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PMG Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841: Jiu You

In the small world, everybody used to think that their world was the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Now, everybody understood that it was only a subpart of it.

At the center of the small world was Ba Huang and Jiu You. Ba Huang was a place with a sea made of desolate Qi. When thinking about Jiu You, most people thought of the twelve empires, but they rarely thought of the origins of that place…

In the central part of Jiu You, in a remote and inhabited place, everything was black. There were gigantic rivers, and the waters of those rivers were black, too.

It was a forbidden area, the forbidden area of Jiu You.

According to legends, people who went there usually died, so n.o.body dared go there, creating one of the forbidden areas of the small world. This place couldn't be compared to the forbidden area of Gan Yu, the Death Valley. Even in the ancient times, emperors didn't dare go to the forbidden area of Jiu You.

However, this time, some people had broken the rules. There was a group of people flying above the black waters of Jiu You. They looked extraordinary, and all of them were staring at the water. A gigantic whirlpool hundreds of meters wide yawned beneath them, as big as a city, and looked incredible. It was impossible to know how deep it went.

Jiu You referred to the Nine Netherworlds, as opposed to the nine clouds. According to legends, this whirlpool led to h.e.l.l and contained evil palaces.

At least, in the small world, n.o.body dared go there. When people went there, they could die, and in any case, they ended up in the Nine Netherworlds, which was like taking a trip to h.e.l.l.

However, on that day, these people were an exception.

Someone turned black like the water of the Nine Netherworlds, looking like a living corpse from h.e.l.l.

That person jumped into the water. A powerful strength tried to corrode his body, but it didn't affect him. Surprisingly, he could stay in the Nine Netherworlds, in the forbidden area of Jiu You!

"Will the Nine Netherworlds explode?" asked someone at that moment.

The person in the black waters raised their head and looked up. He said, "The strength is fermenting. The eruption is imminent."

The other person nodded, their eyes twinkled. "The Demon-Sealing Sage sealed a great world in his small world, and hid it here. We've been looking for five thousand years and finally, we've found it. We'll obtain great things!"

"Indeed!" replied the person in the water. They looked a bit scared and asked, "Do you think he left an imprint in this small world?"

"The Nine Netherworlds are useless to him. Even if he left an imprint and knows we're here, I don't think he cares much," answered the person in the air. "By the way, did you do what I asked you?"

"I asked some young people to take care of it. They went to Xue Yue to check. Since Xue Yue is the Demon-Sealing Emperor's homeland, he sealed a world here for that reason. I've heard that the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi had appeared in Xue Yue. I wonder if historical remains have appeared, too," said the person in the black waters. The other person nodded and continued looking around.

People from the small world knew nothing about what was happening there. After coming into this world, these people had remained very discreet and had directly gone here. Apart from the Demon-Sealer's things, they weren't interested in anything else in this world except Xue Yue, because it was his homeland.

Lin Feng didn't know about them either, obviously. When those people had come into the small world, the strong cultivator of the Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders hadn't dared say anything. He had held his tongue, and he didn't tell Lin Feng and the others about them, either. The Celestial Palace of the Punis.h.i.+ng Thunders couldn't afford offending these people, who could kill their cultivators just by glancing at them. Even Qing Di Mountain didn't dare offend such people!


At that moment, Lin Feng was walking through Xue Yue, enjoying the landscapes. It felt good to be there, and he was smiling happily.

In the distance, he saw Yangzhou City.

Yangzhou City has become so big. It's much bigger than before, smiled Lin Feng. Finally, he was back! He had left his family and friends for such a long time. If they wanted to, he could take all the people from Yangzhou City back with him and nothing would happen to them.

"Dad, mom, I'm back!" proclaimed Lin Feng, smiling widely. And Xiao Ya, Xin Ye, and the others, how were they doing?

Little Wu Shang, you must have grown up. What do you look like now?, thought Lin Feng happily. How was everyone after ten years?

Lin Feng's G.o.dly awareness suddenly started shaking. He stopped smiling and frowned angrily.

The thread of G.o.dly awareness is broken!, thought Lin Feng suddenly. Back when he had left, he had given everyone a thread of G.o.dly awareness. Nothing had happened to those threads of energies in the last ten years. The only possibility was that something serious had happened!

His smile disappeared and he started moving like lightning. His boat appeared and he turned into a light beam. In the blink of an eye, people in Yangzhou City sensed a powerful strength in the sky. Many vendor's booths were even blown away. They raised their heads and only saw a beam of light pa.s.sing by.

PMG Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842: Jiu You's Government

The two young men from the Lovesickness Forest Restaurant were already in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City. People around them were terrified. For them, this was a holy place, a symbol of the prosperity of Yangzhou City. There were many Zun cultivators in the imperial palace. Now, they were in danger.

An arrogant-looking young man was holding a gigantic golden blade. His blade contained a powerful strength which terrified people.

It seems to be an imperial weapon! Back then, when the Netherworld Demon Emperor's small world appeared, many strong cultivators there had imperial weapons. Thanks to their imperial weapons, they were extremely strong. With those people and their imperial weapons, Yangzhou City's imperial palace is in danger!, thought the crowd, shaking and staring at the guards of the imperial city. The strong cultivators from Jiange were all injured now.

"Come here and die! Maybe I will spare their lives if you do!" sneered the young man, smiling icily. He was looking for Lin Wu Shang.

"Young Master, go and hide in the deployment spell," said the strong cultivators of Jiange. Even though the opponent's cultivation level wasn't high, their imperial weapons were high-level ones. They were much more powerful than the imperial weapons the Qi Clan had used back then, and contained very hard gold cosmic energies. They had to be much stronger to fight against people who had such weapons.

"A man has to bear the consequences for his actions. Therefore, I have to bear the consequences of my actions!" said Lin Wu Shang, grinding his teeth.

"Wu Shang!" shouted Xiao Ya. "What could we tell your parents if something happened, and your brother?"

Lin Wu Shang's eyes were bloodshot. He looked at Lin Hai and Yue Meng He, and said, "Dad, mom, I'm sorry. I won't regret anything if something happens. If something happens to me, it means I'm weak. Don't avenge me if I die. Let Lin Feng do it."

"Wu Shang, you're not allowed to go!" cried Yue Meng He. She had only one son by her side. How could she let him die?

"This bunch of insects is really noisy!" said the young man, cutting the air. In a flash, fissures appeared in the sky. The small world couldn't handle such a powerful attack, as spatial tears appeared everywhere.

"Move away!" said Xiao Ya, throwing herself at the blade energies.

Thunder clapped, and Lin Wu Shang's face changed drastically as he shouted, "Sister Xiao Ya!"

There was another crack of thunder, and a bright light appeared. A curtain of lights surrounded Xiao Ya. The attack didn't kill her, but she had landed in a fissure.

"Xiao Ya!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He had arrived, and charged towards the fissure. Lin Feng landed in the fissure, his face like a madman. The fissures didn't affect him at all. He immediately jumped into the lights.

"Xiao Ya!" shouted Lin Feng. Lights appeared and surrounded her body, preventing her from dying. He drew a deep breath of relief. Mister Xiao had given her something to protect her. She hadn't died.

"Brother Lin Feng!" shouted Xiao Ya happily when she saw Lin Feng. Lin Feng took her in his arms and came out of the fissure. They appeared in another place in Yangzhou City. The two then went straight back to the imperial palace.

"Lin Feng!"

"Young Master!"

The people in the imperial palace were stupefied, Lin Feng was back!

Yue Meng He wiped off her tears. Lin Feng was back! In her eyes, Lin Feng was a G.o.d. Nothing was impossible for him!

"He's Lin Feng!?" The distant crowd watched him. Was that Lin Feng, the legendary cultivator they had heard of? Surprisingly, he looked so young!

Lin Wu Shang stared at Lin Feng. The last time he had seen him, he was only two years old! He didn't remember his older brother that well, he had only heard the adults talk about him.

"Is that my brother?!" Lin Wu Shang smiled happily. Surprisingly, in such circ.u.mstances, he managed to smile.

"Bro!" shouted Lin Wu Shang. Lin Feng looked at Lin Wu Shang. That was his biological brother, Wu Shang?

When he saw Lin Wu Shang smile even though one of his arms was missing, he was furious.

"Who are you?" he asked the two cultivators icily. How come people with such powerful imperial weapons had appeared in Xue Yue? This was strange.

"Those people look like their savior has come back, but to me, it's just one more person who's going to die!" sneered the young man, smiling icily. Lin Feng waved his hands and sword lights rose to the skies. A horrible shriek spread in the air. The young man's arm fell down from the sky.

"No…" the young man's face changed drastically, desperate and ferocious. He looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, and pointed at Lin Feng with his golden blade.

However, suddenly, some death strength penetrated into his eyes, and had the sensation that he was going to die. He looked even more furious.

"Bro, help me steal his imperial weapon, I will kill him myself!" said Lin Wu Shang. He looked insane as he rose up into the air. When Lin Feng heard his brother, he didn't kill the man, instead landing next to Wu Shang. There was a glitter of light, and a powerful and heavy blade appeared in Lin Feng's hands. That blade was a level-eight imperial weapon, and contained incredible earth cosmic energies. Lin Feng had found it in the ring of a strong cultivator he had killed in the Celestial Evolution Palace.

"Help yourself!" said Lin Feng, giving the blade to Lin Wu Shang. Wu Shang nodded and threw himself at the other cultivator with the blade. Those young men relied on their imperial weapons to be dangerous. Now, the tables were turned!

The young man's face changed again. He could sense that the weapon Lin Feng had given to his brother was even scarier than their own. He realized that he had made a grave mistake.

"Die!" shouted Lin Wu Shang, furiously throwing himself at the young man. Lin Feng threw himself at the older one. That one was stupefied, he also took out an imperial weapon as he stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng charged him fearlessly. That person sensed oppressive energies surround him and shouted, "Stop!"

"Where are you from?" asked Lin Feng icily.

That person was stupefied and couldn't stop shaking. He closed his eyes and shouted, "Listen to me!"

"Speak!" said Lin Feng icily.

"I know that I can't compete with you but you can't kill me. If you kill me, it will activate the imprint I have. You can't offend my group. Let's forget about this!" said the young man hastily to Lin Feng.

He opened his eyes again and looked at Wu Shang, "Hurry up and stop fighting! Otherwise, your entire clan will be destroyed!"

Lin Feng looked at him straight in the eyes. Nine Netherworlds water appeared and pierced though his eyes, corroding his will. Demonic will started flowing throughout his body.

"Where do you come from?" repeated Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng could sense something strange in that cultivator's will. He released his G.o.dly awareness and attacked the man's will further. His G.o.dly awareness shook violently. The older brother's body became dazzling and suddenly a silhouette appeared.

It's a G.o.dly awareness imprint, thought Lin Feng, shocked at the sight. He looked at the stronger cultivator's shadow in the air. That person was wearing a dark robe and his eyes were dark. Dark lights twinkled in that person's eyes, they looked like the six great divisions in the wheel of karma. They were powerful and could kill people easily.

A great emperor's G.o.dly awareness strength, thought Lin Feng, stunned. How come there were such strong people in Xue Yue?

The great emperor looked at Lin Wu Shang and said icily, "Make him stop."

Lin Wu Shang looked insane, he cut one of his opponent's legs off with his blade before turning to look at Lin Feng.

"Kill him!" said Lin Feng to Wu Shang. Cultivators never flinched. Lin Wu Shang had lost an arm, he had to get his revenge and act with an indomitable will.

"Alright!" said Lin Wu Shang excitedly.

He threw himself at his opponent, as the young man shouted, "Ancestor, save me!"

"You want to kill him?!" shouted the silhouette furiously. However, at that moment, a powerful great imperial energy invaded the atmosphere. His eyes moved to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had a great sun disc which contained powerful energies.

"A thread of G.o.dly awareness dares act this arrogantly!" spat Lin Feng, constricting the G.o.dly awareness with his dazzling sun disc. The silhouette shouted furiously, but the atmosphere around it kept breaking apart.

"You're insane!" shouted the thread, retreating quickly. However, the sun disc was a Great Imperial Weapon and constricted that thread of will. It surrounded him and he disappeared inside.

The crowd was trembling. A black hole appeared. The young man underneath it hadn't died, surprisingly. Lin Feng had used his full strength to attack the silhouette instead.

At that moment, the young man's face turned deathly pale as he trembled all over. Lin Feng and his brother were insane. They even dared destroy a great emperor's G.o.dly awareness, and they had a Great Imperial Weapon!

"Don't kill me!" pleaded that person, retreating as fast as he could.

Lin Feng just looked him straight in the eyes and said icily, "Tell me where you are from and why you came to this small world. Are there other strong cultivators in this small world?"

"We're from Jiu You's Government. We came to the small world because of the Demon-Sealing Sage's forbidden area. Many people came, there are emperors and great emperors here!" said that person. He had no choice but to talk.

"Jiu You's Government? Demon-Sealing Sage?" Lin Feng frowned. The Demon-Sealing Sage had to be the demon sealing great emperor, but few people knew about him. They didn't know he was called the Demon-Sealing Sage.

It was like the Three Lives Great Emperor; people who didn't know about him called him that. People who knew about him knew that he wasn't a mere great emperor.

"Where in the Continent of the Nine Clouds is the Jiu You's Government? How strong is the strongest cultivator who came with you?" asked Lin Feng.

"Jiu You's Government is the main group in Long Night City in Purple Clouds. We're looking for the forbidden area in Jiu You. It's an order we received from the Nine Netherworlds' Sage. We finally found it. The strongest cultivators with us are great emperors, we didn't have time to call any stronger cultivators," answered the young man.

Lin Feng was astonished. People from Purple Clouds had found a small world in the Dark Night region. That was incredible!

"Why are you looking for Jiu You's forbidden area?" asked Lin Feng.

"According to legends, there is a secret palace in Jiu You's forbidden area, but for us, people from Jiu You's Government, practicing cultivation there is very useful. Back then, the Demon-Sealing Sage went crazy and sealed a gigantic area of the great world in his small world, including Jiu You's forbidden area,"

the young man answered.

Lin Feng was shocked once again. The Demon-Sealing Sage was incredibly strong. He could seal entire areas of the great world inside his own small world!

"I've heard that the Demon-Sealer's homeland was Xue Yue, but there are no historical remains here, what do you think?" asked Lin Feng. He thought of the Huang Sea and the small world which looked like Xue Yue within it.

"I noticed as well. The Demon-Sealing Sage may have sealed the historical remains somewhere else. Maybe he put them in the same small world as the one where he sealed the part of the great world," answered the young man. Lin Feng understood that there were even more mysterious things about the small world he came from!

The Xue Yue which was accessible by going through the coffin in the Huang Sea was the ancient country of Xue Yue. It was a place created by the Demon-Sealing Sage!

That small world really was the Demon-Sealer's small world. However, why didn't the demonic side of the Three Lives Great Emperor show up there? Why had it been sealed in the Death Valley?

"You can die now!" The darkness in Lin Feng's eyes slowly disappeared, and he stopped controlling the young man, who limply collapsed and died.

Wu Shang also killed the other young man. Surprisingly, these things were related to the Demon-Sealing Sage and Jiu You's Government.

PMG Chapter 1843

Chapter 1843: Lin Feng's Wildness

I wonder when the Demon-Sealing Sage sealed a part of the great world into his own small world. The members of Jiu You's Government even have someone called Jiu You's Sage. They must be incredibly strong. The one who created this small world was powerful. Unfortunately, the Demon-Sealing Sage stopped taking care of this small world. Otherwise, this small world would have been incredibly powerful, thought Lin Feng. Perhaps the Demon-Sealer initially wanted to use this small world to relax and enjoy himself. Maybe he was happy as long as n.o.body destroyed it.

And there was Jiu You's Government's Jiu You's Sage. He was probably a peerless cultivator. It was going to be difficult to remain in Yangzhou City.

"Bro!" Lin Wu Shang walked over to Lin Feng and smiled.

Lin Feng was saddened to see that Wu Shang had lost an arm, and he was only fifteen years old. He was completely different from Xiao Chen in the small village, he had an indomitable will.

Lin Feng had always been worried about Wu Shang because he had had a great life, and was born in great circ.u.mstances with everything he needed. But in the end, he was still motivated and worked hard.

Lin Feng released life cosmic energies, which started flowing throughout Wu Shang's body. Lin Feng clapped Wu Shang's shoulders and said, "You're only fifteen and you're already so tough! Just be careful next time."

"Hehe!" Wu Shang just laughed. Lin Feng tousled his hair. Wu Shang laughed again and said, "Dad and mom said that when you were fifteen, you had started rising in the region and that you were traveling alone. They said you were fearless and had an indomitable will. People also admired you. I'm fifteen, I can't be much weaker than you!"

"But you should stay safe," said Lin Feng. He wanted n.o.body to have the same life he did back when he was fifteen. Back then, he had no background, he was just traveling around alone. Wu Shang had a different life. He could stay safe. He had a choice!

Lin Feng and Wu Shang landed on the ground. Lin Feng looked around and warmth filled his heart.

"Dad, mom!" Lin Feng greeted his parents. Yue Meng He's eyes were still filled with tears.

Lin Hai just nodded, "Little Lin Feng, what about Wu Shang's arm?"

"I will heal him," said Lin Feng, releasing both of them. Lin Feng also noticed Liu Fei, Yun Xi, Yi Xue and the others, but someone was missing… He inquired, "Where's Xin Ye?"

When everybody heard him, they looked a bit strange. Lin Feng suddenly had a bad premonition, but he also understood what had happened after they told him. He had wondered about this a long time ago. She was already being controlled…

"I'm going to look for her!" said Lin Feng, smiling grimly. Then he added, "Dad, mom, I don't have much time. I need to sort out some things."

"Alright, you can go," nodded Yue Meng He.

Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air and said, "Jiange's people, attend me."

There was a sound of swords cutting the air. The strong cultivators from Jiange appeared, their faces looked as sharp as swords.

"Young Master!" greeted the strong cultivators, bowing before him. Lin Feng made a cutting motion, and dazzling lights appeared, materializing many imperial weapons, all containing a powerful strength.

Jiange's cultivators were stupefied, and their hearts also started pounding.

"Imperial weapons, all these are imperial weapons." They had never seen so many imperial weapons!

To Lin Feng, these weren't important. He had killed so many strong people who came from powerful groups. They all had great items with them, and Lin Feng had taken them all after killing them.

"All of you, choose a weapon," said Lin Feng calmly. Jiange's people were overjoyed. Their silhouettes flickered and they all chose weapons they liked.

They had been protecting Xue Yue for ten years and as time pa.s.sed, they had been complaining more and more. However, at that moment, they all had the feeling that it had been worth it. Their Young Master had come back, and Jiange had probably started rising in Ba Huang Province.

"Tell everyone what I'm going to tell you now. In around two months, there might be tremendous changes in Xue Yue. Maybe Xue Yue will have to stop communicating with the outside world, but your lives won't be in peril. People who want to stay can stay, those who want to leave can leave. However, those who want to leave will have to leave within two months!" said Lin Feng extremely loudly. Many people started shaking. Xue Yue was going to change?

What was going to happen in Xue Yue?

"Yes, Young Master!" said the two leaders of the group from Jiange. Then, the strong cultivators' silhouettes flickered. They went out in Xue Yue to inform the populace.

Lin Feng looked at the imperial palace. The Chi Xie soldiers were the guards of the imperial palace. Lin Feng had made them rise, they were legendary in Xue Yue.

"Chi Xie forces, listen to my orders!" shouted Lin Feng.

"Chi Xie Troops, present!" shouted the troops rising in the air.

"Same for you, go and inform the population that Xue Yue will change!" said Lin Feng.

"Chi Xie forces, yes, sir!" The soldiers also headed out.


On that day, they traveled all around the country with their beasts, from one city to another.

Of course, ordinary people couldn't leave Xue Yue within two months, maybe they wouldn't be able to leave Xue Yue in their entire life. Lin Feng mainly meant to inform cultivators.

The Empire of Xue Yue stirred. Lin Feng had come back and had told his people that some great changes were going to happen, that maybe they were going to be isolated from the outside world. How astonis.h.i.+ng! Many people were startled, and had to choose; did they want to stay or did they want to leave?

They wanted to know what kind of changes Lin Feng was talking about. Did he mean good or bad changes?

n.o.body told them anything, though. Lin Feng was giving them a simple decision: Xue Yue was going to change, did they want to leave or stay? That was their choice.

As the news spread, people from the imperial palace in Yangzhou City also had to come up with a decision. The majority of them decided to stay. Many people in the imperial palace were closely related to Lin Feng, and they trusted him. No matter what happened, Lin Feng was like a G.o.d to them, he cared about them and wouldn't let anything happen to them.

Of course, most people were determined, but still a minority of them decided to leave. Lin Feng didn't force them to stay. They were all free.

A few days later, people who pa.s.sed through Yangzhou City's imperial palace realized that it was empty. n.o.body was there anymore! Where were the members of the imperial palace of Xue Yue? Were they all in the mysterious deployment spell?

Everything was so mysterious. But like everyone else in Xue Yue, they had to decide what they wanted to do, did they want to stay or leave?

Lin Feng had given them two months. If they wanted to leave, they had to leave within two months. For them, the easiest choice was to move to countries and empires which weren't far from Xue Yue.

During those days, a powerful cultivator landed in Yangzhou City, and inspected Yangzhou City with his G.o.dly awareness. Many people sensed a powerful pressure. However, the strong cultivator didn't find anything. The young man who had killed his descendants was already gone. His family, his friends, and all the members of the imperial palace were gone.

The man was furious, but impotent. A gigantic hand descended from the sky and destroyed the imperial palace, which turned into a field of ruins.

Actually, he didn't know that Lin Feng was in Yangzhou City and was watching him. Lin Feng understood that the Demon-Sealer's seal restrictions didn't exist anymore. Maybe back then, his purpose was just to threaten all the emperors of Ba Huang.

After the strong cultivator left, Lin Feng also left Yangzhou City. He started inspecting all the areas of Xue Yue. At the same time, he started creating his own small world based on Xue Yue's shape.


At the top of a mountain, there was a young man seated cross-legged with his eyes closed. It was Lin Feng.

In Lin Feng's spirit small world, there was a group of people who were watching everything. They were stunned.

"Bro, are we really going to stay in your small world?" asked Lin Wu Shang, staring at Lin Feng. This place was just like Xue Yue. For Wu Shang, there was no difference between Yangzhou City and the place where he was at that moment, it's just that they were in another world!

Wu Shang, Yue Meng He, and the others were all astonished. This was the small world of a strong cultivator? Lin Feng had become so strong that he could already create a world which looked just like Xue Yue!

"Wu Shang, this is my small world, but it's also Xue Yue. In the future, this world will become very big," said Lin Feng, smiling.

Lin Hai frowned and walked over to Lin Feng, "Little Lin Feng, you really want to imitate Xue Yue in this world?"

"Dad, I gave everyone the option to stay or leave. Those who choose to stay want to stay in Xue Yue. I can't change their world, their everything. They want to keep their houses and everything," said Lin Feng. "I will constantly make this world better. I will make it become powerful. In a hundred years, you will maybe see the whole world, not just Xue Yue!"

PMG Chapter 1844

Chapter 1844: Changes in the Empire

Lin Feng appeared in a forest in Xue Yue. He inspected each of its corners with his G.o.dly awareness. He memorized everything perfectly. Then, he continued traveling using his boat.

Soon, people who had decided to stay would have to be moved. Lin Feng wanted everything to stay the same because it was his homeland. He could change anything anytime, anyway.

After a short time, Lin Feng appeared in an ancient village. The people there were ordinary people. Even those who knew about cultivation and practiced it had low cultivation levels, the majority of them were cultivators of the Qi layer.

"Sister, did anyone tell you anything about moving?" asked Lin Feng, walking up to an older woman wearing clothes made of animal skins and smiling.

"I did. Troops riding beasts came to the village and told us about it," said the woman. She smiled and stood up, "You must come from very far away. Have a seat. I'll get you some water."

Lin Feng didn't refuse. He took the gla.s.s of water, it was fresh and cool. He smiled and said, "Do you know what the people in the village intend to do?"

The woman shook her head, "We're in the cultivation world, n.o.body knows us. We don't know about anything. We don't need to worry. Why would we waste our energy to travel over hundreds of kilometers? We don't want to leave Xue Yue, anyway."

The woman kept smiling. In the distance, a group of strong men with spears arrived, they looked like hunters. There were animals at the top of those spears, showing a successful hunt.

"Miss, who's that?" asked one of the young men.

The woman looked at him and smiled, "He's pa.s.sing through our village so I gave him a gla.s.s of water."

"Brother, stay with us tonight, let's get drunk and have a barbecue!" proposed the young man, smiling wholeheartedly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't refuse. In the evening, the villagers gathered, grilled some meat and stuffed themselves. Everybody danced together, and was having fun. Lin Feng was in the crowd and enjoyed himself too. He loved it.

On that day, Lin Feng even slept around a fire, everybody slept next to one another. On the second day, he left the village. He continued traveling around the country.

The day arrived. Many people in the Empire of Xue Yue were afraid. Two months had pa.s.sed. Some tremendous changes were going to happen in the country, but was going to happen?

Lin Feng, his family, many of his friends, the Chi Xie forces, and Jiange's cultivators were all in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City in the Empire of Xue Yue.

"Are you all sure you want to stay? If you want to leave, it's not too late. I don't want you to feel pressured," Lin Feng asked the crowd. He had warned everybody that some tremendous changes were going to happen in Xue Yue.

"We're sure. We want to stay and protect Xue Yue forever!" said the Chi Xie forces. Xue Yue was their homeland. They had to protect it, they would never give up!

"Alright!" Lin Feng nodded and looked at the members of Jiange, "Jiange rules over Ba Huang now. You can leave and go back if you want."

Jiange's cultivators clenched their fists. What a difficult decision! Many people didn't leave Xue Yue because they were from there, but Jiange's people were from Jiange in Ba Huang. Something was going to happen, maybe they would be stuck in Xue Yue forever.

"Young Master, I have decided to stay!" declared someone. His voice sounded like a whistling sword. He knew that if he went back to Jiange, he would enjoy a high position and live in comfort, but it would be difficult to become stronger. If they stayed with Lin Feng, they would maybe have more opportunities, or maybe not, but they were willing to take that risk.

"Alright, I'm not asking you again then!" said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his spirit materialized in dazzling form, and a page of his spirit dashed to the sky.

"What's that?" People raised their heads and stared at that one-paged golden scripture. There was a very detailed drawing on that page, it looked like an entire world…

Brilliant lights appeared. The book became gigantic and turned into a light curtain which blotted out the sky and the sun. People were astonished.

"Something is falling down on Yangzhou City!" shouted some people. It was an illusional world! That world was condensing, it almost looked real…

"That's…" people in Yangzhou City were stupefied. It wasn't a book, it was a world, but it looked like a mirage.

He's condensing Qi into a small world! The strong cultivators of Jiange were staring at Lin Feng. They had heard that emperors could create small worlds but they had never seen it happen in front of their eyes. Qi was condensed and then turned into a solid world, the stability of the small world depended on the strength of the cultivator.

However, could Lin Feng really create a small world like those strong cultivators created? What did Lin Feng want to do?

Very quickly, people from the entire Empire of Xue Yue landed in the small world, without exception. Qi condensed and the most amazing part was that as the world expanded, they saw it for themselves.

The two worlds were converging!

Was that the tremendous change they had heard of? Who would tell them what was going on?

"Yangzhou City, Imperial Palace!" People in the imperial palace of Yangzhou City were startled as they stared at the mirage. They could see Yangzhou City, the exact same Yangzhou City!

"Stabilize!" shouted Lin Feng. The Qi condensed even more and suddenly, people from the Empire of Xue Yue found themselves shaking violently. The illusion descended from the sky even faster. Was something good happening? Or bad?

Finally, the mirage descended from the sky and landed in the Empire of Xue Yue. The worlds completely fused together as the Qi condensed. The crowd realized they were still in the same place. Nothing had happened. However, they sensed a strange Qi all around them.

What happened?, thought many people. Their hearts were pounding. Not knowing what had happened terrified them.

They didn't know that Lin Feng was the only one left in the world they were in before, he was watching a whole world emerging. Qi continued condensing. It wasn't Qi anymore, it was a real world.

What a strange world. It's my own world, smiled Lin Feng. That world looked tiny to him, but for the people inside, it looked normal. They were still in Xue Yue, the country they knew. They didn't know they were in another small world.

Lin Feng appeared in his small world.

"Bro, why did you disappear all of a sudden?" Lin Wu Shang asked Lin Feng. He was astonished and so was everybody else, they were all staring at him, waiting for him to reply.

However, Lin Feng just laughed. He didn't say anything. A strong cultivator from Jiange looked at him, his eyes were twinkling and he asked, "Young Master, that's… still the Empire of Xue Yue?"

Lin Feng smiled and said, "It's still the Empire of Xue Yue and it will always be. You will also always stay in the Empire of Xue Yue, you understand?"

The strong cultivator looked at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way and then he nodded, "I understand. We're in the Empire of Xue Yue and it will always be."

At that moment, many people from Xue Yue looked at the sky and realized that the mirage had disappeared. Nothing had changed. Some people looked around and noticed that some details had changed, it was the same, but at the same time it looked different. Many people were scared, not knowing what had happened.

For example, some people were in front of a well, they were about to take out some water and suddenly, the well had disappeared. Some other people were in their houses, there was dust and spider webs in the corner of the rooms and at that moment, those things had disappeared. Things were the same, but at the same time they had changed, too.

Lin Feng's world couldn't be exactly the same. Many details were different because Lin Feng hadn't noticed them. He had done his best, however.

Many people also quickly forgot about those things because it was still as if nothing had changed. They were still in the Empire of Xue Yue, their friends and family members were still at their sides.

PMG Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845: Nothing to Worry About

In Lin Feng's world, the deployment spell which protected the imperial city had already disappeared. He didn't need to protect the imperial city anymore. Many trees replaced the deployment spell. Many trees also appeared in Yangzhou City, containing an incredible strength.

That strength flew throughout the entire Empire of Xue Yue. Lin Feng was convinced that his small world would turn into a continent soon. It would be filled with cosmic energies and holy cultivation places.

At the foot of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree Lin Feng, his family and friends had gathered. They could all sense the incredible cosmic energies of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. Lin Wu Shang's eyes twinkled and he said, "Bro, that tree's cosmic energies are much stronger than the fate seed you gave me when I was a baby."

"Of course, that tree can make everything change in the Empire of Xue Yue!" smiled Lin Feng. "Don't waste natural resources. Wu Shang, that's a Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, it can heal your arm, and it can cleanse your body. It can make you smarter and it can also help you practice cultivation even faster."

"Understood!" said Lin Wu Shang. Lin Hai and Yue Meng He didn't know what had happened, but they didn't ask much. They were still in Yangzhou City in Xue Yue. Everybody else was there, too. For them, nothing had changed, and everything was perfect.

The reason why Lin Feng built a small world was that he wanted to protect his family members. If Lin Feng had just made his family members move into a small world by themselves, they would have been bored quickly. He had made the entire population of an empire move into his small world. This way was much better, there was life directly from the beginning. And his parents were able to have the same life as before.

"Dad, mom, I have things to do," said Lin Feng nodding at everybody before leaving quickly. After a short time, he arrived at the border of the Empire of Xue Yue. He created some fences around his small world, so n.o.body would be able to leave that way. Even if people looked there, they wouldn't know that another world was on the other side.

Lin Feng created a mountain range as a fence, with many trees and plants. At the same time, he also planted many Bodhi trees in the mountains. Valleys, lakes, rivers, and paths appeared.

After that, Lin Feng jumped to the top of a mountain and looked around. Everything looked real.

Then, Lin Feng flashed away again and continued creating other places. He could do what he wanted. He only stopped when he was too tired, and smiled happily. He had created his own world!

His world lacked people and history. Of course, people could also evolve with time, but Lin Feng thought that if all these people belonged to the same empire, that wasn't enough. People would need hundreds of years to evolve that way.

Of course, Lin Feng could also establish rules. For example, he could forbid people from killing! That way, people would live in peace and stop fighting. However, if they stopped fighting, what would cultivation become? Therefore, he didn't establish any rules.

Lin Feng sat down in the air and looked around, smiling widely. This world was his, he was a G.o.d here!

"I wonder if I can create things using strength that belongs to me only in my world, or cosmic energies!" murmured Lin Feng. For example, the planet Earth was a world of civilization, of science and technologies. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was a cultivation world. Both worlds evolved differently, and people in those worlds were different and never met.

However, was the Continent of the Nine Clouds the ultimate version of the cultivation world?

All worlds worked according to the yin and the yang, they all had the earth and the sky, as well as the strength of the five elements. Lin Feng's small world was no exception. However, could he create new sorts of cosmic energies? And were the cosmic energies in his small world the same as in the outside world? In the outside world, could he use the same cosmic energies he could in his own small world?

After thinking for a long time, Lin Feng disappeared from there.


In the outside world, there was n.o.body left in the Empire of Xue Yue. It was unpopulated and looked abandoned. Human beings and animals had all disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In neighboring countries and regions, people said that they had seen Xue Yue's people rise to the skies and disappear. When people said that, their questioners said they were either insane or drunk.

However, the rumors spread around quickly and many people said that the Empire of Xue Yue was now unpopulated. People had all disappeared between one day and the next.

They were many rumors. Some people even started wondering if those people who were considered insane weren't right. More and more people came to Xue Yue to see if the rumors were true. Many people still didn't believe the rumors but many people also started having doubts, especially when they witnessed reality.

The rumors were not groundless.

The gigantic territory of the Empire of Xue Yue had become desolate. There was absolutely n.o.body there. n.o.body knew what had happened to Xue Yue, and n.o.body would ever know. It was a new mystery. People in the outside world started talking about Xue Yue all the time. Even many years later, people would continue wondering what had happened.

Lin Feng had already left Xue Yue. Even though he missed the actual place, he tried to forget about the past and move on. Now, he could focus solely on cultivation. He wanted to become a peerless cultivator!


In the Huang Sea, a place the strong cultivators of this small world didn't even dare visit, someone was waiting. His hair was fluttering in the wind as a powerful desolate Qi kept attacking his body.

"According to legends, the Huang Sea was an ancient battlefield, a symbol of destruction. The Huang Sea back then was the real Huang Sea. It has changed a lot since then. Now, the destructive energies have already faded, I guess," whispered Lin Feng. He opened his third eye and started absorbing strength like a madman.

His dragons chanted, the nine heads of his dragon spirit all opened their mouths at the same time and started absorbing desolate strength at full speed. They converted the energy into physical strength.

Lin Feng walked through the Huang Sea, cleansing his body with its strength. He was becoming stronger as he understood the desolate energy better and better. Who said that desolate strength couldn't turn into cosmic strength?


Seven days later, in Jiu You's forbidden area, someone who looked like a scholar appeared, wearing white clothes. However, they looked sick and their face was yellow. Even though they looked handsome, they looked really ill. However, that person still dared go into the forbidden area. That person was Lin Feng.

The young man he had killed had told him that people from Jiu You's Government had gone to the forbidden area of Jiu You. They had looked for the forbidden area for five thousand years, and were ecstatic that they had finally found it. But very few people knew about it.

It was Lin Feng's first time in the forbidden area of Jiu You. n.o.body had dared go there in the past, as it was such a dangerous place. However, Lin Feng couldn't control himself, he really wanted to see it.

The ground was black, the sky was black, the lakes and rivers were black. It was like h.e.l.l.

Lin Feng saw some people on the periphery of the forbidden area, all of them very strong emperors. Those people were definitely the strong cultivators the young man had told him about, and from Jiu You's Government without a doubt.

Lin Feng didn't disturb them. He sat down in the distance and started moving his hands as if he were drawing. He was actually carving deployment spells.

Lin Feng had to be careful and prepared when b.u.mping into great emperors. These deployment spells would help him escape if required.

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