though, even for great emperors," said Lin Feng. Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, and back then the Everlasting Celestial Emperor and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were close. Now, some vestiges had appeared in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, so they had to go and see.

"I agree too. I want to go to the Vast Celestial Ancient City too!" said Tian Chi.

"Let's go!"…

Everybody eventually agreed to go.

"When are we leaving?" asked Yun Qing Yan.

"Now! Even though we got the news from the Edict Palace, I'm sure many other people already know about it as well! Besides, the three other universities probably know about it, and they'll be leaving for the Vast Celestial Ancient City as well. We have no time to lose!" said Lin Feng.

"Let's go!" said Hou Qing Lin, rising up into the air.

As Lin Feng had expected, some people from Ji Chang's Club's Star Group and the Yue Club were also together in the sky. A strong cultivator said, “Some vestiges of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan appeared in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. Last time, we missed that opportunity. This time, we must be there before everyone else. We could obtain some great things there! That's why I called the Star Group and the Yue Club. Those who are willing to go, come with me!

"Yu Wen Hou, you take care of the Star Group's people!" said that person to Yu Wen Hou.

Yu Wen Hou's eyes glittered and he said, “What about Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing? They're still in the celestial mountain practicing cultivation with Ancestor Zhu Tian. Should I inform them?"

"Since they're with the Ancestor, no need. He's helping them, they'll progress much faster than us!" said that cultivator. However, at that moment, two silhouette appeared in the distance: Yu Wen Jing and Ji Wuyou!

"An ancient clan's site? How could I miss that?" asked Ji Wuyou. Everybody nodded agreement.

At the same time, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, the Ancient University, and the Four Seasons Universities' students also left for the Vast Celestial Ancient City. It was going to be fun there!

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