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PMG Chapter 1790

Chapter 1790: Leaving the Ancient Palace

When his friends heard Lin Feng say he was going to transmit the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to them, they were surprised. They didn't know what to think.

Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, and the others were friends with Lin Feng, so they weren't surprised. They were the direct disciples of Tian Chi. They were close friends, as close as brothers. Therefore, they helped each other and it was normal. Tantai, Yun Qing Yan, Qing Lin and the others hadn't known Lin Feng for a long time, and yet Lin Feng was going to give them the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, it was strange and extremely generous.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were precious Ancient Holy Scriptures from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. They were legendary in the region. Even their own siblings wouldn't have been so kind to them, but since they had joined Tiantai, they were like a big family!

"I joined Tiantai because I didn't like Ji Chang's Club, I wouldn't have thought that you were such a kind person, Lin Feng. I admire you, you are honest. Exactly as you said back then, Tiantai is like a big family. From now on, you're like a brother to me!" declared Qiu Ming, nodding at Lin Feng. For Lin Feng, Qiu Ming was almost a stranger, and yet he was going to give him the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, that was very generous!

"I saw you during the exam. You're a kind person. You dared confront Ji Chang's Club, so you offended them and then you joined Tiantai. We're all brothers, that's for sure. I am happy to give you the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, however, if anyone betrays Tiantai, I'll kill them!" replied Lin Feng. Tiantai was very important in his life.

"I, Yi Ji, am willing to die for my brothers and sisters in Tiantai, if anyone betrays Tiantai, I'll help kill them!" said someone at that moment. Everybody looked at him. He was one of the last three people who had joined Tiantai: Yi Ji, he was the fourth on the ranking list. Hou Qing Lin had already fought against him and had won. He had joined Tiantai and hoped that someday, he'd defeat Hou Qing Lin. However, in such a short time, he had realized that Tiantai exceeded his expectations in terms of strength.

Yi Ji was also very strong and since they were good to him, he wanted to help.

"I, Xi Men Xiao, vow to dedicate my life to Tiantai, I will die for Tiantai. If anyone dares betray Tiantai, I'll help kill them!" promised Xi Men Xiao. He was also in the top ten of the ranking list. These days, all the students who were in the top ten of the lowest list of Champion University were either in Tiantai or in Ji Chang's Club. However, since Leng Xia, Puyang, and the others had died, Ji Chang's Club had lost some of their high-ranking students.

Everybody smiled. They were becoming friends. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Alright, brothers, sisters, I'll transmit the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to you now. And then we'll spend some time in the ancient palace. When the elders wake up, we'll leave."

"Yan Di, help me transmit the scriptures with your G.o.dly awareness. These people helped you." Lin Feng said to Yan Di.

Yan Di looked agreeable and nodded, “As long as those kids remember what I did for them, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan will become an incredible clan again, and you'll be part of it."

"We'll solve the problem with the Moon Palace first, and then we'll see." Lin Feng looked at Yan Di. The Moon Palace was a powerful group, with incredible resources. They had two saint emperors of the previous generation, they were intensely focused, and more geniuses were rising there. They all studied powerful Ancient scriptures. Of course, Yan Di was also powerful and had many great things, and he hadn't lost the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and the Rebirth Scriptures. As long as he didn't encounter the Three Lives great emperor or any other incredibly powerful great emperor, he was safe.

Lin Feng and Yan Di transmitted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scripture to everybody. They all sat down and studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scripture after receiving it. They could modify the ten thousand things of creation with them, and the Scripture could make them more talented. In times past, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan only transmitted it to the strongest cultivators of their clan, but then the Moon Palace destroyed them and many people had started studying them. Therefore, Lin Feng had decided to transmit them to his friends and Tiantai would benefit from it.

Yan Di rebuilt his ancient palace, carving deployment marks everywhere. That way, n.o.body would be able to come in and disturb them.


Lin Feng was in the world of his spirit. Inside, he could practice cultivation in peace and forget everything else.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures held extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p. In the beginning, you could create one thing, and then two, and so on until all the ten thousand things of creation were open to you. There was no limit to those scriptures. All of a sudden, a cultivator could manage to create much more and they didn't feel any resistance when their powers increased.

The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were full of incredible techniques, skills, and spells. People could use them to create different things, even an ordinary technique allowed a cultivator to create different things using different kinds of strength. In the end, they could create something that looked like a whole universe. A whole new world appeared before a cultivator's eyes when they mastered the skills and techniques of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures.

Lin Feng studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and tried out various things.

Lin Feng wasn't the only one to do that, his friends were all doing the same. They all realized that the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures weren't about studying skills and techniques per se, but more about guiding them, it was a new world which had appeared before their eyes and helped them become stronger.

In the outside world, many people learned that the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had reappeared, that the crown prince of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was there and that some elders of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had died, but their Wills were studying the Rebirth Scriptures to come back to life. They wanted to renew the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan!

The news spread quickly in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, which wasn't all that far away. Therefore, even after half a year, some people were still waiting outside of the palace. People's cultivation level was restrained in this ancient palace of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, so it was risky to go in. Was it going to become the Holy Palace of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?

At the top of an ancient mountain, Ji Wuyou and the others were still seated cross-legged. At that moment, Ji Wuyou opened his eyes, which glittered coldly, “Half a year and surprisingly they haven't come out. We've wasted half a year."

Half a year had pa.s.sed and many people from Ji Chang's Club and the Yue Club had left. Only a few people from the Star Group remained. They wanted to capture Lin Feng, but they hadn't thought that he would hide in there for such a long time.

Ji Wuyou wasn't the only one. Many other people were waiting, including some great emperors.

"The door opened!" said someone at that moment. The watchers all turned to stare at the ancient palace, where the door of one of the nine paths had opened and lights were playing around. Holy marks shone and some people appeared. There were more than twenty of them.

"Lin Feng!" Ji Wuyou's eyes gleamed, as he fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

Many people around him stood up and watched the people on the ancient paths.

Lin Feng was surrounded by DevMara Kalpa strength. The atmosphere changed, at this display. Many people were startled by the sight.

"The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's people also came out." Many people noticed some others in golden clothes, people from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. Among them, there were many strong cultivators.

When the crowd saw them, they were disappointed. With those strong cultivators around, it wouldn't be possible to kidnap Lin Feng and the others.

"Wuyou, what to do?" Yu Wen Jing asked Ji Wuyou, pulling a long face.

"Those people are with the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's people, attacking them is impossible. We need to wait until we have another opportunity" Ji Wuyou replied coldly. However, at that moment, a terrifying Qi rolled out in waves.

A group of people had appeared at the end of the ancient path. They looked at Lin Feng and said, “Yan Di, hand Lin Feng over!"

Lin Feng looked at them and frowned. That was Cang Ling, the leader of the Heaven Clan. At that moment, DevMara Kalpa strength swirled and turned into a tornado. The Heaven Clan also had DevMara Kalpa strength!

PMG Chapter 1791

Chapter 1791: Kalpa Strength

"You surprisingly understand DevMara Kalpa strength!" Cang Ling was staring at Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng had been abandoned by the G.o.ds, how could he understand DevMara Kalpa strength? Cultivators had to be low-level emperors at least to be cleansed by the DevMara Kalpa strength. Had he managed to break free from the malediction? Had he become an emperor?

It was impossible, his cultivation level was still at the Zun Qi layer. However, his DevMara Kalpa strength couldn't be fake, he was using it in front of them. What was going on? Had Lin Feng really manage to defeat the G.o.ds?

The crowd was now fixedly staring at the DevMara Kalpa strength under Lin Feng. This guy had spent six months inside, and now he had come out using DevMara Kalpa strength.


A powerful Kalpa strength descended from the sky and bombarded Lin Feng's body. However, the crowd saw that Lin Feng looked unaffected and was simply looking at the members of the Heaven Clan. DevMara Kalpa strength kept a.s.saulting his body, but he remained motionless. The crowd was shaken, What a powerful physical body! That DevMara Kalpa strength could oppress medium-level emperors. Cultivators had to use special spells to block such attacks, but Lin Feng didn't move, he just let it pummel him.

Cang Ling frowned furiously. Back then, he had chased Lin Feng, but he had only seen the Jade Emperor's Palace. Lin Feng had taken Cang Xiao away and killed him. Cang Ling was still furious.

"The genius of your clan, Cang Xiao, didn't dare let DevMara Kalpa strength bombard his body, right?" said Lin Feng, smiling at Cang Ling. Cang Xiao was dead and his words. .h.i.t Cang Ling's weakest point.

"You have been abandoned by the G.o.ds, you are a Zun cultivator, why do you understand DevMara Kalpa strength?" demanded Cang Ling.

"Who said you couldn't understand DevMara Kalpa strength if you weren't an emperor? Back then, at the Ice Moon Lake, I said it, even if the G.o.ds have abandoned me and rejected me, I don't care. I don't care about the G.o.ds and their stupid rules. Even if I never break through to the Huang Qi layer, I will always improve my cosmic energies and I will always study DevMara Kalpa strength!" Lin Feng declared proudly. DevMara Kalpa strength kept descending from the sky and attacking him. Lin Feng looked so proud and seemed indestructible. His clothes had been torn apart, only his armor remained.

His physical strength is incredible, he can easily resist low-level emperors, thought the crowd. The DevMara Kalpa strength was a.s.saulting him, and the most stupefying thing was that he really had defied the G.o.ds. He was a Zun cultivator but as he had said, even that way, he would continue improving his cosmic energies, and he would let the DevMara Kalpa strength cleanse his body.

"Was that the last batch of DevMara Kalpa strength?" whispered the watchers. However, at that moment, a powerful wind started blowing. The DevMara Kalpa strength condensed once again, the atmosphere became pitch-black, the Kalpa strength became even more intense. Those watching were dumbstruck.

How is that possible? More DevMara Kalpa strength?, thought the shaken crowd. Kalpa strength continued descending from the sky. Had he really been abandoned by the G.o.ds? The G.o.ds could be jealous!

Cang Ling released even more powerful energies. Had Lin Feng become that strong some time before, or had he learned about Kalpa strength in the ancient palace? When it seemed to be over, it was just starting!.

Actually, Cang Ling was right, Lin Feng had understood this level of Kalpa strength in the last six months.

How insane!, thought Hou Qing Lin and the others, staring at Lin Feng. What kind of skill had he studied? Surprisingly, he could use the DevMara Kalpa strength and it had cleansed his body. No wonder his physical strength was powerful. How strong was he?

"You will die here!" stated Cang Ling, staring fixedly at Lin Feng. That DevMara Kalpa strength was level nine, it condensed a second time, descending from the sky and bombarding Lin Feng's body again. Lin Feng was now surrounded by a web of DevMara Kalpa strength. The crowd around him moved back cautiously.

Crackling and splitting sounds spread out in the air. Lin Feng raised his head as Kalpa strength kept descending from the sky. It was extremely pleasant for Lin Feng. He had the sensation that his body was going to explode with power. Pure strength was flowing through his body.


Lin Feng clenched his fists, which emitted crackling sounds. Lin Feng sensed that his physical body was reaching a maximum level, the unceasing rain of DevMara Kalpa strength gave him that impression.

"One more step!" The level nine DevMara Kalpa strength continued descending from the sky. One more step! His physical body almost had the strength of a medium-level emperor. He had been cleansed by DevMara Kalpa strength eighteen times. His physical body had changed again!

If the skies get angry one more time, I'll have the physical strength of a medium-level emperor and I'll be able to kill low-level emperors by punching them!, thought Lin Feng.

Suddenly, Cang Ling condensed energies, a gigantic hand appeared and grabbed Lin Feng, who started suffocating.

"Even if you can make your cosmic energies improve and continue being cleansed by Kalpa strength, it won't change anything! You will die today!"  Cang Ling said icily.

"If anything happens to him, you won't leave alive," someone else interjected. A powerful and oppressive energy swept forth. People raised their heads and saw three strong cultivators from the Animal Clan.

Lin Feng looked at the people in the sky and then at Cang Ling, smiling coldly. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan had come back to life in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, Lin Feng didn't intend to make the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan fight against other influential groups, After all, they had fallen a long time before. They weren't as strong as they were in the past, and Cang Ling was a powerful cultivator. The strong cultivators of the Animal Clan were here, and that was a very good thing.

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