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PMG Chapter 1779

Chapter 1779: Meeting Yi Ren Again

"Palace, ancient golden road, deployment spell." Lin Feng glanced around. The grave looked like a palace, it was gigantic and magnificent. The deployment spells around it were frightening. People couldn't break it relying on brute strength. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was very famous back then because they were incredibly strong, it wasn't an undeserved reputation.

Back then, the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was terrifying. He was as strong as many other great emperors. The clan was quite famous, notably for their deployment spells, which could destroy heaven and earth.

Since the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's grave had appeared here, it meant that they wanted people to find it, but it probably wasn't easy to get in.

They had prepared. But the only way to get into the palace seemed to be via the ancient golden road they had in front of them.

The ancient golden road led to the palace, and was divided into several small roads. They all had marks on them of deployment spells. At that moment, many deployment spell casters were there and studying the deployment spells. They wanted to understand how they worked so they could get inside.

There are nine paths, each of them has a deployment spell, and the deployment spells are all different, thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's deployment spells were incredibly powerful. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor was famous for his deployment spells in Si Xiang City, but maybe that he had learned them from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Yan Di was the prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, no wonder he had chased the Everlasting Celestial Emperor back then.

"If you walk on those paths, the deployment spells get more and more dangerous as you go forwards. There are thousands of deadly deployment spells. Getting inside will be extremely difficult," said a deployment spell caster at that moment. The crowd was shocked… thousands of deployment spells on those paths? How deadly!

"At the end of each path, there's an entrance, but is there the same thing behind each entrance?" asked Tian Chi at that moment.

"Possibly not," said Hou Qing Lin, staring at the paths. They were different, so they probably led to different places.

"I don't know which deployment spell we can break, so first let's wait and observe," said Lin Feng. Then, the group of friends moved away and stopped in the distance. The nine paths contained mighty deployment spells. Getting in wouldn't be easy, and they didn't even know which path was the right one.

Lin Feng and the others weren't the only ones who did that. Many other strong cultivators decided to stay far away and observe first. It could be dangerous.

Time pa.s.sed. More and more strong cultivators showed up. People from the four universities of the Holy City were there already, including more people from Champion University.

"Such beautiful women!" Tantai exclaimed. Nine beautiful women had arrived. They looked like celestial beings. Even the university students were impressed.

"Those must be the women of the Moon Palace. They're so beautiful, like celestial beings," said Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were surprised, they recognized one of them.

"Yi Ren Lei!"murmured Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi. That was Yi Ren Lei from the Heavens of Desire's Palace! Surprisingly, she had become one of the celestial beings of the Moon Palace.

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng. On that night, she had heard Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei's dialogue. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were Lin Feng's friends, they knew Yi Ren Lei too. They seemingly knew each other from before.

Yi Ren Lei heard her name and turned her head. She saw Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and Lin Feng.

When she saw Lin Feng, she s.h.i.+vered. Her beautiful eyes twinkled. She couldn't remain indifferent to him.

Lin Feng looked enigmatic, unfathomable, calm, and serene, as if nothing could affect him.

"Lin Feng," whispered Yi Ren Lei.

However, Lin Feng just calmly nodded back at her, “Yi Ren the celestial girl."

"Yi Ren the celestial girl…" Yi Ren the celestial girl felt so sad, but she still smiled at Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi also nodded at her and then turned to the other celestial women. They were all extremely beautiful.

Yun Qing Yan looked at Yi Ren Lei, and then smiled at Lin Feng knowingly. “She likes you?"

Lin Feng frowned,. He didn't look at Yun Qing Yan, but shook his head, “Don't talk nonsense."

"I'm a woman, I understand women. She likes you. You hurt her?" Yun Qing Yan smiled mischievously, but Lin Feng ignored her.

"Yi Ren Lei is a celestial being from the Moon Palace, she understands deployment spells." Tian Chi saw Yi Ren Lei and the other celestial women start investigating the deployment spells.

"They must be really good at deployment spells, but maybe that they also studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, which allow cultivators to modify strength. If I'm not mistaken, those women are pillars of the Moon Palace," whispered Lin Feng.

In the Moon Palace, there were many books, terrifying great imperial skills and techniques, and ancient holy scriptures. If the Moon Palace wanted, they could raise terrifying geniuses. The celestial women of the Moon Palace were all talented and extraordinary.

"It seems that we people from the small world, will all have bright future," Hou Qing Lin said under his breath. Where were the others, though?

The nine women chose a path and started walking forwards, easily avoiding the deployment spells.

They're using a group spell. How strong, thought Yun Qing Yan. The nine women were using a group spell. They really did understand deployment spells!

At that moment, many people looked at the path they had chosen. Were the celestial women really going to use that path?

Actually, the deployment spells of that path weren't that easy to solve. Each step was difficult. Even for the celestial women of the Moon Palace, it was getting more and more difficult.

Some time pa.s.sed, a few days went by. Lin Feng was staring at the women. Gradually, people started trying to solve the mysteries of the nine golden paths using their G.o.dly awareness.

During those days, more and more people also arrived. Many people from Champion University were there, including people from Ji Chang's Club.

When the members of Ji Chang's Club saw Lin Feng and his friends, they landed on another mountain.

"Those morons are everywhere," said a member of the Star Group scathingly Lin Feng and the others ignored them.

"They're acting recklessly. They want to die here!" someone else shouted out. The members of the Star Group were proud and arrogant. However, being oppressed by Tiantai made them furious. Now that they had made an alliance with the Yue Clan, would Tiantai continue acting arrogantly?

"There are dogs everywhere, including at Champion University!" retorted Tantai coldly.

"A deployment spell is almost broken," someone else interrupted at that moment. The crowd looked to the celestial women. The nine girls had joined hands with some deployment spell casters and they had almost reached the end of the path. Would they be able to break the deployment spell at the end?

Bzzz! At that moment, silhouettes flickered and solidified, and more people from the Moon Palace arrived. Empress Xi and the Nine Netherworlds Emperor were still together.

At the same time, a dazzling light appeared. A golden door at the end of a path opened itself, dazzling golden lights illuminated the path. The deployment spells turned into illusions. Many people rushed over there, as the Moon Place people went inside.

The crowd was going insane and running towards the gate. However, the marks suddenly changed again, the sky rumbled, the gate closed itself, and a terrifying energy exploded out, killing some people instantly.

The path is closed again, the deployment spells are reappearing!, thought the crowd, unhappy at the news. Many people retreated as fast as they could.

"Lin Feng, how did you know?" Qin Wu asked Lin Feng. A moment before, Lin Feng had prevented them from going in.

"I didn't know, but if the door opens itself again, we'll need to be cautious before going in," whispered Lin Feng. Qin Wu and the others' eyes twinkled. Cautious, right!

"Everybody, let's join hands," said someone at that moment. Some deployment spell casters were getting ready to join hands since that's what the celestial women of the Moon Palace and some other people had done.

The deployment spell casters started discussing the issue and were getting ready to break the deployment spells of the other paths. At the same time, some people walked to the path on which the celestial beings had broken the deployment spells. They wanted to benefit from their knowledge.

"The deployment spells changed!" said some people on the path. The deployment spells on that golden path had already s.h.i.+fted.

"Come with me!" Lin Feng said, and started forward, jumping onto the path which had been opened by the celestial women of the Moon Palace. Suddenly, dazzling lights invaded the air and the deadly deployment spells dispersed again. Lin Feng had taken nine steps.

The deployment spells were changing. Lin Feng noticed that people couldn't necessarily walk on the same paths as before!

PMG Chapter 1781

Chapter 1781: Great Emperor's Powers

Only the celestial beings of the Moon Palace and Lin Feng's group had managed to enter the palace.

When Lin Feng entered the palace, there was a layer of terrifying golden energy which kept transforming and turning into an oppressive strength.

"Eh?" Lin Feng was surprised. He raised his head and looked at the golden energies undulating in the air. What was going on?

"My cultivation…" At that moment, the only medium-level emperor, Yun Qing Yan, looked startled. Lin Feng turned his head and looked at her. Her expression had changed drastically.

"What's wrong?" Lin Feng asked her.

Yun Qing Yan raised her head, her beautiful eyes were sharp as she said, “The energy is suppressing my cultivation."

"Suppressing your cultivation?" Lin Feng frowned and looked at Yun Qing Yan strangely. Yun Qing Yan released cosmic energies, she now had the strength of the top low Huang Qi layer. Her cultivation level was restrained!

"Indeed. My cultivation level is restrained. I am a low-level emperor here, not a medium-level emperor!" protested Yun Qing Yan. She looked very disorientated. Her cosmic energies were really restrained, but she didn't feel oppressed.

"That ancient palace can restrain people's cultivation." Lin Feng's eyes were gleaming. At that moment, apart from the suppressive deployment spell, there was a golden path. It looked like the one in the outside world but was even stranger. It was gigantic and impossible to see where it led.

"There are people in front of us," whispered Hou Qing Lin. In the palace, in the distance, there was a bridge with people on it.

"Let's go and see!" said Lin Feng as he sped up. After a short time, he arrived in front of the bridge, counting eighteen people on it. They looked strange, like ancient emperors, all of them motionless. On each side of the bridge, there was a golden river with golden energies emerging from it. It seemed that that water could freeze people.

"Are they dead or alive?" whispered Tantai. Those eighteen people were as motionless as if they were dead.

"I'll see!," said Lin Feng, studying those eighteen people as he walked onto the bridge. When he stepped onto the bridge, a real light moved charged towards him. Lin Feng jumped back, and the bridge became normal again.

"What's going on? There's nothing." When Lin Feng went back to where he was, the atmosphere calmed down again.

"Lin Feng, what did you see?" asked Yun Qing Yan.

"As soon as I stepped on the bridge, I was attacked. A gigantic hand which looked real attacked me, but I couldn't see it clearly!" Lin Feng explained. He was startled about how dangerous that place was!

"Willpower attack!" judged Qing Feng. They hadn't seen the attack, but Lin Feng couldn't possibly lie. There was only one possibility: a willpower attack. The eighteen strong cultivators were filled with willpower strength, and attacked people who stepped onto the bridge.

"Willpower attack?" Lin Feng frowned. “Even if it's willpower, why does it look blurry, and why do you sense it only if you get onto the bridge? Why couldn't you all see it?"

"Because the eighteen emperors are great emperors made of will," explained Qing Feng. “Great Emperors' determination can fuse together with the earth and the sky. They have an enigmatic power, their attacks only look fake. Their will can be used to carry out strange and mysterious attacks. They can also carry out attacks which look real!"

Yun Qing Yan nodded as she listened to Qing Feng. “I've also heard that. My parents told me something similar. It's the difference between cultivation emperors and great emperors. When you become a great emperor, your mind fuses together with the earth and the sky, the earth and the sky cleanse your body, every single strength you have fuses together with the earth and the sky. You can condense the strength of the earth and the sky in your hands and destroy mountains and rivers in the blink of an eye, and even using your mind, you can also create mountains and rivers."

"You can destroy or create mountains and rivers in the blink of an eye…" whispered Lin Feng. Not only could such strong cultivators destroy mountains and rivers, but they could also create them! Lin Feng had seen great emperors fight. Even though their battles were incredible, they also looked quite simple. He had also seen two great emperors get killed in the blink of an eye. Back then, he hadn't understood what had happened. How could great emperors look that weak? It was as if they weren't much stronger than normal cultivation emperors…

He didn't know the difference between the different great emperors, however. For example, there was a huge difference between normal great emperors and holy great emperors. He didn't know what powers great emperors had,  either, or what kind of strength they controlled. He also didn't know what holy great emperors could do. He had never really talked to a great emperor about those things.

"How can they create things?" asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

"When you're a great emperor, every strength you have become real. The spells we learn have often been created by great emperors, so we imitate their attacks, but they're not real. For example, Ji Wuyou's cyan dragon attack looks like a real dragon. If a great emperor used the same attack, the dragon would be real. When a great emperor controls water strength and does a knifehand strike, a river appears. When a great emperor controls fire strength, they do a knifehand strike and can create h.e.l.l itself!" Yun Qing Yan explained to Lin Feng. Her explanation was very clear and precise. Lin Feng was so strange, he knew nothing about great emperors. Her parents were great emperors, however. She perfectly understood what great emperors could do. She also knew a lot about holy emperors!

"So this the will of eighteen great emperors, and they attack us for real as soon as we get on the bridge," clarified Qin Wu for everyone.

Yun Qing Yan nodded and said, “Indeed, but that's just a test. If we pa.s.s it, we can cross the bridge."

"Let's try and destroy them!" Tantai yelled enthusiastically. Lions appeared and roared. They immediately attacked the eighteen statues with explosive power.

Boom, boom, boom!

The lions attacked the statues. They didn't move at all, the attack was useless.

"In the palace, people's cultivation levels are restrained. A person's strength can't exceed the low Huang Qi layer. Even if great emperors come inside, their strength will be restrained also. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan has prepared for this. Direct attacks won't work. We need to walk across.

"Willpower attacks, Chu Chun Qiu has studied the Sky Absorbing Holy Scriptures, he can absorb people's willpower. He has a terrifying  strength of will. He can kill people with pure will. It's as if he had the same power of great emperors, but at a much lower level!" muttered Lin Feng. Maybe that it had something to do with his cultivation speed.

"I'll go and try first. If that's a test, maybe the nine paths lead to different places with different tests. Many people are probably going to die during those exams," he said.

He walked up to the bridge once again. This time, he was ready, he released wind cosmic energy and moved in a blur of motion.

A powerful energy once again charged towards Lin Feng. The eighteen statues' wills were as fast as lightning!

Lin Feng put his hands together, and a Purple Tank as big as an ocean moved straight towards the attack of will.

However, the attack consisted of millions of threads, different attacks. and like a sharp sword cut apart everything, including the Purple Tank. At the same time, an iceberg appeared and froze the earth and the sky, and then a terrifying ancient cauldron appeared, containing an explosive power as it hurtled at Lin Feng.

The air rumbled, and Lin Feng retreated quickly. and went back to where he was standing originally. He looked furious.

"Everybody, be very careful. Those threads of will are organized in such a way that their power has maximum intensity. Don't rus.h.!.+" Lin Feng called out after having inspected the energies. His eyes went pitch-black.

This time, Lin Feng didn't move quickly. He released several sorts of cosmic energies. In reply, a terrifying energy seemed like it was going to swallow his eyes and crush his mind.

Lin Feng's eyes contained the source of the nine netherworlds. They could corrode the ten thousand things of creation. He continued moving forwards.

A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng and blotted out the sky. There was nowhere to escape!

Dong! Lin Feng jumped, and under his feet, lights twinkled. At the same time, his Purple Tank moved again, containing enough strength to destroy the hand. Lin Feng continued moving forwards steadily, step by step.

Sword lights twinkled. There were energies all around Lin Feng, he couldn't escape. He did a knifehand strike, and his own sword energies whistled and rose to the skies, cutting apart the sword energies in front of him. The lights under his feet continued moving as a dazzling deployment spell appeared. The people behind him frowned. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was in the middle of the attack of will and didn't continue moving.

They couldn't see the determination attacks clearly, they only saw them when Lin Feng's attacks collided with them, but they knew that the great emperors' attacks only had the strength of the low Huang Qi layer. Of course, it was only the first bridge. Only a few people would fail here.

At that moment, bright golden lights shone under Lin Feng's feet, his silhouette turned into an illusion, and he suddenly disappeared. Instantly, he reappeared on the other side of the bridge.

"Empty s.p.a.ce deployment spell!" Qin Wu was astonished. Lin Feng could cast empty s.p.a.ce deployment spells and teleport!

"Those determination attacks can't block empty s.p.a.ce deployment spells, but they can still have an effect on your movements, use your own powers to walk on the bridge. If it doesn't work, just walk to the center and then attract the strength of my marks and you can cross!" Lin Feng called out. He didn't cast a deployment spell on the other side of the bridge, as he didn't want to waste any strength, even if the strength was suppressed!

PMG Chapter 1782

Chapter 1782: Insane battle

After Lin Feng, Hou Qing Lin and the others stepped on the bridge. Some people used strength, some people endured the great emperors' attacks, but they all used Lin Feng's empty s.p.a.ce deployment spell.

"Lin Feng, without your empty s.p.a.ce deployment spell, I couldn't have crossed the bridge!" admitted Qin Wu. He was mortified. Those eighteen great emperors' attacks were scary. Most low-level emperors couldn't stand such attacks, and thus couldn't cross the bridge. Even Qin Wu, who was very strong, found it difficult!

But thanks to Lin Feng's deployment spell, Qin Wu, Huang Fu Long, and the others could follow him.

"As long as you could all cross, that was the main thing. We'll face many dangers here. It's the same for the other paths. Besides, we came in after the Moon Palace's cultivators, the others will come in even later than us. Let's not waste time, let's continue on and see."


The Tiantai members continued on. The path seemed endless. After some time, they finally arrived in front of a sculpture which obstructed the way. It blocked the end of that room.

The sculpture contained a terrifying Will and attacked Lin Feng after just a glance. It looked like a demon king, and the energies looked like demonic figures attacking him.

Dong! Lin Feng suddenly jumped up, his Purple Tank rolled in the air and collided with the demonic attacks. The air was shattering even as the terrifying Will continued attacking Lin Feng and piercing through his eyes. Lin Feng started feeling dizzy. His willpower was being affected!

Lin Feng's mind started shaking, he tried to use his G.o.dly awareness to protect his consciousness. The demonicic will kept bombarding his brain. Behind Lin Feng, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared and flowed throughout his brain. The demonicic will was attacking his strength!

"That willpower is terrifying. There are two sorts, one is shapeless and the other has a shape." Lin Feng's Qi rolled in waves as he continued walking forwards. He said to the others, “Brothers, Wu, let's lead the way. The others, be careful, especially when your will is attacked, the attacks can destroy our willpower! We have to be very cautious!"

Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and Wu closely followed Lin Feng. The others stayed behind. Lin Feng and the three others released Qi in volleys, attacking the demonic king's Will.

What a powerful Will!, the others thought urgently. Lin Feng released a dazzling sword energy and cut apart the demonic attacks in front of him. Hou Qing Lin used his Asura Reincarnation attack to attack the will, at the same time, protecting himself with his G.o.dly awareness. The Will was terrifying!

The others stayed behind. They had to remain vigilant, they felt oppressed. They didn't need to face the demonic Will directly since they were being s.h.i.+elded, but they still felt very nervous. The attacks were frightening and ceaseless. That demonic king was really strong!

"CUT!" Lin Feng shouted furiously. Sword lights illuminated the atmosphere and bombarded the demonic king's body, gashes appeared.

Tian Chi released a terrifying golden hand at the same time. The air rumbled, and the demonic king's statue finally exploded. A door appeared beyond it.

"Let's go!" shouted Lin Feng, running forwards, and the others followed. In front of them, another path appeared. It was a vast road, hundreds of meters in width. However, the path was obstructed, there was an infinite number of statues obstructing the way.

It's going to be tough, thought Lin Feng, shaking at the sight. How many emperors did the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan have back then? And how many great emperors? In order to leave such a terrifying Will, they had to be incredibly strong.

If Lin Feng had been alone, he wouldn't have been worried. After all, those threads of willpower were from dead people. It was just a test, the goal wasn't to prevent everyone from pa.s.sing. If he were alone, he would have been able to pa.s.s the tests easily. The problem was all his Tiantai friends were there, and he had to go slowly and wait for them.

"Wu, you and me, we stay in the front, you two, defend on the left, Suan and Tantai protect on the right, Qing Feng and Qing Yan, stay at the back, and the others, stay in the middle. We'll take care of those great emperors' wills," said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded agreement, that was a good formation to use.

Powerful energy moved towards Lin Feng. Dazzling sword lights invaded the atmosphere, nine stars appeared and attacked him.

Lin Feng released a powerful sword meaning, it looked like a lofty mountain. Lin Feng was surrounded by sword lights which dashed to the skies, and clashed against the attacking sword lights. The attacks were unceasing and overwhelming. A sun sword appeared. Lin Feng used a wind attack which contained two sorts of determination meaning. The sun and the wind energies, fused together explosively, thunder shook the air as a statue exploded.

At the same time, Lin Feng took two steps forwards as Wu fought against a shadow. His physical body was incredible, blinding sun lights appeared, and his claws were almost indestructible. Lin Feng and Wu moved forwards with an indomitable will.

The band continued walking forwards. The will attacks twisted the air. The scene looked like a great war.

Lin Feng created some armor and released Willpower Kalpa strength, as well as other techniques,  endlessly attacking the strong cultivators' Wills. It was a difficult test. Dazzling sword lights, sun energies, clouds, water, the attacks were coming  from all sides endlessly. It was a big bang of cosmic energies.

Wu was fierce and ferocious, moving swiftly, he looked like a hero.

However, as they moved forwards, Lin Feng realized that the willpower attacks were surprisingly turning into deployment spells, or more precisely, they were fused together with deployment spells. Those attacks forced the group to separate. After a short time, they were separated from one another and had to fight alone.

Someone groaned with pain. Lin Feng glanced around; Qin Wu had been struck by an attack and was propelled backwards and was bleeding. A cauldron had smashed into him and now a silhouette was moving towards him at full speed.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and landed in front of Qin Wu. He released DevMara Kalpa strength, looking like a beast as the attack charged towards him.

"Die!" Lin Feng jumped forwards, terrifying sword energies whistled out and destroyed the attack.

"Are you alright?" Lin Feng asked Qin Wu.

"I'm alright. In this d.a.m.n place, even the strength of precious treasures is restrained! It's better to use your own strength!" said Qin Wu, taking a deep breath in annoyance.

"d.a.m.n place, I wonder when we'll reach the end!" said Huang Fu Long. He was furious.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and punched a shadow which was attacking Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng said, “Enjoy the battles. You don't have opportunities to battle like this everyday. Let's enjoy it. We can learn many things here!"

"Lin Feng is right. It's a rare opportunity that we have here!" said Hou Qing Lin. Those willpower attacks had the strength of low-level emperors. It was a great challenge for them!

"Hehe!" Tantai grinned. He shouted furiously and an infinity of lions appeared, b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi rising up. Tantai's attacks were explosive. Tantai was different from other people, he was quickly becoming stronger.

And so they continued. Apart from Lin Feng and a few others, the others were struggling and unhappy. But Lin Feng was helping them and protecting them, which made things easier for them. In the worst cases, they had a few wounds. They were extremely motivated, however!

"Nine Cauldron Celestial attack, die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously at that moment. In a flash, a terrifying cauldron appeared, apart from heavy earth and wind energies The marks of the cauldron also contained DevMara Kalpa strength, thunder shook the air, and a statue immediately exploded.

More DevMara Kalpa strength descended from the sky. The crowd frowned and looked at Lin Feng.

"Kalpa?" The others were staring at Lin Feng. That guy was fighting, how come there was Kalpa strength?

"His skills are improving!" Qing Feng knew that Lin Feng's skills required DevMara Kalpa strength. This guy was improving quickly!.

However, the Kalpa strength didn't condense. The golden marks suppressed everything there. Lin Feng's eyes gleamed. If he wanted to truly advance, he had to leave this place!


Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived on the other side. There were no statues anymore.

"Argh!" Huang Fu Long shouted furiously, dragon chants spreading in the air, he looked like he still wanted to battle, he was enjoying the fight, but his enemies had disappeared.

Finally, once they the group was done destroying all the statues, they arrived at another door.

"How awesome!" Tantai even had blood on his face, everybody burst into laughter when they looked at him.

"That battle was a long one. My muscles are sore. Lin Feng, I wonder where you find all that energy, and on top of that you still managed to help us. Without you, we wouldn't have made it," Qin Wu smiled gratefully at Lin Feng. That battle had been fun but difficult. They all had the feeling  that they couldn't keep up with Lin Feng. They were already exhausted even though after having been cleansed by the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, their energies were unlimited since they could borrow them from the planet.

"Everybody, have a rest. We don't know what there is behind that door," said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded and had sat down to recover. Maybe that the battles ahead were going to be even worse beyond that door.

An hour later, Lin Feng opened his eyes, everybody else had probably recovered already too. He ordered, “Alright, let's go!"

As Lin Feng walked up to the door, the air gradually changed around him. A vast palace appeared, thousands of meters wide.

"Is someone else there?"

At that moment, they noticed other people. They crossed the door and finally, the intersection of the paths had appeared.

PMG Chapter 1783

Chapter 1783: Becoming Stronger

The vast palace was majestic. There were many statues in the palace, and they all contained Wills like before. Lin Feng frowned. Why were there so many statues?

Some of the statues were broken. There was an entrance in front of them, it seemed that those sculptures were easy to destroy…?

They're not from the Moon Palace, they must be from the other universities?, wondered Lin Feng, glancing at the crowd around them. A few people were seated in front of the statues as if they were studying.

"Maybe we wasted time because we were inside before many other people. More things awaited us?" hazarded Suan. The others nodded. They had been fighting against the statues for a long time in the previous room. If they had relied on Lin Feng's strength, they could have progressed much faster, but because Lin Feng had wanted everyone to practice, they had wasted time.

Lin Feng understood that if the Moon Palace's cultivators had been able to go in, some other deployment spell casters would also be able to get in. After having coming into the palace, some strong deployment spell casters had probably been able to go through all the rooms very quickly. Besides, the strongest cultivators didn't stay with their friends, groups were rare. People moved on alone.

"Those statues can be studied. They don't attack," said Hou Qing Lin at that moment. Lin Feng and the others frowned. Studied? Lin Feng remembered the demonic Shrine, he had also studied statues there, he had learned about immortal strength and other types of strength there.

Lin Feng walked forwards and stopped  in front of a statue. Suddenly, willpower emerge, However, that Will didn't attack, but it was still very powerful.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered and looked elsewhere, he said to everybody, “Indeed, these statues can be studied. You can find a statue which contains a Will suitable for you. We can improve our own willpower!"

Understanding willpower was very difficult. Lin Feng understood that other people weren't as intelligent as he was. Therefore, they had to choose a Will suitable for themselves.


At that moment, a statue suddenly exploded. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the person in front of it. That person's eyes were dazzling and golden. That person had seemingly absorbed that statue's Will, and the statue had broken apart!

It seems that when you study one statue and absorb its Will, it disappears because it's made of willpower. So if you take it out, the statue explodes!, thought Lin Feng. He then walked away as he looked for an appropriate statue.

"Immortal, immortal strength." At that moment, Lin Feng frowned. He looked at a statue which was different from the others. This one contained immortal meaning!

Lin Feng walked closer and studied it. The immortal intent penetrated into his eyes. Immortal energy started flowing throughout his body. Lin Feng was surrounded by immortal intent, and he started absorbing it, it was as if he had was turning into an immortal statue too!

Lin Feng controlled abstruse immortal strength, one more step and his immortal energy would turn into cosmic energy!

Immortal energy kept moving towards Lin Feng and surrounding him. His immortal intent was becoming stronger!

This Will is powerful. It belonged to a high-level emperor!, thought Lin Feng. With his strength, Lin Feng could already easily absorb the determination of an ordinary emperor. What he didn't understand was why the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had done all this: nine golden paths, tests…? Apart from eliminating ordinary cultivators or making people stronger, what was the point? Besides, why was people's cultivation restrained in here? What would they find in the end? And where were the Moon Palace cultivators?


A mighty immortal meaning rose to the skies. Lin Feng sensed that his body was surrounded by immortal energies. He understood immortal energy more and more clearly. Immortal energy was condensing around his body!

Kacha! The statue in front of Lin Feng broke apart, the immortal meaning now belonged to Lin Feng!

"His energy turned into cosmic energy?" Many people looked at Lin Feng. What an incredible guy! One of his energies had turned into cosmic energy so quickly. He was so smart!

Improving an energy type wasn't easy at all. Actually, Lin Feng's immortal abstruse energy had reached the top, and he already understood several sorts of cosmic energies, so making abstruse energies turn into cosmic energies wasn't difficult for him anymore, it was part of his talents. Therefore, Lin Feng had quickly understood immortal cosmic energy.

After that, Lin Feng quickly and searched for another statue. Very quickly, he found a demonic statue which contained demonic will. That statue looked extremely conceited, and contained a mighty demonic Will, its eyes particularly frightening.

He quickly understood its will.

After that, he found a death statue, it looked like a dead person.

"Death!" Someone arrived next to Lin Feng while he was studying. He frowned and dark lights glittered in his eyes while looking at Lin Feng.

He took a step forwards and death cosmic energy surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was studying death energy and he was being attacked by surprise by someone who used death energy, too. He had the sensation he was going to die. His heart started racing madly.

Suddenly, life Qi appeared, Lin Feng dodged the death energies, a grey death hand was reaching for him. Such an attack could be deadly.

Lin Feng released death energy too. Then, he suddenly turned around and released an immortal sword attack. The sword attack collided with the death hand. Even though he hadn't used too much energy, with immortal energy it didn't disperse.

"Peeling!" Lin Feng said coldly. Suddenly, life cosmic energy and cursing cosmic energy fused together and peeled off the skin of the death hand.

Lin Feng's attacker was still emotionless, another gigantic death hand appeared.

"You want to die!" Lin Feng spat furiously. He punched out. In there, everybody's cultivation level was restrained, they had the strength of at most a low-level emperor. Lin Feng didn't fear anyone there, his physical strength was also incredible. demonic Kalpa strength slammed into the death hand.

"Die!" shouted the enemy furiously. The hand contained death cosmic energy. He wanted to kill Lin Feng, but Lin Feng's attack was too powerful.

At that moment, the face of Lin Feng's enemy changed drastically. Lin Feng had just understood immortal cosmic energy, and he had the strength of the Zun Qi layer, how come he was so scary?

That person opened his mouth and spat out death energies, which shot towards Lin Feng's head.

Lin Feng charged at him, avoiding the attack as thunder shook the air. He punched the ambusher's head violently, and it exploded like a melon, killing him instantly.

"Tian Yue!" Some people shouted at the same time and ran over there, surrounding Lin Feng and staring at the corpse. They were furious.

"You know where he's from?" said someone, staring coldly at Lin Feng.

"Yunxiao University, replied Lin Feng indifferently.

"And you dared kill him?!"

"He had to die," said Lin Feng evenly. Hou Qing Lin and the others rushed over to support him, and surrounded those people, releasing their own energies.

The students of Yunxiao University were furious. There were a few things they didn't understand. Some of their people hadn't managed to make it into the palace. Besides, their cultivation level was restrained in here. Initially, they had a few medium-level emperors,l but in here, they were all low-level emperors.

"Very good." said one of them coldly. Then, they started walking away.

"Where are you going?" asked Lin Feng coldly. They had surrounded him with ill intent, and now they wanted to leave?

The leader of the group had pitch-black eye, he asked coldly, “What do you want to do about it?"

Lin Feng looked at him and said grimly, “Don't imagine that you'll get your revenge in the outside world. Since you're here, you're all going to die."

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