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PMG Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858: G.o.dly Soul Kalpa

Lin Feng used his hand to attack the earth and demon hammer. A powerful absorbing strength emerged from him. The attacker in the sky was startled as Lin Feng started absorbing his demon and earth strength.

"Imprison!" said Lin Feng. In a flash, a cage appeared around the cultivator in the sky. At the same time, he flashed forwards and his Kalpa strength turned into DevMara Kalpa lightning filling the air. His target sensed the destructive energies surround them, and the millions of threads of Kalpa strength corroding their body. Lin Feng then used his Nine Cauldron Celestial attack to hurl him off the stage.

Lin Feng's moves were fast, but the others kept calm and continued attacking from every direction. Their attacks were all fearsomely strong. Lin Feng's physical body was powerful, but he couldn't ignore their attacks.

Death and destructive Kalpa meaning suddenly rose up and Lin Feng shouted out. Nine Kalpa Swords appeared and moved in every direction. Lin Feng had studied the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, his Kalpa strength was incredible. It turned into a sword and gave birth to sword meaning as it turned into a powerful attack.

Lin Feng waved his hands, and two dazzling marks appeared and turned into an ancient destructive deployment spell which shot in every direction as he kept moving.

"Purple Lake Tank!" Lin Feng shot out his right hand and his Purple Tank descended from the sky and fused together with the destructive deployment spell as he condensed wind cosmic energy.

Lin Feng waved his left hand and condensed DevMara Kalpa strength, as well as shattering deployment strength. His fist looked like a powerful destructive DevMara Kalpa animal trying to destroy the earth and the sky.

His strength was just too astonis.h.i.+ng!

What an invasive and powerful strength!, thought Minister Uptala, leaning forwards in the bleachers. Lin Feng's attacks were majestic and powerful, and his cosmic energies were incredible. Ordinary h.e.l.l emperors couldn't compete with him. He looked like a warlord!

"Heaven and h.e.l.l!" proclaimed an icy voice. Lin Feng had the sensation that he was falling into h.e.l.l, and his whole body was suddenly surrounded by flames. He frowned and looked down at Prince Mayi.

As expected, that guy was incredible strong. At that moment, three people had already been injured, one had been forced off the stage. However, the injured had come back already. They didn't care about their injuries, all they wanted to do was to defeat Lin Feng. How could they be scared? They were heroes. They all used their full strength. If Lin Feng won against them even though they were joining hands, that would be humiliating!

Lin Feng sensed their energies and motivation. He released more layers of energies, and more DevMara Kalpa surrounded him. He also released immortal energies with his DevMara Kalpa strength. It looked like black lightning striking Lin Feng.

"Fall!" shouted Lin Feng, raising his head to the skies, looking like an immortal demon king with his black eyes. His DevMara Kalpa strength started rotating around him, and turned into a destructive Kalpa sword, the air ripping everything around him apart.

Thunder rang out as a beam of light appeared. The air was seething with power, Lin Feng was in the middle of it in a Kalpa world. His Kalpa strength turned into a web.

Multiple explosions rang out. The crowd was shaken. Black energies swirled and condensed into a black cloud. The DevMara Kalpa strength covered everything.

Lin Feng could release so much Kalpa strength, was he going to get cleansed by even more Kalpa strength?

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng, furiously rising up in the air. Five fighters were hurled away, all of them injured, some even badly injured. Kalpa strength was flowing through their bodies. However, at that moment, they looked at the sky. Lin Feng could attract the Kalpa strength of the sky? What was going on?

Kalpa strength condensed above Lin Feng's head. He had almost forgotten that he was fighting, he continued releasing DevMara Kalpa!

The sky kept erupting with energy. A powerful Kalpa strength kept falling from the sky and bombarding Lin Feng's body, and his muscles felt as if they were going to explode. He started shaking. He was going to be cleansed by Kalpa strength once more! Each time, it was even more intense. His physical body already had the strength of a medium-level emperor. The ancient Kalpa scriptures were extremely complex, not just any could study them. Most people who started studying them usually gave up shortly after having begun because the Kalpa strength could destroy them, and they might die.

Kalpa strength is falling from the sky to cleanse his body. That's a skill he studied!, noted Ministers Uptala and Kalasutra. They were both startled. That guy had surprisingly studied a skill which allowed him to attract Kalpa strength and cleanse his body! Such powerful Ancient scriptures!

The crowd was astonished and shaken by what they were seeing. Another cloud of DevMara Kalpa strength fell and bombarded Lin Feng's body again. Lin Feng had the sensation that he was becoming paralyzed. The first round had just bombarded him, he hadn't had a second to recover before the second round of Kalpa strength was already bombarding him again.

Life cosmic energy! Few people understand life cosmic energy!, thought the crowd, sensing the life cosmic energy. In h.e.l.l, people drank black water, everything was based on black water. They were good at understanding black energy, and for that reason, they didn't understand life energy. However, Lin Feng understood both life and death energies.

His DevMara Kalpa strength continued descending from the sky and pouring down on him. Lin Feng's clothes were suddenly torn apart. Some women's faces turned red, but Lin Feng condensed DevMara Kalpa strength to hide the lower part of his body. It didn't matter much, anyway.

After that, Lin Feng raised his head and looked up at the sky, he looked solemn and determined. One last Kalpa cleansing!

The DevMara Kalpa strength continued appearing. However, after a long time, Lin Feng rose up in the air, condensed DevMara Kalpa strength, and thunder rumbled again. Lin Feng raised his head and more Kalpa strength crashed down onto him. His head shook violently as well as his soul. Lin Feng closed his eyes, coughed up blood, and his face became deathly pale.

What's going on? The people frowned and stared at Lin Feng. Their expressions changed drastically. What was wrong with Lin Feng?

Lin Feng felt dizzy, as if he was going to die. His soul was bombarded out of his body and shook violently.

His soul is leaving his body. Could this Kalpa be a soul or spiritual Kalpa?, wondered Lin Feng. He tried to make his soul and body fuse back together again as he slowly opened his eyes.

They were still pitch-black. He had recovered!

This time, the cleansing had been incredible, his soul had been pushed out of his body and he had bled. But his willpower was great, so he had persevered. His DevMara Kalpa strength was now much more powerful!

"Kacha!" Lin Feng clenched his fists, Kalpa strength exploded out and dispersed. Each Kalpa strength was divided into nine tiers, and there were nine levels of Kalpa strength, which meant eighty-one levels. Lin Feng was a low-level emperor, so at that level, he could be cleansed by eighty-one layers of Kalpa strength. For an ordinary cultivator, after being cleansed eighty-one times by Kalpa strength, their soul changed. Lin Feng was different, though. His physical body already had the strength of a medium-level emperor, and this time his soul had changed. His physical body had become stronger and his demon cosmic energies had changed, too. Now, his cultivation level had advanced to that of a medium-level emperor!

"What a powerful skill!" said Minister Uptala. He was amazed. Everybody looked at him when they heard him and trembled. Lin Feng had broken through while fighting, thanks to the DevMara Kalpa strength. He had been cleansed another nine times by Kalpa strength, and his soul and body had changed. Now, he had the Qi of a medium-level emperor. However, the strange thing was that he still 'looked' like a Zun cultivator.

"So now what about the battle?" asked Minister Kalasutra. He was also surprised. Lin Feng had broken through and become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor during the battle. However, he was still on the battle stage of the low-level h.e.l.l emperors.

"Lin Feng has won a hundred battles and there isn't much to say about the battle against the six others at the same time. He's really strong. Now that he broke through, the battle counts," said Minister Uptala with a smile.

The crowd looked at the cultivators around Lin Feng. Prince Mayi sighed and said, "He's already done a great job. I think he won."

Then, he turned around and left the battle stage. While walking away, he said as he left, "Even if you continue the battles, fighting for nine victories is now pointless!"

PMG Chapter 1859

Chapter 1859: City Government

The other people on the battle stage left as well when they heard Prince Mayi. They were all determined and pa.s.sionate people.

They were all geniuses who had won a hundred battles on the battle stage. They couldn't fight against a strong medium-level h.e.l.l emperor. Six of them had fought against Lin Feng at the same time, and he had easily defeated them, even injuring some of them. Lin Feng had used DevMara Kalpa and broken through, it was all too incredible!

Other people rose into the air and left. Those who had fought against Lin Feng decided not to stay on the battle stage and left. Very quickly, Lin Feng was alone on the battle stage.

When the crowd saw Lin Feng alone on the battle stage, they sighed. Fighting against someone like that was monstrous.

At that moment, the city official landed on the battle stage and smiled at Lin Feng. "Lin Feng, we know you're very strong. The Great Emperor of h.e.l.l loves battles, and you are a heroic fighter. From now on, you can access all the external governmental buildings of the city. You can also go to all the pavilions and governmental halls, you just can't go to people's residences, obviously…

"The city army is composed of 108 armies. Among them, there are 72 h.e.l.l imperial armies and 36 Great imperial armies. There are all kinds of armies among the 72 imperial armies. After you understand the different troops, you can choose one and join them. You don't need to take any more tests."

When the crowd heard that, they were amazed. People who managed to win a hundred battles were already monstrously strong. Those who could win nine battles against the other champions were even more powerful, and the city wanted to support such talents. They all had a bright future ahead of them. Many Ministers had risen that way, and when they saw Lin Feng, a handsome and strong young man, they could easily imagine what his future would be like.

As expected, these are the kinds of privileges you get. I can freely travel within the governmental buildings now!, thought Lin Feng. He could also go to all the pavilions and governmental halls, which probably contained incredible treasures, such as ancient and mysterious scriptures. Great Emperor Song really attached great importance to such geniuses.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng's cultivation level was still too low. Great Emperor Song couldn't personally attach any importance to him. After all, he was just a medium-level emperor. For Great Emperor Song, one of the Ten Yama Courts' kings, that was low. However, Great Emperor Song had set up procedures and rules, so his a.s.sistants took care of such people. If Lin Feng kept up the good work, he'd be able to meet Great Emperor Song sooner or later!

There were many strong cultivators in the Great Imperial Song City, Great Emperor Song couldn't help all of them individually!

"Thank you very much, sir!" Lin Feng bowed politely.

Minister Uptala smiled and said, "I wouldn't have thought that I'd see such a great cultivator today. w.a.n.g Zhuo, my boy, it seems like you made another mistake today. He fought against six people, and even if he hadn't broken through, he would have won. He can be proud and he can definitely be a bit arrogant. You would be the same."

"Minister Uptala, you're right. I was wrong, I hadn't thought he'd be so strong. Now, he's a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, in the future, he'll become like Jian Mang," agreed w.a.n.g Zhuo easily. He wasn't offended by what the Minister had said, and he even compared Jian Mang to Lin Feng. He looked at the other battle stage.

"Jian Mang has already won seven battles, that's the eighth one!" said w.a.n.g Zhuo.

"Jian Mang is extremely strong, but Lin Feng was much more amazing. He fought against all those low-level h.e.l.l emperors at the same time. Jian Mang also just blinded one of the people among those champions. The others are all injured. Jian Mang is still just as cruel," said Qin Yao calmly.

Minister Kalasutra agreed. "I wish everybody could be like Lin Feng."

Even though Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra didn't agree on everything, they both acknowledged Lin Feng. Even if Minister Kalasutra had lost the h.e.l.lfire because of Lin Feng, he didn't mind because he hadn't seen such a strong cultivator in many years.

"He won the eighth battle!" The crowd was watching Jian Mang. He had cruelly blinded his opponent again. If Jian Mang did the same to the last one, it would be difficult for them to fight against one another as well, there wouldn't be enough of them able to fight.

Lin Feng went back to the pavilion and watched Jian Mang as well. He had the sensation that Jian Mang was doing something mysterious because each time, he saw some sword force which moved really slow. However, his attacks were still surprising and fast.

Jian Mang will win the ninth battle, thought Lin Feng, and as expected, Jian Mang did so. On that day, on both the battle stages for low-level h.e.l.l emperors and medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, two cultivators had managed to win against nine other champions, a rare and difficult feat!

"Someone didn't want to let Lin Feng be the only one!" said w.a.n.g Zhuo, smiling thinly. After Jian Mang won nine battles, the others didn't continue battling, and simply left.

The crowd was amazed and pleased. Two incredible cultivators had appeared today, both winning a hundred battles without resting and defeating nine champions!

But Lin Feng's performance had been even more amazing. He had defeated Qin Yao the Princess, and he had also defeated six people at the same time. However, Jian Mang had fought on the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors' battle stage, and Lin Feng with the low-level h.e.l.l emperors, so Jian Mang was stronger than Lin Feng.

Jian Mang would obtain privileges like Lin Feng. He could also choose to join one of the 72 imperial military factions.

After winning, Jian Mang didn't say anything and left in the direction of the city. He wanted to benefit from the privileges as soon as possible. The crowd found him amusing and unconventional.

Lin Feng also stood up. Minister Uptala looked at him and asked. "Are you going to the city, too?"

"Indeed!" nodded Lin Feng. He had obtained privileges, and he wanted to see the city, learn more about h.e.l.l, the Great Imperial Song City, etc.

"Let's go together. I'm also going back to the office. You can come to my area and have a look," Minister Uptala offered.

"Minister, your offices are in the city center too?" asked Lin Feng. Minister Uptala was surprised, Lin Feng didn't know about him?

"Lin Feng, Ministers in this city are under the orders of Great Emperor Song. The same applies to every city. Each city is divided into private districts and external districts. The private district is where Great Emperor Song lives and where we, his Ministers, have our offices. The external district is for ordinary activities," explained Minister Kalasutra politely. "Lin Feng, my office is also in the private district. I can help you modify your h.e.l.lfire."

Lin Feng was very happy to be invited by the two Ministers. It seemed that the city was as big as a country!

"Ministers, I would like to get familiar with the city first," said Lin Feng, smiling at the two of them.

Minister Kalasutra nodded at his words. "Very good. You don't know the city, so get familiar with it."

"Lin Feng, I'll show you around if you want!" offered w.a.n.g Zhuo pleasantly.

Lin Feng glanced at w.a.n.g Zhuo; he looked like a prince, or other extraordinary person, but he was smiling in a humble way. He could sit with two Ministers, which meant he had a high position.

"Alright, thank you!" agreed Lin Feng with a quick smile and nod, not refusing w.a.n.g Zhuo's invitation. He wanted to get familiar with the city so having a guide was good.

"Alright, you're all geniuses, make friends and learn from each others. Qin Yao, let's go," said Minister Kalasutra.

Qin Yao shook her head and said, "Dad, I have nothing to do. I'm going with w.a.n.g Zhuo," as she looked at Lin Feng coolly.

Minister Kalasutra was surprised, but simply smiled and nodded. "Alright, as you wis.h.!.+" before he left.

"Lin Feng, if you have any problems, come to Uptala Office to find me!" directed Minister Uptala. Then, he glanced at Qing Qing. "Let's go." She nodded and followed after her father.

"Brother Lin Feng, please!" said w.a.n.g Zhuo, showing the way, and the three of them left.

When they arrived in the city, Lin Feng had the impression he was in another world, the city was gigantic and very crowded. There were amazing cultivators everywhere, and their Qi rose to the skies.

"The city has existed for a very long time. There are some very powerful clans here. Some of their districts are as big as cities," w.a.n.g Zhuo told him. Lin Feng understood that. In the city, just the private district alone was where Great Emperor Song lived!

PMG Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860: Blue Uptala Lotus

"Brother Lin Feng, it's a huge city. Where do you want to go? I can guide you," said w.a.n.g Zhuo politely.

"I want to go to a place where we can see ancient scriptures, spells, skills and techniques," Lin Feng told him straightforwardly. The city was gigantic, but he wanted to see how different their books were.

"You already know some powerful skills, why would you want to study more?" Qin Yao asked coldly. Lin Feng's DevMara Kalpa skills were incredible. Even though she didn't know what kind of skills Lin Feng knew, she knew they were powerful.

"This place is extraordinary, there must be some incredible and mysterious skills. Why not go and see them? I like books! Of course, if we can't go, I don't mind," Lin Feng answered calmly. He didn't even glance at Qin Yao while talking. He had defeated her, why couldn't she get over it?

"There are many libraries in the external district. Disciples study there. Lin Feng, you're free to travel in the external district, so you can also go, of course!" w.a.n.g Zhuo informed him cheerfully.

There were 108 armies in the city. 36 were composed of great emperors, 72 were composed of emperors. Apart from those people, most folk lived in the external district. Those who were under the orders of Great Emperor Song definitely had incredible scriptures and skills!

w.a.n.g Zhuo and the two others raced along and headed into the depths of the city. After a short time, they arrived in front of a library, designed as a lofty pavilion.

Lin Feng and the others entered the building freely. It was very dark inside. That was an attribute of h.e.l.l, and the libraries were no exception. Otherwise, the difference between the Continent of the Nine Clouds and h.e.l.l wasn't big.

"Even those who are members of the army can't easily come in here. Brother Lin, because you won against the nine champions, you are free to come in here. Qin Yao can come in because Minister Kalasutra is her father!" w.a.n.g Zhuo explained patiently.

"Hmph! I will also deserve it, I will also have privileges thanks to my strength. Even though Minister Kalasutra is my father, apart from a few scriptures and spells, I don't have any other privileges. In this city, only strength matters!" Qin Yao said coldly.

This girl was annoying and Lin Feng was started to lose patience with her.

"Jian Mang is here too!" w.a.n.g Zhuo mentioned, gazing into the distance. The blind swordsman had a talisman in his hand. He was blind, so he could only use talismans to study, since he couldn't read books.

Lin Feng looked at him, took out a talisman which contained a book, and projected his G.o.dly awareness inside.

"Netherworld Celestial Fire Scriptures." Lin Feng read the t.i.tle of a book, it contained skills which used shadowy fire cosmic energies. Lin Feng looked at Qin Yao and smiled. "You have h.e.l.lfire, this skill is good for you. You should study these scriptures, Princess."

Lin Feng put his talisman away and took another one. Time pa.s.sed slowly. Lin Feng read some books. He realized that books in h.e.l.l all involved h.e.l.l strength. Many of them also involved netherworldly fire. There were also some powerful skills which involved powerful h.e.l.l strength.

There were millions and millions of spells, techniques, and ancient scriptures for all kinds of cultivators. Like in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people in h.e.l.l could also have different specialties and different techniques.

"You really like to chill!" Qin Yao spoke up. After a long time, Lin Feng was still reading. He was a good cultivator and read books carefully. Qin Yao was losing her patience.

"I am not very intelligent. I need to broaden my knowledge!" replied Lin Feng patiently. "If you're bored, you can leave. You don't need to worry about me and spend time with me."

Qin Yao looked at Lin Feng icily. "Spend time with you? You're ridiculous. I just want to see what the one who defeated me enjoys doing in his spare time."

"I see. Then please don't disturb me," Lin Feng answered indifferently as he continued reading. He found a powerful skill book. He put his entire G.o.dly awareness into it and memorized the whole book. For those who could come in the library, it wasn't a priceless book but in the outside world, it was.

Of course, the people who could come to that library were all incredible.


After a long time, w.a.n.g Zhuo had no time to wait anymore. He smiled at Lin Feng and left. Lin Feng was very patient. After half a day, he still didn't want to leave.

However, Qin Yao didn't leave. She stayed with Lin Feng and also read some books.

"Lin Feng!" Lin Feng turned his head and noticed a very pale woman.

"Princess Qing Qing! What are you doing here?" asked Lin Feng. It was Princess Qing Qing, Minister Uptala's daughter.

"I wanted to find some Ancient scriptures," said Qing Qing, smiling gently. "Lin Feng, how long have you been here?"

"The whole time!" Lin Feng answered honestly.

Qing Qing was startled and asked, "The whole time? You didn't visit other places?"

"Indeed!" Nodded Lin Feng.

Qing Qing smiled and blushed. "You've been here long enough then. You should come to my dad's office. He really likes you. He wants to teach you how to use the Blue Uptala Lotus."

"Princess Qing Qing, have you already found books you needed?" asked Lin Feng. Qing Qing nodded and Lin Feng said. "Since it's that way, I can't refuse your offer then."

"Great. My father will be so happy. And also, don't call me Princess Qing Qing, just call me Qing Qing, that's fine."

They both laughed and left. Qin Yao was astonished. She watched them leave and glared at Lin Feng furiously. Those two…!

When Lin Feng left, he noticed that Jian Mang was still in there, that guy was also a hard worker.

"Lin Feng, you stayed in the pavilion because you don't like visiting places?" Qing Qing asked him. She was very curious. He knew nothing about the city and only appeared to have the strength of a Zun cultivator.

"Apart from the army buildings and the libraries, what else is interesting here?" asked Lin Feng.

"There are some interesting places!" smiled Qing Qing. "But now we're going to see my dad, you won't be disappointed."

The two headed towards the private district. It was a place people normally couldn't go freely. Of course, there were some exceptions, as Qing Qing took Lin Feng to a strange place inside it.

The Uptala office seemed to be an empty field. It was covered by a white layer of energy, and almost invisible. It was also very calm and quiet.

When Lin Feng arrived, Minister Uptala was seated there cross-legged and his eyes were closed.

"Lin Feng!" Minister Uptala suddenly opened his eyes, then smiled and nodded at Lin Feng.

"Minister, I didn't want to disturb you," Lin Feng said to him. This man was nice and easy to get along with. Qing Qing was the same.

"I'm happy to see you." said Minister Uptala. "Come, let's go and see the lotuses."

Lin Feng walked with the Minister to some lotus fields. They were all beautiful and contained the Qi of the ten thousand things of creation. Lin Feng felt extremely good, buoyant and uplifted in soul.

"What a strange Qi!" sighed Lin Feng.

Minister Uptala smiled. "That's thanks to Blue Uptala Lotuses. Take out your lotus and look at it."

Lin Feng nodded and took out his Blue Uptala Lotus.

"Release cosmic energies," instructed Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng released cosmic energies. In a flash, he sensed an incredible Qi surround him, made up of all sorts of cosmic energies, as if the lotuses contained all the cosmic energies of the world.

"That Blue Uptala Lotus contains the Qi of the ten thousand things of creation. You can control several sorts of cosmic energies. If you practice cultivation using the lotus, your cosmic energies will fuse together even better when you attack," explained Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng's heart started racing. He hadn't thought the Blue Uptala Lotus would be so incredible!

PMG Chapter 1861

Chapter 1861: Two Adorable Sisters

In Ba Huang, Jiange…

Lin Feng's clone opened his eyes and recalled his Qi. Sharp lights glittered in his eyes.

Behind Lin Feng, an old man arrived. The old man walked slowly, but had the spirit of a dragon horse, he was old but still full of vitality, with a thick head of hair. Seeing him like that, it was difficult to imagine that a few months before, he was about to die.

"Lin Feng, you became stronger again!" said Emperor Wu Tian Jian, walking up to Lin Feng. Lin Feng's Qi and soul were changing, and he was becoming stronger. Emperor Wu Tian Jian was surprised, because Lin Feng's Qi wasn't as strong as he had thought. He didn't know why he had that impression.

Lin Feng stood up and smiled in greeting at Emperor Wu Tian Jian. "Master, you're glowing with health and radiating vigor. Since you healed, you must have been studying a lot too!"

"Indeed. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures hold extensive knowledge and profound scholars.h.i.+p, they are incredible. My understanding of the Nihility Sword Scriptures improved as well thanks to the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Everything is going great!" Emperor Wu Tian Jian nodded. The Nihility Sword Scriptures used to be a precious treasure of Sword Mountain, and only the leaders of Sword Mountain could obtain them. His fellow disciple had chased him away and tried to kill him. Now, Emperor Wu Tian Jian had the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures and he was also a great emperor. He was becoming stronger and stronger.

"It seems that you'll be able to return to Sword Mountain soon," Lin Feng conjectured.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian gazed into the distance and stated firmly, "I'm definitely going to Sword Mountain."

At that moment, they heard some steps, Jian Mu was coming. He stopped two thousand meters away from them and bowed before Lin Feng and Emperor Wu Tian Jian. "Young Master, someone is here for you."

"Who?" Lin Feng iniquired.

"Feng Ling and Feng Xuan from Qi Feng Mountain," replied Jian Mu.

Lin Feng nodded and said, "Alright, I'll go and see them."

"I will prepare everything next to the lake," Jian Mu said, bowing and walking backwards.

Emperor Wu Tian Jian laughed and said, "Jian Mu is a good man. Unfortunately, he's not talented."

"Master, Jiange now rules over the central part of Ba Huang. Apart from you and me, n.o.body has broken through to the Huang Qi layer. If you can, you could help some of them break through to the Huang Qi layer and I could give them some imperial weapons. That way, Jiange would thrive for another ten thousand years."

"Alright. Jian Wu Bei is quite strong, and he should be able to break through to the Huang Qi layer soon. I will help him. Regarding Jian Wu Bei and the others, they could possibly become emperors if they used fate seeds. Unless strong people from the outside world come here, with your imperial weapons and Ancient scriptures, Jiange should be fine for another ten thousand years, indeed. They control their future, though," said Emperor Wu Tian Jian. Even if Jiange didn't thrive for another ten thousand years, what could he do about it?

Lin Feng nodded. He had recreated Tiantai in the former territory of the nine great celestial castles. Strong cultivators from the outside world wouldn't be very numerous in the small world anymore. If Jiange didn't manage to rise, then they couldn't do much about it.


Lin Feng left Emperor Wu Tian Jian and went to a lake. There was a pavilion there with two beautiful women inside. Lin Feng had seen many beautiful women in his life, but those two women were indeed incredibly beautiful.

Feng Xuan was wearing a red skirt, she had a great figure and was very s.e.xy, the whole image only helped by her powerful Qi. Feng Ling wasn't the same cute little girl anymore, she was wearing a long and slim dress made of phoenix feathers. She looked like a phoenix queen, and her Qi was much more powerful than Feng Xuan's.

"Lin Feng!" the two girls greeting them. They were smiling widely at him.

"Long time no see!" answered Lin Feng, looking over these two incredibly beautiful women.

"You came back to Ba Huang, and you didn't come see us. You don't like us anymore?" said Feng Ling. Even though she had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, she still sounded cute and pouted.

"I have so much to do. Don't be angry at me, little girl!" Lin Feng smiling at her.

"Who's a little girl?" asked Feng Ling angrily. Lin Feng smiled wryly and poked her. Feng Ling wanted to dodge, but she couldn't move. She turned red and stared at Lin Feng.

"Haha, so are you a little girl or not?" challenged Lin Feng.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're bullying me!" said Feng Ling, kicking Lin Feng. Lin Feng bit his lips as he took the kick, she was strong!

"Alright, that's enough, Ling." said Feng Xuan, rolling her eyes, "You're an emperor and you're acting like a kid."

"Indeed. I'm the empress of Qi Feng!" stated Feng Ling.

Lin Feng smiled and conceded, "Alright, you're an empress, not a little girl."

"Lin Feng, how was the great world?" asked Feng Xuan, ignoring Feng Ling.

"Right, how is the great world, does the Holy City exist?" asked Feng Ling, abruptly br.i.m.m.i.n.g with eager curiosity.

"The great world." Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds before saying, "I'll try to sum it up a little."

Then, he explained to Feng Ling and Feng Xuan some things about the great world. They understood that Ba Huang and Jiu You were the exits to the great world, that people from the nine great celestial castles used to control it, and also that the nine great celestial castles were under the orders of Qing Di Mountain.

in the great world, there were many powerful groups like Qing Di. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were several regions. In the Dark Night Region, there were eighteen main cities, and the Holy City was one of them. There were many powerful Holy Clans there. There were also many geniuses and universities which had incredible Ancient scriptures.

"Are people extremely strong in Champion University?" asked Feng Ling. Her eyes were s.h.i.+ning with curiosity.

"They are. Low-level emperors there are much more powerful than people like, let's say, Emperor Dong, for example. They are real geniuses," admitted Lin Feng. Feng Ling was amazed. She had broken through to the Huang Qi layer, but she didn't realize how strong those emperors were.

"Lin Feng, everybody in Ba Huang now knows that you're extremely strong. Show me how strong you are" giggled Feng Ling.

Lin Feng looked at her and released cosmic energies, "Imprison!"

In just a flash, a cage appeared around Feng Ling.

Feng Ling attacked the cage, but it didn't yield at all.

Lin Feng laughed, waved his hand and the cage disappeared. Feng Ling looked him and declared, "You're bullying me."

"You wanted to try," said Lin Feng speechlessly.

"Alright, Ling. Lin Feng didn't do much. He recreated Tiantai in the great world and Tiantai rules over the territory of the nine great celestial castles. The Wen Clan and the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine have already disappeared thanks to him. You can't compete with him," laughed Feng Xuan.

Feng Ling's eyes twinkled. She wanted to learn more about the great world.

"Ling," said Feng Xuan to Feng Ling solemnly. "I can stay in Qi Feng alone. You can go to the great world with Lin Feng," said Feng Xuan. She had come to see Lin Feng because she hoped Lin Feng could take care of her little sister. After all, Feng Ling couldn't go to the great world alone, she was still young.

Feng Ling was startled, but she smiled and said, "To the great world? I don't want to go. I want to stay in Qi Feng and be the great empress. In Ba Huang, I feel good!"

Lin Feng looked at them, he found them cute. They took care of one another.

"You're so talented, it would be a waste if you stayed here," replied Feng Xuan, shaking her head.

"A waste? I am already quite strong. I will have a very long life. I can become stronger and then I can go to the great world. It's all the same," said Feng Ling. Then, she smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Alright, Lin Feng, we saw you now so we can leave. Do you have gifts for my sister?"

"Alright…" Lin Feng nodded. Feng Ling was so cute, how could he refuse? He released his G.o.dly awareness which moved straight to Feng Ling's third eye. She knew what he wanted to do. She closed her beautiful eyes and accepted the memories.

After a short time, Feng Ling opened her eyes and Lin Feng said, "You can transmit the presents to your sister."

"You're lucky you're a nice guy," said Feng Ling with a laugh. Then, she took a step forwards and hugged Lin Feng. At the same time, she moved her mouth to Lin Feng's ear and said, "Lin Feng, I need to tell you a secret, I think my sister is in love with you."

Then, she moved back, grabbed Feng Xuan's hand and said, "Sister, hug him too and let's go. He will go back to the great world, you will maybe never see him again in this life."

Feng Xuan felt extremely sad. One of the four most beautiful women in Ba Huang back then, she belonged to a powerful imperial clan, and now everything had changed. She felt dispirited.

She was standing there, her hair was fluttering in the wind. Her legs felt stiff. Lin Feng smiled, took a step forwards and embraced Feng Xuan. Feng Xuan s.h.i.+vered.

"Take care!" said Lin Feng. As Feng Ling had said, maybe they would never meet again. Lin Feng had already met many people in life. Among them, who would he keep in touch with forever?

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan had mixed feelings as they left. Lin Feng sighed, feeling sad too. He sat on the lakeside and lost himself in nostalgia for a time…

PMG Chapter 1862

Chapter 1862: Xue Baguio's Memories

After Feng Xuan and Feng Ling left, Lin Feng left Jiange and went to the southern part of Ba Huang.

Some people important to him were there. After seeing Feng Ling and Feng Xuan, Lin Feng felt nostalgic. He had the feeling he had to see someone, one of the former four most beautiful women… Xue Baguio!

There were many rumors and legends about Xue Baguio in Ba Huang. She had lost her memories, apparently, she had been attacked by someone to force her to marry Emperor Dong's son. Her life was mysterious. And she wanted to resurrect the Celestial Place of the Alchemists.

Lin Feng wanted to see her, and after that, he wouldn't have anything to worry about anymore in the small world.


The small world of the Celestial Place of the Alchemists was still filled with fog. There was a celestial building there, where a celestial woman was seated cross-legged. She appeared both calm and serene.

Lin Feng hadn't thought he would find her so easily. He directly saw her when he arrived.

"What an incredible Qi. She looks like she's a trance," murmured Lin Feng when he saw Xue Baguio meditating there.

Xue Baguio opened her eyes. She looked surprised, "Who are you?"

Lin Feng was startled by her words. He blinked at her, she looked back at him coldly.

"Have you never seen me?" asked Lin Feng.

"You look familiar, who are you? Do we know one another?" asked Xue coldly, staring at Lin Feng.

"She doesn't remember." Lin Feng was very surprised. Last time he had seen her, she had already lost her memory and then they had met again at the ceremony. So she should have remembered him, unless she had become amnesic again.

"My name is Lin Feng. We met when you were a disciple of the Celestial Place of the Alchemists, I had accidentally ended up in your room. We've also fought, and then we became friends. Do you remember?" asked Lin Feng calmly.

Xue Baguio shook her head and said, "Lin Feng… I think I've seen you before but I don't remember you."

Lin Feng suddenly raised his hand and released a hand attack.

Xue Baguio groaned icily, she suddenly rose up in the air and countered with a hand attack which contained both pure celestial and cold Qi. The air around her began to freeze.

Their two hands collided. Lin Feng sensed an ice-cold energy surround him.

He was surprised as he flickered out of her view. Xue Baguio had become really strong. She wasn't weaker than low-level emperors in the great world!

"Hmph!" Xue Baguio groaned icily, she waved her hand and snowflakes appeared everywhere, she wanted to freeze Lin Feng.

"That's enough!" Lin Feng shouted extremely loudly. Xue Baguio was startled, and stared at Lin Feng's eyes as she sensed something invade her brain.

"Xue Baguio, you have a memory problem. If you want to follow me, maybe I can find an extremely strong cultivator to help you. If you don't want to, then I can just leave and I will never disturb you again," Lin Feng stated. Xue Baguio s.h.i.+vered.

She looked at Lin Feng and found herself shaking. Lin Feng's words had a definite impact on her.

She knew that she had a memory problem. Apart from the Celestial Place of the Alchemists, she didn't remember much. She had forgotten everything else!

"It's not the first time something like this has happened to you. Back then, when you wanted to get married to Emperor Dong's son, you had already forgotten everything, otherwise you obviously wouldn't have been willing to get married with Qi Yan, Emperor Dong's son. Now, we haven't seen one another in ten years, and you have forgotten everything again. I don't know what has happened to you," said Lin Feng slowly, staring at her. Her heart started pounding. She didn't know why she had become amnesic either, why had she forgotten everything?

"Did I get married to Emperor Dong's son?" she asked Lin Feng.

"You didn't. I prevented you from getting married to him," replied Lin Feng, "My name is Lin Feng. I made people destroy the Palace of the Celestial Kings of Medicine. If I wanted to do anything against you, I could, you couldn't resist me. I'm that strong. In the great world, there are many extremely strong cultivators. I can take you to the great world and we can find a solution to cure you. You should decide what you want to do."

Xue Baguio stared at Lin Feng. Even though she had forgotten everything, she wasn't stupid. If Lin Feng attacked her, she couldn't do anything. She knew he was telling the truth.

Lin Feng didn't continue asking her questions or explaining anything. He just stared at her. After a short time, Xue Baguio nodded and said decisively, "Alright, I'm coming with you!"

"From now on, when you meet important friends or enemies, use your G.o.dly awareness to remember. That way, if you forget, you will still be able to inspect your G.o.dly awareness to access memories. You will still know who your friends and enemies are," he told her. She nodded. In the past, she didn't know she was going to become amnesic, so she had never done that. She didn't even know she kept losing memories. According to Lin Feng, she kept forgetting everything.

Both of their silhouettes flickered as they left the Celestial Place of the Alchemists. Xue Baguio followed Lin Feng silently, thinking about many things.

In h.e.l.l, Lin Feng was studying the Blue Uptala Lotus Minister Uptala had given to him. He used his soul strength and blood to study the flower. He had already established a connection to it already. He just had to think about it and he could make the flower become gigantic and open. Above Lin Feng's head, a mysterious Qi was swirling.

"Lin Feng, how many sorts of cosmic energies can you control?" asked Minister Uptala to Lin Feng.

"My body type allows me to use more than a dozen sorts of cosmic energies!" replied Lin Feng with a smile. Minister Uptala's eyes shone. He could control over a dozen different osmic energies? At a certain level, the Blue Uptala Lotus would grant Lin Feng with incredible powers. The way of Uptala transformation would be an incredible path for him.

"Blue Uptala Lotus Way of Transformation?" repeated Lin Feng.

Minister Uptala said, "I've told you, the path of the Blue Uptala Lotus can help you create the ten thousand things of creation. If you understand it, you can be like me."

Minister Uptala punched out, some Uptala intent appeared. It was ice-cold, and the air froze. However, after that, the cold Qi turned into death Qi.

Lin Feng was astonished at the sight and grew very serious. There weren't several sorts of cosmic energies there, there was one cosmic energy which transformed.

"You understand?" asked Minister Uptala.

"Master, you've told me that the Blue Uptala Lotus could contain all cosmic energies, so you just used it for one attack and it did that, right?" asked Lin Feng.

"That's only Blue Uptala Lotus intent," explained Qing Qing, smiling thinly. She continued, "The Blue Uptala Lotus contains every cosmic energy in the world. When you achieve the ultimate, your cosmic energies seem to be one only. It's one cosmic energy, but at the same time, it's every cosmic energy in the world!"

"One sort of cosmic energy which is every cosmic energy!" Lin Feng frowned, "Qing Qing, what you mean is that I need to study one sort of cosmic energy and make it level up, and my other cosmic energies will level up too? When I use it to attack, how many cosmic energies might it include then?…"

"Indeed!" said Qing Qing, nodding and smiling. Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered in antic.i.p.ation. The boundless world was full of mysterious things. Minister Uptala in h.e.l.l had such a mysterious power: the Blue Uptala Lotus, the Way of Transformation!

"I know ten sorts of cosmic energies, if I want to study all of them and make them rise to the same level, it's impossible. If I controlled the Blue Uptala Lotus, then I would need to study one kind of cosmic energy to make all my cosmic energies level up!" murmured Lin Feng excitedly. That wasn't the only advantage, another was that he could make the energies fuse together much better!

"The more cosmic energies you know, the more beneficial the lotus is," Minister Uptala nodded. "You probably understand why I like you. On the battle stage, you used many sorts of cosmic energies. I chose the Path of the Blue Uptala Lotus because it's my fate, but you're different, you can understand Blue Uptala Lotus intent. That's priceless!"

"Thank you, Master! I am very grateful!" bowed Lin Feng. He was moved and happy that a h.e.l.l Minister would support him.

"You made it happen!" smiled Minister Uptala. "Lin Feng, are you interested in joining an army? If not, you can follow me temporarily."

"Well then, I prefer staying with you!" said Lin Feng smiled happily.

Minister Uptala was pleased, and Lin Feng was even happier, as staying with Minister Uptala was better than joining an army. In the future, it would also be more convenient for meeting Great Emperor Song!

PMG Chapter 1863

Chapter 1863: Compet.i.tion Over Territories

In a lake, Lin Feng was seated cross-legged, surrounded by an illusionary Blue Uptala Lotus, and was also seated on a real Blue Uptala Lotus, that lotus Minister Uptala had given to him. There were other Blue Uptala Lotuses on the lake, growing because of the other lotuses. Lin Feng sensed the Blue Uptala Lotus intent at that moment.

He was in his spirit world, where rose a gigantic ancient tree, the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree!

The way of the Blue Uptala Lotus could create the ten thousand things of creation. The Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree was a tree which also contained all sorts of cosmic energies. There was a connection between all those things.

They were similar in that they could both give birth to the ten thousand things of creation.

Lin Feng turned around and gazed into the distance, sensing the wind.

This is my world. I should be able to do anything in here, thought Lin Feng. If other people couldn't use cosmic energies in his world, how could the people who lived in there break through to the Huang Qi layer?

He could use a mysterious strength to create and shape his world. Even if the world evolved on its own, he could also be like a G.o.d and use the strength of the ten thousand things of creation to modify it as he wished.

His spirit allowed him to have a world, he was the G.o.d in his world. He had the power to understand any kind of cosmic energy, so why not understand all of them in his world?

Lin Feng was thinking, understanding more things. He remained motionless for a very long time.

"Brother!" someone interrupted Lin Feng. Wu Shang was smiling down at him.

"Bro, we're not in the same place anymore, are we?" asked Wu Shang. Lin Wu Shang was usually playful but in front of Lin Feng, he was usually serious. He also had some doubts. Even though the imperial palace hadn't changed, Yangzhou City hadn't changed, and nothing seemed to have changed, he still had the impression that Lin Feng had made them move somewhere else.

"Why are you thinking so much?" asked Lin Feng, tapping his brother's head and smiling.

"I want to go out and travel," stated Lin Wu Shang, raising his head. Lin Feng had started traveling when he was fifteen. Now, Lin Wu Shang wanted to travel too, he didn't want his family to protect him forever, he didn't want to live in a coc.o.o.n.

"When you break through to the Huang Qi layer, I'll let you go to the great world!" smiled Lin Feng.

Lin Wu Shang's eyes twinkled, "Alright, that's a promise!"

"That's a promise!" agreed Lin Feng. Lin Wu Shang left, and Xiao Ya and Liu Fei also came to see him. Liu Fei leaned against him. Xiao Ya pulled on Lin Feng's arm and said, "Brother, won't you be worried letting him go and travel?"

"I will take care of him," promised Lin Feng. He couldn't let Wu Shang live in his small world forever. He had to let him choose what he wanted to become.

"Now is so good, I can stay with you whenever I want," said Lin Feng sighed. He dragged Xiao Ya and Liu Fei closer to him and hugged them tightly. He was extremely happy. No matter where he was, he could visit his friends and family whenever he wanted.

"Lin Feng, you're done studying!" Qing Qing said to Lin Feng three days later.

"The h.e.l.l Fire is incredible powerful, I had to modify it entirely to make it fuse together with my own fire," admitted Lin Feng. Qing Qing's eyes glittered. She opened them wide and stared at him.

"What's wrong?" asked Lin Feng, not understanding her look.

"You completely modified the h.e.l.l Fire?" Qing Qing asked.

Lin Feng was surprised. What was wrong with that? He just nodded, though. "Is there a problem?" he asked.

"No… nothing," Qing Qing replied, shaking her head. Lin Feng had the impression something was wrong.

"Where is the Minister?" asked Lin Feng, glancing around. He couldn't see Minister Uptala anywhere around.

"Here!" answered Minister Uptala in the distance.

Qing Qing looked at him and asked, "Father, why did Great Emperor Song call you and Minister Kalasutra over?"

"A medium-level h.e.l.l appeared in the fire mountain. Great Emperor Song gave Minister Kalasutra and me the order to go and fight the leader," said Minister Uptala.

Qing Qing looked surprised and asked, "Who will control that place then if you defeat him?"

"w.a.n.g Zhen, Great Emperor Song wants his descendant w.a.n.g Zhen to take control of it. He asked Minister Kalasutra and me to go and fight him, but w.a.n.g Zhen and the army will come too. It's all for him."

w.a.n.g Zhen was a descendant of Great Emperor Song. Qing Qing understood what her father meant. While he was there, w.a.n.g Zhen would be able to gather experience too.

"Wait for me. I'm going to call people," Minister Uptala told Lin Feng and Qing Qing.

After the Minister left, Lin Feng looked at Qing Qing and asked, "The ten main cities of h.e.l.l also compete?"

"Of course!" Qing Qing smiled. "I don't know much about the history of h.e.l.l, but there are many strong cultivators here. Some of them have their own small worlds, the strongest ones can modify their worlds better than others. Their small worlds can then become a region in h.e.l.l. Sometimes, some new regions of h.e.l.l appear suddenly, and then strong cultivators fight over them. There are many resources in small worlds, and people are also resources."

"Indeed. When those people become strong, you can use them," agreed Lin Feng. There was a huge difference between h.e.l.l and the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the great world, the ancient clans competed all the time, and people wanted to become stronger using resources. In h.e.l.l, the Ten Yama Courts' kings controlled everything.

After a short time, Minister Uptala came back, now wearing silver armor. There were many marks carved on it.

Behind Minister Uptala, there was a strong cultivator wearing Blue Uptala Lotus armor. He looked dignified and majestic. Many people rapidly appeared.

"That's my father's Blue Uptala Lotus Army," said Qing Qing, smiling at Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, come with us," Minister Uptala nodded at Lin Feng. "Let's go!"

After a short time, two other armies joined them: Minister Kalasutra's army and w.a.n.g Zhen's army.

Hmph!" Lin Feng heard someone grunt icily. He turned around and saw Qin Yao, who was looking at him icily.

"Brother Lin Feng!" said someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw w.a.n.g Zhen, smiling and nodding greetings to him.

"Everybody is here, let's go!" w.a.n.g Zhen waved. The three gathered armies started moving together.

Lin Feng followed the Uptala army. They all jumped onto a gigantic Blue Uptala Lotus and started flying at full speed.

Lin Feng looked at the world under his feet. He finally understood how vast Great Imperial Song City was now. It was as big as several countries!

After they had been flying for a while, Lin Feng saw a gigantic mountain range ahead in the shape of a tortoise.

"That's the exit of Great Imperial Song City," explained w.a.n.g Zhen, pointing in the distance. There was a hole in what looked like the abdomen of the tortoise. The armies were heading towards that hole.

"People from Chu Jiang City found out about it, but n.o.body said anything about it. Then, some rumors spread and Great Emperor Song went there and broke the mountain open to create a pa.s.sage, sealing it afterwards," said w.a.n.g Zhen.

The armies walked up to the entrance, crossed over, and suddenly, they were in another world.

It was a fiery mountain range. There were flames everywhere, it looked just like purgatory.

"Let's go!" said w.a.n.g Zhen, taking the first step. After a short time, the armies arrived in a sinister place. There were burnt corpses on the ground and wrecked buildings everywhere. w.a.n.g Zhen was furious.

"There was a battle?" asked Minister Kalasutra.

"Indeed. I had already given the order to build a city here, I hadn't thought people would discover it that fast, they even killed our people." said w.a.n.g Zhen. Lin Feng was stupefied. The compet.i.tion between those ten big cities in h.e.l.l was fierce and cruel.

"Lin Feng, the compet.i.tion in h.e.l.l is fierce, especially when people compete over territories. Usually, there's lots of blood involved," Qing Qing whispered to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded. He had heard that there would be five powerful groups in this place. There would definitely be lots of bloodshed involved.

"And the natives will also suffer a lot. They won't be able to keep some of their homes." said Qing Qing. Lin Feng realized that a deadly battle was about to happen.

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