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PMG Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852: Blade Technique et Sword Technique

Minister Uptala controlled Uptala h.e.l.l. Blue Uptala lotuses represented his strength and were at the origin of the ten thousand things of creation. h.e.l.lfire represented Minister Kalasutra's strength. That fire was destructive and powerful. The two things were precious items for h.e.l.l emperors. If they didn't take them out even though they had said so, it would be a humiliation.

"How great! I will pay attention to the battles even more then!" exclaimed w.a.n.g Zhuo when he heard the two Ministers make a bet. He was surprised, but he was Great Emperor Song's direct descendant and he had seen many things in his life. He said that to make the two Ministers calm down in a friendly manner.

When people around the pavilions heard them, they were startled, too. There were tensions between the two Ministers, they were arguing indirectly. Of course, they were Ministers under Great Emperor Song. At their cultivation levels they couldn't fight for real, so they bet on Lin Feng's results. Both Minister Uptala's blue Uptala lotus and Minister Kalasutra's h.e.l.lfire were precious items. For h.e.l.l emperors, those things were priceless and very useful. For the two Ministers, they weren't as priceless, and they didn't need them.

"Minister Uptala, you have faith in that young man," smiled Minister Kalasutra.

Minister Uptala stretched out his slender white hand and smiled. "Minister Kalasutra, if you didn't think he could get a hundred victories, you wouldn't have asked me anything." He perfectly understood that when Minister Kalasutra had asked him that question, he already had an answer himself. Minister Kalasutra also thought Lin Feng could win, but now the circ.u.mstances were different.

"That was a moment before, now, I don't think he can win anymore," Minister Kalasutra smiled. He looked at w.a.n.g Zhuo. "w.a.n.g Zhuo, what do you think of that lad?"

w.a.n.g Zhuo looked at Minister Kalasutra, his expression didn't change as he replied calmly. "We'll see who gets onto the battle stage."

w.a.n.g Zhuo glanced at Qin Yao. Minister Kalasutra understood what w.a.n.g Zhuo meant.

When Minister Kalasutra heard w.a.n.g Zhuo, he smiled. This young man didn't want to offend anyone, so he answered politely.

Lin Feng didn't know that the people in the bleachers were looking at him. He didn't know about the Ministers' bet, either. He had already won seventy-two battles. For him, fighting at the level of low-level h.e.l.l emperors, winning a hundred times wasn't difficult. Even in the Great Imperial Song City, it wasn't easy to find a low-level h.e.l.l emperor who was as strong as Ji Wuyou.

Ji Wuyou's fighting abilities had been powerful. It was rare for low-level emperors to be that strong. Usually people who were that strong had a special body. Lin Feng was convinced that there were powerfully strong cultivators in this place, but they weren't seen every day. Even if there were some, they also had to get onto the battle stage. Besides, even if some people stronger than Ji Wuyou wanted to battle against him, so what?

He had won more than seventy battles and he wasn't tired. He had just imitated Hei Lao's attack so he could practice. Everything was going perfect.

Lin Feng continued winning. More and more people were watching him. A few strong cultivators fought against him, they wanted to defeat him and benefit from his victories, but Lin Feng continued defeating them as quickly as he had beaten Hei Lao.

Lin Feng had now won eighty-one battles.

More and more people were watching him, including those young people in the pavilions. Some of them smiled each time Lin Feng attacked.

"That guy has won eighty-two battles, and he hasn't rested yet. Do you know who he is?"

"Usually, people rest every ten battles, but he hasn't. He wants to draw people's attention and join the army in a high position."

After all, showing how strong you were was very important in the world of cultivation.

"The most impressive thing is that he has won more than eighty battles and it seems normal for him. He looks calm and relaxed, and hasn't used his full strength at all. He doesn't look tired at all."

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng and talking. Surprisingly, n.o.body went up onto the battle stage to fight against him for a while. Lin Feng looked too powerful, and they didn't want to overdo it. If Lin Feng used even more brutal attacks, maybe he would be even scarier!

"Qing Qing, how strong do you think that guy is?" asked Minister Uptala to the beautiful young white woman next to him.

"I don't know," answered Qing Qing, shaking her head. She couldn't see how strong Lin Feng was.

"He has won more than eighty battles, and he hasn't used his full strength at all. He will definitely win a hundred times!" declared Minister Uptala. He sounded nice and friendly. However, he sounded firm, too, so people wouldn't forget his words.

When Minister Kalasutra heard Minister Uptala, he looked at the battle stage. He knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong, but Lin Feng couldn't win a hundred battles…

"There are many strong cultivators. That young man has already amazed everyone with his eighty-one victories. That's rare. If someone manages to defeat him, they will be rewarded," Minister Kalasutra suddenly spoke up loudly. The crowd looked at him strangely. A reward for defeating Lin Feng?

Because of that, everyone looked at Lin Feng. If they defeated him, they'd be rewarded but the government would also notice them.

At that moment, a silhouette jumped onto the battle stage. He was wearing white clothes and looked extremely aggressive. His expression was as sharp as a blade.

That's Han Feng. His blade skills are powerful. When he uses his seven strikes attack, people always die. Finally, someone who's strong!, thought the crowd after they recognized the cultivator, surprised he had joined in.

"Han Feng's seven strikes blade technique always kills people. A year ago, he also came onto the battle stage, he won eighty-five times, but he was exhausted and had to rest. Prince Mayi had jumped onto the battle stage then, too. Now, a year has pa.s.sed. He must have become much stronger," everybody was commenting. Han Feng had practiced cultivation really hard during the past year.

Han Feng took out a black blade, shaped like a crescent moon. It wasn't like a sword, that blade cut people. Han Feng's blade technique was about killing as fast as possible.

Han Feng cut the air with his blade, not speaking any nonsense. His black blade contained powerfully aggressive energies. He charged Lin Feng with an indomitable will.

Lin Feng stared at the blade. It was a death h.e.l.l blade, and contained some wind and earth energies. Han Feng looked extremely aggressive and was also extremely fast. His seven strikes laceration technique was powerful, aggressive, fearless, and heroic. His blade could kill people in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng sensed the energies surrounding him.

"How aggressive, brutal, and violent." Lin Feng's eyes became pitch-black. He started using the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures to imitate his opponent's technique. He could suddenly clearly see how powerful the blade was.

Such an aggressive blade technique could possibly kill medium-level emperors. However, because he was extremely aggressive, he probably had a weakness in his defense. He didn't seem to pay attention to defense. Few people could actually counterattack after such a powerful blade attack. Usually, the first strike was enough.

The first strike hadn't even reached Lin Feng before the second blade had already appeared. It was as if blades were falling from the sky like shooting stars, all of them dazzling. Few people could fight against him. His blade attacks could easily cut people apart.

Even Minister Kalasutra was amazed and said, "What an incredible blade technique! If he moved a little bit faster, then his technique would be even more powerful!"

Minister Kalasutra was clearly helping out Han Feng.

As expected, Han Feng heard Minister Kalasutra and immediately released more wind cosmic energy. His attack became even sharper.

However, there were exceptions!

As Han Feng's blade attack moved forwards, a kind of sword strength descended from the sky. It was like a million death swords were falling from the sky, he could sense the sharp energies. He looked at Lin Feng and saw two eyes, the eyes of the Nine Netherworlds. His willpower started shaking.

He had solely focused on his own attack, he hadn't expected that Lin Feng would use such an attack against him. Now it was a bit complicated to react. Even if his attack was exceptional, if his opponents killed him before he had time to deploy them, then what was the point? Therefore, Han Feng retreated, having a bad premonition. His blade energies suddenly disappeared.

Han Feng raised his head as drops of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Everybody's eyes were wide open, they didn't understand why the blade couldn't move towards Lin Feng, and why Han Feng was withdrawing!

Actually, Han Feng didn't only move backwards, he suddenly turned around and jumped off the stage. He declared "I lost!"

He had lost, so staying on the battle stage was useless!

PMG Chapter 1853

Chapter 1853: Last Battle

The Nihility Sword Scriptures allowed a cultivator to learn more about sword intent, the sword meaning could advance to void: nihilism. Lin Feng hadn't studied the Nihility Sword Scriptures for very long, so he didn't control the sword techniques of the scriptures that well. With his Nihility Sword, he couldn't kill Han Feng. However, Han Feng was smart and understood that Lin Feng's Nihility Sword was more powerful than his Seven Blades Laceration technique.

His attack was perfect, but it wasn't enough against Lin Feng.

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. They knew Lin Feng could win before the battle had started, but they hadn't though Han Feng would surrender. They didn't even know what had happened. Lin Feng hadn't even moved. Han Feng had just retreated and surrendered outright!

They knew that Han Feng couldn't possibly have let Lin Feng win on purpose. At their cultivation level, n.o.body did that, only children or puerile people did such things. Lin Feng had probably used a secret technique, and Han Feng had given up…

Eighty-two victories. He's getting closer and closer to a hundred victories!, thought the crowd, watching Lin Feng.

Minister Uptala smiled gently and said, "I sensed some sword energy. That boy hasn't shown us all he can do. No matter who gets on the battle stage, I don't think anyone can win."

Of course, Minister Uptala was talking loudly enough for Minister Kalasutra to hear. Minister Kalasutra smiled back. "What if Qing Qing fought against him?"

"I don't know," replied Minister Uptala cheerfully. "She could win, or lose."

He smiled at Qin Yao and asked. "Qin Yao, you think you can definitely defeat him?"

"Of course!" Qin Yao replied confidently. Minister Uptala just looked away. Qin Yao was definitely going to fight. Minister Kalasutra had bet with him, so Qin Yao had to use her full strength against Lin Feng.

Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Even fewer people wanted to fight against him.

At that moment, Minister Kalasutra openly said, "Eighty-two victories! Isn't there any low-level h.e.l.l emperor in the Great Imperial Song City who can defeat this young man?"

Many people's eyes twinkled. Lin Feng was incredibly strong. Defeating Lin Feng wasn't about the hundred victories anymore. It was even more meaningful.

When Minister Uptala heard Minister Kalasutra, he looked at Lin Feng and said, "Young man, if you get a hundred victories, I'll give you a blue Uptala lotus!"

"Blue Uptala Lotus!" The crowd all turned to look in astonishment.

"If Lin Feng wins a hundred times, Minister Uptala will give him a Blue Uptala Lotus!"

"What's wrong with the Ministers? Why are they competing like that? The Blue Uptala Lotus contains the strength of the ten thousand things of creation, and now he's saying he's willing to give one to that guy?"

The audience was amazed. Lin Feng naturally heard everything, he raised his head and looked at Minister Uptala in surprise. Minister Kalasutra wanted people to defeat him, and Minister Uptala wanted him to win. They didn't seem to be friends.

"Thank you very much, Minister!" Lin Feng smiled. He didn't understand these people's goals, but for him, there were only advantages. An Minister was paying attention to him, that was a good thing. He was getting closer to his goal, he wanted to attract the attention of high officials, and those Ministers were definitely high officials, they were just under Great Emperor Song in the hierarchy.

"No need. If you win, I will obtain Minister Kalasutra's h.e.l.lfire. It's a great thing for me, too!" laughed Minister Uptala. When the crowd heard that, they understood. Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra had bet on Lin Feng's battles, and Minister Uptala thought Lin Feng was going to get a hundred victories, while Minister Kalasutra thought Lin Feng wasn't.

The other people in the bleachers already knew that the Ministers had bet. Many of them wished they were Lin Feng at that moment!

After that, someone else went up onto the battle stage. That person was extremely strong, but far from being as strong as Han Feng. That cultivator didn't mind though, he wanted to fight against Lin Feng to practice, he knew he couldn't win. Besides, it was worth trying, if he were lucky, he might win!

Of course, he lost, and Lin Feng now had eighty-three victories.

After that, more people fought against Lin Feng, some stronger, some weaker. If those people had chosen another battle stage, they could have won fifty battles, at least. All in all, n.o.body could pose a threat to Lin Feng. Lin Feng quickly reached ninety-seven victories.

Three more battles!, thought the crowd. Lin Feng was three victories away from success! If he won a hundred battles, he would be able to join the army and obtain Minister Uptala's Blue Uptala Lotus.

Everybody watched the two Ministers. They looked indifferent, it was impossible to know what they were thinking.

"Prince of the Six Abysses?" At that moment, the crowd saw a silhouette near the battle stage. They frowned. It was the Prince of the Six Abysses! Did he want to fight against this guy?

Even though the Prince of the Six Abysses is a low-level h.e.l.l emperor, he's very famous. He has killed many medium-level emperors. He's very strong, and as famous as Prince Mayi. His Six spell is powerful, he can make people fall into the abysses of h.e.l.l!, thought the crowd when they saw the Prince of the Six Abysses. They looked excited. Since the Prince of the Six Abysses was there, it meant he wanted to fight against Lin Feng!

"I came to exchange views on cultivation with you!" said someone at that moment. The person was wearing white clothes and moved towards Lin Feng like lightning. People couldn't see the silhouette clearly.

What a fast sword. How powerful!, thought the crowd, staring at the battle stage.

Lin Feng sensed a powerful sword energy surround him. His eyes glittered. This person's speed was impressive. His speed cosmic energies made his sword even faster. He wanted to kill his opponents as quickly as possible.

Lin Feng waved his hands, and an ocean of purple energies appeared, it was his Purple Lake Tank! It rose to the skies, the sword lights shot through the air. However, at that moment, Lin Feng stretched his hand out, and a cage appeared.

"Break!" shouted his opponent, releasing sword intent. Lin Feng released wind cosmic energies and Kalpa strength, which descended from the sky. Death Kalpa strength surrounded the opponent's sword intent, destroyed it, and then surrounded him.

"Kalpa!" swore Lin Feng. His Kalpa strength rose to the skies, and the air crackled. His opponent gave out a horrible shriek as Lin Feng landed and punched him. There was a sound of shattering bones, and the man was smashed away and crashed onto the battle stage, some of his limbs bent in impossible ways.

"You're humiliating yourself!" Lin Feng said mockingly. His opponent was stunned. But he had started the fight, he had immediately attacked Lin Feng even though he hadn't even landed on the battle stage, so Lin Feng decided to humiliate him back.


Two more battles and Lin Feng would get a hundred victories. However, the Prince of the Six Abysses didn't seem to be willing to fight. The crowd was surprised when they saw that.

He wants to wait to be the last one!, thought the many people watching the Prince of the Six Abysses. He had that thought, indeed!

Lin Feng easily defeated the next opponent and had ninety-nine victories. It was the battle.

A silhouette rose up in the air. It was the Prince of the Six Abysses, preparing to challenge Lin Feng for the final battle.

"There…" however, at that moment, the crowd saw a silhouette behind Lin Feng, a beautiful young woman. The crowd was stunned: it was Minister Kalasutra's daughter, Qin Yao!

She also wants to fight against him!, thought the amazed audience. They hadn't thought that Minister Kalasutra's daughter would want to fight, too!

"Go down," Qin Yao said to the Prince of the Six Abysses. The Prince of the Six Abysses frowned and looked at her icily.

"It's my battle!" said the Prince of the Six Abysses.

"We can only have one battle at a time on the battle stage!" said Qin Yao, smiling indifferently. Then, suddenly, she turned into a light beam and moved towards the Prince of the Six Abysses. She didn't fight against Lin Feng, she fought against him!

"Fire!" The crowd saw an ocean of black flames appear under the Prince of the Six Abysses' feet. He looked ferocious.

"h.e.l.lfire!" The Prince of the Six Abysses' expression changed drastically. He did some hand seals and six vortexes appeared around him, making him look like a G.o.d of h.e.l.l.

"Burn!" Under Qin Yao's feet, another powerful flame appeared and moved towards the six vortexes.

PMG Chapter 1854

Chapter 1854: Powerful Battle

Qin Yao's h.e.l.lfire is powerful and destructive, thought the crowd. The Prince of the Six Abysses tried to force Qin Yao into the six abysses. She shouted furiously and condensed her energies. Flames sealed the area around the Prince of the Six Abysses.

The Prince of the Six Abysses' six are going to burn and break apart!, thought the astonished crowd. The Prince of the Six Abysses waved his hands and purple lights surrounded Qin Yao.

"Destroy!" shouted Qin Yao. She condensed flames and a powerful h.e.l.lfire appeared in her hand. The Prince of the Six Abysses frowned and looked nervous. He struck out with both fists to counterattack.

However, at that moment, Qin Yao disappeared and turned into a raging fireball. Fire exploded in every direction, and flames filled the stage. It looked like h.e.l.l.

The crowd heard someone groan and then they saw the Prince of the Six Abysses moving back out of the flames. He was all burnt.

How strong. No wonder she's Minister Kalasutra's daughter! They had only fought for a few seconds, but it was incredible nonetheless. The Prince of the Six Abysses' strength was astonis.h.i.+ng, but he had still lost against Qin Yao.

"Get down now!" ordered Qin Yao, smiling indifferently. Her smile was the picture of self-confidence. She had the right to fight against Lin Feng!

"We'll exchange views on cultivation again if we have the opportunity, Princess Qin Yao!" replied the Prince of the Six Abysses, before turning around and leaving the battle stage. The Princess would fight against Lin Feng!

In the ancient pavilion, the geniuses there had all won a hundred battles. However, when they saw how strong Qin Yao was, they were also surprised. She was an Minister's daughter, and had inherited great powers. A cultivator's bloodline obviously had a great influence on their cultivation!

In the bleachers, Minister Kalasutra smiled indifferently. When he saw how strong his daughter was, he felt relieved. The Prince of the Six Abysses was a public figure, but his daughter Qin Yao had still defeated him quickly. Qin Yao was exceptionally strong. Among the low-level emperors, there weren't many people who could defeat her. Probably the only ones who could compete with her were the other Ministers' children. Ministers usually were doting parents.

"Princess Qin Yao is incredibly strong. Getting a hundred victories won't be easy for that guy," observed w.a.n.g Zhuo, smiling politely. He meant something implicitly. Minister Kalasutra just smiled. A hundred victories would be really difficult for Lin Feng now!

Minister Kalasutra looked at Minister Uptala and said. "Brother Uptala, get ready to offer my daughter Qin Yao your lotus."

"I hope the little one will be able to get it!" answered Minister Uptala indifferently. He had promised Lin Feng that if he won, he'd obtain a Blue Uptala Lotus. If Lin Feng lost, Minister Uptala would have to give Qing Yao a Blue Uptala Lotus, and his own daughter Qing Qing wouldn't be able to obtain the h.e.l.lfire.

Everybody was watching Lin Feng at that moment.

Lin Feng's strength was extraordinary. Amongst low-level h.e.l.l emperors, he was indeed extremely strong. He had won ninety-nine battles and hadn't had a rest at all. However, he didn't look like he needed one. How different would the hundredth battle be? Especially now that he was going to fight against Qin Yao after she had defeated the Prince of the Six Abysses?

The crowd didn't dare predict the result of the fight.

After all, the Prince of the Six Abysses was a powerful cultivator and Qin Yao had defeated him, which meant she was even stronger. The Prince of the Six Abysses had looked so weak when facing her. Therefore, Lin Feng would probably struggle to win a hundredth time.

People were used to seeing incredible battles with extremely strong geniuses. Many incredible cultivators liked fighting against someone once they had reached ninety-nine victories, it was a dazzling way to win. If she managed to defeat Lin Feng, whom n.o.body else managed to defeat, then everybody would admire her.

This guy has won ninety-nine battles, but now he's probably going to lose since Qin Yao is much stronger and has h.e.l.lfire!, thought some people.

Qin Yao turned around and looked at Lin Feng. She smiled thinly and sat down in the flames. She looked very beautiful in the flames, but scary too.

"I'm sorry. You won ninety-nine battles and that's a great achievement, but now it's going to be difficult to win the last one," smiled Qin Yao. However, she didn't sound like she was really sorry. She just sounded polite. Even Ministers' daughters didn't rely on their parents, they relied on themselves. Great Emperor Song loved fighting, so young people also started from there.

In the past, Qin Yao was only famous in Kalasutra h.e.l.l. The first time she had fought in the Great Imperial Song City, it hadn't been to draw people's attention, but she had anyway.

Her purpose was to become strong. Fighting was inevitable and pleasant, so even without the Ministers there, people fought anyway.

Lin Feng looked back at Qin Yao calmly. He knew she was self-confident, but she had what it took to be confident. She was Minister Kalasutra's daughter, she had inherited his powerful blood. Such people were rare.

Of course, what Qin Yao didn't know was that Lin Feng was also self-confident, even more than she!

"Princess, you're quite strong. However, n.o.body can prevent me from winning a hundred times!" replied Lin Feng calmly, yet aggressively. n.o.body could prevent him from winning a hundred times, including Minister Kalasutra's daughter!

"Alright! We'll see something now." When Minister Uptala heard Lin Feng, he laughed wholeheartedly. This battle was going to be interesting. Even if Lin Feng lost, he'd be happy to give him a Blue Uptala Lotus.

"I respect you and truly believe you're extremely strong, so I will be merciless. Be careful. It could be dangerous!" smiled Qin Yao, nodding at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng replied, "Princess, you're too polite. Please attack."

Flames suddenly emerged from Qin Yao's body. It looked like h.e.l.l had come to the battle stage covering it in black flames. The temperature shot up, and the crackling and snapping of flames filled the air.

The powerful fire surrounded Qin Yao's body and she disappeared within it.

At that moment, some flames started moving and raced towards Lin Feng. He was startled, as these flames could easily destroy a medium-level emperor. His physical body had the strength of a medium-level emperor, but still, that fire was dangerous!

After that, a third h.e.l.lfire appeared and rose to the skies. The whole battle stage was surrounded by h.e.l.lfire. The crowd was certain Lin Feng was going to lose.

A vortex of h.e.l.lfire surrounded Lin Feng and spun around.

Qin Yao's powers are similar to Hou Qing Lin's reincarnation strength. If he came here to practice cultivation for a while, he'd definitely benefit from it, thought Lin Feng. The temperature continued increasing, and Lin Feng began to feel hot.

The three flames became gigantic and descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. h.e.l.l was falling on him!

Qin Yao's silhouette appeared again and she struck out in Lin Feng's direction. Lin Feng couldn't escape, and the fires could destroy him.

How powerful!, thought Lin Feng. His heart started racing, and he finally moved.

He flashed away, dazzling lights appeared all around as he sealed the atmosphere around him. The fire couldn't affect him anymore.

He then released immortal strength, looking like a G.o.d. His eyes turned pitch-black as he struck out using earth punches, trying to destroy one of the flames. The ground was shaking violently.

Lin Feng then used his Setting Sun Meteorite to attack the second fire. Sword lights cut the air and sliced it apart.

He waved his hand and a destructive deployment strength manifested as his Purple Tank reappeared. It was like an ocean and moved towards the third flame.

Lin Feng released DevMara Kalpa strength and physical strength to protect himself as he struck out towards Qin Yao. The whole atmosphere was filled with destructive energies.

Black flames appeared in Qin Yao's eyes. She wanted to destroy Lin Feng's will, but Lin Feng's demonic will was too powerful, he was absolutely unaffected. She sensed an endless amount of invisible sharp sword energies surround her, and immediately after, a wall of DevMara Kalpa punches moved towards her and collided with her fist. Black lights exploded and obscured everything!

Qin Yao used h.e.l.l strength, a destructive kind of power. However, at that moment, she sensed an even more destructive strength. Something blackish-red splashed, it was her blood. Her mouth was bleeding, and she had the sensation that all the bones of her arm were broken!

PMG Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855: A Good Harvest

The destructive strength hadn't dispersed yet. The crowd was staring at the battle stage in astonishment.

Qin Yao's strength was incredible, she had used amazing strength to fight against Lin Feng. The very sky had turned into h.e.l.l. At the same time, she had used three h.e.l.lfires to surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was too strong, though. They didn't really understand how Lin Feng had attacked, but it had worked!

Lin Feng had sealed the atmosphere with deployment strength, and at the same time, he had released immortal energies and will to punch her. He had also attacked the first h.e.l.lfire with immortal, death, lightning, and earth cosmic energies, four kinds of cosmic energies!

The second fire was destroyed by his Setting Sun Meteorite, which contained fire, earth, wind, and death cosmic energies as well as sword strength coupled with fire and wind cosmic energies, that was a total of six!

The third fire was destroyed by a gigantic purple tank with an incredible destructive strength, which also contained many sorts of cosmic energies.

In the end, Qin Yao and Lin Feng's fists had collided, but his punch was far more powerful and he blew her away. She even coughed up blood.

Lin Feng was truly strong. His DevMara Kalpa strength and his powerful physical strength were amazing!

When the Qi dispersed, the crowd saw Lin Feng still standing there, his black hair fluttering in the wind. He was motionless.

n.o.body can prevent me from winning a hundred times. The crowd still remembered Lin Feng's statement as he stood there proudly. Even Princess Qin Yao, the daughter of an Minister, hadn't managed to defeat him!

At that moment, Qin Yao was still in the air, staring unhappily at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes. She had lost, and felt a bit humiliated.

She didn't feel as confident as before!

"You lost," said Lin Feng helpfully. "You lost, so please go back."

"The battle is not over!" said Qin Yao. She didn't smile anymore. She released even more flames.

"The battle is already over. If you insist and want to continue fighting, I can't guarantee it'll be safe for you," said Lin Feng calmly. The crowd was astonished. Was Lin Feng threatening her?

Lin Feng actually meant that he had been merciful, he had controlled himself. Otherwise, Qin Yao wouldn't have looked like a human being anymore.

"The young will be redoubtable in the years to come!" said Minister Uptala, smiling broadly. Lin Feng was a pa.s.sionate cultivator and he could see that. If someone raised that young boy correctly, he'd become a great emperor someday. He was very talented, he would definitely be able to become an Minister someday and be at the head of an army.

When Qin Yao heard Lin Feng, she stared at him icily. Lin Feng surprisingly dared say he had been merciful? She had used her full strength, Lin Feng hadn't?

She continued releasing more and more energies, but at that moment, someone intervened. "Qin Yao, that's enough."

It was her father, Minister Kalasutra. Qin Yao slowly turned around and looked back at him.

"Alright, come back," said Minister Kalasutra with a nod. Qin Yao remained silent for a few seconds, but when she saw her father's expression, she recalled her Qi and nodded obediently before heading back to him.

Her arm still felt extremely sore…

"There are many extremely strong cultivators here on the battle stages. Someday, when you join the government, you'll be a dazzling cultivator," smiled Minister Kalasutra. Even though Lin Feng had defeated his daughter, he wasn't angry. After all, Lin Feng and Qin Yao had battled according to the rules on the official battle stage of the city. Qin Yao had even provoked Lin Feng. Even though he had a high social status, he had no reason to be angry at Lin Feng. Besides, he was a Minister, and he was a Celestial Emperor in h.e.l.l. He had to control himself.

Even though Lin Feng had injured Qin Yao, the injuries weren't too bad. Lin Feng had taught her a good lesson. Surprisingly, an unknown young man was so strong!

Of course, Minister Kalasutra was still a bit annoyed because he lost face to Minister Uptala.

"Qing Qing, this h.e.l.lfire is a gift to you from Uncle Kalasutra," said Minister Kalasutra to Qing Qing while transmitting h.e.l.lfire to her with a gesture. However, it didn't explode, it just moved slowly towards her.

The Ministers had made a bet, so Qing Qing didn't refuse the h.e.l.lfire. She smiled thinly and nodded to accept it.

Qing Qing looked at the fire in her hand and smiled at her father. "Unfortunately, I am not a fire cultivator. Otherwise, that h.e.l.lfire would make me much stronger."

"Even if you're not a fire cultivator, you can transform it and use it for your own interest!" smiled Minister Uptala. He stretched his hand out, and the strength of the ten thousand things of creation appeared as a Blue Uptala Lotus manifested.

Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "Young man, this for you. I promised it, you won a hundred battles, please take it."

The Blue Uptala Lotus floated towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stretched his hand out and grabbed the lotus, feeling its mysterious strength. It contained the strength of the ten thousand things of creation!

"Thank you very much for your great gift, Minister!" smiled Lin Feng, bowing deeply. Lin Feng was very grateful. This Blue Uptala Lotus might be very useful for him!

"I see that you controlled fire cosmic energies, and your death cosmic energies are powerful. This h.e.l.lfire can be very useful for you too, so I'm giving it to you!" Qing Qing smiled softly, sounding very sweet. She threw h.e.l.lfire at Lin Feng.

The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was really lucky! He had obtained the Blue Uptala Lotus and the h.e.l.lfire!

However, he deserved it too! If he hadn't been strong, he wouldn't have won a hundred times, and he wouldn't have obtained anything.

"Princess, it's a gift you received, I feel like I'm stealing something from you," replied Lin Feng. Qing Qing had obtained the h.e.l.lfire from Minister Kalasutra, and now she was giving it to him. He was touched.

"I don't need that fire. You will become much stronger quickly with it. Uncle Kalasutra won't be mad at me," said Qing Qing smiled back at him.

As expected, Minister Kalasutra said, "Lin Feng, Qing Qing is willing to give it to you, just take it."

"Thank you, my lady!" said Lin Feng happily and politely. He had received the Blue Uptala Lotus and h.e.l.lfire!

At that moment, a silhouette rose up into the air and landed on the battle stage. The official was bearing medal, it had Song written on it. He presented it to Lin Feng and said solemnly, "You won a hundred times, this is your medal. You can join the government and become a member of the army now."

"Thank you, sir!" answered Lin Feng, accepting the medal of the Great Imperial Song City.

"Put your G.o.dly awareness into it," said the official. The owners of the medals put their G.o.dly awareness into them so that after their death, people couldn't counterfeit them or use them. If Lin Feng died, the medal would just break apart.

Lin Feng did what he was told, and the person said, "Lin Feng, you have won a hundred battles. Now, you can also join those who have accomplished the same as you. If you defeat nine other winners, you will gain privileges. Would you like to benefit from that program?"

"I do want to partic.i.p.ate!" agreed Lin Feng, nodding without hesitation. This was another opportunity, he couldn't let it slip past him.

"Alright, since you do, please join them in the pavilions and take a rest. When all the battles are over, you can start fighting again," smiled the official. Lin Feng looked at the cultivators in the pavilions, understanding that those people had also won a hundred battles. He hadn't known that before. He headed over to a pavilion.

PMG Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856: Incredible Battle

Lin Feng went to the pavilion beneath the two Ministers, it was the best one to watch battles. However, because the two Ministers were there, n.o.body else dared go there. However, Lin Feng did.

When entering the pavilion, Lin Feng heard someone groan coldly. He turned around and saw Qin Yao. She looked angry as Minister Kalasutra healed her injuries.

Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao and smiled. "I'm sorry, I was a bit too rough."

"You said things could have gotten worse if we had continued fighting. Did you mean you were merciful?" said Qin Yao, rolling her eyes and grinding her teeth. Lin Feng looked embarra.s.sed, but kept smiling. The battle was over, he wanted to be nice to her, especially since her father was a powerful man. Even though Qin Yao was angry, she didn't harbor any evil intentions.

"Qin Yao, how can you be so impolite? Even though you lost, you have to be polite and practice cultivation harder," chided Minister Kalasutra.

"I know!" Qin Yao nodded. Then, she looked at Lin Feng coldly and said, "We'll fight again if we have the opportunity."

"As you wish, Princess. I am willing to spend time with you," said Lin Feng, smiling thinly. Then, he looked at Minister Uptala and his daughter and smiled at them both. Minister Uptala smiled back at him, but didn't say anything.

Lin Feng looked back at the battle stages. Zhang Heng was still fighting. He had already won sixty-two battles, a rare achievement. He had come to win a hundred battles, he hadn't thought Lin Feng, a new friend, would win that fast and in such a dazzling way.

Apart from Zhang Heng, another extremely strong man was fighting. He had also been fighting for longer than Lin Feng. He was on the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors' battle stage, and immediately drew Lin Feng's attention.

He was blind and practiced sword cultivation. Even though he was blind, his swordsmans.h.i.+p was amazing. He was not only fast, he was precise, too. It was difficult to see where the sword attacks came from when he attacked. He was blind, but when fighting against him, it was like his opponents were the blind ones. He was a true sword and his name was Jian Mang!

Jian Mang had gotten onto the battle stage at the same time as Hei Lao. However, he hadn't won a hundred battles yet, only sixty-seven battles. He wasn't slow, he was a sword cultivator. He wasn't any slower than Lin Feng. He quickly won battles, so why was he still on the battle stage?

It was because Jian Mang's sword attacks were cruel. After stabbing people, he slowly made them suffer, and pierced their eyes with his sword energies to make them go blind. Such cruel people were rare. Most people on the battle stages were merciful. People could accept losing a battle, but they were unwilling to go blind if they lost. Therefore, cruel people weren't numerous. Jian Mang was extremely strong, but because he was cruel, each time after his battles, people took a long time to go onto his battle stage because they were afraid.

At that moment, another horrible shriek spread in the air. Jian Mang had immediately pierced one of that person's eyes.

He's fast, precise, and cruel, thought Lin Feng. Even though he was cruel, he was also very strong. Fighting against him was definitely worth it.

Lin Feng watched Jian Mang battle. After a few battles, he understood that Jian Mang's sword was extremely quick at the beginning, then its trajectory kept changing unpredictably and resulted in an unexpected winning move.

His sword attacks were strange. Finding his weakness was very difficult, as his sword attacks were fast and unpredictable.

Besides, each time people got close to that sword Qi, they almost suffocated. And unfortunately, each time they lost, Jian Mang blinded them.

Lin Feng also practiced sword cultivation, he used a straight-forward path, using absolute power to defeat his enemies, but Jian Mang relied on his techniques and accuracy, yet the results were the same, absolute terror.

Jian Mang is going to get a hundred victories. Not many people can compete with him. So many people seem to be getting a hundred victories today, thought the audience. w.a.n.g Zhuo's eyes glittered sharply as he watched Jian Mang.

"w.a.n.g Zhuo, can you win against him?" Minister Kalasutra asked w.a.n.g Zhuo. w.a.n.g Zhuo was a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor like Jian Mang. Besides, he had already dazzled on the battle stage in the past.

"When facing an incredible cultivator, no matter how insane you are, you can't win," replied w.a.n.g Zhuo indifferently.

Minister Kalasutra smiled and said, "Unfortunately, you have already won a hundred victories in the past, so you can't go back onto the battle stage. Otherwise, I would have loved to see you defeat him."

Time pa.s.sed slowly. Zhang Heng had eighty-three victories and then, unfortunately, he lost against a very strong cultivator. He had failed after coming so close to success.

But Zhang Heng wasn't angry. At the beginning, he didn't intend to finish the battles at once, he wanted to rest, but then he had seen Lin Feng win all his battles in a row and had continued. Now he had lost, but at least he had learned something. Zhang Heng looked at Lin Feng and smiled.

"Lin Feng, you've already won a hundred battles! You will become a dazzling cultivator! I'm not staying here. I'll come back another day and try again! And then I'll also come to town to see you!" called out Zhang Heng.

"Alright, I hope you'll win a hundred battles soon!" Lin Feng smiled back at Zhang Heng, watching him turn around and depart.

After that, no other low-level emperor managed to win a hundred times. Among the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, Jian Mang succeeded. Just like Lin Feng, he had finished all his battles without resting once.

At that moment, an official landed on the battle stage and announced to the crow, "After this fight, please stop the battles. Many low-level h.e.l.l emperors and medium-level h.e.l.l emperors have won a hundred battles today. There will be battles between them!"

Everybody's eyes glittered with expectation. The winners were all geniuses. The battles between them were going to be powerful. They could definitely wait to see them!

As expected, after the last battle, people stopped fighting. A strong cultivator in the air pointed to two battle stages; one was the battle stage on which Lin Feng had fought, and the other one was the one on which Jian Mang had fought. "Since two people won a hundred victories on these battle stages today, we can continue on them!"

People in the pavilions stood up and glanced at one another.

"Hmph!" Qin Yao was unahppy. She looked at Lin Feng angrily. She should have been on that battle stage, but Lin Feng had defeated her!

Compet.i.tors landed on the two battle stages one after another. There were quite a few of them. For the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, there were eleven people including Jian Mang. For the low-level h.e.l.l emperors, there were thirteen people including Lin Feng.

"If you can defeat nine people, then you will obtain privileges!" At that moment, everybody looked around.

Among the low-level h.e.l.l emperors, Lin Feng can definitely win. The Prince of the Six Abysses is strong, but Qin Yao defeated him. And she is very strong, but Lin Feng defeated her. Even though those other people have won a hundred battles, it will still be difficult for them to defeat Lin Feng. He can definitely obtain privileges!" said someone. In the bleachers, many people were expressing their opinion.

Minister Uptala smiled calmly and said, "Lin Feng became famous today. I am convinced he will defeat nine people."

The official on the battle stage went on, "You know the rules, Lin Feng can start the battles and challenge nine people. If he loses, he has to leave the battle stage, and the winner can continue challenging eight other people."

On the low-level h.e.l.l emperors' battle stage, there were thirteen people, and Lin Feng was going to start. Each cultivator could also lose three times. After three losses, they were eliminated because there weren't enough fighters to lose more than three times and win nine times.

That way, the rules were fair. How would the battles look like? All those young people were amazing!

PMG Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857: One Against Six

On the other battle stage, Jian Mang was the first one to start the battles. On the low-level h.e.l.l emperors' battle stage, Lin Feng was the first one. He had to win against nine people. Being the first one had an advantage, they could avoid people who they thought were too strong and start with weaker ones if they knew them.

"Nine battles won't be difficult for that young man," said Minister Kalasutra calmly.

Qin Yao nodded and agreed, "Of course. He's so strong. He'll definitely obtain privileges."

Lin Feng had defeated her. If she said Lin Feng couldn't win nine times, it would mean that she wouldn't be able to.

"But those twelve people are also incredible people, they've also won a hundred battles. They're geniuses. I can't wait to see how he'll defeat them!" said Minister Kalasutra with an expectant smile.

Lin Feng glanced at the people he had to challenge. He knew n.o.body.

All those people are low-level emperors and they've all won a hundred battles. Those twelve people are all strong cultivators. Maybe they're as strong as the students of Champion University who are in the top twenty. I'm not going to fight against all of them at the same time, anyway, thought Lin Feng. He pointed at one of them and said, "Your Excellency, please come and fight."

"Jin Pan Guan!" The crowd looked at the person Lin Feng had chosen. He was wearing fine clothes, and was fat with a round face. Even though he couldn't be compared with Hei Lao, he really looked too fat to move. He was a gold cultivator, and his gold cosmic energies were powerful. He cut people apart with gold energies.

He was unhappy that Lin Feng had challenged him. After all, he had seen how strong Lin Feng was, everybody had. Being the first one to lose would be annoying. And he could lose only three times! Against Lin Feng, he had little chance to win, so he wouldn't have many tries.

The two faced each other as the others moved to the edge of the stage.

Golden lights cut the air and Jin Pan Guan suddenly disappeared. Even though he was fat, it didn't have any impact on his speed. Lin Feng had the sensation that a rain of gold had started, and each drop of gold was as sharp as a blade. Whistling sounds filled his ears.

The lights moved towards Lin Feng. At the same time, a golden pencil appeared in Jin Pan Guan's hand.

His pencil streaked across the sky, containing a powerful deadly strength. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to be impaled.

"That guy's golden pencil is like a sword. It's sharp and contains gold and empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies."

Lin Feng waved his hand and nine ancient cauldrons appeared.

"Nine Cauldron Celestial attack!" said Lin Feng, waving his hand as the cauldrons emitted whistling sounds. At the same time, wind cosmic energies surrounded him and he suddenly appeared higher up in the sky, following the cauldrons.

"Imprison!" said Lin Feng, and a cage appeared. However, the golden energies pierced through the cage and broke it.

"Rule!" said Lin Feng. His eyes moved as fast as lightning. DevMara Kalpa's Rule strength moved towards Guan and bore down on him.

Jin Pan Guan pulled a long face. Lin Feng knew so many different attacks! The strength of the Nine Cauldrons was incredible! He couldn't win against Lin Feng.

"I have lost!" shouted Jin Pan Guan. He knew that would happen from the beginning. It was better to give up now than end up injured, or he wouldn't be able to continue fighting later.

However, by the time Lin Feng heard him, the Nine Cauldrons were about to crash on his opponent, and actually did. Metallic sounds rang out, the air shook violently for a few seconds.

Lin Feng had won the first battle!

He won the battle extremely easily, he will easily win nine battles, thought the audience in the bleachers. Jin Pan Guan had won a hundred battles, but against Lin Feng, he had lost in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng would easily win nine battles, it seemed!

As the crowd had expected. Lin Feng won two more battles easily. The fighters didn't use their full strength to fight against him though, as they preferred not to overdo it and keep their energy for the following battles.

After winning three battles, Lin Feng felt extremely motivated. His blood was boiling. He looked at everyone and said, "You're all being too cautious. The battles are pointless. Six people can come together so that we don't waste time!"

The crowd was astonished. Even though Lin Feng was really strong, he was also being a bit too overconfident, it seemed? He was saying he was bored?

People on the battle stage were astonished. They had won a hundred battles too, and Lin Feng was saying it was pointless to fight against them. Even the Ministers were astonished.

I wouldn't have thought this guy would be so arrogant…, thought w.a.n.g Zhuo. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "There are some powerful cultivators amongst them, for example the Prince of the Six Abysses. You can't defeat six people at the same time. Even a medium-level emperor wouldn't dare fight against six of them!"

"He's an ambitious and pa.s.sionate young man. Let him do what he wants. Besides, he really won the first three battles easily. They are geniuses who won a hundred battles, and Lin Feng is disappointed. I understand him. Let it be," Minister Uptala said calmly. He didn't sound insistent, and he wasn't trying to humiliate people, either. He was just pa.s.sionate.

"We'll see if he can be arrogant or not!" said Qing Qing, smiling gently. w.a.n.g Zhuo was surprised, but he quickly smiled and said, "You're right! I should wait and see before criticizing!"

When people on the battle stage heard Lin Feng and then the Ministers, they were unhappy. They had all won a hundred battles, why were they there today? They wanted to earn privileges, and now they had to face a madman. People didn't even pay attention to them anymore, everybody was only talking about Lin Feng.

"These battles should be fair, one-on-ones, but since you want to fight against us at the same time, why not! I don't mind, I would love to see how strong you really are since you want to try!" said someone at that moment, moving swiftly.

"That's how a man should be. Real men don't care about what people say, even if they know they're going to lose, they try anyway, it makes them stronger! All you guys are outstanding fighters, whether you lose or win!" said Lin Feng. Many other people agreed. Lin Feng was arrogant, but many people admired him for that. He was arrogant, but pa.s.sionate!

Silhouettes flickered and six people surrounded Lin Feng with powerful Qi.

"Let's fight!" said Lin Feng as he released his Kalpa strength, which rose to the skies. A powerful demon Qi surrounded him. DevMara Kalpa rolled in waves like thunder. He looked like a death G.o.d!

Many dazzling lights emerged. Prince Mayi attacked first, releasing a black strength which blotted out the sky. Lin Feng had the sensation he had fallen into h.e.l.l as the air around him was sealed.

"Inescapable net technique!" Everybody's eyes were glittering. The six attacked one after another. A powerful blade moved towards Lin Feng, while at the same time, small black embers struck out. Lin Feng disappeared inside all those energies.

He waved his hands and attacked both fighters. A Kalpa web appeared around him, the atmosphere kept exploding. Energies collided and the air whistled with motion.

Lin Feng flashed into the air. He waved his hands and more energies swept out, including Kalpa strength. A dazzling sharp sword streaked across the sky and moved towards that inescapable net technique. Lin Feng continued rising up in the air.

"Where are you going!" shouted Prince Mayi icily. He used both fists and released cosmic energies to attack Lin Feng. His energies formed a cage around Lin Feng.

I have to defeat him first! Lin Feng looked like an ancient overlord. The air crackled as powerful earth and demon energies appeared above his head.

Lin Feng released a gigantic hand towards the demon and earth hammer. He used physical strength and DevMara Kalpa strength to counterattack.

The ground shook violently as the hammer crashed onto Lin Feng's hands with a explosive impact, his fists started bleeding. However, Lin Feng continued pressing against the energies with bare hands like an ancient G.o.d doing battle.

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