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PMG Chapter 1864

Chapter 1864: Different Paths

Suddenly, some people appeared, illusions floating in the sky. Minister Uptala and the others raised their heads.

"Minister Uptala, Minister Kalasutra!" one of them called out, smiling indifferently, "People from Great Imperial Song City are here already. Should we determine some rules?"

"Since the Ministers are here, what rules do you suggest?" asked Minister Kalasutra.

"First, h.e.l.l great emperors can't attack h.e.l.l emperors. It shouldn't be an issue, I guess," proposed one of them. Minister Kalasutra and Minister Uptala nodded agreement. Of course there was no problem. Even though battles were powerful and cruel, it was also a good way for armies to practice. Some people were going to get killed, some others were going to become even stronger.

Therefore, there were rules. h.e.l.l great emperors couldn't attack h.e.l.l emperors, otherwise, n.o.body would benefit from the battle as low-level people wouldn't have the opportunity to practice.

Of course, they were going to kill one another. Many people would die.

"Of course, no problem, what else?" asked Minister Kalasutra.

"We can set up different fighting areas," suggested one of the illusions.

The strong cultivators of Great Imperial Song City understood that the four other groups had already agreed on rules. w.a.n.g Zhen asked, "How to divide them up?"

"Three areas, one for low-level h.e.l.l emperors, one for medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, one for high-level h.e.l.l emperors! We are five groups, we will see who can take over this place, those who can't will be eliminated directly. And then we can take the h.e.l.l great emperors of the remaining groups and compare them. What do you think?"

First, h.e.l.l emperors would battle, and among the five groups, at least two had to be eliminated.

"How is a group to be considered as a loser? When their people are all dead? What is the time limit, as well? And also, can we use weapons?" asked w.a.n.g Zhen.

"We have to seal the five entrances. We can't use weapons. Three months. The remaining people are the winners. If a group doesn't agree, battles to death will make them come to an agreement. I'm sure weak people will quickly give up. Of course, there's something else, great emperors can watch, but they can't get involved, no exception. And weapons are forbidden, if anyone violates this rule, everybody must help to kill them," said a fourth person. n.o.body wanted to risk their life for nothing. There had to be rules for great emperors, they could monitor but they couldn't get involved.

Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra glanced at one another and then looked at w.a.n.g Zhen.

"w.a.n.g Zhen, what do you think?" asked Minister Kalasutra. w.a.n.g Zhen was the protagonist. They had to listen to him.

"No problem!" agreed w.a.n.g Zhen.

The other five people nodded and said, "Alright, we can start sealing the place. The areas are already divided,"said one of them. He released a thread of G.o.dly awareness which moved towards w.a.n.g Zhen's third eye. A gigantic map appeared in w.a.n.g Zhen's brain.

"That's the map of this place. We divided it into three areas. Can you see everything?" said that person, "Great Imperial Song City, you can send five people or more to the exits."

"Alright," nodded w.a.n.g Zhen. The four other people rose up into the air, the five groups were going to compete to become the leaders of the territory.

w.a.n.g Zhen released his G.o.dly awareness and transmitted pieces of information to Minister Uptala and Minister Kalasutra. He said, "Ministers, let's divide our forces. Bring some people with you to the different areas."

"The area of the high-level h.e.l.l emperors is in the middle, farther away is the area for the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, and the border area with Great Imperial Song City is for the low-level emperors. The battlefield for medium-level h.e.l.l emperors is near Chu Jiang City. People from Chu Jiang City found the place first. They don't have many people, but they are all heroes," explained Minister Kalasutra.

"Indeed, we can't fight against people from Chu Jiang City," agreed Minister Uptala. Chu Jiang City's people had the advantage.

"How could we give up? Since you thought about it, why didn't you mention it before?" asked w.a.n.g Zhen. He was speechless and sounded unhappy.

"We were the last ones to arrive. That's not good. Those four people had already agreed on the rules, we couldn't change anything about them," Minister Kalasutra said coldly.

w.a.n.g Zhen was surprised and looked unhappy, "You're right. We hadn't thought about everything. However, which battle can we win, and can we bring in more troops?"

"We don't have any more time. They're already ready. They will probably find our exit and seal it. If we force the way in, then we'll be violating the rules, but since Qing Qing and Qin Yao are here, our low-level emperors should have the advantage." said Minister Kalasutra, "Unfortunately, Lin Feng has already become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor, otherwise, our low-level emperors would have won."

Lin Feng's fighting abilities were incredible. However, he had already become a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor.

"Lin Feng, your ability to hide your cultivation level is incredible, if you pretend you're a low-level h.e.l.l emperor, n.o.body will know," w.a.n.g Zhuo proposed.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, "I'm going to the medium-level h.e.l.l emperor's battlefield."

"Let's divide as agreed now, then," said w.a.n.g Zhen, he didn't want to waste time arguing.

"I will lead the high-level h.e.l.l emperors. w.a.n.g Zhuo, you lead the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, Qing Qing and Qin Yao, you lead the low-level h.e.l.l emperors," Minister Kalasutra proposed, and everyone nodded.

The three groups then divided. Minister Uptala took people to the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors' battlefield. Minister Kalasutra took people to the high-level h.e.l.l emperors' battlefield. w.a.n.g Zhen took people to the low-level emperors' battlefield.

This small world was really well made, much better than Ba Huang and Jiu You. The people in this place were extremely strong, and the area was gigantic.

Minister Uptala was a h.e.l.l great emperor. He was extremely fast, but still, it took him a full day to take the group of medium-level h.e.l.l emperors to their battlefield.

"Minister Uptala, we are already at the heart of the battlefield, leave it to me now, go and take some people to the exits," said w.a.n.g Zhuo to Minister Uptala.

"Alright, w.a.n.g Zhuo, if you can't grasp how strong the enemy really is, then don't disperse. If you can't win this battle, then give up and leave. And help me take care of Lin Feng," said Minister Uptala.

"I understand," w.a.n.g Zhuo nodded. "Lin Feng is an amazing fighter, he's very smart. I will try to prevent him from fighting too much. Don't worry, Minister."

"Alright," Minister Uptala said, before taking some people away. w.a.n.g Zhuo and the others landed on the ground

"Shouldn't we take off our armor?" Lin Feng asked w.a.n.g Zhuo.

w.a.n.g Zhuo smiled and asked, "Why?"

"It's obvious. We don't know who the enemy is yet. We might not even recognize them when they're next to us," said Lin Feng.

"Next to us? I won't let them pose a threat to us," w.a.n.g Zhuo smiled. There was a palace in the distance, w.a.n.g Zhuo looked at it coldly and said, "Kill all the people inside and let's use it as our base."

Lin Feng was surprised and said to w.a.n.g Zhuo, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I don't want the enemy to pose a threat to us. Those people could have all of us in their field of vision and kill us," said w.a.n.g Zhuo coldly, "Kill them!"

"Yes, sir!" Silhouettes flickered away. They all went to the palace and killed everyone inside. Lin Feng was astonished. Even though the world of cultivation was cruel indeed, why kill innocent people? w.a.n.g Zhuo was really cruel, he could kill so many people with a big smile on his face. Lin Feng was shocked inside.

"Lin Feng, you think I'm wrong?" asked w.a.n.g Zhuo when he saw Lin Feng's strange expression.

Lin Feng remained silent. w.a.n.g Zhuo said, "You are very talented. But you're a bit too nice and gentle. The cultivation world is cruel. The lives of people from small worlds don't matter. Killing them doesn't matter."

"There is no point in people taking counsel together who follow different ways," said Lin Feng coldly after remaining silent for a few seconds. Then, he turned around, his silhouette flickered and he drew back.

w.a.n.g Zhuo was stupefied and stared after Lin Feng. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I'll stay on the battlefield, but I'll fight alone." said Lin Feng indifferently. w.a.n.g Zhuo groaned coldly and said, "I promised the Minister I'd protect you. If you leave, don't blame me."

"Even if I die it, it has nothing to do with you," replied Lin Feng coldly, before heading away. w.a.n.g Zhuo was furious.

PMG Chapter 1865

Chapter 1865: Death

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered. He gazed into the distance, noting how big the area was.

Apart from that palace, there were man villages. Considering the way the palace had been built, it meant it was very important for its people. w.a.n.g Zhuo had destroyed it, that was sad, very sad. And many locals would suffer from the war.

Lin Feng heard an animal cry in distress. He landed on the ground and looked at a small simple house in the distance. There was a small yellow dog, the most ordinary kind of animal in the world. When it saw Lin Feng, it was scared.

"Who's here?" asked someone. Lin Feng saw a fifty-year old man come out of the room. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Little Huang likes to bark when he sees strangers. Sorry. You must be from far away. Come in."

"I'll sit at the entrance." said Lin Feng pointing at a chair before the entrance door and smiled. He sat down and said, "Uncle, there's a palace not far from here, what is that palace?"

"Not far? It's hundreds of kilometers away!" said the man coming out of the small house again with another chair which he put next to Lin Feng, "We're from the countryside, we're quite weak, unlike people from cities. People like me live a hundred years. Most of us are cultivators of the h.e.l.l Ling Qi layer, most of us can never break through to the h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer."

"You still look healthy and strong!" Lin Feng complimented him. The h.e.l.l Ling Qi layer and h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer were of course the Ling Qi layer and the Xuan Qi layer. That man was quite weak, especially for a middle-aged man. Without resources from the outside world, it was impossible for them to break through.

"You're young, you're trying to cheer me up, that's nice. I'm not afraid of death. I just hope my son will have a better life, especially now that he joined the Sect of Darkness. Oh yes, by the way, the palace you mentioned is the Sect of Darkness. They are very strong, they have cultivators of the h.e.l.l Zun Qi layer. They are as strong as people in the big cities."

"My boy is only twenty. He's already a cultivator of the h.e.l.l Xuan Qi layer, soon, he will break through to the h.e.l.l Zun Qi layer," the man smiled. His wrinkles kept moving when he smiled.

Lin Feng felt extremely sad when he heard the man.

"You must be quite strong, young man. You must be at least as strong as my boy!" said the man happily.

Lin Feng looked grave and solemn and he asked, "Uncle, do you have other children?"

"I have a daughter too, she's behind you," said the man while petting his dog. Then, the small dog turned and ran towards the eighteen-year old girl behind Lin Feng. She wore her hair in braids and looked pure and innocent. She had a resplendent smile on her face.

"Your daughter is very beautiful," said Lin Feng to the man. She blushed.

"Haha, she's not as talented as her brother, though, I'm looking for someone who would want to marry her." said the man, smiling in a calm, serene, and simple manner.

"Maybe her talent hasn't awoken yet," smiled Lin Feng. He looked at the small lane next to the house. People were walking on the cobbled lanes of the village. Sometimes people pa.s.sed next to them and asked the man, "Is that your son?"

"No, he's pa.s.sing through. My son is in the Sect of Darkness!" said the smiling man. When he said that, people looked at him in admiration. To them, the Sect of Darkness was an incredible place!


Lin Feng spent some time in the village and one day, the man noticed that a beautiful woman had appeared next to Lin Feng. She was incredibly beautiful. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, "You must be the Young Master of some prestigious clan!"

Lin Feng felt so sad, they had heard nothing from the palace in days. Lin Feng didn't know what to do.

The evening sun was s.h.i.+ning upon the village. Liu Fei leaned against Lin Feng and smiled, "If we could stay this way forever, it would be so nice."

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and caressed her face. After Liu Cang Lan's death, she had stopped caring about cultivation. She dreamt of a peaceful and ordinary life.

"Feifei, how long have you known Lin Feng?" asked a young girl with a ponytail. She was extremely cute and noticed that Lin Feng and Liu Fei looked really in love.

"Many, many years," Liu Fei told her.

"How many years?"

"Over fifteen years, I guess."

"Feifei, you're lying! You didn't get to know Lin Feng when you were a baby!" said the young girl, her eyes twinkling. Liu Fei seemed to be in her early twenties, she was extremely beautiful.

"How do you know Feifei is older than you?" asked the man coming out of a house and smiling. He pet the girl's head and pinched her cheeks.

At that moment, the man turned and looked at some people on the road, an ordinary young man was coming. The man frowned but said nothing. He had a bad premonition. After Lin Feng had appeared, more and more strangers had appeared in the village. Did they know Lin Feng? However, he had no doubts concerning Lin Feng, Lin Feng always smiled easily, and looked honest and sincere.

Lin Feng looked at those two people. They looked ordinary, but their cultivation level was incredible: medium-level emperors.

"People from the other groups have arrived. I wonder where they're from," wondered Lin Feng. He realized that more and more people had appeared in the village. They might be from Great Imperial Song City, or not.

"Uncle, the hotel there is already full." said the two young men to the man politely.

"If you need s.p.a.ce, I have two small rooms here," offered the man.

"Great. We'll stay here for a few evenings, then," said the two people, and then the man took them inside.

The young girl looked at them and then back at Lin Feng and Liu Fei, and smiled. "Are they pa.s.sing through like you? But I prefer you anyway."

"Little girl." Lin Feng patted the girl's head and said, "You have to be polite to guests."

The girl didn't know, but Lin Feng knew how strong those people were. If they didn't offend them, nothing would happen to them. After all, their targets were people from Great Imperial Song City.


As expected, the two next days were calmer. And living with the man wasn't bad, he was funny, they liked to chat and laugh. His daughter also made soup for them.

Lin Feng took his bowl, soup appeared in the air, and Lin Feng drank it in one sip.

And then he laughed. He said, "Feifei."

"Eh?" Liu Fei stared at Lin Feng with her beautiful eyes, she looked surprised. Lin Feng took her bowl of soup and said, "I want to drink more soup."

"Drink it!" smiled Liu Fei. Lin Feng took her bowl and finished the soup. The girl looked at Lin Feng in a cute way.

Her uncle came out of the house and suddenly shouted, "Don't drink it!"

"You want to die!" said someone, groaning icily. The young girl suddenly turned around, her expression changing drastically.

Lin Feng was startled and his face turned pale. He saw a gigantic hand move towards the man containing death Qi.

"Life!" shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly, releasing life strength which started flowing throughout the elder's body as he fell. He recovered a little.

"Father!" the young girl started crying. Then, a gigantic destructive hand descended towards the young girl. She couldn't escape.

"Don't!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He wanted to block the attack, but he had no time, he had just released life energy to help her father. The hand crashed onto the young girl's body and her body exploded into millions of pieces.

A life was so easy to take.

Lin Feng saw many hands filed with death energies. People started dying one after another before him. Lin Feng rarely felt so sad when he saw people die.

A mysterious Qi rose up in the air and surrounded Liu Fei, and she disappeared. Lin Feng went next to the older man and released more life energy to heal him. His heart was filled with pain.

The man was shaking violently. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He tried to smile but he had tears in his eyes.

"They can't die to that kind of poison," said the man to Lin Feng. "Lin Feng, I shouldn't have given you any of it, tell me, you didn't help them to kill my son, right?"

"I didn't," said Lin Feng shaking his head, he felt devastated. The man smiled while crying and said, "I think you're a good boy. Can you help me avenge my son's death?"

Lin Feng remained silent. The man was still smiling and crying. He was about to die, but his eyes remained open.

PMG Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866: Fury

The man wanted to die, he had lost his will to live. He knew that his son had been killed. He had also realized that there were more and more strangers in all the surrounding villages. He also realized that more and more people were dying. He wanted to poison them. He had even tried to poison Lin Feng.

Unfortunately, he had failed. His poison was useless against such powerful cultivators. Then they had killed his daughter. His life had become meaningless. Lin Feng was transmitting some life energy to him but still he had his eyes closed. He wanted to die.

Lin Feng didn't blame him. He was a very ordinary man. His children had died. Life had become pointless.

"Kill everyone in the villages!" ordered the young man who had killed the man's daughter icily. Lin Feng was furious.

"Do you hold a grudge against the villagers?" asked Lin Feng icily.

"They are just annoying and keep getting in our way. You will die too, though." A gigantic black hand moved towards Lin Feng, containing powerful death energies. He was a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor! Lin Feng had guessed right, those people were here to kill people from Great Imperial Song City. Now, there were invaders everywhere and they all wanted to kill people from Great Imperial Song City.

The four other groups were also hiding in the villages. Initially, they were calm and composed, but now they started killing the villagers too.

The gigantic hand exploded. The young man was stupefied and stared at Lin Feng, "Are you a local, or are you on Great Emperor Song's side?"

"I'm the one who's going to kill you!" said Lin Feng icily. Then, he flashed forwards, releasing death Qi to surround his enemy.

"You can't kill me!" sneered the young man when he sensed Lin Feng's death strength. He smiled coldly, punching out in Lin Feng's direction. It was a gigantic black hand, and it made the air tremble.

People who came from the outside to the small world were all from incredible armies. This battlefield was the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors' battlefield. They were all extremely strong.

When Lin Feng was standing on the low-level h.e.l.l emperors' battle stage in the city, that was already impressive, but now things were different.

Lin Feng had seen many things in life, he had battled a lot. But in the end, he was still a human being.

Some world strength emerged. It was very strange. His spirit started shaking. A page appeared.

"Slash, slash…" Sword energies whistled. A Nine Kalpa Swords attack filled the air. His enemy was stupefied. It was as if he had appeared in another world, the beautiful woman was here, Lin Feng was here.

"Die!" shouted the young man suddenly at Liu Fei. However, Liu Fei remained motionless and the young man was surprised. What was going on? His death energy couldn't rotate…!

A strong wind started blowing. That cultivator was stupefied. He waved his hand and a h.e.l.l hand appeared and streaked across the sky. He tried to release cosmic energies, but it didn't work. He couldn't use his cosmic energies properly in here. He could only use his body's cosmic energies.

It was his first time in Lin Feng's world. But while  Lin Feng was used to using cosmic energies in the outside world, the young man was not familiar with using cosmic energies in such circ.u.mstances!

Lin Feng continued filling the air with his attacks. He was getting closer and closer to his opponent. A cage appeared around the cultivator. Lin Feng looked at him icily.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. His DevMara Kalpa strength blanketed everything. His opponent's expression changed drastically. Energy attacked the cage.

At that moment, a sharp dazzling sword light beam appeared, blood splashed.

The opponent was stunned as another silhouette emerged and a.s.saulted him. A destructive strength exploded in his body, and he turned to ashes.

After killing him, Lin Feng took Feifei back to Xue Yue in his soul. The small world was his hunting area.

Lin Feng left his world and suddenly reappeared in the village. Horrible shrieks kept spreading in the air. Lin Feng looked furious.

He moved as fast as lightning, his dazzling Tian Ji Sword appearing above his head. It looked alive and kept whistling furiously. It could sense that Lin Feng was furious.

"Eh?" Someone saw Lin Feng and looked at him icily. A hand moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng shouted furiously, "p.i.s.s off!"

The Tian Ji Sword whistled furiously. It pierced through the hand attack. Lightning, fire, and other energies exploded.

"Hmph!" that cultivator groaned icily, retreating with his hands in front of him. A golden circle appeared. The Tian Ji Sword pierced through it as if it were made of mud.

Lin Feng jumped and waved his hand. The cage reappeared. He appeared not far from the cage. A mysterious world strength emerged and surrounded the cage, and suddenly his opponent disappeared.

The Tian Ji Sword cut the air with a whistle of speed, moving in another direction. Lin Feng ignored the man he had sent to his small world. His silhouette flickered and he followed his Tian Ji Sword. After a short time, he appeared in front of another strong cultivator.

"Who are you?" shouted that person icily. Lin Feng said nothing at all. He released empty s.p.a.ce and wind energies which surrounded him and at the same time his silver wings appeared on his back, flas.h.i.+ng towards the cage. He could make his opponent disappear very quickly.

Very quickly, people noticed Lin Feng in the villages, as he was up in the sky with his silver wings and Tian Ji Sword. People rose up into the air one after another. However, very quickly, they seemed to shake, and suddenly only a few people were left.

"Where are the others?" thought the astonished crowd. They couldn't see the others!

Lin Feng flapped his wings, and his Tian Ji Sword whistled. He glanced around and saw corpses everywhere in the small villages. So many people had died! For these medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, those people's lives didn't matter.

"Who are you?" asked the emperors, staring at Lin Feng. So many people had disappeared, it probably had something to do with Lin Feng-!.

"The one who will destroy you." Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword lunged at that person as he sensed a powerful energy. Lin Feng punched out in his direction, a cage appeared around him, and then he disappeared.

The crowd was astonished. They could sense that Lin Feng wasn't that strong, he couldn't kill them easily, but he could easily make them disappear. Where did he send those people?

Even with a powerful treasure, it was impossible to do that! All they sensed was a little bit of Qi!

PMG Chapter 1867

Chapter 1867: Acknowledged By The G.o.ds

Lin Feng took everyone into his own world and then he also went inside using his world strength.

Explosions rang out. The strong cultivators kept attacking everywhere. Lin Feng's spirit was shaking violently. However, he had the same strength as them, he was a medium-level emperor. And the world of his spirit was strange and mysterious, it was very difficult to break. Even though those people had weapons and incredible spells, they still couldn't do much.

Lin Feng entered the world and he glanced around at the crowd with his eyes filled with death energies.

"Where are we?" one of them demanded of Lin Feng. He couldn't use cosmic energies properly here,he could only use the cosmic energies of his own body!

"Your burial plots!" said Lin Feng icily. Then, a Great Imperial Weapon appeared: a sun disc which was dazzling and contained immortal energies. Those people could barely open their eyes because the sun disc was so dazzling.

"You are a descendant of Great Emperor Song?"

"You are not allowed to use Great Imperial Weapons when competing for h.e.l.l territories, you are violating the rules!" said one of them icily. Lin Feng surprisingly used a Great Imperial Weapon. He was probably a descendant of Great Emperor Song.

"Slash…" a dazzling light filled with immortal energies streaked across the sky and pierced through the one who had just talked. His body exploded and his soul dispersed. The crowd was stunned and furious.

They could see that Lin Feng was a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor and he was using a Great Imperial Weapon. For them, it was a synonym for destruction.

"You used a precious item to take us in here, and now we can't use our cosmic energies. I'm going to inform the others that people from Great Imperial Song City have already violated the rules."

"Inform? You cannot communicate with the outside world in here!" laughed Lin Feng icily. He had already tried with Xiao Ya. Apart from him, people couldn't communicate with the outside world, including when using their G.o.dly awareness.

"Die!" Another sun appeared and crushed the one who had just talked. Other people's faces turned deathly pale.

They had just killed the people from the villages. They had felt powerful when doing that. Now they didn't dare act recklessly anymore.

Lin Feng released fire strength, which started flowing through the sun disc. Lin Feng was standing on the dazzling sun. Back then, when Yang Yan was a cultivator of the very top of the Zun Qi layer, he could use the sun disc to kill medium-level emperors. Lin Feng was a now medium-level emperor, much, much stronger.

Everybody squinted, unable to see much. Suns started raining down, emperors kept falling down from the sky, one after another. Lin Feng was destroying them all. Some people's rings even exploded immediately and their treasures fell down from the sky with them.

Finally, Lin Feng was alone.


He put his sun disc away. He didn't feel sad at all. He went back to the outside world and saw millions of corpses. He could hear some people crying too.

Villagers were innocent people. Villages were lively, filled with life. Now, nothing was left.

The strong cultivators had killed so many of them.

Lin Feng could remember the old man and his daughter dying. It was a tragedy…

At that moment, in the distance, black clouds were expanding in dark waves in the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at them.

"Who is attacking?" murmured Lin Feng. The different groups wanted to join hands to fight against Great Emperor Song's people. However, Lin Feng didn't care.

He turned around and flew back to the old man's house. He used the remains of the house to make a grave, and placed the man's corpse inside, then used earth strength to bury him. Lin Feng wanted the man to rest in peace.

After that, Lin Feng left the village. All the rest had nothing to do with him.


The rest of those days, Lin Feng stayed in desolate places, in the countryside, in mountains. He also walked in their cities. He met many ordinary people who had ordinary lives. They told Lin Feng about happy and sad moments of their lives, their friends, their enemies. However, Lin Feng found ordinary people touching.

A month later, Lin Feng was still thinking about life. He went to the top of a mountain and glanced around. He smiled widely.

He stretched his hand out and a bottle of alcohol appeared, and took a swig from it. It was very strong. It reminded him of good times with his friends.

I worry about imaginary troubles, I'm a genius? I feel like a mediocre person, thought Lin Feng, smiling bitterly and throwing the bottle away. He wasn't an almighty G.o.d. He couldn't solve all the problems of the world. Even of his world, no matter how strong he was, he couldn't control everything. He had to let go of things sometimes. He also had to do things he enjoyed doing, he had to spend time with people he loved.

He had killed all those people because he liked the man and his daughter. He was furious when those people had killed the villagers.

Lin Feng took out his Blue Uptala Lotus. Life and death strength were flowing together in the lotus.

Suddenly, the green life energy made the flower turn green. It was filled with life Qi, then it was suddenly black and filled with death, the change was subtle.

The energies kept changing quickly.

The Blue Uptala Lotus slowly moved away from him. Lin Feng released even more life and death energies. The life and death energies became even denser.

Life and death Qi. There's no limit in this world, thought Lin Feng calmly. He condensed some death strength which turned into a strong death wind. A vortex appeared in his hand.

"Life!" said Lin Feng. In a flash, the death strength turned into a green life energy which cleansed his body.

The air suddenly changed as cosmic strength condensed. It looked like both life and death energy. Two sorts of cosmic energies, only one.

Some people far away noticed the energies. A cosmic energy cleansing?, they wondered. Was someone breaking through to the Huang Qi layer? But those cosmic energies seemed too strong for that…

Lin Feng was surprised. He had been cleansed by Kalpa strength, and he understood life and death energies at a very high level. Something strange was happening…

"There's something wrong. That's not a cosmic energies cleansing, they are too powerful. Back then, when I broke through to the Huang Qi layer, the cosmic energies weren't that powerful," spoke up someone in the distance. Besides, there were both life and death cosmic energies inside!

"The source of all things! Initially, I was abandoned by the G.o.ds, and now they are acknowledging me. They found a compromise!" Lin Feng smiled indifferently. After that, both cosmic energies surrounded him and cleansed his body. He had the strange sensation that he was controlling all cosmic energies.

"Life, death!" In the distance, two gigantic words appeared. A gigantic black word: DEATH, and a gigantic green word: LIFE!

PMG Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868: The Path of Life and Death

Lin Feng sat down at the top of the mountain. Two sorts of cosmic energies surrounded his body. When Zun cultivators broke through to the Huang Qi layer, the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky cleansed their bodies. It was a means of communication created between cultivators and the earth and the sky. They could finally understand cosmic energies properly when they became emperors, and they could also condense them.

Cultivators used the cosmic energies inside their body to attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, to condense them, and to attack. That way, their attacks were explosive. The cosmic energies in their bodies had limits, however. The more they could use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, the more explosive their attacks were.

Before, when Lin Feng fought in the outside world, he couldn't attract the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky, he could only rely on his own cosmic energies. Now, he could finally use the cosmic energies of the earth and the sky. He had been cleansed by the dual life and death cosmic energy. The G.o.ds now acknowledged him, and he was allowed to borrow their cosmic energies.

"Minister Uptala considers the Blue Uptala Lotus as a path, as a way of life. That's why he can use all sorts of cosmic energies. His body is made of almost all cosmic energies. He just has to study one sort of cosmic energy, that's enough. I was an Imperial Kalpa, the G.o.ds had abandoned me. Now, they have no choice but to acknowledge me. This time, I started walking on the path of life and death," whispered Lin Feng to himself. Lin Feng had heard that, he had never really understood how or why though. Then, Minister Uptala had told him about the Blue Uptala Lotus, and Lin Feng had suddenly understood. Life and death energies were mysterious and incredible.

Lin Feng was surrounded by mountains. Some people appeared in the distance and studied him.

That guy's comprehensive abilities are really incredible. He was surprisingly cleansed by two sorts of cosmic energies. And they are much more powerful than when ordinary people get cleansed by cosmic energies, thought the people staring at Lin Feng. They would have never thought someone would be getting cleansed by cosmic energies in such a desolate place.

After a long time, the wind of empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies dispersed. Lin Feng raised his head and smiled.

"Congratulations for breaking through to the Huang Qi layer with dual cosmic energies, Your Excellency!" said someone at that moment. A few people landed in front of Lin Feng and smiled at him. At that moment, Lin Feng seemed to have the cultivation level of a low-level emperor.

Lin Feng's eyes glittered, rather confused. How come he only had the level of a low-level emperor after having been cleansed by the cosmic energies?

I studied the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, my skills are demon-type skills. However, I haven't been cleansed by demon cosmic energies yet. My demon cultivation hasn't been acknowledged by the G.o.ds yet, so that's maybe the reason why I seem to be a low-level emperor in the outside world, reasoned Lin Feng.

After all, cultivators had to practice cultivation according to the type of skills they studied. They had to make their skills and cultivation advance h.o.m.ogeneously and consistently. The three lives scriptures and the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures were mysterious and special scriptures. They helped a cultivator but they didn't make him level up directly.

If people wanted to make their skills level up, they had to make their cosmic energies level up. For example, his Indestructible DevMara Scriptures were mainly bound to his demon cosmic energies. The same applied to everything else. Heaven Scriptures were bound to Heaven cosmic energies. Sky Absorbing Scriptures were a.s.sociated with Sky Absorbing cosmic energies.

As a medium-level emperor, Lin Feng's best cosmic energies were his demon cosmic energies. He had the strength of a medium-level emperor when using them, but they hadn't been acknowledged by the G.o.ds yet. However, Lin Feng's life and death cosmic energies had been acknowledged by the G.o.ds, so he had broken through.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. These people were medium-level emperors. Lin Feng guessed that they belonged to other powerful groups.

"I've just broken through to the Huang Qi layer. You have all broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time ago. I have nothing to be proud of, said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

"Your Excellency, you are in a small part of h.e.l.l, it's a small world which has been built by strong cultivators," someone told him at that moment.

"I am aware," replied Lin Feng with a nod.

"Since you know, I can tell you something. I am from one of the Ten Yama Courts, Chu Jiang City. King Chu Jiang is one of the ten kings of the Ten Yama Courts. We are members of Chu Jiang City's army. If you wish, you can join us temporarily. With your talent, you could rise up in the hierarchy!" offered that person peacefully.

However, Lin Feng shook his head and smiled, "I'm used to living alone in the wild."

"Hehe, Your Excellency, maybe that you don't know that we're competing to gain control over this small world. Maybe this territory will end up under the control of Chu Jiang City soon. From that moment, we will rule over this territory. It's a great opportunity you have before you. You are very lucky, you shouldn't let it slip past you," the man smiled meaningfully.

However, Lin Feng just smiled calmly, "Thank you, Your Excellency, for your kindness."

Then, Lin Feng stopped talking to them. They were surprised. He had refused such a great opportunity!?

If they gained control over this territory, it would be theirs, and everything in it would be theirs, human and natural resources, especially talented people. They wouldn't be able to escape anymore.

h.e.l.l has some rules, but people are much more straightforward than in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, thought Lin Feng. The Ministers in h.e.l.l wanted to keep everything under their control.

"Your Excellency, you should cherish this opportunity. Otherwise, you will regret it!" said the man coldly. He already started threatening Lin Feng.

"I've never regretted anything," replied Lin Feng easily.

His questioner was furious. "You don't know how to differentiate good from bad. Even if you understand two sorts of cosmic energies, death and life, and even if you're talented, so what? You're just a weakling who has just broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Maybe we could have done great things together someday, but surprisingly you don't want to. You want to die!"

He released death cosmic energies to surround Lin Feng. He wanted to kill Lin Feng as quickly as possible.

"Even if you understand death and life cosmic energies, you will still be killed by death cosmic energies!" spat his would-be killer. Lin Feng was talented, but he was still weak. He had proposed to help Lin Feng and surprisingly, he had refused. He had to die!

If Lin Feng had been an ordinary cultivator who had just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he could have been killed by death cosmic energies. However, what he didn't know was that Lin Feng understood life and death cosmic energies much better than he did. Besides, from that moment on, Lin Feng's death and life cosmic energies were going to improve very quickly.

Lin Feng had already started walking on the path of life and death. When the death cosmic energies of the other crashed into Lin Feng's body, nothing happened. Lin Feng looked like an immortal man.

"Eh?" The man realized something was wrong. Lin Feng was just standing in his death cosmic energies and nothing had happened.

"Interesting," commented the man, smiling coldly. He then jumped towards Lin Feng and raised his hand. A h.e.l.l hand filled with death energies raced towards him. Maybe this fool would die to this attack?

Lin Feng flickered, and disappeared. The h.e.l.l hand crashed onto the mountaintop, which exploded.

"Wind cosmic energies?" Lin Feng's opponent was stupefied. He grunted and released another gigantic h.e.l.l hand which charged Lin Feng again.

These people are medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, their skills and speed are incredible. They are strong medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, thought Lin Feng. His punch appeared and filled the air, demolis.h.i.+ng the h.e.l.l hand.

The emperors around stared at Lin Feng, stupefied. How come Lin Feng was so strong? He had used demon strength which had the power of a medium-level emperor. He had also used wind cosmic energies, wasn't it the first time that cosmic energies had cleansed his body?

They couldn't understand what was going on. They were all too astonished.

Dazzling silver wings appeared in Lin Feng's back, he started beating them. He also released wind cosmic energies through his wings as he suddenly disappeared again.

The medium-level h.e.l.l emperor stared at Lin Feng and was infuriated when he saw Lin Feng charge at him. A vortex of death strength appeared. It was as if millions of death hands had appeared.

"Die!" The medium-level h.e.l.l emperor hurled the vortex in Lin Feng's direction.

"Life!" countered Lin Feng furiously. In a flash, life strength crashed onto the death hands, life and death energies intertwined and dispersed. Lin Feng punched out again.

The medium-level h.e.l.l emperor's expression changed drastically. Death and life cosmic energies surrounded him. His death Qi was slowly turning into life Qi. He had the sensation he was going to collapse. Lin Feng could corrode his life with life cosmic energy!

Lin Feng couldn't really win using death strength, that's why using life strength was the best thing he could do.

A dragon roared as it appeared behind Lin Feng. It had nine heads and a ferocious appearance.

"Imprison!" said Lin Feng. His opponent turned into a vortex of death energy. Lin Feng didn't give him any opportunity to react, and immediately attacked.

The nine dragon heads roared furiously, grabbing the man's head with their teeth before they started absorbing his strength.

PMG Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869: Powerful Life and Death

"Oh no!" The other emperors were astonished. Lin Feng could defeat a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor! And his nine-headed dragon was absorbing the man's strength!

"Die!" the trapped man shouted furiously, and a pitch-black demon appeared. However, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and a destructive black lotus appeared.

Lin Feng threw the black lotus at his opponent, and it crashed against him. At the same time, Lin Feng moved back.

Destructive black fire strength exploded. The atmosphere suddenly looked like Purgatory. A horrible shriek spread in the air as the man turned grey, black, and was then reduced to ashes.

The men around were completely astonished. They had come to that place bearing goodwill, and now that guy had died. They realized that Lin Feng hadn't just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time before. He was extremely strong.

"Who are you?" they asked Lin Feng icily.

"Five groups are fighting over this place, who could I be?" asked Lin Feng smiling coldly.

They glanced at one another and said, "We know everyone from the groups. Which group do you belong to?"

"Great Imperial Song City," said Lin Feng calmly. He slowly turned around and moved to the peak of the mountain which had exploded.

He released sword intent and waved his hands. Suddenly, the top of the mountain was shorn flat. Lin Feng jumped onto the flat land and looked back at them. "I'm waiting for you here. You can come anytime."

Their eyes glittered. They glanced at one another. This guy was enigmatic and unfathomable. They didn't know how strong he really was. Maybe Great Imperial Song City had some trump cards. They didn't want to risk their lives.

Very quickly, they retreated. Lin Feng was still seated there cross-legged. Three thousand great deployment spells appeared in his brain, and among them, one was a life and death deployment spell. He needed to use both death and life strength to cast that deployment spell.

Lin Feng started studying it using his Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He could imitate spells better that way.

Lin Feng understood life and death strength extremely well. If he managed to cast the great life and death deployment spell, his attacks would be even more explosive.

A few hours later, black patterns appeared around Lin Feng, one of life, and the other of death.

The pattern landed on the ground. Lin Feng bombarded it with deployment marks. The marks stuck to the patterns, which seemed to be alive. After a short time, the whole mountain was surrounded by dazzling black and green marks.

"The birth of the ten thousand things of creation, filled with vitality!" whispered Lin Feng. Suddenly, the gigantic pattern disappeared from the mountain. Where there was life energy, trees started growing at visible speed. After a short time, life Qi emerged from them.

Many people sensed those energies and raised their heads. Everything was green on the mountain and contained incredible life strength. It was a spectacular and beautiful scenery in this fiery land.


In the distance, a group of strong cultivators moved in that direction. These people were from one of the ten cities of h.e.l.l, Taishan City. They had heard that someone from Great Imperial Song City was there and that he was quite strong. Those people wanted to kill him.

During the last battle, they had ambushed Great Imperial Song City's cultivators. Only w.a.n.g Zhuo and another strong cultivator had managed to escape. And now here there was another cultivator. If they managed to kill these last few people, then Great Imperial Song City would have no hope anymore.

The group of strong cultivators from Taishan City was composed of a dozen medium-level h.e.l.l emperors. They were incredibly strong.

"Where is the guy?" asked one of them indifferently.

The one who had just left looked back at the mountain and was astonished. When he had left, Lin Feng had decapitated the mountain, and now it was full of trees and life strength.

"There!" said the man, pointing at the peak Lin Feng was on. "That guy understand life and death cosmic energies. He can kill death cultivators with life strength!"

"Let's go!" ordered the leader of the group.

They arrived quickly at the mountain. He landed onto the peak and walked up to Lin Feng. "This guy is a low-level emperor and he killed a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor?"

"Maybe he's using a technique to hide his cultivation level. He is a medium-level emperor already."

"Alright," the leader acknowledged. He looked at Lin Feng and said, "The leader of the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors of Great Imperial Song City is w.a.n.g Zhuo, who are you? You don't seem to be listening to him. You should join Taishan City's army. I will help you. You will become a strong member of the army and you will not die."

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. Even though those people were cruel and violent, they were also straightforward. Even though Lin Feng had killed one of their medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, they still wanted to recruit him.

"You are dead already," Lin Feng smiled indifferently.

That person was startled, but he smiled coldly and said, "During the last battle, the only ones who managed to escape on the side of Great Imperial Song City were w.a.n.g Zhuo and another person. With you, that means three people. Besides, even if you're strong, you can't defeat all of us together. Do you think w.a.n.g Zhuo and his friend will come and save you? Dream on!"

Lin Feng smiled coldly. That person rose up into the air and his energies spread out. In the blink of an eye, all the green trees turned black and died, and then they disappeared. A black pattern appeared, containing an endless amount of death energy. Those people's expressions changed drastically.

"Deployment spell!" They were shocked as they realized how much danger they were in.

"Let's go!" shouted one of them. They rose into the air and started leaving.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. Instantly, the atmosphere became pitch-black and destructive death energies were everywhere.

The life and death deployment spell turned the world into a deadly realm of darkness. The cultivators continued flying away desperately, but death invaded their bodies and their eyes closed. Then they started falling down from the sky one after another.

It smelled like death.

When Lin Feng was still a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, he had used cosmic energies to cast deployment spells, and had managed to create shattering deployment spells that could easily kill low-level emperors. He could even pose a threat to medium-level emperors. Now, Lin Feng understood life and death cosmic energies really well. In the blink of an eye, using the life and death deployment spell, he could either give birth to the ten thousand things of creation or destroy them.

The two energies were extremely complementary.

The destructive death energies disappeared. Lin Feng walked around slowly. He took all the precious items from the corpses.

Those people were strong cultivators from Taishan City, they were all heroes. Their treasures were probably incredible. Lin Feng couldn't give them up.

At that moment, in the distance, in a palace, someone's face was deathly pale. When coming to that place, his friends and he had exchanged threads of G.o.dly awareness in order not to lose one another. Now he realized that many of those people's threads had disappeared, which meant they were dead.

"Which group did that?!" He was furious. Did Great Imperial Song City have more strong cultivators? Had they been ambushed?

He couldn't imagine that one person had done that!

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