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PMG Chapter 1818

Chapter 1818: Huge Difference

At that moment, other strong cultivators from the nine great celestial castles were in the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine too. They made no secret of their presence, so the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine didn't prevent them from watching.

No matter where those people were, at that moment, the members of the palace were just fixedly staring at the carriage. Who was inside?

"Old white-bearded dude, back then, when I left the nine great celestial castles, I told you that someday I'd come back to the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. I'm here now!" a hoa.r.s.e voice spoke up. It came from the carriage. The white-bearded emperor was stupefied.

Of course, he remembered that time. The first time he had heard him say that, he didn't care, but the second time, he had remembered because he had shown how strong he was during the compet.i.tion for the small worlds. Back then, he had thought that Lin Feng would probably pose a threat to them in ten years.

However, ten years hadn't pa.s.sed, and that arrogant young man was back already.

The fog around the carriage slowly dispersed. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine stared at it as a group of people emerged. They were all young, but all of them looked extraordinary. The members of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine started shaking.

"As expected, it's you, Lin Feng!" said the white-bearded old man fixedly staring at Lin Feng.

The group of people jumped off the carriage and rose up into the air. All the members of the nine great celestial castles could clearly see them. They were stupefied. Lin Feng was back, and he had recreated Tiantai in their buffer zone!

When the crowd saw those people, they paid particular attention to their cultivation levels. Many people took a deep breath in relief. Those young people were all low-level emperors, and Lin Feng was still a Zun cultivator.

They couldn't pose a threat to the nine great celestial castles at all. Of course, the crowd was more worried because of the people who were behind Lin Feng.

"Some of those people were already members of Tiantai back then. The one in cyan clothes is called Hou Qing Lin, that Buddhist monk is called Tian Chi, the one in golden clothes is Jun Mo Xi from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. Those people there were enslaved by Celestial Qi Castle!" Wen Tian Ge exclaimed at that moment. He understood why Lin Feng didn't like Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine now.

The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine were relieved as well. Lin Feng couldn't do anything against them.

The white-bearded old man smiled coldly, “You kept hiding, I thought you were a mysterious and incredible new group. In the end, you are a bunch of dropouts. And you're disappointing, you haven't even broken through to the Huang Qi layer. You might be stuck at the Zun Qi layer, maybe you'll never break through to the Huang Qi layer. I overestimated you back then. Just call the incredible cultivators who came with you. You are well beneath our notice."

Lin Feng looked at the white-bearded old man in a meaningful way and smiled, “Don't be upset. And we are alone."

"You're alone?" Another medium-level emperor couldn't believe it.

"Indeed. Only us. All the members of Tiantai are here," Lin Feng replied calmly. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine were astonished, and they weren't the only ones, everybody was astonished. How did these people dare act so arrogantly?

"Lin Feng, how many talismans did you make to fight against us this time?" asked the white-bearded old man after remaining silent for a few seconds, then he laughed. He hadn't forgotten about Lin Feng's talismans. He had used them to kill many emperors back then. Then, he had also used deployment spells. His deployment spells were more powerful than his fighting abilities!

"You're a medium-level emperor and you're afraid of me, you're pathetic," said Lin Feng, taking a step forwards. He continued, “These people are all my friends. Some of them were direct disciples in Tiantai. The others joined Tiantai later on. But our teachers are still the leaders of Tiantai. You know why we came to the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine this time. We want to compare our strength with you!"

Lin Feng smiled and looked at the strong cultivators from the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, “So many emperors. You're all so old, you look like old skeletons. Who wants to fight?!"

"How arrogant!" the strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine looked at Lin Feng coldly. A low-level emperor jumped forwards. His cosmic energies were already level eight. He would definitely win.


The old man moved like the wind and countless trees shot towards Tantai. However, Tantai jumped up, cracking and shattering sounds erupted as lions roared.

A terrifying energy rose up as the air distorted. The earth and sky started shaking violently. Lin Feng's brain was shaking, but he heard nothing. He had the sensation his blood was boiling.

Loud Voice!, Lin Feng frowned. He saw Tantai wave his hand, millions of lions appeared in the air, but disappeared immediately. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine suddenly fell down onto their knees, in ear-splitting pain.

"Great Invisible Elephant!"

Tantai jumped up and raised his hand, immediately slapping down a strong cultivator of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. The crowd was astonished, especially the strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, their faces twisting in shock. What kind of strength was that? What were those attacks? Loud Voice Great Invisible Elephant? There was absolutely no sound in the atmosphere. Everybody was totally silent. Many Zun cultivators had started bleeding from the ears. Everyone was astonished.

"Old fools remain old fools. You're so weak. Lin Feng, those old dudes are pieces of trash, none of them should have the honor of fighting against us," Tantai spat out. The atmosphere was completely silent. He then slapped down another man, something broke loudly, and the cultivator gave a horrible shriek as he crashed onto the ground and coughed up blood.

The cultivators Lin Feng brought are terrifying!, thought the shaken crowd. Even though Tantai was a low-level emperor, he was monstrously strong, and extraordinary character.

Of course, Tantai wasn't proud, he just done what Lin Feng had told him to do. He knew that Tiantai wasn't all that strong, but these people were just too weak. Their Ancient scriptures, skills, and techniques were weak. They couldn't compare themselves with such weaklings. These people would probably never study great imperial scriptures.

"That's the guy who injured Yu Chen!" Jin Chen Jun told Qi Yun Lin. Jin Chen Jun hadn't thought that Lin Feng would really come. He remembered Lin Feng perfectly.

Of course, some people remembered Lin Feng even more. Emperor Dong and Emperor Qi, when they saw Lin Feng, hatred exploded in their hearts. Because of Lin Feng, their lives had become miserable. Emperor Dong had lost an arm, and there was Qi Qian Xing, too. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was back! They needed to get their revenge!

"You brought some incredible cultivators," the white-bearded emperor said coldly. Tantai could even pose a threat to medium-level emperors. They couldn't clearly see how strong Lin Feng's friends were. Low-level emperors couldn't fight against them at all.

"Tantai, move away, those people don't dare come closer while you're here," Lin Feng said with a cheeky grin. Tantai laughed and moved back. Lin Feng smiled at Qing Feng. “Qing Feng, do you want to try?"

Qing Feng nodded and moved forward like a gust of wind. Surprisingly, this time Lin Feng had sent a woman. The members of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine didn't dare underestimate her. The white-bearded old man looked at another senior and said, “You, go!"

"Alright!" acknowledged the old man, releasing powerful cosmic energies. His cosmic energies were already level nine!

"I'm going to attack," Qing Feng informed him calmly. Then, she suddenly disappeared into the wind. The old man's face changed as a gloomy forest appeared around him.


Fire suddenly appeared and burned the trees. The old man retreated quickly.

"Slow!" shouted Qing Feng, and everything slowed down abruptly. A beam of light appeared, and the old man's face turned deathly pale. A gigantic pair of wings crashed against him, and blood splashed. The old man shrieked and was blasted away. One of his arms fell down from the sky without him.

Qing Feng moved back to Lin Feng. The crowd only saw a light beam moving.

Emperors look so weak before these people…, thought the watchers when they saw the strong cultivator of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine look so weak. Why were the low-level emperors of Tiantai so strong?

PMG Chapter 1819

Chapter 1819: Responsibility

Several sorts of cosmic energies. She used four sorts of cosmic energies, thought the observers, looking at Qing Feng. She was so beautiful and so strong. She wasn't any weaker than the ma.s.sive Tantai!

The crowd then looked at Lin Feng's friends. Were they all that strong? If that was the case, then the situation looked bad.

But of course, the members of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine were the ones who were the most surprised. If all their low-level emperors continued fighting, they'd all suffer crus.h.i.+ng defeats. They already understood that at the same level, they couldn't do much against Lin Feng's friends.

At that moment, Tian Chi walked forwards and put his palms together, releasing golden energies. He looked like a Buddha.

However, this time, the strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine looked at Tian Chi and remained silent. n.o.body dared face Tian Chi. The white-bearded emperor looked at Tian Chi coldly.

"Lin Feng told me that our teacher begged for help, but you humiliated him back then. You even stole his treasures. You were very arrogant… and now you don't dare come and fight?" asked Tian Chi. Even though he was a Buddhist cultivator, he could also be very aggressive. Those watching s.h.i.+vered, their hearts pounding in their chests. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine now had to face them because of that one moment of arrogance.

The Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine was being humiliated by that teacher's disciples. They had come to avenge their teacher!

"How ridiculous. You should leave now. Otherwise, the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine will stop being polite to you," said the white-bearded old man coldly. What the old man meant was that they were going to send medium-level emperors if Lin Feng and his friends didn't leave.

Tian Chi understood that, too. He smiled coldly and said, “Today, whether we do one-on-ones or a group battle, we won't stop battling. Don't try and find excuses!"

"You're shameless and ignorant! You came to the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine to provoke us. Since it's that way, Yao Chen, go and crush him! Teach him respect!" ordered the white-bearded emperor coldly. A medium-level emperor jumped up. The crowd was surprised, the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine was now sending medium-level emperors for real!

However, Tian Chi just stood there fearlessly. He was long since prepared.

"Kids dare act that arrogantly and insolently nowadays!" spat Yao Chen. Wood cosmic strength surrounded Tian Chi, turning into vines which sought to bind Tian Chi. However, Tian Chi looked totally serene. He was surrounded by golden lights that were becoming more and more dazzling. He also chanted mantras in a clear and melodious, pure and deep, far-reaching Brahma voice. The image of an ancient Buddha appeared behind him.

Yao Chen jumped forwards, his hands turning into sharp wooden sticks. The wood energies about them were extremely sharp, like blades.

"Indestructible Body!" Buddha lights invaded the atmosphere and stopped the wood energies.

Gold strength was extremely hard. However, Yao Chen groaned coldly and turned into a b.e.s.t.i.a.l tree. Tian Chi was surrounded by sharp wood energies which pierced through his golden lights.

Tian Chi continued chanting in that imposing Brahma voice. He gradually turned into a second Buddha, then a third, and a fourth… and then, they all merged into one gigantic ancient and indestructible Buddha!

Tian Chi's chants never stopped. The gigantic Buddha descended from the sky and pressed down on Yao Chen.

"How could a pitiful low-level emperor defy my cosmic energies! I'm a medium-level emperor!" snarled Yao Chen coldly turning into countless vines. His sharpened wood energies moved towards the Buddha energies. However, they all broke apart.

More vines rose up in the air, the ground was shaking, but Tian Chi's voice only grew louder and louder. His Buddha surrounded the trees, shocking Yao Chen. Tian Chi was too strong!

The crowd around them was stupefied. Even though Yao Chen wasn't a very strong medium-level emperor, he was still a medium-level emperor, his cultivation level much higher than Tian Chi's. But it didn't seem to matter in this battle!

Tian Chi's fighting abilities were incredible. Those watching were astonished, they had rarely seen such strong cultivators!

"I understand why those people didn't want to leave Tiantai after joining," whispered Xia Tian Fan to himself. His eyes were twinkling. His skills were already very powerful, the Celestial Summer Castle had some great ones. However, Tian Chi's fighting abilities were beyond terrifying, far beyond the skills he had learned.

"Tiantai's disciples come from the small world. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they are afraid of n.o.body. They are very determined and only think of cultivation. Nothing can influence them. The geniuses of the nine great celestial castles, even if they are talented, aren't determined enough. They have no ambition, they all hope they'll join Qing Di Mountain and that's all. After becoming strong enough in Qing Di Mountain, they sometimes try to travel and become stronger but it takes them many, many years."

In the nine great celestial castles, everybody wanted to become Qing Di Mountain's disciples, it was one of their main goals. But once they were in Qing Di Mountain, what then? While they were comfortably practicing cultivation in Qing Di Mountain, Lin Feng and his friends had traveled over thousands of kilometers. They had their own paths.

I want to become stronger. I have to leave. I can't stay here anymore. I have to forget everything. I have to choose my own path and start all over, thought Xia Tian Fan with a sigh. He suddenly felt much more relaxed. How many people had the same thoughts as him? Many people were happy to stay here, they were basically living in a prison they made for themselves…

At that moment, the battle ended. Tian Chi's Sentient Beings Buddhist Enlightenment attack had oppressed the medium-level emperor and crushed him to death.

Tian Chi had killed a medium-level emperor!

"You want to die!" said the white-bearded emperor coldly. Some strong cultivators around him suddenly started running forwards and releasing cosmic energies. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine lunged towards Tian Chi.

Tantai wanted to attack, but Lin Feng prevented him from going and said, “It's about Tiantai's direct disciples today. The other brothers don't need to get involved."

As Lin Feng talked, Hou Qing Lin had already started running forward and releasing Asura Reincarnation strength. Two cultivators died instantly. People's hearts pounded. One sword lacerated two emperors! Hou Qing Lin hadn't shown how strong he was before, but the crowd could see it now!

Ban Ruo, Xing Zhan, and Li Hen also attacked. They were also the emperors' direct disciples. They had to help!

"Five low-level emperors are killing the emperors of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, are they insane?"

Lin Feng prevented some other people from fighting.

Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi continued running forwards. Hou Qing Lin released Reincarnation Sword energies which blotted out the sky, threatening to devour it. Tian Chi's Buddha lights illuminated heaven and earth. Ban Ruo stayed behind them, as he was weaker.

At that moment, Lin Feng also stepped forwards and looked at the white-bearded old man coldly. “I won't kill you but back then, you humiliated my teacher. You have to pay back, but a hundred times more."

The white-bearded old man looked back at Lin Feng emotionlessly. He was shaking inside. A Zun cultivator was talking to him like that, and was scaring him!

"Die!" shouted a strong cultivator at that moment, charging towards Lin Feng. At the moment when the crowd thought Lin Feng was going to attack, someone else attacked him by surprise. However, Lin Feng didn't move. The strong cultivator's attack immediately struck Lin Feng. The crowd was speechless and dumbstruck, Lin Feng didn't even move?

However, very quickly, they realized they were wrong. Lin Feng raised his hand and grabbed that cultivator's head. He raised the man's head, who only saw two ice-cold pupils glaring back at him.


An explosion rang out, and cosmic energies dispersed. The cultivator's skull had exploded, and his headless corpse fell from the sky. People's hearts were racing madly Lin Feng could kill emperors so easily? It seemed so simple for him!

PMG Chapter 1820

Chapter 1820: Slaughtering

"Zun Qi layer?!" Everybody was astonished, Lin Feng had come back, and he had come back with some extremely strong people in Tiantai's disciples. Lin Feng looked like he only had the strength of the Zun Qi layer, had he hidden his cultivation level?

A low-level emperor couldn't injure him with his physical strength, thought the shaken crowd. Qi rose to the skies, purple threads flowing through it. The tank rose up into the air. Lin Feng slowly walked towards a medium-level emperor. A low-level emperor who was trying to block the way was crushed by the purple tank and basically disappeared.

On his left side, another strong cultivator attacked Lin Feng, but Lin Feng suddenly turned around and looked at that cultivator with his pitch-black eyes, attacking his will. He released his G.o.dly awareness, and that person had the sensation he was going to die, Lin Feng slapped him, Kalpa strength rolled out, and crushed that cultivator who couldn't withstand a single attack.

Low-level emperors can't even take a single attack from him, thought the members of Celestial Qi Castle. Lin Feng and his friends were terrifyingly strong. They posed a definite threat!

In the crowd were many of Lin Feng's old friends, such as Wen Tian Ge, Xia Tian Fan, and so on. When they saw Lin Feng fight like that, their hearts were filled with ambition and ardor, and their blood was boiling. Lin Feng had become so strong he could easily crush low-level emperors. Everybody understood that at the same level, n.o.body could compete with him anymore.

The most astonis.h.i.+ng part was that Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were equally terrifying. Hou Qing Lin's reincarnation energies and Tian Chi's Buddha energies could easily crush low-level emperors as well. Medium-level emperors couldn't compete with them, either. Tian Chi had already crushed another medium-level emperor and two low-level emperors!

Hou Qing Lin had studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures a lot. They were incredibly powerful. Even Hou Qing Lin was surprised when studying them. Reincarnation shadows appeared, the earth and the sky turned into a wheel of reincarnation. Inside the wheel of reincarnation, Asura energies crushed people drawn into it. Just now, dangerous cosmic energies had dispersed. A medium-level emperor had fallen, just like that. Hou Qing Lin had condensed a normal sword and then reincarnation inside it.

Even though Ban Ruo, Li Hen, and Xing Zhan weren't as strong as Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi, they also had particular powers and they had practiced cultivation really hard on Yao Ye Island. They had also traveled a lot, so they had lots of experience. Therefore, cultivators of the same level in the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine couldn't compete with them, either.

The crowd watched the battle as stones exploded and dust kept rising. Canyons appeared in the ground, and palaces exploded. Six cultivators from Tiantai were slaughtering all of them! The low-level emperors of Tiantai could easily oppress medium-level emperors of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine!

Lin Feng landed in front of a medium-level emperor and released immortal energy. He looked like a death G.o.d. The medium-level emperor's heart was pounding as lightning descended from the sky. Lin Feng punched out at him, making heaven and earth shake. He had never had that feeling, he was afraid of someone who wasn't even a low-level emperor!

Lin Feng condensed immortal, destructive immortal energy. The purple tank slammed down, and the medium-level emperor finally exploded and died.

Lin Feng looked at the white-bearded emperor who hadn't moved. Lin Feng sneered at him arrogantly and said, “What? Your Excellency, you don't even dare fight?"

The white-bearded emperor's heart was pounding. He watched the scene, unable to calm down. Lin Feng had become so strong! He had never thought Lin Feng would become so strong…

He hadn't thought that a Tiantai would appear, either. He hadn't thought that a group of terrifying young people would come to their territory and rebuild their sect here. Even though they were only low-level emperors, they could already kill medium-level emperors! And Lin Feng even controlled immortal energies!…

"Back then when I left, I told you I'd come back to the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. Now, I want you to kneel down and prostrate yourself three hundred times. If you do, I won't kill you!" Lin Feng promised emotionlessly. The white-bearded emperor's face turned red in fury. He was a medium-level emperor of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, could he prostrate himself three hundred times before a Zun cultivator, and one much younger than him on top of that?

"You're young. Be merciful. You're in the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, our territory!" the white-bearded emperor replied cautiously. He was trying to threaten Lin Feng. Many young people from Tiantai hadn't even attacked yet, and he knew that the Palace couldn't win.

"If you had been merciful, today wouldn't have happened! You humiliated my teacher, you're worse than an animal!" spat Lin Feng, aggressively releasing energies. He looked like a death G.o.d. The white-bearded emperor was staring at Lin Feng. Behind him, a strange tree had appeared. Most descendants of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine had a tree spirit and controlled wood cosmic energy.

Lin Feng watched him coldly, his expression frozen. He took a few steps forwards, releasing wind cosmic energy. He landed in front of the elder and released sword energy. The white-bearded emperor sensed the energy approaching, and had the impression he was going to suffocate from the pressure.

Dazzling lights pierced through his eyes and he started feeling extremely hot, as if he had started to burn. He used his tree spirit to protect himself. His hands turned into vines, but the vines immediately broke apart, shredded by the sword lights.

Lin Feng's sword energies were heavy, he was using three sorts of sword meaning! The white-bearded emperor's heart was pounding violently in pain. He shouted furiously, and a forest appeared.

At that moment, the fourth sword moved towards him and descended from the sky. It looked like an undying shooting star as it streaked across the sky, full of Immortal intent. He didn't have time to release strength anymore, and didn't know what to do.

However, Lin Feng stopped and looked at him. Then, he moved invisibly quickly towards the white-bearded emperor at full speed. The emperor was struggling to protect himself from the fourth sword attack. Lin Feng raised his hands, thunder boomed. and Lin Feng smashed into him. Bones cracked loudly, and the emperor fell down softly. Even though he was a medium-level emperor, his physical body didn't even have the strength of a low-level emperor. Lin Feng could easily pound on him.

The white-bearded emperor tried to roar in outrage as he raised his head weakly. A gigantic hand crashed down onto his head, pus.h.i.+ng him into the ground, where Lin Feng slammed his foot down onto the man's face. The emperor was furious from humiliation, and released more cosmic energies.

However, Lin Feng continued slapping him. Lin Feng was humiliating an old medium-level emperor as if he were an ordinary old man.

More bone-breaking sounds rose, and the old man screamed horribly. He could die anytime, his organs were severely damaged!

That's not a battle anymore, that's a ma.s.sacre!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng had stopped attacking, but he could have crushed the old man, who was forced to kneel down. Tiantai hadn't come to battle, they had come to humiliate the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine who had humiliated their teacher. Hou Qing Lin and the others crushed the strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. n.o.body would dare offend them after that. The strong cultivators of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine looked so weak next to them.

"Stop!" said someone at that moment. The crowd was startled at the sudden intrusion. Two strong cultivators came charging over.

One of them came from the palace of the leader of the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine, and the other one had traveled from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness. He wasn't from the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, of course. The one who had just shouted was a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain!

PMG Chapter 1821

Chapter 1821: Important Decisions

At Celestial Wen Castle, the leader came out personally to greet the guests. He came out of his palace and saw Emperor Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng standing there. He greeted them politely, “Brother Ni Chen, it's an honor to see you here."

"Brother Wen, no need to be so polite. I came regarding the mysterious group Tiantai. Since they suddenly appeared here, I took Ao Feng out, and we're having a look," said Ni Chen. He liked to pamper Wen Ao Feng, who was his favorite disciple.

Wen Ao Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer before Ye Sheng, Qi Yu Chen, and Zhou Tian Ruo, so he was really talented. Now, he was going to become a medium-level emperor soon, and even in Qing Di Mountain, there weren't many people like him. Wen Ao Feng would be as strong as him before his hundredth birthday.

He also liked Ye Sheng, but there was still a big difference between Wen Ao Feng and Ye Sheng.

"Indeed, Tiantai is really mysterious. They went to the Palace of the Medicinal Kings today. Some blood will be shed," the leader of Celestial Wen Castle smiled. Many of their people had gone there to watch.

"I know. I came here because Ye Sheng came back. He took a group of people from Qing Di Mountain there. Tiantai won't cause too much trouble," said Ni Chen confidently. He didn't mind too much either.

"Since Qing Di Mountain went there, Tiantai won't dare cause trouble, I would guess," said the leader of Celestial Wen Castle to Emperor Ni Chen with a smile.

However, at that moment, someone appeared in the distance. When that person saw Emperor Ni Chen, they were surprised and bowed to him, “Emperor Ni Chen!"

"No need to be polite," said Emperor Ni Chen affably.

That person raised their head and looked to the sect leader, who said, “There is no harm in saying what one thinks."

"Leader, we now know who Tiantai's people are. They are old friends," said that person.

The sect leader looked surprised. “Old friends?" he repeated.

"Leader, an obstinate and unruly young man appeared during the compet.i.tion for the small worlds, and then Emperor Shen Yu came and took him away. Three years later, he came back and pretended to be a deployment spell caster, remember?"

"Lin Feng!" said Wen Ao Feng first. The sect leader of Celestial Wen Castle didn't remember Lin Feng, but Wen Ao Feng did. Emperor Ni Chen remembered Lin Feng as well. He had lost face because of Lin Feng. Emperor Shen Yu had provoked and humiliated him back then. They had also agreed to make their disciples battle at some point. The last time he had seen Lin Feng, people from Yao Ye Island had come and protected him. They had also humiliated him! Of course he remembered that!

"So, how is it going?" asked the leader of Celestial Wen Castle.

"Tiantai's cultivators don't have high cultivation levels. They are all young low-level emperors. Lin Feng said that they didn't have any stronger cultivators, but I don't know if it's true or not. I came back to inform you of these things," responded that person. He was only a messenger, influential groups all had them.

"Ao Feng, we have to go," said Emperor Ni Chen, smiling at Wen Ao Feng. Lin Feng was acting recklessly, he had dared come back!

"Yes, Teacher!" nodded Wen Ao Feng. Emperor Ni Chen gazed into the distance coldly. He hadn't seen Lin Feng for a few years, so Lin Feng had probably become a lot stronger. If he dared use a deployment spell against Wen Ao Feng, he would regret it!…

At the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, Ye Sheng had just arrived. He was known as one of Emperor Ni Chen's disciples!

Ye Sheng and those people are much stronger than the white-bearded emperor and his friends, thought the crowd quietly, studying the fighters. These people could pose a threat to Tiantai!

Ye Sheng and the others landed on the ground and looked around at all the corpses. Lin Feng had his foot on the white-bearded emperor's face. They looked at him icily. What a humiliation!

"Lin Feng!" shouted Ye Sheng. This was the young man Lin Feng had defeated back then. "Pull your dirty foot away!" Ye Sheng demanded icily.

Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng was quite strong, and there were many medium-level emperors with him. He probably had a high position in Qing Di Mountain.

"Who are you talking to?" said Lin Feng, calmly yet disdainfully.

"Pull your dirty foot away!" Ye Sheng ordered again. He was getting furious. The white-bearded old man was his grandfather and Lin Feng had his foot on his face, he couldn't bear the humiliation.

"Wu, slap him," Lin Feng said to Wu. Wu's eyes glittered with cold lights. He was angry at Lin Feng inside. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d kept giving him orders! But he had no choice for now. Someday, the situation would change!…

Wu looked at Ye Sheng, his eyes sharp.


A strong wind started blowing, and a golden crow illusion appeared behind Wu. It streaked across the sky like a shooting star, its speed terrifying to behold!

Ye Sheng looked at Wu's eyes, the icy energies which burned in Wu's eyes pierced through Ye Sheng's pupils painfully. He jumped forwards releasing Qi. As he raised his hand, however, a strong wind brushed against him, cutting into his skin.

"Be careful!" shouted some people behind him. Wu turned into a beam of light and returned to where he was initially with a single flap of his wings. Somewhere in the middle of his motion, a gigantic hand had crashed onto Ye Sheng's face painfully, and his face went numb.

That's the Golden Crow Illusion, thought the crowd, staring at Wu. He was a terrifyingly fast animal cultivator!

Sun supernatural bird, a Three-legged Golden Crow!. The crowd s.h.i.+vered.

Ye Sheng was a cultivator from Qing Di Mountain, and had just been slapped! His cheeks burned with the humiliation of being seen.

Lin Feng looked at him disdainfully and said nothing. He turned back to the white-bearded old man, his foot still on the elder's face. He drew his foot back and said, “Kneel down before all the cultivators of Tiantai and prostrate yourself three hundred times. Only then will we not kill you."

"You are now the enemies of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain! You must have a death wis.h.!.+" said the strong cultivator from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, icily releasing a terrifying QI.

However, Lin Feng didn't pay them any heed, he just grabbed the desperate white-bearded emperor. Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “Don't beg other people for help. Today, n.o.body can save you."

"Let him off, it's an order!" demanded the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain. Lin Feng looked proud and arrogant, making them even more furious. They had even slapped Ye Sheng, which was a humiliation for Qing Di Mountain!

"Stop barking, little dog!" Tantai spat aggressively.

"We are Qing Di Mountain's people!" said a medium-level emperor icily. “You dare offend Qing Di Mountain?"

"Lin Feng, is Qing Di Mountain a powerful group?" asked Tantai doubtfully.

Lin Feng turned his head, looking at Tantai and the others, and smiled, “They think they're strong."

That guy is crazy, he dares humiliate Qing Di Mountain!, thought the crowd, caught between fear and delight. The strong cultivators from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain were all around the Tiantai members, and started releasing oppressive energies.

The white-bearded emperor had hope, but Lin Feng only held him more firmly, and the old man shrieked.

"Try if you dare!" said a strong cultivator from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, releasing a powerful Qi, which quickly surrounded Lin Feng. Wu, Jun Mo Xi, Qing Feng, Tantai, Qin Wu and the others finally moved and surrounded Lin Feng. A bunch of low-level emperors were now facing medium-level emperors.

"If anyone dares come any closer, we'll kill you," said Lin Feng easily, as terrifying lights appeared. The strong cultivators from the Palace of the Medicinal Kings and Qing Di Mountain would die if they continued getting closer.

"Kill all the people from Tiantai, that's an order from Qing Di Mountain!" shouted the strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain, furiously releasing formidable Qi as they charged ahead. A hurricane formed as all the energies clashed violently.

PMG Chapter 1822

Chapter 1822: Helping Your Disciple

This was Qing Di Mountain's territory. In case of danger, Qing Di Mountain was in charge of protecting the area. Tiantai hadn't only humiliated the Palace of the Medicinal Kings, they had also humiliated Qing Di Mountain! Qing Di Mountain couldn't accept such humiliation.

Many people were watching them. Qing Di Mountain had already given the order to kill all the cultivators from Tiantai. However, apart from the people who were already fighting, n.o.body else attacked. The other members of the nine great celestial castles just watched. Tiantai's cultivators were crazy, why would they want to face them?

"An order from Qing Di Mountain?" When Lin Feng heard that, he said coldly, “From now on, this territory is beyond the control of Qing Di Mountain."

Then, he put his foot on the white-bearded emperor's face again and stomped on him, crus.h.i.+ng his bones. The old man fell back to the ground. He was lying on the ground and staring up at Lin Feng, his eyes filled with painful memories.

He remembered back then, when Emperor Yu was carrying Lin Feng on his back and begging him. He had humiliated Emperor Yu and made him kneel down. He had even stolen his treasures without giving him anything in return, telling them to leave. He hadn't even looked at the young man Emperor Yu was carrying on his back. However, that young man was now in front of him, stomping on his face. He had never thought such a thing would ever happen, especially this quickly.

"Back then, you humiliated my teacher, you have to pay for that," said Lin Feng, putting his foot on the other man's face again. The white-bearded old man was wailing mournfully, and tears appeared in his eyes. He had practiced cultivation for such a long time, and now he was being humiliated, he was scared and sad.

He looked miserable. Emperor Yu had knelt down in front of him as if Emperor Yu had been a dog, and now this had happened.

Many medium-level emperors who were watching the scene felt sad for him. What a nightmare, it was better to be dead than having to go through that! The people from Celestial Qi Castle; Emperor Dong, Emperor Qi and so on, were dumbstruck, they couldn't believe it. Only a few years had pa.s.sed, and the young man they used to chase everywhere had become so strong!…

Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi were also incredible cultivators. Tiantai's direct disciples were extremely strong. They hadn't only amazed the small world, they were amazing in the great world too!

Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation energies, Tian Chi released dazzling Buddha lights, Qing Feng released several sorts of cosmic energies, Wu was a strong beast releasing burning sun cosmic energies, Tantai and Qin Wu looked crazy, lions kept roaring, an ancient cauldron oppressed heaven and earth, Jun Mo Xi used h.e.l.l skills! These cultivators were amazing!

"Where are they from?" wondered many people. These people were incredible fighters!

Lin Feng raised his hand, a purple tank appeared and started vibrating. It contained seemingly endless immortal strength. However, it didn't fall down, Lin Feng continued waving his hand, and holy dazzling lights winked on. The energies became even more oppressive!

"Brothers!" shouted Lin Feng. Everybody looked at him, they understood what he meant. Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi turned into a million illusions, they were everywhere in the sky. Tantai and Jun Mo Xi protected the area, lions and gloomy strength warding them. Qing Feng and Wu were there too, who would dare attack?

"Go!" shouted a strong cultivator from Qing Di Mountain. When the others heard him shout, they took action too.


Lin Feng's purple tank turned into a millions tanks, their aura pressing down on everyone. Immortal energy floated in the air as he released his wind power, further powering up his tanks.

At the same time, Tiantai's people also released powerful energies. The scene was incredible. A river of reincarnation energies flowed through the air, millions of hands streaked across the sky, a bunch of lions ran in the sky.

It's apocalyptic! The crowd was astonished, their hearts pounding at the sight. The immortal tanks looked terrifying, all sorts of strength was condensing in the air. A strong wind was brus.h.i.+ng against those strong cultivators' bodies and corroding them.

Cosmic strength dispersed, a soul shouted furiously. Surprisingly, many souls started leaving their bodies, but Tiantai's people wouldn't let them off. Hou Qing Lin's sword energies invaded the atmosphere and the souls fell down into reincarnation vortexes.

Winning meant nothing anymore, this was a war. The white-bearded old man was even more desperate. The strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings were getting crushed. Tiantai's people wanted to change everything in the nine great celestial castles.

"Call all the leaders!", the white-bearded old man tried to shout, but his voice wasn't loud at all. He hoped people would come and help. They couldn't do anything against Tiantai anymore.

Tiantai's people are really strong. If the leaders of the nine great celestial castles don't show up, they'll destroy the nine great celestial castles, thought the watchers. However, they were still wondering why Tiantai's people dared act like this. Even though they were really strong, they couldn't possibly take over the territory. After all, they couldn't fight against high-level emperors. And now they had even offended Qing Di Mountain!


By the time Emperor Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng finally arrived, the battle was already over. The strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings were either dead or badly injured. Tiantai could kill them all if they wanted.

At that moment, the people from Tiantai were on the ground. The white-bearded old man of the Palace of the Medicinal Kings was on his knees again. That humiliation was horrible, being dead would have been better. He now understood what he had made Emperor Yu go through.

"a.s.shole." When Ni Chen landed, the strong cultivators of Qing Di Mountain who were still alive gathered next to him.

Ye Sheng said, “Teacher, we have to kill them! They killed almost all of our friends!"

Ni Chen was furious. He hadn't thought that the situation would be so tragic. Qing Di Mountain had lost many people!

Of the nine great celestial castles, Qing Di Mountain was the leader. For them, a bunch of young low-level emperors was important to their future.

"Where are the cultivators of Yao Ye Island?" asked Emperor Ni Chen icily.

"Yao Ye Island? You want to be like last time, when you looked as scared as a stray cur?" mocked Lin Feng.

Ni Chen released his G.o.dly awareness. Indeed, there was n.o.body from Yao Ye Island present. He was surprised.

"You're self-confident because of your deployment spells, it seems. I'll give you a chance though, fight against Ao Feng. If you win, I'll let you live. If you lose, everyone who contributed to killing the members of Qing Di Mountain will die."

Ni Chen was in the sky, looking quite dignified. Of course, he thought Lin Feng had relied on deployment spells. Otherwise, how could a low-level emperor have killed so many strong cultivators? He was very strong, but his strength was limited.

The opportunity Ni Chen gave to Lin Feng referred to his agreement with Emperor Shen Yu. He knew perfectly well how strong Wen Ao Feng was, he could easily defeat medium-level emperors.

"We will all die?" Wu looked at him icily. A trivial high-level emperor dared talk to him like that? "That old dude is acting recklessly." Wu was furious.

Ni Chen looked at him icily, “You're from Yao Ye Island?"

"Yao Ye Island?" Flames of fury burned in his eyes. He said icily, “Who do you think you are to talk to me, p.i.s.s off!"

Ni Chen was astonished. He was a high-level emperor of Qing Di Mountain, and a low-level emperor dared talk to him like this? He had never met a low-level emperor like this before!

Lin Feng was just smiling and watching him. Ni Chen didn't know where Wu was from. A trivial high-level emperor dared talk to him like that? Even in Vast Celestial Ancient City, great emperors didn't necessarily talk to Wu that way.

Lin Feng walked forwards and slowly rose up in the air, he said to Ni Chen, “You little dog, you want me to fight against your disciple, you're really funny."

The crowd didn't understand why Lin Feng acted that crazy. And Wu? How come he dared tell Ni Chen to p.i.s.s off? Lin Feng even dared call Ni Chen a little dog, these young people were truly strange…

"When I came here, Uncle Shen Yu reminded me of the agreement, I don't mind helping your disciple become stronger!" said Lin Feng with a dark smile. Ni Chen and Wen Ao Feng were furious. Wen Ao Feng had the same level as Lin Feng, and Lin Feng dared say he was going to "help" him!?

PMG Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823: Armies

Emperor Ni Chen is going to come a cropper, thought the crowd. They had seen how strong Lin Feng was. Even though Wen Ao Feng was Emperor Ni Chen's direct disciple, he couldn't compete with Lin Feng.

The most surprising thing was that n.o.body warned Emperor Ni Chen. Even Ye Sheng and the strong cultivators from Qing Di Mountain who had been injured didn't warn Emperor Ni Chen.

They are doing it on purpose because they want Emperor Ni Chen to hate Lin Feng, thought the crowd in the distance. If Lin Feng killed Wen Ao Feng, Ni Chen would be furious and kill Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at Wen Ao Feng calmly, his robe fluttering in the wind.

Wen Ao Feng released his strength, moving forwards and watching Lin Feng closely. He felt humiliated by what Lin Feng had said. Help him become stronger?!

"Wen Ao Feng, Ni Chen is a little dog, and you're his direct disciple, our battle has been planned for a long time. However, I don't want to humiliate you. If you want to give up, then just forget about it," Lin Feng said to Wen Ao Feng calmly.

Wen Ao Feng looked at him coldly and said, “Empty words! You don't respect my teacher, I have to teach you a good lesson."

Emperor Ni Chen was furious, Lin Feng kept calling him a little dog. No matter what, Lin Feng had to die today!

Terrifying cosmic energies surrounded Wen Ao Feng. He jumped forwards and turned into many illusions. Many Wen Ao Feng's illusions charged towards Lin Feng. A powerful vortex appeared. The watchers frowned, Wen Ao Feng was indeed extremely strong. His efforts were futile, however.

Lin Feng released cosmic energies, and quickly formed two layers of armor, one of demon strength and one made of earth energy.

s.p.a.ce distorted around him, and he vanished into the wind. Fists raced towards Lin Feng. Explosive impacts rang out, his armors broke apart, and Wen Ao Feng appeared in front of Lin Feng. His fist shot towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng groaned, he sensed empty s.p.a.ce and destructive cosmic energies penetrated into his body. However, he quickly blocked them, looked at Wen Ao Feng and smiled widely. Wen Ao Feng looked back at him icily.

He condensed more cosmic energies, about to use a spell. How could Lin Feng be smiling? Wen Ao Feng was furious.

"Not bad!" said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently, “Unfortunately, your teacher is a little dog and because of him, you're not enjoying your capacities to the fullest."

Lin Feng raised his hand. Wen Ao Feng was surrounded by cosmic energies and retreated quickly. However, a hand caught up with him and slammed into him. He was flung away helplessly.

Lin Feng had just used a little bit of strength.

When Emperor Ni Chen saw that, he was stupefied.

The agreement was a joke, ridiculous. His disciple hadn't even withstood a single attack. Lin Feng's physical strength was monstrous!

"Ni Chen, little doggie, you should come and fight instead," said Lin Feng sharply. Ni Chen frowned. The crowd was shaking with excitement. Was Lin Feng actually challenging Ni Chen?

"Since you want to die, I don't mind. You disrespectful little kid, I'll kill you!" shouted Ni Chen, releasing ice-cold wind cosmic energy.

"Since I told you you could come and fight, there's no need to find excuses! Back then, when I was in Celestial Qi Castle, you, as a high-level emperor, blocked my way, you wanted me to cripple my own cultivation. How majestic! Back then, I was only a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer. A high-level emperor against a Zun cultivator? Pfff!" Lin Feng smiled mockingly. If Muyi hadn't helped him, Ni Chen would have killed him!

Ni Chen said to the crowd icily, “Everyone, attack the a.s.sholes of Tiantai and kill them all. Don't let a single one escape."

When the crowd heard Emperor Ni Chen, they all s.h.i.+vered. Ni Chen was furious. He wanted to kill all the members of Tiantai without exception.

"From now on, Tiantai controls the nine great celestial castles. If anyone dares touch the disciples of Tiantai, I can guarantee you that I will destroy them," reb.u.t.ted Lin Feng aggressively. The crowd was frozen with indecision. Would they dare attack?

Those who had recently joined Tiantai looked angry, they felt like chess pieces.

"Those who recently joined Tiantai can leave now and Qing Di Mountain will consider they had nothing to do with that and we won't kill them," said Ni Chen, glancing at Tiantai's members. There were more than a hundred people. They had to make a decision, to become Qing Di Mountain's enemies or not?

But Lin Feng had proven that he was really strong. It made them feel even more motivated. Lin Feng was an inspiration for them. Someday, they'd be able to fight on his side! The problem was, what would happen if they became the enemies of Qing Di Mountain?

"Tiantai doesn't force anyone to stay. You can leave Tiantai if you wish. I don't mind," said Lin Feng calmly. Tiantai didn't imprison people. However, Lin Feng wouldn't let them come back if they left Tiantai. Lin Feng would even be merciless with them.

Some people who weren't motivated and determined left the group. When some people saw that, they followed. After a short time, half of the would-be followers had left. After all, Qing Di Mountain controlled the region, and it had been that way for a very, very long time. They simply didn't dare go against them.

Tiantai's people are strong, they have Ancient scriptures, including great imperial scriptures. They also have incredible skills and techniques. If Tiantai manages to compete with Qing Di Mountain and I leave, I won't have the opportunity to come back, thought the ones who had remained behind bravely. They were gambling with their lives, but they trusted that young man in the sky. He was heroic and strong. They were convinced Tiantai wasn't going to be destroyed.

Finally, after half of the new members of Tiantai left, Lin Feng glanced at the ones remaining calmly. He saw that n.o.body else and said, “Those who left today won't have the opportunity to come back. People who stayed will all obtain ancient high-level imperial weapons and imperial scriptures."

The people who stayed looked delighted. Even Qing Di Mountain didn't offer high-level imperial weapons and scriptures to their people!

The people who had just left Tiantai immediately regretted it. Had they just missed an incredible opportunity?

Lin Feng had lots of imperial weapons and ancient scriptures. He had spent lots of time in Vast Celestial Ancient City and the Holy City. He had killed many people, and each time, he took their treasures. Concerning Ancient scriptures, some people didn't need them, some people also just needed parts of them.

"Are you deaf, people of the nine great celestial castles?" shouted Ni Chen, icily glancing over the crowd. The last time Yao Ye Island's cultivators had come, they had humiliated him. Now, Lin Feng had built Tiantai in their territory and surprisingly, they weren't there.

"Celestial Wen Castle will help Emperor Ni Chen!" said someone in the distance. A group of strong cultivators from Celestial Wen Castle arrived.

Lin Feng watched them arrive icily.

Celestial Wen Castle used to control the Wen Clan in the central part of Ba Huang. Celestial Wen Castle and the Wen Clan always tried to be friends with everyone. However, Wen Ao Xue was a member of the union, and Celestial Wen Castle now controlled the small world. Besides, Lin Feng had lived in Celestial Qi Castle and someone had tried to kill him there. Lin Feng had always had doubts and thought that it might be someone from Celestial Wen Castle. Lin Feng didn't understand them.

Now, they were coming to help Qing Di Mountain. They were the first ones to help, they definitely gave Emperor Ni Chen face.

The leader of Celestial Wen Castle had a reason to come out. A short time before, Wen Ao Feng had told him something important. The former Great Emperor of Qing Di Mountain had come back and was in Qing Di Mountain. According to Wen Ao Feng, he had already become a Celestial Emperor. Even if Yao Ye Island helped Lin Feng, he was still in danger.

Two great emperors, of two generations, a Great Emperor and a Celestial Emperor, those two cultivators could make things change as they wished!

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