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PMG Chapter 1806

Chapter 1806: Chosen by the G.o.dly Wood

Red lights twinkled, terrifying cosmic energies rose to the skies and blotted out the sun. The crowd saw intertwining red vines among them. Those were probably the viscera of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. According to legends, the red G.o.dly Wood contained an infinite amount of blood.

"The one the G.o.dly Wood will choose must be like your ancestors, I want you to stay with me and someday I'll become an emperor! I won't disappoint you,” said Ji Chang, slowly rising up into the air. Nine dazzling dragons appeared, lights shone out and surrounded the tree.

As expected, when the tree heard Ji Chang, it became even more dazzling. It could understand Ji Chang!

At that moment, those watching saw a silhouette appear under the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. That person looked like an ancient great emperor. He was walking next to the tree, in symbiosis with it. Suddenly, the strong cultivator stretched his hands out and embers appeared, the flames glittered. He exhaled and the embers flew away from his hands and turned into dazzling lights which moved towards the distant mountain ranges.

The small embers rose to the skies before descending and turning into real fire mountains. They looked like true ancient mountains.

"Eternal strength,” whispered Ji Chang after he saw the illusion. Lin Feng and the others s.h.i.+vered too. What a terrifying strength. They all swallowed. That fire was eternal and had turned into a mountain!

"Ancient kings had their own path. I will have my own path too. I will become a powerful ancient cultivator someday. I won't be a disgrace to the G.o.dly Wood,” said Ji Chang confidently. He had the soul of a Champion. The illusion disappeared.

The Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood has its own life, thought Lin Feng, amazed. Ji Chang was determined and strong. He really had the potential to become an incredible cultivator. He was never satisfied, always wanting to become stronger and stronger. Without the will to become stronger, a cultivator was destined for failure.

Thunder rumbled. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree rose up, the red lights continued blotting out the sky. Suddenly, the tree turned into a bleeding G.o.dly Wood. The crowd frowned. Had the tree chosen and acknowledged Ji Chang?!

The crowd was s.h.i.+vering with excitement. Ji Chang had managed to make the tree submit? Was he going to obtain the tree?

At the top of the mountain, the old man looked at that display and sighed. “It's the third time in ten years that a tree chose someone. People are really strong these days. The young people of the G.o.dly Wood Clan can't compete with them. How many new kings will appear in the next hundred years?"

Many people were jealous of the G.o.dly Wood Clan's people because they had the privilege of guarding the forest. Many times, the situation had almost deteriorated. However, the strong and powerful clans didn't attack them because anyone could go there and if the trees acknowledged people, then they could leave with them. Therefore, letting the G.o.dly Wood Clan guard the forest wasn't a problem.

The Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood was floating above Ji Chang. The blood-red lights condensed and at that moment, blood appeared and a drop fell down onto Ji Chang's head and penetrated into his body. Suddenly, Ji Chang's cosmic energies became much more powerful. He looked eternal.

"You will follow me for a hundred years now,” Ji Chang said proudly. Suddenly, the red G.o.dly Wood started whistling and penetrated into Ji Chang's body.

It acknowledged him!, thought the crowd in astonishment. They began walking up to him and smiled, “Congratulations, Brother Ji Chang! The G.o.dly Wood acknowledged you! The G.o.ds protect you. You will definitely become a king!"

"Brother Ji Chang, you're amazing. Congratulations. You'll soon become a champion."

Ji Chang looked aloof and composed. It was a big step for him. Soon, he'd become a Champion. He suddenly remembered back then when Ying Cheng had become a Champion.

"Ying Cheng, wait for me. Ling Tian is gone, now I'm your new opponent,” said Ji Chang sharply, clenching his fist.

Qi filled the air. The old man reappeared in the sky.

"Ji Chang,” shouted the old man.

Ji Chang raised his head and said, “What is it, Master?"

"You can keep the tree for a hundred years, and in a hundred years you must bring it back. Besides, the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree only has a hundred drops of blood. A drop of blood is extremely valuable. When you bring the tree back, it will need a hundred years to recover. Remember it's a priceless creature!" the old man said to Ji Chang.

Ji Chang nodded obediently and promised, “I'll bring the tree back in a hundred years!"

"Very good,” nodded the old man. He wasn't worried about that. People acknowledged by trees were incredible, and benefited a lot from the time they spent with trees. They were also very determined. They didn't try to steal the trees forever.

"Since the tree already chose an owner, Shen Mu Qi, bring everyone back,” said the old man. The crowd was stupefied.

"Master,” said Lin Feng suddenly. The old man looked at Lin Feng strangely and said, “What do you want?"

"Ji Chang has his own tree, but I haven't tried yet. I hope you can give us more for time to try,” said Lin Feng to the old man. The old man was surprised.

"People who try to find a tree here are usually high-level emperors or higher, or at least, they must be at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer. However, even though you seem to be a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, it seems that you're hiding your cultivation level. You must have studied some strange and mysterious techniques. Show me your cultivation level."

"Low-level emperor,” said Lin Feng. Then, he released his cosmic energies.

The old man frowned, “You can control ten sorts of cosmic energies? Impressive. Alright, I'll give you a chance, but I have to warn you, people who come here to take G.o.dly Wood are usually medium-level emperors at the least, and usually they are about to become high-level emperors. I don't think you can succeed."

"Thank you, Master. I understand. Having a chance is an honor,” replied Lin Feng politely. He perfectly understood that with his cultivation level it was going to be difficult. The G.o.dly Wood Clan didn't even allow their own young people to come to the forest.

"No problem. If you can take a tree away, then, you'll be able to become much, much stronger. There are a dozen trees. If all the trees are taken away by cultivators, then the region will become extremely powerful,” said the old man indifferently before disappearing.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng strangely. He was a low-level emperor and he wanted to try and take a Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood? It was impossible…

"Brother Ji Chang, let's go back. We want to have drinks with you,” said Shen Mu Qi, smiling at Ji Chang. He didn't feel like staying there. Ji Chang had already obtained a tree.

"With pleasure,” said Ji Chang, smiling back. He was very happy, he had obtained a Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood. The others didn't move, though. Just like Lin Feng, they also wanted to try and get a tree.

After they left, Lin Feng continued running through the forest using his thousands and thousands of clones.

At the same time, he released his G.o.dly awareness palace and sensed the powerful cosmic energies all about him.

Lin Feng ran at full speed and landed in front of a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, but that tree wasn't an king, it seemed. However, Lin Feng didn't look at the tree, he looked at the earth next to it.


Lin Feng suddenly jumped, earthly lights rose up to the skies.

Lin Feng started running around like a madman, while the earth shook and cracked. A gigantic tree slowly emerged from the ground, but then it stopped, it didn't leave. Its energies were extremely thick and dense. It was provoking Lin Feng, it seemed.

"That tree is quite amazing,” whispered Lin Feng. Then, world strength emerged… it was the world of his spirit!

The tree suddenly started shaking violently. The tree turned into a G.o.dly Wood and suddenly left in a flash of red lights.

"Eh?" Lin Feng frowned, the tree had reacted strangely when it sensed Lin Feng's energies, and even fled.

PMG Chapter 1808

Chapter 1808: Getting Ready To Go Back

In the banquet at the palace, people were drinking and laughing. Ji Chang was at the center of attention.

"Brother Ji Chang, a tree acknowledged you. You'll soon become a Champion. When you become a Champion, I'll come and see you. You're amazing,” flattering Shen Mu Qi, raising his gla.s.s and smiling at Ji Chang.

"I'd be very happy if you did,” replied Ji Chang, smiling politely.

"I'll come too! I wish you much success, Brother Ji Chang,” said a woman laughing and raising her gla.s.s. The crowd was having fun.

At that moment, the crowd was overflowing with amazement. Ji Chang was a proud student at Champion University in the Holy City. He had obtained Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood, and would definitely become much stronger within a short time.

"Someone is coming!” A few silhouettes had appeared. They looked dispirited.

Shen Mu Yun smiled, “Brothers, did you obtain anything?"

"I didn't. None of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees acknowledged me. I need to become stronger and then I'll come back and try again,” said one of them indifferently.

Shen Mu Qi nodded and said, “Please come back then. I'll lead the way. I'm sure a tree will acknowledge you sooner or later."

"Thank you very much, Brother Shen Mu,” said the few cultivators nodding.

Shen Mu Yun asked, “Has that guy come out?"

"Oh, we saw him chase a tree with a boat, We don't know where he is now,” replied one of them. The crowd smiled indifferently at the news, their focus on other things.

"He overestimated himself,” whispered some people indifferently. They didn't despise weak cultivators, but Lin Feng had overestimated himself. He had thought a Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Tree would acknowledge him even though he only had the strength of a low-level emperor. Such a thing had never happened.

Chang Lin looked embarra.s.sed and whispered, “Poor Lin Feng, he thought he could obtain a Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Tree, he was dreaming."

He shook his head as the people continued having fun and drinking.

Someone else soon arrived. People raised their heads and looked at them, it was Lin Feng. They all looked amused that he had finally come back.

When Lin Feng saw that everyone was staring at him, he understood. Many people wanted to make fun of him, but he didn't feel like explaining anything. He immediately went to Chang Lin and smiled, “Brother Chang Lin, I have things to do. I'm off."

"Are you leaving?" asked Chang Lin surprised. Lin Feng had brought so many good things to trade and now he wanted to leave. He understood that Lin Feng felt awkward though, so he could understand why he wanted to leave.

"Brother Lin Feng, we'll meet again,” said Chang Lin nodding and smiling.

Lin Feng looked at the crowd and said, “Everybody, I'm off."

Lin Feng then left as quickly as he could. He had already obtained a tree, so he had nothing to do there anymore.

The crowd watched him go strangely. Of course, Lin Feng was just a guest there, they would quickly forget him.

Lin Feng sat in his boat as he left the G.o.dly Wood Valley. n.o.body prevented him from leaving. He back out to the Great s.h.i.+ny Mountain as his clone disappeared. It had been a great trip. Thanks to the nice old man who had allowed him to stay a little longer, he had obtained a tree!

Lin Feng didn't leave the Great s.h.i.+ny Mountain immediately however. He was looking for a hidden cave…

An ancient pitch-black tree appeared indistinctly. Several kinds of cosmic energies condensed. The whole cave was filled with cosmic energies.

However, Lin Feng was annoyed. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree was a child of the earth and sky. Even though the Demon Emperor used to control that tree, its cosmic energies were still the cosmic energies of the earth and sky, and Lin Feng's cosmic energies were different.

In the real world, Lin Feng had to rely on his own cosmic energies. He could use cosmic energies in the outside world to practice cultivation, but he couldn't use them to fight. Understanding cosmic energies and using them were different things.

"As long as it has all sorts of cosmic energies, it's beneficial for me. It is connected to all things."

In the world of his spirit, Lin Feng made the tree appear, and suddenly powerful cosmic energies rose to the skies. The cosmic energies of the ten thousand things of creations of the real world penetrated into his own world. Lin Feng was seated cross-legged at the foot of the tree and studying its cosmic energies.

Two months later, terrifying cosmic energies rose to the skies from the cave, they were very thick and overflowing. If there had been people near enough to see, they would have noticed him from quite far away, and have easily sensed the energies.

Lin Feng came out of the cave. His boat appeared again, and he jumped into it. He was ready to leave the Great s.h.i.+ny Mountain.


In the Holy City, in Champion University…

During those few months, Tiantai continued becoming stronger. Jing Shou and Yun Qing Yan had continued recruiting people. At the same time, Hou Qing Lin took people out to travel and practice cultivation. Tiantai didn't mind whether their new members were old or new students in Champion University, but they had to adhere to Tiantai's philosophy. There couldn't be rivalries between the members, or they ran the risk of being expelled. Of course, becoming a core member of Tiantai was extremely difficult. They had to take an exam.

Many strong cultivators noticed that Tiantai was rising. Lin Feng had told the Moon Group that within three years, he'd challenge them. Three years was so short, even very talented low-level emperors couldn't become medium-level emperors within three years, but Tiantai had said they'd challenge the Moon Group!

Ji Chang's Club's Star Group kept declining. Ji Wuyou and Yu Wen Jing were practicing cultivation really hard, and rarely showed up. Ji Wuyou couldn't accept his defeat, and was going insane. He wanted to become extremely strong and fight against Lin Feng again. The next time he fought against Lin Feng, they might be on the medium ranking list.

Everybody knew that Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou now had the strength of the medium ranking list, but they just hadn't thought about going up against those people.

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