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PMG Chapter 1830

Chapter 1830: Ba Huang Nowadays

The strong cultivator of the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders remembered back then, when Emperor Wu Tian Jian had threatened him. Later on, things had changed, and another group had taken control over the small world. However, people had continued consulting him concerning issues in the small world, so he was still the manager of the small world. He hadn't thought that Lin Feng would come back after so many years.

"You surprisingly dared come back," said the strong cultivator, smiling coldly. Lin Feng hadn't leveled up it seemed, but the people around him were quite strong. They were all low-level emperors. He was a bit surprised.

"Let us go into the small world," ordered Lin Feng calmly. The strong cultivator of Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders frowned and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was provoking him?

Lin Feng had no time to talk nonsense. He immediately broke a talisman, lights and then a silhouette appeared. The strong cultivator of Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders was stupefied, he bowed and said, “Master!"

"From now on, there is no entry and exit restriction. Open the pa.s.sage and apologize to Lin Feng for what you did in the past. If Lin Feng forgives you, come back to Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders. If he doesn't, then you will never come back," said the leader of Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders icily. The strong cultivator was in charge of protecting the pa.s.sage. Back then, he had joined hands with Celestial Qi Castle and Celestial Si Kong Castle, and had offended Lin Feng. However, now things had changed.

Now, the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders, the Great Celestial Palace of Thoughtfulness, and Celestial Si Kong Castle respected Tiantai. After all, they couldn't change anything, and Lin Feng had taken control over the region. He had also destroyed his enemies, such as Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. Regarding Celestial Wen Castle, they had chosen the wrong allies, but Lin Feng wasn't as cruel to them as he had been Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings.

The strong cultivator of Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders pulled a long face and lowered his head before he moved aside, not daring to look at Lin Feng.

"Haven't you heard me? Apologize! Apologize to Tiantai's heroic cultivators. Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings have been destroyed. Do you want to die too?" asked the leader of Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders. When the strong cultivator heard that, he was astonished and his heart twitched. Lin Feng and his friends had destroyed Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of the Medicinal Kings? What was going on?

"Hmph!" the leader of the castle groaned icily and then he disappeared.

The strong cultivator's heart was pounding violently. He didn't know what to think, but all in all, he bowed before Lin Feng and his friends and said, “I offended you. I'm infinitely sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

Lin Feng looked at him icily and said, “After we pa.s.s, you'll leave the pa.s.sage open forever. If we need a guard, then you'll be the guard forever."

Lin Feng didn't intend to kill him. Even though that guy was a moron, he was also the guard of the pa.s.sage. Changing the guard wouldn't have any impact, guards always enjoyed doing things their own way. Back then, he had received orders from the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders. But from now on, he couldn't close the pa.s.sage anymore.

"Yes, sir!" said the guard, nodding before he went and opened the pa.s.sage. Lin Feng and the others pa.s.sed and landed in the Sun Castle. They walked along a long corridor and appeared outside. They all took a deep breath.

"Ba Huang." Lin Feng closed his eyes and enjoyed the fresh air of the small world. Finally. Lin Feng had the sensation he hadn't been back in forever.

"Lin Feng, we're back!" said Jun Mo Xi, walking up next to Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling. Back then, when they had left, he hadn't taken Xiao Die with him. They hadn't seen each other for years. He was wondering how she was doing.

Hou Qing Lin and Tian Chi walked forwards. Unfortunately, their teacher wasn't here with them. Some other fellow disciples weren't there, either. How were they all doing?

They had built Tiantai in the region of the nine great celestial castles for several reasons. The first was to control the region, including the small world. Then, people from the small world would be able to come in and out freely, and practice cultivation in the great world. n.o.body would treat them as slaves anymore. The second reason was that if their teachers and fellow disciples heard of Tiantai, they'd know where to find them.

"Let's go," whispered Lin Feng. Then, he walked forwards. They were going back to Ba Huang, the place where they had risen. Lin Feng's cultivation had changed drastically since back then, when he had come to Ba Huang.


Ten years had pa.s.sed, that was a long time. Two powerful groups controlled Ba Huang now, one of them being the Wen Clan. Many years before, there was the Si Kong Clan in the central part of Ba Huang, and the Qi Clan and Celestial Palace of the Immortals were in the eastern part of Ba Huang. After all the emperors had left, people had heard of the great world. The Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan had then started declining. However, the Wen Clan had continued rising. They had become quite strong and had taken control over the central part of Ba Huang. The Magic World Heavenly Palace had disappeared, only the Si Kong Clan had remained. Jiange still existed, but they were weaker than the Wen Clan. However, according to legends, there was a strange old man who never came out in Jiange.

Apart from the Wen Clan, there was another strong group, the Palace of the Medicinal Kings. The Palace of the Medicinal Kings had occupied the territory of Celestial Place of the Alchemists back then, in the southern part of Ba Huang. They ruled over the southern part of Ba Huang now. Many groups which existed back then had declined or even been destroyed.

For example, Tiantai had disappeared from the northern part of Ba Huang. Their territory had been maintained temporarily, but now they had completely disappeared. Sometimes, some old people talked about them, but most people were gradually forgetting about it.

Apart from that, many groups had disappeared and were part of history.

However, some new groups had also started rising. Some people also tried to resurrect some groups which had been destroyed.

For example, in the southern part of Ba Huang, a celestial being had appeared and wanted to resurrect the Celestial Place of the Alchemists. Unfortunately, even though she had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, the Palace of the Medicinal Kings kept humiliating her. Everybody called her Empress Xue, or Xue Celestial Being. She had become even more beautiful. She was one of the legendary four most beautiful women of Ba Huang, Xue Baguio!

There were many legends about Xue Baguio and the Celestial Palace of the Alchemists. Some people said that Emperor Dan had used her back then, and that she had followed people from Tiantai. Some rumors also said that she had fallen in love with Lin Feng, but that his wife was already a celestial being: Meng Qing! Therefore, he had refused Xue Baguio, and Xue Baguio had remained in the small world. Back then, she hadn't followed the others into the great world.

Of course, those were just rumors, but in the southern part of Ba Huang, there was another group. They were called Qi Feng Mountain. Back then, they had dispersed and then someone had restored the group, two beautiful sisters… Feng Ling and Feng Xuan! Back then, Feng Xuan was also one of the four most beautiful women. However, Feng Ling had become just as beautiful, if not moreso. Besides, Feng Ling had broken through to the Huang Qi layer before Feng Xuan.

Some people said that they had gone to the outer world and had come back. n.o.body could check whether the information was true or not. Only those who had gone to the great world could know.

Regarding the last of the four most beautiful women, apparently she was from the Wen Clan. Some people said that she pretended to be a man. Now, she didn't hide anymore, and she had become one of the four most beautiful women. Her name was Wen Ao Xue. She was the pride of the Wen Clan.

In the northern part of Ba Huang, some funny things happened too. For example, a young man had started rising. He was extremely strong, and people found him extraordinary, as he was extremely talented. That guy wanted to recreate Tiantai. He traveled a lot, trying to recreate Tiantai.


Lin Feng knew nothing about those things. Now, he was going to Jiange alone. He was flying on his gigantic sword, it reminded him of so many things. Without Jiange, everything in his life would have been different. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had helped him so much in life.


Some silhouettes flickered and people appeared in front of him, they all looked as sharp as swords. Young Master, their Young Master was back!

"If I become an emperor someday, Jiange will rule over the central part of Ba Huang!" That was what Lin Feng had said back then. They all remembered that, he did too. Now, he was back, but he was still a Zun cultivator. Would he make them proud?

PMG Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831: G.o.dly Wood's Sap

"Jiange is a powerful group in the central part of Ba Huang!"

The Wen Clan ruled over the central part of Ba Huang. Even though Jiange had Emperor Wu Tian Jian, they didn't rule over the region because the old emperor was detached from worldly affairs. Jiange thus preferred staying in the shadows. Besides, Jiange probably couldn't rule over the region anymore, as Wen Ao Xue had already become a low-level emperor. She was a genius.

Many people in Ba Huang thought that the geniuses of the previous generations were amazing, especially those who had disappeared. Those who had risen a bit later, such as Xue Baguio, Feng Ling, Wen Ao Xue, and so on, had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but those. The geniuses who had disappeared were even more powerful. Tiantai's disciples had amazed the whole region during the meeting of the emperors. Wen Ao Xue, Xue Baguio, and the others couldn't compete with them back then. Even fools could imagine that those people had probably become powerful emperors already.

Unfortunately, people had been able to leave the small world for a while before the pa.s.sage had been closed again. The geniuses who had disappeared hadn't come back for quite some time.

However, at this moment, Lin Feng was right there, outside of Jiange!

"Young Master!" The crowd remained silent for a time, staring at Lin Feng, before bowing before him. Even if Lin Feng hadn't become an emperor yet, he had probably become even more powerful than before. Unfortunately, Wen Ao Xue and all the others had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Why hadn't Lin Feng broken through to the Huang Qi layer? Did he have a problem?

"Jian Mu, is the emperor here?" Lin Feng asked Jian Mu.

Jian Mu nodded, "Young Master, the emperor is in the sword grave. After you left, n.o.body dared go inside anymore, we don't want to disturb him. I think he should still be in there, but I'm not sure."

"Alright." said Lin Feng with a nod, before starting to walk through Jiange.

"Young Master!" shouted Jian Mu. Lin Feng stopped, turned around, and looked at Jian Mu.

"I hope you can cheer him up," said Jian Mu, bowing before Lin Feng. The ancestor was here and he didn't do anything for Jiange, that made Jian Mu feel very sad. Lin Feng had come back, but he hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so their last hope was their ancestor. Jian Wu Bei was now a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, so hopefully the old man would help him a little.

Lin Feng understood what Jian Mu meant, his eyes twinkling and he said, "From now on, Jiange will rule over Ba Huang."

Then, he continued on. Jian Mu and the others were surprised. Jiange was going to rule over Ba Huang? Was that possible?

Did Lin Feng have a solution?

Lin Feng walked straight to the Sword Grave. It was currently sealed by sword energies. Lin Feng looked at that curtain made of sword lights. Even sounds couldn't get through. How was Emperor Wu Tian Jian doing?

Lin Feng punched the curtain of sword Qi, which instantly broke apart and dispersed, allowing him to enter.

In the Sword Grave, the old man was seated cross-legged. He looked extremely old and had many wrinkles, his hair had become completely white. Lin Feng was stupefied, what was going on? What had happened?

The old man slowly opened his eyes. He looked very sick. It was hard to imagine that that old man was Emperor Wu Tian Jian, the one who had forced the medium-level emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders to open the pa.s.sage to the great world.

"You're here!" exclaimed the old man, smiling at Lin Feng. He looked so sick though…

"Master, what's wrong?" asked Lin Feng. He didn't understand why the old man looked so bad. Had his injury worsened?

"I will die soon," said the old man calmly. "Long ago, I was injured, so I hid in here. I went out a few times because of you. To be honest, I also hoped you would be able to help me someday. However, while I was waiting, a few years ago, the enemy came here and I had to use all my strength to scare him away. It worked, but now I'm going to die."

The old man looked extremely sad, "I'm going to die soon, and you haven't broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. The G.o.ds hate me. Lin Feng, have a seat. I will transmit everything I have learned in this life to you."

Lin Feng sighed. Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't care about Jiange?

He had founded Jiange, and Jiange's people were his people, his descendants. He had sealed the tomb and he didn't give any news to his people. He could have died in the tomb and n.o.body would have known about it. That was sad, considering that he was a public figure in the small world.

"Master, how could you say such a thing?" said Lin Feng calmly. Then, he walked to the old man, and slowly crouched down. He took the old man's hands in his hands and started releasing life cosmic energies, which raced throughout the old man's body. Emperor Wu Tian Jian instantly started looking more alive. His eyes started twinkling. This was cosmic energy? And this cosmic energy was intense, thick, and rich! A Zun cultivator couldn't possibly control such cosmic energies!

"You've already broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" Emperor Wu Tian Jian asked Lin Feng.

"Master, do you think I am that bad at cultivation?" smiled Lin Feng. He didn't stop releasing life cosmic energy.

"I am old and tired. I just realized that if you hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, you wouldn't have been able to break the sword energy curtain I created to seal the grave. It seems like you studied an incredible technique to hide your cultivation level! Surprisingly, I didn't even notice. But your life cosmic energies still can't heal me. They can help me live a bit longer at best. All in all, my injuries are too severe, and I will die soon." said Emperor Wu Tian Jian, sighing. His hair had started turning black again.

"Not necessarily!" replied Lin Feng. Lin Feng walked out of the grave and released immortal sword energies to seal the grave, then came back into the Sword Grave. A pitch-black tree appeared before them. The tree turned into black wood, and powerful cosmic energies invaded the atmosphere.

"An ancient tree, black wood, powerful cosmic energies, several sorts of cosmic energies." Emperor Wu Tian Jian was staring at the wood floating in midair. He was stunned as he looked at Lin Feng. "What is this?"

"Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood!" Lin Feng said calmly.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian's heart suddenly twitched in astonishment. "The legendary wood with different sorts of strength, the Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood that is alive?"

"The sap of the G.o.dly Wood can heal your injuries," explained Lin Feng. He waved his hand and the tree moved over to the old man and floated above his head. The old man didn't look so sad anymore, he looked astonished, and sharp lights were glittering in his eyes. Was he going to become as strong as he used to be when he was younger? Lin Feng had surprisingly obtained Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood!…

"Master, use the sap of the wood to cleanse your body, it will heal you," instructed Lin Feng. Emperor Wu Tian Jian nodded as Lin Feng started talking to the G.o.dly Wood. The Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood started releasing powerful lights, and drops of sap started falling from it, penetrating into the old man's body.

A powerful strength started flowing throughout the old man's flesh and muscles, and auspicious lights started flas.h.i.+ng around him. The whole Sword Grave started trembling. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was dumbstruck.

Another drop of sap fell onto his body, and the old man started releasing powerful energies. He shouted loudly, "Lin Feng, take the G.o.dly Wood away, don't waste its priceless sap!"

Emperor Wu Tian Jian wasn't selfish. He knew that the sap of this wood was priceless. Two drops were enough for him to cleanse the toxins in his body. Lin Feng had come back from the great world with this tree, he didn't mind the cost, he just wanted to heal the old man.

"Another drop is fine," said Lin Feng as he sensed the powerful sword energies in the air. Lin Feng thought that that sap might make Emperor Wu Tian Jian even stronger than he used to be. The Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood had a hundred drops. Each drop required hundreds of years to condense. Its sap was priceless indeed, and Lin Feng gave Emperor Wu Tian Jian three drops.

After that, Lin Feng walked away from the emperor, sealing the area away. Jiange's people started rus.h.i.+ng over there. They all looked at Lin Feng, sensing some powerful cosmic energies. Why had Lin Feng sealed the grave? What had happened to the old man?

"Young Master!" called out Jian Mu.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at Jian Mu and the others. He shouted, "Everybody leave, I know what's good for Jiange!"

"Yes, Young Master!" replied Jian Mu. He could see Lin Feng's sharp expression, and didn't want to disobey. He waved at the others, and they all left.

PMG Chapter 1832

Chapter 1832: The Sword Emperor Rises!

Jiange's people departed. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the sword intent he had used to seal the Sword Grave. The energies within the Grave seemed like they could explode out at anytime.

The Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood's sap is powerful, as expected. If I used it to cleanse my body, perhaps my cosmic energies and my comprehensive abilities would improve, thought Lin Feng. No wonder a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree was so difficult to obtain, and the tree had to agree to follow a cultivator.

Unfortunately, there were only a hundred drops. Each drop was priceless, taking a century to form. If the Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood had no more sap, it would turn into an ordinary tree.

However, it would take time for Emperor Wu Tian Jian to recover.

Jian Mu and the others had gathered in a courtyard. Even though they were some distance away, they continued staring at the Sword Grave nervously.

"Young Master!" Lin Feng came over to them. Jian Mu was visibly anxious about what was going on.

"Emperor Wu Tian Jian needs time, he's meditating in seclusion. His strength and cultivation level are not only coming back to normal, he's going to improve," Lin Feng explained calmly. Everybody was astonished. The old man was going to become stronger?!

"Jian Mu, what's the situation like in Ba Huang these days?" Lin Feng asked him. He had just come back to Ba Huang, and his friends were busy doing their own things. Lin Feng wanted to know more about the situation in Ba Huang.

"The Wen Clan suddenly became much stronger. The Qi Clan gradually declined. The Si Kong Clan is strong, but in comparison to the Wen Clan, they are still weak. I've also heard that the medium-level emperors have all left. A new group appeared in Ba Huang, the Palace of Medicinal Kings. They're the only group who can compete with the Wen Clan," explained Jian Mu briefly. In short, the Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were the strongest groups of Ba Huang those days.

As expected, thought Lin Feng. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings controlled the small world, so they were the strongest in it. They could steal resources to raise their own people. They also paid attention to rising geniuses in the small world. What they couldn't imagine was that they couldn't do much against truly strong people. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings were already doomed.

"What emperors are there in this world nowadays? And among my enemies of the same generation as me, who is left?" asked Lin Feng.

"There aren't many emperors these days in Ba Huang. The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings have emperors. The Si Kong Clan probably has two emperors: Emperor Si Kong from back then, and Si Kong Xiao. The Xiao Yao Sect should have one emperor. There is also Emperor Lei and Emperor Niu Mo in the brutal part of Ba Huang. Emperor Peng left with the Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc. They probably went to the great world like you. Also, the Celestial Thunder Temple now has an emperor, too. Xue Baguio from the Celestial Place of the Alchemists has broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Feng Ling has also broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Feng Xuan will soon break through to the Huang Qi layer. Xue Baguio, Feng Xuan, Feng Ling, and Wen Ao Xue are the new four most beautiful women of Ba Huang," continued Jian Mu slowly. Lin Feng was astonished and frowned.

"Wen Ao Xue, one of the four most beautiful women of Ba Huang?"

"Indeed, she's a woman," nodded Jian Mu. Lin Feng was stupefied. Wen Ao Xue, the young man who used to be as beautiful as a woman, actually was one, and she was even so beautiful that men were attracted to her. It wasn't too surprising, though. Lin Feng was surprised because Wen Tian Ge had gone to the great world, and Wen Ao Xue had come back to the small world.

"Young Master, that's basically all. All the others left when the pa.s.sage to the great world was opened. I don't know what the geniuses are doing in the great world," finished Jian Mu. Lin Feng nodded. Xue Baguio had lost her memories back then, she had almost gotten married to Emperor Dong's son. Surprisingly, Feng Ling had broken through to the Huang Qi layer before Feng Xuan. The Diviner was knowledgeable!

"Do you have news from Tiantai?" asked Lin Feng.

"A mysterious young man n.o.body knows wants to recreate Tiantai. He is very talented, but he is only a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer, and apart from emperors, I don't think anyone can recreate Tiantai. You probably think the same. Some people from the Qi Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle are looking for him everywhere, they want to kill him."

Even though the Qi Clan had already fallen and Tian Long Divine Castle had been destroyed, there were still some of their former members who were still alive. It was impossible to kill every single person in such a big group.

"A young man wants to recreate Tiantai?" Lin Feng was surprised. "What's his name?"

"He's less than twenty years old. He appeared in Ba Huang and said he wanted to go and see Tiantai, but then he realized that Tiantai didn't exist anymore so rumors started spreading, he apparently wanted to recreate Tiantai. His name is Ye Chen. There was a beautiful woman with him, her name was Ye Xue, but her cultivation level was mediocre."

"Ye Chen, Ye Xue!" Lin Feng frowned. He remembered back then, he had spent some time in a small village. He hadn't practiced cultivation, merely resting there. Ye Chen must be Xiao Chen! The baby had already grown up! Time pa.s.sed so quickly…

Lin Feng wasn't surprised that the baby had grown up, he was surprised that the young man had gone to Tiantai to find him. Unfortunately, Tiantai had disappeared, so he wanted to recreate it. He had retained the heart of a child.

At that moment, a powerful explosive energy pierced through Lin Feng's sword energy curtain like a crack of thunder. He turned around and sensed a powerful sword energy shooting up into the sky. A powerful Qi filled the air and turned into an ocean of energies. Everybody was astonished.

"That's…" Lin Feng frowned. The Qi kept rising to the skies. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was shouting vigorously. He was getting stronger!

"Everybody, leave the small world!" shouted Lin Feng urgently.

Jian Mu promptly rose up in the air and shouted, "Jiange's people, leave Jiange!"

Everybody within Jiange heard him, and started running away as fast as they could. Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword energies were whistling and expanding around him.

"Did the three drops of blood help him break through to the next cultivation layer because his cultivation was restrained for such a long time?" murmured Lin Feng. In a very short time, all of Jiange's members had left. Crackling sounds kept rising from the Grave. A gigantic sword appeared, cutting fissures in s.p.a.ce, creating more thunderclaps. Powerful sword energies kept exploding and forcing people away.

"The small world is going to explode!" The crowd was astonished, they saw powerful sword lights das.h.i.+ng to the skies and disappearing.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at the light beam. It was clearly Emperor Wu Tian Jian!

At that moment, a hole appeared in the sky. It was visible from everywhere in the central part of Ba Huang. People there raised their heads and looked at the hole in the sky above Sword City.

Only people who are high-level emperors and higher can leave this small world, and Emperor Wu Tian Jian was initially a high-level emperor. He has probably exceeded his past limit, thought Lin Feng. He was stunned. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had grown, and his energies were too powerful for the small world!

People from the central part of Ba Huang were staring at the hole in the sky. What had happened? Had someone broken through to the Huang Qi layer? Was someone attacking the small world?

"Maybe that it's the legendary Emperor Wu Tian Jian from Sword City?" whispered some people. They had heard many legends about Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Apparently, he could pierce through the sky of the small world.

"Young Master, what is that?" Jian Mu asked Lin Feng. Jian Mu and the others all had dry tongues and mouths at that moment. Why had their ancestor turned into a light beam and shot up into the sky?

"I think that Master Wu Tian Jian has broken through. He will probably come back as a Great Emperor!" Lin Feng smiled. The hearts of the people of Jiange started pounding violently. They were happy, but they couldn't imagine what it meant at the same time. Great Emperor? What kind of cultivation level was that?

Had he broken through to a cultivation layer higher than the Huang Qi layer?

"Young Master, what is the cultivation level of a Great Emperor?" asked one of the young people of Jiange. He didn't know what a Great Emperor was!

"A Great Emperor's cultivation level is higher than the Huang Qi layer. In the great world, they are considered as very strong cultivators, too!" replied Lin Feng cheerfully. The young man clenched his fists, looking extremely motivated. Would he ever become a Great Emperor?

Lin Feng and the members of Jiange raised their heads and waited for the emperor to return.

After an hour, another hole appeared in the sky, and a beam of light descended. Lin Feng's heart started racing. The light beam turned into a person: Emperor Wu Tian Jian!

Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked incredible and alive, not injured at all, and had regained his youth. He was surrounded by powerful sword energies. He had started rejuvenating! It was incredible to see.

PMG Chapter 1833

Chapter 1833: Emperor Wen's Investigation

"Ancestor!" shouted the members of Jiange respectfully when they saw their ancestor come back. Had he really become a Great Emperor?!

Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked at Lin Feng and smiled quietly, "It's crazy how things can change so quickly. Lin Feng, I would have never thought I'd ever heal. Thank you very much!"

Emperor Wu Tian Jian had spent so many years with his disease, his enemies had already become Great Emperors, and he had finally started dying. He had never thought he'd heal and become a Great Emperor, all thanks to Lin Feng.

"You made it happen," Lin Feng replied humbly. "You became a Great Emperor on your own."

"I never thought I'd become a Great Emperor after a thousand years. That tree sap helped me immensely," sighed Emperor Wu Tian Jian. He had never thought that the Heavenly Grace G.o.dly Wood's sap would help him so much. Not only did it heal him, but he had broken through!

Emperor Wu Tian Jian's eyes were twinkling with strange lights from the strength of his new cultivation level. His world strength was becoming more real. He could now create small worlds easily. He waved his hands and swiftly reformed Jiange.

"Let's go in!" Emperor Wu Tian Jian and Lin Feng entered Jiange again, it was the same as before. Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't go back to the Sword Grave this time. He walked over to a sword mountain with Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, do you know why I was injured?" Emperor Wu Tian Jian asked him.

Lin Feng shook his head and replied, "I know that it has something to do with Sword Mountain."

"So you really went to Sword Mountain!" murmured Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Lin Feng looked at him strangely as the emperor said, "n.o.body knew that I was hiding in the small world. However, a thousand years ago, my enemy found me, and that enemy is the current leader of Sword Mountain. He's probably seen you and your swordsmans.h.i.+p."

Lin Feng was surprised and answered, "Indeed, I've been to Sword Mountain. I released Wu Tian Jian's sword intent, and then they started plotting against me. I didn't know why, and then I learned that it was because you were enemies. Emperor Tie Jian, the leader of Sword Mountain, probably spied on me."

"He's not the only one. A few senior officials from Sword Mountain probably thought about me when they saw your sword energies. They immediately informed Tie Jian," Emperor Wu Tian Jian said, then added, "The leader of Sword Mountain, Emperor Tie Jian, is my fellow disciple."

"Fellow disciple!" Lin Feng frowned. So Emperor Wu Tian Jian had studied at Sword Mountain?!

"Back then, the leader of Sword Mountain transmitted his knowledge to me, but not to my fellow disciple. Therefore, he got angry and wanted revenge. We had a great battle, and I lost. Back then, he was ready to become a Great Emperor. Even though my cultivation level was high, I was still injured, and my injury only worsened with time. My fellow disciple also continued chasing me. In the end, I had no choice but to come back to this small world," Emperor Wu Tian Jian told him calmly, "However, I never thought that things would get better, and that I would become a Great Emperor. Lin Feng, thank you very much. It's all thanks to you."

"Master, I am also grateful. You taught me so much about sword cultivation, and you took us out of the small world. I had to help you. Besides, I also have some Ancient scriptures which I can give to you. That way, if you go back to Sword Mountain, you'll be able to take your revenge!" Lin Feng smiled.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian didn't think much of the offer, Lin Feng's Ancient scriptures couldn't possibly be suitable for him, but it was nice of Lin Feng to offer him scriptures. Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled and said, "Great, I also have some Sword Scriptures for you."

They both laughed and exchanged scriptures.

"Nihility Sword Scriptures, they can help you improve your sword intent, your sword can then fuse together with the sky!" Lin Feng checked the scriptures he had obtained and was delighted, they were very strange. The way cultivators used them was different from other ancient scriptures, and they had an explosive power.

"The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!" At that moment, Emperor Wu Tian Jian looked dumbstruck, his heart was pounding, and he was staring at Lin Feng. He didn't really want the ancient scriptures from Lin Feng, but now he was completely stunned. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had transmitted the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to him!

"Master, have you heard of the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures before?" asked Lin Feng.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian smiled wryly and said, "Lin Feng, I initially wanted to give you something incredible to thank you, I wouldn't have thought you'd give me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. I owe you even more now!"

"What are you talking about, Master?" answered Lin Feng, shaking his head.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian laughed wholeheartedly and stopped being emotional. He said, "Lin Feng, I have the Nihility Sword Scriptures and now you gave me the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. I will go to Sword Mountain sooner or later!"

"Of course!" Lin Feng smiled back. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was a genius. Five thousand years ago, he had amazed everyone in the small world, and created his own way of practicing sword cultivation. He was extremely talented. Now that he had the Nihility Sword Scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures, he would be able to surpa.s.s Emperor Tie Jian sooner or later.

"Master, I'm off. I'll come back to see you at some point!" said Lin Feng. He was done here. Emperor Wu Tian Jian had become a Great Emperor, things had turned out even better than he had thought. Emperor Wu Tian Jian would go to Sword Mountain sooner or later and deal with them. Emperor Wu Tian Jian would probably also take over Sword Mountain, as he was, after all, the real descendant of Sword Mountain.

"Alright," agreed Emperor Wu Tian Jian with a nod. Lin Feng stood up and headed out.

"Young Master!" Jian Mu came up to Lin Feng before he departed.

"What's wrong?" asked Lin Feng.

"In the central part of Ba Huang, some people from the Wen Clan and the Si Kong Clan are here, and want to know what's going on with our ancestor!" said Jian Mu.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled as he asked, "Where are they?"

"Outside. I came to ask you whether we could let them come in to Jiange?" wondered Jian Mu. He didn't dare offend those people, there were two emperors there. And even though Emperor Wu Tian Jian had become a Great Emperor, he hadn't taken care of Jiange for such a long time, maybe he didn't care about them, either.

"No need. Unless you agree, n.o.body can come into Jiange anymore. Jiange doesn't need to care about giving people face anymore," Lin Feng said sharply. He understood how Jian Mu felt. He continued indifferently, "I was going to see them anyway."

Lin Feng and the members of Jiange headed outside.

There were many people gathered there. One of them looked dignified and majestic, and even stronger than before: Emperor Wen. Emperor Si Kong was there too, but it wasn't the same as before.

They watched Jiange's people come out. The leader of the group was a young man, incredibly strong and handsome. When the members of the Si Kong Clan and the Wen Clan saw that young man, they were stupefied, especially Emperor Wen. His eyes glittered. Back then, he had also taken Lin Feng and the others out of the small world, and then his father and he had come back.

"Lin Feng!" Emperor Wen's eyes were filled with dazzling lights. He was staring at that young man. Lin Feng had surprisingly come back to Ba Huang!

"Emperor Wen, I trust you have been doing well since we last met!" Lin Feng smiled winningly. Emperor Wen looked at Lin Feng… Zun Qi layer? Lin Feng surprisingly still has the strength of the Zun Qi layer, he hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, interesting. Wen Ao Xue had already broken through to the Huang Qi layer, Lin Feng hadn't…

"Lin Feng, we haven't seen each other for so many years and you have become impolite. You should call me Master now," Emperor Wen smiled.

Lin Feng was surprised and angered when he heard Emperor Wen say that.

PMG Chapter 1834

Chapter 1834: Come to Jiange Tomorrow

Lin Feng looked back at Emperor Wen calmly. Back then, Lin Feng's teachers and Emperor Wen had joined hands. Back then, Emperor Wen was warm and friendly. Now, he had power in the central part of Ba Huang and sounded different. Lin Feng was surprised. Back then, had the Wen Clan just used Tiantai?

The Wen Clan used to be similar to the Si Kong Clan and the Qi Clan. They also depended on the nine great celestial castles of Qing Di Mountain. Lin Feng was convinced that back then, the Wen Clan knew about the Qi Clan's situation. Lin Feng had many doubts when it came to the Celestial Wen Castle and the Wen Clan, especially when the leader of the Celestial Wen Castle had chosen to join hands with Qing Di Mountain to fight against Tiantai. Lin Feng had then decided to destroy the Celestial Wen Castle.

"I would, but I don't think you deserve it," Lin Feng smiled indifferently.

Emperor Wen's smiled became a little forced as he said, "Lin Feng, bring me to the Sword Emperor. The Wen Clan admires him. We want to go and greet him."

"The Si Kong Clan also wants to greet the Sword Emperor," said the emperor of the Si Kong Clan coldly. Lin Feng didn't like the Si Kong Clan. But now they had seen that something had broken through the small world, so they wanted to see Emperor Wu Tian Jian. What had happened to him?

Lin Feng looked at them, his eyes glittering, and said, "p.i.s.s off!"

When Emperor Si Kong and Emperor Wen heard Lin Feng, they were stupefied. Emperor Wen said icily, "Lin Feng, the Wen Clan has always been polite to you, and now you dare insult elders? It seems that your two teachers have failed in your education."

Emperor Wen released ice-cold cosmic energies, making the air whistle. He said icily, "After so many years, you haven't broken through to the Huang Qi layer. If your teachers were here, what would they think of you? You're a disgrace."

Emperor Wen waved his hands and cosmic energies surrounded his body. A cage of empty s.p.a.ce energies surrounded him. If he attacked Lin Feng, perhaps Emperor Wu Tian Jian would come out?

Empty s.p.a.ce strength surrounded Lin Feng. Emperor Wen waved his hands again and the energies became even more oppressive. However, Lin Feng's expression didn't change at all. He just looked at Emperor Wen icily, his eyes filled with death Qi. Emperor Wen was surprised.

"You want to die!" Lin Feng spat icily. Emperor Wen dared criticize his teachers!? Lin Feng was furious. He jumped forwards and released powerful energies which crushed down on Emperor Wen. Emperor Wen's expression changed drastically. Those energies were truly frightening!

"You…" Emperor Wen was completely astonished.

"Who said I hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" continued Lin Feng icily. Emperor Wen's heart twitched. Death cosmic energy pierced through his body and he turned grey, his life was being drained out.

Empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies surrounded Emperor Wen, s.p.a.ce around him bent and twisted. He wanted to retreat, but he saw that Lin Feng was moving faster than him.

Lin Feng waved his hands.

A gigantic hand came out of nowhere and slapped Emperor Wen's cheeks. The slap was so hard that Emperor Wen fell down on his knees, completely humiliated.

Everybody around them was astonished. Emperor Wen hadn't withstood a single attack!

"He must be an emperor!" The members of the Si Kong Clan and the Wen Clan were astonished humiliated too!

"Young Master!" The members of Jiange were also amazed. Their Young Master had broken through to the Huang Qi layer! Lin Feng the genius had come back!

Emperor Wen hadn't withstood a single attack. Who could compete with him in Ba Huang those days?

"Young Master was just hiding his cultivation level," whispered Jian Mu. Jiange's people clenched their fists. They remembered what Lin Feng had told them, Jiange was going to rule over Ba Huang! Lin Feng sounded very self-confident for a reason. He didn't need their ancestor's help for this!

Emperor Wen wanted to stand up, but Lin Feng jumped and landed on him, like a mountain coming down. A powerful strength flew throughout his body.

"Die!" Emperor Wen's face turned deathly pale. Thunder shook the air as a gigantic hand appeared in the sky and crashed into Lin Feng. However, nothing happened, Lin Feng remained motionless. Emperor Wen's stomach kept twitching as he started shaking violently. His cosmic energies were ineffective against Lin Feng!?

The others were stupefied too. Cosmic energy attacks were useless against Lin Feng? How strong had Lin Feng become?

"You want my teachers to educate me?" Lin Feng stated icily. His voice made Emperor Wen's heart beat even faster.

Emperor Wen's eyes were twinkling before he smiled and said, "Lin Feng, my boy, I had thought that you had stopped practicing cultivation, so I had to be strict with you. Don't be angry."

"Ah…!" Emperor Wen gave out a horrible shriek, crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng had stomped on his body and broken many of his bones.

"Lin Feng, my boy? Who do you think you are?" swore Lin Feng icily. He said indifferently, "Tomorrow, all the cultivators of the Zun Qi layer and above from the Wen Clan and the Si Kong Clan, come to Jiange! If you dare to disobey, you will have to bear the responsibilities!"

Following which, Lin Feng kicked Emperor Wen again, and broke more of his bones. Emperor Wen, an emperor all people admired in the small world, was being humiliated like an insect by Lin Feng.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng, glancing at the people from the Wen and Si Kong Clans. The emperor of the Si Kong Clan didn't even dare look Lin Feng in the eyes. His heart was pounding in fear. In the Si Kong Clan, apart from him, only Si Kong Xiao had broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Emperor Wen couldn't even withstand a single attack anymore against Lin Feng! No wonder he had amazed the whole region of Ba Huang. He was too strong!

"Let's go." The members of the Si Kong Clan and the Wen Clan didn't waste any time. Emperor Wen was injured, so some people had to help him walk and fly. They kept thinking about what Lin Feng had said, that they had to come back to Jiange tomorrow with all their cultivators of the Zun Qi layer and higher.

Jiange's people were stunned. Lin Feng had become so strong! No wonder that he had just told them that Jiange was the new ruler of Ba Huang!

"Young Master, the Wen Clan also has a medium-level emperor," Jian Mu warned Lin Feng. After all, there was a huge difference between low-level emperors and medium-level emperors.

"I understand," Lin Feng replied calmly, his face indifferent. "We'll see them tomorrow."

Lin Feng walked away. Jiange's people looked after him, even more surprised. Their Young Master didn't fear medium-level emperors?

Was he strong enough to defeat such cultivators, too?


After Lin Feng left Jiange. He went to a restaurant in Sword City. That was also the first place he had ever been to in Sword City before heading to Fortune City. Back then, the Imperial Union's members had broken it, but it had been rebuilt.

In the restaurant, Hu Yue, Mu Lin Xue, Qing Feng, and Wu were waiting. They were just waiting for Lin Feng, unlike Jun Mo Xi and the others, who actually had things to do there. Qin Wu, Tantai, and the others guarded their base back in the nine great celestial castles.

When Lin Feng arrived, he sat down at the table and said to Wu, "Wu, you'll be coming with me."

Wu looked back at Lin Feng angrily, but didn't refuse.

"We're going to the Xiao Yao Sect in the central part of Ba Huang. We'll tell their patriarch about tomorrow, and make them come to Jiange," Lin Feng told him. When they heard that, the clients of the restaurant all glanced at Lin Feng. They looked amused. Was that guy joking? He wanted to make the patriarch come to Jiange?

Even though those young people looked extremely strong, they probably couldn't compete with the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. What was their social status?

"Hmph!" Wu groaned, but still stood up and left the restaurant with Lin Feng. Lin Feng was convinced that Wu could help him sort this out.

People in the restaurant were surprised when they saw Wu follow Lin Feng. One of them asked Lin Feng, "Your Excellency, you seem incredibly strong for your age. Where do you come from?"

Lin Feng smiled at him and said, "I'm a n.o.body."

"A n.o.body? Someone who dares give orders to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect? In Ba Huang, there are very strong young people too: Xue Baguio, Feng Ling, Si Kong Xiao. As I see it, you must be Lin Feng who left Ba Huang back then, especially since you want to make those people come to Jiange."

"Lin Feng!" The crowd was stunned, and frowned as they recalled those events. Even though Lin Feng had left for many years, they still remembered Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked surprised. Some people still remembered him?

PMG Chapter 1835

Chapter 1835: Destruction

Lin Feng smiled and said, "If you think so, maybe."

Lin Feng didn't admit he was Lin Feng, nor did he deny it. The atmosphere became silent in the restaurant. That young man was maybe Lin Feng?

"Teacher, who's Lin Feng?" a young man asked his teacher. Lin Feng had disappeared from the small world for many years. People who were around twenty years old didn't know about Lin Feng. People who were thirty and older all knew him, though.

"One of the eleven disciples of Tiantai, a powerful genius. He had crushed many people during the meeting of the emperors. He had also killed the princes of Tian Long Divine Castle. He also slaughtered many people from the Qi Clan. Ten years ago, he amazed the whole region. He was also one of the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang!" explained the elder to the young man staring at Lin Feng.

"Teacher, there were many geniuses in the previous generation, Lin Feng was that strong?" The young man was stupefied. He didn't even dare look at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was wearing clean white clothes, there was no Qi around him. However, he did look enigmatic and unfathomable. They couldn't see how strong he was.

They couldn't see how strong the two women next to him were, either.

"If he's really Lin Feng, he must have come back from the great world and he must be incredibly strong. No wonder he dares say he wants to make the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect come to Jiange!" mused the elder. They would know if they were right tomorrow. Would the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect come to Jiange?

In the restaurant, people kept talking about him. Lin Feng just left.


On the day after, at the same time, many people came to watch. The fact that Lin Feng wanted some people to come to Jiange had already spread everywhere.

At that moment, in the distance, a group of people arrived. They weren't from the Xiao Yao Sect, however.

Emperor Si Kong, Emperor Wen, as well as people from their respective clans, thought the crowd. Those people all landed in front of Jiange together.

The medium-level emperor of the Wen Clan is there, too. Does it have anything to do with the beam of light we saw yesterday? Maybe Emperor Wu Tian Jian has come back!, thought the crowd.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect is coming too, but he's alone, thought the crowd after they saw someone in the distance. That person seemed very agile, as he was using the Xiao Yao agility technique.

Some other people appeared in Jiange too, Jian Mu and the others. They looked at the crowd: Wen Clan, Si Kong Clan, Xiao Yao Sect, three powerful groups from the central part of Ba Huang. Because Emperor Wu Tian Jian had stopped caring about Jiange, Jiange hadn't been able to oppress and compete with them.

"Lin Feng, my boy. We're here, you can come out!" said the medium-level emperor of the Wen Clan firmly. Making them come to Jiange, Lin Feng was quite audacious. But he had spent time in the great world, so he probably knew that behind the Wen Clan, there was the Celestial Wen Castle. Lin Feng couldn't compete with such people, unless Emperor Wu Tian Jian appeared.

A gigantic sword appeared, Lin Feng and Wu were standing upon it. When the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect saw Wu, his mouth twitched. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d was an unruly and obstinate animal. On the day before, he had been humiliated by Wu.

"Is everybody here?" Lin Feng asked calmly.

"We're all here. Lin Feng, my boy, why did you make us come?" asked Emperor Wen's father coldly. There were two other emperors next to him, one of them was Emperor Wen, and the other one was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Wen Ao Xue wasn't pretending to be a man anymore. She still enjoyed wearing clean white clothes though, as she was quite seductive in a beautiful white skirt.

"When you pretended to be a man, you were already more beautiful than women. Now, you're still more beautiful than most women!" complimented Lin Feng, smiling at Wen Ao Xue, and ignoring Emperor Wen's father.

"You preferred me when I was wearing men's clothes?" Wen Ao Xue asked cutely.

"I prefer you as a woman, of course!" replied Lin Feng calmly.

Wen Ao Xue giggled and said, "I'm happy if you like me this way."

However, Lin Feng shook his head and said, "At least now, you're showing your true colors."

Wen Ao Xue's smile stiffened. Lin Feng asked her, "You're the second of the Imperial Union, aren't you?"

Wen Ao Xue was rendered speechly and looked at Lin Feng strangely. Lin Feng already knew the answer.

"Wen Ao Xue is a member of the Imperial Union?" Many people were shocked and frowned, especially people who were older.

"You deceived me a few times back then." said Lin Feng, closing his eyes and sighing. They had studied together. Wen Ao Xue hadn't helped when Duan Wu Ya and the others had attacked him and his friends, but it didn't matter, as, after all, Wen Ao Xue and Lin Feng weren't related by blood. However, Yan Yu Ping Sheng was her teacher, and even though Wen Ao Xue regretted it, she was a member of the Wen Clan. Everything about the Wen Clan seemed fake now.

Wen Ao Xue looked petrified, Lin Feng sighed again. She could sense that Lin Feng was sad and said, "Lin Feng, even now, I am still your friend. Nothing can ruin our friends.h.i.+p."

"Impossible!" shouted someone icily at that moment. An ice-cold energy rose as someone in a golden robe appeared. That person's voice sounded like the voice of a demon.

"Jun Mo Xi!" Wen Ao Xue was stupefied, Jun Mo Xi had come back to Ba Huang too!?

"Mo Xi, what's wrong?" Lin Feng asked Jun Mo Xi. There was a beautiful woman next to Jun Mo Xi: Xiao Die! She looked wan and sallow, even as she stared at the members of the Wen Clan icily.

"The Wen Clan and the Palace of Medicinal Kings destroyed the Celestial Palace of the Immortals!" said Jun Mo Xi icily.

Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered and closed his eyes, "The Wen Clan is going to disappear from Ba Huang!"

Wen Ao Xue started shaking, Emperor Wen's father looked at Lin Feng icily, "Ridiculous, Lin Feng. Even if you were strong enough to destroy the Wen Clan, you probably understand that you can't offend the Celestial Wen Castle."

"The Celestial Wen Castle ceased existing a while ago now," spat Wu icily.

Emperor Wen's father was stupefied, he could only look back at Wu and say, "Who do you think you are? Empty words! You're ridiculous!"

Wu raised his hands and threw himself at Emperor Wen's father as blinding suns burned into existence!

Emperor Wen's father frowned and released empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies, his robe fluttering in the wind, throwing himself at Wu.

Their energies collided with a crash, sun cosmic energies penetrated into Emperor Wen's father's hands and corroded his body, driving him backwards. His expression had changed completely. Wu's physical strength and cosmic energies were powerful!

"He can resist a medium-level emperor!" The crowd was stunned.

Jun Mo Xi released powerful h.e.l.l strength which descended from the sky. Then, he jumped forwards looking like a demon.

He punched out, and the air started shaking. The members of the Wen Clan were all surrounded by ice-cold strength, and started freezing.

"Die!" said Jun Mo Xi icily. All the members of the Wen Clan started dying one after another. People's expressions changed drastically. How come these people were so strong?

Wen Ao Xue was astonished, she looked at Lin Feng and asked, "Has the Celestial Wen Castle really been destroyed?"

"I rebuilt Tiantai in the nine great celestial castles, the Celestial Wen Castle was the first group who tried to fight against us. I took some people there and killed the rest. The Celestial Qi Castle and the Palace of Medicinal Kings don't exist anymore, either," Lin Feng replied calmly. Wen Ao Xue's face turned deathly pale. Wu and Jun Mo Xi dared kill people from the Wen Clan, they didn't fear them at all. They could even defeat medium-level emperors!

Wen Ao Xue looked desperate. She had never thought that Lin Feng and his friends would rise so quickly.

The crowd didn't understand what was happening, it was like a dream. The Wen Clan was a powerful group in the central part of Ba Huang and now, those young people were crus.h.i.+ng them?

A powerful strength bombarded Wen Ao Xue. She coughed up blood, and was driven backwards in Lin Feng's direction. Lin Feng was startled, as Wen Ao Xue didn't try to fight back.

"Since you're telling me that the Celestial Wen Castle has been destroyed, I believe you. I just have one last request, I want you to kill me!" said Wen Ao Xue, smiling desperately.

Lin Feng glanced at Jun Mo Xi, who lowered his hands and released a destructive strength which corroded Wen Ao Xue's body. She was still smiling as she softly collapsed into Lin Feng's arms.

Lin Feng caught her. Wen Ao Xue smiled and said, "My life was miserable, but the most beautiful thing that could ever happen was to die in your arms," as she closed her eyes.

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